samedi 17 janvier 2015

Kerangkenk-Onslaught of Psychopath (Rantai Production)

Indonesia is offering again from its fucking womb a great band called Kerangkenk that launches their first full length album "Onslaught of Psychopath"! Willy (Guitars/Vocals) and Apoy (Drums) are the duo making part of this barbaric piece of fucking shit  performing a sick Death Metal that could be also categorized as Brutal Death Fucking Metal because of a very present extreme side making it totally a brutal fucking disk! "Onslaught of Psychopath" has a good production in general, but also containing some fucking flaws, mixing is ok with a sound very savage and fucking brutal but containing a drums production much less successful in my opinion and that can be a weakness for the great musical quality of this fucking shit but that is for me a small detail for this release! Willy is doing an awesome fucking job giving us almost all great fucking riffs with an outstanding composition and including solos to almost all songs, I would to add to not be a big fan of solo except for a few but those from "Onslaught of Psychopath" are fucking well done and his vocals are fucking great and unique with a guttural between Death Metal and Brutal Death! Apoy on drums is fucking sick as fuck with a bunch of blasts but knowing to equilibrate the thing with some slow and heavy tempos, he is not helped by the production but still able to out from that fucking shit very well! Kerangkenk is offering 32 fucking minutes of brutality, spitting 9 songs (one instrumental sample) all fucking excellent and some from them can have a few parts a bit less good but still enjoyable and well played! "Onslaught of Psychopath" is an excellent fucking debut album and Kerangkenk just built their name among the hundred Indonesian bands! This fucking shit is recommended to all Death Metal and Brutal Death fucking fans! Fucking Great Sick Death Fucking Metal! 9/10