lundi 27 juin 2016

Corporal Raid​-Manipulating the Host (Self-Released)

A third host was manipulated and delivered on the shitty world with the name of Corporal Raid to offer one of the greatest fucking carnage that humanity has ever known and this massacre of unheard fucking violence was called "Manipulating the Host"! This host containing the abomination is resurfacing after more than 10 fucking years with the apparent mandate to continue his killer fucking work of devastation respecting his brutal fucking roots and continuing the job perfectly where the both older butchery have left! This new Corporal Raid is divided in16 fucking parts and all of them are of an unimaginable brutality including all ingenious fucking riffs and a drums completely fucking insane, only the interlude may seem useless and also coming to cut our fucking legs in the middle of a blastastic fucking carnage but the final result is just brilliant as fuck! The protagonists who produced and infected this new host are Samu (Guitars/Vocals), Gian (Bass/Vocals), Giova (Drums/Vocals) and the Italian sickos are performing a sick brutal fucking Goregrind offering a deadly product totally fucking addictive from start to end and despite a change in the line up and being a little different on the musickal side, the trio managed to be faithful to the old fucking work and still keeping their shitty identity even after all this fucking time! Samu on guitars is just fucking genius by giving only awesome and catchy fucking riffs helped of Gian on bass doing also an amazing fucking job and having his highlight parts, Giova is true to himself by delivering a drumming totally fucking insane and enjoyable that keep you for sure addicted by his sick fucking work and finally the trio are just fucking great on vocals by offering us a variety of gutturals doing it diverse and increasing the level of enjoyment of this shitty piece of pure fucking sickness! "Manipulating the Host" contains a pure fucking atmosphere of total fucking destruction with a butcher's side helped by the intros which unfortunately having maybe too much, but being very short, doesnt decrease the enjoyment or harming the final result! The production is not perfect with a sound of drums a little less successful but still very well done with a good mixing that makes really sound this fucking shit like a human being infected by some unknown race and getting crazy by killing everything in its fucking path with a nameless fucking terror! 28 minutes of pure fucking savagery totally fucking insane, disgusting as fuck and musically fucking perfect, perhaps not quite on some technical parts, but in general this putrid fucking shit is very close to the supreme Goregrind perfection and offers hours of addiction with its brilliant composition without fucking bullshit! "Manipulating the Host" is a comeback album completely fucking successful and deserves a lot of respect by keeping the shitty roots and even increasing their fucking level of insanity and Corporal Raid proves they are still among the most enjoyable and crazy bands of the Goregrind world! A mandatory release to all true sick in the fucking head fuckers by wishing being released very soon on physickal format! Extreme Goregrind Fucking Piece of Pure Disgusting Fucking Insanity! 9.5/10

vendredi 24 juin 2016

Stigmatuary-Decimation of Psyche (Rottrevore Records/Rottrevore Records USA)

From Bandung after their excellent promo CD in 2013, Stigmatuary is now finally ready to offer their highly anticipated debut fucking album called "Decimation of Psyche" that highly meets expectations with a brilliant fucking release of high quality in the genre! These crazy Indonesians are performing a sick, fast and highly addictive Brutal Death Fucking Metal ranking this fucking opus of brutality among the best in this specific fucking genre but also placing them at the forefront of the Indonesian scene! "Decimation of Psyche" contains 11 songs including a sample intro (US version added with the Promo 2013 as bonus tracks) and all the songs are greatly fucking composed having in each of them a bunch of catchy riffs with a drums destroying everything in its fuckng path and all of this make you fucking addicted to this shitty piece of pure brutal fucking brilliance! Musically this fucking shit is almost fucking perfect because all aspects are fucking great and maybe having a few rare parts a little less enjoyable but you need to find them by being almost inexistent! "Decimation of Psyche" have nothing new or original but knowing how to excel in their shitty genre to give us an unforgettable brutal primitive fucking experience stuck eternally in our fucking essence! Stigmatuary consists of Akbar "Benk" Safari (Vocals), Faisal Faiz Sabani (Guitars), Donovan Tusiwa (Bass), Oki Fadhlan Pamungkas (Drums) and the four sickos are just fucking genius by giving an amazing performance to all fucking levels and offering a successful debut album! Akbar have a mighty fucking vocals maybe lacking guttural and being a little repetitive but in general never get boring, Faisal is showing us how to play fucking true brutal death with his crazy addictive riffs from start to end and a brilliant songwriting, same for Donovan on bass doing a great fucking job and finally Oki giving an extreme drumming of the most enjoying with his non stop blast and intense brutality! The production of this release is for me near perfect, excellent mixing with an explosive and perfect fucking sound giving to this shit an old skull and straight brutal fucking atmosphere! "Decimation of Psyche" is 33 fucking minutes of pure fucking brutality having this special addictive touch making this album a genius fucking piece of insanity that could be compared with the best of its genre! Stigmatuary is delivering a monumental debut release highly recommended to each Death Metal/Brut al Death sickos having some preference for the pure brutality at its fucking best! Ingenious Brutal Fucking Piece of Pure Addictive Fucking Insanity! 9.5/10

mardi 21 juin 2016

Hypochondriac-Disobedient (Extreme Souls Production)

Born in 2008 in the capital of Death Metal, Indonesia, Hypochondriac are finally ready to serve their highly anticipated debut fucking album "Disobedient" which continues the brutal fucking work the band had offered on their promo CD "All Your Shitty Word Will Rape Your Self" released 2 years ago! The band is back with 5 new songs, 3 songs from their promo and an instrumental intro/outro songs which totals 10 songs of pure fucking enjoyment that have the power to dig your fucking mind and stay there for some time! Hypochondriac from Bandung performs a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal with such influences of bands like Gorgasm/Disgorge and the band delivers a brutality much oriented on blast (except for instrumental songs) but each song contains its heavy fucking parts diversifying the fucking shit! "Disobedient" is all about the fucking roots of Brutal Death with all the necessary elements to make it a memorable fucking release missing perhaps a little atmosphere but still fucking cold and brutal as fuck! The band consist of Aldy M. Rizal (Vocals), Terry Buldansyah (Guitars), Gielang Hardjaputra (Drums) and the insane fucking trio is doing a near perfect fucking composition by having maybe only some less enjoying parts and the instrumental songs a little less successful but in general the songwriting of this album is fucking solid! Aldy on vocals is fucking great, a little redundant but fucking powerful, Terry on guitars is just awesome by giving a ton of great fucking riffs but missing maybe some addictive riffs to realize a perfect composition and finally Gielang is giving a brutal and varied fucking drumming! The production of this shit is near perfect and maybe missing only a little explosive side but still fucking well done, good mixing with a brutal fucking sound raping your fucking ears! 32 minutes of pure fucking insanity having everything to please by its songs very well composed containing extreme blasts and catchy fucking riffs that maybe could have been more but still fucking addictive from start to end! Hypochondriac is totally meeting the expectations with this amazing debut album making its mark among the most brutal Indonesian releases and "Disobedient is maybe not perfect but highly recommended to all true sick in the head fuckers! Extreme Cold Fucking Brutality! 9/10

mardi 14 juin 2016

Involuntary Convulsion​-Tempus Edax Rerums (New Standard Elite​)

From the distant and mysterious Australian fucking lands, an impure and horrifying shadow has risen in 2012 with the name of Involuntary Convulsion and spreading a fucking plague of great mortality inflicting 5 different death unimaginably fucking dark and complex known as the "Tempus Edax Rerums"! 19 fucking minutes of insanity and highly developed technicality that make this EP very difficult to dig through its ubiquitous complexity and a very fucking dark composition making it even more hardly accessible! Involuntary Convulsion are performing a Technical Death Fucking Metal with a big progressive touch and a brutal fucking side still present with influences of bands like Old Defeated Sanity, Cynic and some Necrophagist feelings! The band consist of Zachary Ross (Vocals), Adrian Cappelletti (Guitars/Bass), Alex Cohen (Drums) and the trio shows an high insane fucking technical level with a total fucked up songwriting giving them without doubt, despite the influences, an identity and putting out an unique fucking piece of dark technical complexity! Zachary is giving a powerful guttural maybe somewhat linear but still fucking enjoyable, Adrian on guitars/bass is just fucking amazing by giving an awesome performance maybe sometimes lacking of catchyness but delivering brilliant parts and finally Alex is fucking insane with a technical drumming totally successful with only some parts lacking a little brutality! The production of this shit is near fucking perfect, a well done mixing and a sound giving a deep and deathly cold fucking atmosphere making us really feel like watching a fucking bunch of leprosous human agonizing, dying and decomposing everywhere! With its 5 songs, "Tempus Edax Rerums" is an album still fucking hard to dig with a technical side that have as danger to can miss brutality and getting lost in its complexity and this release is, unfortunately, not saved from it and we could blame a big lack of catchy parts and addiction but this fucking piece of insanity is still of a brilliance and ingenuity guaranteed! Involuntary Convulsion despite some downside in the composition have completely managed their debut with a great fucking EP and the flaws mentionned above are only increasing their insanity making them fucking unique among the saturation of the Death Metal scene! "Tempus Edax Rerums" is not necessarily a memorable release but highly recommended by its aspect of complexity and technical fucking insanity putting Involuntary Convulsion among the best bands from this fucking genre! Amazing Intense Fucking Piece of Cold Cadaveric Shitty Atmosphere with a Technical Dark Fucking Insanity! 8.5/10

mardi 7 juin 2016

Inbreeding sick​-Sickness and Plagues (Sevared Records​)

From the extreme land of Colombia, Inbreeding Sick are finally back to offer their highly anticipated second full lenght album entitled "Sickness and Plagues" and they continue on the brutal fucking path they left in 2009 with "Sodomized and Gutted"! The band give us a punch in the fucking face, as usual, with this total crazy fucking material and delivering an addictive composition and completely fucking sick! Inbreeding Sick are performing a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal much focused on the blast but with its heavier parts and all that being catchy, primitive and totally fucking successful!  "Sickness and Plagues" is 10 fucking songs including two old live tracks, two new versions of songs from their Promo CD out 3 years ago and the band really gives us a quality songwriting by staying completely faithful to their shitty fucking roots and offering an addictive CD from start to fucking end! The production of this shit is still fucking well done despite a drums machine sounding awful but I think that is the trademark of the band, a good mixing and a sound that makes us feel to be part of an infectious fucking plague decimating the population with leprous fucking diseases! Inbreeding Sick consist of Andres (Vocals), Harold (Guitars/Bass/Drums Programming) and the both sickos are delivering an ingenious fucking job not by being extravagant or original as fuck but giving a successful primitive fucking brutality getting stuck in your fucking brain for a while! Andres on vocals is giving a powerful guttural fucking enjoying and Harold is only delivering catchy fucking riffs with a good bass part and a drums machine still well done despite the sound a little shit! 35 fucking minutes of pure fucking enjoyment with unforgettable primitive riffings and maybe some a little less interesting but in general this fucking shit is a total success! Inbreeding Sick fully answered the expectations with this second release totally fucking addictive and keeping the profound identity of the band including a cadaverous fucking atmosphere of bloodthirsty butchery! "Sickness and Plagues" is maybe not the most original release but having all shitty elements to make addicted every brutal fucking head even those not enjoying really the drums machine because their force is in their primitive catchy composition and from this fact is an highly recommended release! Extreme Primive Fucking Piece of Addictive Fucking Insanity! 9/10