dimanche 22 février 2015

Corpsified-Demo 2014 (Dismembered Extremetalstuff)

From Blitar, Indonesia, Corpsified is a one man band coming with his first demo (Demo 2014) performing a Brutal Death Metal fucking sick and brutal as fuck! Mr. Corpsified is offering 1 song (plus one instrumental intro song) in the most disgusting and abominable way with a fucking sick guttural vox, insane guitar riffs with some catchy fucking parts and a drums programming sounding fucking good and acceptable for a first shit! "Stench of Decomposed Flesh" is a fucking successful song being fucking true to the roots and including all elements of BDM (Blast, Slam, Crushing...) to create a real brutal fucking shit with also an interesting intro song! This short demo still have a good fucking production, a mixing not perfect but well done with a sound totally fucking devastating and heavy as fucking hell! Corpsified succeeds to shit a real fucking bomb of stench and a perfect song that gives us all Brutal fucking styles, great catchy parts with a fucking good composition! Despite a short 3 fucking minutes, "Demo 2014" is a fucking must have for fans of pure brutality and Corpsified is for sure a band to check in the next months! A Great Disgusting Fucking Piece of Sickness! 9/10

mercredi 18 février 2015

Cannabies-Sativa Syn (Brutal Mind​)

Cannabies are already back with a debut full length album called "Sativa Syn" only composed with new fucking songs! Andri (Vocals), Esa (Guitars), Ega (Bass) and Indra (Drums) are the four blunted fucking heads making part of that hydro shitty fucking bomb and performing a Death Metal totally fucking sick with some more technical elements and a very influenced Brutal Death Metal side! Delivering a release in the same fucking vein as their last EP with an energy creating their identity, Cannabies returned in force to provide a near-perfect fucking songwriting and shit us a "Sativa Syn" totally fucking enjoyable and inspired! Andri on Vocals is very powerful, being a little bit redundant and missing a little of diversity but still fucking enjoyable, Esa on Guitars is fucking great by giving in majority great and brutal fucking riffs but performing a few a bit less good, same with Ega on Bass who is fucking awesome and very present in the production making his job fucking enjoying, and finally Indra with a insane fucking drumming filled with blast but still being able to diversify his job very well! Sativa Syn contains a very great and powerful fucking production, mixing very well done giving an important place to the bass guitar with a total devastating sound, maybe lacking a little of heaviness, but perfect for the style of Cannabies! The four sickos are offering 10 new songs (including one instrumental outro) and lasts 32 frosted fucking minutes that will make you high as ever with all excellent songs and some having maybe a few less good parts but fastly forgot by the amazing ones! "Sativa Syn" is a near perfect debut album offering all elements to create a memorable fucking shit from start to end and Cannabies just proved the important place they take in the Indonesian Metal scene and they probably smoked some of the greatest ganja to provide this awesome album and a must fucking have for all sick fucking heads! Outsanding Violent Hydro Death Metal! 9/10

dimanche 15 février 2015

Hymenotomy​-Promo 2014 (Self-Released)

From Estonia, Hymenotomy is coming with a first shit only called "Promo 2014" and are showing a real lesson of true brutality by delivering a fucking dirty and gory piece of nasty fucking shit totally fucking disgusting! Aivar Keermann (Baalsebub) on Guitars, Are Kangus (Uwe Boll) on Bass and Markus Saar (Baalsebub) on Drums/Vocals are the sick fucking trio consisting of this brutal fucking project and doing a composition without flaws by offering 6 fucking minutes of pure brutality with only great and catchy fucking riffs! Hymenotomy is performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal mixing the blasts with some slam element that are totally fucking enjoying with no eternal and slow boring shitty parts and always added by some fucking brutal, crunchy and disgusting fucking riffs! Promo 2015 contains two epic fucking songs (Some Necrophiles Having Sex with Autopsied Naked Bodies in the Morgue/Shitting the Rotten Entrails and Wormed Organs at Public Bathroom) which are made of a perfect brutality with all the shitty elements to create a piece of fucking shit with a sick and gory atmosphere! Aivar on Guitars is perfect and fucking sick in all way delivering a fucking brutal songwriting, same with Are on Bass and Markus on Drums who is always as good as usual by performing a fucking insane drumming and added by a fucking crazy, disgusting and brutal fucking guttural! The production is fucking great and brutal, for me a perfect mixing with a sound totally fucking heavy and powerful making it sounds like a real fucking ton of viscera falling on the fucking ground being shitted by a bunch of fucking whores in an orgiastic debauchery! This fucking CD is probably one of the best promo to have been regurgitated by some sickos including only catchy parts, killer fucking production, disgusting atmosphere and a perfect fucking piece of dirty brutality! A perfect fucking shit and a must for every sick fucking head! Disgusting Masterpiece of Pure Fucking Brutality! 10/10