mercredi 28 septembre 2016

Laryngectomized​-Chaotic Autopsy (Eyes Of The Dead Productions​)

Formed in 2014 in Spain/Mexico and after a few demo/split, the fucking crazy Laryngectomized are now ready to defecate their debut fucking album "Chaotic Autopsy" that continues in the way that the band has started but in a way even more fucking brutal and successful! Laryngectomized performs a raw brutal fucking Goregrind and we can find some Brutal Death shitty influences that increase in my opinion the fucking level of insanity and offering a Goregrind act of the most fucking enjoyable! "Chaotic Autopsy" is 33 songs of the most fucking disgusting and sick including an instrumental one and no shitty fucking intros, almost all of them are fucking excellent with a lot of great riffs and a drums totally fucking insane, we can only find a couple of tracks a little less successful but in general this fucking shit is a fucking bomb of pure fucking rawness! The band really spread a deathly and surgical fucking  atmosphere giving us the feeling to assist to some gore autopsy and the practitioners are just giving an amazing job by delivering some true fucking Goregrind! Laryngectomized is Shitter on guitars who is doing an amazing job with many catchy and crazy fucking riffs but having also some boring ones, Adrian on drums is as mentioned above totally fucking crazy with insane fucking blastbeat, showing a great and powerful drumming and finally, the vocals of this fucking shit are just fucking awesome and diverse which are for sure also a fucking must in this release! The duo are offering a great gory fucking composition being very faithful to the grinding fucking roots of their shitty genre and giving a first work in general very fucking great and sick! The production of this putrid fucking shit is very fucking good with a raw side very present but still could have been better, an excellent mixing but not perfect with maybe a guitar sometimes too far but in this surgical room, we can really feel the bloody fucking sound of bones being sliced and organs being removed and launched in a fucking boiler! This demonstration of insanity is around 30 fucking minutes for the most fucking enjoyable having only a few moments in the whole fucking shit being a little less great and we can say without any fucking doubt that Laryngectomized totally managed their debut album and come to make their shitty mark into the Goregrind fucking world! "Chaotic Autopsy" is highly recommended for all fans of Goregrind but also all the sickest fans of Brutal Death Fucking Metal by their little influences and also their aggressiveness! Raw Disgusting Fucking Piece of Pure Grinding Fucking  Brutality! 9/10

dimanche 25 septembre 2016

Dissevered​-Agonized Wails of Disseverment (New Standard Elite​)

24 minutes of pure total fucking destruction annihilating everything from one fucking end to the other with no fucking bullshit is what is offering Dissevered with their debut album "Agonized Wails of Disseverment" that is definitely fucking devastating and a pure fucking marvel of insanity! Formed last year in Laos and after a cd single, Dissevered are just ready in a majestic fucking way to show us a killer fucking material and so fucking disgusting you can feel the rotting fucking corpses around being crushed by this unspeakable fucking brutality that delivers a brilliant gorific fucking composition! "Agonized Wails of Disseverment" is all about Sick Disgusting Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a very extreme side really present and of course some rare slower parts and pit fucking riffs that only come to lighten a little bit this fucking sick experience! This brutal fucking shit contains 9 songs of pure Brutal Death, all of them are fucking excellent and addictive putting this release to a high fucking level in the shitty genre and mainly because of its unquestionably perfection making this fucking shit one of the bests ever made! Dissevered is Anouvong Phengkhay (Vocals), Benoit Faroud (Guitars), Soukthavone Meksavanh (Bass), Vilikone Sengvixay (Drums) and the four insane sickos are giving a flawless fucking performance by delivering a songwriting of the most fucking successful with all necessary elements to make this piece of disgusting brutality a total masterpiece! Anouvong on vocals is just fucking brutal and weird, in a positive way, creating an unique fucking guttural, Benoit on guitars is fucking perfect by giving only catchy riffs in all parts of composition, fast and slower riffs as well,  Soukthavone on bass is also fucking great with several sick fucking parts and finally Vilikone on drums is fucking insane with a non stop blasting totally fucking crazy and addictive drumming being a shitty fucking drug! The production of this pure shit is just fucking brilliant, a perfect mixing fucking enjoyable and this shit sound so fucking heavy and amazing that it makes us feel being part of a pile of cadavers being grinded by a blastdozer without fucking mercy! "Agonized Wails of Disseverment" is a very brutal fucking release by its oppressive gory atmosphere, musickal side and high level of addiction making this fucking shit unique as fuck and giving us an enjoyable and sick fucking experience! Dissevered just delievered a total blasterpiece as debut album and is without fucking doubt one of best releases to have emerged from the brutal entrails of insanity! Mandatory to all sick in the head fuckers looking for some extreme fucking shit! Perfect Disgusting Fucking Piece of Bestiality! 10/10

vendredi 23 septembre 2016

Ecchymosis​-Aberrant Amusement in Cadaveric Vomitplay (New Standard Elite​)

Formed 2 years ago in Thailand, Ecchymosis are just ready to make bleed the shitty world with a total macabre and bloody fucking work and starting into the insanity to deliver a wicked and disgusting debut fucking album entitled "Aberrant Amusement in Cadaveric Vomitplay"! This fucking piece of slaughtering make us feel being part of a grotesque fucking scene of butchery and the atmosphere coming from the dismembered bodies is bloodthirsty and pierce our fucking flesh! Ecchymosis are practicing a disgusting Brutal Death Fucking Metal having much slam influences but keeping it fucking faithful to the shitty brutal roots by performing heavy, brutal and addictive fucking musick! "Aberrant Amusement in Cadaveric Vomitplay" contains 8 fucking scenes of total gore insanity being all fucking great, sick and well written having a lot of wicked and fucked up riffs with a crazy fucking drums increasing a lot the level of enjoyment of this fucking shit but of course we can also find some redundant parts! This shit is almost fucking perfect by offering a sick and flawless fucking guttural, crazy guitars fucking riffs for the most fucking amazing but having maybe some a little less good and a drums fucking brutal mixing obviously the slow and fast parts but the blasts are totally fucking insane mixed with wicked and fucked up riffs making it unique and fucking sick! Ecchymosis is Weerasak (Vocals), Twish (Guitars/Bass), Polwach (Drums) and as mentioned above, the trio is doing a near perfect fucking job by giving a pretty solid songwriting with this disgusting twisted fucking side making special this fucking act of gore giving them an identity and a place among the elite bands! The production of "Aberrant Amusement in Cadaveric Vomitplay" is fucking excellent with a mixing not totally perfect but still fucking successful and this fucking shit really sounds like some hatchets shredding the fucking flesh of corpses in a small bloody dirty fucking room of butchery! A gory damn experience of 25 fucking minutes being for the most fucking enjoying from start to end with a very high addictive side offered by the multiple catchy riffs making this fucking shit a gem in the shitty genre despite some little flaws! "Aberrant Amusement in Cadaveric Vomitplay" is a mandatory fucking release for all brutal death metallers and Ecchymosis managed their debut by offering a brilliant fucking piece of brutality! Disgusting Fucking Insanity of Twisted Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

dimanche 11 septembre 2016

Damnation-The Prophet Revenge (Internal Brutality Records​)

The Damnation falls on us ready to occur after more than 15 fucking years of preparation and for the first time invading the shitty world from the fucking land of Indonesia for the coming of "The Prophet Revenge"! Damnation offers 13 songs of a nameless fucking savagery including a Rotor and Suffocation covers, also containing an instrumental song and we can say in general that this debut album is a total fucking carnage! The band is playing a twisted Brutal Death Fucking Metal with some technical and old skull elements and "The Prophet Revenge" cannot be really compared with other bands by their unique fucking shit but influenced from the styles mentioned above with a fucked up insane brutal fucking touch! The production is unfortunately not really good being unequal, a mixing a little wasted with a guitar way too far, drums sounding not really good and all this shit seems a little "boosted" but in fact, its still going very well with them being a twisted fucking band and having a production one as well! Unfortunately the production is also wasting a little bit the experience, as mentioned above, with a guitar that could be much more present because the riffs are fucking awesome and some of them really brilliant as fuck but you need to give much listens to dig this fucking shit and really appreciating the fucked up riffing! The Damnation is caused by Gruntwind Gurgletation (Vocals), Bonnie (Guitars), Camel Damnation (Bass), Kris J. Philips (Drums) and delivering a complete butchery with a great fucking composition of the deadly damn macabre fucking scenes! Gruntwind on vocals is fucking killer with a good guttural, Bonnie is delivering for the most great fucking riffs but we can also find some a little boring, Camel on bass is also fucking good despite the production and Kris on drums is fucking awesome mixing non stop blast with a more technical drumming! "The Prophet Revenge" is around 34 minutes of pure fucking killing with maybe some songs a little less enjoyable but in general being a successful fucking release and original in its sickness making unique this fucking shit! Damnation just delivered an excellent debut fucking album having some flaws but still mandatory to all sickos by its high fucking level of insanity! Insane Fucking Shit of Pure Fucking Twisted Brutality! 8.5/10

samedi 10 septembre 2016

Beheading Criminal​-Self Crushed Defeat Soul (Dismembered Records​)

Two years ago, a destructive fucking abomination was born in Indonesia to set up a reign of terror and brutality under the name of "Beheading Criminal" by creating one of the most powerful fucking bombs that earth ever heard and this bloodthirsty damn explosion was baptized "Self Crushed Defeat Soul"! This bloody fucking regime spread an insane Brutal Death Fucking Metal that could be a mix between Disgorge US and Enmity but Beheading Criminal is not at all a copy and more going in the same direction of devastation with a way nonetheless original to destroy this shitty fucking world! "Self Crushed Defeat Soul" contains 4 songs including an instrumental intro and we can say that this fucking band really knows how to be fucking brutal by giving total sick fucking songs from beginning to fucking end with no fucking bullshit or other fucking weaknesses and showing to a lot of big bands that the succession is even more damn insane and brutally competent! Beheading Criminal is Dadan (Guitars/Vocals), Zain (Bass/Vocals), Kconk (Drums) and the trio is fucking brilliant by delivering a great composition that could be easily among the sickest fucking EP ever made! Vocals are fucking excellent including a powerful gutturals with a disgusting side, guitar and bass riffs are fucking crazy with some addictive parts but the only one flaw to this release in my opinion is maybe a lack of catchy riffs that could be more present and finally the drums is just fucking insane with a non stop blast drumming fucking brutal and without weakness! The production of this shit is not perfect but fucking amazing especially for an EP, mix is again fucking well done by Insidious Soundlab and this fucking piece of shit really sounds like a fucking ton of bombs exploding simultaneously and annihilating everything in this shitty world! 12 minutes of pure fucking sickness and Beheading Criminal really managed their start into the world of brutality, maybe not offering a blasterpiece, but being very close by giving a brilliant fucking songwriting from start to end! Highly recommended release to the sickest people around who are only looking for true brutality without weak parts! Destructive Fucking Bomb of Brilliant Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

mercredi 7 septembre 2016

Neurogenic​-Ouroboric Stagnation (Comatose Music​)

After their excellent demo in 2012 and 4 years of waiting, Neurogenic finally ready to deliver their highly anticipated debut album called "Ouroboric Stagnation" and doing their true introduction into the fucking brutality by giving an explosive fucking performance! Neurogenic are playing a Technical Brutal Death Fucking Metal which, for me, can be a mix between She Lay Gutted and Degenerating Anthropophagical Euphoria but being able to keep an identity from their unique fucking insanity! "Ouroboric Stagnation" contains 11 crazy fucking songs for the most fucking excellent but some of them can be a little boring but in general the songs are well done having some insane and catchy fucking riffs but unfortunately also including some weak ones in a few songs that may waste a little bit the experience at some moment! The production of this shit is fucking great, a perfect mixing and a great fucking sound with only a drums that could be way better but still fucking enjoying and this damn shit really fucking sounds like the planet earth being devastated, destroyed and pulverized by some shitty sound waves! Neurogenic is Matteo Bazzanella (Vocals), Vlad Melnik (Guitars/Vocals), Anton Zhikharev (Bass), Marco Pitruzzella (Drums) and the quartet are faithful to themselves by giving a flawless performance with a huge fucking composition that despite some flaws is very successful! Matteo is offering an amazing guttural with some appearances like Brian (Gutrot/Syphilic), Mallika (Abnormality) and Danny (Malignancy), Vlad is giving for the most crazy fucking riffings, Anton as usual is fucking awesome by having a big place as bassist and helping to create this Neurogenic identity and atmosphere, and finally Marco on drums giving a fast, technical and great fucking drumming! "Ouroboric Stagnation" is around 25 minutes of pure fucking destruction having unfortunately some weak parts making this shit not 100% sick but still delivering a mighty debut release and we can only hope for something a little sicker in future! Neurogenic managed their first step into insanity by giving an enjoyable shit with some addictive parts that can stuck in our fucking head and highly recommended stuff for fans of Disgorge, Putridity and Defeated Sanity, etc.! Excellent Brutal Fucking Piece of Insanity! 8.5/10