lundi 31 octobre 2016

Bloody Anatomies​-Parasick (Endless Torture Records​)

The horror was born in 2008 in Malaysia under the name Bloody Anatomies with intent to defeat anyone in its fucking path with a first complete damn carnage called "Parasick" killing everything with a supreme auditory fucking violence! This abomination is spreading the death and chaos around the fucking world with the skill to dissect you by its extreme brutal fucking coldness but also making you addicted to its massacre and this morbid fucking thing do it brilliantly! Bloody Anatomies are practicing a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal that could be compared with the sickest fucking bands of the shitty genre but adding a little unique twisted fucking side giving them some identity! "Parasick" contains 11 acts of pure insane fucking terror including an outro and 2 rerecorded demo tracks and we can say musically that this complete fucking shit is a true fucking marvel from A to Z with no boring fucking parts! The only flaw we could find in this brutal macabre fucking scene is the fact to have too much intros (every song) and it may break the momentum and atmosphere of this crazy fucking carnage but that sound disaster is so fucking effective making us forget quickly the shitty intros! The sickos who have makes live this horrible monstrosity are Syafeg (Vocals), Dhomfarysa (Guitars), Syharma (Bass), Faixal (Drums) and the quartet are delivering a mighty and brilliant fucking composition making addicted anyone hearing these gory disgusting fucking scenes putting this release among the bests! Syafeg is fucking sick giving an enjoying guttural and never get boring, Dhomfarysa is just fucking crazy with a bunch of insane and catchy riffs, same with Syharma on bass giving a good performance and Faixal delivering an insane fucking drumming for the most in the highest fucking level of sickness and we can also hear the good job of Paan Savagely doing the drums on the tracks 6 and 8! The production of this fucking shit is for me perfect but of course it could be always better, same for mixing and the sound really make us feel to be part of this horrific brutal fucking show! Bloody Anatomies managed its debut into the bloodthirsty fucking insanity with a solid songwriting and "Parasick" is a mandatory fucking piece of sickness for all extreme sick heads and will make you for sure addicted! Insane Brutal Fucking Piece of Pure Extreme Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

mercredi 19 octobre 2016

Precognitive Holocaust Annotations​-Procreation of the Artificial Divinity (Permeated Records​)

Formed in 2012, the Italians Precognitive Holocaust Annotations are finally ready to offer their long awaited debut fucking album remaining in the same original fucking path as known and this time offering a futuristic act of brutality called "Procreation of the Artificial Divinity"! The band are performing a modern Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a technical side very present and composition of the most fucking original creating their own identity maybe not perfect of course but able to do something different from the fucking mass! This debut release is 8 brutal fucking tracks including an instrumental intro and I think each song of this fucking shit are very fucking good with maybe some part in each one a little less enjoyable or weak but in general, the songwriting is fucking well done with a high tech atmosphere coming to increase the authenticity of this fucking disk! Precognitive Holocaust Annotations consists of Max Santarelli (Vocals), Hannes Gamper (Guitars), Simone Bianchi (Bass), Ycio Orsanigo (Drums) and the 4 sickos are delivering an excellent performance giving us a great fucking experience except perhaps on the bass which is too much present added by a weak fucking sound that can waste a little the album for some and increasing the original fucking side for the others! Max on vocals is doing a great fucking job maybe a little redundant after a while but still delivering a well done fucking guttural, Hannes on guitars is giving for the most great fucking riffs with many catchy ones but having also some boring, Simone on bass is fucking amazing by showing a brilliant fucking performance despite the technical flaws mentioned above and finally Ycio on drums is also fucking good by offering a diverse and brutal fucking drumming adding to the identity of the band! The production of this shit is fucking heavy, powerful and great as fuck but could be a little more natural, mixing is very good and also the sound being fucking profound but the drums could be a little better! "Procreation of the Artificial Divinity" is 20 minutes of modern fucking brutality having everything to please despite some flaws on the musickal and technical sides and Precognitive Holocaust Annotations is still delivering a successful debut fucking release! Excellent Fucking Piece of Original Brutality! 8.5/10

dimanche 16 octobre 2016

Mental Apraxia​-Against Human Manipulation (Coyote Records​)

A second Colombian comeback this year once again fucking successful seeming to be the only one country succeeding their comeback and again this time, after 10 fucking years of silence, Mental Apraxia is back with a second album entitled "Against Human Manipulation" and continuing in their fucked up brutal fucking way! After a very good debut fucking album "Cinical - Hypocritical Existence", the band returns better than ever with a new release of better fucking quality from far superior to the previous one with a twisted fucking touch even more present! Mental Apraxia are performing a cacophonic twisted Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a technical fucking touch and can't be compared with any brutal band by the original and very unique fucking side! "Against Human Manipulation" is divided in 9 insane chaotic fucking acts of pure fucking brutality which are all fucking excellent with no boring shitty fucking parts and this release is probably the one sounding the most to the old Colombian disgusting fucking era in the last years, being insanely fucking fast and musically damn faithful to the South American fucking roots! This shit contains a cacophonous atmosphere coming to destroy all corrupted weak fucking minds with a non stop brutality fucking addictive from start to end and having musically as only flaw to have some weak riffings but in this case increasing the fucked up fucking part of the Mental Apraxia's ambiance! The band consists of Ivan Arenas (Vocals), Alex Apraxia (Guitars/Bass), Juan Masgren (Drums) and the crazy fucking trio are offering an excellent songwriting by including all brutal death shitty elements to make this release fucking well done! Ivan is performing a good and powerful guttural, Alex is giving almost only great fucking riffs with maybe some very basic but not decreasing the composition and rather increasing the atmosphere and making us feel the old Colombian fucking vibe, and finally Juan is fucking crazy with a non stop blasting fucking drumming being diverse and an important element to the band! The production is fucking great with a very good mixing that could be a little better especially with the bass and a little on the drums but this shit is sounding like a slave revolt destroying everything in their fucking path with a determination to obtain rights by burning and making explode all symbols of this shitty corrupted fucking world! "Against Human Manipulation" is 24 cacophonous fucking minutes of pure fucked up Colombian fucking brutality having maybe some rare weak moments but in general being near fucking perfect and having everything to satisfy all the sickest fucking souls! Mental Apraxia completely managed their comeback by offering a mandatory second fucking shit and showing Its still possible to create some old Colombian fucking feeling and coming back even better than ever! Excellent Chaotic Fucking Piece of Twisted Colombian Fucking Brutality! 9/10

mercredi 12 octobre 2016

Fecundation​-Congenital Deformity (Pathologically Explicit Recordings​)

Formed in 2013 n South Korea Fecundation are offering their third brutal fucking EP entitled "Congenital Deformity" shredding our fucking flesh by their disgusting fucking brutality that comes to torture your shitty soul with an experience of unimaginable damn suffering! Fecundation are performing a true Brutal Death Fucking Metal with perhaps a little technical fucking touch and you can feel a real brutal old skull shitty feeling including some solos making it fucking weird but unique as fuck! "Congenital Deformity" contains 4 tracks of pure disgusting fucking brutality and all of them are addictive and fucking well composed mixing the blast, heavy, twisted and brutal fucking elements with a lot of catchy parts making this EP fucking enjoyable! The band consists of Chuck Jenga (Vocals/Guitars/Bass), Nathan Jae Kim (Drums) and the duo are just giving a sick fucking songwriting with everything to make you addicted and staying marked in your fucking mind! Vocals of this fucking shit are guttural, disgusting and fucking diverse, guitars is fucking catchy and greatly written, bass is well done and the drums is pretty good with a varied and sick fucking performance! The production is awesome with a very good mixing having maybe as flaw to have the solos a little too much in front but not a disaster and this shit really sounds fucking heavy as fuck wth a drums that could to be a little bit better but still fucking enjoying and in general this fucking release is sounding like a pure fucking slaughtering! Fecundation are delivering an excellent third EP having as only flaw to have some riffs a little less good but still very rare and some solos a little weird but coming only to increase the twisted atmopshere of this fucking shit! 12 fucking minutes of addictive brutality making us feel the fucking roots of the shitty genre by its catchy and disgusting side and making this EP fucking successful! "Congenital Deformity" is without doubt a fucking must for every sickos and Fecundation really managed this third fucking effort! Excellent Twisted Fucking Piece of Disgusting Fucking Old Skull Brutality! 9/10

lundi 10 octobre 2016

Implied​-Life to Die (WAAR Productions​)

From Bandung in Indonesia, Implied just formed to provide their first act of butchery in an EP form and their savagery fucking scene of gore is called "Life to Die" which will terrorize many with its bloodthirsty brutality of pure fucking insanity! This bomb of horrific fucking torment comes in five steps of pure fucking disgusting brutality including an instrumental intro before a total body fucking destruction perpetrated by the ingenious sick knowledge of sickness giving a composition of the most fucking enjoyable! Implied are performing a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal with influences of many bands in the shitty genre but keeping their unique side and delivering a brilliant fucking EP which is of an unnamed insanity! "Life to Die" is 16 fucking minutes of pure awesomeness musically fucking perfect with only the many intros that come break a little bit the momentum but being short and still not too much damaging the ambiance of this piece of true fucking shit! Ryen Irfan (Vocals), Ardian Pratama (Guitars), Alle Sundality (Bass), Dendy Ramdhani (Drums) are the three butchers orchestrating this pure savagery fucking scene with a gorewriting completely fucking successful including a lot of catchy and addcitive fucking parts but also having many twisted ones coming to increase the enjoyment of this fucking shit and reminding us the golden era of Brutal Death! Ryen on vocals is fucking sick with a great fucking guttural, Ardian is giving only great fucking riffs with no boring fucking parts, same for Alle on Bass giving a good fucking performance and Dendy on drums is totally fucking crazy with a non stop blast fucking insane and really kicking our fucking ass! The production is fucking killer and near perfect having as only flaw to have a snare sounding a little bit weak but still enjoying, a great fucking mix and this fucking shit really sounds like a fucking bunch of corpses being chopped in pieces! "Life to Die" contains an intense fucking gory atmosphere increasing the musickal level and making this EP one of the best in the shitty genre by its quality Brutal Death and its brilliant fucking composition! Implied completely managed their start into insanity by delivering a mandatory fucking piece of brutality essential to all sickos wishing to get some sick fucking time! Near Perfect Fucking Bomb of Pure Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

dimanche 9 octobre 2016

Inverted​-Origins of the Unseen (Dismembered Records​)

Formed in 2011 at Blitar in East Java, Inverted returns with a second EP to burn everything in its fucking path with some new material as brutal and fucking excellent than the previous effort and entitled "Origins of the Unseen"! This new fucking shit contains 5 fucking tracks including an instrumental and two re-recorded songs from the first EP and we can categorize them into the Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a big Death Metal touch felt in the vocals of course, but also in some riffs reminding me my old skull shitty fucking time! Inverted is offering an excellent EP with its blast, crazy fucking vocals and some catchy riffs but missing a few to make us really addicted to this fucking disk and we can't really find memorable riffs but "Origins of the Unseen" is still an awesome fucking release despite these flaws! The band consists of Rafika Meilia Sari (Vocals), Risky Bayu Irwanto (Guitars), Raden Hamdan Arrosyid (Bass), Heri Tri Cahyono (Drums) and the sickos are doing an awesome fucking job with a very great and brutal fucking composition despite the flaws mentioned above and come to condemn our shitty souls through the insanity of their sadistic fucking world! Rafika on vocals is great and very powerful but having as default to be redundant after a while but still showing very brutal fucking performance, Risky is giving almost only good fucking riffs with an effective brutal composition, Raden on bass is also fucking good with some crazy fucking parts and finally Heri on drums is fucking insane with his blast and showing a creative fucking drumming! The production is near fucking perfect, a mixing well done except perhaps for the bassdrums a little too much in front but this fucking shit sounds like a ton of fucking bricks putting your fucking bones to pieces! "Origins of the Unseen" is without doubt a successful EP and despite the fucking flaws, Inverted managed to mark their place in Indonesia by delivering a powerful and insane fucking shit! Excellent Fucking Piece of Perverted Sadism! 8.5/10

mercredi 5 octobre 2016

Blasphemer​-Ritual Theophagy (Comatose Music​)

6 years after their EP, Blasphemer are finally ready to infiltrate their Italian blasphemous damn fucking cult to demonstrate their highly anticipated second fucking ritual baptized in blood and fire "Ritual Theophagy" and despite very high expectations, the band still managed a demonic feat with admirable fucking return but having some flaws that will be explained below!  Blasphemer continues to perform a dark and evil Brutal Death Fucking Metal but this time decreasing a little in the complexity and brutality of their debut album making this fucking shit a more blackened basic work which can be a negative point but will add something fucking positive that I will explain later! "Ritual Theophagy" is 11 black fucking acts of supreme fucking brutality with maybe a few a little less successful in term of ritualistic carnage and some others with some weak riffings but in general this black fucking mass is totally fucking sick and sadistically addictive! As mentioned above, Blasphemer is keeping a technical side very present but being much more basic giving to the new release a high level of evil fucking atmosphere that could not be possible by being complex as fuck and this time, we can truly feel being tortured in the large cauldron of Belial and this fucking shit have really a dark and cold fucking essence! This horror and evil fucking ceremony is directed by Paolo Maniezzo (Vocals), Simone Brigo (Guitars/Vocals), Clod the Ripper (Bass), Darren Cesca (Drums) and the dark sickos are showing a great and brutal fucking composition being maybe less insane and sick than previous effort but knowing how to create many addictive fucking parts with awesome catchy fucking riffs! Paolo is still fucking amazing but giving a more influenced death metal guttural by being powerful as fuck, Simone on guitars is, as usual, fucking crazy with a lot of insane fucking riffs but having also several a little weak, amazing job of Clod the Ripper on bass and same for Darren showing a brutal, diverse and crazy fucking drumming! "Ritual Theophagy" is 28 hateful fucking minutes having a good part very successful and another part a little less but in a general view, Blasphemer offered a second excellent opus with blasphemous fucking ambiance! The production is fucking great with a drums that could sound a little better but still very good, a mixing very well done and this fucking shit really sounds like we are making part of some macabre suicidal orgiastic fucking ritual! Despite to have decreased their sickness, included some weaknesses and having some fucking flaws, this new Blasphemer release is fucking amazing by its dark atmosphere and catchy demonic side that will make addicted anyone living this nocturnal brutal fucking ceremony! "Ritual Theophagy" is highly recommended to all Death Metal fans wishing to live some good fucking experience and despite delivering no surprises, Blasphemer offered a mandatory fucking release to all sickos! Blasphemous Brutal Fucking Piece of Diabolical Insanity! 9/10

mardi 4 octobre 2016

Syphilic​-The Indicted States of America (Luxor Records​)

From USA, Brian Forgue and the legendary Syphilic are already back with a sixth full length album entitled "The indicted States of America" and staying true to their fucking roots with a release keeping its drunken identity and continues to offer quality fucking material! The one man band still playing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal unique in its style and continue to never disappoint us by offering always good fucking release and this sixth shit is not different! "The indicted States of America" is 11 songs, including an instrumental and Anal Cunt cover, and we can say all songs are very fucking good with many twisted and catchy fucking riffs but we find a few boring ones in each song and the CD also contains too much shitty samples! Despite the negative points just mentioned, Syphilic is offering again an awesome fucking composition wth all shitty elements to give us an enjoyable fucking experience! The vocals are, as always, fucking excellent, the guitars and bass despite to have some boring parts have many twisted and addictive fucking riffs and the drums machine is very well composed except to have a sound a little shit! This putrid fucking shit is lasting 45 rotten fucking minutes for the most fucking great but I think to have did the album shorter by eliminating samplers and boring parts would have increased the level of enjoyment but despite this little flaw, the disk still flows very well with an awesome fucking songwriting! The production is fucking excellent with a great fucking mixing but a drums sounding a little shit decreasing a little bit the experience but this fucking shit still sound like a ton of shitty fucking bricks! "The Indicted States of America" have all Brutal Death shitty elements making this release fucking successful and feeling very well the violent and societary atmosphere with its powerful auditory fucking destruction! Despite some flaws, this sixth Syphilic's effort is a total fucking success and as usual Brian is giving us some great fucking time with a mandatory fucking shit for the fans but also the sickos in general! Excellent Drunken Brutal Fucking Time! 8.5/10

Infectology​-Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment (Gore House Productions​)

In 2013, Infectology contaminated the shitty world with a powerful debut epidemic fucking release called "Origin of Pathological Extermination" and had a lot of weight on their shoulders to offer a second album as excellent and I must say that "Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment"  is surpassing all expectations and at all fucking levels the first effort! Infectology is controlled by Jhenry (Vocals), Luis (Guitars), Jose (Bass), Ivan (Drums) and the quartet are playing an insane sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally faithful to the fucking roots by offering a majestic fucking work that make think to the golden South American era! The guys have really written a flawless composition by giving no boring fucking parts but only addictive moments with a catchy musick completely fucking brilliant and brutally fucking insane! "Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment" contains 8 acts of extreme contagions getting in your fucking blood by their high level of sickness and addiction having no fucking flaws and including one of the best instrumental song ever written in Brutal Death Metal making this fucking shit a pure fucking blasterpiece of the shitty genre! This second opus is 26 minutes straight in your fucking face with non stop brutality and some heavy catchy parts only coming to increase the level of enjoyment of this fucking shit including a perfect songwriting and brilliant fucking performance! The production is just fucking perfect and addictive, flawless mixing with a great and raw fucking sound infecting our fucking bones and blood with a contagious insanity adding to the extreme brutality of this amazing fucking release! The atmosphere felt in this album is of an extreme deadly coldness that breaks our fucking spine with its rawness and sickness that emerges from this fucking shit! Jhenry on vocals is fucking excellent, maybe sometimes redundant for some but the powerful level of the performance is making it fucking awesome, Luis on guitars is just fucking perfect knowing how to create some true and brutal fucking riffs, same for Jose on bass with a great fucking job helped by the flawless production and Ivan on drums is fucking crazy with an insane fucking drumming being non stop fucking sick and addictive as fuck! Infectology is now without doubt making part of the best brutal bands by giving a flawless fucking release and making us feel the old shitty roots but also having their modernity and identity! "Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment" is a mandatory disk to all brutal passionate around the shitty world and every sicko who want to live an amazing and insane fucking experience! Extreme Perfect Fucking Piece of Addictive Fucking Insanity! 10/10