samedi 23 août 2014

Avgrunn-Devorantem Creationis (Self-Released) 

The Spanish Avgrunn are back to offer their two songs EP entitled "Devorantem Creationis"! Fucking true to themselves continuing to perform a Sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal completely fucking enjoyable, this CD is somewhat comparable to their first album but increasing in a high fucking level the degree of brutality! "Devorantem Creationis" is delivered by Jordi Mora (Vocals), Xemi Carranza (Guitars), Anton Zhikharev (Bass), Leofaber Gutierrez (Drums) and the four sickos have collectively fucking managed to give us a damn successful piece of fucking sickness! Jordi on vocals is very powerful and delivers a fucking excellent performance, Xemi on guitar is wonderful with his fucking brutal and creative riffs making this fucking shit a shitty fucking bomb, great fucking job of Anton on bass and finally Leofaber on drums is totally fucking explosive with blastbeat and tempos variation! The production of this release is fucking excellent, mixing well done but maybe a little too "filled" making it a bit boosted, the sound is very fucking good, perhaps lacking a little in terms of heaviness but in general this fucking shit really sounds like a fucking disgusting planetary bomb! From its two songs and 8 fucking minutes, "Devorantem Creationis" is a high quality EP and almost fucking perfect at all levels from the primitiveness to the technicality and Avgrunn show that are capable of delivering a Brutal Death Metal which can be comparable to the fucking best!  Despite its short duration, this CD is necessary for all true fucking fans of Brutal Death Metal and is a good way to support the band for their second album and giving us an enjoyable wait! Fucking Excellent EP! 9/10

mercredi 13 août 2014

Embludgeonment-Infinite Regress (Ungodly Ruins Productions)

The Americans Embludgeonment have left the shitty light of New Jersey to offer us their debut album "Infinite Regress" and are performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a big Death Metal influence and perhaps also some Deathcore touch at few levels! Embludgeonment consist of Ken England on Vocals, Lee Cozens on Lead Guitar/Bass, Mike Mayo on Guitar/Bass, Mark Green on Drums and the quartet are delivering a fucking good job in general but still having many flaws in the brutal side! The production of the disk is very fucking good, I think the mixing is almost perfect and a fucking good sound although it sounds not enough heavy and can make seems this fucking album a bit damn bland! The disk has several great fucking riffs but also several less good with some weak moment, same thing on the vocals side that personally irritate me after a while with a very poor guttural in his Death Metal vox, and finally the drums which I think is the best fucking part of this release, very fucking successful, diverse and well executed! "Infinite Regress" have 8 songs, last about 28 minutes and several negative points but is still very fucking enjoyable on many fucking levels and some songs are still very good and well composed that gives to this CD a certain fucking level of quality! This is not necessarily a release marking its era but is still fucking interesting on several fucking aspects! Good Shit! 6/10

lundi 11 août 2014

Clitgore-The Final Cuntdown (Gore House Productions)

"The Final Cuntdown" is the first album from these fucking sick Romanians called Clitgore and offer an album of 26 fucking minutes and passed their mandate very fucking well by offering an excellent fucking shit! Clitgore consists of Calin (Necrovile) on Vocals/Guitars, Ela (Ex Necrovile) on Bass, Balazs (Paediatrician) on Drums and the trio are performing a mixture of Goregrind and Brutal Death Fucking Metal of high fucking quality with many unforgettable shitty moments! Calin (Guitars/Vocals) is really fucking great by performing an enjoyable damn disgusting vocals with a bunch of great fucking riffs and catchy parts, same shit on the side of Ela (Bass) offering an excellent fucking performance and finally Balazs (Drums) is doing an amazing fucking job diversifying its work by mixing groovy tempos and blast! "The Final Cuntdown" has a very fucking good production obviously not perfect but well managed, fucking excellent mixing, a sound very well made with all instruments sounding fucking dirty and very well done without shiny shits! 15 fucking songs including a cover of the legendary Lividity with their fucking classick "Pussy Lover", this album is fucking great from one end to another with almost only catchy and great fucking riffs, a few seconds from the 26 minutes are maybe a little less enjoyable and a few songs a little bit less good than others, but in general this fucking shit is really fucking excellent! Fucking sick vocal, catchy groovy parts, insane fucking blastbeats and despite its flaws, "The Final Cuntdown" is a real fucking success in a  whole and is a fucking must for every sickos in the Goregrind or Brutal Death Metal, an enjoying fucking shit for everybody in the Extreme Fucking Metal! Fucking Awesome Piece of Shit! 9/10

mardi 5 août 2014

Devour the Fetus-Cook 'n Roll (Nice to Eat You Records)

The French sickerfuckers Devour the Fetus are back with their first full length shit created with limbs of dead babies and this shitty fucking piece of art is called "Cook 'n Roll"! Devour the Fetus are performing a Goregrind that carrying out the name of the CD with a complete fucking original style of cook 'n roll and adding some damn influences to grindcore, death metal and many more! The line up consists of Renan (Vocals), Zyigh (Guitar), Cyril (Guitar), François (Bass), Virgile (Drums) and the five crazy fucking sickos gives a unique fucking job with a healthy dose of originality to the fucking genre! Renan perform all styles of vocals, guttural, scream, pig and he's really doing a great fucking job, same with Zyigh & Cyril on guitars, fucking excellent creativity with influences from several fucking styles giving their uniqueness and their own fucking identity! François on bass is also fucking awesome with some very good fucking parts and finally, Virgile on drums is fucking great at all levels, diversifying tempos and adding to the shitty quality of Devour the Fetus! The production of Cook 'n Roll is fucking excellent from A to Z, a very good fucking mixing and a sound really successful,  clear but still sounding like some fucking fetus shredded in a kitchenAIDS blender! 29 fucking minutes of pure fetal mutilation, 14 songs all fucking excellent except for the fact that it contains a few riffs a bit weak and less enjoyable but the quality of the fucking songs make us forget this negative side! Recommended for all sickos wanting to hear a different band but still remaining true to the shitty fucking roots of the genre! Fucking Excellent Fetal Putrid Fucking Shit! 8/10

dimanche 3 août 2014

Fecal God-Thee Flesh we Mutilate (Morbid Generation Records)

Fecal God is an international project (Italy/Germany) formed in 2013 and delivering their first album entitled "Thee Flesh we Mutilate"! The band is a two men fucking project consisting of Max (Xenomorphic Contamination/Clitoridus Invagination) on Vocals and Dani (Human Rejection/Drenched) on Guitars/Bass/Drums! Fecal God can be categorized as Brutal Death Fucking Metal with some slam and groovy influences which may also have some Goregrind sounding at different fucking parts! Max gives an excellent damn performance with a diversified vocals and fucking guttural as fuck, maybe a little weak in few moments but in general  he's doing an admirable fucking job, same with Dani, several fucking great riffs, some less enjoying and a fucking excellent drumming! The album has a good fucking production, mixing and sound are great, except perhaps at the drums for me that sounds totally fucking weak and worse than drums machine, but despite that, this fucking shit sounds very fucking good and gives the impression to receive a fucking ton of vomit in the fucking face! "Thee Flesh we Mutilate" is a very good fucking shit, several catchy riffs and some fucking songs that stand out from the others for their efficiency but we can still find some boring songs and riffs without interest but with 14 songs and 42 fucking minutes, Fecal God still succeed to give us an enjoyable fucking release! Despite its flaws in terms of production and the lack of regularity in the album, it's still a very interesting fucking shit really fucking enjoyable and I think is a fucking must for any Brutal Death Metal fan! Very Good Fucking Disgusting Shit! 7/10