jeudi 27 avril 2017

Dissociative Healing-Dissociative Healing (Lord Of The Sick Recordings​)

Russia strikes again with a bomb of a gigantic fucking brutality annihilating everything in its fucking path and this time the destroying fucking machine was baptized Dissociative Healing to perpetrate a first carnage of an unnamed fucking insanity and powerful intensity! This explosion of pure fucking insanity is spreading a twisted and sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal being totally fucking disgusting and unique by the fucked up ambiance with an extreme fucking ingenuity that make this first work a total fucking gem in the shitty genre! Dissociative Healing is divided in 13 fucking parts of blasting sickness including an Artery Eruption cover with a bonus track added by a brillant extreme jazzy hidden track totally fucking crazy and closing very well this chapter of pure fucking insanity! All segments of this shit are fucking crazy and brutal a fuck being all catchy and greatly done by having no boring fucking parts and remaining faithful to the fucking roots of brutality! Anton (Coprobaptized Cunthunter/Sickcunt) is the guy behind this insane fucking violence doing everything and creating some pure addicitve fucking sickness with a perfect brutal fucking songwriting added by some twisted fucking touch!  The vocals of this shit are fucking excellent and disgusting as fuck, riffing are crazy, catchy and fucking brutal with an insane fucking drumming being mainly blast but creating some original fucking work! The production is for me totally fucking perfect being raw but having also a disgusting side making it fucking awesome with a mixing as successful and the result sounds like a bunch of putrid fucking corpses exploding by the brutal fucking power of this insane fucking bomb! Dissociative Healing is around 27 fucking minutes being completely brilliant from A to Z including all shitty elements to create some addictive and nasty fucking brutality making for sure this release among the best of the genre! This one man band is genius to each fucking side and Dissociative Healing is really showing that some true disgusting fucking brutality is still possible to be done and giving a mandatory debut release to all sickos wishing to live some extreme and disturbing fucking experience! Total Disgusting Fucking Gem of Pure Fucking Brutality! 10/10

mercredi 26 avril 2017

Dekrepitation​-Fragmented Perception (Permeated Records​)

Finally something fucking sick coming out from Germany and this fucking plague named Dekrepitation comes to infect our fucking soul with its contagious brutality spreading the death under the fucking name of "Fragmented Perception"! Dekrepitation invades the shitty world with a powerful Technical Brutal Death Fucking Metal having its own identity and knowing how to mix brutality with the technical genre and creating some fucking insane fucked up shit! "Fragmented Perception" is 4 brutal songs all fucking amazing and addictive as fuck but having some parts a little less successful especially on the last track with some long and useless parts for the brutal death but in general this fucking shit destroy everything around with an unique and brutal fucking material! Dekrepitation is Matthias (Vocals), Morris (Guitars), Clemens (Bass), Stefan (Drums) and the sickos are doing in general and amazing fucking job with a great songwriting and despite some flaws knowing to plunge us into their twisted fucking shit and make us addicted to their brutal fucking work with some contagious atmosphere infecting our fucking ears! Matthias is delivering an excellent vocals perhaps a little redundant sometimes but nothing unbearable and rather sharing some powerful fucking guttural, Morris on guitars is offering for the most insane, catchy and fucked up riffing increasing their originality, Clemens on bass is just amazing with a lot of crazy fucking parts and Stefan is also being fucking awesome with a diverse and brutal fucking drumming! This debut EP of 20 minutes is just fucking insane on much aspects having of course a few musical flaws but never taking off our pleasure during this brutal fucking experience and for sure starting the band in a great fucking way! The production is great but not completely natural with a drums that could have sounded better but still very enjoying and matching greatly with the genre and this shit really sounds like some fucking infection creating a chaotic fucking genocide! Despite the flaws mentioned above, Dekrepitation are delivering some mandatory brutal technical fucking shit with their unique and twisted side and "Fragmented Perception" is recommended to all sickos enjoying brutality and great death fucking metal! Awesome Twisted Fucking Piece of Technical Brutality! 8.5/10

Bleeding​-Depulsing Epidermal Perforations (Self-Released)

A few bands sometimes come from nowhere to make their fucking way among the greatest bands of their shitty genre and Bleeding is definitely part of this disgusting category with a first EP entitled "Depulsing Epidermal Perforations" which is a great quality fucking piece of nasty fucking brutality! Bleeding is offering more of 6 minutes of pure disgusting Brutal Death Fucking Metal that could remind us a few bands like Orchidectomy, Gutrot, Pustulated and I even found some Goreopsy feelings in a few heavy fucking parts but keeping an unique fucking side and marking this new generation of brutality by bringing back the old nasty fucking side to the genre! "Depulsing Epidermal Perforations" is divided in 3 brilliant and perfect fucking parts making the fucking shit even more memorable impregnated of nasty, morbid and sadistic fucking atmosphere! The drums is perfect with a gurgling vocals totally fucking disgusting  and riffing ingeniously done that make us fucking addicted easily and quickly! The production for some may have a few imperfections but for me Its rather increasing the putrid ambiance of this fucking shit and inevitable to create some disgusting material with a flawless mixing for the conditions and this EP really sounds like a fucking ton of crushing fucking bones! Bleeding is really composing a primitive fucking shit but knowing to make a true fucking piece of insanity with the non stop catchy parts and a twisted side maybe not musically but brought up by the disgusting fucking atmosphere! "Depulsing Epidermal Perforations" is already a cult fucking piece and highly recommended even for those having high brutality standard by keeping the musickal fucking roots but also the quality of a genre a little saturated and forgotten! Perfect Disgusting Fucking Piece of True Brutal Morbid Fucking Insanity! 10/10

mardi 25 avril 2017

Putrescent Seepage​-Demo 2016 (Self-Released)

Not a lot of extreme fucking terror since always coming from Australia but when some real brutality comes out there, its always a powerful fucking bomb and this time is not an exception with this abomination called Putrescent Seepage that comes to bombard us with their debut demo which for sure will create them a place among the best fucking bands of the country! "Putrescent Seepage" comes to lay an insane Brutal Death Fucking Metal keeping the roots of the genre while innovating on the quality of their material creating a brilliant fucking demo being not perfect but having all the shitty elements necessary to satisfy our fucking thirsts of brutality! This 2-pieces demo is a fucking wonder especially with the first song that is just totally fucking perfect to all levels and the second track has some flaws and among them being a little repetitive and lacking energy but still fucking ingenious and this demo Is a demonstration of knowledge in fucking brutality! Brett (Guitars/Vocals) and Cam (Drums/Vocals) are really doing an amazing fucking job despite not being totally perfect, they deliver some true and brutal fucking shit including some crazy and memorable riffing, insane fucking vocals and a drums only increasing the enjoyment of this fucking demo! 7 minutes for the most very fucking excellent including for me a perfect production, mixing as well and that shit sounds really fucking raw creating some cold and primitive fucking atmosphere! Putrescent Seepage managed their debut with this "Demo 2016" being fucking amazing on many levels sharing a true fucking piece of sickness and highly recommended to anyone wishing to live some fucking coldness and awesomeness! Brutality in the Pure Fucking Way! 9/10

lundi 24 avril 2017

Insalubrity​-Insalubrity (Dismembered Records​)

From the brutal Ecuador, Insalubrity comes out with a debut self titled demo spreading some nasty Brutal Death Fucking Metal with the signature of South America very present and bringing some true fucking shit! The band is composed of some Visceral Decay members and offering a demo of 4 songs including a sample intro and a good instrumental track that could have more energy but still not annoying and 2 awesome fucking songs having some catchy parts but maybe lacking only a little bit on the addictive side but this fucking shit is sharing its own primitive fucking style! Insalubrity offers some nasty fucking material perhaps lacking a little on the production, very good for a demo but not more, same for mixing with a guitar a little bit too much in front  but the whole shit sounds fucking sick with a nasty and underground side very enjoyable! The band consists of Ronnie Cabascango (Vocals), Mauricio Ramirez (Guitar), Francisco Villegas (Guitar), Nico Mejía (Bass), Cristian Valencia (Drums) and the sickos are sharing a great fucking composition maybe not perfect, having some parts a little less successful but in general this fucking shit is very well done and the guys really managed to create a great and brutal fucking demo! More of 8 minutes of total fucking insanity having everything to please but as mentioned above perhaps lacking a little addictive side that could have given a special fucking touch to this shit but the cd is still fucking amazing and very pleasurable in its whole! Insalubrity created some mandatory fucking shit having its flaws but necessary to all brutal fucking heads around because this is a great debut demo and expecting some great fucking brutality in a near future! Awesome Nasty Brutal Fucking Shit! 9/10

mercredi 19 avril 2017

Horror Paradise-Portal of Cannibalistic Dimensions (Rotten Cemetery Records​)

Born in 2011 from the decay of corpses blocking the fucking streets of Mexico, Horror Paradise emerged from this insalubrious decomposition to offer a debut fucking album and thus open a "Portal of Cannibalistic Dimensions" that will engulf any human being having the bad fucking idea to experience it by Its supernatural brutalistic quality which will paralyze you and thus devoured by this majestic fucking power! Horror Paradise succeeds where many have failed by spreading a sick Technical Brutal Death Fucking Metal of high brilliance by being able to share a true brutality while being fucking technical and thus very hard to classify but could be compared to bands like Septycal Gorge but having its complete fucking Identity and originality! "Portal of Cannibalistic Dimensions" is composed of 8 stages of spiritual fucking destruction including an excellent introduction preparing your  shitty mind to live an unprecedented fucking experimentation with an obvious and intoxicating sound quality with no unnecessary fucking elements! Horror Paradise creates 37 fucking minutes which are mostly fucking awesome but we can find in this songwriting as only flaw to have a few weak riffing that could have been avoided but in general this chaotic fucking work is grandiose with a masterful fucking composition leaving no one indifferent! The four people who caused the opening of this evil fucking portal are Erik Orgaz (Vocals), Ivan Ruiz (Guitars), Felipe Hernandez (Bass), Charly SauDel (Drums) and the quartet are delivering some amazing fucking job by creating a passage where everyone will lost their fucking mind by the brutal musickal fucking quality this shitty abomination is exploiting! Erik on vocals is fucking powerful perhaps a little bit linear but matching perfectly with the genre, the composition of Ivan on guitars is monstrous by being able to do some technical fucking work but without forgetting the primitive brutal fucking element necessary to make a sick fucking release, Felipe on bass is exceptional by sharing some crazy fucking parts and helped by the production highlighting his fucking work and finally Charly is delivering a sick, diverse and great fucking drumming only increasing the goodness of this fucking shit! The production of this shit is fucking excellent especially for the genre by giving a little nasty fucking side to this technicality and the mixing is very fucking good making really sounds that fucking shit like a bunch of fucking pricks being spiritually devoured and physically dismembered by this powerful cannibalistic fucking portal from another shitty dimension! Horror Paradise managed to give an enjoyable debut fucking album by being able to give some addictive fucking brutality from the first second to the last doing it a near perfect release having as only one fucking flaw some weakness that could be ameliorated in the future! "Portal of Cannibalistic Dimensions" is a total fucking success and highly recommended to all brutal death fans wishing to get some great and brutal fucking moment with this original shit of pure fucking insanity! Sick Disgusting Fucking Piece of True Technical Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

mardi 18 avril 2017

Decrepit Cadaver​-Vórtice a lo Macabro (Rotten Cemetery Records​)

After a long fucking wait of 6 shitty years, "Decrepit Cadaver" are finally ready to give some brutality and satisfy totally our expectation with a brilliant third fucking album which is undoubtedly their best fucking work so far by delivering a brutal, addictive and disgusting fucking composition! The band offers a quality fucking album called "Vórtice a lo Macabro" spreading a crushing Brutal Death Fucking Metal being fucking nasty, powerful and having all the elements to build a bomb of merciless fucking cruelty ravaging everything in its fucking path with its catchy parts and intensity felt during all the experience of this unbounded fucking atrocity! This new putrid fucking shit is divided in 7 sadistic fucking pieces and all of them are fucking amazing having not a single boring damn part sharing some disgusting and true fucking brutality increasing the quality of this fucking release! The production is very brutal but not perfect especially on the drums but still being fucking good and on the other side, the mixing is excellent with a bass very well done giving to the sound a deep and nasty fucking side creating a disgusting and brutal fucking atmosphere! Decrepit Cadaver consists of Elias Carmona (Vocals), Jorge Reynaud (Gutars), Christian Ly (Bass), Christian Villalobos (Drums), and the Chilean sickos are just fucking amazing by sharing a perfect songwriting making this third album a fucking milestone in their career! Vocals are fucking guttural giving some brutal and disgusting side to this shit, guitars/bass are just fucking perfect with a lot of catchy and addictive fucking parts added by some twisted and nasty fucking riffing and same for the drums being fucking excellent and sick as fuck! "Vórtice a lo Macabro" is 25 fucking minutes of pure fucking insanity including all brutal death styles giving it still an accessible side but not being for the weak souls by sharing some crazy and butchering fucking brutality! Decrepit Cadaver totally managed their comeback after all these shitty years by giving us some very enjoying fucking sickness having musically no real flaws and being fucking addictive from start to end with the quality of the composition that make this album a mandatory fucking piece of brutality for all sickos! Crushing and Disgusting Fucking Piece of True Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10