lundi 8 mai 2017

Infected Flesh​-Concatenation of Severe Infections (Comatose Music​)

The Spanish beast "Infected Flesh" is back to offer a third damn carnage entitled "Concatenation of Severe Infections" which is undoubtedly one of its most fucking destructive and enjoyable from its macabre fucking existence! Infected Flesh is back with a basic Brutal Death Fucking Metal having Death Metal songs structures making this third fucking opus a little bit repetitive but the quality of composition makes forget this fucking point because we dont find much bad riffing or others! "Concatenation of Severe Infections" is divided into 11 gory fucking parts including a sample intro and all the sadistic fucking scenes of butchery are a total fucking success having perhaps a boring track but in general this shit is fucking excellent from beginning to end incorporating catchy fucking parts in all the songs but the end result is maybe missing a little at the addictive fucking level! This bloodthirsty fucking piece of brutality is really spreading a brutal and gory fucking atmosphere impregnating deeply your fucking bones not really helped by the production but rather the horrific fucking songwriting! This merciless and bloodthirsty fucking beast is released into the world by Roger B. (Vocals/Guitars/Bass), Seth Van de Loo (Drums/Backing Vocals) and the duo managed in creating a fucking piece of insanity that is among the best of the shitty kind and despite its flaws, being a very enjoyable third fucking album! The vocals are very fucking good and varied but maybe a little bit redundant probably because of their Death Metal style into a more Brutal Death Metal musickal approach but still not being unbearable! The guitars/bass riffing are for the most fucking successful including several catchy ones but also having some less enjoyable and repetitive but in general the composition is fucking well done! The drums is fucking sick with a production a little wasted on this part but its still very good by being fucking fast and still creative despite the basic primitive brutal fucking style shared by the band! The production and mixing are very fucking good but as mentioned above, it has some flaws especially for the drums that sounds really fucking shit but it doesnt take away our pleasure and this fucking shit still sounds fucking brutal and gory! "Concatenation of Severe Infections" is 43 destructive fucking minutes being not perfect but I dont think it's easy to make a long album totally enjoyable and Infected Flesh nevertheless succeeds this feat by delivering some less good moments but generally offering us a quality fucking product with a lot of catchy fucking riffs but still missing a little on the addictive side! This third effort is without fucking doubt recommended to each brutal fucking heads enjoying some extreme fucking musick but also for the death metal lovers! Excellent Horrific Piece of Gory Fucking Brutality! 9/10

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