mercredi 17 août 2016

Gorged Bile​-Origin of Contempt (Ungodly Ruins Productions)

The Russians Gorged Bile are already back to poison our fucking lives with their second ritualistic macabre fucking mass entitled "Origin of Contempt" and continue in the same vein as their previous slaughter by offering a diabolical fucking scene of the most damn brutal and enjoyable! The band had a lot of pressure after their stunning debut fucking album and I must say they have completely succeeded their act of insanity even after only one year to give us what we expected! "Origin of Contempt" contains 10 songs of pure fucking brutality being addictive with their catchy parts and also having one or two songs a little less good but not really decreasing the sick quality of this brutal fucking shit! Gorged Bile performs a Brutal Death Fucking Metal being totally faithful to the shitty genre and this new album made me think a little to a mix of Effigy of the Forgotten, Sermon of Mockery and Deriding his Creation by the composition, production and especially the heavy bloodthirsty fucking atmosphere! The songwriting is fucking brutal despite some parts a little less enjoying but in general the songs are pretty well structured making us easily fucking addicted after a few listenings with some memorable moments! The production of this second opus is fucking excellent, a great mixing with a heavy as fuck sound that only make us feel like we were stabbing some fucking virgin on a sacrifice altar before eating her fucking guts! "Origin of Contempt" have a brutal, evil and gory fucking atmosphere greatly helped by the heavy production and the final result is very great and for sure a total fucking success by including everything to can build a respectable brutal fucking release! Gorged Bile is Ivan Shirokov (Vocals), Nickolay Mel (Guitars), Yuriy Oborin (Bass), Sergey Galchuk (Drums) and the four sickos are fucking perfect in many aspects, not on all levels but touching very close the perfection with a brutal addictive fucking release that will stab your fucking soul with its blasphemous fucking insanity! Ivan giving a very good guttural, Nickolay is faithful to himself by launching mostly awesome and brutal fucking riffs, Yuriy is amazing on bass with his personal touch very enjoying and finally Sergey is as sick as before by demonstrating a well done and brutal fucking drumming! 31 minutes of true fucking brutality giving us some old school brutal fucking feelings and this piece of sickness is a total fucking success even despite some parts a little less great! "Origin of Contempt" is a mandatory release to all sickos and Gorged Bile managed in 2 years to give us 2 brilliant fucking gems! Pure Fucking Piece of Amazing Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

mardi 9 août 2016

Harsh-Underlying (Pathologically Explicit Recordings​)

From one of the most brutal places in the fucking world, Basque Country, Harsh was born from 3 Spanish entities to deliver some quality brutality specific to this fucking place and to offer an enjoyable shitty project that makes us remember much the sound of this sick fucking country! Harsh lead us into their macabre fucking world of butchery to deliver a high level fucking piece of insanity called "Underlying" and including 3 fucking songs which are ingeniously and brutally composed but also containing several riffs a little less enjoyable! Harsh performs a Brutal Death Fucking Metal true to the shitty roots of the fucking genre mixing blasts with slower and heavy parts with some pit riffs!  "Underlying" gives off a bloody fucking atmosphere and we really feel to live the art of being fucking skinned and dismembered by 3 ruthless butchers having great fucking expertise in their bloodthirsty damn work! Harsh is Seyerot (Carnivorous Voracity) on Vocals, Alphon (Ex Suffering Down) on Guitars/Bass, Abur (Ex Cerebral Effusion) on Drums and the trio are offering a songwriting of the most enjoyable despite some fucking flaws and know how to make us addicted to their slaughtering fucking shit! Seyerot is again offering a sick fucking guttural, faithful to himself with his addictive and insane style, Alphon is giving for the most amazing and catchy riffs but we can also find a few less good and can get boring after some listens and finally Abur wth a brutal fucking drums by being fucking perfect, sharing much energy and including a diverse drumming! "Underlying" is around 14 fucking minutes of total savagery with endless catchy fucking riffs that will get addicted anyone wanting to experience being gutted in some fucking scene of butchery! The production of this EP is fucking great, mixing well done with a heavy fucking sound making shake your fucking spine and giving you the feeling to assist to these nameless and ruthless horror gory fucking scenes! "Underlying" is a fantastic EP containing much catchy and addictive fucking parts but unfortunately also containing some very boring moments that come a little bit to waste the perfection of this CD but the flaws are not necessary a barrier for the enjoyment felt in this shit! Harsh completely managed their introduction into the brutal world of sickness by offering a great piece of brutality which is highly recommended to all sickos around! Amazing Gory Fucking Piece of Brutal and Insane Fucking Butchery! 9/10

mardi 2 août 2016

Infected Flesh​-Glorify Bestial Quartering (Sevared Records​)

Formed in 1997, the Spanish Infected Flesh are finally fucking back after four years to deliver their highly anticipated fourth full length album entitled "Glorify Bestial Quartering" and they continue to chop our fucking ears with their horrific and brutal fucking musick! Since 2006, the band performs as a one man band but still got a session drummer for the previous release and again another for this one, thus offers a fucking excellent "Glorify Bestial Quartering" including 10 bloodthirsty songs of pure fucking brutality! Infected Flesh continues to perform a Brutal Death Fucking Metal still very basic with a lot of influences in the Old Skull Death Metal and marries the both very fucking well despite some repetitive and stagnant fucking parts! All the songs of this fucking shit are still very good including perhaps a couple less enjoyable songs and some a little repetitive but still delivered in a very well-written fucking composition that contains a huge lot of great fucking riffs but also many less successful! "Glorify Bestial Quartering" contains a gory fucking atmosphere of total fucking butchery making us feel like to assist to some shows of mutilation and dismemberment to prepare the daily menu for the guests crossing the fucking path of this putrid abomination! The production of this fucking shit is very good, a good mixing and a sound really not perfect and missing a little bit of sickness but still very well done and despite the flaws, giving us a great fucking time by feeling the massacre perpetrated in this fucking carnage without fucking mercy! This gory fucking scene of murders is made by Roger B. (Vocals/Guitars/Bass), Erik Raya (Drums) and they are doing a great fucking job at all levels, maybe not perfect, but knowing to make us addicted with this enjoying fucking scene of butchery! Vocals are very fucking good but a little linear and may be boring after a while,  guitars and bass riffs are fucking great but including also some very boring and the drums in general is fucking fast and well done but the sound could have been a little better to enjoy this even more! "Glorify Bestial Quartering" by its flaws is maybe not making part of the elite fucking releases but not disappointing and still highly recommended because Infected Flesh managed to give a great fourth album probably not enjoyable from start to end but knowing how to deliever some quality fucking material and making addicted all fucking sickos giving it a try! Excellent Gory Fucking Piece of Brutality! 8/10