mardi 31 mars 2015

Illinois' Love For Carnage​-Rocking Buffalo (Permeated Records​)

Illinois' Love for Carnage finally back with their debut album "Rocking Buffalo" and offers a modern piece of Brutal Death Fucking Metal containing 8 songs mostly found (5 from them) on their old EP/Demo! The crazy Russians Sasha Borovykh (Vocals. All instruments) and Pasha Gvozdev (Vocals) are delivering an original fucking shit by including many modern Death Metal and slam elements but still trying to keep it fucking brutal and interesting! Illinois' Love for Carnage got their best production with their full length but still not perfect, a mixing totally fucking wasted by the drums, especially the bassdrums, and a fucking heavy sound but sounding fake and saved by the bass sound that is totally fucking great! Despite a production less successful, "Rocking Buffalo" is still a release of fucking quality being from far superior to all their previous fucking material and added by a good fucking composition in general! Sasha on all instruments is doing an awesome fucking job and delivering a fucking good piece of shitty composition with an original touch giving it an unique identity and Pasha on vocals, helped by Sasha, is fucking good and diversified by giving a wide range of gutturals and for the most fucking great as fuck, maybe some sounding a little more fucking weak but still able to never bothering us!  Illinois Love for Carnage performs 8 good fucking songs and all of them may contain some boring parts but still able to do a 33 minutes very fucking enjoyable and interesting in its songwriting! "Rocking Buffalo" contains many good fucking riffs and also contains several bad and you can also find a great lack of shitty brutality or nasty sickness in the final product but still successful in its genre! A release recommended for all Death Metal fans out there especially those enjoying more the modern side of Brutal Death Metal! Good Fucking Shit 6/10

mardi 24 mars 2015

Indecent Excision​-Aberration (Permeated Records​)

The Italians sickos of Indecent Excision are back to deliver their second highly anticipated fucking album called "Aberration" and don't turn away from their shitty way with a very high level fucking piece of Brutal Death Metal as they are used to shit us! Indecent Excision consists of Matteo Bazzanella on Vocals, Hannes Gamper on Guitars, Giancarlo Mendo on Bass, Alex Vendors on Drums and the insane fucking quartet are playing an awesome Brutal Death Fucking Metal by mixing all shitty ingredients from the fucking genre to give a true fucking piece of brutal fucking shit lasting 30 fucking minutes of darkened sickness! "Aberration" offers a near perfect fucking production with perhaps a lack of dirty sound but in this case completely matching with the given product, excellent fucking mixing which I think have as only mistake of overlooking the bass while in this genre of release it would have had to be in front, but despite that, this fucking shit sounds like a real fucking ton of bricks with an enjoyable fucking production in general! Matteo is again doing a great fucking job on vox with his own style and is never bothering us with his guttural fucking well done, Hannes always amazing as usual by giving an awesome fucking songwriting and offering almost only great and memorable parts, the newcomer Giancardo on bass is also doing a fucking great job and finally the excellent fucking drumming of Alex who is giving a diversified and perfect fucking job! Indecent Excision just offered a fantastic second release including all elements of brutality and Death Metal that make us enjoy this fucking shit at the highest shitty fucking level! "Aberration" is 9 songs (1 intro) that are all fucking great, some which can be better but the band still managed to compose an amazing sick fucking release with no really boring parts but only greatfuckingness! For the fans of Indecent Excision and Brutal Death Metal, this is for sure a fucking must have and would be a crime to not own the great "Aberration"! Amazing Fucking Brutality! 9/10

lundi 23 mars 2015

Undead Daredevil​-Promo 2014 (Permeated Records​)

A new band was born in 2011 in Japan as "Undead Daredevil" and delivering their first fucking CD entitled "Promo 2014" which still show expertise from Japanese about the shitty brutality! Syn Taguchi (Vocals), Takuya Isozaki (Guitars), Youhei Mineshima (Bass/Vocals) and Katsumasa Kitazawa (Drums) are performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking chaotic by incorporating many blasts but yet diversified with slow and some subtle technical fucking parts and, all this made in a devastating fucking way! Undead Daredevil give a fucking piece of shit lasting about 6 fucking minutes with 2 songs, "Dominated Human Ovary" almost perfect in its sickness and "Multiple System Atrophy and the Sense of Despair Wafer" which I think contains some annoying elements and a little less interesting but still managing to shit a two songs album completely fucking enjoyable and interesting by giving us a unique fucking style and band! Syn and Youhei on vocals are doing a perfect fucking job by performing a fucking brutal vocals not annoying by diversifying their job, Takuya on guitars and Youhei on Bass are awesome with a great fucking composition and giving some great fucking riffs unfortunately not really helped by the production but still managing to create a devastating atmosphere, finally Katsumasa on drums who is fucking great with his many blasts but also being permanent in his style of drumming by offering us about all shitty brutal fucking genre! The production of this promo is a little bit fucked up with a chaotic mixing including a totally boosted sound that can sound a little fucking plastic especially at the drums side but despite all this, because it can seems catastrophic for a release, the production still succeeds to give an annihilating fucking atmosphere by making sounds this fucking shit like a real fucking explosion of bowels! Undead Daredevil have just delivered an excellent fucking promo recommended to all brutal fucking fans and we can only hope for great fucking shits from them in future! Excellent Fucking Shit! 8/10

mardi 17 mars 2015

Puregation​-Humans are Determined to Kill (Brute! Productions​)

Puregation comes out from the metallic shitty bowels of Indonesia with their debut album entitled "Humans are Determined to Kill" and gives a Death Metal lesson with this very surprising fucking piece of fucking shit! Puregation performs 28 minutes of pure fucking brutality with a Violent Death Fucking Metal of very high efficiency by offering 10 fucking songs (2 instrumentals) with an exceptional fucking quality of composition! "Humans are Determined to Kill" is created by I Gede Edy Saputra on vocals doing an awesome fucking job maybe a bit redundant but still fucking brutal and enjoying, Bondhan Setiawan on guitars who is unbelievable by giving a near fucking perfect songwriting greatly inspired and Aldo Ian Putratama on drums is not different from his bandmates by offering a great fucking drumming, diversified and fucking fast! The trio delivers a Death Metal release very simple, but with a fucking great ingenuity and incorporating almost only great fucking riffs that are for the most catchy as fuck and rare are the riffs a bit less successful but you can find still some! A great fucking production with perfect mixing and devastating fucking sound that can be a little bit deaf but still managing to smash our fucking ears and mainly invade our shitty fucking mind! "Humans are Determined to Kill" is almost fucking perfect in every fucking ways and is without fucking doubt in the best Death Metal albums to have been dumped from Indonesia including only memorable fucking songs that seem to last only one fucking minute because they are so fucking great with a genius shitty brutal fucking composition! Puregation just shitted a great fucking debut album and is highly recommended to all Death Metal/DeathGrind/Brutal Death Metal fans! Near Perfect Violent Fucking Piece of Shit! 9/10

lundi 16 mars 2015

Vasomortus-Instrument Torture of Pyramid (Brute! Productions)

From East Java in Indonesia, Vasomortus finally come out with their brutal debut full length album called "Instrument of Torture Pyramid" that is fucking faithful to the brutality offered by their previous promo CDs! ! Vasomortus are performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal very damn fast, true to the fucking roots of the genre and offered a pretty well made release with all the elements to rape your fucking ears up! Lambang (Vocals), Wildan (Guitars) and Soba (Drums) are the trio making part of this disgusting fucking piece of shit by delivering a brutal performance totally fucking crushing all on their fucking paths! Lambang on Vocals is fucking sick delivering a powerful guttural maybe closer to the Death Metal but still fucking low and insane as fuck, Wildan on guitars is doing a wonderful job as well by shitting a bunch of amazing fucking riffs, some can be a little bit less enjoyable but his composition is so fucking great that its quickly forgotten, and finally Soba on drums totally fucking crazy with his non-stop blasting brutality but still able to diversify his fucking shit not getting monotonous and annoying! The production is very well done but perhaps lacking a bit of power that could add shitty quality to this fucking shit, perfect fucking mixing with a sound a bit muffled but still managing to destroy everything in its fucking path and torturing your shitty fucking mind with their sick fucking brutality! "Instrument Torture of Pyramid" contains 9 songs that are all fucking good and some maybe less than others but still well balanced and, especially offering a great songwriting that can be for some a bit repetitive and redundant but for me creating a concept that is giving something more to this fucking shit! Without doubt, despite its negative points, an album recommended to all insane in the head motherfuckers! Great Fucking Shit Torturing your Shitty Fucking Ears! 8/10