jeudi 31 décembre 2015

Hymenotomy​-Some Necrophiles Having Sex with Naked Autopsied Bodies in the Morgue (New Standard Elite​)

Some necrophiliac cannibals living in a fucking morgue somewhere in Estonia are showing what they are able to do in terms of disgusting and perverse fucking brutality by offering a debut album of a great efficiency called "Some Necrophiles Having Sex with Naked Autopsied Bodies in the Morgue" demonstrating an obvious fucking ingenuity at the composition! This stinking and bloodthirsty fucking horde baptized Hymenotomy performs a Pure Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal completely faithful to the brutal fucking roots of the shitty slam and giving new life to a dying genre by their brutal and disgusting fucking side and also knowing to make us addicted to their endless successful fucking riffs which for me, not happened since a long time! This debut release contains 9 songs all totally fucking addictive being basic but very well made with many catchy and memorable riffs that give to this fucking shit to be among the best of the genre by offering a disgusting fucking insanity! Hymenotomy is Aivar Keermann (Guitars), Are Kangus (Bass), Markus Saar (Drums) and the bloody perverse fucking trio are doing a brilliant fucking job at all fucking levels making us live a putrid fucking eargasm! Aivar on guitar is giving a flawless fucking job by giving only enjoying riffs that are for the most totally fucking addictive, Are on bass is also offering an awesome performance greatly helped by the production and finally Markus is giving a brutal and disgusting fucking guttural added with an awesome drumming mixing the blast and slam part in a great fucking way! More of 22 addictive nasty fucking minutes including a gory disgusting heavy fucking atmosphere adding to this slamming masterpiece having all elements to break your fucking spine in half by its total fucking sickness! Production is fucking successful especially at the bass, perhaps less at the drums with snare a little weird and low in the mixing but in my opinion not removing any enjoyment of this brilliant fucking release that really sounds like some necrophiliac sickos mutilating, dismembering and fucking some corpses! Hymenotomy is showing that a few sickos are still able to do some real and pure brutal fucking slam in a genre completely saturated with weakness and "Some Necrophiles Having Sex with Naked Autopsied Bodies in the Morgue" is undoubtedly a great fucking success creating itself an important fucking place in the shitty world of brutality! A mandatory fucking CD to all Brutal Death fans enjoying some true fucking sickness! Perfect Brutal Disgusting Slamming Fucking Insanity! 10/10

samedi 26 décembre 2015

Raw​-Promo 2015 (Impaled Productions)

From Surabaya, East Java, Raw is a one-man side project born in 2015 with the purpose of spreading one of the most brutal fucking piece of carnage by bloodying the shitty world with an extreme and bewitching fucking brutality offering its first short slaughtering only called "Promo 2015 "! Raw is performing a total fucking insane, sick and poisonous Brutal Death Fucking Metal flowing in your shitty veins and infecting your whole fucking body with a pure sick fucking drug making addicted anyone living the experience of this insanity of raw fucking sickness! "Promo 2015" is two songs, "Sick" and "Stab", totally fucking brutal and intense as fuck with the ingenuity of having no bad or less interesting riffs but rather adding so many catchy parts in an impressive brutality that we remains fixed on up by this brilliant fucking demonstration of pure fucking brutality completely fucking crazy! Raw is Bengis (Gerogot) on Vocals/Guitars/Drums Programming who is doing an amazing and sick fucking job at all shitty fucking levels by offfering one of the best and most brutal promo to have emerged from this fucking earth with a perfect songwriting and brutality straight in your fucking face! Raw contains an insane, guttural and addictive fucking vocals, crazy and catchy guitar fucking riffs only offering an amazing musick, a fully enjoying drums programming with a better sound than several real drums and an awesome fucking composition with non stop blast and various tempos that makes this fucking shit completely fucking nuts! The production is fucking great, perfect mixing and this fucking shit sounds like a real powerful energy bomb pulverizing everything in its fucking way adding to the oppressive, aggressive and brutal fucking atmosphere of this intense 4 minutes of total fucking devastation! Raw has managed to gain an important place among the hundred bands in Indonesia and also now making part of one of the best one man bands to have emerged in the shitty world of brutality and of course this blasterpiece called "Promo 2015" is mandatory for all true fucking fans of extreme and disgusting fucking brutality! Insane Fucking Promo of Pure Fucking Brutality! 10/10

lundi 21 décembre 2015

Sufism​-Reptilia Buas (Rottrevore Records​)

Born in 2014 at Bandung in West Java, Sufism is now ready to brainwash you with a brutal and merciless fucking butchery creating a horrific destruction wherever this monster goes by delivering a first chaotic fucking act named "Reptilia Buas"! Sufism performs a mighty Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking insane with several Death Metal elements giving them their style and identity but without removing any fucking trace of brutality! "Reptilia Buas" contains 5 songs of fucking extreme brutality but still having its slower parts and Sufism delivers only great fucking songs with maybe one or two riffs a little less interesting in each of them but overall that fucking shit is almost fucking perfect in giving us several fucking eargasms! This band consists of Nanang Rochayat (Vocals), Sandy Rizal (Guitars/Bass), Ari Kurnia (Drums) and the sick trio are giving some of the most brutal musick with an insane and diverse vocals perhaps lacking a little of guttural but still fucking powerful and enjoying, guitars and bass riffs are for the most fucking successful and addictive, and finally, the drums is just fucking brutal mixing blastbeat and slower parts by doing it in a creative fucking way! 15 shitty minutes of pure fucking insanity almost successful at all fucking levels including a post-apocalyptic atmosphere that gives you the feeling of being pulverized by this fucking bomb of shit infecting you and slowly killing everyone making experience of their brilliant fucking  brutality! "Reptilia Buas" have a great fucking production, very good mixing with a brutal, killer and heavy fucking sound adding quality to this real fucking piece of true fucking insanity! Sufism has found a place among the best fucking bands from Indonesia by delivering this amazing EP of high fucking quality and brutality having all shitty ingredients to create something of an unimaginable fucking sickness! Highly recommended brutal fucking piece of shit to all Brutal Death or Death Metallers around the shitty fucking world! Near Perfect Fucking Piece of True Fucking Brutality! 9/10

dimanche 20 décembre 2015

Diffusal Blade-Diffusal Blade (Dismembered Records​)

From Jember in East Java, an aggressive and bloodthirsty fucking entity was born in 2008 baptized as the Diffusal Blade to engulf us in a monstrosity totally fucking insane and killer as fuck wearing their own name "Diffusal Blade"! This first EP of four songs (including an instrumental sampler) delivers a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal completely damn insane with its non-stop fucking blast and quality writing that could be an album very influenced and comparable to "She Lay Gutted"! Three songs of pure fucking insanity destroying absolutely everything in its fucking path with an aggressiveness rarely reached in the shitty genre and a flawless fucking composition that makes that EP a total fucking eargasm of brutality and a true fucking lesson of sickness! Diffusal Blade is Harry (Vocals), Wahyoe (Guitars), Edroez (Bass), Aan (Drums) and the insane Indonesian quartet are doing an amazing fucking job in a sick way by breaking our fucking legs with a cutting edge brutality that makes this EP one of the most brutal pieces of fucking shit! The sickos are giving us an insane fucking performance with Harry on vocals delivering a powerful and brutal fucking guttural surely influenced by Matti Way, guitar riffs from Wahyoe are just totally fucking insane and even with their very high level of sickness are knowing to make us addicted with many catchy and quality ones, same for Edroez on bass being sick as fuck with a great job and finally Aan is giving a total insane drumming with brutal fucking blastbeats but still knowing to vary his shit! "Diffusal Blade" is lasting 10 brutal fucking minutes with a bloody cold fucking atmosphere which adds to this sick marvel including tons of total insane fucking parts with several catchy riffs making this blasterpiece a real fucking gem of brutality! The production of this shit is fucking great, a mixing well done with an heavy and destructive sound that makes us feel to witness a massacre scene of great fucking magnitude and brutality bloodying the shitty world with their brutal material came from the true fucking roots of pure fucking sickness! Diffusal Blade just delivered a perfect EP completely fucking insane having all the sick elements to satisfy the sickos but not pleasing the weaks! Blasterpiece of Pure Fucking Insanity! 10/10

dimanche 13 décembre 2015

Karnivora​-Karnivora (WAAR Productions​)

Formed in 2009 at Jember, East Java and baptized with the name of Karnivora, this bloodthirsty fucking beast has finally come to devour the damn world with a brilliant fucking brutality simply called "Karnivora" and a departure which only provides extreme sadistic fucking pleasure! This debut massacre is spreading 10 acts of pure fucking butchery all really excellent with a great fucking way to make us addicted by several catchy fucking riffs really well written in the brutal meaning! Karnivora are performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal of high quality with surely some Old School Death Metal influences especially in the shape of compositions that are still fucking basic but in this case totally increasing the fucking level of enjoyment with the awesome songwriting! The production of this carnivorous fucking shit is really well made, a very good fucking mixing and powerful sounds that makes us feel being skinned and looking at our fucking flesh being eaten by this bloody fucking monster without fucking pity! This beast is controlled by Fikri (Vocals), Rendi (Guitars), Lukman (Bass), Fahmi (Drums) and the four sickos are doing an amazing fucking job, vocals is fucking sick and enjoying, guitar riffs are for the most fucking excellent, great job on bass, drums is fucking brutal but still creative and the band are delivering some eargasmic memorable fucking parts that are increasing the great fucking quality of this addictive debut release! 35 minutes of pure fucking brutality with a bloody and savage fucking atmosphere and "Karnivora" maybe have as only flaw to include some weak riffs in some songs but in general this fucking shit gives all the elements needed to make an amazing and almost perfect fucking album! Karnivora fully managed their first carnage by delivering an addictive fucking bomb of Brutal Death Metal with a killer fucking atmosphere and a very well made composition that undoubtedly make this fucking album mandatory to all fans of Brutal or Death Metal! Amazing Fucking Carnage of Addictive Fucking Brutality! 9/10

samedi 12 décembre 2015

Nature Depravity​-Ripping, Mangling the Fresh Cadaver (Dismembered Records​)

Another amazing brutal fucking bomb was dropped from Indonesia to spread the disease everywhere called Nature Depravity and offering their first demo "Ripping, Mangling the Fresh Cadaver",  a top quality fucking piece of sickness with top notch brutality! Nature Depravity are showing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking sick and despite having a drums machine, it sounds fucking powerful and brutal as fuck with a strong inspiration to Disgorge (USA) very well done! "Ripping, Mangling the Fresh Cadaver" is 3 songs, including one instrumental intro, which contains an atmosphere of cold fucking brutality with a feeling of total fucking destruction including only excellent riffs with countless catchy fucking parts making completely addicted any sick fucking soul! Nature Depravity consists of Ardi (Vocals), Yogie (Guitars), Rizal (Bass) and the trio are doing an awesome job at each fucking level by delivering a brilliant fucking piece of true fucking sickness and giving a composition of the most fucking great! Ardi on vocals is fucking crazy with a sick and powerful guttural fucking enjoying, Yogie on guitars is giving only addictive and insane fucking riffs with a great fucking job of Rizal on bass and the drums programming is very well done and fucking brutal! Around 7 minutes of pure destruction totally fucking addictive with a dose of ingenuity very present that makes this a perfect demo with no boring parts and enjoyable from A to Z even including the great fucking intro! The production of this shit is fucking excellent, perfect mixing, successful sound of drums programming and in general this CD sounds like a fucking bomb of insanity destroying all life forms by its perfect execution and excessive fucking brutality! "Ripping, Mangling the Fresh Cadaver" has all the shitty elements needed to create a beautiful fucking work of Brutal Death with its sick fucking atmosphere and countless catchy riffs knowing to make us addicted! Nature Depravity fully managed their first appearance in the fucking world of sickness with an amazing fucking demo essential to all fans of true and fucking sick Brutal Death! Perfect Fucking Piece of Pure Fucking Insanity! 10/10

lundi 7 décembre 2015

Guttural Disease​-Periodical Torment (Brutal Mind​)

An epic fucking brutality was born in Bandung, West Java to invade the shitty world in iron and blood as the Guttural Disease with a first chapter called "Periodical Torment" slaughtering all weak fucking souls on this fucking planet! Guttrual Disease are performing a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking addictive with its ingenious compostion making this EP majestically fucking sick containing 4 songs about 5 minutes each which may seem long but the musical fucking quality delivered by this sick fucking band give us instead the feeling of 2 minutes! "Periodical Torment" is offering a brutal fucking musick with a unique and insane personality creating an atmosphere of epic fucking wars and all torture and suffering that comes with this shitty fucking plague raising the level of brutality and enjoyment of this fucking shit! This horde of bloodthirsty fucking soldiers is R. Audio Lesmana (Vocals), Bintang Rizky Lazuardy (Guitars), Iqbal Maulana (Bass), M. Aditya Pratama (Drums) and the sick fucking quartet are giving a lesson of brutality at all fucking levels with a perfect songwriting and knowing how to make us addicted for a long time and creating a genius fucking piece of shit certainly among the best Brutal Death release ever made! Audio on vocals is performing an amazing guttural totally fucking addictive, Bintang on guitars and Iqbal on bass are delivering catchy riffs after catchy riffs making their job fucking flawless and Aditya on drums is just fucking sick with plenty of blast but also showing some diversity! "Periodical Torment" is 20 minutes of pure fucking bestiality with a huge torturous atmosphere and so fucking addictive with its non-stop brutal and catchy riffs that it will be in your playlist for very long because this fucking shit is a real masterpiece totally enjoyable from A to Z! Production of this shit is fucking great with an excellent mixing and a sound very charismatic giving us the feeling of attending to the gory slaughter of this sick fucking band skinning alive everyone on their fucking path! For me Guttural Disease just delivered one of the best CDs of brutality seeing the fucking light from the darkness with its ingenious and fucking perfect songwriting making "Periodical Torment" a mandatory piece of sickness for any fan of true fucking insanity! Blasterpiece of Epic Fucking Brutality! 10/10

dimanche 6 décembre 2015

Propaganda​-The Mask of Sanity (Brute! Productions​)

Born in the fucking entrails of Bogor West Java in 2009, Propaganda offered last year an excellent "Promo 2014" and are now finally ready to give us a debut album called "The Mask of Sanity" continuing where they left by delivering an amazing fucking piece of total fucking savagery! Propaganda are performing a killer Brutal Death Fucking Metal mainly into the blast but still knowing to have its heaviest parts and giving a brutal fucking composition totally fucking sick!  "The Mask of Sanity" has 10 songs including an intro/outro plus an excellent cover of Gelgamesh and this fucking bomb of brutality is showing a very high fucking level of aggressiveness which makes all the songs fucking great despite having perhaps a few riffs a little less enjoyable but in general this fucking shit is completely fucking insane with all the shitty elements required to blow your  fucking brain! Propaganda is Ari Septian Pratama (Vocals), Stevanuz Yanz (Guitars), Fajar Dian Pratama (Bass), Risky Muharam (Drums) and the sickos are performing a quality Brutal Death with insane fucking drumming, mostly killer fucking riffs with and excellent bass and a powerful fucking guttural maybe a little redundant for some but totally fucking brutal! This first effort contains a fully insane fucking side that give it a slaughtering atmosphere of total fucking butchery and musically of sadistic fucking savagery almost fucking perfect! The production is fucking great but not perfect, an excellent mixing and this fucking shit sounds like a real fucking ton of rotten corpses being cut in pieces by chainsaw! "The Mask of Sanity" despite having some flaws is almost perfect at all fucking levels and Propaganda fully managed their start in the shitty world of madness by leaving a gory fucking bomb destroying everything in its fucking path! Highly recommended for true brutal fucking sickos enjoying some real fucking sickness! Amazing Insane Fucking Shit of True Fucking Brutality! 9/10

mardi 1 décembre 2015

Brain Damage-Promo 2015 (Brute! Productions)

Pure Brutal Fucking Piece of True Amazing Fucking Insanity! Indonesia still offers a marvel of brutality and this time the monster that was created is called Brain Damage well bearing his name by destroying all your fucking brain cells one by one with a first effort under the name "promo 2015" marking brutally their entry into the fucking world of sickness! This insane project is performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking awesome submerged in the blast but still having a few rare heavier parts alleviating this fucking bomb of ruthless brutality disrupting any weak souls! Brain Damage is Hembing (Vocals), Pippen (Guitars), Catur (Bass), Vega (Drums) and the sick fucking quartet are delivering a powerful piece of supreme brutality being perfect at every fucking levels offering an amazing and fucking raw material with many catchy parts in the composition doing it a complete addictive piece of fucking shit! This "Promo 2015" contains two songs for about 5 minutes that are fucking amazing from A to Z with a non stop eargasmic brutality including some crushing fucking riffs coming amplify the feeling of being completely annihilated by this mighty fucking piece of brutal fucking shit! Hembing on vocals is fucking awesome with a powerful guttural that can be redundant for some but for my part being fucking enjoyable from start to end, Pippen on guitars and Catur on Bass are fucking brutal and awesome giving multiple catchy parts making this shit fucking addictive and finally Vega on drums is totally fucking insane with sick fucking blast and also knowing to be diverse! This disk nail you on the fucking ground by crumbling your fucking spine with a brutal cold fucking atmosphere helped by the great production and filling this blasterpiece brilliantly! The production, as mentioned above, is just fucking awesome with a mixing completely successful and the raw sound is destroying everything in its fucking path with its heavy and brutal fucking side! Brain Damage just made its place among the best bands in Indonesia offering a brilliant and perfect promo cd which I think is one of the best in the shitty fucking genre! Highly recommended fucking stuff to all sick in the fucking head fuckers! 10/10

lundi 30 novembre 2015

Kakothanasy​-Paradoxide (Goatgrind Records​)

A brutal fucking abomination was born in Switzerland under the name Kakothanasy to throw us one of the most disgusting fucking piece of insanity to have emerged, exploring the most brutal and darker fucking side of their style by creating a key album named "Paradoxide"! This first EP of pure fucking brutality contains 7 songs including an instrumental (piano) and this piece of fucking shit is butchering all humans in its fucking path and delivering a brutal and twisted fucking composition totally damn perfect by having no boring shitty parts but only fucking eargasmic from start to finish! Kakothanasy are invading our fucking ears with a Sick Twisted Disgusting Brutal Death Fucking Metal which could be a weird mix between Orchidectomy and Wormed but made in an ingenious fucking way and creating an unique release in the shitty world of sickness! "Paradoxide" is delivering a torturous and putrid fucking atmosphere which only adds to their very sick and nasty fucking side including the amount of insane fucking riffs and crazy blastbeats! This monster of brutality is controlled by Prout (Vocals), Lionel (Guitars), Boris (Bass), Florent (Drums) and they are doing a perfect and insane fucking job at all levels with a powerful and destructive brutality creating a disgusting and genius fucking EP! The vocals are crazy as fuck, some can find them redundant and for others fucking unique, guitar/bass riffs totally fucking brutal and twisted with an insanely perfect fucking composition and finally, the drums is completely fucking sick with a lot of  blastbeat but having also its heavier fucking parts! This fucking bomb of shit lasts 22 minutes of pure blasting fucking chaotic brutality including very well-written songs with this twisted fucking side very present and a brutal dark fucking atmosphere giving to this fucking shit its identity and performing several catchy riffs despite their twisted and dark side, which for some may need some listenings! The production is a complete fucking success raising the level of all elements that Kakothanasy are deploying, perfect mixing making this fucking shit chaotic but distinguished in its disgusting side and also a very raw and brutal fucking sound making feel us like a burst of human fucking flesh! Kakothanasy just offered an obscure blasterpiece already fucking cult in the genre and "Paradoxide" is mandatory to every fans of Orchidectomy, Pustulated or Brodequin! Pure Disgusting Twisted Perfect Fucking Brutality at its Finest Fucking Level! 10/10

mercredi 25 novembre 2015

Birth Through Gore​-The Culmination Conquest (Sevared Records​) 

The sick fucking Greek Birth Through Gore are finally back to deliver a second album entitled "The Culmination Conquest" and continues in the same fucking vein as their first release with a brutality of high fucking quality that stands out for its excellent composition! Birth Through Gore are playing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal still conventional with a mix of slow and fast patterns but having an excellent and creative fucking songwriting which makes them unique and giving us a brutal fucking experience!  "The Culmination Conquest" has an amazing fucking atmosphere totally damn addictive emerging from a brilliant creativity that gives to this shit a special fucking side despite the fact to be still some fucking primitive brutality! Birth Through Gore is Aggelos HSR (Vocals), Paschalis Tassioudis (Guitars/Bass/Drums Programming) and the both sickos are doing an awesome fucking job maybe not perfect at some levels but still delivering an amazing second fucking release! Aggelos is giving a powerful fucking vocals maybe lacking a little of guttural doing it sometimes a little redundant but still giving a great fucking job, guitars/bass riffs of Paschalis are just fucking insane with maybe some a little less enjoying but in general the songwriting is fucking brilliant added with an awesome fucking job on drums programming! More than 36 minutes and 10 songs of pure fucking butchery that are all fucking great and we can maybe find in every song some part a little less enjoyable but still helping to increase the insane fucking atmosphere felt with that fucking shit!  A good mixing with an excellent fucking production making this shit sounds like a real fucking bomb which could only have as negative to lack rawness but having a very successful drums programming and a sound of bass totally fucking addictive!  "The Culmination Conquest" is fucking well made and enjoyable from A to Z with a great brutal creativity and Birth Through Gore comes solidify their respected place by offering another monument to the genre! Highly recommended to all Death Metal or Brutal fucking sickos! Brilliant Fucking Piece of Brutality! 9/10 

mardi 24 novembre 2015

ByoNoiseGenerator​-Turbulent Biogenesis (Ungodly Ruins Productions)

From Russia, a chemical bomb was dropped named ByoNoiseGenerator exterminating all living species with their toxic "Turbulent Biogenesis" which undoubtedly comes incredibly mark the brutal fucking scene with an original and fucking unique debut album! ByoNoiseGenerator are spreading a sick twisted Grinding Brutal Death Fucking Metal which could be a weird mix between "Seven Human Target" and "Purulent Jacuzzi" without the groovy/slam parts and incorporating much more elements of Jazz and almost all fucking songs contain this Jazz aspect very present! "Turbulent Biogenesis" is spread worldwide in 10 killer fucking songs Including one sampler song and this bomb of brutality is totally fucking crazy with insane fucking blasts, infinite harmonic riffs including a composition completely fucked up and damn creative with a progressive fucking side!  This chemical warfare is perpetrated by Timur (Vocals), Roman (Guitars), Artem (Bass), Nox (Drums) and the fucking sickos delivers a  piece of shit totally fucking twisted and unique as fuck that gives them their own style and the songwriting is completely fucking insane equivalent to a LSD trip! The quartet manages to make us addicted despite songs with only duration a little over one minute and a few long Jazz parts in some songs but only increasing the twisted touch and fucked up atmosphere of this fucking shit remaining fucking catchy and brutal as fuck! The gutturals are totally inhuman and fucking enjoyable, guitars riffs are fucking crazy incorporating many harmonic making it an unconventional fucking shit, the bass is fucking amazing with an excellent performance during the Jazz parts and the drums is insanely fucking fast, varied and well done! "Turbulent Biogenesis" is lasting 15 minutes of mass fucking destruction and despite its great variation of genres, the band remains completely fucking sick and delivering a perfect fucking brutality giving a fresh air to the shitty genre! The production is very well done with a very good mixing and this fucking shit sounds fucking chaotic but still clear with a great feeling of pure fucking brutality! ByoNoiseGenerator just spread a short blasterpiece fucking insane of high-quality writing with a very twisted and creative fucking shit and "Turbulent Biogenesis" is for sure mandatory to all insane fucking sickos! Hallucinating Twisted Hyper Speed Brutal Fucking Blasterpiece! 10/10

lundi 23 novembre 2015

Disgruntled Anthropophagi​-Rampage of Misanthropic Purge (Coyote Records​)

A flesh-eating bacteria was born from some fucking corpses in putrefaction somewhere in New York as the Disgruntled Anthropophagi and this contagious damn infection invades the fucking world with lightning speed to destroy everything in its fucking path of great brutal fucking way! This first shitty wave of infection and terror of this killer fucking bacteria was baptized under the name of "Rampage of Misanthropic Purge" sowing a devastating fucking chaos wherever its heard! Disgruntled Anthropophagi performs a fucking disgusting, twisted, fast and killer Brutal Death Fucking Metal still having its heavier fucking parts in each song giving it a creative and fucked up composition! 11 epidemic stages of pure fucking agony of chaotic blasphemous brutality all totally brilliant as fuck hitting you with a ton of fucking bricks of twisted fucking insanity and having not a single boring fucking part but this deadly shit is fucking enjoyable from A to Z! Neil Jedzejewski (Guitars/Bass) and Joseph Luciano (Vocals/Drums) are the both sickos spreading this disgusting fucking disease and doing an amazing fucking job at all fucking levels! Neil on guitar/bass is fucking great delivering only awesome riffs with a big twisted touch but without removing the addictive and catchy parts and Joseph is completely fucking sick delivering an insane drumming with a brutal, powerful and unique fucking guttural! This virulent bacteria annihilate you in 39 fucking minutes of pure suffering dementia and is of unquestionably perfection with a fucking sick brutality giving to this album a disgusting fucking atmosphere! The production of this shit is fucking chaotic and flawless including a great mixing and this fucking shit sounds really like a fucking ton of weak people being devoured from inside by living this contagious fucking insanity! "Rampage of Misanthropic Purge" is total fucking destruction with its excessive brutality but also knowing to have its heaviest parts giving a disgusting fucking piece of creative perfection and a very present twisted side giving them their own identity!  Disgruntled Anthropophagi shows that some diseases want to push the boundaries of fucking insanity and they do it very well by delivering a stunning debut album which will remain for sure in the memory of the shitty world of sickness! A mandatory blasterpiece that every true fucking sick in the dick sickos need to own without to wait one more fucking minute! Disgusting Perfect Fucking Piece of Insane Twisted Fucking Brutality! 10/10

Horde Casket​-Bloodfiends (Sevared Records​)

Horde Casket are back after 5 years of silence with a third full length album called "Bloodfiends" and continues to bleed the fucking world with their great brutality and thus demonstrates the importance of this insane fucking entity in the fucking world of sickness! This American band is performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal faithful to the shitty roots and delivering again a cold brutality since 8 fucking years and done in a very good fucking way by never disappoint us! "Bloodfiends" contains 14 songs, 8 new songs, one from their first album and 5 live tracks lasting about 39 fucking minutes of enjoyable brutality missing perhaps a little of catchy parts but still having a very fucking addictive composition! Horde Casket is Derek Munday (Vocals), Steve Giddens (Guitars/Bass), Kevin Bernardy (Drums) and the sick trio are doing an awesome fucking job and delivering a quality Brutal Death which has all the fucking elements to satisfy the purists of the shitty genre! Derek on vocals is fucking great with an enjoying guttural never boring, guitars riffs of Steve are for the most fucking successful with a fucking good bass part and Kevin on drums is also fucking awesome by giving a solid and brutal fucking drumming! The biggest flaw of this album is to not have a constant fucking production in all the "new" songs that is somewhat unacceptable for a great band like Horde Casket but still having an enjoyable production including a good mixing and butchering fucking sound! Despite the production a bit wasted, the sound gives it an atmosphere of total fucking butchery and never boring to our ears by adding a dirty and brutal fucking side to this insane fucking shit! The songwriting of "Bloodfiends" is fucking great with only good fucking songs having perhaps some boring riffs but in general this third release is a total fucking success on the musickal aspect! Horde Casket managed their return and despite the flaws of this fucking shit, this is a highly recommended fucking release for all brutal heads! Excellent Dirty Brutal Fucking Shit! 8/10

dimanche 22 novembre 2015

Iniquitous Savagery​-Subversions of the Psyche (Grindethic Records​)

From the catacombs of the United Kingdom, iniquitous Savagery was born to deliver an organized brutal fucking carnage of high fucking quality to finally offer us their long awaited debut album "Subversions of the Psyche"! Iniquitous Savagery are back with a majestic full length release including 9 fucking songs of a gigantic composition with 29 brutal fucking minutes completely faithful to the fucking roots of the shitty genre and is considerably fucking enjoyable in every fucking way! "Subversions of the Psyche" is all about pure Brutal Death Fucking Metal with several catchy fucking parts raising the level of quality of this fucking bomb mixing blast and heavy riffs and done in a great fucking way! The band is definitely showing their great skill in the sickness by delivering a memorable fucking album in the shitty genre with an excellent fucking atmosphere coming to cut our fucking legs! Iniquitous Savagery is Josh Roberts (Vocals), Joe Fleetwood (Guitars), Chris Ryan (Bass), Euan Harrison (Drums) and the quartet are delivering an amazing fucking piece of brutality with excellent songwriting incorporating all shitty fucking elements to make their work accessible and especially for the true sickos of the style! "Subversions of the Psyche" contains an excellent vocals with an addictive fucking gutturals, almost all guitars riffs fucking enjoying, a stunning bass with some awesome parts and finally a fucking great, diverse and brutal fucking drumming! This debut full length album offers nothing new as such but gives unique brutal fucking riffs making an almost perfect piece of shit as only flaws to have perhaps a couple songs a little less enjoyable and a few riffs less good but that fucking shit in general is never boring and totally damn successful! The production of this record is perfect at all fucking levels, great mixing and it sounds like a ton of fucking bricks also reminding us some old Brutal Death classicks! Iniquitous Savagery fully managed their start with this fantastic near fucking perfect material making their brutal fucking mark eternally in the shitty genre and "Subversions of the Psyche" is a very solid release mandatory to all true brutal fuckers! Near Perfect True Fucking Piece of Pure Fucking Brutality! 9/10

mardi 17 novembre 2015

Visceral Decay​-Implosion Psychosis (Guttural Brutality Productions​)

From Ecuador, Visceral Decay are back with a second full length album entitled "Implosion Psychosis", and this time the horde of bloody butchers have abandoned their Slamming Death Metal to deliver some true fucking brutality much more powerful! "Implosion Psychosis" contains a Sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal mainly fast and delievered without mercy by having a total fucking brutal and grandiose composition! This shit has 8 amazing fucking songs that are totally successful and so fucking addictive that you spend hours listening to this album without being bored with a perfect songwriting knowing include a huge batch of catchy fucking riffs which make this release completely fucking genius! Visceral Decay are performing many twisted brutal fucking riffs that give an atmosphere totally fucking sick and the songs are just pure fucking devastation without stop and straight in your fucking face! This chaotic entity is Mauricio Ramirez (Vocals), Alex Pozo (Guitar/Vocals), Stevenson Guerrero (Guitar), Franklin Puga (Bass), Nico Mejía (Drums) and the sickos are giving a wonderful performance by delivering one of the best South American release in a total brutal raw fucking way! Vocals are fucking great with a powerful guttural being varied with the help of backing vocals and fucking enjoyable, the guitars are just fucking perfect with no downside but only fucking quality and addictive fucking riffs, bass is also very fucking good and brutal as fuck, and finally, the drums is fucking insane by being mostly fast and fucking sick but also creative and fucking well done! "Implosion Psychosis" is 25 minutes of sound explosion shattering your fucking eardrums with a destructive musick but also of very high level in the brutal sense of the term and this fucking piece of shit is undoubtedly a masterpiece in its shitty genre keeping the fucking roots of pure brutal death metal! The production of this album is raw as fuck and fucking perfect at all shitty levels, great  fucking mixing and this shit sounds like a fucking ton of corpses being crushed by this mighty brutal fucking bulldozer! I think Visceral Decay have just made one of the best fucking releases in the shitty style with a raw brutality and totally addictive from A to Z with brilliant fucking riffs and a flawless fucking composition! "Implosion Psyhosis" is highly recommended to all true insane in the fucking head sickos! South American Blasterpiece! 10/10

lundi 16 novembre 2015

Carnivorous Voracity​-The Impious Doctrine (Amputated Vein Records​)

After an excellent EP in 2011 entitled "Debasement Incarnated", Carnivorous Voracity is finally back in full power with a mighty debut album "The Impious Doctrine" teaching to all weak fucking minds the sense of brutality and musickal fucking perversion! "The Impious Doctrine" contains 10 fucking songs (including an intro) and 6 new ones that are in the same fucking vein by delivering an instant carnage of a high fucking level of quality with a fantastic composition of the most fucking eargasmic! Carnivorous Voracity are performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a high technical fucking level but not too present and not ruining the sick intensity of this gigantic macabre work that appeals to everyone after only one shitty listen through its musickal fucking power and great achievement of perfect fucking brutality! This album can be described as a bloodthirsty fucking monster who was jailed for 4 years without light to finally break free and spread his infernal shitty terror around the fucking world with an unnamed fucking insanity and a carnage of the most fucking brutal! Carnivorous Voracity is Seyerot (Vocal), Turbine (Guitar), Xabat (Guitar), Peter (Bass) and Edgar (Drums) and the Spanish sickos are delivering an epic fucking piece of shit made only of brutal riffs, catchy fucking parts and a genius song structure making them all memorable and fucking creative! "The Impious Doctrine" contains a great vocals being varied with a sick fucking guttural, the guitars are just breathtaking and so fucking awesome by offering only catchy and amazing fucking riffs, the bass is giving a majestic work of brilliant fucking quality helped by the great production of this fucking shit and finally the drums is just fucking perfect being creative and totally brutal at every fucking parts! The atmosphere of this fucking shit is totally fucking awesome with a feeling of being devastated by some blood-thirsty fucking demons eating everyone making experience of their unique and perfect insanity! The production is fucking huge and I think fucking perfect at all shitty levels, excellent mixing and a successful devastating fucking sound making us feel this fucking piece of brutality like a complete massacre of the weak human fucking race! Carnivorous Voracity are back in force with this complete enjoyable debut album from start to end with its clever fucking songwriting and "The Impious Doctrine" is an undisputed fucking masterpiece ranked among the best Brutal Death albums ever made and making us addicted for several days and giving the special touch that every release should have! For sure an album highly recommended for all fans of brutality because nobody can remain deaf to these twisted fucking rhythms that remains engraved in your fucking soul! Pure Fucking Masterpiece of True Fucking Brutality! 10/10

mardi 10 novembre 2015

Mortally Infected​-Towards the Apocalypse (Show No Mercy Records​)

After to have offered an EP in 2008 became fucking cult, Mortally Infected finally returns with a debut album entitled "Towards the Apocalypse" and remains in the same fucking path of destruction with a pure fucking brutality totally damn devastating! This Slovakian band is performing an amazing Brutal Death Fucking Metal true to the shitty roots of the fucking genre by offering an eargasmic brutality with a very fast musick but also having its slower fucking parts! "Towards the Apocalypse" is built of 7 new songs that are all fucking brilliant but perhaps having some weaknesses in a few parts but the brutal and catchy fucking atmosphere at the final result is just fucking amazing and this fucking shit also contains a cover of Krabathor totally fucking perfect! Mortally Infected is Michal "Weget" Smandra (Vocals), Tomas Pavesic (Guitar), Tomas Maizlan (Guitar), Ivo Kovac (Bass/Vocals), Sead Bihorac (Drums) and the sick fucking bastards are performing a top notch and straight in your fucking face brutality with a brilliant composition almost fucking perfect! Weget is offering an unbelievable vocals with an addictive sick fucking guttural being powerful but having his disgusting fucking side, the both Tomas on guitars are fucking exceptional and delivering a huge fucking release of great ingenuity and pure fucking sick mentality offering a range of addictive fucking riffs, Ivo on bass is also doing a good fucking job with some amazing parts adding some great fucking vox, and finally Sead is fucking perfect delivering a fucking tight as fuck drumming with insane fucking blasts but also being fucking diverse! The mixing is fucking excellent and the production is for me fucking perfect making sounds that fucking release like a ton of pure fucking shit! 30 fucking minutes of pure brutality mostly successful with the great fucking quality to have created an ambiance totally fucking awesome and a very addictive side by its high fucking level at the songwriting! Mortally Infected completely managed their debut album and despite some rare less interesting parts, "Towards the Apocalypse" is a total fucking success from A to Z! Highly recommended brutal fucking stuff for all sick fucking mind! Near Perfect Fucking Piece of True Fucking Brutality! 9/10

mercredi 4 novembre 2015

Ripping Flesh​-Episodes of Chaotic Extinction (Coyote Records​)

From the country with the sickest and most disgusting fucking history into brutality, the Colombians Ripping Flesh come to teach us the art of killing with a first episode of pure chaotic fucking extinction being of a colossal brilliance! This band could be considered as a Technical Brutal Death Fucking Metal act but I think the technical side is still subtly brought and can be a mix between Internal Suffering and Origin greatly done creating some sick fucking shit! "Episodes of Chaotic Extinction" is 32 minutes of pure fucking devastation with the genius to have a perfect songwriting and every fucking minute of this fucking shit is an addiction including an atmosphere of the most enjoyable and fucking destructive! Ripping Flesh are giving a lesson of brutality with a flawless fucking composition by bombarding us always with catchy riffs even including some solos and omnipresent fucking blasting! The production of this album is fucking great, good mixing with a heavy fucking sound but still able to get the technical side of the band by sounding clear and like a fucking ton of bricks! Camilo Duque (Vocals), Andres Rodriguez (Guitars), Jhonattan Tovar (Bass) and Oscar Tovar (Drums) are the insane fucking sickos from this chaotic shitty fucking machine delivering all fucking elements to destroy your fucking soul and having the ingenuity to mix the Brutal Death and Technical perfectly! "Episodes of Chaotic Extinction" is fucking amazing from beginning to end by never getting bored with its addictive and brutal fucking riffs being very diverse and in my opinion, among the greatest albums of the shitty genre! Vocals are fucking awesome and varied with a very enjoying guttural, guitar is just fucking amazing by delivering no fucking bad riffs and only fucking quality, same with bass having its great parts and a blasting as fuck drumming fucking sick but being diverse with many slower or technical parts!  Ripping Flesh is delivering 9 shitty songs completely fucking successful and perfectly executed with an atmosphere that sticks to our fucking mind and makes us addicted with its ton of quality fucking riffs! "Episodes of Chaotic Extinction" is for me a perfect release in the fucking genre that remembered me a lot the Brutal Death from the past with a high fucking level quality musick which is without any fucking doubt mandatory to all fans of brutality! Brutal Fucking Colombian Blasterpiece! 10/10

lundi 2 novembre 2015

Inhuman Depravity​-Nocturnal Carnage by the Unholy Desecrator (Coyote Records​)

Turkey is again offering a fucking marvel in the brutality and this time with a clever band baptized under Inhuman Depravity delivering a majestic debut fucking album with a composition of the most fucking successful! "Nocturnal Carnage by the Unholy Desecrator" is the name given to this powerful malevolent fucking piece of shit and we can feel perfectly the album title by spreading an awesome evil brutalistic fucking atmosphere and increasing the quality of this fucking release! Inhuman Depravity are performing a brilliant Turkish Brutal Death Fucking Metal that can be a little compared to their compatriots Decaying Purity but still having their great personal fucking touch! 9 songs with an amazing fucking songwriting that are all of wonderful fucking brutality with perhaps a few less interesting riffs in songs but "Nocturnal Carnage by the Unholy Desecrator" still managed to deliver an insane and enjoyable fucking musick from A to Z! The vocals of this shit are fucking great with a guttural that can be similar to Decaying Purity, guitars riffs are just fucking genius with a brilliant composition, many awesome bass parts and a drums fucking creative, brutal and fucking great! Inhuman Depravity is Yunus Efe on Vocals (Ironically now in Decaying Purity), Murat Sabuncu on Guitars, Kaan Yildar on Bass, Eren Gursoy on Drums and the sick quartet are delivering an inspiring fucking material of 32 fucking minutes with a ton of amazing, catchy and creative fucking riffs incorporating an unique brutal fucking cold devilish ambiance making that fucking piece of sickness an amazing fucking debut in the shitty genre! The production of this shit despite some flaws is fucking excellent, mixing is well done but containing little fucked up drums and the sound of this one is also not really enjoying but despite this negative side at the production, this release sounds like a bunch of perverted demons masticating and devouring all Metal fucking whores doing the experience of this diabolical fucking piece of true fucking brutality! Inhuman Depravity completely managed their start in the world of insanity and despite some flaws, "Nocturnal Carnage by the Unholy Desecrator" is a beautiful musickal fucking creation that is highly recommended to all fans of Death Metal! Brilliant Fucking Piece of Creative Fucking Brutality! 9/10

samedi 31 octobre 2015

Fetus Slicer​-Metamorphoses of Sickness (Rottenpyosis Records​)

A pestilential form was born in the deformity and insanity to create a gigantic fucking carnage in the Taiwanese community and immerse ourselves of a dirty fucking brutality! Fetus Slicer is the name given to this abomination to invade and put the world to blood with an act of total fucking butchery entitled "Metamorphoses of Sickness" and perfectly fulfilling their mandate by shredding all fucking ears in their fucking path! 11 disgusting fucking tracks of extreme Grinding Brutal Death/Goregrind totally unique but we could still discern some influences a la Disgorge (Mex) and some Goregrind bands by adding their personal touch and making this fucking shit an original experience soaked in sickness! "Metamorphoses of Sickness" have the ingenuity of being a diverse fucking release by offering an instrumental intro, a near instrumental song, one slower and 8 fucking songs of insane brutality! This bomb of aggression can be difficult for beginners in the extreme sickness to dig but Fetus Slicer managed to include very great and catchy fucking riffs throughout their shitty songs and greatly facilitating access to this fucking brilliant piece of fucking shit! Dr. Varg Huang is the sicko behind this macabre fucking debauchery by interpreting all instruments and doing it in a great fucking way and making this one man project one of the best ever! "Metamorphoses of Sickness" has a great guttural fucking variety including several screaming moment, crazy and twisted fucking riffs, and a fucking sick drums mixing insane fucking blast and slow parts! Perhaps we can hear in this fucking shit some riffs that seems to be repeated in a few songs but I think it increases the atmosphere, the link between the songs and making this chaotic album enjoyable and fucking unique in its shitty kind! 30 minutes of twisted disgusting fucking brutality with a dirty cadaverous atmosphere and crazy fucking musick classifying this massive destruction in the list of sicker ever made! The production of this nasty fucking shit is fucking awesome and perfect for this kind of release, a well-made mixing and the final product really sounds like a  fucking ton of fetus being sliced in thousand fucking parts before being devoured by this bloodthirsty fucking beast! This musical monstrosity baptized Fetus Slicer is serving a platter of exquisite mutilated fucking fetuses making this bloody banquet a complete fucking  success of perfect brutality knowing how to deliver some of the most eargasmic sickness! "Metamorphoses of Sickness" is an unique and brutal fucking experience recommended to all true fucking insane in the head sickos! Perfect Bloody Fucking Piece of Disgusting Twisted Fucking Debauchery! 10/10

mercredi 28 octobre 2015

Malodorous Oblation​-The Demise of the Demiurge (Swallow Vomit Productions​)

From USA/Sweden, Malodorous Oblation come to bleed us like some fucking pigs with their beastly musick and an EP entitled "The Demise of the Demiurge" and the band is offering a basic brutality but exploring every facet of extreme genres by incorporating a solid fucking composition creating an atmosphere of the most enjoyable! The band is performing a primitive twisted Brutal Death Fucking Metal and for my part, can't be really compared to any bands by their creative little twisted touch added with a disgusting fucking side! "The Demise of the Demiurge" consists of 6 songs that are fucking excellent and contain maybe a couple less good ones but this fucking shit is still never boring and interesting from beginning to fucking end! Malodorous Oblation is Nate (Guitars/Bass), Ulf (Vocals/Drums) and the duo are fucking awesome giving a brilliant songwriting and delivering a dirty brutality fucking insane! Nate on guitars/bass is fucking great not always giving amazing riffs but able to create a twisted ambiance totally fucking awesome and Ulf on vocals/drums is performing a nasty fucking guttural sounding fucking disgusting with a drumming having some flaws but still well done and fucking creative! The production of this shit have several flaws but is still fucking good and fitting very well with the style of the band, a good mixing with also many flaws and the sound of drums is not very successful but in general this fucking shit sounds like a fucking ton of disgusting fucking shit! 19 minutes of brutal fucking debauchery with a creepy atmosphere and a disgusting fucking musick giving to this release, despite some negative, a high fucking level of insanity and Malodorous Oblation managed their start into brutality with this twisted, brutal and great fucking EP making "The Demise of the Demiurge" a must have for every fucking sickos! Excellent Twisted Brutal Disgusting Fucking Shit! 8/10

mardi 27 octobre 2015

Gastrorrexis​/Infectology​-Putrescent Genetic Abnormalities Aberrations (Musica Hibrida/Rotten Bowels Records​)

From Ecuador, Gastrorrexis are back to offer 5 of their most brutal fucking songs into a Split CD called "Putrescent Genetic Abnormalities Aberrations" spreading the fucking blood and insanity with their countrymate Infectology! Gastrorrexis continues to perform a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal giving 4 new songs fucking amazing plus a reprise from their first album and comes to make explodes our fucking ears with their near perfect insanity totally fucking enjoyable! Alejandro (Vocals), Carlos (Guitars), Alex (Bass), Marcelo (Drums) are the four insane fuckers of this brutal Ecuadorian fucking project offering a composition of the most successful and having as only flaws to have some riffs a little less great but in general this fucking shit is just fucking killer with a sick addictive fucking side! The production of this shit is fucking amazing, mixing is near perfect and the sound is fucking eargasmic sounding like a ton of fucking bones crushed by some genetically abnormal fat aberrant putrid fucking whores! Gastrorrexis is offering a near perfect brutal fucking material and is for sure a must for every sick fuckers!

After to have offered an amazing debut fucking album 2 years ago, Infectology returns to infest our fucking brain with their pure brutality and 5 songs including 2 new ones totally fucking devastating keeping their style and playing a raw and sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal! Infectology is giving a new material of more than 6 brilliant fucking minutes mixing the blast and slower parts very well and keeping their brutal identity at every fucking side by performing their own brutality! This machine of pure insanity is controlled by Jhenry on Vocals giving an awesome performance with an enjoying guttural, Luis on Guitars and Jose on Bass offering a fucking great songwriting with some riffs probably less successful but the whole fucking shit is still fucking addictive and finally Ivan on Drums totally fucking insane with an excellent blast but also giving a diverse fucking drumming including some slower parts! 2 new amazing fucking songs not perfect but having everything to break your spine in fucking half with a fucking pure brutality, a great production and an insane fucking atmosphere destroying all weak fucking souls!

"Putrescent Genetic Abnormalities Aberrations" is a brilliant fucking split led by Gastrorrexis/Infectology in a brutal fucking way and making this split one of the best ever! A great fucking release from start to end highly recommended to all brutal fuckers! Amazing Fucking Piece of True Fucking Insanity! 9/10

lundi 26 octobre 2015

Cerebral-Agorafobia (Rotten Cemetery Records​)

From Chile, Cerebral come to destroy us mentally with a straight fucking brutality EP entitled "Agorafobia" offering a brutal fucking musick destroying every fucking mind in its fucking path! Cerebral is Alamiro Becerra (Vocals), Oliver Moris (Guitars), Sebastian Hidalgo (Bass), Claudio Abarca (Drums) and the four sickos are performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal very well composed reminding us of a few bands of Chile and offers a brutal fucking piece of high quality despite some fucking flaws! "Agorafobia" contains 4 songs all fucking great with maybe a couple a little less good than others and some riffs less enjoyable in every song but this fucking shit is still fucking great from A to Z and give us a great fucking time! Alamiro is fucking good maybe lacking a little of guttural but still delivering a powerful fucking vocals, Oliver is giving in general fucking good riffs with a great songwriting, also a nice fucking job from Sebastian on bass and finally Claudio on drums is fucking great mixing blast and slower parts! 11 fucking minutes of cerebral destruction not perfect but having all fucking elements you can find in the shitty genre and some catchy parts with an atmosphere of deteriorating fucking disease! The production of this EP is fucking excellent, a mixing well  done and a sound maybe missing a little of heaviness but this fucking shit still sounds like a fucking ton of brains being fucking crushed with a hammer! Cerebral are offering a killer fucking musick and despite some negative gives a high fucking level of enjoyment with an excellent fucking piece of brutality and "Agorafophia" is for sure a first effort recommended to all Death Metal and Brutal Death fans! Great Fucking EP of Mental Devastation! 8/10

dimanche 25 octobre 2015

Conquer the Rotted​-Demo-lition (Self-Released)

A new band was born to conquer Kebek with the name of Conquer the Rotted and comes to make bleed our fucking ears with a pure fucking brutality as in the good old damn days and launches a first demo called "Demo-lition"! Conquer the Rotted performs a true Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking devastating with perhaps a little Netherlands touch which make this fucking shit completely addictive! "Demo-lition" is 4 songs of pure brutal fucking butchery which are fucking excellent with perhaps some repetitive riffs but the final result is just fucking brilliant offering nothing new but an effective fucking brutality knowing how to create a fucking good song because on this CD, all songs are just totally fucking addictive and well written! The production of this demo is still very well done, good fucking mixing despite a snare lacking presence and this fucking shit sounds really like a ton of shitty fucking bricks and despite some flaws is really fucking excellent as first job! Max The Defloweriser (Vocals), Mic the Vicking (Guitars), Mike Epic Ajusteur (Drums) are the sick trio controlling this insane fucking beast offering a very good songwriting making this piece of fucking shit a total fucking enjoyment! Max on vocals is just fucking awesome giving an addictive brutal fucking guttural, almost all riffs of Mic on guitars are fucking great giving a near perfect composition and Mike on drums is fucking insane with a ton of blast and varied drumming! 10 shitty minutes of pure fucking demolition and despite some repetitive parts in a couple of songs, the demo is fucking genius from start to end with an ingenuity to deliver a pure Brutal Death with a level of fucking enjoyment as before the bands were knowing to give us!  Conquer the Rotted come to prove that even today some good fucking shit can be made in Canada and the band can easily be ranked among the best Canadian bands to have emerged in the shitty fucking brutality! "Demo-lition" is a near perfect fucking shit mandatory to all fans of pure and true fucking brutality and we can only die by waiting for their debut album! Amazing True Fucking Piece of Pure Fucking Brutality! 9/10

mardi 20 octobre 2015

Torture Droid​-Washed Away is the Illusion (Deviant Recordings)

The modern machine of the worst punishments Torture Droid is fucking back to dump his brutal mind and anger to the weak world with a debut album entitled "Washed Away is the Illusion" and continues along the same fucking path of the previous destruction by bewitching us with a killer and addictive fucking brutality!  This chaotic fucking quest delivered by this machine of nameless fucking sickness is directed by Zach Krauss (Metazog) which is controlling everything on this infernal machine of raw fucking brutality with an insane creativity! "Washed Away is the Illusion" could be described as Sick Melodic Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a flawless composition at every fucking level and, as the previous EP "Evil from the Beyond", continuing to make us addicted to the pure and perfect fucking brutality doing it a total sick fucking gem! Torture Droid gives 9 new shitty fucking songs of high fucking quality all being completely brilliant including a genius songwriting that offers no weak fucking parts but only amazing songs being all unique and totally fucking successful!  "Washed Away is the Illusion" has the distinction of having his own sick identity by creating a brutal melody never heard before and doing it very refreshing while keeping the musick very focused on raw and pure fucking brutality at its highest fucking level of enjoyment! Zach is equal to himself by offering an ingenious fucking performance, vocals are fucking powerful, addictive and guttural as fuck, guitar riffs are all brutally fucking flawless, bass very well done and a drums machine fucking brutal, programmed perfectly and sounding better than 80% of bands with real drums! 31 fucking minutes of total eargasms with a pure brutality permeating our damned soul, a melody penetrating our blasphemous flesh and a great fucking atmosphere digging our putrid fucking bones creating one of the best pieces of fucking shit (one man band) ever made in the shitty genre! The production of this fucking shit is successful, a mixing well done and that shit sounds like a raw ton of fucking bricks that adds a great fucking quality to this undisputed masterpiece! Torture Droid has managed its debut with an inspired work that gives nothing of new but for me will forever remain engraved on the walls of sickness and "Washed Away is the Illusion" is without doubt fucking perfect and a mandatory shitty gem for all fans of true Brutal Death Metal with an unique approach in its fucking kind! Blasterpiece of Pure Addictive Fucking Brutality! 10/10

dimanche 18 octobre 2015

Anal Fissure​-Mind of a Serial Killer (Brute! Productions)

Philippines is a country thriving in the Brutal Death Fucking Metal in recent years and a new band is again emerging from this brutal fucking land called Anal Fissure  to offer their debut album entitled  "Mind of a Serial Killer"! Anal Fissure is Untz (Vocals), AC (Guitars), G-Boy (Bass), Myke (Drums) and the quartet are performing a pure disgusting Brutal Death Fucking Metal similar to other bands of their country and could be described as a mix between Disastrous and Human Mastication! "Mind of a Serial Killer" is almost 32 fucking minutes of insane fucking brutality that are mostly really fucking brilliant mixing the blastbeat, slow and slam parts with a shitty atmosphere of depraved fucking butchery! Untz on vocals is performing a powerful fucking guttural perhaps a bit linear but still totally fucking enjoyable, AC is giving in general excellent fucking riffs with a composition of high fucking quality, G-Boy on bass is fucking awesome with some moments very successful and finally, Myke is delivering a brutal fucking drumming mixing the ton of blastbeats with the slower parts making his job varied and fucking great! 10 songs of pure fucking insanity all fucking great with several addictive elements but surely each song contains some riffs somewhat less successful but generally this fucking shit destroys everything in its fucking path with a brutal songwriting and a great fucking debut! The production of this fucking shit is very well done, a great mixing with a destructive fucking sound that makes sound this fucking CD like a real fucking ton of shit chewed by some filthy fucking whores while being beaten by pleasure! "Mind of Serial Killer" is containing all the shitty fucking elements of Brutal Death Metal and make this album probably more accessible and despite some brutal riffs a little less successful is fucking excellent from start to end and is an important fucking piece of the shitty puzzle in the fucking genre! Anal Fissure just delivered an amazing debut fucking album making their mark in the fucking style and highly recommended to all fans of brutality! Pure Fucking Brutality of Disgusting Fucking Insanity! 9/10

mercredi 14 octobre 2015

Masochist​-Siamese Sado-Masochist 696 (Sick Chainsaws Productions​)

From Thailand, Masochist is shredding us in pieces with a first effort of great fucking insanity baptized "Siamese Sado-Masochist 696" destroying everything with excessive brutality! This bestial sexual brutalistic machine is delivering a sick fucking Grindcore with one of the best compositions in the fucking genre and offering a high level fucking piece of barbarity with crazy fucking musick! "Siamese Sado-Masochist 696" consists of 24 sadistic sexual acts which are all fucking awesome with perhaps one or two a little less enjoyable but 2 out of 24 is really fucking excellent! Masochist is Somkiat (Vocals), Patiwat (Guitars), Twish (Bass), Sunyaluxx (Drums) and the sickos are performing a high quality Grindcore very fast and fucking brutal but knowing to create diversity to launch a fucking bomb of the most enjoyable and valuable in the fucking style! Somkiat on vocals is very fucking sick and diverse as fuck, Patiwat on guitars and Twish on bass are giving for the most only insane fucking riffs with a sick songwriting and Sunyaluxx is fucking brutal as fuck performing a fast and insane fucking drumming! 45 fucking minutes of pure rawness and violent grindcore enhanced by an atmosphere of debauchery making it unique and that fucking shit, despite some flaws, is addictive from start to end and making this perverse fucking act an almost perfect shitty hymn of brutality! The production is fucking good, well done mixing with a raw sound that gives you the shitty feeling to be into a great orgiastic murdering fucking scene! "Siamese Sado-Masochist 696" have nothing of new but is an ingenious fucking piece of grindcore that all fans of extreme metal could enjoy and Masochist totally managed their start in the brutal fucking perversity! Amazing Brutal Fucking Raw Grinding Fucking Shit! 9/10

dimanche 11 octobre 2015

Perfecitizen​-Corten (L'Infantile Collective)

From Czech, Perfecitizen are back after their excellent debut album to show us this time an EP called "Corten" and the band continues to provide a quality musick with creativity that gives them their own fucking identity in addition to creating a style to themselves! Olda Kamenetski (Vocals), Tomáš Mleziva (Guitars) and Jarda Haž (Drums) are the alienated fucking mental trio performing a style that could be called Blastcore which have nothing to see with Deathcore but more exploring all metal shitty elements and keeping the fucking blast very present!  "Corten" is divided into 6 genius fucking parts making this album dynamic and enjoyable in its entirety even if you can hear some little less successful riffs but still very fucking good! Olda on vocals is very fucking great mixing all shitty styles from guttural to screaming til the clean vox and doing it ingeniously, Tomáš on guitars is continuing his creative fucking job by delivering a ton of amazing and insane fucking riffs and finally Jarda on drums proving again why he makes part of the sickest drummers by giving an awesome and fucking diverse tight as fuck drumming! Perfecitizen are deeply penetrating your fucking mind with "Corten" to make it fucking sick by writing an explosive and fucking addictive musick despite some moments a little less enjoyable!  The production of this release is really great with a flawless fucking mixing and a sound maybe a little too clear but this fucking shit is still sounding like a ton of shitty fucking bricks added by a pure fucking raw side! Around 23 minutes of brilliant originality while having its brutal fucking elements written in an amazing fucking way and containing a very modern atmosphere but really well managed making fucking addictive all disturbed fucking souls! Perfecitizen showed they were able to continue to create a degenerate fucking musick and "Corten" is undoubtedly a near fucking perfect EP and can easily meet all extreme fucking metal fans! Great Creative Brutal Fucking Shit! 9/10

dimanche 27 septembre 2015

Sperma Reject​-Married by Accident (Grind Life Records​)

Blast, Blast & Fucking Blast is the definition of this bomb dropped from Jakarta in Indonesia to destroy everything, spreading hatred and prostration with a disgusting fucking piece of brutality of total fucking insanity!  Sperma Reject are back to create a new fucking terror with their second EP quite different from their first EP by being much more brutal, extreme and fucking addictive! "Married by Accident" could be described as Sick Goregrind/Brutal Death Fucking Metal delivering a disgusting fucking atmosphere with insane composition that makes this fucking shit an EP of high level of extreme fucking sickness! This sick fucking shit contains 9 shitty songs divided into 7 damn tracks, including an intro and a song from their first EP, lasting more of 11 minutes containing short songs but very catchy and fucking addictive that makes us listen to this fucking shit again and again! Sperma Reject is Suck Neo (Vocals), Bebew Dedi Ismail (Guitars), Yudi Cymax (Bass), Boyoy Qishash (Drums) and the sickos are doing an awesome and crazy fucking job in all fucking ways by showing some hyper brutality very well done with a fucked up songwriting! Suck Neo on vocals is fucking disgusting having brutal fucking guttural very enjoying, Bebew on guitars is giving a sick fucking performance with chaotic riffings adding much sickness to this pure fucking shit of brutality, Yudi on bass is also giving a great fucking job and Boyoy is fucking insane with an insanely fast fucking drumming totally fucking brutal! "Married by Accident" is an unique fucking experience of Goregrind mixed to Brutal Death with an obvious disgusting fucking perfection making this shit a fucking gem in extreme musick by being totally addictive and fucking destructive including a cadaverous brutal atmosphere! The production of this EP is a little chaotic but in this case adding nastiness and dirtiness to this fucking bomb, a mixing with guitars maybe lacking a little of presence but giving a disgusting fucking piece sounding like a fucking ton of rotten fucking bones been grind by some blasting grinding fucking machine! "Married by Accident" is highly recommended to the sickest fucking minds but not for those being not really into true shitty fucking brutality! Perfect Disgusting Fucking Shit of Insane Blasting Fucking Sickness! 10/10

mardi 22 septembre 2015

Necrotized​-Promo 2015 (Self-Released)

From Blitar in East Java, this machine of brutality born under the fucking name Necrotized are spreading a general massive fucking death with their debut in the shitty genre with a first material entitled "Promo 2015"! This band are performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally insane with some small Death Metal influences that makes their work still interesting and delivering an extreme ruthless fucking brutality! Necrotized are offering 2 songs entitled "Suffering Distribution" and "Stillbleed" which are of a total fucking debauchery almost damn perfect with an excellent fucking composition and a brutality that makes us fucking addicted! "Promo 2015" have still a good production, mixing is ok maybe having a problem at the kickdrums level that are way too fucking present and not perfect drums machine but this fucking shit, despite several other flaws, is still sounding like a fucking wall of sickness!  Addy (Vocals), Anjar (Guitars) and Arindra (Bass) are this sick fucking trio making part of this macabre fucking project and all doing a great fucking job, Addy is fucking insane on vox, Anjar is giving for the most only catchy fucking riffs and same with Arindra delivering a very good fucking job! Necrotized gives 6 fucking minutes of pure fucking brutality fucking amazing with perhaps some less enjoyable parts but in general this demo contains a lot of addictive riffs with a fairly high fucking level of sickness! This fucking piece of shit is surely not perfect due to several negative points but the band still managed to make us live a great and brutal time knowing how to create an addictive and crazy fucking piece of insanity! "Promo 2015" is recommended to all insane sickos and get ready to have your ears crushed by the brutal Necrotized! Amazing Fucking Piece of Pure Fucking Brutality! 9/10

lundi 21 septembre 2015

Reduced-Gradually Executed (Dismembered Records​)

From East Java in Indonesia, Reduced come to make explode our fucking bones from the inside with finally their first bomb of phenomenal fucking brutality called "Gradually Executed" who blows everything in its path with some of the craziest musick! This brutal fucking band from the city of Jember offer a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally devastating and fucking brilliant that could be infuenced by bands like Disgorge (USA) but being unique and showing a bloodthirsty identity own to themselves by giving a fucking piece of sickness of a pure and great fucking insanity! This shitty scene of butchery baptized "Gradually Executed" is divided into 10 bloody fucking parts including an instrumental intro and a Brodequin cover which are all of a sick fucking ingenuity delivering a very fast composition but incorporating several slower parts and a musical composition spreading a cold and brutal fucking atmosphere! Bagoez (Vocals), Ipung (Guitars), Jabrik (Bass) and Pipit (drums) are the insane fucking quartet directing this act of total fucking debauchery and doing all an excellent and flawless fucking job! Bagoez is performing an awesome guttural fucking diverse and brutal as fuck, Ipung is only offering brutal and amazing fucking riffs with a great songwriting, Jabrik is also fucking good by giving a sick performance and having his personal and well done brutal fucking parts and finally Pipit on drums is fucking insane with a perfect, diverse and brutal fucking drumming! With this debut album, Reduced are showing a high fucking level of excellence and an excessive brutality with this blasterpiece and proves without a fucking doubt their place among the greatest in the history of the shitty genre! The production of this fucking bomb of brutality is fucking great with a mixing very well done, maybe a bass that could have been a little more present but without taking anything away from this perfect piece of fucking shit, and the sound is fucking raw and completely brutal making this release sounds like a fucking wall of mutilated and stacked fucking corpses being pulverized! 37 fucking minutes of pure fucking brutality totally amazing from start to end having an atmosphere breaking your fucking spine in half by its coldness and sickness! "Gradually Executed" is a mandatory piece of fucking shit to all sickos and Reduced are ready to rape your fucking ears! Pure Brutal Fucking Shit of Perfect Fucking Insanity! 10/10

mardi 15 septembre 2015

Radical Artery​-Promo 2015 (Darkside Records)

A machine of brutal fucking butchery emerged from Tangerang in Indonesia baptized with the name of Radical Artery and creating a bloody fucking massacre by delivering a first killings called "Promo 2015" and devastating every weak fucking souls in its fucking path! This piece of sickness is spreading a disgusting Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a gory heavy fucking atmosphere that gets into your fucking bones while the extreme music of Radical Artery make you addicted by annihilating your fucking ears! "Promo 2015" contains two songs in an efficient brutality straight in your fucking face with the titles "Infectious Parasitic" and "Piled and Rotten Flesh" that contain a very fucking strong shitty level of brutality with a very disgusting fucking side adding some sickness to this fucking shit! Dhana (Vocals), Qmank (Guitars), Be Joe (Bass) and Panjul (Drums) are the four butchers controlling this moving slaughterhouse by offering a brilliant fucking composition having probably some flaws but containing all the necessary shitty ingredients for a brutal release to make it a fucking success! Dhana on vocals is delivering a growling guttural really fucking enjoyable, Be Joe on bass is also giving an awesome and heavy fucking job and the same goes for Qmank offering a bunch of catchy fucking riffs and for the most fucking insane, and finally, Panjul on drums is fucking brutal and great, maybe not perfect but still giving an extreme and crazy fucking performance! I think for a demo, the production of this fucking shit is still very good despite several negatives, a good mixing but really not perfect and a sound of drums completely disastrous but still not coming to destroy this fucking gem that still sounds really fucking dark, disgusting, brutal and fucking insane! Almost 8 fucking minutes of total fucking debauchery with catchy and addictive fucking riffs having some less excellent but this fucking shit is great and fucking brutal from start to end! Radical Artery are offering a near perfect demo of great musical fucking quality by giving an awesome and brutal songwriting that make this "Promo 2015" a puzzle piece needed to all fucking sickos! Amazing Disgusting Fucking Piece of Slaughtering Fucking Sickness! 9/10

lundi 14 septembre 2015

Osmed​-Ultimate of Realms Ruination (Endless Torture Records)

From South Jakarta in Indonesia, Osmed come to destroy our fucking ears with their debut EP "Ultimate of Realms Ruination" containing 5 crushing songs including an intro and a demo version! Osmed performs a Brutal Death Fucking Metal with perhaps some Death Metal influences especially in the vocals but I would say that this fucking shit is of a constant brutality while having his slower heavy fucking parts! Ucok (Vocals), Wiji (Guitars), Aiip (Bass) and Nippo (Drums) are the insane fucking sickos making part of this brutal fucking project and they are composing a bomb of brutality having some flaws but still fucking awesome with all elements to make explodes your fucking skull! Ucok is giving a powerful vocals being maybe a little linear but still able to make it fucking enjoyable, Wiji is delivering a great songwriting with excellent fucking riffs and you can find some of them a little redundant or annoying but in general the composition is very well done, Aiip on bass is fucking excellent and the same for Nippo on drums being fucking fast but also diverse and matching perfectly with Osmed! 11 fucking minutes with a very present brutality which contains some heavy fucking parts and managing to make us feel an atmosphere with some addictive riffs that are still missing in "Ultimate of Realms Ruination" and also having some parts a little less good but in general this fucking shit is beating your fucking soul in all fucking ways! The production is fucking good but not perfect having some flaws in the mixing with maybe the drums kick a little too present and a bass not enough but this fucking shit is sounding like a brick wall being smashed by a truckload of fucking shit! "Ultimate of Realms Ruination" is not perfect and having some negative but Osmed still managed to offer an excellent fucking EP and being on the right way to continue sharing their awesome insanity! Great Brutal Fucking Shit! 8/10

mardi 8 septembre 2015

Dirty Infamous-Promo CD 2015 (Brutal Infection Records​)

After 12 fucking years of silence, Dirty Infamous are ready to continue their brutal fucking war by preparing a bomb only called "CD Promo 2015" and returns to impose their fucking brutality fortunately not lost! Dirty Infamous continues in the same fucking vein as before with a devastating Brutal Death Fucking Metal damn fast and heavy as fuck with 3 new songs (including an intro) that have a fairly high level of insanity by interpreting a chaotic fucking brutality! "Crucifixion Behind the Door" and "Raped... Butchered... Consumed..." are the both songs containing this fucking piece of shit that are very enjoyable, especially the first song with several total amazing and catchy fucking riffs but having more difficulty with the second song that can seems a little boring after a few listens! Looth Adler (Vocals), Firman (Guitar/Bass), Muchan (Guitar) and Ivan (Drums) are the 4 sickos from East Java consisting of that disgusting fucking band and are composing, despite some flaws, a great fucking piece of sickness having all Brutal Death elements to make you fucking insane! Looth Adler is delivering a diverse and guttural fucking vocals that can be sometimes a little redundant by his screams a bit annoying, Firman and Muchan are mostly really fucking good offering a range of brutal and amazing fucking riffs but still having some parts much less interesting and Ivan on drums is fucking brutal despite a drums production totally missed! "CD Promo 2015" still has a good fucking production but of demo quality with many flaws, a good mixing but a little fucked up and the sound is fucking heavy and brutal missing of course a lot of clearness and the drums takes away a lot of enjoyment to that fucking disk but still sounding, despite all this, like a fucking ton of real fucking shit! 9 minutes of intense fucking brutality obviously not perfect and having a song much better than the other but still remains a very interesting fucking piece of brutality and definitely recommended to all fans of this extreme fucking genre! Great Disgusting Fucking Brutality! 8/10

dimanche 6 septembre 2015

Omnivorous​-Age of Maelstorm (Brutal Mind​)

From Tangerang, Omnivorous are finally ready after their excellent fucking promo last year to destroy our fucking ears with their EP called "Age of Maelstorm" remaining in the same fucking pattern in which the band always offered us! This war machine delivers a very fucking fast and insane Brutal Death Fucking Metal but still having several Death Metal elements with the vocals and some guitar riffs giving to that fukcing shit a quality side very successful! Omnivorous offers 5 songs including 3 new and 2 already released on their "Promo 2014", performed with great fucking energy and having a very present brutalistic fucking atmosphere! This bomb is made by Rizkia Al Ghifari (Vocals), Denny Yurio Andimas (Guitars/Bass), Addo (Drums) and the sick Indonesian trio are delivering a fucking piece of shit of great musical brutality with perhaps some points to improve but still offering a brilliant EP with only great fucking songs and many catchy fucking parts! Rizkia is performing a powerful fucking vocals a little more Death Metal and being maybe a bit redundant after many listens but still delivering a fucking well done guttural, Denny is doing an amazing fuking job on guitar and bass by delivering monstrous and addictive fucking riffs with maybe a few less successful by their lack of insanity and finally Addo who is fucking great with a diverse and fast fucking drumming! 18 minutes of straight fucking brutality that despite some little flaws has everything to be a fucking emblem of Death Metal with a well-composed and addictive fucking material! The production, I think, is fucking great, a well done mixing and a sound totally fucking devastating perhaps lacking some heaviness but this fucking shit still sounds like a fucking ton of shitty fucking bricks! "Age of Maelstorm" is an album missing a little of sickness but containing a cold and brutal fucking musick with all the necessary shits to make this fucking release mandatory for all Death Metallers! Astonishing Destruction of Cold Fucking Brutality! 9/10

mardi 1 septembre 2015

Chalera​-Promo 2015 (Brute! Productions​)

Total disgusting fucking bomb of sickness could describe this deadly fucking plague of pure brutality coming from Bekasi, Indonesia and baptized Chalera delivering a putrid fucking disease only called "Promo 2015"! This demo of excessive fucking brutality offers a sick Brutal Death fucking Metal with a touch of sickness very present and this fucking shit can be compared to the Californian brutality but also incorporating almost all the sickest fucking elements of the shitty genre! Chalera performs 6 fucking minutes of true fucking brutality with a very disgusting and dirty fucking side always in the extreme way while diversifying his insane fucking musick and also including only a few short slower parts only to give us a little breath for the total amazing and brutal moments always coming! Yogi (Vocals), Van & Joko (Guitars), Rory (Bass) and Jagil (Drums) are the five sickos from this total extreme fucking insanity by delivering a demo of the most fucking brutal and addictive making this fucking shit for sure one of the best demo ever! Yogi on vocals is fucking amazing giving a disgusting and enjoyable shitty guttural, Van and Joko are fucking impressive with their crazy fucking riffs all fucking catchy and insane as fuck, Rory on bass also giving an excellent job and Jagil on drums is totally fucking insane mixing the blast tempos by being creative and fucking sick! This 2 songs-promo contains a dark and brutal fucking atmosphere having a complete flawless songwriting doing this fucking shit a piece of the most successful in the shitty genre! The production of this shit is fucking great, brutal and disgusting as fuck, a well done mixing and sounding like a huge bloodthirsty fucking carnage crushing everything in its fucking path with a very heavy and nasty side adding quality to this putrid fucking shit! Chalera have managed their debut with this first fucking CD of an unquestionable perfection by performing an addictive fucking brutality and having only fucking catchy and sick as fuck riffs being still totally fucking original and unique! "Promo 2015" is a masterpiece in its kind and is without doubt a mandatory release for all pure and raw brutal fucking fans! Disgusting Fucking Shit of True Perfect Brutality! 10/10