jeudi 31 mars 2016

Range of Mutilated-Post Traumatic Perish (WAAR Productions​)

In 2013 a monument of brutality emerged and marked the sick fucking souls under the name of "Beheaded or Melted" issued by an unscrupulous fucking band baptized in blasphemy Range of Mutilated and they are back this time with a musical concept quite different but as effective in its brutality! "Post Traumatic Perish" is the name given to this infernal fucking blast came straight from the bowels of Indonesia to show to the shitty world the true fucking insanity and Range of Mutilated sign a second album of pure fucking savagery destroying all weak ears in its fucking path! The band continues to perform a sick and intense Brutal Death Fucking Metal but very different from their previous album which was darker, more raw and probably a bit more brutal but with this new release, the guys managed to put some maturity in their composition with much better structures and a more inspired musick and so, delivering a second high quality effort keeping their hyper brutal and ingenious fucking side! "Post Traumatic Perish" contains 10 songs that are all fucking genius and all of them having catchy and addictive parts making this album totally fucking perfect on the musickal side and including no boring times but only smashing our fucking face with their sickness of higher fucking level! The production of this second opus is really fucking excellent, mixing very well made with a powerful sound blowing up everything with drums sounding like a fucking bomb and the snare could have been much better but still fucking enjoyable! "Post Traumatic Perish" really sounds like its name and greatly increasing the level of addiction and I didnt notice an atmosphere present in this shit except the fact of being completly pulverized by this bomb of pure fucking brutality! Uci' (Vocals), Arie (Guitar), Exkaz (Guitar/Bass), Arab (Drums) are the sickos making part of this sick project called Range of Mutilated and are doing an amazing job at each fucking level! Vocals are totally powerful maybe missing a lot of guttural and are sometimes redundant and probably the repetitive lyrics are for something but still really interesting and impressive in his sick fucking performance! Guitars riffs are just fucking amazing and ingeniously made including an addictive side very present with a perfect songwriting and same goes with the bass which, helped by the production, is totally fucking killer and well played! The drums on this record continues to be totally fucking brutal maybe a little less than before but still keeping the blastbeats very present and offering a variety of slow parts giving it some originality but still done in an insane fucking way! 28 minutes of pure fucking savagery making addicted anyone crossing the path of this near perfect release having only successful and well composed parts giving to this release a place among the best of this brutal shitty genre! A mandatory release to all sick in the head fuckers and Range of Mutilated, despite to have changed of musickal direction, managed to keep the true brutal shitty roots and offered a high fucking quality and hyper brutal second release! Amazing Fucking Bomb of Pure Fucking Insanity! 9,5/10

lundi 21 mars 2016

Virulency​-The Anthropodermic Manuscript of Retribution (New Standard Elite​)

After a first EP in 2012, Virulency are finally ready to deliver their highly anticipated debut full length album and, despite some fucking flaws, fully meets the expectations and offers material of immense power and boundless fucking brutality! "The Anthropodermic Manuscript of Retribution" contains 8 songs that only aims to destroy your fucking eardrums and grind your damn brain with their music piercing your fucking flesh having quality and brutality that leaves its mark in the depths of your fucking soul! Virulency continue to perform a mighty Brutal Death Fucking Metal in the vein of Disgorge (USA) with many brutal parts but also having a heavy fucking side reminding us sometimes Suffocation! This band consists of J. (Vocals), Asier (Guitars), DisJorge (Bass), Rubensick (Drums) and the quartet are doing an awesome fucking job at all fucking levels with a very clear expertise on the shitty fucking side of brutality! J. on vocals is completely fucking perfect raising the level of this release with addictive guttural making a strong fucking side to this release with even some very enjoyable predator parts! Asier on guitars is fucking brutal with a good composition in general by adding several catchy fucking parts but could have included more and thus raising the level of addiction to this brutal fucking opus but still offering an amazing fucking job! DisJorge is just fucking perfect by delivering a wonderful bass skill with total crazy fucking parts helped with the production by highlighting his fucking job! Rubensick on drums is offering a fucking great performance mixing blast and slow parts being totally fucking brutal completing very well the quartet! "The Anthropodermic Manuscript of Retribution" contains very enjoyable and catchy parts in each fucking song but a couple may seem less interesting and thus decreasing a little bit the addictive level of this fucking shit! The production is fucking excellent but not necessarily perfect, mixing somewhat cacophonous but still very well done for the style and atmosphere of the album, a powerful and heavy fucking sound with a drums maybe a little less successful but at least not having the kickdrums burying everything! Despite the flaws, this CD sounds like a fucking blast from an infinite mass of human flesh splashing all fucking places by its sudden and explosive execution!  "The Anthropodermic Manuscript of Retribution" is 28 minutes of pure fucking brutality with of course some negative but in general very well done and contains a brilliant fucking dose of brutality that will satisfy all fans of the shitty genre Brutal Death Metal! Virulency offered a debut album that meet the expectations and a mandatory shit for all brutal sickos! Destructive Fucking Bomb of Pure Fucking Sickness! 8.5/10

lundi 14 mars 2016

Injury Deepen​-Anthropophagous Realm (New Standard Elite​)

After having offered an ultra fucking sick debut album 4 years ago, Injury Deepen are finally ready to launch their second anticipated full length bomb entitled "Anthopophagous Realm" and despite a very heavy weight on the shoulders, the band are back in the brutality with a new release totally fucking amazing by its quality and composition giving it a higher fucking level! Injury Deepen continues to perform a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal with musical influences from band like Gorgasm but keeping their own fucking identity with two albums that complement each other very well by their essence, but still different! "Anthropophagous Realm" is 26 minutes of pure fucking brutality and total fucking butchery with 8 songs that are all damn brilliant with the only negative to have maybe a few rare riffs less enjoyable in the whole fucking shit but in general on the musical side, this release is almost perfect including catchy and addictive riffs in each fucking song! The production is also almost fucking perfect and completely enjoyable, a mixing very well done with maybe kick drums a little too present and a bass maybe not enough but their sound is still very well managed and that shit really sounds like a fucking ton of skulls being crushed by some fucking blastdozer! "Anthropophagous Realm" is really delivering a total slaughtering fucking atmosphere giving the impression of humans brutally killed by some ruthless barbarians with a very dark and addictive brutal fucking side and the masterful musick is increasing the ambiance of butchery in this relentless second fucking act! Injury Deepen is Viant Mort (Vocals), Rama Lindung (Guitars/Bass), Bobby (Drums) and the trio are just fucking amazing by giving each one their contribution in a brilliant fucking way making this shit an unforgettable insane fucking experience and dumping a mature Brutal Death release of sick and high fucking quality! Viant Mort on vocals is really fucking excellent by performing a high quality rhythm in his work making a very strong fucking point for this album in its addictive and catchy side, and as only negative, he could have been perhaps a little more guttural but still totally fucking enjoyable!  Rama on Guitars/Bass is really fucking ingenious with a big variety of great riffs in each song including addictive ones making a structure to that fucking shit and his work on bass is very well made! Bobby on drums is fucking brutal with a savage and good fucking drumming with a lot of blast but also having some heavy and slow parts making lighter the extreme brutality delivered by this fucking bunch of crazy sick brutal gory fucking barbarians! "Anthropophagous Realm 'is not a perfect album but will remains etched in the collective memory of sickness by his powerful songwriting and maturity of execution making this second release a complete fucking success! Highly recommended brutal mandatory fucking shit for all fans of Brutal Death Metal and Injury Deepen are showing their important fucking place among the best Indonesian bands! Amazing Killer Fucking Brutal Piece of Pure Fucking Shit! 9/10

lundi 7 mars 2016

Brutus-Murwgebeukt (Willowtip Records​)

Murwgebeukt ...This is the name given to this highly anticipated musickal barbarity without fucking control and delayed for 10 fucking years to finally appear to blow your fucking mind and Brutus had done a great fucking job with a second release very conceptual and refined into pure fucking brutality! This piece of insanity is divided into 4 fucking parts containing 16 songs including 4 samples (Intro/2 Interludes/Outro) that can be easily compared to the first album but with a touch of brutal maturity very present giving a very high fucking quality to this fucking shit with songs ingeniously built and composed! Brutus continues to deliver a pure Brutal Death Fucking Metal inspired by bands like Deeds of Flesh, Gorgasm, Pyaemia etc. and offers a second effort of exceptional brutality with a large batch of catchy fucking riffs making this shit a total fucking addiction from start to end and Brutus really managed to meet expectations with this majestic fucking release!  Murwgebeukt makes us feel an atmosphere of brutality, butchery, and darkness with its intensive fucking sickness, a concept of murders and a dark and addictive composition coming to break our fucking bones by their effectiveness! This bestial machine of brutal killing is Molestrator on Vocals, Schoft on Guitars/Bass/Vocals, Bastaerd on Guitars/Vocal, Vlerk on Guitars/Vocals, Ploert on Bass/Vocals and Ploegbaas (RIP) on Drums/Vocals and they are doing an amazing fucking job at all shitty fucking levels, vocals are diverse and brutal as fuck,  guitars/bass riffs are fucking crazy and addictive and the drums is just fucking intense with its non-stop blasts and insane performance making this whole shit a great fucking act of pure fucking butchery! The 12 musickal tracks from this shit are all fucking brilliant and each one having a lot of catchy parts but maybe a couple of songs much less interesting and enjoyable that could have been removed from this release and thus increase the level of enjoyment by making it fucking perfect but in general, this album is fucking addictive from A to Z and very successful at the songwriting! A production still very good but having its flaws, a somewhat cacophonous mixing which unfortunately takes a bit of quality that still have a good fucking sound but could have been much more raw specially at levels of drums and bass with riffs of guitar sometimes buried by the chaos of production, but despite all this, that shit sounds really like a fucking ton of people being chopped alive screaming in terror facing the magnificence of this pure fucking savagery! Despite its negative points, Murwgebeukt is a brilliant fucking success with all the shitty elements to make addicted anyone with some brutal fucking soul and Brutus have managed to surprise us even 10 years later! Highly recommended release for all real sickos and a wonder in the shitty fucking genre! Amazing Fucking Brutal Piece of Pure Addictive Fucking Insanity! 9/10