lundi 15 mai 2017

Exhumer​-Degraded by Sepsis (Comatose Music​)

The very brutal and disgusting fucking hordes are rather rare these days in Italy but there are always some fucking bands stand out from the overproduced shits and Exhumer are a great fucking example of this fact and this time offer a second release with all the ingredients needed to make an unforgettable insane fucking work! "Degraded by Sepsis" is the name given to this powerful fucking bomb lasting around 25 minutes of pure fucking brutality being addictive from start to end with its twisted and brutal fucking parts having not a single boring one and delivering some brilliant fucking material! Exhumer are performing a sick and twisted Brutal Death Fucking Metal being totally fucking unique in their kind and making part of the elite of the shitty genre by always sharing some amazing, catchy and insane fucking composition! "Degraded by Sepsis" is divided in 11 putrid fucking sections being musically fucking perfect having as only one flaw to have too much instrumental sample songs coming to break the energy and momentum of this fucking shit but of course the couple songs are short and quickly back into insanity and the rotten fucking atmosphere making this disk completely fucking addictive and spinning non stop for a while! The production could have been more raw but still fucking explosive and awesome, mixing is well done and this shit sounds really like a fucking pile of decomposed putrid fucking bodies exploding in the middle of an old rotten fucking hut full of shitty mold! Exhumer is Diego Fanelli (Vocals), Marco Aromatario (Guitars), Alyosha Danisi (Bass), Paolo Damato (Drums) and the sickos are just fucking exceptional by giving a flawless musical fucking product having only very little technical flaws not taking off all the qualities in the songwriting! Diego as usual is fucking excellent giving some addictive fucking job, Marco and Alyosha are just fucking insane by sharing some twisted and catchy fucking composition making this release a fucking must in the genre and finally Paolo on drums is sick as fuck with an excellent fucking drumming being original and fucking insane! "Degraded by Sepsis" is a successful second fucking release having perhaps a few rare flaws on the technical side but being musically fucking perfect and spreading a cold, cadaverous and rotten fucking ambiance only increasing the high quality of this fucking shit! Exhumer managed their second carnage into the shitty world of brutality by sharing an addictive fucking massacre being mandatory to all brutal people wishing to live some twisted and brutal fucking experience! Brilliant Fucking Gem of True Fucking Insanity! 9.5/10

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