mardi 2 mai 2017

Cremated Lives​-Demolition Overdose (Soulflesh Collector Records)

The Russians Cremated Lives are back stronger than ever to bewitch you with their second fucking album entitled "Demolition Overdose" that will satisfy your bestial fucking appetite with this piece of incredible ingenuity that will make you addicted with this monstrous fucking drug that, after 4 fucking years, I still have not suffered from an overdose! This second act is more than 28 fucking minutes of pure fucking enjoyment spreading an astonishing Brutal Death Fucking Metal that can be compared to albums like "Lost Torso Found" and "Pre-Natal Cannibalism" but being quite original while creating a primitive fucking piece of an unimaginable addiction! Cremated Lives really managed to give a high quality album with an outstanding fucking production really creating an atmosphere of Yeti destroying everything in its fucking path with its masterful and magical force that will freeze your fucking blood and petrify you by its perfect and brutal fucking execution! Dmitry Zolontsov (Vocals/Guitars), Vyacheslav Kulikov (Bass) and Ilya Volkov (Drums) are the trio composing this ruthless fucking beast doing an amazing fucking job by offering a perfect songwriting with all the necessary elements to create one of the best fucking releases of the shitty genre by its pure, ingenious and addictive fucking sides! "Demolition Overdose" is divided in 8 exceptional fucking parts being all fucking great without a single boring moment and being fucking flawless from A to Z with its non stop catchy fucking parts showing that some bands are still able to make something completely fucking addictive and knowing how to create an eternal fucking piece of insanity! Vocals are fucking addictive, brutal and creative, riffing are all fucking exceptional with only catchy fucking parts, bass on this fucking shit are amazing as fuck helped by the production highlighting many parts and finally the drums is also a strong point in this release being fucking brilliant, sick and varied giving more quality to this insane fucking masterpiece! The production is fucking perfect, mixing as well putting in front everything and helping to the addictive side of this fucking shit that make sounds it like some blastdozer rolling on people in the fucking streets! Cremated Lives created a total fucking masterpiece that will mark eternally the brutal death scene and putting it among the best fucking releases ever made by its brilliance, perfection and quality of execution! "Demolition Overdose" is making part of the wall of corpses with the bests of its shitty genre and this piece of true fucking brutality is mandatory to each sickos wishing to live some brutal, amazing and unforgettable fucking experience! True Brutal Fucking Piece of Total Fucking Brilliance! 10/10

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