samedi 31 octobre 2015

Fetus Slicer​-Metamorphoses of Sickness (Rottenpyosis Records​)

A pestilential form was born in the deformity and insanity to create a gigantic fucking carnage in the Taiwanese community and immerse ourselves of a dirty fucking brutality! Fetus Slicer is the name given to this abomination to invade and put the world to blood with an act of total fucking butchery entitled "Metamorphoses of Sickness" and perfectly fulfilling their mandate by shredding all fucking ears in their fucking path! 11 disgusting fucking tracks of extreme Grinding Brutal Death/Goregrind totally unique but we could still discern some influences a la Disgorge (Mex) and some Goregrind bands by adding their personal touch and making this fucking shit an original experience soaked in sickness! "Metamorphoses of Sickness" have the ingenuity of being a diverse fucking release by offering an instrumental intro, a near instrumental song, one slower and 8 fucking songs of insane brutality! This bomb of aggression can be difficult for beginners in the extreme sickness to dig but Fetus Slicer managed to include very great and catchy fucking riffs throughout their shitty songs and greatly facilitating access to this fucking brilliant piece of fucking shit! Dr. Varg Huang is the sicko behind this macabre fucking debauchery by interpreting all instruments and doing it in a great fucking way and making this one man project one of the best ever! "Metamorphoses of Sickness" has a great guttural fucking variety including several screaming moment, crazy and twisted fucking riffs, and a fucking sick drums mixing insane fucking blast and slow parts! Perhaps we can hear in this fucking shit some riffs that seems to be repeated in a few songs but I think it increases the atmosphere, the link between the songs and making this chaotic album enjoyable and fucking unique in its shitty kind! 30 minutes of twisted disgusting fucking brutality with a dirty cadaverous atmosphere and crazy fucking musick classifying this massive destruction in the list of sicker ever made! The production of this nasty fucking shit is fucking awesome and perfect for this kind of release, a well-made mixing and the final product really sounds like a  fucking ton of fetus being sliced in thousand fucking parts before being devoured by this bloodthirsty fucking beast! This musical monstrosity baptized Fetus Slicer is serving a platter of exquisite mutilated fucking fetuses making this bloody banquet a complete fucking  success of perfect brutality knowing how to deliver some of the most eargasmic sickness! "Metamorphoses of Sickness" is an unique and brutal fucking experience recommended to all true fucking insane in the head sickos! Perfect Bloody Fucking Piece of Disgusting Twisted Fucking Debauchery! 10/10

mercredi 28 octobre 2015

Malodorous Oblation​-The Demise of the Demiurge (Swallow Vomit Productions​)

From USA/Sweden, Malodorous Oblation come to bleed us like some fucking pigs with their beastly musick and an EP entitled "The Demise of the Demiurge" and the band is offering a basic brutality but exploring every facet of extreme genres by incorporating a solid fucking composition creating an atmosphere of the most enjoyable! The band is performing a primitive twisted Brutal Death Fucking Metal and for my part, can't be really compared to any bands by their creative little twisted touch added with a disgusting fucking side! "The Demise of the Demiurge" consists of 6 songs that are fucking excellent and contain maybe a couple less good ones but this fucking shit is still never boring and interesting from beginning to fucking end! Malodorous Oblation is Nate (Guitars/Bass), Ulf (Vocals/Drums) and the duo are fucking awesome giving a brilliant songwriting and delivering a dirty brutality fucking insane! Nate on guitars/bass is fucking great not always giving amazing riffs but able to create a twisted ambiance totally fucking awesome and Ulf on vocals/drums is performing a nasty fucking guttural sounding fucking disgusting with a drumming having some flaws but still well done and fucking creative! The production of this shit have several flaws but is still fucking good and fitting very well with the style of the band, a good mixing with also many flaws and the sound of drums is not very successful but in general this fucking shit sounds like a fucking ton of disgusting fucking shit! 19 minutes of brutal fucking debauchery with a creepy atmosphere and a disgusting fucking musick giving to this release, despite some negative, a high fucking level of insanity and Malodorous Oblation managed their start into brutality with this twisted, brutal and great fucking EP making "The Demise of the Demiurge" a must have for every fucking sickos! Excellent Twisted Brutal Disgusting Fucking Shit! 8/10

mardi 27 octobre 2015

Gastrorrexis​/Infectology​-Putrescent Genetic Abnormalities Aberrations (Musica Hibrida/Rotten Bowels Records​)

From Ecuador, Gastrorrexis are back to offer 5 of their most brutal fucking songs into a Split CD called "Putrescent Genetic Abnormalities Aberrations" spreading the fucking blood and insanity with their countrymate Infectology! Gastrorrexis continues to perform a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal giving 4 new songs fucking amazing plus a reprise from their first album and comes to make explodes our fucking ears with their near perfect insanity totally fucking enjoyable! Alejandro (Vocals), Carlos (Guitars), Alex (Bass), Marcelo (Drums) are the four insane fuckers of this brutal Ecuadorian fucking project offering a composition of the most successful and having as only flaws to have some riffs a little less great but in general this fucking shit is just fucking killer with a sick addictive fucking side! The production of this shit is fucking amazing, mixing is near perfect and the sound is fucking eargasmic sounding like a ton of fucking bones crushed by some genetically abnormal fat aberrant putrid fucking whores! Gastrorrexis is offering a near perfect brutal fucking material and is for sure a must for every sick fuckers!

After to have offered an amazing debut fucking album 2 years ago, Infectology returns to infest our fucking brain with their pure brutality and 5 songs including 2 new ones totally fucking devastating keeping their style and playing a raw and sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal! Infectology is giving a new material of more than 6 brilliant fucking minutes mixing the blast and slower parts very well and keeping their brutal identity at every fucking side by performing their own brutality! This machine of pure insanity is controlled by Jhenry on Vocals giving an awesome performance with an enjoying guttural, Luis on Guitars and Jose on Bass offering a fucking great songwriting with some riffs probably less successful but the whole fucking shit is still fucking addictive and finally Ivan on Drums totally fucking insane with an excellent blast but also giving a diverse fucking drumming including some slower parts! 2 new amazing fucking songs not perfect but having everything to break your spine in fucking half with a fucking pure brutality, a great production and an insane fucking atmosphere destroying all weak fucking souls!

"Putrescent Genetic Abnormalities Aberrations" is a brilliant fucking split led by Gastrorrexis/Infectology in a brutal fucking way and making this split one of the best ever! A great fucking release from start to end highly recommended to all brutal fuckers! Amazing Fucking Piece of True Fucking Insanity! 9/10

lundi 26 octobre 2015

Cerebral-Agorafobia (Rotten Cemetery Records​)

From Chile, Cerebral come to destroy us mentally with a straight fucking brutality EP entitled "Agorafobia" offering a brutal fucking musick destroying every fucking mind in its fucking path! Cerebral is Alamiro Becerra (Vocals), Oliver Moris (Guitars), Sebastian Hidalgo (Bass), Claudio Abarca (Drums) and the four sickos are performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal very well composed reminding us of a few bands of Chile and offers a brutal fucking piece of high quality despite some fucking flaws! "Agorafobia" contains 4 songs all fucking great with maybe a couple a little less good than others and some riffs less enjoyable in every song but this fucking shit is still fucking great from A to Z and give us a great fucking time! Alamiro is fucking good maybe lacking a little of guttural but still delivering a powerful fucking vocals, Oliver is giving in general fucking good riffs with a great songwriting, also a nice fucking job from Sebastian on bass and finally Claudio on drums is fucking great mixing blast and slower parts! 11 fucking minutes of cerebral destruction not perfect but having all fucking elements you can find in the shitty genre and some catchy parts with an atmosphere of deteriorating fucking disease! The production of this EP is fucking excellent, a mixing well  done and a sound maybe missing a little of heaviness but this fucking shit still sounds like a fucking ton of brains being fucking crushed with a hammer! Cerebral are offering a killer fucking musick and despite some negative gives a high fucking level of enjoyment with an excellent fucking piece of brutality and "Agorafophia" is for sure a first effort recommended to all Death Metal and Brutal Death fans! Great Fucking EP of Mental Devastation! 8/10

dimanche 25 octobre 2015

Conquer the Rotted​-Demo-lition (Self-Released)

A new band was born to conquer Kebek with the name of Conquer the Rotted and comes to make bleed our fucking ears with a pure fucking brutality as in the good old damn days and launches a first demo called "Demo-lition"! Conquer the Rotted performs a true Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking devastating with perhaps a little Netherlands touch which make this fucking shit completely addictive! "Demo-lition" is 4 songs of pure brutal fucking butchery which are fucking excellent with perhaps some repetitive riffs but the final result is just fucking brilliant offering nothing new but an effective fucking brutality knowing how to create a fucking good song because on this CD, all songs are just totally fucking addictive and well written! The production of this demo is still very well done, good fucking mixing despite a snare lacking presence and this fucking shit sounds really like a ton of shitty fucking bricks and despite some flaws is really fucking excellent as first job! Max The Defloweriser (Vocals), Mic the Vicking (Guitars), Mike Epic Ajusteur (Drums) are the sick trio controlling this insane fucking beast offering a very good songwriting making this piece of fucking shit a total fucking enjoyment! Max on vocals is just fucking awesome giving an addictive brutal fucking guttural, almost all riffs of Mic on guitars are fucking great giving a near perfect composition and Mike on drums is fucking insane with a ton of blast and varied drumming! 10 shitty minutes of pure fucking demolition and despite some repetitive parts in a couple of songs, the demo is fucking genius from start to end with an ingenuity to deliver a pure Brutal Death with a level of fucking enjoyment as before the bands were knowing to give us!  Conquer the Rotted come to prove that even today some good fucking shit can be made in Canada and the band can easily be ranked among the best Canadian bands to have emerged in the shitty fucking brutality! "Demo-lition" is a near perfect fucking shit mandatory to all fans of pure and true fucking brutality and we can only die by waiting for their debut album! Amazing True Fucking Piece of Pure Fucking Brutality! 9/10

mardi 20 octobre 2015

Torture Droid​-Washed Away is the Illusion (Deviant Recordings)

The modern machine of the worst punishments Torture Droid is fucking back to dump his brutal mind and anger to the weak world with a debut album entitled "Washed Away is the Illusion" and continues along the same fucking path of the previous destruction by bewitching us with a killer and addictive fucking brutality!  This chaotic fucking quest delivered by this machine of nameless fucking sickness is directed by Zach Krauss (Metazog) which is controlling everything on this infernal machine of raw fucking brutality with an insane creativity! "Washed Away is the Illusion" could be described as Sick Melodic Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a flawless composition at every fucking level and, as the previous EP "Evil from the Beyond", continuing to make us addicted to the pure and perfect fucking brutality doing it a total sick fucking gem! Torture Droid gives 9 new shitty fucking songs of high fucking quality all being completely brilliant including a genius songwriting that offers no weak fucking parts but only amazing songs being all unique and totally fucking successful!  "Washed Away is the Illusion" has the distinction of having his own sick identity by creating a brutal melody never heard before and doing it very refreshing while keeping the musick very focused on raw and pure fucking brutality at its highest fucking level of enjoyment! Zach is equal to himself by offering an ingenious fucking performance, vocals are fucking powerful, addictive and guttural as fuck, guitar riffs are all brutally fucking flawless, bass very well done and a drums machine fucking brutal, programmed perfectly and sounding better than 80% of bands with real drums! 31 fucking minutes of total eargasms with a pure brutality permeating our damned soul, a melody penetrating our blasphemous flesh and a great fucking atmosphere digging our putrid fucking bones creating one of the best pieces of fucking shit (one man band) ever made in the shitty genre! The production of this fucking shit is successful, a mixing well done and that shit sounds like a raw ton of fucking bricks that adds a great fucking quality to this undisputed masterpiece! Torture Droid has managed its debut with an inspired work that gives nothing of new but for me will forever remain engraved on the walls of sickness and "Washed Away is the Illusion" is without doubt fucking perfect and a mandatory shitty gem for all fans of true Brutal Death Metal with an unique approach in its fucking kind! Blasterpiece of Pure Addictive Fucking Brutality! 10/10

dimanche 18 octobre 2015

Anal Fissure​-Mind of a Serial Killer (Brute! Productions)

Philippines is a country thriving in the Brutal Death Fucking Metal in recent years and a new band is again emerging from this brutal fucking land called Anal Fissure  to offer their debut album entitled  "Mind of a Serial Killer"! Anal Fissure is Untz (Vocals), AC (Guitars), G-Boy (Bass), Myke (Drums) and the quartet are performing a pure disgusting Brutal Death Fucking Metal similar to other bands of their country and could be described as a mix between Disastrous and Human Mastication! "Mind of a Serial Killer" is almost 32 fucking minutes of insane fucking brutality that are mostly really fucking brilliant mixing the blastbeat, slow and slam parts with a shitty atmosphere of depraved fucking butchery! Untz on vocals is performing a powerful fucking guttural perhaps a bit linear but still totally fucking enjoyable, AC is giving in general excellent fucking riffs with a composition of high fucking quality, G-Boy on bass is fucking awesome with some moments very successful and finally, Myke is delivering a brutal fucking drumming mixing the ton of blastbeats with the slower parts making his job varied and fucking great! 10 songs of pure fucking insanity all fucking great with several addictive elements but surely each song contains some riffs somewhat less successful but generally this fucking shit destroys everything in its fucking path with a brutal songwriting and a great fucking debut! The production of this fucking shit is very well done, a great mixing with a destructive fucking sound that makes sound this fucking CD like a real fucking ton of shit chewed by some filthy fucking whores while being beaten by pleasure! "Mind of Serial Killer" is containing all the shitty fucking elements of Brutal Death Metal and make this album probably more accessible and despite some brutal riffs a little less successful is fucking excellent from start to end and is an important fucking piece of the shitty puzzle in the fucking genre! Anal Fissure just delivered an amazing debut fucking album making their mark in the fucking style and highly recommended to all fans of brutality! Pure Fucking Brutality of Disgusting Fucking Insanity! 9/10

mercredi 14 octobre 2015

Masochist​-Siamese Sado-Masochist 696 (Sick Chainsaws Productions​)

From Thailand, Masochist is shredding us in pieces with a first effort of great fucking insanity baptized "Siamese Sado-Masochist 696" destroying everything with excessive brutality! This bestial sexual brutalistic machine is delivering a sick fucking Grindcore with one of the best compositions in the fucking genre and offering a high level fucking piece of barbarity with crazy fucking musick! "Siamese Sado-Masochist 696" consists of 24 sadistic sexual acts which are all fucking awesome with perhaps one or two a little less enjoyable but 2 out of 24 is really fucking excellent! Masochist is Somkiat (Vocals), Patiwat (Guitars), Twish (Bass), Sunyaluxx (Drums) and the sickos are performing a high quality Grindcore very fast and fucking brutal but knowing to create diversity to launch a fucking bomb of the most enjoyable and valuable in the fucking style! Somkiat on vocals is very fucking sick and diverse as fuck, Patiwat on guitars and Twish on bass are giving for the most only insane fucking riffs with a sick songwriting and Sunyaluxx is fucking brutal as fuck performing a fast and insane fucking drumming! 45 fucking minutes of pure rawness and violent grindcore enhanced by an atmosphere of debauchery making it unique and that fucking shit, despite some flaws, is addictive from start to end and making this perverse fucking act an almost perfect shitty hymn of brutality! The production is fucking good, well done mixing with a raw sound that gives you the shitty feeling to be into a great orgiastic murdering fucking scene! "Siamese Sado-Masochist 696" have nothing of new but is an ingenious fucking piece of grindcore that all fans of extreme metal could enjoy and Masochist totally managed their start in the brutal fucking perversity! Amazing Brutal Fucking Raw Grinding Fucking Shit! 9/10

dimanche 11 octobre 2015

Perfecitizen​-Corten (L'Infantile Collective)

From Czech, Perfecitizen are back after their excellent debut album to show us this time an EP called "Corten" and the band continues to provide a quality musick with creativity that gives them their own fucking identity in addition to creating a style to themselves! Olda Kamenetski (Vocals), Tomáš Mleziva (Guitars) and Jarda Haž (Drums) are the alienated fucking mental trio performing a style that could be called Blastcore which have nothing to see with Deathcore but more exploring all metal shitty elements and keeping the fucking blast very present!  "Corten" is divided into 6 genius fucking parts making this album dynamic and enjoyable in its entirety even if you can hear some little less successful riffs but still very fucking good! Olda on vocals is very fucking great mixing all shitty styles from guttural to screaming til the clean vox and doing it ingeniously, Tomáš on guitars is continuing his creative fucking job by delivering a ton of amazing and insane fucking riffs and finally Jarda on drums proving again why he makes part of the sickest drummers by giving an awesome and fucking diverse tight as fuck drumming! Perfecitizen are deeply penetrating your fucking mind with "Corten" to make it fucking sick by writing an explosive and fucking addictive musick despite some moments a little less enjoyable!  The production of this release is really great with a flawless fucking mixing and a sound maybe a little too clear but this fucking shit is still sounding like a ton of shitty fucking bricks added by a pure fucking raw side! Around 23 minutes of brilliant originality while having its brutal fucking elements written in an amazing fucking way and containing a very modern atmosphere but really well managed making fucking addictive all disturbed fucking souls! Perfecitizen showed they were able to continue to create a degenerate fucking musick and "Corten" is undoubtedly a near fucking perfect EP and can easily meet all extreme fucking metal fans! Great Creative Brutal Fucking Shit! 9/10