dimanche 25 mai 2014

Aborted Fetus-Private Judgment Day (Comatose Music) 

"Private Judgment Day" is already the fourth full length record from these fucking Russian sickos "Aborted Fetus" with a return still fucking well done! Again in the Brutal Death Fucking Metal style, Aborted Fetus performs a brutal fucking musick, mixing blasting parts with those heavier giving it a complete musical fucking side! The line-up of "Private Judgment Day" consists of implant (Vocals), Meatgrinder (Guitars/Bass), Andrey (Drums) and the trio are offering a good fucking shit containing 10 songs and lasts about 25 fucking minutes! The production is fucking killer, excellent mixing including a fucking enjoyable sound in all levels except perhaps at the bassdrums side which are little too present, but in general this shitty damn shit sounds like a fucking ton of corpses chopped into small fucking pieces! The vocals of Implant are really fucking awesome, diverse and never boring, same thing with Andrey on drums giving a damn perfect performance with a bunch of diverse tempos and fucking well made, the guitar riffs and bass are almost all fucking good and very few are boring, but no riffs on this release come away from the crowd and comes stuck us in the skin, which makes this CD a little bit fucking bland! Despite its flaws, "Private Judgment Day" remains a very respectable Brutal Death Metal album and still fucking good in all aspects and this fucking shit is recommended to all passionates of sickness and you need to get this fucking piece of bloody feces! Fucking Good Brutal Shit! 6/10 

mardi 20 mai 2014

Perverted Dexterity-Primitive Scene of Inhumanity (Brutal Mind) 

After a long fucking wait by the brutal fans, Perverted Dexterity finally offer us his debut full length album entitled "Primitive Scene of Inhumanity" and this fucking piece of shit totally fucking sick bears its name very well! This one man band consists of Januaryo Hardy (Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Drums Programming) and performs a fucking Sick Brutal Death Metal completely fucking devastating with some parts heavier and draws his influences from bands like Brodequin, Heinous Killings, Deeds of Flesh and Suffocation! This release is fucking destructive at all levels, the vocals are guttural as fuck, very fucking powerful with a way to make us addicted, the drums is really well programmed and of a very fucking high quality, and the guitar/bass riffs are insane, in your fucking face for 26 fucking minutes with some riffs directly influenced by Brodequin that can be copied for some people, and a fucking great tribute for the others! The production of this shit is totally fucking killer, the mixing is damn perfect and the sound is fucking heavy, insane and eargasmic with a drums programming sounding fucking successful that seems real and make it very enjoyable, this disk really sounds like a fucking bunch of fat babies launched and exploding on the fucking wall with all the guts falling on the fucking floor! The 10 tracks on this CD are fucking awesome, it's impossible to find fucking boring parts, of course we find nothing new or original in this fucking shit, but its done in a primitive way with a brutal ingenuity fucking greatly achieved and we find a true feeling of Brutal Death Metal! "Primitive Scene of Inhumanity" is really fucking perfect in all shitty aspects, filled with catchy riffs, fucking addictive from the first minute to the last, powerful and fucking killer with an extraordinary job of Januaryo on this pure fucking blasterpiece of brutality and that probably just marked his work among the 10 best in his class of one man band! Its a necessary shit for all brutaller fucking insane in the head! Perfect Fucking Brutal Pimitive Piece of Shit! 10/10 

dimanche 18 mai 2014

Omnipotent Hysteria-Forged in the Embers of Monolithic Devastation (Death Metal Industry) 

"Forged in the Embers of Monolithic Devastation" is the first fucking shit of the UK band Omnipotent Hysteria and are delivering an EP of  fucking exceptional quality lasting approximately 14 minutes including 4 songs (3 songs and 1 intro)! Omnipotent Hysteria are playing Pure Brutal Death Fucking Metal with their personal touch of  fucking great originality and offers an infinite possibility of evolution in their shitty creation! This band consists of Jon Burr on Vocals, James Murphy on Guitars/Bass, Jon Rushforth on Drums and the trio are doing a damn clever job by performing a fucking piece of brutality extremely fucking successful! This EP is filled with a fucking bunch of amazing riffs, some perhaps less excellent, but in general this shit is really fucking crazy with also a fucking good job on the bass side! The vocals are really good and some rare parts can seem weak but nothing unbearable, and also a fucking excellent work on drums which is totally sick as fuck, fucking fast and diversified at all shitty levels! The production is very well done, fucking good mixing and the sound is fucking brutal that sounds like a fucking ton of bricks made of fucking shit and all instruments sound fucking great but perhaps the bassdrums a little too present in the mixing! "Forged in the Embers of Monolithic Devastation" is, I think, a fucking wonderful release ingeniously created with a quality of Brutal Death Metal to its highest fucking level and we can only die of impatience waiting for something a little longer!  Its an essential fucking shit for all real brutal people and Omnipotent Hysteria have just intelligently marked the fucking sick shitty world of Brutal Death Metal! Awesome Fucking Brutal Shit, A Fucking Must! 9/10 

mardi 13 mai 2014

Gorgasm-Destined to Violate (New Standard Elite) 

The gods of Brutal Death Fucking Metal are back and being highly anticipated after 3 fucking years of absence, Gorgasm are delivering their fourth full-length album entitled "Destined to Violate"! As always and religiously fucking faithful to their raw Brutal Death Fucking Metal, Gorgasm back still a little more to their fucking shitty roots with this new opus, compared to their last effort "Orgy of Murder", and the musical quality that is delivered this time can remind us "Masticate to Dominate" with a fucking raw sound maybe more around "Bleeding Profusely"! These 13 tracks of pure fucking brutality are performed by Anthony Voight (Bass/Vocals), Damian Leski (Guitar/Vocals) Ryan Saylor (Guitar), Kyle Christman (Drums/Vocals) and the four sickos realized a fucking piece of shit filled with a fucking great brutal sick energy, dealing well with the fast and slow parts including a triple devastation vocals greatly fucking made! Anthony on Bass/Vocals did a fucking amazing job, helped with the production, offers an unforgettable damn performance with a fast and fucking flawless vocals! Damien (Guitar/Vocals) and Ryan (Guitar) are also doing a fucking awesome performance, with a high fucking level of composition and the maturity reflected in their fucking excellent riffs and the total fucking absence of boring fucking parts which gives them a fucking perfection in the composition including the usual excellence of Damian at the vocals! Kyle Christman on drums, and a very good backing vocals giving it some sick shitty parts, is totally fucking great, tight as fuck, fucking fast and a fucking good mix of tempos because, "Destined to Violate" is not only a "blasting" CD, but it contains a range of other influences as Suffocation and company, as always, but this time perhaps a little more sustained that make this release still fucking different from its predecessors! I cant not mention the production which is completely fucking successful, a fucking great mixing and clear sound that allows you to make sure you to dig all fucking elements of this piece of greatness adding a present sound of bass totally fucking awesome and one of the best sounds of drums I've ever hear, the snare is a fucking hard drug!  With 40 minutes of pure fucking awesomeness, Gorgasm again marked the history of Brutal Death Metal with this fucking great masterpiece and every single fucking second of "Destined to Violate" is a eargasm creating a multitude of eargasms giving the name's origin of this golden fucking shit! This fucking piece of gem will be a fucking necessity for all sickos because its without fucking doubt one of the best albums of the year and everyone will know what to do at July 31, 2014! Fucking Perfect Blasterpiece of Pure Fucking Raw Brutality! 10/10 

dimanche 11 mai 2014

Geggar Otak-Avaricious Creature (Brutal Infection Records) 

"Avaricious Creature" is the debut album of Geggar Otak and those Indonesian sickos perform a Technical Brutal Death Fucking Metal, by its many influences, could also be categorized in the Death Metal! Yonky (Vocals), Dedy (Guitars), Ezza (Guitars) and Avaness (Drums) are the quartet of Geggar Otak and despite their technical direction, they still remains musically coherent while keeping the fucking roots of Death Metal! "Avaricious Creature" is a very good fucking release containing many fucking excellent riffs but some seem a little bit fucking weak and boring and others may have already been heard, the vocals is fucking good and still guttural making it damn enjoyable, same fucking shit at the drums, fucking awesome job specially had to the facts that the album mix a lot of Death Metal styles and  Avaness comes out fucking flawless! The production is very well done, fucking good mixing and fucking excellent sound quality, nothing spectacular but still very fucking interesting! Despite its flaws and the parts a little bit less enjoyable, "Avaricious Creature" is a fucking shit really well done at all fucking levels and has the ability to make us addicted, and is therefore, a cd to fucking get! Very Fucking Good Eargasm Shitty Time! 7/10

Cannabies-Green and Noxious (Brutal Mind) 

From Indonesia, after to have smoked a whole fucking weed fields, Cannabies comes with their first EP entitled "Green and Noxious"!  Andriansyah (Vocals), Reza (Guitars), Ega (Bass) and Indra (Drums) are the quartet of this hydro fucking band performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal influenced by many facets of Death Metal! "Green and Noxious", with 4 songs and 16 minutes of shitty fucking brutality, contains all the elements required to make a fucking great record of Death Metal, only fucking awesome riffs of high quality and many parts totally damn memorable, drums also fucking excellent at all levels, mixing pretty well tempos and fucking flawless drumming, and finally, the vocals are very good and fucking aggressive, may perhaps miss a few guttural and may get bored after a while, but nothing catastrophic and still quite fucking enjoyable! Another positive point is this album in terms of production is still fucking killer, it sounds like a few fucking tons of weed consumed in a fucking bowl for 16 fucking minutes and it gives a fuckng raw and brutal result adding a fucking successful mixing! Cannabies have just entered the history of Death Metal with their incredible start and "Green and Noxious" is a fucking awesome album musically, undoubtedly a fucking must for all fans of Death Metal without exceptions! Fucking Great Shitty Fucking Blunt Shit! 9/10 

mardi 6 mai 2014

Omnivorous-Promo 2014 (Brutal Mind) 

From the total fucking sick land of Indonesia, Omnivorous was born from the shitty womb of Tangerang and performs a Brutal Death Fucking Metal played in a raw and fucking pure way completely fucking faithful to the roots of brutality with this act of two songs named "Promo 2014"! Agung Widodo on Vocals, Denny Yurio Andimas on Guitars and Addo Priawan (Failed Virgin) on Drums are the trio consisting of Omnivorous and making "Proto Slaughter Human Decay" and "Evolving Prostatic Asphyxiation" two tracks of sick fucking shit sounding like the best bands of the early fucking era of sickness! The production of this promo is totally explosive and fucking killer, nothing special but a fucking brutal and raw sound with a fucking flawless mixing including drums, guitars and vocals sounding in an incredible way making of this promo a fucking must for all sickos! Omnivorous plays a fucking extreme musick, with the great guttural vocals of Agung, the fucking sick and brutal riffs of Denny which are mostly excellent, maybe some are weak and without interest for brutality, but the 7 minutes are generally entirely fucking sick, fucking disgusting as puke and we can see exactly the same fucking shitty work environment on the side of Addo on drums with his mixing of slow and blast beats and a style of drumming that reminds us the drummers of the old fucking brutal golden era! Definitely a band to keep an eye on for all brutal fucking people, especially with their first EP coming soon! Excellent Shitty Fucking Disk! 8/10 

dimanche 4 mai 2014

Down from the Wound-Violence and the Macabre (Comatose Music) 

After 7 fucking years, "Down from the Wound" is doing a fucking amazing comeback with their second full length album with a title engraved in brutality "Violence and the Macabre"! Having added a member in their Filipinos fucking slaughterband, Down from the Wound is now Tristan Dela Cruz on Vocals, Jeffrey Companero and Chie Merigildo on Guitars, Randyl Manglicmot on Drums and the quartet give us a totally fucking destructive performance tinged with a brutalistic ingenuity influenced by bands like Disgorge (USA) and Suffocation! Tristan with his fucking excellent guttural vocals that we never get bored, the brutal fucking job of Jeff and Chie on guitars is fucking wonderful with a near-perfect composition and finally, Randy drumming as always in a totally fucking sick way with a shitty bunch of barbaric tempos fucking greatly achieved! A strong and fucking perfect production is adding to the damn quality of this shitty disk, fucking great mixing with a enjoyable and brulal heavy fucking sound! With 10 songs (plus one instrumental) and its 48 fucking minutes, "Violence and the Macabre" is fucking perfect in almost all levels and the only negative comment would be some riffs less enjoyable and a couple of songs a little less good but still fucking amazing! This fucking piece of shit is fucking essential to all  brutal fuckers because Down from the Wound just proved their high rank in the Brutal Death Fucking Metal! A fucking must! Fucking Great Piece of Fucking Shit! 9/10 

Pus Vomit-Stoned to Death (Berdugo Records) 

After five fucking years of shitty silence, The Filipinos Pus Vomit are back with a new EP entitled "Stoned to Death" and still perform a Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal with Old School BDM influences! Since their fucking excellent debut album "Degrade the Worthless" Pus Vomit are now with a new vocalist and the band consist now Benji (Vocals), Louie (Guitars) and Ryan (Drums)! This EP hold a totally fucking killer production, it really sounds like a bomb of fucking  shit and the sound of guitars, drums... is still very good including also a fucking good mixing! "Stoned to Death" with its 20 minutes and 5 songs (6 with the hidden track) is musically very damn good with lots of fucking good riffs, unfortunately we can also find some very bad and fucking boring but still fucking well diluted among the best parts or songs! The drums is fucking excellent and Benji as new vocals has filled his role very well with a diversified vocals despite some sounding a bit fucking weak and unnecessary! Despite its negative points, this is a fucking good disk and flows generally fucking well but for my part, I expected much more from them after all this time and loosing some of their brutality and unique style! "Stoned to Death" is worth seeing of each brutaller but especially for slammers with its fucking heavy atmosphere! Good Fucking Shit! 6\10