jeudi 31 décembre 2015

Hymenotomy​-Some Necrophiles Having Sex with Naked Autopsied Bodies in the Morgue (New Standard Elite​)

Some necrophiliac cannibals living in a fucking morgue somewhere in Estonia are showing what they are able to do in terms of disgusting and perverse fucking brutality by offering a debut album of a great efficiency called "Some Necrophiles Having Sex with Naked Autopsied Bodies in the Morgue" demonstrating an obvious fucking ingenuity at the composition! This stinking and bloodthirsty fucking horde baptized Hymenotomy performs a Pure Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal completely faithful to the brutal fucking roots of the shitty slam and giving new life to a dying genre by their brutal and disgusting fucking side and also knowing to make us addicted to their endless successful fucking riffs which for me, not happened since a long time! This debut release contains 9 songs all totally fucking addictive being basic but very well made with many catchy and memorable riffs that give to this fucking shit to be among the best of the genre by offering a disgusting fucking insanity! Hymenotomy is Aivar Keermann (Guitars), Are Kangus (Bass), Markus Saar (Drums) and the bloody perverse fucking trio are doing a brilliant fucking job at all fucking levels making us live a putrid fucking eargasm! Aivar on guitar is giving a flawless fucking job by giving only enjoying riffs that are for the most totally fucking addictive, Are on bass is also offering an awesome performance greatly helped by the production and finally Markus is giving a brutal and disgusting fucking guttural added with an awesome drumming mixing the blast and slam part in a great fucking way! More of 22 addictive nasty fucking minutes including a gory disgusting heavy fucking atmosphere adding to this slamming masterpiece having all elements to break your fucking spine in half by its total fucking sickness! Production is fucking successful especially at the bass, perhaps less at the drums with snare a little weird and low in the mixing but in my opinion not removing any enjoyment of this brilliant fucking release that really sounds like some necrophiliac sickos mutilating, dismembering and fucking some corpses! Hymenotomy is showing that a few sickos are still able to do some real and pure brutal fucking slam in a genre completely saturated with weakness and "Some Necrophiles Having Sex with Naked Autopsied Bodies in the Morgue" is undoubtedly a great fucking success creating itself an important fucking place in the shitty world of brutality! A mandatory fucking CD to all Brutal Death fans enjoying some true fucking sickness! Perfect Brutal Disgusting Slamming Fucking Insanity! 10/10

samedi 26 décembre 2015

Raw​-Promo 2015 (Impaled Productions)

From Surabaya, East Java, Raw is a one-man side project born in 2015 with the purpose of spreading one of the most brutal fucking piece of carnage by bloodying the shitty world with an extreme and bewitching fucking brutality offering its first short slaughtering only called "Promo 2015 "! Raw is performing a total fucking insane, sick and poisonous Brutal Death Fucking Metal flowing in your shitty veins and infecting your whole fucking body with a pure sick fucking drug making addicted anyone living the experience of this insanity of raw fucking sickness! "Promo 2015" is two songs, "Sick" and "Stab", totally fucking brutal and intense as fuck with the ingenuity of having no bad or less interesting riffs but rather adding so many catchy parts in an impressive brutality that we remains fixed on up by this brilliant fucking demonstration of pure fucking brutality completely fucking crazy! Raw is Bengis (Gerogot) on Vocals/Guitars/Drums Programming who is doing an amazing and sick fucking job at all shitty fucking levels by offfering one of the best and most brutal promo to have emerged from this fucking earth with a perfect songwriting and brutality straight in your fucking face! Raw contains an insane, guttural and addictive fucking vocals, crazy and catchy guitar fucking riffs only offering an amazing musick, a fully enjoying drums programming with a better sound than several real drums and an awesome fucking composition with non stop blast and various tempos that makes this fucking shit completely fucking nuts! The production is fucking great, perfect mixing and this fucking shit sounds like a real powerful energy bomb pulverizing everything in its fucking way adding to the oppressive, aggressive and brutal fucking atmosphere of this intense 4 minutes of total fucking devastation! Raw has managed to gain an important place among the hundred bands in Indonesia and also now making part of one of the best one man bands to have emerged in the shitty world of brutality and of course this blasterpiece called "Promo 2015" is mandatory for all true fucking fans of extreme and disgusting fucking brutality! Insane Fucking Promo of Pure Fucking Brutality! 10/10

lundi 21 décembre 2015

Sufism​-Reptilia Buas (Rottrevore Records​)

Born in 2014 at Bandung in West Java, Sufism is now ready to brainwash you with a brutal and merciless fucking butchery creating a horrific destruction wherever this monster goes by delivering a first chaotic fucking act named "Reptilia Buas"! Sufism performs a mighty Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking insane with several Death Metal elements giving them their style and identity but without removing any fucking trace of brutality! "Reptilia Buas" contains 5 songs of fucking extreme brutality but still having its slower parts and Sufism delivers only great fucking songs with maybe one or two riffs a little less interesting in each of them but overall that fucking shit is almost fucking perfect in giving us several fucking eargasms! This band consists of Nanang Rochayat (Vocals), Sandy Rizal (Guitars/Bass), Ari Kurnia (Drums) and the sick trio are giving some of the most brutal musick with an insane and diverse vocals perhaps lacking a little of guttural but still fucking powerful and enjoying, guitars and bass riffs are for the most fucking successful and addictive, and finally, the drums is just fucking brutal mixing blastbeat and slower parts by doing it in a creative fucking way! 15 shitty minutes of pure fucking insanity almost successful at all fucking levels including a post-apocalyptic atmosphere that gives you the feeling of being pulverized by this fucking bomb of shit infecting you and slowly killing everyone making experience of their brilliant fucking  brutality! "Reptilia Buas" have a great fucking production, very good mixing with a brutal, killer and heavy fucking sound adding quality to this real fucking piece of true fucking insanity! Sufism has found a place among the best fucking bands from Indonesia by delivering this amazing EP of high fucking quality and brutality having all shitty ingredients to create something of an unimaginable fucking sickness! Highly recommended brutal fucking piece of shit to all Brutal Death or Death Metallers around the shitty fucking world! Near Perfect Fucking Piece of True Fucking Brutality! 9/10

dimanche 20 décembre 2015

Diffusal Blade-Diffusal Blade (Dismembered Records​)

From Jember in East Java, an aggressive and bloodthirsty fucking entity was born in 2008 baptized as the Diffusal Blade to engulf us in a monstrosity totally fucking insane and killer as fuck wearing their own name "Diffusal Blade"! This first EP of four songs (including an instrumental sampler) delivers a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal completely damn insane with its non-stop fucking blast and quality writing that could be an album very influenced and comparable to "She Lay Gutted"! Three songs of pure fucking insanity destroying absolutely everything in its fucking path with an aggressiveness rarely reached in the shitty genre and a flawless fucking composition that makes that EP a total fucking eargasm of brutality and a true fucking lesson of sickness! Diffusal Blade is Harry (Vocals), Wahyoe (Guitars), Edroez (Bass), Aan (Drums) and the insane Indonesian quartet are doing an amazing fucking job in a sick way by breaking our fucking legs with a cutting edge brutality that makes this EP one of the most brutal pieces of fucking shit! The sickos are giving us an insane fucking performance with Harry on vocals delivering a powerful and brutal fucking guttural surely influenced by Matti Way, guitar riffs from Wahyoe are just totally fucking insane and even with their very high level of sickness are knowing to make us addicted with many catchy and quality ones, same for Edroez on bass being sick as fuck with a great job and finally Aan is giving a total insane drumming with brutal fucking blastbeats but still knowing to vary his shit! "Diffusal Blade" is lasting 10 brutal fucking minutes with a bloody cold fucking atmosphere which adds to this sick marvel including tons of total insane fucking parts with several catchy riffs making this blasterpiece a real fucking gem of brutality! The production of this shit is fucking great, a mixing well done with an heavy and destructive sound that makes us feel to witness a massacre scene of great fucking magnitude and brutality bloodying the shitty world with their brutal material came from the true fucking roots of pure fucking sickness! Diffusal Blade just delivered a perfect EP completely fucking insane having all the sick elements to satisfy the sickos but not pleasing the weaks! Blasterpiece of Pure Fucking Insanity! 10/10

dimanche 13 décembre 2015

Karnivora​-Karnivora (WAAR Productions​)

Formed in 2009 at Jember, East Java and baptized with the name of Karnivora, this bloodthirsty fucking beast has finally come to devour the damn world with a brilliant fucking brutality simply called "Karnivora" and a departure which only provides extreme sadistic fucking pleasure! This debut massacre is spreading 10 acts of pure fucking butchery all really excellent with a great fucking way to make us addicted by several catchy fucking riffs really well written in the brutal meaning! Karnivora are performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal of high quality with surely some Old School Death Metal influences especially in the shape of compositions that are still fucking basic but in this case totally increasing the fucking level of enjoyment with the awesome songwriting! The production of this carnivorous fucking shit is really well made, a very good fucking mixing and powerful sounds that makes us feel being skinned and looking at our fucking flesh being eaten by this bloody fucking monster without fucking pity! This beast is controlled by Fikri (Vocals), Rendi (Guitars), Lukman (Bass), Fahmi (Drums) and the four sickos are doing an amazing fucking job, vocals is fucking sick and enjoying, guitar riffs are for the most fucking excellent, great job on bass, drums is fucking brutal but still creative and the band are delivering some eargasmic memorable fucking parts that are increasing the great fucking quality of this addictive debut release! 35 minutes of pure fucking brutality with a bloody and savage fucking atmosphere and "Karnivora" maybe have as only flaw to include some weak riffs in some songs but in general this fucking shit gives all the elements needed to make an amazing and almost perfect fucking album! Karnivora fully managed their first carnage by delivering an addictive fucking bomb of Brutal Death Metal with a killer fucking atmosphere and a very well made composition that undoubtedly make this fucking album mandatory to all fans of Brutal or Death Metal! Amazing Fucking Carnage of Addictive Fucking Brutality! 9/10

samedi 12 décembre 2015

Nature Depravity​-Ripping, Mangling the Fresh Cadaver (Dismembered Records​)

Another amazing brutal fucking bomb was dropped from Indonesia to spread the disease everywhere called Nature Depravity and offering their first demo "Ripping, Mangling the Fresh Cadaver",  a top quality fucking piece of sickness with top notch brutality! Nature Depravity are showing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking sick and despite having a drums machine, it sounds fucking powerful and brutal as fuck with a strong inspiration to Disgorge (USA) very well done! "Ripping, Mangling the Fresh Cadaver" is 3 songs, including one instrumental intro, which contains an atmosphere of cold fucking brutality with a feeling of total fucking destruction including only excellent riffs with countless catchy fucking parts making completely addicted any sick fucking soul! Nature Depravity consists of Ardi (Vocals), Yogie (Guitars), Rizal (Bass) and the trio are doing an awesome job at each fucking level by delivering a brilliant fucking piece of true fucking sickness and giving a composition of the most fucking great! Ardi on vocals is fucking crazy with a sick and powerful guttural fucking enjoying, Yogie on guitars is giving only addictive and insane fucking riffs with a great fucking job of Rizal on bass and the drums programming is very well done and fucking brutal! Around 7 minutes of pure destruction totally fucking addictive with a dose of ingenuity very present that makes this a perfect demo with no boring parts and enjoyable from A to Z even including the great fucking intro! The production of this shit is fucking excellent, perfect mixing, successful sound of drums programming and in general this CD sounds like a fucking bomb of insanity destroying all life forms by its perfect execution and excessive fucking brutality! "Ripping, Mangling the Fresh Cadaver" has all the shitty elements needed to create a beautiful fucking work of Brutal Death with its sick fucking atmosphere and countless catchy riffs knowing to make us addicted! Nature Depravity fully managed their first appearance in the fucking world of sickness with an amazing fucking demo essential to all fans of true and fucking sick Brutal Death! Perfect Fucking Piece of Pure Fucking Insanity! 10/10

lundi 7 décembre 2015

Guttural Disease​-Periodical Torment (Brutal Mind​)

An epic fucking brutality was born in Bandung, West Java to invade the shitty world in iron and blood as the Guttural Disease with a first chapter called "Periodical Torment" slaughtering all weak fucking souls on this fucking planet! Guttrual Disease are performing a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking addictive with its ingenious compostion making this EP majestically fucking sick containing 4 songs about 5 minutes each which may seem long but the musical fucking quality delivered by this sick fucking band give us instead the feeling of 2 minutes! "Periodical Torment" is offering a brutal fucking musick with a unique and insane personality creating an atmosphere of epic fucking wars and all torture and suffering that comes with this shitty fucking plague raising the level of brutality and enjoyment of this fucking shit! This horde of bloodthirsty fucking soldiers is R. Audio Lesmana (Vocals), Bintang Rizky Lazuardy (Guitars), Iqbal Maulana (Bass), M. Aditya Pratama (Drums) and the sick fucking quartet are giving a lesson of brutality at all fucking levels with a perfect songwriting and knowing how to make us addicted for a long time and creating a genius fucking piece of shit certainly among the best Brutal Death release ever made! Audio on vocals is performing an amazing guttural totally fucking addictive, Bintang on guitars and Iqbal on bass are delivering catchy riffs after catchy riffs making their job fucking flawless and Aditya on drums is just fucking sick with plenty of blast but also showing some diversity! "Periodical Torment" is 20 minutes of pure fucking bestiality with a huge torturous atmosphere and so fucking addictive with its non-stop brutal and catchy riffs that it will be in your playlist for very long because this fucking shit is a real masterpiece totally enjoyable from A to Z! Production of this shit is fucking great with an excellent mixing and a sound very charismatic giving us the feeling of attending to the gory slaughter of this sick fucking band skinning alive everyone on their fucking path! For me Guttural Disease just delivered one of the best CDs of brutality seeing the fucking light from the darkness with its ingenious and fucking perfect songwriting making "Periodical Torment" a mandatory piece of sickness for any fan of true fucking insanity! Blasterpiece of Epic Fucking Brutality! 10/10

dimanche 6 décembre 2015

Propaganda​-The Mask of Sanity (Brute! Productions​)

Born in the fucking entrails of Bogor West Java in 2009, Propaganda offered last year an excellent "Promo 2014" and are now finally ready to give us a debut album called "The Mask of Sanity" continuing where they left by delivering an amazing fucking piece of total fucking savagery! Propaganda are performing a killer Brutal Death Fucking Metal mainly into the blast but still knowing to have its heaviest parts and giving a brutal fucking composition totally fucking sick!  "The Mask of Sanity" has 10 songs including an intro/outro plus an excellent cover of Gelgamesh and this fucking bomb of brutality is showing a very high fucking level of aggressiveness which makes all the songs fucking great despite having perhaps a few riffs a little less enjoyable but in general this fucking shit is completely fucking insane with all the shitty elements required to blow your  fucking brain! Propaganda is Ari Septian Pratama (Vocals), Stevanuz Yanz (Guitars), Fajar Dian Pratama (Bass), Risky Muharam (Drums) and the sickos are performing a quality Brutal Death with insane fucking drumming, mostly killer fucking riffs with and excellent bass and a powerful fucking guttural maybe a little redundant for some but totally fucking brutal! This first effort contains a fully insane fucking side that give it a slaughtering atmosphere of total fucking butchery and musically of sadistic fucking savagery almost fucking perfect! The production is fucking great but not perfect, an excellent mixing and this fucking shit sounds like a real fucking ton of rotten corpses being cut in pieces by chainsaw! "The Mask of Sanity" despite having some flaws is almost perfect at all fucking levels and Propaganda fully managed their start in the shitty world of madness by leaving a gory fucking bomb destroying everything in its fucking path! Highly recommended for true brutal fucking sickos enjoying some real fucking sickness! Amazing Insane Fucking Shit of True Fucking Brutality! 9/10

mardi 1 décembre 2015

Brain Damage-Promo 2015 (Brute! Productions)

Pure Brutal Fucking Piece of True Amazing Fucking Insanity! Indonesia still offers a marvel of brutality and this time the monster that was created is called Brain Damage well bearing his name by destroying all your fucking brain cells one by one with a first effort under the name "promo 2015" marking brutally their entry into the fucking world of sickness! This insane project is performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking awesome submerged in the blast but still having a few rare heavier parts alleviating this fucking bomb of ruthless brutality disrupting any weak souls! Brain Damage is Hembing (Vocals), Pippen (Guitars), Catur (Bass), Vega (Drums) and the sick fucking quartet are delivering a powerful piece of supreme brutality being perfect at every fucking levels offering an amazing and fucking raw material with many catchy parts in the composition doing it a complete addictive piece of fucking shit! This "Promo 2015" contains two songs for about 5 minutes that are fucking amazing from A to Z with a non stop eargasmic brutality including some crushing fucking riffs coming amplify the feeling of being completely annihilated by this mighty fucking piece of brutal fucking shit! Hembing on vocals is fucking awesome with a powerful guttural that can be redundant for some but for my part being fucking enjoyable from start to end, Pippen on guitars and Catur on Bass are fucking brutal and awesome giving multiple catchy parts making this shit fucking addictive and finally Vega on drums is totally fucking insane with sick fucking blast and also knowing to be diverse! This disk nail you on the fucking ground by crumbling your fucking spine with a brutal cold fucking atmosphere helped by the great production and filling this blasterpiece brilliantly! The production, as mentioned above, is just fucking awesome with a mixing completely successful and the raw sound is destroying everything in its fucking path with its heavy and brutal fucking side! Brain Damage just made its place among the best bands in Indonesia offering a brilliant and perfect promo cd which I think is one of the best in the shitty fucking genre! Highly recommended fucking stuff to all sick in the fucking head fuckers! 10/10