samedi 31 décembre 2016

Abnormal Inhumane​-Consuming the Infinity (New Standard Elite​) 

After five years of waiting, Abnormal Inhumane are finally ready to deliver their second full length album entitled "Consuming the Infinity" and we can say that during all these shitty years, they worked very hard because of the big fucking step since their first album In 2011 "Disgusting Cruelty of Homicide" and thus, giving a total fucking wonder of true fucking brutality! Abnormal Inhumane are performing a pure Brutal Death Fucking Metal that could be compared with bands like Inveracity, Despondency etc, and the band manages to keep all roots from the golden era by giving us a lot of old skull brutal fucking feelings with a complete addictive second opus that will remains forever marked into all fucking souls! "Consuming the infinity" is 10 flawless fucking tracks with no boring parts and only catchy and brutal fucking riffs from start to end with a couple of lighter parts only coming to increase the atmosphere of this amazing fucking shit and not removing the addictive side very present! This new album is really a travel in the past giving us an awesome fucking experience with a songwriting like it needs to be done because the composition is very fucking huge and brilliant to all fucking levels making us addicted for a while and putting this fucking shit among the best! The band consist of Mitsos (Vocals), Stelios (Guitars), Kostas (Bass), Mitch (Drums) and the insane fucking quartet are doing an ingenious fucking job! Awesome and powerful fucking vocals that could have been more guttural but not removing at all our enjoyment and the perfection of this fucking shit, guitars is only fucking flawless giving a lot catchy riffs with a brilliant songwriting, same for the bass helped a lot by the great production and finally the drums is another reason making this release one of the best by giving a stunning performance with an insane and genius fucking drumming! "Consuming the Infinity" have a perfect fucking production heavy as fuck with a great mixing and this fucking shit sounds like a ton of fucking bricks! 33 fucking minutes of pure fucking brutality that seemed to me like 5 because of the high fucking level of addiction and enjoyment to all aspects making this fucking shit a pure fucking blasterpiece! I think Abnormal Inhumane really surprised with something we think as gone but making us live again some great old time and "Consuming the Infinity" is now making part of the elite and without any fucking doubt a must have for all sickos enjoying some brutal fucking tunes! True Fucking Perfection of Pure Fucking Brutality! 10/10 

jeudi 29 décembre 2016

Corporal Carnage-Suffering by Diabolical (Dismembered Records)

A new abomination was born in Indonesia under the name of Corporal Carnage with the intention of destroying all physical fucking forms of this shitty world and this first murder stage is called "Suffering by Diabolical"! Corporal Carnage performs a sick disgusting Brutal Death Fucking Metal with influences of bands like old Ingurgitate, Mangled Atrocity, Menstrual Disconsumed and a little bit of Perverted Dexterity sharing the same fucking disease as these bands of pure fucked up insanity! "Suffering by Diabolical" is  4 original fucking tracks which are all fucking amazing and addictive as fuck with a twisted side very present coming to increase the insanity and nastiness of this sick fucking EP! 14 fucking minutes including for the most catchy fucking riffs with a non stop brutality doing this release fucking extreme despite a few slow parts which are of total awesomeness and not decreasing at all the insane fucking level of this fucking shit! Corporal Carnage is a duo consisting of Ayicx (Vocals) and Harrick (Guitars) who are doing a brilliant fucking job and especially fucking sick by giving us an addictive songwriting and totally fucking twisted including a great composed drums machine done by Ipung (Reduced) but having unfortunately a shit fucking sound! Vocals on this release are fucking disgusting and great as fuck with no boring parts and same goes for the guitar including only catchy and brilliant fucking riffing marking your fucking mind with their twisted fucking insanity! The production of this fucking shit is really great, obviously not flawless especially with the drums machine but having a disgusting fucking atmosphere going perfectly with the musick shared by the band, the mixing is very well done and this fucking EP really sounds like some barbarian sicko among a crowd waving his fucking axe and chopping everything! Corporal Carnage just delivered a total sick fucking piece of total fucking insanity having everything to please to the sickest souls of this shitty scene and making addicted everybody giving it a listen! "Suffering by Diabolical" is a total successful EP having as only flaw to include a crap drums machine sound but fastly forgotten by the amazing composition and this fucking shit is a fucking must! Disgusting Fucking Piece of Twisted Fucking Insanity! 9.5/10

mardi 27 décembre 2016

Imperforata-Immortal Untreated (Dismembered Records)

The Death came to take the fucking souls of all the unfortunate from Indonesia who baptized this fucking scourge the Imperforata which is now raging in the region of East Java killing everything in its fucking path for a short time period with a carnage called by the wise men the "Immortal Untreated"! This murderous appearance shares an astonishing Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a big Death Metal influence reminding us mainly Suffocation and offers an EP of great fucking brutality knowing very well to mix the both shitty genres! This entity launches an EP of 5 epidemic fucking scenes and we can find an instrumental intro, 2 new songs and 2 songs from their previous year's promo, and of course, this review will be for their new songs that mark a change of style going from disgusting fucking Brutal Death to something more classy and quality! Impeforata is Fajar (Vocals), Yogi (Guitars), Sofyan (Bass), Danar (Drums) and the quartet are doing an amazing fucking job with the songwriting with many great fucking parts but unfortunately missing a lot of catchy riffs that could have given an addictive side but despite this flaw, "Immortal Untreated" is still fucking brilliant in its brutality! Fajar is giving a huge fucking performance on the vocals by being very fucking great but could have been a little more guttural, Yogi on guitar is fucking awesome by giving for the most great fucking riffs but having some repetitive, same for Sofyan on bass doing a good fucking job and finally Danar on drums is just fucking perfect! The sickos are offering 15 minutes of true fucking brutality especially the both new songs that are fucking excellent despite the flaws mentioned above and Imperforata really managed their new style by giving much quality to their fucking sickness! The production for me is just fucking perfect with a great mixing and this shit sounds fucking heavy as fuck with a drums giving us some eargasms increasing the quality of this fucking shit! "Immortal Untreated" is not reinventing the genre but have much to offer and highly recommended to all sickos enjoying some true fucking shit! Old Skull Fucking Insanity! 9/10

dimanche 25 décembre 2016

Decapitate Hatred​-Birth of Abomination (Force Fed​/Stillborn Sounds​)

Since 2010 at Tangerang in Indonesia,  a horde of bloodthirsty fucking beasts has been let loose in nature to ravage the villages, and baptized as "Decapitate Hatred", this monstrosity is perpetrating a merciless fucking carnage with nameless fucking brutality by sharing an insane fucking work that will mark the "Birth of Abomination"! Decapitate Hatred is sharing a sick Groovy Brutal Death Fucking Metal including a few slam parts through this brutal fucking killing and can be compared with old skull brutality by giving us much feelings from the damn past! This "Birth of Abomination" is divided in 12  butchering fucking parts including an excellent instrumental intro putting us in the shitty mood of this unbelievable fucking piece of insanity because the 12 scenes of slaughtering are just fucking catchy maybe having some rare a little less good but in general the songwriting is a total fucking success from start to fucking end making us easily addicted as fuck! The production of this debut massacre is fucking great, of course not perfect but the mixing is well done and this fucking shit sounds really like a true bloody fucking bomb destroying everything in its fucking path with its contagious sickness! Decapitate Hatred is Ferlando Sutanto (Vocals), Pidekso Gentur Satriaji (Guitars), Angga Endar (Drums) and the killer fucking trio is doing a brilliant fucking job at all shitty levels, without being perfect but delivering a successful composition knowing to make a true addictive brutal death fucking release! Ferlando on vocals is fucking insane by delivering a brutal fucking guttural perhaps a little bit redundant after a while but still fucking well performed, Pidekso on guitars is just fucking genius with a songwriting almost fucking perfect having as only flaws to include some repetitive and less succesful parts but in general delivering a majestic brutal fucking job and finally Angga on drums doing also an amazing job and knowing very well how to deal with groovy and blasting fucking parts! "Birth of Abomination" is 31 minutes of pure fucking awesomeness perhaps being not totally perfect but creating some brutal death metal being not weak by sharing a few groovy parts showing to a lot of bands how to do their job by their big influence to true old skull brutal death and also, of course, their addictive composition completely fucking brilliant! Decapitate Hatred just offered a near perfect debut fucking album having everything to please by its catchiness and brutality which are the main fucking aspects of its fucking success and "Birth of Abomination" is without any fucking doubt a mandatory fucking shit for all sickheads worldwide! Brilliant Insane Fucking Groovy Shitty Piece of Pure Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

Intricated​-The Vortex of Fatal Depravity (Permeated Records​)

After an EP in 2011 and many promos, the Thai Intricated are finally ready to launch their debut fucking release entitled "The Vortex of Fatal Depravity" and continuing in the same fucking path by invading your mind with their twisted fucking brutality! Intricated are performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a little technical and fucked up touch and this time are offering an opus of around 36 fucking minutes including some catchy parts, unfortunately not doing this fucking disk an addictive one added with some parts a little weak missing a lot insanity but in general this debut album is still fucking successful without being amazing! This band consist of Panyawat Sridee (Vocals), Jeeraset Paemongkol (Guitars), Wasumit Wongwai (Bass), Pratchaya Phadungthin (Drums) and the quartet are doing a very good job at the composition despite the flaws mentioned above by offering disgusting gutturals, crazy guitar riffs even if many can be really boring, a very good bass performance added by a drums maybe a little linear and missing energy but still offering an excellent moment! "The Vortex of Fatal Depravity" is 9 songs fucking successful but still giving no surprises by having the old songs as best ones and some songs less good than others removing the addictive fucking side but, having also many great fucking parts with an excellent vocals and making a stable release at the atmosphere level! The production is very fucking good and heavy as fuck but could have been much better with a good fucking mixing but for me having the drums at the second plan and wasting a little the experience but, this fucking shit still sounds like a killer fucking bomb destroying completely Bangcock! Despite many flaws, Intricated managed to give an excellent debut album being a fucking must for this year but not marking the history of sickness! "The Vortex of Fatal Depravity" is recommended to all Death Metallers wishing to live some twisted fucking experience! Awesome Fucking Piece of Brutality! 8/10

lundi 5 décembre 2016

Menstrual Disconsumed​-Consuming the Infinite Rancidity (Brutal Infection Records​)

39 minutes of pure twisted fucking insanity is what offering the Indonesian entity Menstrual Disconsumed as debut album baptized in sickness "Consuming the Infinite Rancidity" coming to destroy the mind of everybody experiencing this total piece of brutality! This crazy one man band is performing an insane Brutal Death Fucking Metal that could be compared to bands like Perverted Dexterity or the new Screwrot but knowing to keep it very original making Menstrual Disconsumed fucking unique with the particular twisted side increasing the fucking level of sickness and enjoyment! The composition of this marvel is fucking flawless and the atmosphere felt is just fucking crazy by the fucked up side making the listening totally enjoying and addictive added by the very high level of sickness found in this majestic fucking release! "Consuming the Infinite Rancidity" contains 8 intense fucking tracks all fucking brilliant having all their catchy parts to make this fucking shit one of the best and sickest one man band albums to have emerged into Brutal Death Metal! Nugek is the sicko doing everything in this real fucking beast of insanity sharing an amazing songwriting with the capacity to create a complete addictive work and making his release a fucking must in the genre! The guttural is fucking sick perhaps a little linear but never fucking boring and enjoyable as fuck, riffing is just fucking sick with many brilliant ones and the drums machine is very well composed and brutal as fuck! The production is fucking heavy, powerful but being of course not perfect especially with the drums machine a little wasting the perfection of this release by its shit quality, mixing is well done but bassdrums way too high and despite some negative, it sounds like a real fucking brutal fucking monster shredding everything in its fucking path! "Consuming the Infinite Rancidity" is mandatory by the addictive twisted fucking brutality and the intelligence of composition ranking this debut album among the best of the shitty genre! I think Menstrual Disconsumed is spreading a perfect musickal experience but with some flaws at the drums machine production that could be ameliorated in future and despite this, really not decreasing much our enjoyment for this addictive fucking piece of shit! A must have for every sick in the head fuckers who want to live an unique and sick fucking experience with this successful debut album!  Addictive Fucking Piece of Insane Twisted Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10