dimanche 31 décembre 2017

Cordyceps​-Black Blood Butchery (New Standard Elite​)

From Las Vegas/USA, Cordyceps was born with the intention of igniting you with their bloody wild fucking musick inspired by the dark horror coming to tear your fucking guts with their first slaughter appeared as an EP and entitled "Black Blood Butchery"! The band comes among the fucking hordes of brutality to offer a mix between Death Metal and Brutal Death Fucking Metal being still well done despite having several flaws and will leave no one indifferent with their catchy fucking parts! This first EP includes 5 songs being all fucking good, catchy in some parts and also having many boring and weak moments fucking useless in a brutal style like Death Metal and a little decreasing our experience of this fucking shit but the final product is still fucking quality, great and enjoyable as fuck! The production is for me fucking perfect with an excellent mixing and this fucking shit really sounds like some dark ministers perpetrating an evil, gory and brutal fucking sacrifice in the name of the Ancient Gods adding to the cold, dark and bewitching fucking atmosphere! Cordyceps is Carlos Perez (Vocals), Jose Lopez (Guitars/Bass), Rafael Gonzalez (Drums) and the trio are really offering a great fucking composition despite having some shit parts but they really managed to get our shitty attention with their catchy material being still fucking unique! Vocals is fucking excellent with a good guttural, guitars/bass is also fucking great but including a few boring and useless parts and finally the drums is for me fucking good with a well done drumming increasing the fucking quality of this release! 15 minutes of brutal bloodthirsty black fucking mass being in general fucking awesome and despite the flaws, Cordyceps been able to dig their place into a saturated shitty fucking genre by giving an addictive fucking work! "Black Blood Butchery" is musically not perfect but is I think a mandatory fucking piece of dark fucking shit to all fans of Death Metal and brutality in general by being of high fucking quality! Excellent Blackened Fucking Piece of Brutal Fucking Butchery! 8.5/10

mardi 26 décembre 2017

Human Excoriation​-Celestial Devourment (Pathologically Explicit Recordings​)

After to have offered an excellent debut fucking album "Virulent Infestation", Human Excoriation are back after more of 10 fucking years of silence with a new release entitled "Celestial Devourment" and way superior to each fucking level of the previous material by being a memorable, insane and brilliant second fucking album! The band continue to spread their addictive Brutal Death Fucking Metal and this time adding some little atmospheric elements for the most fucking well done and arranged through the brutal riffing with still a few a little useless and not matching really with the style shared but in general the composition is completely fucking outstanding! This new fucking act of total butchery is composed of 10 gory scenes of pure fucking brutality being all fucking amazing and catchy as fuck that will make you fucking addicted for a long fucking time by being one of the most addictive releases of the last years by including no fucking boring songs and all of them are fucking memorable except perhaps the first song being a little weak on some side! Despite to have a few atmospheric riffing a little less successful, this shit manages to create a great and cold fucking atmosphere piercing your frozen fucking bones to your shitty soul with this brilliant fucking piece of shit being fucking twisted! The production is for me fucking perfect and mixing as well making sounds that fucking shit like assisting to some horrifying creative insane fucking scenes of total fucking butchery paralyzing you for hours! "Celestial Devourment" is delivered by Justin Downs (Vocals), Travis Cook (Guitars/Bass/Drums) and the duo is just fucking amazing on all fucking aspect by giving us some addictive and solid fucking material being near fucking perfect! Almost 40 fucking minutes of pure ingenuity not being 100% perfect but this release is fucking well done from start to end with a powerful and enjoying gutturals, guitars/bass work for the most are enjoyable and despite having some less successful riffing, the songwriting is fucking huge and the drums is just fucking perfect and brutal as fuck increasing the level of addiction of this fucking shit! Human Excoriation really managed their come back with this immense second fucking release being a true fucking gem in the genre and "Celestial Devourment" is highly recommended to each fucker enjoying some true and brilliant insanity! Amazing Fucking Addictive Piece of True Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

lundi 18 décembre 2017

Scatology Secretion​-The Ramifications of a Global Calamity (Reality Fade Records​)

A brutal fucking coalition between the USA and Spain has formed this year and already ready to spread suffering and devastation across this shitty world with a first war of extreme fucking violence called "The Ramifications of a Global Calamity" and everyone will remember forever this deadly fucking team baptized as Scatology Secretion! This apocalyptic battalion performs a Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally faithful to the fucking roots bringing nothing really new to the shitty genre but offers a very high quality music with everything needed to create an undisputed fucking masterpiece! This debut massacre is divided into 12 brutal and bloody fucking parts including an intro/outro and each fucking second of this fucking masterpiece is memorable, brilliant and completely fucking addictive from start to finish creating a true marvel in the Brutal Death genre! "The Ramifications of a Global Calamity" is around 29 fucking minutes of pure disgusting brutality compiling catchy part after catchy part placing it among the best fucking releases of the style and making you addicted for a long fucking time! The production is for me fucking great and mixing as well and probably a lot people would to find many flaws but Im personally not really harsh with this part of release since we are into fucking underground and this debut carnage really sounds like a ton of shitty fucking people being sliced by a trio butchers without fucking mercy! The production is also adding much on the atmosphere part making it fucking gory but at the same time fucking cold and brutal as fuck making us really feel like assisting to some bloody fucking worldwide massacre! Scatology Secretion is controlled by Justin (Vocals), Oscar (Guitars/Bass), Squeezer (Drums) and the sickos are really delivering some fucking brilliant and blastastic material with a solid and flawless composition giving us a memorable fucking work that will be forever engraved on the fucking wall of sickness! Vocals on this shit are fucking nasty and sick as hell, guitars/bass is just fucking addictive and perfect on every fucking parts, same for the drums being fucking brutal and this whole fucking shit is fucking well done on each fucking level! Scatology Secretion is probably surprising a lot people, me first, with this brilliant fucking start into insanity and "The Ramifications of a Global Calamity"is without any fucking doubt a masterpiece in the genre being a mandatory fucking piece of shit to all brutal heads around! Brilliant Disgusting Fucking Piece of True Perfect Fucking Brutality! 10/10

dimanche 17 décembre 2017

Manipulated Calamity​-Unrivaled Xenograft Colony (Lord Of The Sick Recordings​)

Still rare nowadays to hear some sick fucking release from USA but Manipulated Calamity totally managed this point by giving a debut album of the most fucking brutal and twisted as fuck with a pure bomb of sickness baptized as "Unrivaled Xenograft Colony" and will embed the deepest of your fucking soul! This sick fucking band is playing a twisted Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucked up but able to keep us fucking addicted from start to end with infinite catchy parts included into their twisted style making this band fucking unique and brutal as fuck! "Unrivaled Xenograft Colony" consists of 7 tracks all fucking sick having all elements to make a memorable fucking release and including some flaws like to have a few weak riffing but their particular twisted genre still make it fucking good! Manipulated Calamity really managed to give some brilliant fucking material being fucking faithful to the genre of course but also able to build an album that will get you addicted to their shit very easily despite their fucked up side and its what doing it a successful release and something we are forced to experiment! The production of this debut album is for me fucking perfect for the style of the band and same goes for the mixing making sounds that fucking shit really like a fucking wall of some chaotic distorsion devastating the shitty world in one fucking second! Manipulated Calamity is Nick Rodi (Vocals), Eric Fundy (Guitars), Neil Jedrzejewski (Bass), Joseph Luciano (Drums) and the sickos in general are giving an excellent fucking job with a solid composition giving to their creation an identity and very high fucking level of addiction! Nick on vocals is fucking good and brutal but could be more disgusting and guttural, Eric on guitars is just fucking brilliant with a great fucking composition being near fucking perfect, same for Neil on bass giving some enjoyable fucking performance and Joe on drums, as usual, is fucking sick with a brutal and twisted fucking drumming showing to be one of sickest drummers of USA! "Unrivaled Xenograft Colony" in general is a fucking must in the shitty genre by its amazing brutality but also by giving some fucked up work keeping us addicted to this awesome fucking piece of insanity! Manipulated Calamity just offered a near perfect album mandatory to each brutal fucking heads wishing to live some unique, brutal and creative fucking experience and we can only look forward to their future second fucking bomb! Addictive Fucking Piece of Twisted and Chaotic Fucking Sickness! 9.5/10

mercredi 6 décembre 2017

Perverted Dexterity​-Spiritual Awakening (Sevared Records​)

Bekasick in Indonesia is without fucking doubt the sickest fucking place in this shitty world and, since 2010, a beast is terrorizing the people as Perverted Dexterity and after a gigantic carnage in 2014 is now ready for a second brutal fucking battle of the most disgusting called "Spiritual Awakening"!  Perverted Dexterity continue to spread its sick infectious Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking brilliant perhaps a little less good than the previous release but still fucking perfect at each fucking level with everything to make fucking addicted all sickos around! "Spiritual Awakening" is divided in 9 parts including an instrumental outro and all tracks are fucking great, catchy as fuck and so fucking brutal in every fucking way that this shit will make explode your fucking eardrums! Januaryo is still controlling totally this violent fucking beast and offering a flawless fucking work and, as usual, giving an excellent drums programming that only increase our enjoyment for this brutal fucking gem and continuing his perfect fucking journey into insanity! This second full length album is really fucking sick destroying all weak in its fucking way and having a violent and bloodthirsty fucking atmosphere that will mark your shitty fucking soul to eternity! "Spiritual Awakening" contains a sick fucking vocals, plenty of catchy and brutal fucking riffing, drums machine totally fucking enjoyable and killer as fuck and everything done perfectly to make this release a fucking must in the shitty genre! The production is, I think, fucking flawless for the style of the band and this shit is fucking heavy with a very good mixing and the final result really sounds like a ton of fucking bombs exploding everywhere to make this whole stupid fucking world bleeds to death! Perverted Dexterity offers some brilliant fucking material lasting around 29 minutes and giving some of the best fucking moments of your shitty life and this new album is written forever on the fucking wall of sickness! "Spiritual Awakening" is a splendid fucking work and a fucking must in the genre that everybody could to get because Perverted Dexterity completely managed its second fucking mandate of brutality! Insane Fucking Piece of Killer Fucking Brutality! 10/10

lundi 4 décembre 2017

Bejad​-Genocide Dark Ovarium (Dismembered Records​)

From the most brutal fucking town of the shitty world Bekasi located in Indonesia, Bejad was born with the extreme desire of annihilating our fucking soul with their limitless insanity and this first EP entitled "Genocide Dark Ovarium" will engrave your fucking mind by its addictive, powerful an disgusting fucking brutality! This sick fucking band is performing an insane Brutal Death Fucking Metal being totally true to the fucking roots and reminding us a lot the golden era by its style of composition and the brutal fucking performance completely fucking sick! "Genocide Dark Ovarium" contains 5 fucking tracks all fucking brilliant, totally fucking insane and enjoying as fuck from start to end with many catchy parts to make this fucking EP a very addictive fucking piece of shit! This sick fucking shit is really destroying everything in its fucking path and probably making part of the best EP ever made by having all elements and structures to make it fucking perfect! The production is fucking heavy and killer including an excellent mixing making sounds that fucking shit like a real fucking bomb made of fucking flesh and the final result is really fucking nasty and brutal as fuck! "Genocide Dark Ovarium" includes an evil, heavy and cold fucking atmosphere and fucking enjoyable only increasing the perfection of this fucking shit being for sure one of the best releases ever out from Indonesia! Bleed Six (Vocals), Evan Sander (Guitars), AZ (Bass), Shevtiano Bazztardo (Drums) are the sickos making live Bejad and they are doing a brilliant fucking job on each fucking level and all delivering a solid fucking performance and songwriting! Vocals is very fucking sick with a powerful and disgusting fucking guttural, guitars/bass are fucking brilliant by sharing only insane and catchy fucking parts and the drums is so fucking perfect that its surely the highlight of this EP and also probably the best fucking drumming ever recorded in this country! 11 fucking minutes of pure an sick fucking brutality that will make you fucking addicted with the many catchy parts and excessive insanity and Bejad totally managed their debut into Brutal Death with a true fucking blasterpiece! "Genocide Dark Ovarium" is without any fucking doubt a mandatory fucking EP to all sickos enjoying the true, sick and killer fucking brutality making you explode your brainless fucking skull! Perfect  Addictive Fucking Shit of Killer Nasty Fucking Insanity! 10/10

mercredi 29 novembre 2017

Horde Casket​-Xenopocalypse (Sevared Records​)

Steve Giddens is fucking back with his Horde Casket to give a fourth full length album entitled "Xenopocalypse" and the band have the particularity, since 10 fucking years, to have never did something bad and it continues in this way with this new release really not perfect but still fucking excellent! Horde Casket continue to spread a Brutal Death Fucking Metal including many roots from the Old Skull Death Metal but this time adding some modern elements that could be similar to what we find in Deathcore music without being deathcore but really decreasing a lot the raw and brutal fucking atmosphere of the band! "Xenopocalypse" is 11 fucking tracks including an intro/interlude/outro being all fucking good and each of them having some parts very weak and not enjoyable at all but at the final, each song still manage to be fucking addictive by including a few catchy and brutal fucking parts! Drums is fucking good on this release and despite a production a little more "modern", it sounds pretty well, guitars/bass is still offering a solid songwriting despite to have many weak and boring elements and the vocals is not very good sounding like a deathcore vocalist trying to be death metal and managing to do it without real sick fucking soul but the final result is still powerful as fuck! Horde Casket is giving a very good new album but need to be more constant about brutality and concentrating on their fucking sick and addictive riffing that is what make them fucking great! The production sounds modern but still a fucking success with a good mixing and this fucking shit really sounds like a ton of hybrid deformed fucking corpses imploding from within! More of 30 fucking minutes of good and catchy brutality having many flaws but still managing to get us addicted and the band despite to have decreased a little on the raw brutality have still offered an enjoyable fourth fucking album! Horde Casket consists of Micah Smith (Vocals), Steve Giddens (Guitars), Justin Perry (Bass), Shane Fallon (Drums) and the sickos are unleashing this imminent fucking apocalypse, not being flawless on every level, but able to give some enjoying and great fucking composition! "Xenopocalypse" is not really a memorable release but Its, I think, an essential album to all sickos around wishing to listen to some catchy and good fucking musick! Excellent Fucking Piece of Apocalyptic Brutality! 8/10