mardi 15 août 2017

Schizogen​-Parasitic Origin (Pathologically Explicit Recordings​)

A malicious fucking act was created in Ukraine with the name Schizogen to show the world that the country is still active among the real brutality and this insane fucking entity serves us a debut album entitled "Parasitic Origin" with the aim of bewitching you with the high musickal fucking quality of this brilliant fucking work! "Parasitic Origin" is all about true Brutal Death Fucking Metal including a few slam elements in some tracks but being mostly about brutality, purity and not weak bullshit, of course the few rare slam riffing are really excellent but not really matching with the style the band is offering all over this first album! Schizogen is giving 8 songs of pure fucking ingenuity plus 1 intro and 1 boring Dying Fetus cover track (not the performance but the song itself) and the band is really offering an amazing debut release having its flaws but spreading a very addictive disease that will make you listen to this shit without fucking stop! "Parasitic Origin" is very genius with a few rare riffing less interesting and some slam parts that could have been removed but in general this CD includes only fucking excellent, catchy and brutal fucking musick making you quickly addicted and having everything to be among the best fucking releases of its kind! The production is fucking great and nothing really negative to say since it sounds fucking pure and true with an awesome mixing making this fucking shit sounds like some embryos being fucking crushed! This band consists of Pablo (Vocals), IBehemoth (Guitars), Pavel (Bass), Mark (Drums) and the sickos are just fucking great by sharing a brilliant composition and delivering a pure fucking piece completely faithful to the fucking roots of sickness! Vocals are very fucking good, diverse and powerful as fuck but could have been only a little bit more guttural, guitars/bass are fucking splendid by sharing an awesome and addictive songwriting and same for the drums being varied and fucking brutal! Despite a few rare flaws, "Parasitic Origin" is really an important fucking disease for the shitty genre with its 28 minutes of true fucking sickness being mostly fucking perfect and making addicted every fucking sicko experiencing this contagious purulency and Schizogen have totally managed their start into brutality with this pure brutal fucking gem! A mandatory fucking CD to each brutal head wishing to try some addictive fucking drug! Awesome Fucking Debut of True Fucking Sickness! 9/10

lundi 14 août 2017

Indecent Excision​-Thy Befouled Flesh (Groupies Merch​)

After a few demos and 2 fucking excellent albums, Indecent Excision are back to offer a promotion CD to make us wait until the third opus and this destructive fucking machine of short function is called "Thy Befouled Flesh"! Indecent Excision is still spreading a Pure Brutal Death Fucking Metal continuing in the same fucking path they left with the last effort "Aberration" but we could say that these new fucking songs are the most brutal and enjoyable material the band did since its born in 2006! "Thy Befouled Flesh" is composed of 2 tracks entitled "Transfigured Corpse Mutilation" and "Thy Befouled Flesh" that are fucking excellent and sick as fuck with perhaps a few rare riffing a little less successful but in general this fucking shit kill everything in its short fucking journey! The composition is very fucking brilliant with everything to realize a huge fucking piece of brutality including some catchy parts that could have been a little more present but I think its going with the style of the band sharing some straight brutal fucking stuff with some technical touch! The production is fucking perfect and enjoying as hell with a flawless mixing making sounds this fucking shit like a big fucking train crushing everything during its long hellish gory fucking ride and only increasing the high quality of this amazing fucking Promo! This short fucking disk of 7 minutes is near fucking perfect having only for me a few riffing less interesting and perhaps a little lacking on the addictive side but the final result is still fucking killer touching the perfection and having all elements to create a true fucking gem! Indecent Excision is Matteo Bazzanella (Vocals), Hannes Gamper (Guitars), Giancarlo Mendo (Bass), Davide Farabegoli (Drums) and the sick fucking quartet is giving probably their best performance in career added by a songwriting of an incredible fucking brilliance! Matteo share a brutal and powerful fucking guttural and probably his best ever, Hannes as always is fucking awesome with crazy composition and didnt change here by giving some enjoying fucking musick, Giancarlo is also fucking great and helped by the prouction making us appreciate much more his work and finally Davide is giving a brutal and great fucking start into the band with a complete insane fucking drumming making us quickly forget the previous one! Indecent Excision is back with a solid fucking Promo that makes us shit in our fucking pants for the wait until the third release and despite the short duration, "Thy Befouled Flesh" is a fucking must in the shitty genre and mandatory to all brutal fucking heads around! Brilliant Fucking Piece of Pure Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

lundi 7 août 2017

Espermorragia​-The Human Misery in Decline (Lord Of The Sick Recordings​)

Insane addictive brutal fucking perfection is what is giving Espermorragia from Argentina and ready to offer their debut effort entitled "The Human Misery in Decline" which is probably the best fucking release to have ever emerged of this fucking country! This first album is really an enjoying and addictive musical fucking experience being a fucking lesson to the genre by the high quality composition including everything to do a flawless fucking release mixing perfectly all the elements of the style but being totally fucking faithful to sickness and fucking pure to the shitty roots! Espermorragia is performing some true Brutal Death Fucking Metal reminding us a little the old time by the high addictive fucking level and the purity in the songwriting that make this first album a real fucking gem in the genre! "The Human Misery in Decline" contains 12 brilliant majestic fucking songs, including an ambiant instrumental having as positive to be placed at the end of the album and not wasting the energy of this shit, and all tracks are really fucking genius including each of them a few catchy riffing and brutal fucking parts making this debut release totally fucking perfect from A to Z! The production is another highlight of the disk by being fucking amazing, heavy and pure as fuck, same for the flawless mixing fucking enjoyable with a great fucking job on the bass and this fucking shit really sounds like a fucking ton of corpses being shredded into pieces and used for a gory sculpture of the most fucking disgusting! Damian (Vocals), Mario (Guitars), Vierling (Bass), Gabriel (Drums) are the brilliant fucking sickos behind this awesome brutality performing some great Brutal Death Metal with a flawless composition giving nothing new to the genre but being pure, creative and offering some ingenious crazy fucking material! Damian on vocals is fucking powerful and giving an enjoying guttural, Mario on guitars is just fucking genius on each fucking level, Vierling on bass is also fucking great helped by the production and Gabriel is offering a brilliant fucking drumming with some addictive fucking blast and giving a diverse and enjoying fucking work! Espermorragia really managed their debut by offering a true fucking masterpiece in the genre with its 30 pure and brutal fucking minutes completely fucking catchy and written in a masterful way! "The Human Misery in Decline" is a mandatory piece of fucking shit to each fucking sicko around wishing to live an addictive and sick fucking experience with this release making part of the bests! Pure Blasterpiece of True Fucking Brutality! 10/10

samedi 5 août 2017

Brute​-Henchmen (Slovak Metal Army​)

An evil and macabre force was born in Slovakia and named Brute which is back after 3 fucking years with a third full-length slaughter called "Henchmen" spreading fear and chaos like never before and offering a carnage of great fucking quality! Brute is performing an Insane Death Metal and this release have a lot melodic elements but being fucking brutal with a brilliant fucking composition and an unique side making "Henchmen" an highlight in the shitty fucking genre! 8 songs of pure fucking butchery containing an intro and being all fucking excellent including a lot of catchy riffing making this fucking release very addictive and also having some weak parts but partially buried by the fucking awesome songwriting! The production is a complete fucking success, excellent mixing and this fucking shit sounds like thousands nuclear bombs exploding at the same fucking time and making us feel a total worldwide humanicide! The result of "Henchmen" despite some flaws is being fucking addictive from beginning to fucking end due to the perfect production and amazing composition making this third release a fucking must in the genre! Brute consists of Martin Calko (Vocals), Stefan Tokar (Guitars), Radoslav Michalko (Bass), Jirka Zajic (Drums) and the quartet is near fucking perfect in their execution delivering some brilliant fucking material! Martin on vocals is fucking great and powerful, Stefan is giving several amazing and catchy riffing, Radoslav also doing an amazing fucking job and finally Jirka is fucking awesome with a diverse drumming and sharing some insane fucking blastbeat! 35 minutes of pure fucking devastating Death Metal being not perfect but having everything to be a great fucking release making you fucking addicted with the amazing composition and "Henchmen" is without fucking doubt a fucking success and this third release is a mandatory piece of fucking shit in its kind! Highly recommended for all fans of Death Metal or Brutal Death by the brilliant fucking performance and insane fucking execution creating some hard drug making everyone fucking addicted! Excellent and Insane Fucking Piece of Death Fucking Metal! 9/10

mercredi 2 août 2017

Injurious​-Promo 2017 (Pathologically Explicit Recordings​)

A new fucking beast been launched in the USA to create a monstrous devastation with a chaotic sound of 9 fucking minutes killing every living fucking soul around and this bloodthirsty abomination is called "Injurious"! Only one man has spread this disgusting Brutal Death and making this experience fucking brutal and twisted with a few moments reminding us another fucking beast named Enmity! The production for me is fucking perfect, of course its surely not for the most of people but that makes it fucking disgusting with an excellent mixing and the sound of this fucking beast is really boiling your fucking brain and disintegrating your fucking soul! This apocalypse is divided in 2 chapters being fucking amazing and insane from start to end being maybe not perfect by having a few rare part a little more weak but in general this demonstration of violence is done in a brilliant and nasty fucking way! Joseph Lusciano (Andromorphus Rexalia/Disgruntled Anthropophagi) is the sicko behind this fucking monster doing everything and being fucking excellent on each fucking level with a sick vocals, insane and catchy riffing and as usual offering us some crazy fucking drumming only increasing everything he is doing! This fucking shit is maybe not 100% perfect but very close to be by being addictive and also, with its nasty and brutal fucking atmosphere, giving it an unique side and doing it fucking enjoying as fuck! Joe really managed to offers again some brilliant fucking brutality having everything to please with an old mentality reminding us about the disgusting brutal golden fucking past! This first Promo is really a fucking success and highly recommended to everyone digging some nasty fucking sickness and Injurious did its place into this shitty world of saturated brutality! Disgusting Fucking Piece of Nasty Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

mardi 1 août 2017

Exsanguinate​-Revel in Anthropophagic Breeding Morphogenesis (Experiments In Torture​)

Exsanguinate are back after 4 years and their excellent debut fucking album "Disintegration Through Ritualistic Torture" and now are ready to offer their second album in the form of EP entitled "Revel in Anthropophagic Breeding Morphogenesis" which will not disappoint anyone with a brutality that will freeze your fucking bones for the rest of your fucking life! This amazing EP is divided in 9 fucking parts being all fucking awesome and getting you fast addicted by its musical quality with a brilliant and brutal fucking composition being from far superior to the last release showing a great evolution! Exsanguinate returns with a disgusting Brutal Death Fucking Metal and this time being a little more technical by still keeping their nasty fucking side and adding to the twisted level with a final result sounding like a mix of Suffocation and Defeated Sanity but having their own personal fucked up touch! "Revel in Anthropophagic Breeding Morphogenesis" includes an excellent production being not over produced and being fucking brutal and heavy as fuck with a great fucking mixing making sounds that fucking shit like some corpses consumed by their own fucking excrement! The Quebecers Arnaud (Vocals), Pietro (Guitars/Bass) and D.W. Lee (Drums) are really giving a perfect fucking job on each fucking level offering an addictive and brutal fucking songwriting and Exsanguinate is proving to be the sickest band of their country by always writing some brilliant and brutal fucking material! Arnaud (Barbaric Penetration/Vaginal Addiction) as usual is fucking excellent performing always an insane guttural fucking enjoying, same for Pietro (Barbaric Penetration) always composing some sick fucking music and probably did his best fucking work ever with this genius fucking CD and finally, D.W. is also doing a great fucking job maybe not being spectacular but doing the fucking job and delivering some technical and brutal fucking drumming! "Revel in Anthropophagic Breeding Morphogenesis" is 16 fucking minutes of total fucking awesomeness with no boring fucking parts being fucking short but straight in your fucking face with its twisted insanity having everything to please with its catchy fucking brutality! Exsanguinate is giving a fucking must in the genre highly recommended to all brutal fucking heads wishing to live some brilliant and fucked up moment! Twisted and Disgusting Fucking Piece of Perfect Fucking Insanity! 10/10

mercredi 26 juillet 2017

Animals Killing People​-Eat your Murder (Sevared Records​)

The Animals came out a second time for Killing People with a bloodthirsty fucking carnage spreading suffering and death showing you some real fucking brutality with this new invasion baptized by human blood "Eat your Murder"! Horacio "Ammo" Diaz (Guitar/Vocals), Carlos Estrada (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Wilson Rairan (Drums/Backing Vocals) are the sickos who have unleashed this ferocious fucking beast inflicting a disgusting and twisted Brutal Death making sure to explode your fucking brain with this nasty fucking insanity! This massacre is divided in 13 gory fucking parts of pure disgusting brutality including 2 sample/instrumental and 3 covers of Impetigo, Carcass and Pungent Stench and the final result is just fucking brilliant and built like it needs to be done by including in each fucking act some twisted and addictive fucking parts getting stuck in your shitty brain! Animals Killing People is not reinventing the genre but giving you a true nasty, brutal and twisted fucking release very welcome in the brutality and just giving some real primitive Brutal Death fucking well done and effective! The production is fucking great by following the disgusting way of the band but the mixing could have been way better especially with the vocals but it sounds really like a fucking mass of beasts trampling to death and reducing people to a fucking pulp for 40 minutes! "Eat your Murder" is for me musically fucking perfect by including everything to get you addicted to this fucking carnage by knowing how to create some disgusting and true Brutal Death Fucking Metal perpetuating the tradition of the horde since the beginning! Vocals on this shit are very fucking brutal, guitars as well with some twisted, addictive and insane fucking riffing and Will, as always, is giving some insane fucking drumming only increasing the level of enjoyment of this fucking shit! Animals Killing People just delivered a great second album not being spectacular but having all elements to make it a fucking must in the shitty genre leaving no one indifferent! "Eat your Murder" is maybe not "technically" perfect but being fucking mandatory to each brutal head around the world having some balls to confront a fucking beast! Pure Disgusting Fucking Piece of Twisted Fucking Sickness! 9.5/10