mercredi 6 décembre 2017

Perverted Dexterity​-Spiritual Awakening (Sevared Records​)

Bekasick in Indonesia is without fucking doubt the sickest fucking place in this shitty world and, since 2010, a beast is terrorizing the people as Perverted Dexterity and after a gigantic carnage in 2014 is now ready for a second brutal fucking battle of the most disgusting called "Spiritual Awakening"!  Perverted Dexterity continue to spread its sick infectious Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking brilliant perhaps a little less good than the previous release but still fucking perfect at each fucking level with everything to make fucking addicted all sickos around! "Spiritual Awakening" is divided in 9 parts including an instrumental outro and all tracks are fucking great, catchy as fuck and so fucking brutal in every fucking way that this shit will make explode your fucking eardrums! Januaryo is still controlling totally this violent fucking beast and offering a flawless fucking work and, as usual, giving an excellent drums programming that only increase our enjoyment for this brutal fucking gem and continuing his perfect fucking journey into insanity! This second full length album is really fucking sick destroying all weak in its fucking way and having a violent and bloodthirsty fucking atmosphere that will mark your shitty fucking soul to eternity! "Spiritual Awakening" contains a sick fucking vocals, plenty of catchy and brutal fucking riffing, drums machine totally fucking enjoyable and killer as fuck and everything done perfectly to make this release a fucking must in the shitty genre! The production is, I think, fucking flawless for the style of the band and this shit is fucking heavy with a very good mixing and the final result really sounds like a ton of fucking bombs exploding everywhere to make this whole stupid fucking world bleeds to death! Perverted Dexterity offers some brilliant fucking material lasting around 29 minutes and giving some of the best fucking moments of your shitty life and this new album is written forever on the fucking wall of sickness! "Spiritual Awakening" is a splendid fucking work and a fucking must in the genre that everybody could to get because Perverted Dexterity completely managed its second fucking mandate of brutality! Insane Fucking Piece of Killer Fucking Brutality! 10/10

lundi 4 décembre 2017

Bejad​-Genocide Dark Ovarium (Dismembered Records​)

From the most brutal fucking town of the shitty world Bekasi located in Indonesia, Bejad was born with the extreme desire of annihilating our fucking soul with their limitless insanity and this first EP entitled "Genocide Dark Ovarium" will engrave your fucking mind by its addictive, powerful an disgusting fucking brutality! This sick fucking band is performing an insane Brutal Death Fucking Metal being totally true to the fucking roots and reminding us a lot the golden era by its style of composition and the brutal fucking performance completely fucking sick! "Genocide Dark Ovarium" contains 5 fucking tracks all fucking brilliant, totally fucking insane and enjoying as fuck from start to end with many catchy parts to make this fucking EP a very addictive fucking piece of shit! This sick fucking shit is really destroying everything in its fucking path and probably making part of the best EP ever made by having all elements and structures to make it fucking perfect! The production is fucking heavy and killer including an excellent mixing making sounds that fucking shit like a real fucking bomb made of fucking flesh and the final result is really fucking nasty and brutal as fuck! "Genocide Dark Ovarium" includes an evil, heavy and cold fucking atmosphere and fucking enjoyable only increasing the perfection of this fucking shit being for sure one of the best releases ever out from Indonesia! Bleed Six (Vocals), Evan Sander (Guitars), AZ (Bass), Shevtiano Bazztardo (Drums) are the sickos making live Bejad and they are doing a brilliant fucking job on each fucking level and all delivering a solid fucking performance and songwriting! Vocals is very fucking sick with a powerful and disgusting fucking guttural, guitars/bass are fucking brilliant by sharing only insane and catchy fucking parts and the drums is so fucking perfect that its surely the highlight of this EP and also probably the best fucking drumming ever recorded in this country! 11 fucking minutes of pure an sick fucking brutality that will make you fucking addicted with the many catchy parts and excessive insanity and Bejad totally managed their debut into Brutal Death with a true fucking blasterpiece! "Genocide Dark Ovarium" is without any fucking doubt a mandatory fucking EP to all sickos enjoying the true, sick and killer fucking brutality making you explode your brainless fucking skull! Perfect  Addictive Fucking Shit of Killer Nasty Fucking Insanity! 10/10

mercredi 29 novembre 2017

Horde Casket​-Xenopocalypse (Sevared Records​)

Steve Giddens is fucking back with his Horde Casket to give a fourth full length album entitled "Xenopocalypse" and the band have the particularity, since 10 fucking years, to have never did something bad and it continues in this way with this new release really not perfect but still fucking excellent! Horde Casket continue to spread a Brutal Death Fucking Metal including many roots from the Old Skull Death Metal but this time adding some modern elements that could be similar to what we find in Deathcore music without being deathcore but really decreasing a lot the raw and brutal fucking atmosphere of the band! "Xenopocalypse" is 11 fucking tracks including an intro/interlude/outro being all fucking good and each of them having some parts very weak and not enjoyable at all but at the final, each song still manage to be fucking addictive by including a few catchy and brutal fucking parts! Drums is fucking good on this release and despite a production a little more "modern", it sounds pretty well, guitars/bass is still offering a solid songwriting despite to have many weak and boring elements and the vocals is not very good sounding like a deathcore vocalist trying to be death metal and managing to do it without real sick fucking soul but the final result is still powerful as fuck! Horde Casket is giving a very good new album but need to be more constant about brutality and concentrating on their fucking sick and addictive riffing that is what make them fucking great! The production sounds modern but still a fucking success with a good mixing and this fucking shit really sounds like a ton of hybrid deformed fucking corpses imploding from within! More of 30 fucking minutes of good and catchy brutality having many flaws but still managing to get us addicted and the band despite to have decreased a little on the raw brutality have still offered an enjoyable fourth fucking album! Horde Casket consists of Micah Smith (Vocals), Steve Giddens (Guitars), Justin Perry (Bass), Shane Fallon (Drums) and the sickos are unleashing this imminent fucking apocalypse, not being flawless on every level, but able to give some enjoying and great fucking composition! "Xenopocalypse" is not really a memorable release but Its, I think, an essential album to all sickos around wishing to listen to some catchy and good fucking musick! Excellent Fucking Piece of Apocalyptic Brutality! 8/10

mardi 28 novembre 2017

Pulverized​-Demo 2017 (Self-Released)

In 2015, a killing fucking machine was born in the Philippines to put this fucking world in pain and desolation and now already offering a new Promo CD only called "Demo 2017" and Pulverized surpasses all expectations by performing a brutal fucking war of much better quality! The band continue in their way of pure Brutal Death Fucking Metal influenced by Slamming Death Metal but this time they are giving a final result way more brutal than the previous stuff with a better composition in general and also a better execution in all fucking ways! This new promo is including 3 new songs fucking excellent with a lot of catchy riffing but also having a few ones a little weak and boring but the final product is still addictive as fuck and fucking brutal! The production is fucking great and a big amelioration compared to the previous EP added by a mixing very well done making sounds that fucking shit like a ton of lifeless religious fucking pricks being nailed on thousand fucking crosses until dying of hunger and flesh eating fucking worms! "Demo 2017" is an addictive release but could have way more brutal and fast fucking parts to increase the quality and also the insanity but this fucking shit is still well done and fucking brilliant on many levels! Pulverized is Kenn (Vocals), Gino (Guitars), Kier (Drums) and the sick fucking trio is not giving a perfect songwriting but offering a new CD of great fucking quality with a huge amelioration from their previous effort placing them with the bands to check out among the fucking crap! Vocals on this shit are fucking brutal and guttural as fuck, guitars/bass offering a lot sick and catchy riffing and despite to find a few ones less brutal, the guitar composition is still fucking addictive, the drums is fucking sick with a good fucking drumming but could be a little bit ameliorated on some levels! Pulverized is back with a 10-minutes disk fucking enjoyable showing they are a serious band wishing to pierce the fucking walls of sickness and being on the right fucking way to give us some fucking gem! "Demo 2017" is perhaps not flawless but is a must to all brutal death or slamming heads around! Great Putrid Fucking Shit of Disgusting Fucking Brutality! 9/10

lundi 27 novembre 2017

Dysmenhorrea​-Cadaveric Feast of Regurgitated Carnage (Swallow Vomit Productions​)

USA/Sweden in partnership to create a deformed abomination made of fucking flesh and blood called Dysmenhorrea and this bloodthirsty fucking monster is spreading plague and devastation with a first massacre baptized in human shit as "Cadaveric Feast of Regurgitated Carnage"! Dysmenhorrea performs the Goregrind style but with much influences to Slamming Death Metal on many riffing and some on the vocals making it a little weak but in general this fucking shit is butchering in pieces everyone experiencing this sadistic bloody fucking piece of brutality! "Cadaveric Feast of Regurgitated Carnage" contains 40 tracks of pure disgusting fucking sickness but as mentioned above, its also including many songs a little weak mostly because of many guitar parts not being really sick but the drums is a highlight in this work and making in general this debut album still fucking excellent and brutal on many levels! Despite some BDM elements, the Goregrind atmosphere is very present and you can feel the cold disgusting fucking guts strangling your fucking neck to death increasing the gory side of this putrid fucking shit! The production is I think fucking excellent with a great mixing and this fucking shit really sounds like a pile of viscera being chewed by this rotten fucking abomination! 33 fucking minutes of sadistic fucking butchery mixing the weak parts among the sick ones but still able to create some insane and enjoyable fucking stuff with a great vocals despite a few parts less great and some for guitar sharing some sick fucking riffing but also a few weak ones but the drums is fucking perfect and brutal as fuck on all fucking levels! Damien (Vocals/Guitars) and Ulf (Drums) are the sick duo controlling this bloodthirsty fucking beast and despite not giving a flawless composition are doing an excellent fucking job with a lot of brutal and great fucking moments! Dysmenhorrea is delivering a very good debut fucking release having place for amelioration but clearly promising a lot for future and I suggest to remind you about their name because the best is to come! "Cadaveric Feast of Regurgitated Carnage" is of course not perfect on a few parts but I think is a mandatory fucking piece of disgusting brutality having everything to please to Goregrinders but also the Brutal Death fuckers! Excellent Bloodthirsty Fucking Piece of Rotten and Nasty Fucking Brutlaity! 8.5/10

lundi 20 novembre 2017

Decaying Flesh-Bloodshed Fatalities (Swallow Vomit Productions​)

From the fucking world capital of brutality Indonesia, Decaying Flesh saw the darkness in 2016 by sharing an excessive fucking insanity and ready to put the  fucking earth in blood and death with this debut full length barbaric fucking war named as "Bloodshed Fatalities"! This brutal fucking carnage is divided in 9 fucking parts including an instrumental one being all fucking excellent and the band performs a solid and sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal that could be easily compared with others massacres from this insane fucking country but having its own identity and making part of the Indo elite in the shitty genre! Decaying Flesh really delivers a product of high fucking quality and brutality by giving a lot catchy parts in each song but perhaps lacking a little bit on the addictive side in a general view but still fucking impressive and well done at each fucking level! The production is fucking excellent perhaps lacking on the depth but still fucking great and even the drums machine is fucking well done with a very good mixing making sounds that fucking shit like a few blastdozers invading the earth and rolling over the fucking world by destroying everything in its fucking path! The final result is really fucking chaotic and "Bloodshed Fatalities" is impregnated of a murdering and cacophonous fucking atmosphere piercing your fucking bones to the marrow during more of 30 fucking minutes and placing it among the most brutal debut fucking album released! Decaying Flesh is Ghofur Al Hikam (Vocals/Guitars), Rony Hardiyanto (Bass) and the duo is giving a brilliant fucking songwriting with Rambo Permana Putra also doing a great fucking job with the drums machine and in general this fucking shit is not perfect but very close to be! Vocals are fucking sick an powerful as fuck and being perhaps a little redundant after a while but still fucking enjoyable and guitars/bass are really fucking excellent by sharing a solid composition maybe not 100% perfect but having everything to give some sick fucking moments! Decaying Flesh just did an amazing fucking start with this debut album totally fucking insane able to stand out from the mass in Indonesia by its quality but also its high fucking level of insanity! "Bloodshed Fatalities" is a mandatory fucking piece of sickness to all brutal heads around being fucking sick from start to fucking end and despite having a few rare flaws, this is a sick and awesome fucking gem! Insane Fucking Piece of Total Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

mardi 14 novembre 2017

Birth Of Depravity​-From Obscure Domains (Dismembered Records​)

The Greek fucking monster named Birth of Depravity is back after more of 5 fucking years to give its second highly anticipated album entitled "From Obscure Domains" and the band are better than ever by offering one of best fucking product ever released in the fucking world of sickness! Birth of Depravity are continuing to spread a pure Brutal Death Fucking Metal and this time increasing a lot their level of brutality by giving a musickal quality fucking piece totally fucking amazing that make me think a lot to old Severed Savior musickally and also the vocals but everything on cocaine mood with much more catchy and brilliant fucking parts! "From Obscure Domains" contains 9 genius fucking tracks, including an outro, being all fucking incredible and addictive from start to fucking end with the non stop sick riffing completely fucking insane and perfect as fuck demonstrating some of the best fucking songwriting to have ever emerged from the Brutal Death Metal! The complete disk is a true fucking demonstration of pure fucking brutality with riffing so much enjoyable that we only want to listen all of them again and again because Theo on guitars is really doing a genius fucking job on each fucking side and offering a perfect fucking composition being a fucking example to each fucking band around! The production of "From Obscure Domains" is just fucking perfect making us cum without stop with a flawless fucking mixing and everything sounds fucking huge as fuck like the bass of Thanos added by his awesome work and also Jim delivering a fucking sick and flawless fucking drumming but also sounding fucking great! Its also one of best guitars production Ive ever heard in my life only highlighting the inhuman job of Theo and of course increasing the level of addiction of this brutal fucking release! The atmosphere of this fucking shit is cold, brutal and fucking killer helped by the powerful and cold vocals of Greg perhaps lacking a little gutturals but not taking off anything of the perfection by being fucking enjoyable and reminding us a lot the old Severed Savior time! Birth of Depravity consists of Greg (Vocals), Theo (Guitars), Thanos (Bass), Jim (Drums) and the quartet are showing from their obscure domains to be part of the elite of the genre and as mentioned above, everyone are doing a brilliant and perfect fucking job on each fucking level! Birth of Depravity surpassed all expectations with this pure fucking masterpiece being among the best releases of the shitty genre by marking forever the musickal fucking world of insanity and also your fucking soul by being fucking addictive on each fucking second of your brutal fucking experience while listening to this true sick fucking gem of 26 fucking minutes that will be some of your best of your shitty fucking life! "From Obscure Domains" is a must and mandatory piece of pure fucking brutality in the collection of each brutal head respecting and loving the pure fucking side of brutality! Immense Addictive Fucking Blasterpiece of Pure Brilliant Fucking Brutality! 10/10

lundi 13 novembre 2017

Inhuman Entity​-Kingdom of False Divinity (Rotten Music​)

An Inhuman Entity was born in Chile to bewitch the shitty world with its fucking evil and haunting brutality baptized by demonic fucking souls as the "Kingdom of False Divinity" with the aim of terrorizing your fucking soul and owning every part of it! This new abomination brings a true Brutal Death Fucking Metal completely faithful to the fucking roots with a brutal and addictive songwriting that will make addicted everyone experiencing this EP nearly fucking perfect! Inhuman Entity give a debut CD fucking brilliant and sick inlcuding 4 songs fucking catchy and enjoying as fuck having perhaps some slow riffs a little long and useless but the final product is fucking well done and have everything to be considered as a fucking gem in the true brutality! The production is ok for a debut but having many flaws and the biggest one is on the drums sounding fake and a little bit removing the awesomeness of this EP and same for the mixing not being perfect but in general I think its only increasing the devilish and disgusting fucking side of this blasphemous fucking shit and not taking off at all our enjoyment for this brilliant start into the infernal fucking world of sickness! The production is not perfect but still managed to create a dark, horrific and evil fucking atmosphere only increasing our addiction of the musick and having our brain damaged and frozen by the countless catchy fucking riffs on all fucking sides! The Inhuman Entity is controlled by Raul E. Gonzalez Huenulef (Vocals), Gonzalo Sanchez (Guitars) and Manu Acevedo (Drums) who are doing a splendid fucking job on all levels and as mentioned above, perhaps only including a couple parts a little less successful but the final result is fucking blastastic! Vocals are powerful, disgusting and fucking brutal, guitars is for the most only sharing catchy fucking parts making this EP a fucking must in the genre and the drums despite the production is well done and fucking insane! "Kingdom of False Divinity" is around 15 fucking minutes musically almost fucking perfect and including all elements to respect the purity of the genre and also having everything to create some catchy fucking compositions that will make addicted everyone giving some chance to this brilliant fucking EP! Inhuman Entity just offered a mandatory brutal fucking piece of shit giving an amazing fucking start and we can only hope for a future full length bomb that will for sure destroy everything in its fucking path! Excellent Fucking Debut of True Fucking Brutality! 9/10

mardi 7 novembre 2017

Devangelic​-Phlegethon (Comatose Music​)

The infernal Italian horde of fucking demons worshiper of Disgorge USA, Devangelic, is back darker than ever with the goal to create the hell on earth with this second opus of pure  destructive fucking brutality baptized with the sperm of goats under the name of "Phlegethon" and establishing a true fucking divine insanity that will pierce every fucking souls around the shitty world! This bloodthirsty and ruthless demonic fucking beast is back to offer its sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a composition totally fucking brilliant and although the parts that look a lot like Disgorge can be criticized, I think this fucking monster does it very well, doesn't hide itself to be highly influenced and with their own fucking identity are still able to create some original and enjoyable fucking shit! "Phlegethon" really makes us feel to be into some hellish fucking world and slowly burning us while the 10 fucking wars (digipak is including 2 more songs, Morbid Angel cover and song from the demo 2016) are playing and making bleed our fucking ears and eyes by their ingenuity and flawless fucking execution but could have removed the intros a little long! Devangelic gives us an evil fucking masterpiece of total fucking sickness that will be forever marked on the wall of corpses with an atmosphere of the most heavy, sadistic and fucking brutal!The production is fucking insane and loud as fuck only increasing the dark and evil ambiance of this insane fucking shit with a perfect mixing that make sounds that fucking shit like some demons killing and dismembering everything in their fucking path! "Phlegethon" is a fucking gem in the shitty genre being fucking sick and addictive from start to end but you will have need to listen to this new album sometimes to get all what is going on and to realize how this fucking shit can be genius on each fucking level! This brutal fucking apocalypse is commanded by Paolo Chiti (Vocals), Mario Di Giambattista (Guitars), Damiano Bracci (Bass),  Marco Coghe (Drums) and the evil fucking quartet came out from the putrid fucking wells of hell are giving a demonstration of talent by creating a flawless songwriting and powerful fucking performance! Paolo as usual is giving an awesome guttural fucking brutal, Mario is delivering crazy fucking compositions with perfect structures including the catchy parts to each fucking song to make this second release enjoyable from A to Z, Damiano is also showing some amazing fucking parts and Marco on drums is just fucking insane only increasing the fucking level of insanity from this descent into hell! For my part I think the band just offered their best material and was hard to do since the debut album is fucking perfect but they still managed to push the boundaries of sickness and perfection by giving some excessive brutality totally fucking addictive! The blasphemous fucking beast called Devangelic is now making part of the elite and "Phlegethon" is without fucking doubt a mandatory piece of fucking shit to all sickos having no fear to burn in fucking hell! Perfect Addictive Evil Fucking Piece of Brutal Fucking Darkness! 10/10

lundi 6 novembre 2017

Antropofagus​-M.O.R.T.E.-Methods of Resurrection Though Evisceration (Comatose Music) 

The Italian killer fucking beast Antropofagus formed in 1997 is back with a third invasion spreading the evil and darkness under the fucking name of "M.O.R.T.E.-Methods of Resurrection Through Evisceration" and perpetrating a ritualistic devilish fucking butchery of fucking quality and brutal as fuck! Antropofagus continue to give an excellent Brutal Death Fucking Metal and this time perhaps exploring a little more the Old Skull Death Metal by mixing the both fucking genre very well and including a diabolical atmosphere very present coming to break your frozen fucking bones! This third maleficent release contains 11 parts of pure fucking Death Metal including an excellent cover of Malevolent Creation and being all fucking brilliant but having each one some weak, repetitive or boring riffing taking off the total perfection of this fucking shit but in general the songwriting is just fucking amazing by the evil ambiance but also the quality of composition! The production is I think near fucking perfect maybe only lacking a little bit of heaviness but perhaps increasing to the dark side of this musickal fucking piece by making us feel like to attend to some black mass where a few fucking virgins are brutally fucked and stabbed to death! As mentioned above, this ritualistic fucking scene of sadistic brutality have a very high fucking evil, cold and dark atmosphere making this album fucking unique and despite the parts a little less successful is fucking enjoying from start to end with a lot brutal infernal fucking moments! This furious demon is controlled by Tya (Vocals), Francesco "Meatgrinder" Montesanti (Guitars), Jacopo Rossi (Bass), Davide "BrutalDave" Billia (Drums) and they are doing an amazing fucking job on each fucking level sharing a new release maybe not perfect but having everything to mark the genre and engraving forever the name of "M.O.R.T.E.- Methods of Resurrection Through Evisceration" in the shitty putrid entrails of this saturated fucking scene! Vocals of Tya are fucking powerful but being a little redundant after a while perhaps because of the lack of guttural but still fucking great and enjoying as fuck, Francesco is offering for the most amazing fucking riffing with a few catchy ones making this gem fucking addictive, Jacopo is showing some brilliant fucking work on bass and same for Davide doing an exceptional fucking job giving some creative fucking drumming! This third effort is 36 fucking minutes of pure fucking evilness and brutality that despite having a few elements a little less enjoying is managing to offer a memorable and insane fucking experience! Antropofagus has maybe not released their best album but giving us an excellent fucking shit and "M.O.R.T.E.-Methods of Resurrection Through Evsiceration" is for sure a must in the shitty genre and all Death Metallers should to get this evil fucking gem! Dark and Cold Amazing Fucking Piece of Brutal Sadistic Fucking Devilry! 9/10

mercredi 1 novembre 2017

Hymenotomy​-Promo 2017 (Self-Released)

The kings of slam Hymenotomy are back to spread their hateful and disgusting fucking brutality with a new promo CD only called "Promo 2017" continuing in the same fucking way than before and being even better than ever with this new promo following very well the one of 2014! Hymenotomy are back with their flawless and nasty Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal being for me the only one slamming band at this moment completely faithful to the roots and this time sharing a composition that is probably the best in the genre since many years ! "Promo 2017" contains 3 new songs without any fucking doubt their best stuff ever written to date being totally fucking addictive, disgusting as fuck and fucking brutal giving one of best promo of the whole brutal fucking genre! The songs sounds really fucking nasty with only catchy riffing mixing very well the heavy and fast parts making this shit fucking enjoyable but also fucking addictive from start to fucking end forcing you to put the fucking disk on repeat for a long time! Hymenotomy are really giving a flawless slamming fucking CD at each fucking level with their brutal, gory and crushing atmosphere that is the main fucking essence of this saturated genre and they are doing it perfectly! The production is only adding to the perfection of this fucking shit by being fucking raw, heavy and sick as fuck with a great mixing and this shit really make you feel like all your fucking limbs being fucking crushed and shredded! This beast of slam is Markus Saar (Vocals/Drums), Aivar Keermann (Guitars), Are Kangus (Bass) and the trio is just fucking brilliant sharing a brutal fucking songwriting being fucking nasty and having everything to be also classified as Brutal Death band by their musical knowledge of this genre not like the most of bands from the slam! Vocals from Markuus are fucking insane and enjoying, same on the drums that is for sure a very important element that make this band so amazing, Aivar on guitars is faithful to himself by sharing a perfect composition and making us addicted with his non stop catchy riffing and same for Are on bass giving also a great fucking performance! As mentioned above, this new promo is the best material from Hymenotomy and the band really showing they are the masters of this shitty genre and ready to work to keep this fucking place! "Promo 2017" is a perfect fucking release that is for sure a pure fucking gem in the slam but also Brutal Death in general and is a fucking must for everyone! Perfect Nasty Fucking Piece of Disgusting Fucking Brutality! 10/10

mardi 31 octobre 2017

Distempered​-Psychological Torture (Brutal Mind​)

Another fucking beast emerged from Indonesia and this time from West Java baptized with the fucking blood of virgins under the name of Distempered spreading fury and perpetrating a short bloodthirsty fucking carnage called "Psychological Torture" devastating everything in its fucking path! This first destructive fucking EP is including 4 songs of total fucking savagery being all fucking awesome and sharing some sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal of the most enjoyable and could be compared with some other bands from their country! Distempered is really showing some killer fucking material with perhaps a few repetitive riffing but in general having everything needed to make some brilliant fucking shit! Arie (Vocals), Omponx (Guitars), Helmy (Bass) and Rival (Drums) are the protagonists behind  this furious fucking beast delivering an excellent composition and including a fucking brutal, cold and bloody fucking atmosphere increasing the addictive side of this short fucking massacre! The production of this debut EP is not perfect but very sick and enjoying as fuck, mixing is well done and the final result really sounds like a bunch of fucking bones being chewed by some big fucking monster! Distempered contains a powerful sadistic fucking vocals being perhaps a little bit linear and lacking of guttural but still fucking great, guitars riffing are really brutal as fuck with a few catchy ones to make the songwriting fucking memorable but we can also find a few parts a little repetitive, same goes for the bass being fucking sick and the drums is also fucking insane with a fast fucking drumming but also being fucking creative! "Psychological Torture" is 14 fucking minutes not perfect to some levels but fucking solid from A to Z having everything to please to the most brutal fucking heads of the shitty scene by creating one of the most savage releases from Indonesia! Distempered really managed their starts into sickness with this debut EP fucking addictive, sick and cold as fuck being for sure a fucking must in the genre! Sick and Cold Fucking Piece of Bone Crushing Brutality! 9/10

lundi 30 octobre 2017

Gastrorrexis​-...Until the Abysmal Torture Ends (Brutal Mind​)

The brutal Ecuadorian fucking beast Gastrorrexis is finally back to spread a bloodthirsty insane fucking shit and this time in a form of an EP compilation entitled  "...Until the Abysmal Torture Ends" continuing in the same fucking vein than their previous fucking stuff and even better! Gastrorrexis are sharing a pure Brutal Death Fucking Metal that could be compared to the best fucking bands of the shitty genre and adding their little South American fucking touch making them fucking unique and brutal as fuck! "...Until the Abysmal Torture Ends" is 11 fucking tracks divided in 5 parts, an Intro, 5 new brutal fucking songs, a reprise of their previous full length, 3 cover from Dying Fetus, Prostitute Disfigurement and Gorgasm that are fucking excellent and finally an outro to close this sick fucking chapter of pure abysmal fucking torture! I will concentrate the review on the 5 new tracks that are very fucking brilliant and completely fucking addictive having maybe as only negative side to include a few rare boring parts but in general this new CD is fucking amazing from start to end with the catchy element very present to make a memorable fucking work! Gastrorrexis really manage to spread a brutal, horrific and gory fucking atmosphere helped by the production, that despite to be different on a few songs, is very successful making sounds that shit fucking heavy, sick and disgusting on each fucking level! The band consists of Carlos De La Vega (Guitars/Vocals), Alex Pozo (Bass), Marcelo De La Vega (Drums) and the trio is fucking brilliant with an amazing composition and using a few guest appearances making their shit fucking varied an brutal as fuck! The vocals of this shit are just fucking disgusting, brutal and fucking great including almost only amazing and addictive riffing with an insane fucking drumming and everything done in a near perfect fucking way that will stab your fucking soul in many parts! With this new EP, Gastrorrexis is really marking their place among the best bands of brutality and despite to have a few parts a little less enjoying, "...Until the Abysmal Torture Ends" is a fucking gem and a mandatory piece of fucking shit to all true sick in the fucking head bastards! Addictive Disgusting Fucking Piece of Total Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

mercredi 25 octobre 2017

Verisimidual Entropy​-Verisimidual Excogitation-Demo 2017 (Experiments In Torture​)

From the sickest fucking state of the shitty world, Kebek, a virulent northern virus comes with the aim of inflicting infinite suffering with a disease named as Verisimidual Entropy that makes a first wave of death baptized under the fucking name of Verisimidual Excogitation and spreading an excessive fucking carnage of the most fucking disgusting! This new pandemic plague is giving a disgusting Brutal Death Fucking Metal being fucking unique in its suffering and sharing a torture session of the most fucking nasty and brutal! This start in sickness is done in 4 fucking steps all enjoying as fuck and having each one an identity and originality making it still fucking twisted in the primitive form of the term and also including some moments a little less successful in the savagery but in general, Verisimidual Excogitation is a fucking unique, twisted and nasty experience! 2 sickos are behind this infectious disclosure, Arnaud (Vaginal Addiction/Exsanguinate/Barbaric Penetration...) and Pietro (Exsanguinate/Barbaric Penetration) who are giving only a fucking intense and disgusting performance with a great fucking composition from Pietro and sick presence from Arnaud making this a fucking relic in the shitty genre! The production is really not perfect and probably the worst part of this cd especially with the drums machine, but being a demo make it understandable including a mixing also having its flaws but the final result just fucking sounds nasty and making us feel like we are dying from intense suffering after being infected by this virulent fucking disease! Arnaud is faithful to himself by being among the best of the whole scene and sharing a very disgusting guttural that only increase our sadistic fucking taste for this bloodthirsty virus and Pietro spreading for the most great and sick fucking riffing with a very good fucking job on the drums machine! This shit is for sure not perfect in some fucking points but the perfection is not something important in a disgusting and nasty genre and we are really devastated by this fucking bomb of torture lasting around 7 fucking minutes of pure sadistic fucking violence! For me Verisimidual Entropy really managed to do a great debut fucking demo and Verisimidual Excogitation is for sure a fucking must for everyone wishing to live some unique disgusting fucking moments! Nasty Fucking Piece of Disgusting Brutality! 9/10

mardi 24 octobre 2017

Ajal-Demo 2016 (Sickness Productions)

Insanity at its pure fucking form! This beast named Ajal from Bali in Indonesia is unleashing a total chaotic fucking devastation murdering all in its fucking path with this first opus only called "Demo 2016" being fucking twisted and brutal as fuck! Ajal is performing a fucked up insane Brutal Death Fucking Metal being as intense as a band like Infeksi but being musically different and completely fucking unique in its sickness! This 2 tracks-demo is the definition of insanity with a non stop fucking violence totally destructive but also having a few heavy parts and spreading some of the most primitive twisted fucking brutality that Ive ever heard! Ajal is Lionk (Vocals), Wina (Guitars), Boomdret (Bass), Yudik (Drums) are the protagonists controlling this furious fucking abomination and greatly fucking done with a general composition fucking original, brutal and weird as fuck! Vocals are fucking sick and perhaps a little bit redundant but nothing unbearable, riffing in this fucking shit are just fucking crazy by being fucking twisted and not really catchy ,but the general songwriting is still fucking addictive, same for drums that is just fucking insane with non stop blast fucking solid and fast! The atmosphere of this shit is fucking oppressive and chaotic including a production not perfect at all but helping to make sounds that shit fucking twisted and making us feel like being crushed by some enraged fucking demon! "Demo 2016" is more of 7 fucking minutes that could be compared to some musickal goremageddon being all fucking brilliant and spreading some extreme fucking brutality always welcome in the shitty genre! Ajal is without doubt, despite some flaws, sharing an amazing fucking product that will make turn the head of everyone by giving a true fucking gem of sickness and for sure a must in the genre for those enjoying extreme brutality and wishing to live some of the most insane fucking experience! Chaotic Fucking Piece of Twisted Fucking Insanity! 9.5/10

lundi 23 octobre 2017

Interfectus​-Ribonucleic Acid-Demo 2017 (Self-Released)

From Tangerang, a new project was born to inflict the desolation around the fucking world and this entity is called Interfectus that pierce your shitty essence with their first brutal fucking act baptized in violence as "Ribonucleic Acid-Demo 2017"! This new Indonesian band is spreading an Old Skull Brutal Death Fucking Metal being still unique in their country by having their own fucking identity and also sharing some old awesome fucking vibes! "Ribonucleic Acid-Demo 2017" contains 3 songs which are really not perfect by having a few boring parts but in general this fucking shit is impregnating you with its old skull shit added by some catchy parts to manage, despite the flaws, to give some addictive fucking piece of brutality! The production is not perfect at all with all instruments especially the drums, also the mixing but I think in the final, this fucking shit still sounds fucking true to the roots making you feel some fucking goosebumps coming right from your fucking bones and increasing a lot the old skull ambiance in this fucking demo! Interfectus is delivering 9 shredding fucking minutes having its addictive moments but also including some weak riffing and a few others a little less enjoyable but as I said above, the final result is fucking crushing with an old skull atmosphere of a pile of bloody bones being broken by some infernal fucking beast coming from the golden age of insanity! This band consists of Fadly (Vocals), Abid (Guitar), Cece (Bass), Putra (Drums) and the sickos are giving an enjoying fucking composition with some flaws but knowing how to create some true fucking piece of brutality faithful to the shitty genre! Fadly is giving a powerful guttural perhaps a little bit monotone but still fucking good, Abid is doing for the most great fucking riffing making forget easily the ones a little less good with a solid songwriting, same goes for Cece on bass doing an awesome fucking job and also Putra giving a sick fucking drumming unfortunately not really helped by the production! "Ribonucleic Acid-Demo 2017" is not perfect on a few points but is for sure a release to check by its old skull feelings and its way to be unique in a huge scene like Indonesia and Interfectus is spreading a mandatory fucking demo that everybody, having some respect for the roots, should to get as fast as possible! Old Skull Fucking Piece of Disgusting Brutality! 8.5/10

mercredi 18 octobre 2017

Abhorrent Flesh​-Prelude of Torture-Promo 2017 (Necrology Records​)

Another nasty and disgusting fucking shit came out of Indonesia and this time named Abhorrent Flesh spreading the plague everywhere with a first pestilential fucking job baptized in excrements "Prelude of Torture-Promo 2017" making suffocate the shitty world with a musical fucking piece of nameless disgust! This first promo CD have 3 tracks, including an intro, sharing some sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal that make me think in a few parts to Infeksi from the same country but keeping its own side and also, giving some powerful and insane fucking musick with a few catchy ones increasing the level of addiction of this disgusting fucking shit! The atmosphere of this promo is very oppressive, dark and fucking gory helped by the production heavy as fuck with a mixing not perfect but still enjoying in the most part and the final result really sounds like some loud blastdozer crushing and burying the corpses of this putrid fucking pandemia! Abhorrent Flesh is controlled by Ivan (Vocals), Bonet (Guitars), Paldeath (Bass) and the trio despite not being perfect is giving a brilliant fucking composition with its catchy parts, the excessive brutality and the few moments a little slower to give you a fucking break of this infectious fatal fucking disease! Vocals are fucking brutal but being redundant after a while, guitars/bass work in general is fucking awesome and of course including some rare parts a little less interesting but not a single second of this disk is boring and same goes for the drums programming not perfect on the production but fucking well done and brutal as hell! At the final, "Prelude of Torture-Promo 2017" is not a flawless product but having all elements to make you live an unforgettable fucking moment and Abhorrent Flesh really managed their starts into insanity and marking their passage forever in the shitty genre! A must have for all sickos enjoying some excessive fucking insanity! Awesome Blasting Fucking Piece of Disgusting Fucking Sickness! 9/10

mardi 17 octobre 2017

Dissociative Healing-Promo 2017 (Lord Of The Sick Recordings​)

The Russian apocalyptic incendiary fucking bomb baptized Dissociative Healing is already back after a few shitty months to offer a new promo keeping the same characteristic of the previous explosion and even increasing a little bit the fucked up side making this brutal fucking experience a true and unique fucking carnage! The band is back with its twisted Brutal Death Fucking Metal including a little technical touch but surrounded with nasty and disgusting brutality giving to the band its own fucking identity that is very enjoyable and satisfying to hear in this crappy saturated fucking scene! "Promo 2017" is 3 new tracks of the most fucking brilliant being fucking brutal but perhaps also including a few weak riffing flattering my ears but in general this short fucking shit is sick as fuck from start to finish with an original twist only adding to the enjoyment of this insane fucking shit! Anton Eremin (Coprobaptized Cunthunter/Sickcunt) is still the only one sicko behind the creation of this annihilating fucking bomb and doing again an amazing fucking job on all fucking levels by knowing to build some catchy songwriting perhaps lacking a little on the addictive side but the final result is very well done,  fucking brilliant and still having its memorable moments! The production is a fucking success and very great to hear this from a promo CD, mixing is fucking good and that fucking shit really sounds like a bomb equivalent to 1000 tons of TNT exploding from the shitty fucking ass of your mom! Dissociative Healing is spreading a fucking powerful and brutal guttural, riffing mostly fucking great but could be more brutal at some parts and a drums fucking crazy and enjoying as fuck! This new promo is lasting 6 fucking minutes of pure fucking devastation destroying everything in its fucking path and making no one indifferent by the quality of brutality shared in this fucking shit and, despite to be not totally perfect, is a fucking gem in the genre! Dissociative Healing managed to get back very fast and still offering a gigantic mandatory fucking piece of sickness that is a must to each sicko around! Twisted Fucking Piece of Brilliant Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

lundi 16 octobre 2017

Rotten Blood​-Promo 2017 (Proguttural Production​)

Indonesia is for sure the capital of Death Metal since a few years and once again proves it with a trio of immense fucking talent named Rotten Blood offering their first work with a Promo CD of an inhuman fucking power that will deeply shake your fucking soul and leave it in an extreme fucking coldness! Rotten Blood is spreading 6 fucking minutes of pure and sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal being completely enjoyable from start to fucking end by the catchiness and insanity showed by the brutal an amazing fucking composition! This Promo is just fucking perfect by giving 2 tracks totally fucking brilliant and a lot of catchy parts making this shit fucking memorable with a high level insanity that will mark your shitty mind forever! Rotten Blood is really sharing this special brutal fucking touch making a disk memorable among the saturation of the scene and show us how to play some true fucking brutality and including enough catchy parts to make you completely fucking addicted to their gory fucking piece of butchery! The atmosphere of this fucking shit is very cold and fucking brutal helped by a perfect production making sounds that fucking shit like some serial sadistic fucking murders during a beautiful cold sunny winter fucking day! Rotten Blood is Unk (Vocals), Hans (Guitars), Ucox (Drums) and the trio are doing a blastactic fucking job to each fucking level giving a flawless songwriting and creating some short blasterpiece in the shitty genre! Unk is fucking brutal with an insane and great guttural, Hans only spreading brilliant fucking riffing making you fucking addicted helped by Ucox on drums who is only fucking crazy with a brutal, diverse an perfect fucking drumming! Rotten Blood is putting the bar very high for their debut full length because I have difficulties to imagine a piece of sickness that could be better and this short CD is fucking mandatory to each sicko enjoying true fucking brutality because this 2-songs promo is a fucking must in the genre! Addictive Disgusting Fucking Piece of Perfect Cold Fucking Brutality! 10/10

lundi 9 octobre 2017

Cenotaph​-Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions (Sevared Records​)

There are not many bands that succeed their return but Cenotaph after a silence of 7 fucking years come back in force with a very awaited sixth album named "Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions" that is respecting all expectations by giving to the fans a brilliant fucking bomb of addictive insanity! Cenotaph are back with 8 amazing fucking songs of pure Brutal Death Fucking Metal which despite a line up change, the band still managed to be faithful to their musickal fucking roots and sharing some putrid and nasty fucking brutality! This new Cenotaph release is without any fucking doubt among their best works by being mainly perfect but still including a few parts a little less successful without to take off the very high addictive side of this fucking shit making it a sick unforgettable experience! The production of "Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions" is I think very good that could have been better on the drums side but still enjoyable as fuck with a great mixing making sounds this fucking shit like a ton of rotten viscera chewed by some putrid fucking abomination! Cenotaph is really spreading some nasty fucking brilliance and despite some rare flaws, this sixth release is fucking great and addictive in a whole by the musickal quality shared by the sickos giving an awesome fucking composition! Batu Çetin (Vocals), Erkin Öztürk (Guitars/Backing Vocals),  Anton Zhikharev (Bass), Alican Erbaş (Drums) are the protagonists behind this brutal fucking beast and doing an amazing job on each fucking level with some brilliant songwriting putting this album among the best of the shitty genre! Batu is giving an awesome fucking guttural being fucking diverse and enjoyable, Erkin is launching a lot of brutal and catchy fucking riffing that will get stuck in your fucking soul, Anton, as usual, is sharing some majestic bass fucking work increasing the level of enjoyment of this fucking shit and finally Alican on drums is fucking sick offering a brutal and addictive fucking drumming! "Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions" is 31 minutes of pure fucking awesomeness having everything to please to the fans, being near fucking perfect at each fucking side and Cenotaph did a mandatory fucking effort that will mark for eternity every fucking sicko experiencing this fucking piece of sickness! Rotten Fucking Piece of Nasty Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

mardi 19 septembre 2017

Apoptosis Gutrectomy​-Eugenics of Terrestrial Existence (Groupies Merch​)

The brutal Indonesian abomination Apoptosis Gutrectomy is finally ready to distribute suffering and death with this debut fucking work of an unlimited insanity called "Eugenics of Terrestrial Existence" that will glaze your fucking blood to the fucking bones!  This relentless fucking beast is spreading a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal of quality that could be compared to all the other fucking monsters in their area but maybe adding something that many of them do not have! Apoptosis Gutrectomy is offering 10 nasty fucking songs including an intro and "Eugenics of Terrestrial Existence" is without doubt a fucking must in the shitty genre by giving a lot of great moment creating an addictive brutal fucking piece of total fucking savagery! Every fucking tracks of this debut full-length are fucking great by all including catchy parts making the songs fucking addictive and unique with a reason to be! The production is also a fucking success but could have been better on the drums, the mixing is also well done to make sounds that fucking shit like a real fucking bomb of violence marking your fucking mind until death! Apoptosis Gutrectomy is offering 29 fucking minutes of pure and complete fucking brutality with all ingredients to make you fucking addicted and all elements to make a memorable fucking album! Julian Fadhiel (Vocals), Deni Daneswara (Guitars), Erick Maulana (Bass) and Endep Dini Kurniadin (Drums) are the protagonists behind this bloodthirsty and merciless fucking beast imposing a brilliant composition and giving a debut effort near fucking perfect! Vocals of this shit are very powerful but missing perhaps a little bit guttural and being linear making it a little redundant after a while but nothing very unbearable! Guitars/Bass are really fucking amazing by giving mostly awesome fucking riffing and including a lot catchy ones making an unforgettable brutal fucking work and the drums is sick as fuck being fucking fast but also varied with a very enjoyable performance! "Eugenics of Terrestrial Existence" is perhaps not perfect in all points but is for sure a mandatory piece of fucking shit to all sickos wishing to live some insane fucking experience and Apoptosis Gutrectomy just proved to be among the sickest Indonesian fucking bands! Brilliant Fucking Piece of Pure Fucking Savagery! 9.5/10

mercredi 6 septembre 2017

Seminal Embalmment​-Seminal Embalmment (New Standard Elite​)

The Australians Seminal Embalmment are finally ready to give their highly anticipated debut self titled fucking album devastating all the humanity that remains in you with a brutal fucking carnage that is greatly meeting expectations and will captivate your shitty fucking soul from start to finish! The band is back spreading some pure Brutal Death Fucking Metal and continuing in the same fucking way than their previous EP by sharing some powerful and catchy fucking brutality! This debut release includes 10 tracks of true fucking insanity including an intro and all songs of this fucking shit are fucking great and excellent being fucking addictive but could be even more! This shit have no really weak riffing and rather offering a real sick experience in the genre with a lot catchy ones but perhaps missing a few to really make a perfect release! Seminal Embalmment is Justin Wood (Vocals), Luke Mottillo (Guitars), CJ Smith (Bass), Kieran Murray (Drums) and the guys in general are giving an awesome fucking composition with everything to please and all elements needed to make some amazing fucking brutality! Vocals are fucking great but not enough guttural and a little linear making it redundant after a while but nothing very unbearable for the whole result, guitars and bass are really fucking excellent and spreading some true catchy fucking sickness and same for the drums being fast as fuck but also fucking creative in its form! We can really feel some cold and brutal fucking atmosphere helped by, I think, a flawless production perhaps maybe lacking a little on the disgusting side but still fucking perfect and this fucking shit sounds like a pile of fucking bones being crushed by some shitty blastdozer! 32 fucking minutes completely enjoyable having a few riffing to make you addicted and this self titled album is a total fucking success despite some imperfections and amelioration to do! Seminal Embalmment is offering a solid debut and giving to the brutal fucking fans some mandatory fucking shit to add in their playlist for a while! Great Fucking Piece of Pure Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

lundi 4 septembre 2017

MDMA-Malicious Activity (Pathologically Explicit Recordings​)

One of the most devastating fucking drugs was created in Spain under the name of MDMA killing everyone experiencing this fucking shit with the first deadly wave called "Malicious Activity" and this sick fucking drug is a high addiction manipulating the shitty mind of people by its twisted catchy fucking brutality! This new addictive fucking act of sickness is spreading a twisted Brutal Death Fucking Metal fucking amazing with some Heinous Killings influence but mainly creating their own nasty fucking style! "Malicious Activity" is an EP with 4 brutal fucking tracks having everything to create some brilliant fucking insanity being very catchy from start to fucking end and having as only one flaw to include a few riffing a little long and repetitive but in general this fucking shit is brilliantly composed! Musically near fucking perfect, MDMA bring us some twisted fucking brutality being very addictive and amazing with a nasty, brutal and creepy fucking atmosphere only increasing the sickness of this fucking disk! The production is very fucking great and heavy as fuck with a near perfect drums machine, the mixing is also very well done and this fucking shit really sounds like a bad fucking trip on some hard drug making you eat your fucking flesh until the overdose! MDMA consist of DisJorge (Virulency) on Vocals/Bass/Drums Programming, Asier (Virulency) on Vocals/Guitars an the duo is doing an awesome fucking job on each fucking side by sharing a catchy composition with each song having its importance making this first effort a great fucking success! Vocals are fucking brutal and guttural as fuck including some predator growls, guitars/bass is also fucking great with all elements to make you fucking addicted and finally the drums machine is fucking well done and not a shitty element in the final result! This first EP of 15 fucking minutes is fucking brilliant, faithful to the roots of the shitty genre and having a twisted catchy fucking side making no one indifferent! Despite a couple flaws, MDMA really managed their debut in the sickness with a splendid fucking work showing that a part of Spain is still into the pure brutality and "Malicious Activity" is a mandatory piece of fucking shit to each sicko enjoying some addictive fucking insanity! Twisted Catchy Fucking Piece of Nasty and Disgusting Fucking Sickness! 9/10

mardi 29 août 2017

Carnal​-Habitual Mutilations-Promo 2016 (New Standard Elite​)

New Zealand is not very active in brutality but lately a name is to remember that is "Carnal", back after 4 fucking years with a new Promo entitled "Habitual Mutilations" and is definitely their most brutal fucking job so far offering nothing really new or exceptional but delivering a nasty and effective fucking shit! Carnal is performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal that could be similar to other bands into the purity of the shitty genre with a twisted fucking side being quite original making it fucking unique but still having some flaws! The band is offering a 2-piece Promo CD being fucking awesome but having some boring parts and lacking a lot catchy parts that could have did a total addictive promo and despite all this, Carnal managed to spread some true, unique and splendid fucking brutality that really worth a few words! I think the production is flawless and the mixing as well, it make sounds this fucking shit as if you were hooked to a butcher's hook by seeing the macabre and bloody fucking scenes while waiting your shitty fucking turn! "Habitual Mutilations" is a short 6 brutal fucking minutes with some flaws but in general I think the disk is fucking solid making us impatient for the release of the debut album! Dan Birrell (Vocals), Jesse Critchley (Guitars/Vocals), Dan Fyfe (Bass) and Leon Milnes (Drums) are the sickos behind this bloody fucking act giving a great fucking performance with an amazing, brutal and very diverse vocals being an highlight in this release, guitars/bass not always great and insane but knowing how to share some disgusting and nasty fucking brutality and the drums is varied and sick as fuck only adding to the quality of this promo! "Habitual Mutilations" is not perfect but Carnal really managed their return with some unique and twisted fucking brutality very recommended to all brutal heads wishing to enjoy some good fucking sickness! Excellent Fucking Piece of Twisted Fucking Brutality! 8.5/10

lundi 28 août 2017

Gerogot-Cruelty Vomit of Hatred (Groupies Merch​)

The brutal relentless Indonesian fucking machine, Gerogot, is back to offer their debut massacre of a merciless fucking insanity entitled "Cruelty Vomit of Hatred" that will destroy your fucking soul with its unimaginable brutality and high fucking level of enjoyment! Gerogot gives an insane Brutal Death Fucking Metal that could be compared to other Indonesian bands but still having its own fucking identity and sharing some crazy fucking musick that gets into your fucking bones! "Cruelty Vomit of Hatred" is divided in 9 sick fucking parts, including an intro, being all fucking excellent and this putrid fucking shit is demonstrating a high degree brutality with a lot brutal and catchy fucking parts and a final result fucking addictive but still could have included more catchy parts to make really a 100% addictive release! The production is fucking great except on the drums that is only ok but in general fucking well done with an excellent mixing and this shit really sounds fucking gore and brutal giving an atmosphere of some butcher's shop dismembering people and selling their body fucking parts! This bloodthirsty fucking scene of butchery is lasting 25 rotten fucking minutes of pure fucking brutality being fucking sick from start to end giving you some goosebumps with a lot amazing riffs lacking a little on the catchy side but still fucking brilliant! Aditya Prakoso (Vocals/Guitars/Bass) and Dony Ilmy (Drums) are the both sickos behind this extreme fucking beast giving us some great fucking composition and performance to make this release a fucking must in the Indonesian scene! Vocals on this shit are fucking sick but could have been a little bit more guttural, guitars/bass are insane as fuck with a lot of crazy fucking parts with a few twisted ones increasing the enjoyment of this debut fucking album and the drums is just fucking insane, mostly in the blast direction, but still having a diverse work and adding to the quality of this fucking shit! "Cruelty Vomit of Hatred" is surely not perfect but Gerogot really managed to give a first insane and brilliant fucking release having all elements to make this shit a mandatory fucking piece in the shitty genre an highly recommended to all sickos wishing to make part to some gory fucking scenes of butchery! Straight and Cold Fucking Piece of Bloodthirsty Fucking Brutality! 9/10

lundi 21 août 2017

Interminable Corruptions​-Xenodimensional Conflux (Reality Fade Records​)

Russia strikes again with a new fucking horde of total fucking debauchery baptized in menstrual blood as Interminable Corruptions and finally offering their debut full length release entitled "Xenodimensional Conflux" which is of an extreme fucking power and brutally effective! This crazy fucking band is spreading an addictive and pure Brutal Death Fucking Metal that make me think to a mix of old Despondency and Severed Savior with their own personal fucking touch offering a first release fucking memorable and brutal as fuck! "Xedimensional Conflux" consists of 9 tracks being all fucking excellent and very addictive having their own identity making this fucking shit a perfection in the shitty genre bringing some true fucking brutality marking our fucking soul! Interminable Corruptions is Paolo Chiti on Vocals (Devangelic/Antropofagus), Roman Benas and Nick on Guitars, Valentin Khramtsoff on Bass and Vlad Melnik on Drums who are doing a brilliant fucking job at each fucking level giving us some real fucking shit and making their band one of the best by sharing a debut release of pure perfection with all elements needed to do an addictive and memorable fucking disk! Vocals of Paolo, as always, are fucking brutal with an excellent guttural, the guitars are just fucking amazing with a lot of crazy, twisted and catchy fucking riffing, same for the bass greatly helped by the production and the drums are fucking insane, varied and only increasing even more the perfection of this true fucking gem of pure fucking sickness! This piece of total brutality is 29 minutes fucking awesome being fucking fast but also having a lot heavy riffing giving a break to the insanity that could be the only one negative side to this release by not being a flaw since the heavy riffing are really fucking excellent but with the potential of the band, I'm sure they are able to do something even more than perfect in the future! The production is fucking great with, for me, a flawless mixing and this shit just sounds fucking true like some releases from the golden era and only adding to the perfection of this fucking shit! "Xenodimensional Conflux" is a fucking masterpiece of Brutal Death and Interminable Corruptions showed to the world that the pure sickness still can be done in an original fucking way and they did a perfect fucking start into the shitty genre! Highly recommended piece of fucking shit to each brutal lovers appreciating the roots and brutality of this genre a little bit forgotten! Blasterpiece of Pure Fucking Brutality! 10/10

mardi 15 août 2017

Schizogen​-Parasitic Origin (Pathologically Explicit Recordings​)

A malicious fucking act was created in Ukraine with the name Schizogen to show the world that the country is still active among the real brutality and this insane fucking entity serves us a debut album entitled "Parasitic Origin" with the aim of bewitching you with the high musickal fucking quality of this brilliant fucking work! "Parasitic Origin" is all about true Brutal Death Fucking Metal including a few slam elements in some tracks but being mostly about brutality, purity and not weak bullshit, of course the few rare slam riffing are really excellent but not really matching with the style the band is offering all over this first album! Schizogen is giving 8 songs of pure fucking ingenuity plus 1 intro and 1 boring Dying Fetus cover track (not the performance but the song itself) and the band is really offering an amazing debut release having its flaws but spreading a very addictive disease that will make you listen to this shit without fucking stop! "Parasitic Origin" is very genius with a few rare riffing less interesting and some slam parts that could have been removed but in general this CD includes only fucking excellent, catchy and brutal fucking musick making you quickly addicted and having everything to be among the best fucking releases of its kind! The production is fucking great and nothing really negative to say since it sounds fucking pure and true with an awesome mixing making this fucking shit sounds like some embryos being fucking crushed! This band consists of Pablo (Vocals), IBehemoth (Guitars), Pavel (Bass), Mark (Drums) and the sickos are just fucking great by sharing a brilliant composition and delivering a pure fucking piece completely faithful to the fucking roots of sickness! Vocals are very fucking good, diverse and powerful as fuck but could have been only a little bit more guttural, guitars/bass are fucking splendid by sharing an awesome and addictive songwriting and same for the drums being varied and fucking brutal! Despite a few rare flaws, "Parasitic Origin" is really an important fucking disease for the shitty genre with its 28 minutes of true fucking sickness being mostly fucking perfect and making addicted every fucking sicko experiencing this contagious purulency and Schizogen have totally managed their start into brutality with this pure brutal fucking gem! A mandatory fucking CD to each brutal head wishing to try some addictive fucking drug! Awesome Fucking Debut of True Fucking Sickness! 9/10

lundi 14 août 2017

Indecent Excision​-Thy Befouled Flesh (Groupies Merch​)

After a few demos and 2 fucking excellent albums, Indecent Excision are back to offer a promotion CD to make us wait until the third opus and this destructive fucking machine of short function is called "Thy Befouled Flesh"! Indecent Excision is still spreading a Pure Brutal Death Fucking Metal continuing in the same fucking path they left with the last effort "Aberration" but we could say that these new fucking songs are the most brutal and enjoyable material the band did since its born in 2006! "Thy Befouled Flesh" is composed of 2 tracks entitled "Transfigured Corpse Mutilation" and "Thy Befouled Flesh" that are fucking excellent and sick as fuck with perhaps a few rare riffing a little less successful but in general this fucking shit kill everything in its short fucking journey! The composition is very fucking brilliant with everything to realize a huge fucking piece of brutality including some catchy parts that could have been a little more present but I think its going with the style of the band sharing some straight brutal fucking stuff with some technical touch! The production is fucking perfect and enjoying as hell with a flawless mixing making sounds this fucking shit like a big fucking train crushing everything during its long hellish gory fucking ride and only increasing the high quality of this amazing fucking Promo! This short fucking disk of 7 minutes is near fucking perfect having only for me a few riffing less interesting and perhaps a little lacking on the addictive side but the final result is still fucking killer touching the perfection and having all elements to create a true fucking gem! Indecent Excision is Matteo Bazzanella (Vocals), Hannes Gamper (Guitars), Giancarlo Mendo (Bass), Davide Farabegoli (Drums) and the sick fucking quartet is giving probably their best performance in career added by a songwriting of an incredible fucking brilliance! Matteo share a brutal and powerful fucking guttural and probably his best ever, Hannes as always is fucking awesome with crazy composition and didnt change here by giving some enjoying fucking musick, Giancarlo is also fucking great and helped by the prouction making us appreciate much more his work and finally Davide is giving a brutal and great fucking start into the band with a complete insane fucking drumming making us quickly forget the previous one! Indecent Excision is back with a solid fucking Promo that makes us shit in our fucking pants for the wait until the third release and despite the short duration, "Thy Befouled Flesh" is a fucking must in the shitty genre and mandatory to all brutal fucking heads around! Brilliant Fucking Piece of Pure Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

lundi 7 août 2017

Espermorragia​-The Human Misery in Decline (Lord Of The Sick Recordings​)

Insane addictive brutal fucking perfection is what is giving Espermorragia from Argentina and ready to offer their debut effort entitled "The Human Misery in Decline" which is probably the best fucking release to have ever emerged of this fucking country! This first album is really an enjoying and addictive musical fucking experience being a fucking lesson to the genre by the high quality composition including everything to do a flawless fucking release mixing perfectly all the elements of the style but being totally fucking faithful to sickness and fucking pure to the shitty roots! Espermorragia is performing some true Brutal Death Fucking Metal reminding us a little the old time by the high addictive fucking level and the purity in the songwriting that make this first album a real fucking gem in the genre! "The Human Misery in Decline" contains 12 brilliant majestic fucking songs, including an ambiant instrumental having as positive to be placed at the end of the album and not wasting the energy of this shit, and all tracks are really fucking genius including each of them a few catchy riffing and brutal fucking parts making this debut release totally fucking perfect from A to Z! The production is another highlight of the disk by being fucking amazing, heavy and pure as fuck, same for the flawless mixing fucking enjoyable with a great fucking job on the bass and this fucking shit really sounds like a fucking ton of corpses being shredded into pieces and used for a gory sculpture of the most fucking disgusting! Damian (Vocals), Mario (Guitars), Vierling (Bass), Gabriel (Drums) are the brilliant fucking sickos behind this awesome brutality performing some great Brutal Death Metal with a flawless composition giving nothing new to the genre but being pure, creative and offering some ingenious crazy fucking material! Damian on vocals is fucking powerful and giving an enjoying guttural, Mario on guitars is just fucking genius on each fucking level, Vierling on bass is also fucking great helped by the production and Gabriel is offering a brilliant fucking drumming with some addictive fucking blast and giving a diverse and enjoying fucking work! Espermorragia really managed their debut by offering a true fucking masterpiece in the genre with its 30 pure and brutal fucking minutes completely fucking catchy and written in a masterful way! "The Human Misery in Decline" is a mandatory piece of fucking shit to each fucking sicko around wishing to live an addictive and sick fucking experience with this release making part of the bests! Pure Blasterpiece of True Fucking Brutality! 10/10

samedi 5 août 2017

Brute​-Henchmen (Slovak Metal Army​)

An evil and macabre force was born in Slovakia and named Brute which is back after 3 fucking years with a third full-length slaughter called "Henchmen" spreading fear and chaos like never before and offering a carnage of great fucking quality! Brute is performing an Insane Death Metal and this release have a lot melodic elements but being fucking brutal with a brilliant fucking composition and an unique side making "Henchmen" an highlight in the shitty fucking genre! 8 songs of pure fucking butchery containing an intro and being all fucking excellent including a lot of catchy riffing making this fucking release very addictive and also having some weak parts but partially buried by the fucking awesome songwriting! The production is a complete fucking success, excellent mixing and this fucking shit sounds like thousands nuclear bombs exploding at the same fucking time and making us feel a total worldwide humanicide! The result of "Henchmen" despite some flaws is being fucking addictive from beginning to fucking end due to the perfect production and amazing composition making this third release a fucking must in the genre! Brute consists of Martin Calko (Vocals), Stefan Tokar (Guitars), Radoslav Michalko (Bass), Jirka Zajic (Drums) and the quartet is near fucking perfect in their execution delivering some brilliant fucking material! Martin on vocals is fucking great and powerful, Stefan is giving several amazing and catchy riffing, Radoslav also doing an amazing fucking job and finally Jirka is fucking awesome with a diverse drumming and sharing some insane fucking blastbeat! 35 minutes of pure fucking devastating Death Metal being not perfect but having everything to be a great fucking release making you fucking addicted with the amazing composition and "Henchmen" is without fucking doubt a fucking success and this third release is a mandatory piece of fucking shit in its kind! Highly recommended for all fans of Death Metal or Brutal Death by the brilliant fucking performance and insane fucking execution creating some hard drug making everyone fucking addicted! Excellent and Insane Fucking Piece of Death Fucking Metal! 9/10

mercredi 2 août 2017

Injurious​-Promo 2017 (Pathologically Explicit Recordings​)

A new fucking beast been launched in the USA to create a monstrous devastation with a chaotic sound of 9 fucking minutes killing every living fucking soul around and this bloodthirsty abomination is called "Injurious"! Only one man has spread this disgusting Brutal Death and making this experience fucking brutal and twisted with a few moments reminding us another fucking beast named Enmity! The production for me is fucking perfect, of course its surely not for the most of people but that makes it fucking disgusting with an excellent mixing and the sound of this fucking beast is really boiling your fucking brain and disintegrating your fucking soul! This apocalypse is divided in 2 chapters being fucking amazing and insane from start to end being maybe not perfect by having a few rare part a little more weak but in general this demonstration of violence is done in a brilliant and nasty fucking way! Joseph Lusciano (Andromorphus Rexalia/Disgruntled Anthropophagi) is the sicko behind this fucking monster doing everything and being fucking excellent on each fucking level with a sick vocals, insane and catchy riffing and as usual offering us some crazy fucking drumming only increasing everything he is doing! This fucking shit is maybe not 100% perfect but very close to be by being addictive and also, with its nasty and brutal fucking atmosphere, giving it an unique side and doing it fucking enjoying as fuck! Joe really managed to offers again some brilliant fucking brutality having everything to please with an old mentality reminding us about the disgusting brutal golden fucking past! This first Promo is really a fucking success and highly recommended to everyone digging some nasty fucking sickness and Injurious did its place into this shitty world of saturated brutality! Disgusting Fucking Piece of Nasty Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

mardi 1 août 2017

Exsanguinate​-Revel in Anthropophagic Breeding Morphogenesis (Experiments In Torture​)

Exsanguinate are back after 4 years and their excellent debut fucking album "Disintegration Through Ritualistic Torture" and now are ready to offer their second album in the form of EP entitled "Revel in Anthropophagic Breeding Morphogenesis" which will not disappoint anyone with a brutality that will freeze your fucking bones for the rest of your fucking life! This amazing EP is divided in 9 fucking parts being all fucking awesome and getting you fast addicted by its musical quality with a brilliant and brutal fucking composition being from far superior to the last release showing a great evolution! Exsanguinate returns with a disgusting Brutal Death Fucking Metal and this time being a little more technical by still keeping their nasty fucking side and adding to the twisted level with a final result sounding like a mix of Suffocation and Defeated Sanity but having their own personal fucked up touch! "Revel in Anthropophagic Breeding Morphogenesis" includes an excellent production being not over produced and being fucking brutal and heavy as fuck with a great fucking mixing making sounds that fucking shit like some corpses consumed by their own fucking excrement! The Quebecers Arnaud (Vocals), Pietro (Guitars/Bass) and D.W. Lee (Drums) are really giving a perfect fucking job on each fucking level offering an addictive and brutal fucking songwriting and Exsanguinate is proving to be the sickest band of their country by always writing some brilliant and brutal fucking material! Arnaud (Barbaric Penetration/Vaginal Addiction) as usual is fucking excellent performing always an insane guttural fucking enjoying, same for Pietro (Barbaric Penetration) always composing some sick fucking music and probably did his best fucking work ever with this genius fucking CD and finally, D.W. is also doing a great fucking job maybe not being spectacular but doing the fucking job and delivering some technical and brutal fucking drumming! "Revel in Anthropophagic Breeding Morphogenesis" is 16 fucking minutes of total fucking awesomeness with no boring fucking parts being fucking short but straight in your fucking face with its twisted insanity having everything to please with its catchy fucking brutality! Exsanguinate is giving a fucking must in the genre highly recommended to all brutal fucking heads wishing to live some brilliant and fucked up moment! Twisted and Disgusting Fucking Piece of Perfect Fucking Insanity! 10/10

mercredi 26 juillet 2017

Animals Killing People​-Eat your Murder (Sevared Records​)

The Animals came out a second time for Killing People with a bloodthirsty fucking carnage spreading suffering and death showing you some real fucking brutality with this new invasion baptized by human blood "Eat your Murder"! Horacio "Ammo" Diaz (Guitar/Vocals), Carlos Estrada (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Wilson Rairan (Drums/Backing Vocals) are the sickos who have unleashed this ferocious fucking beast inflicting a disgusting and twisted Brutal Death making sure to explode your fucking brain with this nasty fucking insanity! This massacre is divided in 13 gory fucking parts of pure disgusting brutality including 2 sample/instrumental and 3 covers of Impetigo, Carcass and Pungent Stench and the final result is just fucking brilliant and built like it needs to be done by including in each fucking act some twisted and addictive fucking parts getting stuck in your shitty brain! Animals Killing People is not reinventing the genre but giving you a true nasty, brutal and twisted fucking release very welcome in the brutality and just giving some real primitive Brutal Death fucking well done and effective! The production is fucking great by following the disgusting way of the band but the mixing could have been way better especially with the vocals but it sounds really like a fucking mass of beasts trampling to death and reducing people to a fucking pulp for 40 minutes! "Eat your Murder" is for me musically fucking perfect by including everything to get you addicted to this fucking carnage by knowing how to create some disgusting and true Brutal Death Fucking Metal perpetuating the tradition of the horde since the beginning! Vocals on this shit are very fucking brutal, guitars as well with some twisted, addictive and insane fucking riffing and Will, as always, is giving some insane fucking drumming only increasing the level of enjoyment of this fucking shit! Animals Killing People just delivered a great second album not being spectacular but having all elements to make it a fucking must in the shitty genre leaving no one indifferent! "Eat your Murder" is maybe not "technically" perfect but being fucking mandatory to each brutal head around the world having some balls to confront a fucking beast! Pure Disgusting Fucking Piece of Twisted Fucking Sickness! 9.5/10

lundi 24 juillet 2017

Bacteremia​-Furiously Reduced (Permeated Records​)

The deadly infernal fucking machine baptized Bacteremia is back to infect the shitty world with a second fucking disease as much contagious and this fucking scourge has been called "Furiously Reduced" by its intensity and effectiveness to make die each fucking soul making the experiment! Bacteremia returns with a devastating Brutal Death Fucking Metal but this time perhaps the technical touch a little more present with some passages that could remind us the album "Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas" and the end result is just fucking brilliant, addictive and totally fucking insane! The band offers a second album of 9 songs including an introduction and all songs of this fucking shit are perfect making it completely addictive from start to fucking end and putting this release among the best of its shitty kind with its high brutal fucking level composition in the field of sickness! The production is far better to the first album but could have been more raw but removing nothing from this powerful echoing fucking bomb of insanity, the mixing is somewhat chaotic but perfectly matching the style of the band and ultimately this fucking shit really sounds like some deadly bacteriological fucking warfare exterminating everything in its fucking path! Furiously Reduced is unleashed by Sebastian Guarin (Vocals), Andrés Soto (Guitars/Bass), Carlos Penagos (Drums) and the sick Colombian trio is giving a brilliant fucking job with some insane and catchy songwriting making this new release a mandatory piece of fucking shit! Sebastian on vocals is as always fucking excellent and powerful as fuck knowing how to match with the technical fucking touch of Bacteremia and managing  very well to make his place as frontman, Andrés on guitars/bass is continuing to spread some perfect insane fucking composition with a lot of catchy riffs making this shit a highlight into the genre and finally Carlos on drums is again fucking sick with his non stop fast fucking blast and able to create some twisted drumming to match with the fucked up side of the band! Bacteremia are offering more of 30 minutes of pure fucking insanity being totally fucking addictive and creating their second masterpiece that will mark the fucking world of sickness because "Furiously Reduced" is without any fucking doubt making part of the best releases of the genre as their first effort! A must for all brutal fucking heads around wishing to get infected by some contagious insanity and living an extreme fucking experience! Insane Fucking Demonstration of Brutal Fucking Perfection! 10/10