mardi 30 septembre 2014

Slamentation-Crawling Through the Morgue (Morbid Generation Records)

Slamentation is fucking back with his highly anticipated debut full length album "Crawling Through the Morgue" and is fully meeting the shitty expectations! This fucking slam beast is Rene Barthoulot on Vocals, Morten Soos on Guitars/Bass, Livio on Vocals/Drums Programming and the three sickos perform an excellent Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal giving all the necessary ingredients to produce a slamming fucking shit of quality and pretty fucking amazing! Rene on vocals is fucking awesome as usual with a fucking great guttural helped by Livio on almost all the songs that also doing a splendid shitty job even with the drums programming that is completely successful, and finally Morten on Guitars/Bass gives us almost only fucking good riffs and most of them are fucking addictive and definitely slamtastically fucking awesome! This fucking piece of shit also contains several guest appearences on vox, Didi Spindler (Auricular Insemination/Fracturement), Konstantin Lühring (Defeated Sanity/Resection), Andreas Tseung (Vomitous/Extirpated) and the insane fuckers are doing an excellent fucking job and adding to the diversity and enjoyment of this damn release! The production of this shit is almost fucking perfect, mixing completely successful, a fucking shitty heavy sound and still pretty clean with programming drums fucking well done and, despite the quality of production of this fucking piece of vomit, it really sounds like a ton of hot disgusting fucking shit! "Crawling Through the Morgue" is an album that is touching the perfection with its fucking addictive riffs and a good mixing of blast/groovy parts but has some negative fucking points that are more at the level of riffs, a few sound a little bit fucking weak and a couple of them totally gay hard core beatdown but very short-lived and that fucking shit is totally fucking awesome despite this little downside! Slamentation are delivering a brutal disk of high quality with a bunch of incredible catchy fucking parts with 12 great songs and 39 fucking minutes totally shitty enjoyable, a slamming fucking must! Fucking Great Puddle of Slamming Vomit! 9/10

dimanche 28 septembre 2014

Epicardiectomy-Putreseminal Morphodysplastic Virulency (Coyote Records)

Epicardiectomy are back from the shitty bowels of the Czech Republic to make our ears fucking bleed with their second full length album entitled "Putreseminal Morphodysplastic Virulency"! Always true to their fucking roots, Epicardiectomy continue to perform a Slamming Brutal Death fucking Metal in their own style and are offering an album of 8 songs and lasting about 31 fucking minutes! Since its creation 7 fucking years ago, the band kept the same line-up and consists of Tom Vysoky on Vocals, Serge Gordeev on Guitars/Bass, Milan Moskon on Drums and the trio as their habits are playing a fucking disgusting slamming ready to make shake the fucking earth! Tom is doing a good fucking job with vocals, fucking guttural but lacking a much variation and it may end up being fucking boring, Serge on guitars/bass is also fucking good delivering many good riffs but totally lacking punch and several totally boring and same goes for Milan who is doing a fucking good drumming without being dazzling! The production of this fucking shit is still very good, great mixing except at the drums, a very heavy fucking sound but may seem rather bland with a drums sounding to me completely fucking awful! "Putreseminal Morphodysplastic Virulency" is still not bad but missing the good slam catchy fucking riffs and after a few listens, its really hard to bear and, the best songs are the both from their promo 2013 and I must say there is nothing interesting except that!  A CD filled with repetitive and endless riffs with no originality with a total lack of brutality making sound this disk very fucking weak! Epicardiectomy still delivers a passable release but I would to recommend only to big fans of slam coz  for the others it have many others brutal shits to get before! Not Bad Slamming Shit! 5/10

Cerebral Paralysis-Cycles of Evisceration (Permeated Records)

Cerebral Paralysis is a two men Russian/Italian band starting this fucking disgusting project with a first album called "Cycles of Evisceration" containing 13 songs and lasting about 44 fucking minutes! Matteo Bazzanella (Indecent Excision/Neurogenic) on vocals and Sasha Borovykh (Illinois' Love for Carnage/Tsuntsun Productions) with all instruments are the both sickos consisting of Cerebral Paralysis and are performing an original Slamming Death Fucking Metal and showing a lot of creativity in the shitty compositions! Matteo on vocals is just fucking amazing, fucking guttural as fuck tinged with a bit of humor enabling him to exploit his talent and Sasha is also doing an incredible fucking job, crazy guitar fucking riffs making a great atmosphere to that fucking shit with a great bass part and also fucking good at the drums side! The production of this fucking shit is generally damn excellent, fucking good mixing and putting the bass pretty well in evidence but too much on the bassdrums, a sound fucking killer but with a drums sounding totally fucking fake and weak but this shit still sounds fucking good! "Cycles of Evisceration" have the ingenuity to deliver only good fucking songs with an original slam fucking enjoyable but many boring, weak and repetitive riffs are invading this fucking shit with a very distinct lack of brutality in almost every level of this release but doesnt removing his unconditional quality of being fucking creative and innovative in the shitty fucking genre! An album very well composed, delivered and Cerebral Paralysis have succeeded, despite some flaws, to give an unique fucking piece of shit in the Slamming Death Metal and is for sure to check for the fans! Very Good Slamming Fucking Disk! 7/10

samedi 27 septembre 2014

Internal Devour-Aborted and Slaughtered (Morbid Generation)

Internal Devour come to offer us their debut fucking album entitled "Aborted and Slaughtered" and the crazy Australians are performing a Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking disgusting and brutal completely following the tradition of fucking slam and doing it in a great fucking way! This fucking piece of shit called "Aborted and Slaughtered" is Matt Turkington on Vocals, Brodie Nagel on Bass, Kyle Van Der Ryken on Guitars and the trio are doing a fucking amazing job on almost every shitty level, the vocals are guttural as fuck with a few screams, riffs of guitars/bass are mostly fucking excellent with a good job on drums! The production of this damn release is still very well done, good mixing, sounding like a fucking piece of shit totally fucking crushing, heavy guitar riffs, drums sounds fake but still fucking good knowing it's live session worked in studio by Zeke Ferrington and the band! Obviously, Internal Devour are not reinventing the Slamming Brutal Death Metal with this fucking sick shit but manages to give a very enjoyable first release with a fucking good slam variety in the riffs/vocals and musically pretty damn brutal! "Aborted Slaughtered" has 8 songs (1 instrumental, 1 demo version) and all excellent but also contains some negatives points, some riffs are totally boring and fucking weak that I think some blasting riffs instead would have solved the problem pretty well and would have given this fucking disk a brutal perfection at all fucking levels and also as mentioned early, the drums sound a bit fake and missing of shitty power! Internal Devour are performing 25 fucking minutes of brutal fucking slam almost perfect in the shitty genre and is a fucking must for every slam fan and required to be heard by others! Nothing Original But Fucking Great Slamming Brutal Shit! 9/10

dimanche 21 septembre 2014

Annog Vnrama-Seven Names ov Chaos (Charred Remains Records)

Sent from the parallel fucking world by the ancient gods to the damned land of blasphemous Chile, Annog Vnrama is the name of the entity emerged from the universe to spread their abysmal first fucking plague "Seven Names ov Chaos"! The entity consists of 5 parts, Fernando Perez Rojo (Vocals), Luis Diaz B. (Guitar), Francisco Trigo B. (Guitar/Back Vocals), Salvador Godoy A. (Bass/Back Vocals), Peniel Villalobos R. (Drums) and the sickos are delivering a Technical Brutal Death Fucking Metal very inspired with a Lovecraftian theme adding a fucking great atmosphere to this fucking piece of shitty quality! The production of this shit is fucking amazing, good mixing with a total destructive fucking sound and succeeds at all fucking levels with a very present bass and sounding like a complete explosion of our fucking shitty world! Fernando did a fucking great job on vocals being very powerful and fucking enjoyable helped by his colleagues also doing a fucking good job, Luis and Francisco on guitars are fucking outstanding with very creative riffs, and many totally fucking addictive, also Salvador on Bass fucking amazing who gives us incredible fucking moments helped by the production placing his work in evidence, and finally Peniel on Drums doing a perfect performance with a huge fucking range of tempos and creativity with a drums sounding in a great fucking way and adding quality to this fucking shit! "Seven Names ov Chaos" contains nine songs, lasting about 39 fucking minutes and is a total cacophonous fucking destruction created by great musicians made in a really fucking genius way but may contain a negative point and that is to have riffs in some songs a little bit boring and some repetitive but generally this fucking shit is close to the pure fucking perfection! Annog Vnrama have managed to destroy our fucking ears with brutal technical musick but staying true to the fucking roots of death metal and not being completely lost in their musickal style like many other fucking bands and thus is a recommendation for all Death Metallers and sick fucking fans around the fucking world of Metal! Fucking Amazing Brutal Piece of Technical Shit! 9/10

samedi 20 septembre 2014

Inhumano-Torturas de Almas Oscuras (Rotten Cemetery Records)

From the putrid fucking guts of a virgin in Chile, Inhumano comes out with the aim of destroying the shitty world in an aggressive and brutal fucking way with a first mandate called "Torturas de Almas Oscuras"! Inhumano are propagating a Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally devastating, completely effective, faithful to the fucking roots, and a flawless composition including some Death Metal aspects especially in the main vocal! "Torturas de Almas Oscuras" is served by Alamiro Becerra (Vocals), David Marquez (Guitars/Vocals), Mauricio Contreras (Bass), Hugh Knuckey (Drums) and the four sickos are delivering an album of exceptional fucking quality with all the essential ingredients to realize a fucking brutal release worthy of the fucking bests! Alamiro on vocals is fucking great with vocals more Death Metal but varied and never boring, David has a vox more guttural, some pig squeals and his guitar riffs are unbelievable with countless enjoying parts in all the songs without to be repetitive, same goes for Mauricio on bass giving an amazing fucking performance with some outstanding parts alone and finally Hugh on drums makes a majestic fucking work very fucking brutal with a fucking aggressive style of drumming while being very diverse! The production of the disk is fucking excellent, mixing is very well done, total fucking amazing sound with a very present bass and this fucking bomb of shit sounds like a fucking ton of bodies being completely crushed! Inhumano offer a perfect piece of fucking shit at all levels with no annoying or unnecessary shitty parts in the 9 songs delivered with a know-how in terms of Brutal Death Metal composition by performing only fucking good riffs, diverse blast beats, varied vocals, fucking great bass parts and incorporating several catchy elements for each fucking song that make us totally addicted! "Torturas de Almas Oscuras" is a fucking success from A to Z, obviously not reinventing the genre but making a musick fucking unique to themselves by being not too repetitive and making it a fucking piece of brutal quality for me an undisputed fucking masterpiece in the genre! This release is a fucking must for all fans of Death Metal or Brutal Death Metal and willing to listen to a CD of 27 minutes without interruption of brutality nor weak shitty fucking parts! Exceptional Fucking Sick Shit! 10/10

mardi 16 septembre 2014

Inhaling the Stench of Mustard Gas-Nailed to the Floor and Beaten to Death! (Self-Released)

From Australia, Inhaling the Stench of Mustard Gas is now totally a one man band for the second fucking opus and EP of 6 songs, including a cover of Blood Duster, entitled "Nailed to the Floor and Beaten to Death"! Remaining in the same shitty fucking vein as their debut album, Inhaling the Stench of Mustard Gas is performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal with very marked Grindcore influences and a Goregrind fucking atmosphere! Blaster Hansen is the damaged fucking brain behind this band and is doing everything, Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Drums (real) and we can say he has done a very good fucking job by giving us an enjoying fucking piece of shit, very primitive but still nicely damn effective! The vocals are fucking well done, nothing special but has the faculty to not bore us with a fucking good power and guttural, the guitar riffs and bass are generally fucking excellent and for the most part being very basic but doing the fucking job like it need to be, same goes on drums with still a wide variety of tempos and without forgetting Damon Good who is also doing a good job on the guitar and bass for the cover of Blood Fucking Duster! The production is fucking great, perfect mixing, a sound which is very fucking well done, lacking much power and a shitty fucking side but "Nailed to the Floor and Beaten to Death!" is a "do it yourself" EP and knowing it, we can say this fucking shit is fucking wisely made at the production! The fucking downside of this EP is not really having a "punch" and with some annoying riffs, but always followed by a most enjoyable riff and also, a Doom song I found personally a little bit boring but still fucking interesting! Inhaling the Stench of Mustard Gas delivers nothing new with this EP but still managed to give us an enjoyable fucking raw shit and is therefore  recommended to all addicts of Brutal Death Shitty Fucking Metal! Fucking Good Piece of Fucking Shit! 7/10

lundi 15 septembre 2014

Syphilic-Toylets "R" Us (Permeated Records)

Syphilic is back from the septic beer fucking tank to defecate and fucking puke a fourth full length album entitled "Toylets 'R' Us!" Brian Forgue is the drunken master behind this shitty fucking band doing everything (Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Drums Programming) and helped by Marvin Green having recorded the bass for the album! Along the same fucking line and musical damn progression of Brian, "Toylets 'R' Us" is comparable to its predecessor, "A Composition of Murder" with a Brutal Death Fucking Metal coming in an original way, fucking brutal and complex with a total fucked up side at the compositions! Brian proves again with this fucking shit to be one of the best vocalist continuing to deliver an enjoyable and fucking addictive shitty vomiting vox, the guitar/bass riffs for a large part damn excellent, with a few already heard before and having personally found some riffs influenced Incantation but most of this fucking shit is totally original and still fucking well done and finally, a drums programming still very good and also realized in an unique and fucking fucked up way! The production of this shitty fucking disk is fucking excellent, good mixing except the bass and bassdrums too present, a sound totally fucking chaotic sounding like a fucking ton of shit!10 shitty songs with an excellent fucking cover of Slayer and a fucking good instrumental song like Syphilic is used to give, some songs may seem a bit long but their originality help them to not become fucking boring and monotonous with good riffs and a few totally fucking awesome! The release has some downside, a few riffs are really annoying and some lack of finishing, a well made drums but poorly fucking mixed, but in general with his 48 minutes "Toylets 'R' Us" is fucking good, unique and staying fucking true to Syphilic! A fucking shit I recommend to all fucking insane in the head and necessary for all Syphilic fans! Very Good Fucking Shit! 7/10

lundi 8 septembre 2014

Mephistopheles-Eternal Suffering (WAAR Productions)

From the land where the Metal is reigning, the Indonesia shits from his fucking depths a demonic shitty horde named Mephistopheles and delivers an apocalyptic fucking battle in "Eternal Suffering"! The trio of the dark fucking infernal revelations consists of Eki (Vocals), Reza (Guitars), Sofyan (Drums) and the three devilish sickos perform a Brutal Death Fucking Metal of a fucking great loyalty and high fucking level of quality! Mephistopheles plays musick from the underworld with a great perfection of brutality and is a real diabolical piece of the utmost importance in the musical style delivered, and also, having influences coming from several bands including Disgorge (USA)! Eki on vocals is fucking exceptional with a wide variety of guttural style and giving us a fucking shitty enjoyable time, Reza is fantastic on guitars including a fucking big variety of riffs and several very damn catchy and a perfect composition of the songs at all fucking levels, same fucking shit for Sofyan on drums being fucking masterful with his performance, creativity and diversity of drumming! The production of "Eternal Suffering" is just fucking perfect, mixing is damn excellent, a fucking raw and big sound with instruments sounding perfectly and this fucking shit sounds like the hordes of the Apocalypse running on the battlefields, totally fucking great! This fucking piece of shit out from the hell contains five acts including an instrumental and a cover of Demigod completely fucking successful, a 16 fucking minutes of pure brutalistic ingenuity with all the necessary ingredients to build an EP of a fucking great perfection and can be easily considered a fucking masterpiece by its absolute efficiency and being very addictive from A to Z!  "Eternal Suffering" is an essential release for all true brutal fucking fans around the fucking world and is necessary if you dont want to be at the feet of Christ for eternity! Brutal Evil Fucking Perfection! 10/10

dimanche 7 septembre 2014

Internal Amputation-Abortus Iminens (WAAR Productions)

Internal Amputation are back to deliver their debut album entitled "Abortus Iminens"! Tommy (Vocals), Julian (Guitars), Muhammad (Bass) and Wahyu (Drums) are the Indonesian quartet consisting of Internal Amputation and the sickos are performing a fucking high level of Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal!  "Abortus Iminens" is all about Slam Death Metal being fucking faithful to the shitty roots but having its own identity and creativity, it comes with an atmosphere quite fucking outstanding in having a guideline that give a continuous ambiance and an obvious slam fucking quality! Tommy on vox is really fucking good and powerful but with perhaps some difficulties on some parts especially on the second track, but his unique style gives only fucking enjoyment! Julian on guitar and Muhammad on bass are fucking excellent, a bunch of catchy fucking riffs, fucking enjoyable and creating a symbiosis between the fucking songs by connecting their style of slam! Finally, Wahyu on drums is also giving a fucking good performance but maybe lacking a bit of power and brutality particularly in his blasts! The production of "Abortus Eminens" is good but with some flaws, not a great mixing with a drum poorly fucking mixed, a sound still enjoyable but missing a lot of power, which is a shame because the production of their demo "Slam Gang" was perfectly fucking raw, brutal and damn brilliant! Internal Amputation are not reinventing the style nor flawless, in terms of production and including a lack of brutality on some songs, but able unlike most of other slamming fucking bands to create an atmosphere with unforgettable parts that are essential to the slamming and seems often forgotten in the genre!  With his 33 minutes and 10 songs, "Abortus Iminens" is an awesome fucking piece of shit recommended to all slam fans! Excellent Fucking Shit! 8/10

lundi 1 septembre 2014

Iniquitous Savagery-Propagating a Pestiferous Enmity (Self-Released)

Iniquitous Savagery are back after their excellent fucking EP "Compelled by Perverse Immorality" and this time is to give us a single CD entitled "Propagating a Pestiferous Enmity"! Josh Roberts (Vocals), Joe Fleetwood (Guitars), Chris Ryan (Bass) and Euan Harrison (Drums) are the quartet making part of Iniquitous Savagery and are still performing their usual true Brutal Death Fucking Metal faithful to the fucking roots with several influences to the Old School Death Metal! The production of this single is fucking killer, mixing is ok but not perfect, the sound is fucking enjoyable and Its really a propagation of pestiferous fucking enmity all around! Josh is really fucking great with a fucking enjoyable guttural vox making you fucking addicted instantly, Joe plays a variety of riffs for the most totally fucking awesome, some might not seem so good but generally delivers a fucking strong performance, Chris on Bass is also fucking great, helped by the insane production and finally the drumming of Euan is fucking perfect at all levels with an efficient diversity! From Its 4 minutes, "Propagating a Pestiferous Enmity" is a fucking great CD with some weaknesses but still remains totally fucking enjoyable with an awesome fucking job shared by the four sickos and we just want to hear a lot more from them by their fucking great quality of Brutal Death Metal! An essential disk for all BDM collectors! Excellent Fucking Single! 8/10