dimanche 26 juillet 2015

Embryo Genesis-Dissecting of Abomination (Extreme Souls Production​)

Born in 2014 in East Java and after a demo at the same fucking year, Embryo Genesis are ready for their debut album "Dissecting of Abomination" and come to crush everything in their fucking path with their heaviness and brutality! 28 extreme fucking minutes of Brutal Death Fucking Metal with many slam elements but I would have trouble to name them Slamming Brutal Death Metal because of their high fucking degree of brutality which is not found in the most of bands from this fucking genre! "Dissecting of Abomination" is a mighty fucking release containing a solid composition with a crushing fucking atmosphere that add some quality and songs of unspeakable fucking brutality! Embryo Genesis is Syifaul Fuadi (Vocals), Dedik Purnawan (Guitars) Alif Zulfikar (Drums) and the Indonesian trio are doing an awesome fucking job by delivering a piece of total fucking brutality that is not perfect but managed to break in fucking half our fucking spine with their relentless heaviness and insanity! Syifaul on vocals is fucking great by performing a sick fucking guttural maybe a little redundant  but never boring, Dedik is delivering several brutal fucking riffs with an excellent fucking composition and Alif on drums is also awesome with a diverse and insane fucking drumming destroying all your fucking ears! 10 fucking songs all fucking great as fuck but all having a few riffs a little less enjoying but this fucking shit is still of high fucking level of brutality and having his slow parts coming to add some grooviness among this total fucking brutality! "Dissecting of Abomination" has an excellent fucking production very heavy as fuck and fucking powerful with a great mixing which make this fucking shit sounds like a real shitty bomb of total fucking sickness destroying all without fucking mercy! Embryo Genesis have largely succeeded their debut with this addictive fucking material and despite some parts a little more annoying, this fucking shit has an amazing songwriting and heavy crushing fucking atmosphere that make them fucking unique! "Dissecting of Abomination" is highly recommended to all Brutal Death Metallers and even those not enjoying the slam because this fucking shit is much more and totally fucking brutal! Awesome Heavy Brutal Fucking Shit! 8/10

samedi 25 juillet 2015

Gore Animal​-Promo Demo 2015 (Self-Released)

From Tangerang,  Gore Animal come deliver their first demo only called "Promo Demo 2015", which contains a song divided in three fucking parts, a sampler intro, an instrumental (Suffering has Begin) and a song entitled "Sickening Psychological Trauma"! This first effort could be described as Brutal Death Fucking Metal but for me having a great brutal fucking influence of the 1990s with a very present Old Skull Brutal Death side and music clearly respecting the fucking roots of the shitty genre! Gore Animal consist of Andry Garcia (Drop) on Guitars/Bass, Nior Devour on Vocals/Drums and the duo are performing a true fucking brutality of the most enjoyable having maybe some flaws but still fucking great at all levels! Andry is doing an awesome fucking job with great fucking riffs maybe having a few less interesting but not removing at all the level of enjoyment of this great fucking song, same thing goes to Nior with a great brutal fucking drumming also having his slower parts added with a powerful fucking guttural between DM and BDM fucking well done! This song in three fucking parts have a total duration of 6 fucking minutes which are generally fucking great with a raw brutality and this "Promo Demo 2015" contains some moments a little less successful but still managing to deliver a final product really interesting and fucking excellent! The production of this shit is fucking good, not perfect but for a demo is totally fucking successful, a good mixing and a raw fucking sound only missing a presence of the bass guitar that would have made this fucking shit a little more enjoyable but this demo still sounds like a real fucking ton of shitty fucking bricks! Gore Animal have successfully entered the fucking world of sickness with this first demo that has some negative points but with a high quality of raw fucking brutality very enjoyable! "Promo Demo 2015" is recommended to all fans of raw brutality, not reinventing the shitty style but containing all elements to make it a fucking must! Excellent Fucking Demo of Pure Raw Fucking Brutality! 8/10

mardi 21 juillet 2015

Omnipotent Hysteria​-Promo 2015 (New Standard Elite​)

Brutality at its highest fucking level! This is what is offering the English Omnipotent Hysteria and after their fantastic EP are back with something even more fucking brutal and improved which make this  "Promo 2015" a piece of extreme and exceptional fucking quality! Over 7 fucking minutes of total pure Brutal Death Fucking Metal performed in a grandiose and sick fucking way with some little technical touch coming only add musical quality to this fucking shit with an undeniable talented fucking composition! Omnipotent Hysteria are back stronger than ever giving a complete enjoyable fucking shit with no unnecessary shitty element and a very present musical virtuosity that makes this fucking disk a sex toy guaranteed! Jon Burr on Vocals is fucking great with an excellent and varied gutturals, James Murphy on Guitars is fucking amazing offering only total killer and perfect fucking riffs with a songwriting of the most damn brilliant, Matthew Jones on Bass is very good by performing some unforgettable fucking parts and greatly helped by the production and finally Jon Rushforth on Drums who is totally fucking flawless being fucking brutal, creative and tight as fuck! The 4 sickos are offering a "Promo 2015" of an obvious fucking perfection with a great composition giving to this fucking shit an atmosphere of death impregnated of cold fucking brutality and quickly make us fucking addicted with its catchy parts fucking insane!  The production of this fucking shit is just fucking perfect with a great fucking mixing and a sound of high fucking quality giving an important place to all instruments making sound that fucking shit like a real fucking bomb of pure fucking sickness! Omnipotent Hysteria gives 2 songs of perfect fucking brutality with a manner to make us fucking addicted with very diverse riffs without repeating, all well written and several increasing even more the fucking level of enjoyment! This Promo is undoubtedly one of the fucking best in the shitty genre with its cold atmosphere and very high degree of fucking sickness destroying everything and traumatizing the weaker fucking ears! Omnipotent Hysteria have managed to make us fucking cum all around for pending their debut release with a "Promo 2015" of a brilliant fucking perfection and an essential shit to all Extreme Brutal Death metallers! Perfect Fucking Piece of Pure Fucking Brutality! 10/10

lundi 20 juillet 2015

Buccal Defecation​-Testament of Brutality (Grinder Cirujano Records)

An abominable fucking monster was born in the underground of Argentina called Buccal Defecation and now goes out into the shitty world to deliver the most cruel and bloodthirsty massacre in the history of his fucking country by imposing a debut full length album totally impressive with a brutal disgusting fucking insanity of the most damn successful! "Testament of Brutality" is very hard to classify by its great diversity but we can say its a Sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal act that could be a mix between "Necrocoital Amputorgy" of Bowel Stew and Rotten on Gore EP and incorporating some groovy Goregrind shitty parts with an unique fucking way to perform a Twisted Brutal Death Metal completely nasty, putrid and fucking amazing! This shitty piece of disgusting fucking brutality is of extreme ingenuity and of the most enjoyable with only amazing, fucked up, and brutal as fuck riffs making the 8 songs of that fucking shit a complete eargasmic putrefying experience! This piece of total fucking butchery is led by Leonardo Olazar (Vocals), Juan Lencina (Guitars), Jimbo (Bass), Esteban Brugnoni (Drums) and the 4 sickos are giving life to Buccal Defecation by feeding him with a twisted, insane and catchy fucking composition making "Testament of Brutality" a high-level release despite its complex fucked up musick! An album that despite the degree of sickness very present is filled with an impeccable diversity and fucking quality, of course, many people will have to listen to this fucking shit repeatedly before to discern all the awesome guitar fucking riffs but you will get addicted for sure after a few minutes because this fucking shit is of an obvious brutal fucking perfection! Leonardo have a powerful fucking vocals not too guttural with some pig squeals especially in the slower or groovy shitty parts, Juan on guitars is unique and offering a perfect songwriting delivering only complete crazy and amazing fucking riffs, same goes for Jimbo on bass who is excellent and finally Esteban offering a total sick as fuck job very fucking fast but being able to have a diverse fucking drumming! The production of this putrid fucking shit is for me fucking perfect and matching very well with the raw style of the band, a good mixing with a disgusting fucking sound that makes you believe to be surrounded by mountains of fucking corpses being grinded by this monster of merciless fucking cruelty! 25-minute hearing dismemberment with an addictive fucking level of shitty enjoyment and a brutality of the most fucking catchy with a gory atmosphere and crazy fucking riffs that give to this blasterpiece its unique and unimaginable fucking insanity! Buccal Defecation just created one of the most brutal fucking releases of their country and "Testament of Brutality" is of brutal perfection fucking mandatory to all the most extreme fucking fans of the shitty genre! Brutal Fucking Disgusting Blasterpiece of Pure Fucking Sickness! 10/10

dimanche 19 juillet 2015

Nithing​-Fetid Reek of Interminable Existence (New Standard Elite​)

An obscure sick force came from the entrails of USA to invade us with a chaotic fucking piece of Brutal Death Fucking Metal being creative and innovative in its composition, not really by its novelty, but its originality to create a fucking shit with a musickal depth and a very present dark fucking side! Nithing gives an EP named "Fetid Reek of Interminable Existence" of an obvious fucking power with the particularity to stand out greatly from the other bands of the genre and especially making us fucking addicted after a few shitty listens! This sombre one man band offers 4 songs of great fucking brutality with a bunch of total insane fucking riffs that are all amazing and original as fuck and having the skill to properly mix the fastest and slowest fucking parts and this EP perhaps need a few listens to fully appreciate had to its depth and insanity but this is rather increasing the quality of this fucking shit!  Matt Kilner (Iniquitous Deeds) is the protagonist being part of this brutal shitty project and is performing all instruments with great fucking ingenuity by delivering a perfect composition with no fault except to rape and hurt your neighbor's fucking ears listening to crappy Metalcore! "Fetid Reek of Interminable Existence" contains total fucking crazy and addictive gutturals, riffs of guitar and bass fucking insane and catchy as fuck and a brutal drums being very creative and fucking enjoyable and all of this is offering all mandatory elements to give a perfect fucking shitty piece of Brutal Death Metal! 11 fucking minutes of true shitty brutality delivered in a unique and flawless fucking way with an atmosphere of the most obscure, chaotic and fucking brutal increasing the quality of this EP already fucking cult in the genre! The production of this fucking shit is fucking excellent, a chaotic mixing but well done with a heavy fucking sound giving a disgusting fucking side and also making sounds this fucking shit like a total destruction of all happy weak souls of this impure shitty fucking earth! Its for me impossible to find a negative point in this fucking shit because it's enjoyable from start to end with a creative and addictive fucking side very present after only a few plays and a heavy fucking atmosphere that only make us appreciate more this fucking masterpiece of Brutal Death Metal! Nithing has managed his start into insanity by delivering a "Fetid Reek of Interminable Existence" completely fucking insane and brutal with a darkly perfection making live eternally its fucking mark in the shitty genre! A fucking piece of sickness mandatory to all sickos in extreme fucking musick! Disgusting Masterpiece of Real Fucking Insanity! 10/10

samedi 18 juillet 2015

Gorged Bile​-Absterged from Hominal Patterns (Coyote Records​)

An evil gory brutalistic fucking project was born in Russia in 2012 under the name of Gorged Bile and after their first EP are back to impress with their debut full length release "Absterged from Hominal Patterns" which is a key piece in the history of extreme fucking musick! An infernal war machine is invading the fucking countries of this shitty world to spit a venom of pure Brutal Death Fucking Metal offering a piece of very high quality and a clear degree of musical fucking enjoyment with a butchering material that could be comparable to the old Californian brutality and the year 2001 in the genre! "Absterged from Hominal Patterns" is all about the purity of the style in every fucking detail and also in its perfection to create a completely faithful musick to the fucking genre added by an atmosphere of the most fucking enjoyable! Gorged Bile is Vadim Moskalenko (Cranial Osteotomy/Egregious) on Vocals, Nickolay Mel on Guitars, Yuriy Oborin (Sudden Rage) on Bass, Sergey Galchuk (Cannibalistic Infancy/Ex-Excoriation) on Drums is the sick fucking quartet of this bomb of insanity by delivering 8 fucking songs and an amazing fucking composition at all shitty levels by mixing the different fast tempos and slow fucking parts! Vad is doing an awesome job on gutturals who can be a little linear for some, but never boring and fucking enjoyable, brilliant fucking guitars of Nick with a flawless songwriting giving a ton of addictive fucking riffs, Yuriy is also doing an awesome job on bass by performing many great fucking parts showing his important place into the band and same for Sergey on Drums who is still fucking perfect with a fantastic drumming mixing very well the blast and also being diverse in the slower shitty parts! The production of this fucking shit is totally fucking perfect with a flawless mixing and unheard purity fucking sound being totally addictive but still disgusting as fuck and also making this brutal fucking shit a real bomb of insanity which is undoubtedly among the best Brutal Death Metal productions! 25 fucking minutes of mass destruction accompanied by catchy, sick and creative fucking parts with a dark and brutal fucking atmosphere that certainly add to this undisputed damn masterpiece! Gorged Bile have totally managed their debut in the brutality with a pure addictive fucking piece of sickness from the beginning to the end with a remarkable ingenuity and efficiency in terms of writing that makes this fucking release to be among the greats of the style! "Absterged from Hominal Patterns" is a must fucking have for every fan of Disgorge (USA), Condemned, Pyaemia or Putridity (Ita)! Perfect Fucking Piece of Pure Fucking Brutality! 10/10

mardi 14 juillet 2015

Infant Myiasis​-The Decomposition of a Raped Infant (Organopexic Gorenoise Records)

Came out from the fucking ass of a dead infant in Chile, this stinking grotesque fucking form leaves its mark in this shitty world with an EP of astonishing brutality called "The Decomposition of a Raped Infant" that will make rot everybody listening to this total insane and disgusting fucking shit! Infant Myiasis is petrifying you with a total control on your digestive system as result to shit in your fucking pants after only a few seconds and that, until the eighth minute of this fantastic degenerated fucking EP! This addictive pile of fucking shit is performing a Brutal Goregrind completely fucking eargasmic and having as influence Last Days of Humanity and this CD reminds a lot "In Advanced Haemorrhaging Conditions" with the same style of song, catchiness and unimaginable fucking sickness!  Robert Myiasis is the only one controlling this fucking beast with an enjoyable gurgling shitty vocals, catchy and brutal guitar fucking riffs, heavy as fuck bass and a drums programming perfectly composed with a quality adding great value to this fucking disk! "The Decomposition of a Raped Infant" is a real fucking bomb of shit making us addicted simultaneously with the amazing fucking composition of drums and despite being a machine is a very strong point in this bloody release accompanied by devastating riffs giving to this fucking shit an atmosphere of brutal fucking debauchery! The production is a complete fucking success making sounds that fucking shit like some putrid carcass whilst retaining high fucking quality, well done mixing with an intense and killer fucking sound added by a flawless drums machine are increasing the addictive side to this rotten fucking shit! Infant Myiasis is delivering 16 songs (2 LDOH cover) all fucking catchy and brutal with the ingenious move of putting only an intro and outro incorporated on two songs instead of having multiplied unnecessarily the intros like too many bands of their fucking genre! This EP is of an undoubtedly fucking perfection delivering a powerful Goregrind totally fucking insane with a successful songwriting from A to fucking Z adding nothing new but straight in your fucking face that will make addicted all those who will live this disgusting fucking experience spreading death and disease all around! "The Decomposition of a Raped Infant" is a highly recommended Goregrind piece of fucking shit which is mandatory to all sickos but unfortunately only 25 copies been pressed and we can only wish more copies made in the future because Infant Myiasis just offered a fucking blasterpiece in the shitty genre and this gem will be never forgotten! Perfect Blasting Fucking Goregrind of Disgusting Fucking Sickness! 10/10

lundi 13 juillet 2015

Suppuration​-Devouring your Prayers (Gore House Productions​)

Suppuration are back after 6 years from the putrid fucking bowels of Bogota to defecate on the name of god their highly anticipated third full length album called "Devouring your Prayers" which is a gory hellish powerful machine with a way to captivate all lost fucking souls! This third infernal damn opus has the ingenuity to deliver 10 new songs of a total fucking success which are all fucking excellent, catchy and brutal as fuck with a composition so fucking addictive that its becoming a fucking drug directly out from the blood of some fucking eviscerated demons! Suppuration are continuing on the path of their second release with a Brutal Death Fucking Metal completely devastating and a brutal gory melody giving them their own fucking identity adding a lot of quality to the musical experience! Julian Suarez (Guitars/Vocals), Nelson Zapata (Bass), Beto (Drums) is the bloodthirsty trio composing this sick Colombian fucking project and are offering a flawless fucking job with all the elements to create this eargasmic piece that will remain forever marked in the shitty fucking genre! Julian on vocals is fucking great with an enjoying guttural including a total perfect guitar with no unnecessary or annoying fucking riffs, Nelson is also giving a good fucking job on bass and Beto, as usual, is completely fucking insane as fuck with his degenerated blastbeats and his drumming unique to himself! This sick fucking band is offering 34 minutes of pure fucking brutality and able to take us very quickly in the chaotic fucking depths of their shitty work and the quality of the riffs and the absence of annoying parts make this album a fucking gem in its kind with a very high addictive fucking piece of shit! The production is their best so far but is the only negative point of this fucking shit that could have been much better especially at the drums that not sound very good, the mixing is good but not perfect and the sound is still doing the job delivering a devastating fucking wall of sound dismembering anyone in its fucking path! Suppuration totally managed their return from a wonderful fucking way with an almost perfect release and having as shit only the production at some levels but still not unbearable and this fucking shit will make addicted all those who will live the brutal experience of this ingenious fucking writing! "Devouring your Prayers" is highly recommended to all Brutal Death Metallers and Suppuration just offered one of the best fucking shit of the year! Near Perfect Fucking Piece of Addictive Fucking Shit! 9/10

samedi 11 juillet 2015

Blast Agony​-Inhuman Impalement (The Grotesque Distro​)

Blast Agony was born in Brazil to spread the torture and agony all over the shitty world with a first sentence of the most fucking brutal creating suffering everywhere and this fucking act of torture has been called "Inhuman Impalement"! This first short agonizing damn moment is lasting a little more than 18 fucking minutes with a pure and destructive brutality and Blast Agony are delivering a first piece of Brutal Death Fucking Metal fucking successful containing 3 long stages of eternal suffering destroying the fucking ears of the victims! The torturers of this fucking shit are Cristiano Alexander (Vocals), Nelio Almeida (Guitar), Alfredo Bateman (Guitar Session), Jose Selva (Guitar/Bass), Deivison Azevedo (Drums) and the five sickos are offering a brutal and fucking well composed material! The vocals are fucking awesome, can be redundant sometimes but still enjoyable, guitar riffs are fucking brutal as fuck and mixed with a Death Metal touch, bass is very good but could be much more present and the drums are fucking great, fast and varied! This fucking EP of musical violence contains long songs that usually in the most of cases offering many unnecessary parts but this is really not the case of Blast Agony because they give 3 songs of total quality with perhaps as only one flaw at the writing to have some repetitive riffs! The production of this shit is fucking good but could be better, good mixing and an acceptable sound with drums sounding unfortunately for me very fucking bad but still not unbearable and the production still managed to give them a unique, dark and brutal fucking side! "Inhuman Impalement" is not perfect but containing only good and addictive material and despite some negatives, its for sure a must for every sickos and Blast Agony managed their first job by spreading an excellent brutal first fucking act of torture! Fucking Great, Crazy, Dark, Brutal and Tormenting! 8/10

lundi 6 juillet 2015

Suffergrind​-Membunuh, Dibunuh, Terbunuh (Brutal Mind​)

Suffergrind come from Riau, Indonesia with the sole intent to destroy your fucking mind in pure debauchery with a first effort entitled "Membunuh, Dibunuh, Terbunuh" and this debut EP of orgasmic fucking brutality is showing their high level of sickness placing them in the sphere of the most brutal fucking acts! This brilliant fucking shit is made of 6 fucking songs including an intro and delivers a powerful Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally true to the fucking roots of the shitty genre being raw, intense and fucking insane! Suffergrind may look like to some other great brutal fucking bands from Indonesia but still having their own identity and offering crazy fucking song structures adding some good solos to this sick fucking shit that makes them without fucking doubt unique as fuck! Benton (Vocals), Hendro (Guitars), Valentinus (Bass) and Acen (Drums) are the elements completing this shit in a great fucking way with a composition almost flawless and sick fucking music with a disgusting atmosphere and an unspeakable shitty eargasmic fucking brutality! Benton on vocals is really excellent with a powerful and fucking raw guttural which can be a bit linear but still very enjoyable, Hendro on guitar did a sublime job with killer fucking riffs added by a fucking sick composition, Valentinus on bass is also fucking great and very present had to the good production and finally Acen on drums is fucking brilliant, brutal and fast as fuck with a successful and eargasmic fucking drumming! "Membunuh, Dibunuh, Terbunuh" is a piece of pure brutality of almost achieved perfection with several crushing and some catchy fucking riffs including a few twsited solo and an atmosphere of sickness of the most fucking brutal! The production of this shit is fucking excellent and fully damn brutal, another successful and enjoying fucking mixing of "Insidious Soundlab" with a heavy and raw side making sounds that fucking shit like a night massacre of whores and children by some horrifying disgusting crazy fucking goblins! A 18 minutes EP of almost total fucking perfection only having as negative to have some parts somewhat less successful but still very fucking good and Suffergrind have just offered a very great fucking piece of true brutal death with all the necessary ingredients from the sickness to create an iconic brutal fucking shit! Highly recommended brutal fucking stuff to every sickos having balls and able to stand a non stop brutality release! Wonderful Shitty Fucking Piece of Raw Disgusting Fucking Brutality! 9/10

dimanche 5 juillet 2015

Humiliation​-Fatamorgana (Groupies Merch)

From Bandung, Humiliation come with a highly anticipated second album after an absence of three fucking years and are rewarding all expectations with "Fatamorgana", an intense fucking bomb of Technical Brutal Death Fucking Metal greatly done including a solid composition with its flaws but successfully delivered a high-level technical fucking shit! Humiliation is back again to offer 10 songs and like on their debut album, we find an instrumental intro and a cover that this time is from Burgerkill and fucking well played! Adam (Vocals), Agi (Guitars), Vman (Bass), Iho (Drums) are the four Indonesian sickos making part of this blasphemous project and are doing an excellent fucking job, vocals are fucking powerful, more Death metal and maybe a little redundant but still fucking great, guitar riffs for a most part fucking fantastic, same for the bass that is fucking present and enjoyable with a total insane fucking drums which is fucking brutal and mixing very well the slow, fast and technical parts! The production of "Fatamorgana" is  for the most fucking perfect, an excellent mixing with perhaps only as flaw to miss heaviness in the sound but not a negative side had to their technical style and this fucking shit still sounds like a real ton of fucking bricks! Humiliation comes prove with this second release to be able to perform this style without being too over shitty technical and perhaps lacking a bit of brutality in a few fucking songs but still having those moments totally fucking crazy especially in the title track of the CD! "Fatamorgana" lasts more than 35 fucking minutes containing an astonishing technical brutal death metal having in every song a few parts a little less interesting but this killer release remains a pillar in the genre! Despite some negative, this disk is recommended to all fans of Death Metal by its quality and a composition of creative intensity! Great Technical Brutal Fucking Shit! 8/10