mardi 9 mai 2017

Skull Collector​-Disfigured Insanity (Self-Released)

When I think about the underground bands, one of the first names coming in my mind is Skull Collector, a brutal fucking abomination from Belgium which, after near 20 fucking years of existence, offers a third full length album remaining in their chaotic fucking style with their completely raw and savage fucking insanity! Skull Collector continues to spread its disease with a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal being totally fucking unique by its relentless brutality but also having an old skull fucking touch giving it this own identity! "Disfigured Insanity" is the name of this insane third fucking gem including 8 new insane fucking tracks added by 3 from their first album and this fucking shit only have awesome fucking songs sharing a non stop brutality with many catchy parts but perhaps missing a few to do really a 100% addictive fucking release! The mixing is very good and the production in general is fucking heavy, raw and brutal as fuck being not perfect by its "underground" side but making sounds that fucking shit like a ton of fucking pricks being cut into small fucking pieces and slices! The recording is giving a lot to this album on the ambiance level making you feel to assists to some chaotic, bloody and butchering fucking scenes of gory fucking sickness giving it a cold and disturbing fucking atmosphere! This fucking plague is spread by Kurt Straetemans (Vocals), Wouter Vloebergh (Guitars), David Ooms (Bass), Mark Van de Velde (Drums/Backing Vocals) and the four apocalyptic practitioners are giving an insane fucking songwriting having rarely annoying moments and performing insanity from start to fucking end! Vocals are fucking sick with an old skull style and being perhaps very redundant and linear for some but I think its still matching very well with the musickal style and increasing their shitty fucking identity! Guitars/Bass are fucking great by sharing only insane fucking riffing with some catchy ones and having a few rare a little less successful but in general the composition is fucking sick and enjoyable as fuck!  Drums is also a highlight in this band by being insanely fucking sick with a non stop brutality and able to be also original and especially fucking twisted! "Disfigured Insanity" is 36 fucking minutes of pure fucking insanity being near perfect giving only brutal fucking moments and Skull Collector did an awesome third fucking opus and for sure recommended to all extreme sickos wishing to always live some raw fucking sickness! Amazing Chaotic Fucking Plague of Cold Crushing Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

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