lundi 5 décembre 2016

Menstrual Disconsumed​-Consuming the Infinite Rancidity (Brutal Infection Records​)

39 minutes of pure twisted fucking insanity is what offering the Indonesian entity Menstrual Disconsumed as debut album baptized in sickness "Consuming the Infinite Rancidity" coming to destroy the mind of everybody experiencing this total piece of brutality! This crazy one man band is performing an insane Brutal Death Fucking Metal that could be compared to bands like Perverted Dexterity or the new Screwrot but knowing to keep it very original making Menstrual Disconsumed fucking unique with the particular twisted side increasing the fucking level of sickness and enjoyment! The composition of this marvel is fucking flawless and the atmosphere felt is just fucking crazy by the fucked up side making the listening totally enjoying and addictive added by the very high level of sickness found in this majestic fucking release! "Consuming the Infinite Rancidity" contains 8 intense fucking tracks all fucking brilliant having all their catchy parts to make this fucking shit one of the best and sickest one man band albums to have emerged into Brutal Death Metal! Nugek is the sicko doing everything in this real fucking beast of insanity sharing an amazing songwriting with the capacity to create a complete addictive work and making his release a fucking must in the genre! The guttural is fucking sick perhaps a little linear but never fucking boring and enjoyable as fuck, riffing is just fucking sick with many brilliant ones and the drums machine is very well composed and brutal as fuck! The production is fucking heavy, powerful but being of course not perfect especially with the drums machine a little wasting the perfection of this release by its shit quality, mixing is well done but bassdrums way too high and despite some negative, it sounds like a real fucking brutal fucking monster shredding everything in its fucking path! "Consuming the Infinite Rancidity" is mandatory by the addictive twisted fucking brutality and the intelligence of composition ranking this debut album among the best of the shitty genre! I think Menstrual Disconsumed is spreading a perfect musickal experience but with some flaws at the drums machine production that could be ameliorated in future and despite this, really not decreasing much our enjoyment for this addictive fucking piece of shit! A must have for every sick in the head fuckers who want to live an unique and sick fucking experience with this successful debut album!  Addictive Fucking Piece of Insane Twisted Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

mardi 29 novembre 2016

Critical Disaster​-Brutality of Human Cannibalism (Eastbreath Records​)

From East Java in Indonesia, Critical Disaster was born with the aim of spreading a cruel fucking disease with the first mandate to create a brutal fucking epidemic of insanity called "Brutality of Human Cannibalism" that devastates everything on its fucking way with its cold and sadistic fucking tone! Critical Disaster makes bleed the shitty world with a powerful Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking insane and we can find many influences to Death Metal especially on the vocals and structure of the songs! "Brutality of Human Cannibalism" is an act of 8 fucking scenes of atrocious suffering and all very fucking good but a little longer making the songs a little bit repetitive added by the Death Metal side not helping the cause! The production is fucking great and powerful as fuck, of course could have been better but the mixing is fucking good and this shit really sounds like some chemical weapons exterminating this fucking earth! Critical Disaster is Casper (Vocals), Faizin (Guitars), Fandi (Bass), Harispa (Drums) and the four carriers of death are doing an amazing fucking job on all fucking side and this, despite the repetitive side because of a great fucking composition and performance! Casper on vocals is fucking powerful, diverse as fuck and perhaps getting a little bit redundant after some listening but nothing unbearable, Faizin and Fandi are fucking amazing by offering a solid songwriting despite some flaws and being capable to create a true fucking piece of brutality and finally Harispa on drums is fucking brutal and offering a varied drumming adding some quality to this release! "Brutality of Human Cannibalism" is 40 enjoyable fucking minutes despite a vocals sometimes a little weak and many repetitive parts that decrease the quality of this debut album but without to waste it by the high level of addiction of the composition still making this disk an unique and insane fucking experience! "Critical Disaster" are offering an excellent debut without to be perfect with some place for improvement but in general the band is offering a great fucking release and recommended to each brutal heads wishing to be infected by some crazy unknown fatal fucking disease! Great Fucking Piece of Insane Death Fucking Metal! 8/10

mercredi 23 novembre 2016

Critical Defacement​-Starting Slaughter (Brutal Infection Records​)

After their excellent debut album 2 years ago, the fucking insane Indonesian Critical Defacement are back with an EP entitled "Starting Slaughter" and the band is more brutal than ever with new songs completely fucking crazy! This new EP is including 7 tracks with 1 intrumental, 1 sample, 2 songs taken from the Demo 2013 and 3 new fucking songs which are the subject of this shitty chronicle and which I think are their best fucking material to date! Critical Defacement are performing a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking crazy and for this time, they left their little tiny slam touch to make a release of the most fucking insane having everything to please to the sickers! Despite not really having an atmosphere, this new EP chop everything around with its feeling of straight cold brutality and high level of addiction making this damn shit a total fucking success in the shitty genre even if we can find some riffs less good or some song less successful than others! Idol Blasphemy (Vocals), Farid Angarra (Guitars), Reza (Guitars), Hendrik (Bass) and Bahri Adi (Drums) are the sick fucking quartet making part of this venomous entity offering a bloody fucking theater of violence and destruction all well orchestrated! Idol on vocals is fucking sick as fuck with a diverse and enjoying guttural fucking brutal, Farid, Reza and Hendrik are doing for the most a perfect fucking job by including only some boring parts but in general delivering an awesome fucking piece of sickness and finally Bahri on drums is also fucking sick and varied giving a brutal fucking drumming with unfortunately a production that could have been only a little bit better! "Starting Slaughter" has a very good production but of course could be way better with a mix well done and a sound not perfect but managing to make us feel being cut in slices by some barbaric shitty fucking vibration! Critical Defacement just offered an excellent fucking EP being perhaps not perfect but having everything to displease the weak by their high fucking level of insanity and "Starting Slaughter" is without any fucking doubt recommended to all true sickos around! Great Fucking Carnage of Excessive Fucking Violence! 9/10

mardi 8 novembre 2016

Fadihat​-Family Mortuary Cannibalism (Legacy Storehouse)

In Indonesia some bands are legendary and respected at the highest level and one of them is Fadihat formed in 1998 with the intention to fire and sword their brutal country with their unspeakable insanity and are now ready for their fourth full slaughter baptized in blood "Family Mortuary Cannibalism"! The bloodthirsty fucking Beast of Jakarta is back to offer 13 pieces of great fucking brutality including their live demo of 2000 and also an excellent cover of  "Suffer the Children" from Napalm Death which is a fucking success and same for all the songs of this brutal fucking release which are awesome as fuck with no real boring shitty fucking parts! Fadihat are still performing their insane Brutal Death Fucking Metal with big Old School Death Metal feelings that only create their own identity and giving some material of the most enjoyable! "Family Mortuary Cannibalism" has a shitty smell of putrefaction with a sickening slaughter fucking atmosphere going to give on diarrhea to all the fucking weak in the genre with its blastality but also by the old skull feelings this fucking shit is giving us! Fadihat consists now of Novian Rinzano (Vocals), Hery Paslah (Guitars), Angga Morris (Bass), Dimas Nepto (Drums) and the four sickos are performing some true fucking brutality with a near perfect songwriting and offering to the fans an addictive musickal fucking piece of sickness! The bloody fucking quartet is delivering around 32 minutes of pure fucking devastation with many catchy parts increasing the quality of the release and not doing it only another on the shitty fucking pile! Novian on vocals is performing a powerful guttural, can be a little redundant after several plays but really not unbearable, Hery on guitars is fucking amazing with a sick addictive fucking job at each songs and same for Angga on bass doing a great job with some highlighting parts, and finally, Dimas is offering a brutal fucking drumming knowing to be different by their Death Metal side but being mostly on the blasting fucking mode! The production is fucking great and of course could be better but having still a great mixing and sounding brutally fucking creepy like four insane fucking butchers chopping everything around them in a shitty shopping center! Fadihat is giving a fourth act of carnage totally fucking successful with only a few rare flaws and "Family Mortuary Cannibalism" is recommended to the extreme sickos of the genre but also those enjoying the old skull massacre era! Awesome Fucking Piece of Total Fucking Butchery! 9/10

lundi 31 octobre 2016

Bloody Anatomies​-Parasick (Endless Torture Records​)

The horror was born in 2008 in Malaysia under the name Bloody Anatomies with intent to defeat anyone in its fucking path with a first complete damn carnage called "Parasick" killing everything with a supreme auditory fucking violence! This abomination is spreading the death and chaos around the fucking world with the skill to dissect you by its extreme brutal fucking coldness but also making you addicted to its massacre and this morbid fucking thing do it brilliantly! Bloody Anatomies are practicing a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal that could be compared with the sickest fucking bands of the shitty genre but adding a little unique twisted fucking side giving them some identity! "Parasick" contains 11 acts of pure insane fucking terror including an outro and 2 rerecorded demo tracks and we can say musically that this complete fucking shit is a true fucking marvel from A to Z with no boring fucking parts! The only flaw we could find in this brutal macabre fucking scene is the fact to have too much intros (every song) and it may break the momentum and atmosphere of this crazy fucking carnage but that sound disaster is so fucking effective making us forget quickly the shitty intros! The sickos who have makes live this horrible monstrosity are Syafeg (Vocals), Dhomfarysa (Guitars), Syharma (Bass), Faixal (Drums) and the quartet are delivering a mighty and brilliant fucking composition making addicted anyone hearing these gory disgusting fucking scenes putting this release among the bests! Syafeg is fucking sick giving an enjoying guttural and never get boring, Dhomfarysa is just fucking crazy with a bunch of insane and catchy riffs, same with Syharma on bass giving a good performance and Faixal delivering an insane fucking drumming for the most in the highest fucking level of sickness and we can also hear the good job of Paan Savagely doing the drums on the tracks 6 and 8! The production of this fucking shit is for me perfect but of course it could be always better, same for mixing and the sound really make us feel to be part of this horrific brutal fucking show! Bloody Anatomies managed its debut into the bloodthirsty fucking insanity with a solid songwriting and "Parasick" is a mandatory fucking piece of sickness for all extreme sick heads and will make you for sure addicted! Insane Brutal Fucking Piece of Pure Extreme Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

mercredi 19 octobre 2016

Precognitive Holocaust Annotations​-Procreation of the Artificial Divinity (Permeated Records​)

Formed in 2012, the Italians Precognitive Holocaust Annotations are finally ready to offer their long awaited debut fucking album remaining in the same original fucking path as known and this time offering a futuristic act of brutality called "Procreation of the Artificial Divinity"! The band are performing a modern Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a technical side very present and composition of the most fucking original creating their own identity maybe not perfect of course but able to do something different from the fucking mass! This debut release is 8 brutal fucking tracks including an instrumental intro and I think each song of this fucking shit are very fucking good with maybe some part in each one a little less enjoyable or weak but in general, the songwriting is fucking well done with a high tech atmosphere coming to increase the authenticity of this fucking disk! Precognitive Holocaust Annotations consists of Max Santarelli (Vocals), Hannes Gamper (Guitars), Simone Bianchi (Bass), Ycio Orsanigo (Drums) and the 4 sickos are delivering an excellent performance giving us a great fucking experience except perhaps on the bass which is too much present added by a weak fucking sound that can waste a little the album for some and increasing the original fucking side for the others! Max on vocals is doing a great fucking job maybe a little redundant after a while but still delivering a well done fucking guttural, Hannes on guitars is giving for the most great fucking riffs with many catchy ones but having also some boring, Simone on bass is fucking amazing by showing a brilliant fucking performance despite the technical flaws mentioned above and finally Ycio on drums is also fucking good by offering a diverse and brutal fucking drumming adding to the identity of the band! The production of this shit is fucking heavy, powerful and great as fuck but could be a little more natural, mixing is very good and also the sound being fucking profound but the drums could be a little better! "Procreation of the Artificial Divinity" is 20 minutes of modern fucking brutality having everything to please despite some flaws on the musickal and technical sides and Precognitive Holocaust Annotations is still delivering a successful debut fucking release! Excellent Fucking Piece of Original Brutality! 8.5/10

dimanche 16 octobre 2016

Mental Apraxia​-Against Human Manipulation (Coyote Records​)

A second Colombian comeback this year once again fucking successful seeming to be the only one country succeeding their comeback and again this time, after 10 fucking years of silence, Mental Apraxia is back with a second album entitled "Against Human Manipulation" and continuing in their fucked up brutal fucking way! After a very good debut fucking album "Cinical - Hypocritical Existence", the band returns better than ever with a new release of better fucking quality from far superior to the previous one with a twisted fucking touch even more present! Mental Apraxia are performing a cacophonic twisted Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a technical fucking touch and can't be compared with any brutal band by the original and very unique fucking side! "Against Human Manipulation" is divided in 9 insane chaotic fucking acts of pure fucking brutality which are all fucking excellent with no boring shitty fucking parts and this release is probably the one sounding the most to the old Colombian disgusting fucking era in the last years, being insanely fucking fast and musically damn faithful to the South American fucking roots! This shit contains a cacophonous atmosphere coming to destroy all corrupted weak fucking minds with a non stop brutality fucking addictive from start to end and having musically as only flaw to have some weak riffings but in this case increasing the fucked up fucking part of the Mental Apraxia's ambiance! The band consists of Ivan Arenas (Vocals), Alex Apraxia (Guitars/Bass), Juan Masgren (Drums) and the crazy fucking trio are offering an excellent songwriting by including all brutal death shitty elements to make this release fucking well done! Ivan is performing a good and powerful guttural, Alex is giving almost only great fucking riffs with maybe some very basic but not decreasing the composition and rather increasing the atmosphere and making us feel the old Colombian fucking vibe, and finally Juan is fucking crazy with a non stop blasting fucking drumming being diverse and an important element to the band! The production is fucking great with a very good mixing that could be a little better especially with the bass and a little on the drums but this shit is sounding like a slave revolt destroying everything in their fucking path with a determination to obtain rights by burning and making explode all symbols of this shitty corrupted fucking world! "Against Human Manipulation" is 24 cacophonous fucking minutes of pure fucked up Colombian fucking brutality having maybe some rare weak moments but in general being near fucking perfect and having everything to satisfy all the sickest fucking souls! Mental Apraxia completely managed their comeback by offering a mandatory second fucking shit and showing Its still possible to create some old Colombian fucking feeling and coming back even better than ever! Excellent Chaotic Fucking Piece of Twisted Colombian Fucking Brutality! 9/10