dimanche 29 juin 2014

Gangrenomity-Demo 2014 (Self-Released) 

From Switzerland, Gangrenomity comes with their first demo CD only entitled "Demo 2014" with 3 songs and lasting about 11 fucking minutes! The line-up is Mitch (Vocals), Cavaz (Guitars), Albi (Bass), Ciosse (Drums) and the four sickfuck Swiss are doing a pure Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking disgusting, crushing and fucking sick where you can find all the elements required to be completely fucking faithful and true to the fucking roots of the shitty brutality! Mitch on Vocals is fucking guttural and insane as fuck, can seem linear for some but for others, its only add to their identity and uniqueness of these shitty fucking days! Cavaz/Albi are just fucking crazy, the first second to the last, its only a variety of riffs and all of them are completely damn catchy, brutal, enjoyable and fucking successful! Ciosse on drums also did an awesome, killer and fucking brutal diversified job, totally fucking crushing his fucking kit! The production of this shit is fucking great, not overproduced and fucking raw, mixing is well done, the sound is fucking brutal and not for weak kittens including the drums, sounding fucking killer as fuck being recorded in one take with obviously no fucking shitty triggers used on this fucking piece of shit! Gangrenomity dumped a perfect demo totally fucking successful at all shitty levels, not just about blast or slam, only about pure and raw fucking brutality injected by a fucking amazing and enjoyable composition that makes this fucking release already a fucking classick in the genre! This is obviously a disk to recommend to all fans of Brutal Death Metal and hurry you to get this bomb of fucking shit before this (pre)-cult demo is sold out! Masterpiece of Fucking Shit! 10/10

dimanche 22 juin 2014

Torture Droid-Evil from the Beyond (Self-Released)

From USA, Torture Droid is a one man band formed in 2014 by Zach Krauss (Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums Programming) and offers his first killer fucking EP "Evil from the Beyond"! Totally fucking devastating and completely faithful to the shitty brutality, Torture Droid performs a Sci-Fi Brutal Death Fucking Metal about the destruction and extinction of the human race, for sure not for grannies and being fucking brutally primitive but also containing a little more technical side and almost always played very fucking fast! "Evil from the Beyond" have a production I think totally damn successful with a fucking killer mixing and a fucking awesome sound, this fucking shit is fucking heavy but still keeping a clearness including a drums programming sound fucking crazy and real making seems fucking weak some others production with real drums! Another thing about the sound is that it makes this fucking shit unique creating a great futuristic fucking atmosphere and with its heavy and crushing side, it really sounds like some fucking planets exploding a bit everywhere in the shitty fucking universe! Zach Krauss is doing a splendid fucking job at all levels, drums programming is a total fucking success, the bass is very well performed and very present had to the good production, vocals is fucking disgusting and powerfully fucking brutal as fuck and finally, the guitar riffs are completely insane, great and fucking catchy from A to Z! This brutal fucking piece of shit is fucking perfect in all aspects, musically, its all about the true fucking raw brutality but not constantly fast with still slower parts, a fucking killer sound, a golden composition, an atmosphere emerging from this fucking shit very present with an unique side to Torture Droid! 4 songs and about 13 fucking sick shitty minutes, this EP is a real fucking bomb and is strongly recommended for fans of Infecting the Swarm or Perverted Dexterity! Fucking Perfect Shit of True Fucking Brutality! 10/10

samedi 21 juin 2014

Abstract Putrefaction-Promo 2014 (Brutal Mind) 

Abstract Putrefaction is a shitty fucking project formed by the insane Max Mcmullen (Guitars/Bass) and the great Corey Athos (Vocals/Drums Programming) and are deploying their first Promo CD simply entitled "Promo 2014"! The duo are performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally damn brutal, raw and fucking sick making this fucking shit a real fucking piece of Brutal Death without fucking weak shits and all about the fucking sickness! Max on guitar and bass did a shitty remarkable fucking job with crazy fucking riffs from beginning to end and a composition created by a deranged fucking sick mind! Corey Athos on vocals is also doing an awesome fucking job with his fucking powerful diversified guttural vocals performed efficiently, the same on the side of the drums programming which is very fucking well programmed and done by an experienced guy! The production of this disk is still fucking good, nothing special had to the poor sound quality, but fucking enjoyable, the mixing well made but maybe a little too cacophonous and the sound, despite its poverty, is fucking good but having a total lack at the essence level which make this shit a total empty atmosphere but still sounding like an atomic fucking bomb! With its 2 songs and a bit less of 5 minutes, this fucking shit is really fucking great in a whole but may seem fucking repetitive had to the sound which doesnt help the super fucking brutality of the songs making it sounding a bit fucking fade and without flavors but for the real fucking underground sickos, it will be not a problem! A great first disk for Abstract Putrefaction and will be a fucking band to check for sure in the future with their first full length album which will be composed with a real drums, shit recommended! Great Brutal Fucking Sick Shit! 8/10

mercredi 18 juin 2014

Relics of Humanity-Ominously Reigning Upon the Intangible (Amputated Vein Records)

Emerging again from the fucking pits of hell in Belarus, Relics of Humanity are back with their second opus entitled "Ominously Reigning Upon the Intangible"! Also in the same vein as their previous album, Relics of Humanity still performs their damn unique Brutal Death Fucking Metal with many Doom influences of Death Metal and still managing to create a very good fucking atmosphere continuing to give them their own fucking identity! Vladimir (Vocals), Sergey (Guitars/Bass) and Pavel (Drums) are the trio forming this entity musically fucking blasphemous and diabolical! The production is very fucking good without being a complete success, mixing is ok, the sound is very significant and of a higher fucking quality than "Guided by the Soulless Call" two years ago, but still some deficiencies which at the drums I didnt really like! Technically, the three fucking sickos deliver a fucking good composition with generally a good performance, the vocals are fucking guttural, enjoying and never boring, some successful fucking riffs and a diversified drums but maybe lacking a bit energy! The weak points of this disk are the fact to find no fucking "punch" riffs and none of them are really catchy or great, another thing is that each song is still fucking enjoyable but we can also hear fucking long and interminable slow riffs which completely fucking cut the energy deployed in the rest of the song also adding a drums which sometimes could be also a little more active!  Despite some inefficiencies, I still think "Ominously Reigning Upon the Intangible" is fucking necessary for any real fucking sickos because of its uniqueness in Brutal Death Metal! Disappointing but still fucking not bad! 5/10

lundi 16 juin 2014

Kaluman-Kaluman (Sevared Records) 

Formed by members of Jasad, Bleeding Corpse and Turbidity, Kaluman offers their self-titled debut fucking album including 9 songs (1 instrumental) and lasting about 40 fucking minutes! The band performs a Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a big Death Metal side and we can hear some influences to bands like Dying Fetus or their compatriots Absolute Defiance! Kharisma Kamal Nurdin (Vocals), Ferli Suferli (Guitar), Daniel Lesmana (Guitar), Adrian Fauzan Rahman (Bass), Asep Rosidin (Drums) are the legendary quintet of Kaluman and doing a good fucking job on several aspects of their fucking brutal musick! The production of Kaluman is fucking great, the mixing is fucking excellent perhaps less on the side of drums but still not unbearable, totally fucking killer sound with a very present bass making it a fucking heavy recording and sounding like a fucking ton of dynamites! Musically, Kaluman is still fucking good with a vocals well done, maybe a bit redundant but still fucking enjoyable, The bass and guitars riffs are very fucking good at several parts but can be very fucking annoying and repetitive in many other places and the drums in general is fucking great at all levels!  In my opinion, the songs would have been much fucking better by cutting them of the half time thus eliminating fucking repetitive, generic and boring moments, but we can also find a big number of great fucking parts and the 2 greatest songs are the both already appeared on their demo 2012 "Altar Prostitusi" and "Membusuk Menjadi Sampah" that are  fucking enjoyable in their entirety! Kaluman is recommended for the real passionate of death metal because for the others, its not a disk to put in priority by its big lacks of brutality! Not Bad Fucking Release! 5/10

dimanche 15 juin 2014

Failed Virgin-Beheading Reception with Vaginal Blood (Breeding Records) 

Formed in 2009 and after a few demos, Failed Virgin finally offer their highly fucking anticipated full length shit baptized in the virgin's fucking blood "Beheading Reception with Vaginal Blood"! Failed Virgin consist of Riyan on Vocals, Ryan on Guitars, Rendy on Bass, Addo on Drums and the four Indonesian sickos perform a Brutal Death Fucking Metal with some marked influences to the Slamming Death Metal and this band can be compared for me to the Old Philippines scene with bands like Down from the Wound or Human Mastication but still keeping their personal touch and own fucking insanity! Riyan did an excellent fucking job with his fucking inhuman guttural vocals fucking straight out of some virgin's guts, Ryan and Rendy performs almost only fucking great riffs and all catchy as fuck with a brutal fucking composition, and finally Addo is doing an excellent fucking performance on drums with his many blastbeats and changing the tempos very well including a heavier fucking side! "Beheading Reception with Vaginal Blood" consists of 8 songs and lasts about 33 fucking minutes and contains a primtive fucking brutality made of an explosive way totally fucking raw, sick and damn killer despite some rare slamming slower riffs that may appear without end but still keeping their mind fucking insane and making this release a fucking piece of sickness of a perfection almost reached! The production of this album is very fucking good, I think the mixing is perfect, the sound is fucking good and well made in every aspect of this fucking piece of shit and the sound is not exceptional but still sounding like a bunch of fucking sluts deflowered in the woods somewhere in Tangerang! Failed Virgin offer us a fucking great disk enjoying from the beginning to the end and even with its parts a bit less interesting, it stay a fucking great piece of raw brutality necessary for all fucking sickos! Excellent Brutal Fucking Shit! 9/10

Sickles-Series Elite Disaster (Self-Released) 

From the metal fucking lands of Indonesia and formed in 2012, Sickles come with their first EP entitled "Series Elite Disaster"! Sickles perform a Brutal Death fucking Metal with a big side of Death Metal and you can also find in this fucking diversified disk some Black Metal and Grindcore influences and some technical moments! Muhammad Irsyad (Vocals), Arie Hardiyanto (Guitars), Roni Hardiyanto (Bass) and Haidir Arief Firdaus (Drums) are fulfilling their roles fucking perfectly by performing an inspired, creative and fucking brutal musick!  "Elite Series Disaster" contains a very good production, a fucking good mixing and sound, nothing spectacular but giving a raw result with fucking good quality at all fucking levels and a bass sound very present! The four Indonesian sickos have made an excellent fucking job, very good vocals of Muhammad which can seems sometimes a bit redundant but is still fucking enjoyable, fucking great riffs in general from Arie & Roni with many good, catchy and some fucking great bass parts, same thing on the drums side performed by Haidir, very good, fucking fast and adding some insane fucking moments! With its 7 songs (1 intro/1 outro) and 20 fucking minutes, this fucking shit is very enjoyable, some truly fucking brutal songs like "Arrival" or "Sabda Busuk Penguasa" but may contain some slightly weaker fucking moments on songs like "In Carok We Blast "or" Apocalypse "and you can also find some clean symphonic or grindcore vocals! Despite its shortcomings, I think Sickles did a very good fucking job with "Elite Series Disaster" by their imaginative side they still managed to stand out from the fucking mass of bands everywhere and is a band to check for every true Death Metallers in the fucking heart and we can only hope some great future shits from this fucking awesome band! Very Good Fucking Shit! 7/10

mercredi 11 juin 2014

Twitch of The Death Nerve-A New Code of Morality (Comatose Music) 

After their legendary fucking split in 2005, Twitch of the Death Nerve are finally back after 9 years of absence and a fucking long wait for the fans with their debut full length CD called "A New Code of Morality"!  Formed in 2004, Twitch of the Death Nerve is the UK side project of members from Infected Disarray/Beef Conspiracy and continue to perform a damn excellent Brutal Death Fucking Metal keeping their slamming touch by incorporating a technical side and a progressive finish which gives them their own fucking identity and musical atmosphere! The line up of "A New Code of Morality" is Tom Bradfield on Guitars/Vocals, Tom Carter on Bass, Lille Gruber (Defeated Sanity) on Drums and the trio gives us a record of fucking high quality with all the necessary elements to make a fucking great release!  Inspired, creative and fucking amazing are the riffs played by the both Tom with a bunch of great and various riffs but several may seem very boring and useless, the vocals is good and very various and we can find a lack of brutality but still greatly performed by Tom B. and finally, Lille Gruber is still fucking perfect with a drums fucking greatly executed and diversified at all shitty levels! The production of this album is fucking flawless, mixing is well done and the sound is fucking killer but just maybe a flat on the fact to miss a little bit of nasty and dirty shits but still sounding like a fucking ton of bricks with a fucking perfect instruments sound especially for the drums which is totally fucking enjoyable! "A New Code of Morality" contains 11 songs (one instrumental) and lasts about 39 fucking minutes and I think all the songs are fucking excellent but some can miss a lot of good riffs but at the same fucking time containing some awesome! Despite its weak sides, Twitch of the Death Nerve deliver a fucking quality piece of fucking shit completely fucking inventive and enjoyable, a necessary album for all fucking sickos! Fucking Excellent Creative Shit! 8/10 

Mass Infection-For I Am Genocide (Comatose Music) 

The fucking powerful Mass Infection are back with a highly fucking anticipated third album, as blasphemous as ever, engraved on the ass of your mom with fire under the name of "For I am Genocide"! This damn cataclysmic band from the infernal Greece perform a Brutal Death Fucking Metal fucking fast but very close to Death Metal with many musical influences, the sounding and this release is undoubtedly their most brutal fucking job! The Mass Infection team is George S. (Guitar/Vocals), Nick (Guitar), Victor (Bass), George T. (Drums) and they are the 4 shitty horsemen forming this fucking entity created to kill everything in its fucking path!  George S. and Nick did a fucking great job with the guitar riffs that sound totally fucking evil and the vocals of George S. are very fucking brutal sounding perhaps more Death Metal but a brutal guttural side still fucking present! George T. and Victor also made an amazing fucking job with fucking crazy bass parts and a total destructive brutal drums, fucking fast, tight and perfectly mixing all fucking tempos! The production of this album is fucking perfect, mixing is well done and the sound is totally fucking killer as fuck, maybe lacking a bit of heavy for some people, but in my opinion its really fucking well matched with the musick of Mass Infection and creating a result that fucking sounds like an apocalyptic genocide hearing! This evil fucking piece of shit is fucking enjoyable from beginning to end but during our hellish journey into the fucking bowels of musical madness, we can also meet some parts a little less pleasant and a bit fucking long but overall this demonic trip gives an incredible fucking amount of enjoyable, catchy and fucking amazing parts!  "For I am Genocide" is a fucking must for all sickos, maybe not perfect, but it doesnt remove the fact that its a brutal fucking quality album very fucking well done! Fucking Excellent Fast Evil Piece of Infernal Sickness! 8/10 

Inhuman Butchery-Purify Minds Through Torture (Auditorial Devastation Records) 

From the rotten fucking hot bowels of Chile, Inhuman Butchery comes out with an amazing EP baptized in fucking shit as "Purify Minds Through Torture"! Inhuman Butchery performs a Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a fucking raw and brute side which makes this EP a piece of shit totally fucking sick, insane and fucking brutal! Completely faithful to the fucking roots of Brutal Death Metal, "Purify Minds Through Torture" lasts about 9 minutes containing 4 fucking songs and the last is a bonus track from their demo single 2010 with Roberto Alarcon on Drums and the musick of Inhuman Butchery can be compared to bands like Old Internal Suffering, Sick, Old Disgorge (USA) ...! The production of this fucking shit is damn great in an underground perspective of course, because its still in low quality but totally fucking powerful and giving exactly the desired result, mixing well done, the sound is fucking heavy and boosted at the maximum level, keeping it still natural sounding as if the earth was regurgitating a ton of shitty bloody fucking guts! This EP consists of Jorge Palomino (Vocals), Cristian Zelada (Guitars), Roberto Saez (Bass), Daniel Chavez (Drums) and also Roberto Alarcon (Drums) on "Forensic Fibrosis" and these fucking sickos are playing a Brutal Death Metal at its highest level of brutality at the musick and production part which can be fucking shitty for some others! Jorge Palomino on vocals did a fucking flawless job with a totally fucking killer and enjoyable guttural vocals without fucking boring parts, Cristian Zelada on guitars is also fucking perfect only giving incredibly brutal riffs, a few very fucking catchy and all are enjoyable as fuck adding to the quality of this brutal fucking shit, Roberto Saez on bass is doing a good job with a fucking destructive sound,  Daniel Chavez and Roberto Alarcon on drums are also very good with solid fucking blasts and a slower and slam side at their moments and we can hear some extreme insane blast of Roberto on the last song! "Purify Minds Through Torture" has all the elements to compose a fucking perfect symbiosis of brutality with its underground side and the 4 songs fucking insane just make this fucking shit already a cult fucking piece of sickness, fucking essential for all sickheads! Sick Fucking Masterpiece of Extreme Fucking Brutality! 10/10

Gurglectomy-Promo 2013-14 (Permeated Records) 

Gurglectomy are finally back sicker than ever with their new CD "Promo 2013-14"! This album lasts about 8 fucking minutes, contains three songs, two recorded in 2014 with Marco Pitruzzella on Drums and one recorded in 2013 with the original former drummer Adrian Bottero! These four Argentine fucking sickos continue to perform a Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking sick and especially their two latest songs that are damn faster than anything they've done before! The line-up of this promo is Martin Flores on Vocals doing a very fucking good job and his vocals tone sometimes can seems a mixture of Brutal Death and Death Metal, Federico Fernandez on Guitars and Felipe Lovizio on Bass are fucking sick with a bunch of great fucking insane riffs but still performing a few less good, "deja vu" or just a little bit less enjoyable, Marco Pitruzzella on Drums is equal to himself by delivering a masterful job, fucking crazy and totally fucking devastating and finally, Adrian Bottero on drums on the third track still offering a fucking amazing job well mixing the slam and fast parts at the same style as their previous promo in 2011! The production of this fucking shit is good, mixing is not perfect but still well done, the sound in general is also damn good, including the instruments except the drums of Marco that sounds a bit crap, it's obviously my opinion but I found the drums sound fake but despite the gaps in production, this fucking shit still sounds like a fucking bomb filled with shit! "Promo 2013-14" deserves the attention of every sickos worldwide, because its really a fucking piece of sickness fucking enjoyable and is a fucking must for all shitty fans of brutality! Excellent Brutal Fucking Sick Shit! 8/10

Abnormal Inhumane-Promo 2014 (Self-Released) 

From the brutal fucking Greece, Abnormal Inhumane are back after 3 years of silence with a new promo entitled "Promo 2014"! Kostas S. (Vocals), Stelios (Guitars), Kostas (Bass), Mitch (Drums) are the four sickos forming Abnormal Inhumane and are performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal at its fucking best with a small detectable technical side! "Promo 2014" contains two fucking songs, "Into Criminal Frenzy " and "Cosmogonic Derangement", lasting about 6 minutes and a full hearing fucking devastation! Kostas S. on vocals doing an excellent fucking job with a totally enjoyable vocals, perhaps a bit linear but nothing unbearable! Also damn incredible job of Stelios on guitars with a bunch of amazing riffs, fucking catchy, brutal as fuck and the most are fucking well composed, same with Kostas on bass with a fuckng flawless performance! Mitch on drums is really amazing with fucking excellent blastbeats and able to mix well tempos with a fucking amazing technique! Fucking perfect production of the promo adds to the quality of this shitty fucking shit, fucking successful mixing and a natural sound for all instruments making this CD sounding like a ton of shits and giving it a real fucking raw side! This fucking piece of shit has the ability to be fucking faithful to the true Brutal Death Metal in the musical side, sound and songs structure, the only weak point of this release is to have a couple of riffs less enjoyable but still needed to structure the songs and making them a fucking success! Despite its short 6 minutes, this disk is a fucking must for all sickos in this world of shit and its less enjoyable parts are making only enhance the fucking quality of those totally fucking killer! Amazing Fucking Stuff! 9/10

Abhorrent Castigation-Throne of Existential Abandonment (New Standard Elite) 

Being highly anticipated after their demo in 2012, Abhorrent Castigation are back in full force with their debut album entitled "Throne of Existential Abandonment"! Always in the same line with their demo "Enthralled by Abysmal Delusion", Abhorrent Castigation continue to perform a damn excellent Technical Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking sick with some marked influences ala old Decrepit Birth or Disgorge (U.S.A.) but creating a fucking unique material giving them their own identity! "Throne of Existential Abandonment" consists of Al on Vocals, Thorso on Guitars, Anton Zhikharev (Neurogenic/Fleshbomb) on Bass, Lille Gruber (Defeated Sanity) on Drums and the German quartet give us an awesome fucking performance with a musical fucking quality above average! A perfect production at all fucking levels, probably one of the fucking best I've ever heard, a fucking flawless mixing and a sound completely successful! A vocals just enough present, a fucking sick guitars sound, a bass sound totally outstanding, certainly one of the fucking best and same thing at the drums that sounds fucking insane and perfectly clear making this disc a fucking piece of shit sounding like a fucking ton of shitty bricks! Al on vocals is fucking excellent, being able to diversify his work very well and so, is not boring! The riffs of Thorso are just fucking insane, completely fucking crazy, mostly fucking great and fully enjoyable! Awesome fucking job from Anton on bass, helped by the production, performing of a fucking great way with some memorable parts that make us quickly realize the fucking great talent of this bass player! I think nothing need to be added for Gruber on drums that give us a fucking performance worthy of his reputation, being tight as fuck, fucking crazy in his blastbeats and also well diversifying his brutal shitty job! The only downside to this release is to have some parts a little bit less enjoyable and also some songs better than others, but in general this fucking shit is totally fucking killer, destructive and damn ingenious! Despite this, "Throne of Existential Abandonment" is a piece of shitty art almost fucking perfect and will remain etched forever in the history of Brutal Death Metal! A fucking must for all sickos! Fucking Killer Destructive Fucking Piece of Existential Abandonment! 9/10