dimanche 31 mai 2015

Iniquitous Deeds​-Incessant Hallucinations (New Standard Elite​)

From the cosmic fucking depths of the universe, this bacterium known as Iniquitous Deeds came infected the shitty world with a pernicious and contagious fucking disease called "Incessant Hallucinations" spreading the madness and death! Being several degrees above their previous EP, this bacterial form provides a colossal carnage of ingenuity, creativity and brutality beyond all fucking thoughts by giving a total dazzling and brilliant debut album with a big fucking dose of musical madness giving an aspect totally fucking unique in its shitty genre! "Incessant Hallucinations" is a piece that I could qualify of Twisted Technical Brutal Death Fucking Metal while still remaining comprehensive including some most basic parts, having all shitty elements of this style and couldn't really be compared to another band with its total unique fucking identity! Mike Simon (Cerebral Engorgement) on Vocals, Niko Kalajakis on Guitars, Chris Stratton on Bass and Matt Kilner (Nithing) on Drums are the American quartet that are perpetrating this fucking plague in 8 steps in providing an outstanding fucking performance and creating a perfect piece of contagious fucking shit totally addictive and eargasmic from start to fucking end! Mike as usual is delivering a guttural vocals fucking sick and very enjoyable, Niko is showing an incredible shitty talent by giving a wicked fucking composition of the most successful with only amazing fucking riffs, Chris is also doing a great fucking job with some brilliant parts and finally Matt is performing a perfect and varied fucking drumming incredibly well done! Iniquitous Deeds shit 33 minutes of pure fucking insanity with a very brutal and bizarre atmosphere giving it an incomparable fucking side to this wonderful epidemic of intense sickness without to mention its fabulous flawless songwriting which is already worth to be a shitty classick in the fucking genre! The production of this fucking shit is perfect from A to Z being totally enjoyable with a mixing very well made and a sound of brutal quality and addictive sounding like a ton of corpses being stacked due to a severe shitty infection from a twisted disease completely fucking sick as fuck! "Incessant Hallucinations" is a total fucking success by incorporating all Brutal Death Metal styles and still unique with a wonderful composition leading this band among the best and making a fantastic fucking start in their genre! Iniquitous Deeds just delivered a masterpiece which is a must have for every extreme metallers giving you an unprecedented experience and making you fucking addictive! Brilliant Hallucinating Fucking Piece of Perfect Twisted Fucking Brutality! 10/10

samedi 30 mai 2015

Embodied Torment​-Liturgy of Ritual Execution (New Standard Elite​)

In 2011, a torture machine was born as the Embodied Torment and finally ready to implement its execution with a debut full work spreading the suffering and brutality as musical fucking piece of torture called "Liturgy of Ritual Execution"! This brutal agony of the darkest torment have 9 torturous fucking songs including an excellent cover of Brodequin and this fucking shit  have the ability to be impregnated with a dark shitty fucking atmosphere adding much to this work of pure damn suffering! "Liturgy of Ritual Execution" is delivering a pure Brutal Death Fucking Metal mixing very well faster and slow parts and being a successful dark torturing musical fucking opus!  Matt Chaco (Vocals), Joaquin Chavez (Guitars/Vocals), David Ko (Bass) and Cynthia Chaco (Drums) are the technicians of this infernal fucking machine and showing a great composition being fucking brutal but at the same time somewhat Death Metal by adding a very oppressive and dark fucking atmosphere! Matt on vocals is doing a very good fucking job maybe a bit redundant but still being enjoyable to the extreme, Joaquin on guitars is fucking amazing offering a fucking strong songwriting and also giving a fucking good guttural vocals, David on bass is excellent having some moments really outstanding and very well done and same with Cynthia on drums delivering an awesome fast fucking drumming highly diverse but keeping it very fucking sick! Embodied Torment are giving a chaotic torturous piece of fucking shit with about 36 fucking minutes all fucking great with nothing extraordinary but being constant delivering only great songs even those a bit longer like "Thrones of the Slain" which can seems a bit repetitive but keeping a creepy ambiance and ending in a brilliant fucking way! The production of this fucking shit is very successful without being exceptional but with a good mixing and a devastating fucking sound maybe missing some depth but still sounding like a true fucking stage of multiple agonizing shitty torture! "Liturgy of Ritual Execution" contains some imperfections and maybe missing some memorable moments but still a great fucking piece of brutality at all fucking levels with a superior quality that makes this release a fucking must in the genre! Embodied Torment just delivers a successful debut fucking album and is highly recommended to all fucking sickos! Amazing Torturing Fucking Piece of Musical Agony! 9/10

mardi 26 mai 2015

Active Stenosis​-Succumbed to Infection (Eyes Of The Dead Productions​)

Out from the putrid bowels of some corpses of fucking whores from a few unbridled districts of Greece, Active Stenosis just shit their debut full length album "Succumbed to Infection" to spread an excremental fucking plague around the fucking world! This one man band is doing the genre Goregrind greatly influenced by Lymphatic Phlegm with some other elements of Last Days of Humanity,Regurgitate... and transports us in a world of Goregrind of the most fucking successful and outstanding with an excellent fucking blend of groovy, slow and fast fucking parts!  "Succumbed to Infection" is a demonstration of a large-scale brutality with a quality Goregrind making without any fucking doubt this band one of the best in the shitty fucking genre! Ioannis "Nx5" Adamidis (Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Drums Programming) is the cause of this planetary shitty infection spreading 25 diseases which are fucking contagious and excellent from start to end with an excellent cover of Dahmer and a fucking amazing and enjoyable composition making this fucking shit a real fucking gem going directly in your fucking guts! The harmonizer vocals are fucking amazing, diverse and really fucking creative with riffs totally fucking enjoying without any boring parts and a drums programming fucking successful at all shitty fucking levels adding to this fucking shit a superior quality! Active Stenosis is demonstrating an undisputed shitty talent in the fucking genre by providing a perfect fucking piece of sickness and incorporating only good songs and parts making this fucking shit something very addictive including an extreme and very gory atmosphere knowing how to deliver a pure Goregrind with a real fucking sound despite the drums machine! The production of this shit is fucking perfect, a flawless mixing with a fucking great quality sound, especially for the style, adding a drums programming sounding like a real one, you get a heavy as fuck sound making that shit a total fucking bomb of rotten fucking guts infested with maggots on fucking AIDS! "Succumbed to Infection" is 29 fucking minutes of pure infested brutality that can be ranked among the best Goregrind fucking shit ever made managing to do what many other bands of the genre are not, making us addicted to each fucking song despite several ones also including an enjoying and fucking great cover with no fucking intros! For its high fucking quality, this shit is really essential to all extreme sickos  and Active Stenosis proves their great fucking place in the genre with a very promising future! Perfect Addictive Pure Bloody Sick Goregrind Infected with Shit! 10/10

lundi 25 mai 2015

Oncology​-The Metastasis (Self-Released)

Oncology come from the UK to give us a first EP of exceptional fucking quality called "The Metastasis" and dig their way into the saturation of the brutal scene with an excellent and ingenious fucking piece of insanity having nothing very extravagant but highly fucking effective! Oncology are performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal straight in your fucking face with all the elements that are found in all Brutal Death genre and made in a great fucking way with a creative and fucking sick composition!  Connor (Vocals/Guitar/Drums Programming), Aaron (Guitar) and Ross (Bass) are the trio offering us this fucking bomb of 3 songs that are written almost fucking flawless with an incredible ability to make us addicted to this degenerate fucking piece of sickness! Connor gives a great vocals with a really enjoyable guttural, fucking good riffs and a drums programming very well done, also an amazing fucking job of Aaron performing almost only excellent and catchy shitty fucking riffs and finally Ross who is doing a very good fucking job on bass! "The Metastasis" doesnt have much faults by delivering a simple and basic piece but highly fucking successful by its brutality and creativity but we can also find some riffs a little less interesting but this EP is still fucking well done from A to Z! The production of this fucking shit is very good, a mixing well done and a sound really fucking successful with a drums programming sounding not perfect but still very appreciable and that fucking shit sounds like a ton of fucking bricks despite some shitty imperfections! 11 fucking minutes of pure enjoyable shitty fucking brutality with a quality composition creating a dark fucking atmosphere and deep addiction to mark the shitty fucking essence of each fucking listeners giving them a chance! Oncology just offered a first EP unquestionably fucking successful and "The Metastasis" is definitely a must fucking have for every Brutal Death Metaller around! Amazing Fucking Piece of Brutality! 9/10

dimanche 24 mai 2015

Pedofagia​-Torturando la Infancia (Rotten Cemetery Records​)

From Chile and born in 2009. Pedofagia finally come to offer their debut album "Torturando la Infancia" of a nameless fucking butchery by massacring and devouring all children in their fucking path!  Pedofagia is Raul Barahona (Vocals/Bass), Karadima (Guitars), Leokiller Barahona (Drums) and the trio are performing an Old School Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally excellent and fucking sick with a great horror atmosphere and a very fucking present old skull feeling! Raul on Vocals and Bass is doing a wonderful fucking job with a guttural mixed between Death Metal and Brutal Death Metal adding to that old school vibe, Karadima on Guitars is performing mostly great and original fucking riffs and Leo on Drums is fucking awesome by mixing very well blast and slowest parts with a creative drumming!  "Torturando la Infancia" contains 10 fucking songs including an instrumental intro and are all fucking excellent with many shitty riffs that stick in your fucking head but still having some a little less enjoyable but not removing any pleasure in the musical experience of this damn shit almost fucking perfect! The production of this fucking shit is really fucking successful, perfect mixing and sound totally well done keeping this old school shitty atmosphere which could have a bass guitar a little more present to add even more to this old gory ambiance but this fucking piece of young meat still sounds like a real slaughterhouse filled by tortured and butchered fucking kids! 30 fucking minutes of a brutal near-perfect fucking quality from start to end with great fucking riffs and many parts really enjoyable and fucking addicting! Pedofagia completely succeeded their fucking goal with this first effort and "Torturando la Infancia" is highly recommended for all Death Metal and Brutal Death Metal fans and for those into it since a while, you will find perhaps even more affinities! Fantastik Pure Old School Brutal Fucking Shit! 9/10

mardi 19 mai 2015

Bowel Stew​-Debridement (Pathologically Explicit Recordings)

The gruesome bloodthirsty slaughterfuckinghouse called Bowel Stew from Italy was opened for the third time to show us a horrifying fucking scene of the most barbarous presenting 9 gory acts of unimaginable and limitless fucking cruelty assembled to form a whole labeled "Debridement"! Bowel Stew remain fucking true to themselves  by offering a different scene of carnage to each fucking time and this new orgy of suffering being different from the previous effort still remains an experience of the most fucking brutal and bloodthirsty that can be ever lived! Continuing to provide a dirty Brutal Death Fucking Metal and this time perhaps with a Goregrind shitty side less present but still giving a grinding fucking piece ravaging everything in its fucking path by spreading the guts everywhere! "Debridement" is maybe showing scenes of auditory torture a little less fucking insane than their previous butchering show but they are able to push the limits of the extreme once again by delivering a sick massacre without mercy from start  to fucking end!  Omar (Chainsaws and Vomit) and Riccardo (Skulls Crusher) are back with a new disciple in the butchery Bubba (Vomit) and the trio of butchers knows how to deliver a sordid, gore and fucking insane Brutal Death Metal of great ferocity being of a brutal fucking quality! Bowel Stew are delivering a killer and sick fucking composition making "Debridement" a bloody fucking piece of dirty perfection with a gory and creepy atmosphere adding to that fucking shit an extreme brutality! Bubba on vomit is fucking brutal with an enjoyable guttural maybe a little linear but matching perfectly with the Bowel's horde, Omar continue to ravage everything with his chainsaws offering a killer songwriting and as always, a bunch of fucking awesome and catchy parts, and finally, Riccardo faithful to himself and giving an insane, diverse and blasting fucking drumming by destroying all fucking skulls in his fucking way! "Debridement" is filled with perfect chainsaw riffing with an incredible shitty amount of catchy, addictive and sick fucking parts that make all sickheads addicted after some shitty listen! This piece of total sickness was only recorded in some fucking hours and the production will not be perfect for some, but really have an underground and eargasmic fucking feeling, a good mixing with a brutal and grinding fucking sound maybe lacking a little of heaviness but totally successful to make us feel as we were in some slaughterhouse watching those butchers killing all our shitty fucking family! Bowel Stew are back greatly with this third piece of fucking shit lasting 28 gory fucking minutes including an excellent cover of Brodequin and are proving their important place among the best Italian fucking bands having offered only perfect stuff in all their crazy shitty fucking existence! A total fucking must for the sickest fuckers of the scene and highly fucking recommended to all others! Gory Fucking Blasterpiece of Depraved Butchering Sickness! 10/10

dimanche 17 mai 2015

Sagrado​-Bastardized by the decrepit WhoreBeast (Pathologically Explicit Recordings)

After their excellent debut fucking album three years ago, Sagrado are back with a second act of brutality totally fucking insane by delivering again a powerful material in the name of "Bastardized by the Decrepit WhoreBeast!" This bloodthirsty and devastating fucking beast is delivering a Brutal Death Fucking Metal with many slam elements and could also be categorized in this genre but its diversity and musical knowledge rather rank them among the Brutal Death Metal mixing well the fast and slam fucking parts! The Filipinos controlling this bomb of sickness are Stephen Espiritu (Vocals), Jin Calagos (Guitars), Audren Marzan (Bass), Migz Kintanar (Drums) and the 4 sickos prove in this opus to have earned their place among the fucking best of their kind by giving a brutal fucking composition of high-level efficiency! Stephen on vocals is fucking exceptional by giving a powerful, diverse and a complete fucking insane performance, Jin is delivering for the most part excellent fucking riffs but some may seem a little less successful but still giving a fucking solid songwriting, same on the side of Audren on bass with some awesome parts and adding something to this fucking shit and finally Migz on drums who is fucking insane with his crazy blastbeats performing a diverse fucking drumming! "Bastardized by the Decrepit WhoreBeast" contains 8 songs and 28 fucking minutes of pure fucking insanity with perhaps a couple of songs less successful and some riffs less enjoying but in general this fucking shit comes in a brutal and excellent way with several great and catchy riffs that gives this release a fucking quality! The production is fucking great with a very good mixing and killer fucking sound which perhaps only having as default to have a  drums sounding a little fake but that fucking piece of sickness still sounds like a real bomb of brutal fucking shit!  Despite some negative parts, Sagrado have managed to deliver an excellent second album highly recommended to all brutal death metallers by performing an excellent and fucking sick brutality! Excellent Brutal Fucking Release! 8/10

mardi 12 mai 2015

Crypt Infection​-Disentanglement (Sevared Records​)

Crypt Infection are finally back after their excellent EP in 2010/2011 with a very long awaited debut album called "Disentanglement" and are meeting expectations with a fucking great first effort of great fucking quality! The Californian cruel bloodthirsty horde performs on this material a Technical Brutal Death Fucking Metal without being too technical by keeping his brutal fucking side and being totally twisted as fuck with an originality and creativity demonstrated in this unique fucking piece of sickness! Ken May (Vocals), Joe Billingiere (Guitars), Mike Payton (Bass), Jeremiah Taylor (Drums) are the killer fucking quartet from Crypt Infection and are performing  a brutality with unique fucking atmosphere making "Disentanglement" an exceptional fucking piece of its kind created by a solid and creative fucking composition! Ken on vocals is fucking brutal with a varied and well made guttural, Joe is offering mostly killer fucking riffs with an awesome and original fucking songwriting, also a great fucking job from Mike on bass and Jeremiah on drums is totally fucking insane with an excellent and creative shitty fucking drumming! 9 fucking songs of brutal excellence comes with great efficiency and we can surely find some riffs less excellent but the final product is of high fucking quality with a very present identity! A devastating production with a mixing not perfect but fucking good, same with the sound, fucking heavy and enjoyable adding to this fucking piece of shit a great fucking ambiance! Crypt Infection are delivering 37 fucking minutes of technical brutality being mostly a total fucking success and is definitely a unique experience in the brutal death metal by being fucking sick, twisted and original making this release a fucking must! "Disentanglement" despite some imperfections is highly recommended to all fucking lovers of death metal or brutal death being fucking excellent from start to end! Creative Technical Fucking Piece of Primitive Twisted Fucking Sickness! 9/10

lundi 11 mai 2015

Scent of Carnage​-Scent of Carnage (Grundar Production​)

Filly (Vocals), Aziz (Guitar), Adi (Guitar), Necroslaughter (Bass) and Alid (Drums) are the five Malaysian fucking killers from Scent of Carnage who are giving a first self-titled EP to deliver a shitty carnage in three fucking acts making their mark in the brutality! These hearing rapists are performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking raw but also containing many shitty elements inspired Death Metal and Metal in general! The vocals are very fucking good but being maybe a bit redundant but still fucking sick, some guitar riffs fucking insane and catchy but you can find also some a little less enjoying, a good fucking job of the bass and also on drums that is mixing fast and slow fucking parts and being diverse! These 3 barbaric fucking songs are quite excessive length which can harm a little to the quality of the fucking songs with a few little less interesting parts and easy to think that some could have been removed but the result is still fucking unique and songs are managing to be very enjoyable and without appearing too fucking long! The production is very fucking raw and underground with a well done mixing, the sound can seems poor in quality and missing a lot of heaviness and depth but still sounding fucking sick with a little grind touch! Scent of Carnage is lasting about 20 fucking minutes and despite having some parts a little less good, it remains a brutal fucking release of quality with a very dirty and underground side that can be for certain a quality and a fault for others! Despite these negatives, Scent of Carnage is recommended to all sickos and are promised to a fucking great future and we can only hope for more soon! Very Good Sick Fucking Shit! 7/10

dimanche 10 mai 2015

Mouthing the Offal​-Promo 2015 (Self-Released)

From USA, Mouthing the Offal comes with a first effort entitled "Promo 2015" and are performing a total disgusting fucking piece of shit and a Brutal Death Fucking Metal composition with an old school shitty atmosphere very fucking dirty!  Dillon Chapin on Vocals (Reek of Blood) and Shaun Stiles on Guitars/Bass/Drums Programming (Intestinal Alien Reflux/Inhabit) are the duo of Mouthing the Offal and offering an excellent fucking job at all shitty fucking levels! Dillon have a fucking sick guttural totally enjoying and disgusting as fuck, Shaun on guitars is faithful to himself by always delivering a good fucking songwriting and great fucking bass helped by the nasty fucking production with a drums programming fucking well done! This piece of true fucking shit is fucking great from start to end having some less good riffs and as biggest fucking downside of having too short songs that not give us time to fully appreciate the beautiful fucking compositions of Shaun but in general this putrid fucking shit is a fucking success! The production is very fucking dirty, a perfect mixing and sound fucking heavy as fuck that reminds us very much of the Brutal Death Metal past with a bass sound very present and fucking eargasmic! 3 songs and a little more of 3 minutes of crushing, groovy and fast fucking parts including all shitty elements to create a real fucking piece of brutality and Mouthing the Offal show their shitty skill and make their fucking path through this saturated scene!  A Promo full of shit that is recommended to all the brutal death metallers especially those being in the genre from the beginning because you will find several shitty elements of the past and made of a great fucking way! Excellent Fucking Piece of Brutal Disgusting Fucking Shit! 8/10

samedi 9 mai 2015

Imbrued Blemishment​-Demo 2015 (Self-Released)

Thailand, a cannibal eater group saw the fucking light as the Imbrued Blemishment leading a barbaric and cruel fucking slaughter with a first act, "Demo 2015", having as musical orientation a Groovy Brutal Death Fucking Metal including some Slam parts but remaining completely fucking sick and faithful to the true BDM by being very similar to the old brutal classicks from the past! Imbrued Blemishment is Surachet Suntharasri (Vocals), Saken Crusher (Guitars), Norathep Naritoom (Bass), Sunyaluxx Saengtham (Drums), and the human-eater quartet are doing an amazing fucking job at every shitty level of brutality with almost only perfect fucking songs by delivering an insane, addictive and enjoyable groovy totally fucking awesome including slam riffs that can be among the bests of this style being catchy as fuck and make you headbanging or playing air guitar all the fucking time! Surachet on Vocals is powerfully guttural being disgusting, enjoyable and fucking brutal, Saken is delivering nearly perfect fucking riffs being perhaps a bit repetitive but still offering incredible composition, Norathep is very effective on bass being helped by the dirty fucking production and Sunyaluxx on drums is fucking sick by performing a mix of blast beats and groovy parts adding great value to this shitty fucking release! 4 disgusting and bloody fucking songs done with an ingenious brutality and stands out from the slamming mass by being true to the old style in giving only awesome and addictive parts with no annoying wannabe slam or weak groovy, all from this shit is fucking sick and done in a brutal fucking manner! A nasty, dirty and fucking heavy production making this demo fucking great with a good mixing and this shit sounds like a cannibal tribe doing some musical gory fucking rituals by devouring a few corpses cooked as a fucking meshoui! 15 fucking minutes of pure Brutal Death Metal  almost fucking perfect despite some rare repetitive riffs and Imbrued Blemishment have just given a lesson to the bunch of bands trying to play great brutal groovy or real slamming shit! This shitty fucking demo is a fucking must have to every sickos by its addictive and brutal fucking parts! Amazing Groovy Brutal Fucking Shit! 9/10

dimanche 3 mai 2015

Screwrot​-Deranged Genesis (Morbid Generation Records​)

The Israeli horde of bloodthirsty fucking demons Screwrot are finally back with more hatred than ever to spread violence and destruction in this perverted fukcing society and eliminate the "Deranged Genesis" with a fourth end of fucking world! The two leaders of this planetary destruction are Rot (Vocals/Drums Programming) and Jash (Guitars/Bass) who are changing their style Slamming Brutal Death to the insane Blasting Brutal Death Metal and making it of an ingenious and sick fucking manner by making run this amazing killing fucking machine to kill anyone listening to this brutal fucking shit! The auditory devastation of "Deranged Genesis" is divided into 9 shitty fucking acts which are all fucking exceptional in being different from each other by the quality of composition of this musickal painting extremely fucking brutal and sanguinary with an atmosphere of bloodshed pandemonium delivering an admirable high level fucking piece of Brutal Death Metal! Rot is doing an amazing fucking job by being powerful at vocals and a perfect fucking guttural for the style with a drums programmings very well made at all shitty fucking levels! Jash is offering his best performance in giving only totally crazy fucking riffs and making this fucking shit all catchy as fuck and fucking addictive with a flawless songwriting! This piece of fucking shit is a total annihilation for 29 fucking minutes raping and destroying your fucking ears with no mercy brutality being diverse and only giving riffs of incredible ingenuity and a high fucking level of disease spread for purpose to brainwash the fucking weak into the sickness and death! The production of this hellish machine is fucking great, mixing very well done with a heavy fucking sound, a drums programming fucking enjoyable not necessary sounding 100% real but totally fucking sick making this fucking shit sounds like a real degenerative orgiastic demoniacal fucking war! Screwrot just created a high ranking fucking shit in the brutal death metal being addictive and deploying an excessive brutality done in complete fucking hatred with great composition making this fucking shit a blasterpiece of total insanity! "Deranged Genesis" is a fucking must have to every fucking extreme sickos to make you live an unforgettable insane shitty fucking experience! Total Annihilating Fucking Blasterpiece! 10/10

samedi 2 mai 2015

Metazog​-Arresto Crebain (Self-Released)

Metazog was born with the intention to bring the fucking hell on earth and plunge the shitty world into darkness by opening the fucking seal of debauchery to start a gigantic work called "Arresto Crebain"! Only one person is in reign of this total damn annihilation by spreading famine and plague with a fucking insane Brutal Death Fucking Metal delivered in a grandiose and aggressive fucking way! Some technical influences but the more important about the musick of this fucking beast is to have a very present melodic side but composed in the insanity with a dark and amazing fucking atmosphere! Zach Krauss (Torture Droid) is in control of all instruments and vocals creating a great devastation with original, creative, sick and awesome guitar fucking riffs added by a bass very well done, a guttural and cadaveric vocals and a crazy drums machine, diverse and flawless in its composition! A catchy fucking universe, a contagious and deadly melody made of "Arresto Crebain" a masterly fucking work in the area of brutality with songs completely successful containing no single part less enjoyable, being all of perfection from one end to the other and creating a creepy and hellish fucking ambiance! This brutal fucking shit has perfect shitty production that for some may sound a bit dull but creating one of the most heavy and enjoyable fucking productions ever! A mixing very well done with vocals perhaps a little in background but doesnt detract from this piece of fucking shit that much more focused on the musick! Amazing sound fucking heavy as fuck and a great drums machine with a very present bass that make sounds this disk like a real fucking bomb of shit and adding great quality to this killer fucking EP! Five songs of war are perpetrated in this opus and composed of a magical and addictive fucking way making unforgettable this chaotic experience having its own fucking identity making Metazog an unique and wonderful entity! 19 intense fucking minutes of melodic brutality not just about the blast but incorporating all pure Brutal Death Metal elements and delivered with a flawless fucking brutality! "Arresto Crebain" is a pure fucking masterpiece and one of the best one-man bands offering this dark and gloomy fucking piece completely addictive, awesome and Metazog just offered a unique fucking piece of shit majestically made with pure ingenious brutality from A to Z and definitely a necessary EP for all brutal death metallers! Perfect Fucking Piece of Darkened Melodic Brutality! 10/10