jeudi 30 avril 2015

Viscera Infest-Verrucous Carcinoma (Obliteration Records​)

The Forensick Highspeed Bulldozer baptized in blood as Viscera Infest is finally back after 8 shitty fucking years since their last great carnage, "Sarcoidosis", and back again to destroy fucking all by killing any human being on its fucking way! "Verrucous Carcinoma" is the second full act of butchery of these barbaric Japanese who are influenced by the beginning of Disgorge (Mexico) and are the best and most faithful in this sense by delivering a total fucking piece of brutality with an intensity not equaled and expertise on the side of sickness totally fucking great! The highspeed cyclone continues to ravage us completely by chopping our fucking ears with their Brutal Death Fucking Metal highly influenced Goregrind especially by their grinding dirty sound and being one of the most brutal fucking bands on this shitty fucking planet! After all this fucking time, this full blasting machine lost the drummer but replaced by a completely degenerate killer Yuya helping his fellow Eizo (Guitar/Vocals) and Ryo (Guitar/Vocals) to perpetuate an intense brutality totally fucking extreme and continuing their flawless work at all fucking levels without losing a fucking drop of sickness but rather increasing it! This hurricane devastating everything on its way without fucking mercy contains 9 steps of mass destruction and all are done, as it knows so well, of a bloody sublime fucking way and always perfect since their Demo 2005 being sure to infiltrate a putrid shitty fucking disease to anyone living this high insanity damn experience! The insane killers Eizo and Ryo are totally fucking sick by dismembering everything with their chainsaws and vomit performing only amazing, catchy and addictive fucking riffs with a flawless composition made with a pure sickness mentality and Yuya on drums is crazy as fuck with his non stop blast varying the tempos of a brutal fucking way by being intense and fucking sick! This bomb of extreme fucking brutality have a production much more dirty than their previous material with a mixing well managed for the genre, perhaps a little less to the vocals, but this contagious shit still sounds like a real fucking bulldozer coming to destroy all your soul and damned forever in the extremity of this great fucking massacre! 31 fucking minutes of pure insanity delivered of an ingenious way that, despite not being for the fucking weak, is still accessible by its addictive side and his genius-level songwriting that makes this fucking band a living legend of Goregrind/Brutal Death Metal! Viscera Infest come to prove that they are in the rare bands still improving in brutality after many shitty years and increasing its level of sickness with "Verrucous Carcinoma" which is a fucking blasterpiece and essential fucking shit to every sickos! Total Perfect Highspeed Full Blasting Fucking Cyclone! 10/10

mercredi 29 avril 2015

Encenathrakh-Encenathrakh (P2 Omerta)

Progressive Chaotic Technical Blasting Brutal Death Fucking Metal is what are offering this mysterious fucking band came out of nowhere to enter in the darkest damned souls to engrave forever the fucking word Encenathrakh! Completely crazy as fuck and destroying everything in its fucking path with an unprecedented excessive brutality, this entity from the realm of the fucking dead invading the most depraved fucking minds is now among us to push the boundaries of extreme and delivering a damned battle of 11 mysterious fucking acts that are marking our shitty essence deeply within us! These beings from the dead composed of damned fucking souls came anonymously but many current rumors about their identity might be as follows: Paulo Henri Paguntalan (Vocals/Guitar), Mike Barr (Guitar), Colin Marston (Guitar/Bass) and Weasel Walter (Drums)! The four cadaveric characters are offering an insane fucking shit at the highest level by exploiting the darkest fucking areas of extreme musick with an unimaginable intensity, inventive, and mythical insanity that will mark the fucking history of sickness! Guttural and varied fucking vocals with a sustained aggression, guitars riffs completely damn chaotic and very diverse that never repeat themselves what gives to this fucking shit its very present progressive side including crazy technical brutal fucking riffs and finally, an insane non-stop blasting drumming and very often we can be wondered if this is not an infernal fucking machine with unlimited endurance and shitty varieties! An explosion of cacophonous violence highly effective being very hard to dig, but after many plays this fucking shit becomes a little less enigmatic and some rare fucking light among the persistent darkness seeping through this very complex obscure piece of pestilential fucking shit completely fucked up! This unique shitty experience and brutalistic efficiency of production is undoubtedly fucking successful, a mixing well done with an extreme sound faithful to their style by delivering nothing plastic, but only a brutal and raw material that make sounds this fucking shit like a merciless war of death on the world of the living by sowing chaos everywhere! 34 shitty fucking minutes of pure brutality really not accessible to everyone, especially beginners in the fucking genre, but still remains after having spent considerable time an iconic fucking piece of Brutal Death Metal with a mad perfection and unique identity showing a creepy fucking dark atmosphere! A fucking piece of sickness already fucking cult without a doubt and is an essential experience for all the most extreme but also connoisseurs of this shitty fucking genre! Cult Obscure Fucking Piece of Brutal Perfection! 10/10

mardi 28 avril 2015

Murtad-Extirpate the Remaining Breath (Necrology Records​)

From Bogor and formed in 2009, Murtad are finally ready to offer a real fucking piece of brutality with their highly anticipated debut album "Extirpate the Remaining Breath"! Murtad is Pungky Heriansyah on Vocals, Andri Soebangsa on Guitars, Katon Gilang Ramadhan on Drums and the insane Indo fucking trio are performing a fucking sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally crazy as fuck that can be compared to albums like She Lay Gutted in its sickness! A total devastation of this band with this first effort by delivering a pure brutal death metal with a nasty fucking production, well done mixing and this shit sounds really like a ton of TNT exploding during 31 fucking minutes dismembering all in its fucking path! Pungky on vocals is fucking insane and making his guttural fucking addictive by giving an extraordinary performance on this shitty fucking release, Andri is for the most fucking perfect at every fucking side, maybe offering some riffs sometimes a little less good than others but nothing is boring here and with a near perfect composition that make this whole fucking shit enjoying from start to end and finally Katon on drums who is completely fucking brutal as fuck giving a damn fast drumming but being also very diversified and giving one of the most successful fucking performances ever! "Extirpate the Remaining Breath" contains 9 songs including an excellent fucking cover of Jasad and all songs from that virtuoso sick fucking shit are all fucking awesome and as mentioned above, it can contains some rare less good parts but still fucking eargasmic in all ways with a great butchering fucking atmosphere adding to this release its own fucking identity! Murtad just dumped a fucking genius shit maybe not flawless in all points but still nearly fucking perfect and it would be a fucking crime for a Brutal Death Metaller to not owning this real fucking bomb of brutality! Fantastic Fucking Piece of True Fucking Brutality! 9/10

lundi 27 avril 2015

Pargochy-Shackles of Revenge (Self-Released)

Pargochy was born in 2013 in North Sumatra and come with their debut EP entitled "Shackles of Revenge" with 4 fucking songs, including a cover of Trio Ambisi, and lasting 11 minutes of Brutal Death Fucking Metal beautifully composed with a little damn touch of Old School Death Metal especially at the vocals! Perfect fucking job at the production with a great fucking mixing and an enjoying sound totally fucking devastating being heavy as fuck but at the same time very clear and the final result is fucking awesome! The line up of "Shackles of Revenge" consists of Dennis (Vocals), Irink (Guitars), Syaif (Bass), Dede (Drums) and those fucking sick Indonesians are delivering a real fucking bomb of Brutal Death Metal nearly fucking perfect with an amazing songwriting and being faithful to the shitty roots of the fucking genre! Dennis on this EP is more at the Death Metal style maybe sometimes a vocals a little redundant but still great and fucking insane, unbelievable job for Irink by offering almost only perfect riffs and much of them being fucking catchy and addictive, Syaif is also doing a fucking good job on the bass and Dede is fucking perfect on drums with a varied and fucking brutal performance! Pargochy are delivering a very high level piece of fucking shit by giving 3 songs totally fucking great with some parts a bit less good but never boring added by a fucking good cover song! "Shackles of Revenge" is a highly fucking recommended shit for each fucking fan of Death Metal or Brutal Death Metal because Pargochy just proved their ingenuity, loyalty and their next fucking shit is already highly fucking anticipated! Awesome Fucking Piece of Brutality! 9/10

samedi 25 avril 2015

Anorgasm-Promo CD (Pieces Records)

From Bandung, a band emerged with the sole fucking intention of crushing everything in its fucking way by giving a first Promo CD totally fucking brutal with 2 songs delivered by the insane Anorgasm!  As their name, this band completely rape your fucking ears with their Crushing Brutal Death Fucking Metal damn sick and giving you multiple fucking eargasms with a very well-written material! Anorgasm is Guz Donald (Vocals), Dicky Bacot (Guitars), Redi (Bass), Arie Beko (Drums) and the crazy fucking quartet are performing a fucking amazing shit by offering 8 flawless shitty minutes of pure fucking brutality! Guz on vocals is fucking awesome performing a fucking powerful guttural and fucking enjoying, Dicky on Guitars is perfect in his riffs by giving only fucking excellent ones with a great job of Redi on Bass who is really making part of the band by the production and finally Arie on drums who is fucking perfect with a fast and sick tight fucking drumming! Anorgasm are puking a near perfect fucking shit and the only negative to that fucking shit is maybe to have a few repetitive riffs but still not boring and matching with the style offered by those fucking deranged motherfuckers! A great fucking production especially for a promo CD, perfect mixing and it sounds fucking heavy as fuck with an orgiastic shitty fucking atmosphere of lethal fucking debaucheries! Anorgasm has for sure made their cadaveric mark through the gigantic brutal fucking wave of Indonesia and is undoubtedly, despite its short time, a must fucking have for every insane in the fucking head fuckers around! Sick Amazing Fucking Promo! 9/10

mardi 21 avril 2015

Chancroid-Promo 2015 (Brute! Productions)

From Bekasi, Chancroid comes to defecate a real disgusting fucking piece of shit with a first Promo CD called "Promo 2015" and they surprise us with this fucking bomb of Brutal Death Metal totally fucking sick in the veins of Condemned, Disgorge (USA) and Cinerary! Wira (Vocals), Hendri (Guitars) and Bona (Drums) are the insane fucking trio making part of this fetid shitty fucking project and are without any fucking doubt delivering an awesome brutal and crazy fucking job by giving a mighty Brutal Death fucking well composed added by a plenty of disgusting fucking parts! Wira on vocals is fucking sick as fuck with a diversified guttural and fucking enjoying, Hendri on guitars is performing for the most great fucking riffs with many catchy parts that comes add some dirtiness to that fucking shit and Bona on drums is giving a fucking brutal, fast and varied damn job! Chancroid is doing an amazing fucking debut with this brutal fucking promo of 2 songs filled with raw fucking brutality and sickening atmosphere! One of the only downsides of this fucking shit is at the production which is still very good but having some flaws at the mixing and especially at the drums sound, but despite this, that shit still sounds like a fucking ton of rancid putrid fucking viscera ejected on the fucking floor! 8 fucking minutes of pure Brutal Death Metal delivered with a dirty fucking touch and making this fucking shit a fucking must have in the genre with almost only great fucking riffs, sick vocals with a fast and brutal fucking drumming! Chancroid have just taken an important place in the brutal fucking scene of Indonesia with this beautiful fucking piece of cancerous sickness, highly fucking recommended! Near Perfect Piece of Disgusting Fucking Shit! 9/10

lundi 20 avril 2015

Gerogot​-Promo 2014 (Impaled Productions)

In 2013, a total filthy abomination was born from the putrid fucking bowels of Surabaya under the name of Gerogot to deliver a disgusting fucking piece of brutality completely damn insane called "Promo 2014"!  This killing machine offers a bit more than 4 minutes of pure crushing and sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal  by destroying everything in its fucking path with this perfect bomb of infected fucking pus! Gerogot consists of Aditya Prakoso on Vocals/Guitars, Zein Zaneck Abraham on Drums and the Indonesian brutal fucking duo are offering an insane and successful fucking CD by including many catchy riffs and drums parts filled with blasts making it a high level fucking piece of sickness! The production of this promo is fucking great, excellent mixing with a heavy putrid fucking sound maybe a little low but still sounding like a real disgusting fucking piece of extreme insanity with a pure dirty fucking side totally enjoying! Aditya is giving a sick guttural vox with an insane guitars composition creating a fucking nasty and violent atmosphere filled with only great and catchy fucking riffs and, Zein is performing a perfect and crazy fucking drumming with his diversified blasts and a non-stop brutality instinct! Gerogot is offering an exceptional fucking piece of shit including 2 songs and only giving several dirty and brutal fucking eargasms from start to end making this destructive fucking shit a total blasterpiece of high quality, showing and succeeding in their sick rotten fucking purpose! A brutal fucking disgusting as fuck promo highly recommended to the sickest motherfuckers! Shitty Blasterpiece of Rotted Fucking Sickness! 10/10

dimanche 19 avril 2015

Cruelest​-Kill and Kill-Promo 2015 (Brutal Mind​)

From East Java, Indonesia, Cruelest was born with the intent to rape your fucking ears til to come blood with this first promo called Kill and Kill-Promo 2015! This band consists of Fikri (Vocals/Guitars), Bangkit (Drums) and the sick fucking duo are performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally faithful to the shitty fucking roots including many Death Metal influences and Brutal Death Metal elements from the first brutal fucking era! Fikri is doing a good fucking job on vocals, maybe a bit redundant but still managed to give an excellent fucking performance, same on guitars with only good fucking riffs and a few fucking catchy with some of them that can seems repetetive but without to remove any enjoyment! Bangkrit on drums is fucking brutal as fuck with his relentless fucking blasts but being fucking diversified by all extreme elements the band are including in their first great fucking work! The production of "Kill and Kill" is a fucking great success from A to Z with a perfect fucking mixing at all shitty fucking levels and a sound that could be a little heavier but still destroying all in its fucking path by sounding like a real fucking bomb of pure fucking sickness! Cruelest offers two excellent fucking songs (Brain of the Crime/Kill and Kill) for a demo lasting about 7 shitty fucking minutes and offers a good composition in general by, as mentioned above, incorporating various elements from the extreme fucking musick and making this promo an excellent fucking piece of shit! Cruelest managed their goal by offering a piece of brutal and extreme fucking musick that is increasingly fucking rare in the "Brutal" Death Metal nowadays and show us their expertise at this level despite their very young fucking career! A promo recommended to all extreme sickos around and we are only looking forward for the debut release of this amazing fucking band! Excellent Fucking Promo! 8/10

mercredi 15 avril 2015

Maximize Bestiality​-Extraterrestrial Skolexomorphic Infestation (Rising Nemesis Records​)

Maximize Bestiality are finally back after their excellent fucking EP in 2013 for a debut full length album named "Extraterrestrial Skolexomorphic Infestation" and are continuing their Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal faithful to the roots at almost every fucking point, being fucking disgusting as fuck with a fucking well done slam! The band consists of Alex (Vocals), Robert (Guitars/Vocals), Jay (Bass), Hazim (Drums) and the four german sickos are delivering a fucking good composition/performance by giving us a very fucking good slamming disk, maybe not to compare with the classicks of the genre but still doing the fucking job and making our fucking ears bleed to death! The band still kept the same direction with their production on this release like their EP by offering a real fucking sound maybe a bit less successful on the full but not sounding fucking plastic like the most of bands from this style added by a great fucking mixing give the result of a real fucking brutal bomb of groovy fucking shit! Alex on vocals is doing an awesome fucking job with an excellent guttural fucking style added by some backing vocals from Robert giving it a unique and diversified side, Robert is also doing an awesome job on guitars with many good fucking riffs with Jay on bass doing it greatly with an enjoyable fucking sound and performance and finally Hazim on drums mixing some blast through the slow and groovy parts and offering us a good and tight fucking drumming! "Extraterrestrial Skolexomorphic Infestation" contains 9 songs and lasting about 43 fucking minutes that are for the most fucking good giving it a great sci-fi slamming shitty fucking atmosphere and a good songwriting in general without to be "memorable" but still managed to dump a fucking well done slamming fucking shit! The big downside of this CD is the fucking bass drops that are in almost all songs making it fucking repetitive, without interest, losing its effectiveness by overusing it and would have been better in one or two songs! Maximize Bestiality offered a fucking good slamming shit and despite some negative is without any fucking doubt a fucking must for all lovers of the genre! Very Fucking Good Slamming Brutal Fucking Shit! 7/10

mardi 14 avril 2015

Upon your Corpse​-Demo 2014 (Self-Released)

Upon your Corpse is an American shitty fucking project of Max McMullen (All instruments) and Chris Williams (Vocals) offering their first demo only called Demo 2014! These sick fuckers are performing a killer Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking disgusting incorporating a multitude of sick fucking riffs making this demo a real fucking piece of total fucking shit! As mentioned above, Max is doing a sick fucking job with almost only crazy fucking riffs and still a good performance on Drums Programming despite a lack of diversity and sound quality, Chris is fucking brutal with a shitty fucking dirty guttural maybe a bit redundant but never bothering us! The production is the big negative point to this fucking shit, mixing a little fucked up and a total crap fucking sound with a guitar hidden in background removing a lot of pleasure to enjoy all the sick fucking riffs and added by a drums programming sounding totally fucking awful! Upon your Corpse give two songs for the demo lasting about 5 fucking minutes and despite the very bad production, they still managed to make us highly appreciate that fucking shit by its very disgusting fucking side and its fast musick completely fucking insane! This demo will obviously not mark the shitty fucking history of Brutal Death Metal but still managing to be fucking good and effective in its sickness and I think this fucking shit is still required for each Brutal Death fuckers since Upon your Corpse are showing their fucking skills in shitty brutality and a fucking good future for sure! Very Good Disgusting Fucking Shit! 7/10

dimanche 5 avril 2015

Cadavoracity​-Remnants of Chaotic Apogee (Permeated Records​)

Cadavoracity are finally back for their highly anticipated debut fucking album "Remnants of Chaotic Apogee" and as expected, this fucking piece of shit just destroyed everything in its fucking path with a Sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal influenced by bands like Disgorge (USA), Cinerary, Liturgy and are doing it in an awesome, insane and brutal fucking way! Cadavoracity consists of Deddy (Vocals), Nano (Guitars), Januaryo (Bass/Drums Programming) and the insane fucking trio are offering a true fucking release of pure brutal fucking puke with a crazy songwriting making of this shit an unforgettable fucking release! Deddy on vocals is doing a sick fucking job with a brutal fucking guttural totally fucking enjoyable, Januaryo on Bass is fucking great helped by the production and we can hear easily his work and also, an excellent and respectable composition at the drums programming, we can say the same for Nano on Guitars with a composition totally fucking brutal and great including almost only sick fucking riffs and making of this piece an awesome classick of the Brutal Death Metal! The production of this album is ok, a sound fucking heavy but that could be a little more powerful and a mixing not really good with a drums too present especially at the bassdrums coming to remove a lot of pleasure but this shit still sounds fucking dirty and brutal as fuck! "Remnants of Chaotic Apogee" is a near-perfect shit of about 25 shitty fucking insane minutes including 8 songs and 1 fucking great cover of Liturgy and its for sure among the best fucking releases of its shitty class! Cadavoracity has managed to offer a memorable fucking disk with an ingenious composition and this fucking piece of shit, despite its shortcomings in the production, will remain forever in the shitty history of Brutal Death Fucking Metal! An outstanding and fucking mandatory release to all brutal fuckers out there! Near Perfect Fucking Piece of Brutal Fucking Shit! 9/10

samedi 4 avril 2015

Gutrot​/Syphilic​-Portopotty Pervert (Permeated Records​)

Gutrot is back after 10 fucking years with highly anticipated material and make it in a split format with 3 new fucking songs (+1 Malevolent Creation cover) and despite the line up changes, the band has managed to completely keep the same fucking style maybe being a little less brutal but still offering a quality fucking piece of shit! Brian Forgue (Vocals), Russ Crossman (Guitars), Phil Good (Bass) and Zach Gibson (Drums) are the sickos making part of this shitty fucking project and are shitting a monstrous split of 14 brutal fucking minutes including a near perfect composition! Brian is spewing his usual disgusting fucking guttural, Russ is giving an awesome songwriting with fucking excellent riffs, some a little bit less enjoying but still fucking great, Phil is also doing a good fucking job and Zach is continuing his sick fucking job from the old days and performing a brutal fucking drumming! The production of this fucking shit is generally fucking well done with a good mixing and sound, not perfect especially at the drums side but still sounding like a real bomb of diarrheal fucking shit during some scatological orgiastic defecation! A great fucking come back from the legendary Gutrot and we only wish some new shitty material before another 10 fucking years, very recommended brutal fucking stuff!  

Syphilic and Brian Forgue come to shit probably the longest fucking song in the history of Drunken Brutal Death Fucking Metal entitled "Toyletroll" lasting 10 shitty creative fucking minutes and making part of this awesome fucking split "Portopotty Pervert!" This time Phil Good is helping Brian on bass with an excellent fucking job, Russ Crossman for his part is doing solos and of course Brian Forgue on guitars delivering an ingenious fucking material including a drums programming fucking well done! Toyletroll may seems fucking long by its length but is none had to its effectiveness and expertise in the shitty fucking genre with a very diverse and excellent fucking composition but still containing some riffs a bit less enjoyable and also, the CD split version is adding an excellent Morbid Angel cover with a sick fucking vocals that can reminds us some earlier Libido Airbag material! A great fucking production, not perfect but still managing to give a heavy shitty fucking sound with a good mixing! Toyletroll is an amazing fucking song including all Brutal Death Metal elements and despite some slightly less interesting riffs, Syphilic just gives a highly shitty creative and well made fucking song!

Gutrot/Syphilic just deliver a fucking great split and "Portopotty Pervert" is without any fucking doubt a fucking must have for every fucking sick in the head fuckers! Amazing Drunken Diarrhea Fucking Shit! 9/10