lundi 18 avril 2016

Inherit Disease​-Ephemeral (Unique Leader Records​)

The mighty gods Inherit Disease are finally back after 6 fucking years to offer their highly anticipated third album and they definitely met expectations with a grandiose fucking release that pushes the shitty boundaries of the quality of brutal musick! "Ephemeral" is the name given to this destructive fucking entity coming for a significant place by raising the fucking level of composition in the shitty genre with an almost perfect songwriting and execution giving a material totally fucking amazing! Inherit Disease continues to perform an insane Brutal Death Fucking Metal but this time with a very obvious touch of maturity but does not come really tarnish the brutal shitty side of this fucking shit which is a great fucking thing! The band is back with 39 fucking minutes of pure auditory extinction with a brilliant composition making every minute of this fucking shit an amazing experience, which in my opinion should be listened to from beginning to end and fully appreciate this ingenious fucking piece of dark aggression! Inherit Disease had some changes in line up and now consist of Obie Flett (Vocals), Derek De Roos (Guitar), Tom Wilson (Guitar), Josh Welling (Bass), Daniel Osborn (Drums) and the sickos are giving a sublime collective fucking work putting all their effort to create a majestic fucking release that will remains forever marked in the shitty fucking style! Obie on vocals is faithful to himself by delivering his mighty crazy guttural fucking addictive, Derek and Tom on guitars are just fucking awesome by giving an infinite amount of catchy riffs and much remains stuck in our fucking head, amazing job of Josh on bass being totally fucking crazy with a sick fucking performance and finally Dan on drums who is completely fucking perfect with an exceptionnal drumming that is without any fucking doubt a highlight in this album making addictive his great fucking work! In addition to this monster fucking composition, the guys managed to include an atmosphere of great fucking quality coming darken this majestic fucking monument and creating an album that you are forced to listen in a whole! The production of this shit is fucking amazing, a mixing almost perfect with maybe only a bass that could have been a little more present but still fucking great and an astonishing powerful heavy fucking sound that comes destroy everything in its fucking path! "Ephemeral" contains 11 fucking songs all fucking brilliant with maybe a couple with one or two riffs a little long and redundant but still fucking awesome and rather increasing the ambiance of this piece of pure fucking shit! Inherit Disease offers a new release totally fucking addictive from start to end with non-stop catchy riffs, disgusting vocals and brilliant drums parts that comes put this fucking shit into the best of this shitty fucking genre! "Ephemeral" is a mandatory fucking release for each Brutal or Death Metal fans because Inherit Disease are proving their high fucking skills in the brutality with a very close perfect gem with a songwriting among the fucking best! Brutal Addictive Fucking Monster of Pure Dark Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

lundi 11 avril 2016

Bleeding Murder​-Cadaver from Infection Massacre (Dismembered Records​)

A circular bladed weapon of mass fucking destruction has been created in the West Java in Indonesia and baptized with the name Bleeding Murder as a result of generating one of the largest massacres that this shitty world has ever known with a carnage fucking piece of breathtaking insanity and unspeakable brutality!  "Cadaver from Infection Massacre" is the name given to this devastating fucking plague infecting our fucking brains with an insane Brutal Death Fucking Metal being extremely fast, savage and ruthless with non-stop blast totally fucking crazy but still knowing lighten our fucking ears with some heavier fucking parts!  This deadly fucking piece of shit contains 5 acts including 3 new recorded songs plus 2 old version songs and for this review I will focus on their three new tracks that are of a great brutal fucking ingenuity and having a very high fucking degree of insanity! Bleeding Murder is offering a material musically fucking perfect with crazy fucking riffs, drums completely insane and only including amazing eargasms from start to end and making us addicted very quickly because I probably listened to this EP 30 consecutive fucking times before to write these lines!  "Cadaver from Infection Massacre" has a total chaotic fucking atmosphere that makes us feel the global extermination that is played, and of course, just increase the fucking level of enjoyment of this disk perpetrating one of the greatest slaughter in the shitty history of extreme fucking musick! The production is not perfect but fucking great, mixing somewhat chaotic with guitar riffs sometimes a little hard to hear and the snare sometimes buried by the kick drums but making part of the general ambiance of this fucking release and it really sounds like a massive destruction by crushing everything in its fucking path and making us feel all those crunchy fucking bones and skulls! Bleeding Murder consists of Ybro (Vocals), Ramadhan (Guitars), Iqbal (Bass), Gilbran (Drums) and the quartet are just fucking brilliant at all fucking levels! Ybro is giving a sick fucking guttural that could be linear for some but for my part increasing the brutal shitty atmosphere of this insane fucking shit, Ramadhan is only offering sick, catchy and addictive fucking riffs giving a damn perfect songwriting, same goes for Iqbal  on bass giving a huge performance helped by the brutal fucking production and finally Gilbran is giving a total insane fucking drumming offering infinite non stop blast and breaking the linearity with some heavy fucking parts! A nearly perfect album by only having as tiny fault to include a mixing a bit chaotic but as I said above, it make part of the general murdering ambiance of this putrid fucking shit! Bleeding Murder really managed their start with "Cadaver from Infection Massacre" which is undoubtedly a mandatory fucking piece of mass fucking destruction for the sickest people in the scene Brutal Death! Brilliant Fucking Carnage of Total Fucking Insanity! 9.5/10

dimanche 10 avril 2016

Murder Worship​-Misleaders of Humanity (Swallow Vomit Productions​)

After an amazing EP in 2013, the Colombian Murder Worship are finally back after 3 fucking years to offer a second EP remaining fucking true to their style and continuing on the fucking path of the extreme brutality! "Misleaders of Humanity" contains 7 fucking songs, 1 sample intro, 3 new songs, 2 songs from their first EP and an untitled track that Im about damn sure is taken from their 2010 demo but cant be certain and of course, this review will be interested only in their 3 new fucking songs! Murder Worship continues to perform a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal completely dedicated to Internal Suffering continuing the fucking path of the old success of this band but still having their own fucking identity and being able to compete with their fellow countrymen!  "Misleaders of Humanity" is the direct result of their first EP and following exactly the same fucking purpose musically even being much more enjoyable with its flawless brutal fucking composition! Murder Worship is Estiven Pena (Guitar/Vocals), Wilson Perdomo (Guitar/Bass), Camilo Moreno (Drums) and the insane trio are just fucking brutal and awesome with a sick, guttural and varied vocals, crazy fucking guitar/bass riffs and a drums fucking fast and brutal but also varied and fucking well done! The trio makes us feel an atmosphere of pure fucking destruction and despite a very ordinary production they managed to create a sense of total fucking chaos adding a music true to the fucking roots of the shitty genre! The production, as mentioned above, is good but fucking dull and giving a feeling of being stifled, all instruments sound fucking fantastic for me but being a little wasted by a cacophonous mixing and often making it difficult to hear the snare or riffs but despite all these flaws, this fucking shit still sounds like a real fucking bomb of hate and devastation! 19 minutes of total fucking sickness with 3 new songs totally fucking perfect with only catchy riffs giving  it a very addictive side that gives to this EP to be among the best from the shitty fucking style! Despite some negative at the production, "Misleaders of Humanity" is musically a fucking bomb and Murder Worship deserves to be ranked among the best bands nowadays and shows a very high fucking expertise in the Brutal Death Metal! Highly recommended to all brutal sickos because this fucking gem is very close to be an absolute fucking masterpiece! Total Fucking Destruction of True Fucking Brutality! 9/10

lundi 4 avril 2016

Paediatrician​-Pregnant Pathology (Rotten Roll Rex​)

After two amazing albums, Paediatrician are back in the same way to deliver a fucking brilliant and impressive material that will pierce the depths of your fucking ass with a piece of brutality of total fucking success! "Pregnant Pathology" is the third album of Paediatrician from Budapest, Hungary coming to destroy our fucking ears again with an ingenious and well written composition which I think is probably their best material at all fucking levels! The band continues in the same direction by performing a Goregrind mixed with Brutal Death Fucking Metal giving a killer result by having a big disgusting fucking side but maintaining some class by delivering an aggressive, brutal and dirty fucking musick but still clear and well done for the shitty genre! "Pregnant Pathology" has 19 songs (2 bonus tracks) of pure sickness as brilliant distinction of being all fucking amazing and having all catchy and addictive riffs with a crazy fucking drum increasing the enjoyment of this fucking release of extreme efficiency! The production is fucking great, an excellent mixing and a sounds fucking successful, especially for the genre, and this shit sounds like a global infant annihilation  by crushing everything in its fucking path with a tight brutality and a very high fucking level of insanity! Paediatrician is Nemes Norbert (Vocals), Ferenc Pokorkyik (Guitars), David Varju (Bass), Balazs Pocz (Drums) are the true fucking sickos making part of this insane fucking project and everyone giving an awesome contribution to make this release fucking perfect! Nemes with his pitch shift vocals is fucking great by being fucking creative and diverse in his gutturals, Ferenc and David on guitars/bass are just fuking amazing by giving only flawless riffs and no fucking boring moment and same for Balazs delivering a crazy drumming and diverse as fuck with his blastbeats and adding some groovy parts! "Pregnant Pathology" is 31 fucking minutes being completely addictive and brutal from start to end and even the groovy parts are fast and fucking brutal making all songs from this shitty release a total fucking eargasm! This shit has an atmosphere of true fucking butchery making us feel like we were stabbed hundred times without fucking stop in the fucking ears by its disgusting melody making addicted any true sickos crossing its fucking path and destined to die in extreme suffering and insane fucking torments! Paediatrician just delievered a masterpiece in the genre knowing how to create a release with only brutal and brilliant songs having no weak fucking part and only giving us an extreme, crazy and enjoying fucking experience! "Pregnant Pathology" is without any fucking doubt a mandatory release in 2016 for every true fucking sickos enjoying the real insanity because of its addictive and brutal side but not recommended for the weak in the genre! Brutal Disgusting Fucking Blasterpiece of True fucking Insanity! 10/10