mercredi 31 décembre 2014

Delusional Parasitosis-Ingurgitating Intestinal Rot (New Standard Elite)

After nearly 5 years of putrid fucking decomposition, Delusional Parasitosis is finally ready to present their first cadaveric menu on a silver fucking platter labeled "Ingurgitating Intestinal Rot!" This band from Germany/USA offers a Sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally insane, fucking twisted with a little slamming touch that can be compared to the old Devourment but this is a band I would compare much more to Gutrot at the musical and guttural side! This brutal fucking parasitic entity is composed of James Shuster on Vocals, Christopher Oess & Lee Mullis on Guitars, Trevon Hilton on Bass, Alex on Drums and they are the 5 fucking bastards who are spreading the death of your brain fucking cells by performing a fucking sick and disgusting fucking piece of shit with a great brutal fucking composition perfect to make explode some weak fucking brains! James is really fucking brilliant with a guttural totally deranged, twisted and fucking sick that only makes us damn addicted, Christopher & Lee are offering for the most perfect fucking riffs with catchy as fuck, insane and dirty fucking songwriting, Trevon is doing an awesome fucking job being a big part of this big fucking shit and finally Alex on drums who is fucking perfect with a drumming only giving mass eargasm! "Ingurgitating Intestinal Rot" contains 7 fucking songs including 2 bonus tracks previously unreleased and this putrid fucking shit  have a successful fucking production, well done mixing with a nasty and brutal fucking sound maybe lacking a bit of crunchy but still well arranged making explodes your fucking skull! This fucking piece of rotted parasitic flesh is spreading a sick fucking plague with only great and brutal shitty symptoms, maybe some side effects a little bit long and repetitive but this shitty fucking disease have an ingenious fucking way to kill you from inside your fucking ears during 22 agonizing fucking minutes! Delusional Parasitosis just almost created a fucking perfect disk added by an amazing fucking twisted composition with all elements necessary to release an extreme cult fucking disease! Near Perfect Brutal Fucking Plague! 9/10

dimanche 28 décembre 2014

Archagathus-Dehumanizer (EveryDayHate)

From the frozen fucking lands of Canada, Archagathus shits after 3 fucking years their fourth full length "Dehumanizer" and are delivering a very damn chaotic, raw and sick new fucking release! The Prince of Mince (Guitars/Vocals), Drinkin 'Joe (Guitars/Vocals), Cam (Bass) and Joey (Drums) are the quartet of Archagathus and are performing a Mincecore/Grindcore completely fucking devastating, brutal as fuck and having all ingredients needed to create a real musical fucking bomb of shit! "Dehumanizer" has a production totally fucking successful for the genre, excellent fucking mixing with a grinding fucking sound very enjoyable, fucking sick and that shit really sounds like a fucking ton of bones fucking crushed and chewed by the great drums, guitars and bass recording! The four insane in the fucking head sickos are doing a great fucking job on all shitty fucking levels, a vocals very well done, diversified and fucking brutal as fuck, amazing guitars fucking riffs from A to Z with a perfect mincecore shitty composition, bass very present by its grinding production and fucking well played, finally an excellent fucking drums on all sides with crazy fucking blasts and various tempos! "Dehumanizer" contains 20 songs that are all amazing and fucking catchy with a perfect fucking songwriting delivering an awesome mincecore that is a total fucking eargasm lasting about 21 crushing noisy fucking minutes! For me Archagathus just delivered the best Mincecore/Grindcore album ever created surpassing fucking easily the gods in the genre with this fucking masterpiece which is so fucking great that can be fucking enjoyed by people hating the style! "Dehumanizer" is without fucking doubt the best release of Archagathus and necessary for all fucking sick in the head motherfuckers who like good and brutal fucking shit! Grinding Fucking Masterpiece Crushing Your Fucking Bones! 10/10

samedi 27 décembre 2014

Vaginal Juice-Extensive Purulent Necrotic Process (Coyote Records)

The crazy fucking Russians Vaginal Juice offer their debut full length album entitled "Extensive Purulent Necrotic Process" after an excellent fucking split in 2010 with Ebanath/Unlimited Madness! Vaginal Juice is a mix of members from Inopexia/Purulent Jacuzzi and Egregious/Bowel Leakage and with this shitty project, they are delivering a totally sick Goregrind fucking fast but also contains its big fucking part of groovy and we can also find a Grindcore influence! The band consists of Alex (Egregious/Bowel Leakage) on Vocals, Pasha on Guitars, Sasha (Inopexia/Ex-Purulent Jacuzzi) on Drums and the trio are showing their knowledge into the Goregrind with this fantastic damn release completely fucking sick and catchy as fuck! Alex on vocals is really fucking amazing and very diverse with a fucking sick guttural mixed with screaming vocals! Pasha is giving a fucking perfect composition with only excellent riffs and for the most fucking catchy and well done! Finally Sasha is fucking true to himself, being the fastest and most extreme drummer nowadays, he is showing his high Goregrinding level with a flawless fucking performance as he knows so well with the crazy fucking groovy tempos and fucking blasts that seem out from your mom's fucking ass! The production of this fucking shit is a total fucking success, great sound and mixing with a high quality recording but still keeping a little dirty fucking side that makes it sound like some whores squirting without stop straight in your fucking face! "Extensive Purulent Necrotic Process" contains 19 fucking songs (including a cover of Regurgitate & Nirvana) and lasting about 22 minutes of pure Goregrind fucking perfect from start to end with an amazing songwriting that makes their 17 songs all enjoyable, fucking great and unique added by 2 great fucking cover! Vaginal Juice just given one of the best Goregrind fucking releases and will stay without fucking doubt marked in the shitty fucking soul of each brutal mind who will get this fucking shit! Fucking Sick & Perfect Shitty Goregrind! 10/10

dimanche 21 décembre 2014

Kataplexia-Genetic Intervention (Fatality Distro)

Kataplexia are back after a long wait of 6 fucking years with an EP of 2 acts called "Genetic Intervention" and always faithful to their own fucking musick by delivering pure fucking Kataplexia! "Genetic Intervention" is Rodrigo "Fatality" Artiga (Vocals/Drums), Davi Moreira (Guitars/Bass) and the duo are performing a high quality Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a little technical touch staying true to themselves and keeping their fucking identity! Rodrigo is offering excellent fucking vocals as usual, powerful and fucking brutal, also a great fucking job with the drums, well done with a great fucking diversity and performance! Davi Moreira on Guitars/Bass is fucking great with fucking brutal riffs totally enjoying, especially on the title track, and he really succeeds to put us in the shitty damn atmosphere of this amazing fucking band that is Kataplexia!  The production of this fucking shit is totally fucking killer, a perfect mixing at all shitty levels, a destructive sound perhaps with production a little too refined and missing a little dirty side but this brutal fucking shit still sounds like a ton of fucking bricks! The sick Finnish duo offer a fucking bomb about 9 minutes including 2 songs "Genetic Intervention" and "The Rise of Hybrids" that are excellent but the second may seem a little bit redundant after some listen while the first is completely successful from A to Z with a perfect fucking songwriting mixing very well Brutal Death Metal beatdown and blastbeat!  Despite a little less enjoying song, Kataplexia has succeeded after 6 fucking years to reintroduce us into their brutal shitty fucking world offering an excellent EP and is definitely recommended to all sickos! Excellent Fucking Shit! 8/10

dimanche 14 décembre 2014

Darkall Slaves-Transcendental State of Absolute Suffering (Permeated Records)

The French Darkall Slaves finally come with their highly anticipated debut fucking album "Transcendental State of Absolute Suffering" and are meeting the expectations with this killer fucking shit! This band consist of Markus on Vocals, Gautier Trannoy and Mattis on Guitars, Alex on Bass, Mupp's on Drums and the five fuckers are performing a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal fucking excellent, catchy with some technical elements and they are delivering a great and pure fucking brutality added by an amazing songwriting! The production of this shit is fucking great, good mixing with a sound totally fucking devastating with a fucking enjoying bass sound giving a great instrumental atmosphere making sounds that shit like a fucking ton of corpses launched on a fucking field! The sickos are doing a brilliant fucking job at all levels, Markus is fucking powerful and diverse with an enjoyable fucking guttural, Gautier and Mattis are delivering for the most, fucking great riffs added by an excellent, brutal and fucking nasty composition making each fucking song of this shit unique as fuck and fucking successful! Alex on bass is fucking excellent with many excellent fucking parts greatly helped by the great production and finally Mupp's is just fucking perfect offering a dynamic drumming with well made and diversified tempos! "Transcendental State of Absolute Suffering" contains 10 songs (1 intro/1 interlude) and lasts 31 fucking minutes of pure brutalistic fucking butchery having no fucking downside except to have maybe some parts of a few songs a bit less good but Darkall Slaves really succeed to give a fucking piece of quality fucking well done from start to end and almost offered a perfect fucking piece of shit! Markus, Gautier, Mattis, Alex and Mupp's just put out a fantastic fucking release which is a fucking must for all Brutal Death fuckers! A Near Perfect Fucking Shit! 9/10

dimanche 7 décembre 2014

Cadavoracity-Promo 2014 (Permeated Records)

From the sick fucking Indonesian lands, Cadavoracity are back after 2 fucking years for a second promo called "Promo 2014" to make us wait and destroy our fucking ears until to drop their first album very soon! Cadavoracity is Deddy (Vocals), Nano (Guitars), Januaryo (Bass/Drums Programming) and the trio are performing a fucking insane and sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking destructive that can be compared to Disgorge (USA) by their non stop brutality fucking dirty, twisted and crushing all on their fucking path! The production is fucking good, mixing is well done but maybe missing a bit of presence at the drums but nothing unbearable and the sound is fucking heavy and powerful making sound this damn shit like a fucking pile of guts defecated by some weak fucking ass! Deddy on Vocals is fucking perfect, diverse with an enjoyable guttural at all levels, compositions of Nano on guitars are fucking genius with only fucking great and catchy riffs with no boring or weak fucking parts, same for Januaryo on bass doing an awesome job and also on the drums programming always done in a fucking great way! Cadavoracity are offering in this new promo 2 songs (Neclecting The Iniquitous Delution/Neuroanatomical Abnormality), lasts about 7 fucking amazing minutes from start to end being not repetitive or annoying and completely knowing how to create some great fucking Brutal Death Metal! A disk totally damn successful from these sickos and impossible to find some negative shits in their compositions because the three insane fuckers are just fucking perfect in all fucking points and Cadavoracity just managed to create a pure fucking piece of shit fucking brutal as fuck and an highly recommended promo to all sickos while waiting their debut album coming soon! Fucking  Perfect Devastation! 10/10

samedi 6 décembre 2014

Embryo Genesis-Demo 2014 (Impaled Productions)

Embryo Genesis comes from the most brutal country in the fucking world Indonesia to offer their first demo entitled only "Demo 2014" which can be defined as Brutal Death Fucking Metal of high quality including several Slamming elements but made in a brutal fucking way without weak fucking compositions! This band consists of Syifaul Fuada on Vocals, Dedi Purnawan on Guitars, Alif Zulfikar Adi Rizky on Drums and the insane fucking trio are performing a fucking raw brutality with this debut of 2 songs greatly fucking made! Syifaul is doing an awesome job with the vox a bit linear but still fucking enjoyable and powerfully guttural, Dedi on Guitars is delivring an excellent composition maybe lacking a bit of "memorable" parts but still fucking sick from start to end and finally Alif who is almost fucking perfect with a crazy drumming and diverse with his slam and insane fucking blast! The production of this fucking shit is for me fucking flawless, a mixing fucking well done and a sound fucking raw as fuck with a heavy side making sound this fucking demo like a pure fucking ton of shit! Embryo Genesis are doing a great fucking start with this release lasting about 6 minutes delivering a fucking pure and great Brutal Death Metal having as only flaw to lack a bit of catchy parts but still performing 2 excellent fucking songs! Despite its negative side, this fucking disk is recommended to all fucking sick fuckers around and Embryo Genesis are preparing their full length for 2015, be prepared to be totally fucking crushed! Excellent Brutal Fucking Shit! 8/10