mardi 30 juin 2015

Criminology​-Capitalist Destroyer (Deathfans Records​)

From Bandung, Criminology was born in the rebellion and anarchy to deliver a first bloody fucking act of war completely fucking devastating called "Capitalist Destroyer" and with the sole purpose of exterminating the entire shitty fucking system! This Indonesian band performs a Brutal Death Fucking Metal with several Death Metal elements and a small technical touch in some places while remaining for the most part fucking fast, killer and incredibly damn efficient! 24 fucking minutes of pure killing with a solid fucking composition being rapidly executed but still having its slower fucking parts where we find its Death Metal influence and giving to this fucking shit a slaughterer fucking atmosphere! Criminology is Tantan Leo Adriana on Vocals, Ridwan Ramadhan Arifien on Guitars, Asep imprecatory on Bass, Angga Pradja on Drums and the quartet show us without any fucking doubt their knowledge for Brutal Death with a brilliant fucking songwriting of the most fucking enjoyable! A vocals between Death Metal and Brutal Death totally aggressive, a fucking killer, addictive and very well done guitar, bass very present giving something more to this fucking shit with a destructive drums varying tempo but still fast and fucking insane! "Capitalist Destroyer" is a release touching perfection by its ability to lead us into some of the most fucking brutal trench warfare with an expanded energy that makes us addicted and is obviously a surprising awesome musical fucking piece of quality! The production is successful but maybe a little less at the drums but still fucking excellent with a good mixing and a killer fucking sound that makes us live an enjoying and violent time of fucking war and famine! 8 fucking songs, including intro/outro, delivering an amazing violent fucking Death Metal with maybe a few less interesting riffs but remaining mostly fucking catchy and brilliantly done! Criminology successfully managed their entry into this battle without mercy of pure fucking brutality with an act of extermination named "Capitalist Destroyer" and a must fucking have for all fans of Death Metal and Brutal Death with all the ingredients to give you a great fucking boner! Brilliant Fucking Piece of Brutal Quality! 9/10

dimanche 28 juin 2015

Propaganda​-Promo 2014 (Self-Released)

Propaganda was born in the brutality at Brogor, West Java in 2009 to finally offer their demo CD five years later called "Promo 2014" and completely accomplished in terms of sickness to deliver 2 insane fucking songs in a total brutal savagery fucking way!  Performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal, Propaganda are showing their uniqueness but having still some influences of Disgorge (USA), Condemned ... and delivering a composition of the most fucking brutal and brilliant with an obvious efficiency to destroy our fucking cells within a few fucking minutes! This promo is ingenious in its many brutal  and great fucking riffs that make this shit fucking addictive, maybe a few riffs less excellent and more wearying but this fucking shit is a dirty fucking insanity with the ability to be diverse despite its style! Ari Peratama (Vocals), Stevanus Yanz (Guitars/Bass), Risky Muharam (Drums) and the trio are giving a pure Brutal Death fucking sick with a crazy gutturals totally enjoyable, guitar and bass for the most successful and creative, and the drums is fucking brutal as fuck maybe missing some power a few times but still having an excessive brutality and diversity intelligently done!  8 fucking minutes of true fucking insanity with anything revolutionary to the genre but is highly fucking effective in its creation and a marvel for the shitty fucking ears and a piece of fucking shit that will be marked forever in all brutal fucking souls! Despite some negative, this fucking shit is totally successful, composed in pure fucking sickness with all shitty elements of the genre to make us appreciate more this obscure brutal disgusting fucking disk added by a good production! A must have for all brutal heads and we can only wish for a longer release from Propaganda in a near future! Insane Fucking Piece of Disgusting Brutality! 9/10

jeudi 25 juin 2015

Sabaoth-Unholy Divinity (Dismembered Records​)

Out from the infernal wells of Indonesia, the evil Sabaoth are back with a first opus written by the fucking hand of the devil himself and baptized by fire in the fucking name of "Unholy Divinity"! With a beginning a little more Grindcore, the monstrous horned devilish entity is now performing an Old School Brutal Death Fucking Metal of the most successful with a total enjoyable damn release and composition quite fucking great! "Unholy Divinity" is a devilish shitty anthem containing 10 fucking songs including intro/outro and this fucking piece of insanity of a higher quality with a dark brutality is showing a fucking heavy, deep and satanic shitty atmosphere!  The 4 demons designated to provide hell are Boy (Vocals), Rio (Guitars), Ivan (Bass), Marcel (Drums) and they give an almost perfect fucking job with a clever, dark and catchy songwriting making this fucking shit a real bomb of pure Brutal Death with lots Death Metal influences! Boy on vocals is really fucking amazing with a diverse and highly addictive shitty guttural, Rio is delivering a brilliant fucking composition with mostly only good and catchy fucking riffs, Ivan on bass is awesome with several great fucking part and Marcel is giving a brutal fucking performance with a perfect and varied drumming! "Unholy Divinity" is an apocalyptic destruction during about 35 fucking minutes with a musical quality of the most notable and almost all fucking riffs are fucking successful with a brilliant way to make us very addicted from start to end!  The production of this fucking shit is totally perfect, excellent mixing with a heavy and powerful fucking sound adding to the atmosphere and making this fucking shit sounds like some martyrs burned in pots during an epic hellish fucking war! Sabaoth give a demonstration of pure fucking awesomeness with a splendid first effort and with perhaps as only flaw to have some riffs a little less enjoyable but this fucking shit is almost perfect at all fucking levels with an ingenious composition and addictive atmosphere!  "Unholy Divinity" is definitely among the best fucking albums ever created and is for sure mandatory to all fans of Brutal Death or Death Metal! Near Perfect Diabolical Fucking Piece of Pure Infernal Brutality! 9/10

samedi 20 juin 2015

Blasphemous​-Entrails Spilled Out in Chainsaw (Brutal Mind​)

Blasphemous are finally back to deliver their second release "Entrails Spilled Out in Chainsaw" after 12 fucking years of silence with a new concept and a gory desire to eviscerate everyone! From Kendal in Central Java, Blasphemous are spiting a style that could be called Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal but not only focused on slam but offering several faster fucking parts and also a composition that could instead simply be called Brutal Death Metal! "Entrails Spilled Out in Chainsaw" contains 5 songs of pure fucking butchery with no repetitive slam elements which can still be very rare in the shitty genre and also taking a total liberty by borrowing many shits from the pure Brutal Death Metal and including them in this fucking piece of total fucking insanity! Blasphemous is Benz Rex Vianto (Vocals), Noviko Butcher (Guitars), Danang D Pegydra (Drums) and the slasher trio are giving an ingenious fucking songwriting for the style with only great songs that are all for the most fucking catchy and addictive as fuck! This fucking shit has a blasphemous and guttural vocals, the guitars riffs for the most completely successful by mixing slam, fast and brutal fucking riffings and the drums is very fucking brutal and diverse!  A 16-minutes EP of obvious efficiency with an expertise in the brutality very present and the skill to never get bored with their slam totally fucking disgusting! The production of this fucking shit has some flaws but still very well done with good mixing and a sound not perfect but managing to make us feel the gory atmosphere of complete killing in this slaughterhouse named Blasphemous! "Entrails Spilled Out in Chainsaw" is an amzing fucking disk having maybe only as downside to have some riffs a little less enjoying and interesting but still able to give a brutal, diversified and addictive fucking piece in the shitty genre! Blasphemous have managed their return and provide an highly recommended EP for all Brutal Death Metallers! Amazing Insane Catchy Fucking Piece of Slamming Brutality! 9/10

mardi 16 juin 2015

Dismemberment Torture​-Convulsion of Perfect Abomination (Pieces Records)

From Bandung, Dismemberment Torture finally back with a long awaited fucking shit to give us 4 new songs (plus 2 live) under the name of "Convulsion of Perfect Abomination"! They are back to destroy our fucking ears with their high level of brutality and quality fucking shit by paying tribute to the pure sickness and delivering a material totally fucking brilliant! Glennder (Bloodgush) on Vocals, Dedra (Digging Up/Kaluman) on Guitars, Ramon (Saffar) on Bass and Papap (Ex-Jasad) on Drums are the insane fuckers making part of this sick fucking project and are performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal of the most successful with some Old School influence you can feel into this amazing shitty fucking piece of butchery! "Convulsion of Perfect Abomination" is of an obvious shitty perfection with his songs incorporating a pure fucking brutality added by some slower parts and several catchy riffs with an addictive atmosphere of the most brutal and dark helped by the production making this fucking piece of shit a total fucking gem! Glennder on vocals is fucking killer, maybe a bit redundant but still fucking awesome and removing nothing from this shit, Dedra on guitars is as usually fucking sick as fuck with a total catchy, addictive and brutal fucking composition, Ramon is exceptional, greatly helped by the great production with a bass totally present and fucking enjoyable, same goes to Papap on drums delivering an amazing performance by being fucking fast but also knowing to vary his fucking shit! The production of this fucking shit is pure fucking perfection with a bass very present that show how it must be done in Brutal Death Metal added by a great mixing and a sound totally fucking devastating and raping your fucking ears! This fucking shit is really sounding like a bomb of pure fucking brutality creating a dark sick ambiance and adding much quality to this piece of fucking shit from another level! 23 perfect minutes of brutality totally fucking awesome from start to end with no boring parts at all that is making this fucking shit an undisputed blasterpiece at all levels, a production totally eargasmic, a songwriting successful in its pure brutality, a great vocals and brutal drumming added by an awesome fucking atmosphere! Without any fucking doubt a must fucking have for all brutal heads around! Perfect Fucking Abomination of Pure Brutal Death Metal! 10/10

samedi 13 juin 2015

Regeth-Lawan Dengan Tunduk (Black Art Productions​)

Formed in 2011 in Tangerang and after offering a demo in 2013, Regeth are finally back with their debut album "Lawan Dengan Tunduk" and offering a pure fucking hecatomb! For this first effort Regeth presents 9 brutal fucking songs, including an instrumental, and performs a Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking devastating although with some Death Metal elements very present! Gobex (Vocals), Rahmat (Guitars), Ade (Bass) and Minggus (Drums) are the four indonesian sickos making part of this killer fucking project by delivering a total pure brutal fucking composition with some flaws but still fucking successful at every part! Gobex on Vocals is fucking excellent giving a powerful guttural maybe a little redundant but still fucking enjoyable, great job at the songwriting from Rahmat with a lot of awesome riffs, Ade on Bass is also doing an amazing fucking job and finally Minggus is offering an excellent, fast and varied drumming completely fucking devastating!  "Lawan Dengan Tunduk" is fucking excellent from beginning to end containing only amazing and successful fucking songs, all of them may contains some riffs and parts a little less enjoyable but in general this fucking shit is totally fucking killer with a raw Brutal Death Metal! The production is fucking great, very good mixing including a destructive and true fucking sound making this shit a pure fucking bomb of sickness! 33 fucking minutes of brutality in its most primitive shitty form with a great composition being able to create different songs giving them an identity and making their album a fucking piece of quality! "Lawan Dengan Tunduk" despite some imperfections is highly recommended to all Death Metal or Brutal Death Metal fans and Regeth just created a fucking piece that will remain etched forever in the fucking shit of brutality! Excellent Fucking Disk of Pure Brutality! 8/10

mardi 2 juin 2015

Putrefuck​-Impending Necrophilia in Fresh and Pale Cadavers Arriving to the Morgue (Uterus Productions​)

A ton of unidentified fucking bones coming from Mexico and Spain with the mention Putrefuck written on the bag arrived at the morgue and after several studies of human remains of this total damn carnage, they perceived the words "Impending Necrophilia in Fresh and Pale Cadavers Arriving to the Morgue" engraved on the fucking bones! This massacre's scene from the past is resurfacing today in the most abominable and disgusting fucking way by offering a first shitty effort of total fucking destruction with an atmosphere of the most cadaveric, morbid and brutal than ever! Shitter (Vocals/Guitars/Bass) and Adrian (Drums) are coroners for this brutal fucking job by practicing an Old Skull Goregrind in the vein of Old Carcass, Old Dead Infection, Last Days of Humanity and are providing a brilliant piece of sick fucking shit with a great quality for the style that can easily be placed among the fucking best! This dark gory work is divided into 27 different fucking bones and we find crazy pieces like "Reeking in the Freezer", blasting and insane tracks like "Be Blasted", addictive ones like "Japanese Gang Rape (Of Christian Missionary Bitches)" or catchy like "Gynecologist's Perversities" and all bones are sounding different while being totally fucking sick, insane and unimaginable shitty brutality! Vocals are guttural and fucking crazy that may seems a bit linear for some but matching totally with their old skull style and adding some dirtiness to this fucking piece of sickness, bass and guitars are fucking grinding and insane as fuck with only sick fucking riffs added by a drums completely fucking brutal with fast blastbeats but able to vary very well his drumming with the slower shitty parts of this disgusting putrid fucking shit! This fucking killing of nameless insanity is enjoyable from beginning to end with a great expertise for the kind Old Goregrind incorporating an atmosphere of the most crushing, brutal and dark making "Impending Necrophilia in Fresh and Pale Cadavers Arriving to the Morgue" a pure grinding fucking piece of total sickness with all the necessary elements to destroy your fucking mind! The production of this release is fucking perfect for the genre with a well done mixing and a grinding sound fucking sick and dirty as fuck adding to the ambiance and making sounds that fucking shit like a million crushed fucking bones! About 36 fucking minutes of horrifying, ingenious, disgusting and extreme brutality that are never boring doing this album a fucking must but not recommended for the fucking weak and sensitive hearts of the shitty scene! Highly recommended hyper brutal fucking stuff for every real sickos because Putrefuck just offered a fucking grinderpiece which is already fucking cult in the genre! Perfect Grinding Shitty Fucking Piece of Total Disgusting Insanity and Crushing Brutality! 10/10