mardi 6 juin 2017

Coprobaptized Cunthunter​-Perseveration of Delirious Comprehensiveness (Reality Fade Records​)

One of the sickest fucking bands to have emerged from Russia since the sickness has begun there is without fucking doubt Coprobaptized Cunthunter, wasting people's ears since 2007 and after a full length and couple splits, the band is now ready to launch a new EP entitled "Perseveration of Delirious Comprehensiveness"! Coprobaptized Cunthunter have now only the drummer as original line up and before were playing Goregrind but now I cant categorize them like that but rather as sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal act with short songs but still keeping a little Goregrind touch and continuing to give the same fucking feeling than before with this oppressive side coming to invade your shitty fucking soul! This new EP is 8 fucking tracks of pure disgusting fucking brutality including a Blood Duster cover and this insane fucking shit is fucking amazing from start to end, we can also find many annoying slow parts coming to break the sick and cold fucking atmosphere but in general this fucking shit is well done and giving you a great and brutal fucking experience! The band consists of Batu Cetin (Cenotaph) (Vocals), Anton Eremin (Guitars/Bass), Dmitry Kalashnikov (Drums) and we can find a fucking great and brutal guest appearance on vokills of James Shuster (Delusional Parasitosis) and Ligore Kitthammapirak (Ecchymosis)! The trio is doing a great fucking job with disgusting and sick fucking gutturals, perhaps a little bit linear but still fucking successful, riffing are fucking brutal but also including some weak ones and the drums as usual is fucking insane and brutally diverse as fuck! Those 11 and half minutes are not perfect but mostly fucking brilliant with a creepy ambiance way less present than before but still there and with a new composer, its a big positive fucking point! The production is very great and unfortunately the mixing is a little bit wasted not giving advantage to the instruments but not unbearable and still enjoying with a result sounding like a ton of fucking bones being cracked by some fucking blastdozer! "Perseveration of Delirious Comprehensiveness" is in general a fucking success but having a few parts that I have some difficulties and despite that, it goes well with the little twisted fucking touch doing it fucking nuts! Coprobaptized Cunthunter is a band highly recommended for those not knowing them yet and for the others, this is not a flawless EP but a mandatory fucking gem of insanity! Twisted and Disgusting Fucking Piece of Creepy Fucking Sickness! 9/10

mardi 30 mai 2017

Purulent Jacuzzi​-Combat 19 (Coyote Records​)

After four years of waiting, the crazy fucking Russians Purulent Jacuzzi are finally ready to offer some new fucking material in the form of an EP entitled "Combat 19" that marks by the change of band style but still keeping their own originality giving a brutal and twisted fucking piece of great fucking efficiency! The band is now very hard to categorize but I will try with Blackened Grindcore because of the black metal feelings I got during my several listening but also the Grindcore elements very present and all of this make this effort totally fucking weird but very creative, fucking insane and unique as fuck! Purulent Jacuzzi always been very original and these 5 new songs doesnt change this great fucking quality with a fucked up songwriting being for the most very enjoyable but of course including some elements a little less interesting! "Combat 19" is giving a great fucking ambiance with a brutal, dark and theatrical fucking atmosphere only increasing the weird fucking side of this EP but also making it fucking enjoyable and sick as fuck! The band consists now of Roman (Vocals), Dmitry (Guitars), Dmitry K. (Drums) and the sick trio is just fucking insane bringing some brutal fucking composition and an experimental approach being for the most a total fucking success! Vocals is sick,varied and fucking crazy with maybe some clean opera parts a little less enjoying but being mainly fucking powerful, guitar is really fucking great giving an addictive side to this fucking release being not perfect but knowing how to create some good fucking shit and same goes for the drums with now Dmitry and continuing in the path of Sasha by performing some brutal and original fucking drumming! The production is also not perfect but in general greatly fucking done with a good mixing and despite some flaws, this shit managed to sounds like a fucking bomb exploding in a cold fucking village in the North of Russia burning everything in its fucking path! "Combat 19" is only 5 fucking minutes of twisted Grindcore but fucking addictive, making you listen to it on the repeat mode and despite to have some musickal and technical flaws, Purulent Jacuzzi really managed to give something fucking unique in its genre and most important, fucking brilliant from start to end! A very short but mandatory fucking gem to every extreme fan not afraid to explore some new approach in the shitty fucking genre! Cold, Twisted and Unique Fucking Piece of Dark Fucking Insanity! 9/10

lundi 29 mai 2017

Butcher M.D.​-Traces of Gore (Bizarre Leprous Productions​)

Butcher MD is a project born in Russia/Netherlands with the shitty purpose to make you fucking bleed to death with a murderous fucking debut called "Traces of Blood" killing everything in its fucking path with its gory and brutal fucking atmosphere! Butcher MD are performing a true Goregrind completely fucking faithful to the genre by mixing blast and grinding fucking parts influenced by bands like Regurgitate and Last Days of Humanity that could be compared with Active Stenosis by the musickal fucking quality shared by this impure fucking act of butchery but also the style of compositions being quite similar! "Traces of Blood" contains an amazing fucking production especially the sound of drums machine being one of the bests, the mixing is also very well done and this fucking shit sounds like a fucking ton of skulls exploding on the fucking ground with heaps of brain fucking crumbs ejected by the impact force! This debut fucking effort is divided into 16 fucking parts of pure gory fucking devastation being all fucking excellent but perhaps repetitive and many of them including some riffing a little less interesting but this fucking shit in a whole is just fucking bloodthirsty and enjoyable as fuck! Butcher MD is Erwin de Groot (Vocals), Kirill "Maestro" Samoylov (Guitars/Bass/Drums Programming) and the duo is really spreading an awesome Goregrind fucking act with inhuman vocals and a grinding songwriting fucking well done! The gutturals are fucking brutal, diverse and enjoying, guitars/bass are fucking excellent by sharing a lot of catchy riffing but we can also find some annoying ones and the drums is fucking exceptional with a great programming and an amazing fucking sound making us quickly forget about the machine! "Traces of Blood" despite some musickal flaws is fucking brilliant by giving 22 fucking minutes able to make us addicted and sharing a brutal Goregrind of pure fucking quality! Butcher MD managed to offer a debut fucking release being a fucking must in the shitty genre with its horrific fucking atmosphere and catchy parts doing this fucking shit memorable as fuck and "Traces of Blood" is maybe not perfect but for sure making part of the shitty fucking elite being a mandatory grinding fucking piece for each extreme fucking head who want to enjoy some great quality fucking Goregrind! Excellent Bloody Fucking Piece of Brutal Fucking Goregrind! 9/10

jeudi 25 mai 2017

Perverse Dependence​-The Patterns of Depravity (Amputated Vein Records​)

The mighty Perverse Dependence are back after their insane debut fucking album "Gruesome Forms of Distorted Libido" and meet our expectations with a second one of great fucking ingenuity and especially of an unimaginable fucking insanity keeping their own twisted fucking touch! The Russian sickos are difficult to categorize but I will try with Primitive Technical Brutal Death Fucking Metal by sharing a fucked up songwriting but still keeping it brutally primitive with a twisted fucking side very present also offering very short songs and all of this making them totally original and fucking unique! "The Patterns of Depravity" is the name given to this insane second fucking release divided in 17 tracks all fucking amazing and brutal as fuck having a lot of catchy fucking parts and the final result is maybe lacking a little bit on the level of addiction but still fucking enjoyable from A to Z! As usual, Perverse Dependence transport us into their fucking world of butchery with a gory fucking atmosphere that pierces you through its fucking coldness, morbidity and brutality! "The Patterns of Depravity" contains an excellent production that could be more powerful but still fucking enjoying, mixing is also very good and the sound only increase the horrific fucking ambiance making us feel being fucking cut in pieces! The band consist of Kostya (Vocals), Slava (Guitars), Ivan (Bass), Max (Drums) and the four twisted fucking sickos are offering an amazing songwriting, not perfect, but having everything to create a fucking gem in the shitty genre spreading some genius brutal fucking creativity! Vocals are fucking brutal perhaps missing a little on the disgusting side but fucking great and sick, guitars and bass are fucking insane by giving mostly twisted and brutal fucking parts maybe including some rare ones a little less interesting but the compositions in general are just fucking awesome and the drums is also fucking sick with its infinite blast but fucking varied and creative matching very well with the fucked up style of the band! For this second opus, Perverse Dependence give 25 minutes of true fucking insanity with a lot of catchy riffing keeping their twisted fucking roots and continuing their sadistic and brutal fucking journey into the shitty lands of brutality! "The Patterns of Depravity" despite some little flaws is a brilliant fucking release completely fucking brutal and highly recommended to all extreme sickos looking for some sick fucking thrills! Twisted Gory Fucking Piece of Total Fucking Insanity! 9/10

mercredi 24 mai 2017

Infectology-Origin of Pathological Extermination (Anopsys Records)

Formed in 2009 in the brutal fucking lands of Ecuador, Infectology is starting its contagious fucking insanity by infecting the shitty world with a brilliant fucking disease called "Origin of Pathological Extermination" that will put this fucking abomination among the most deadly successful! This first act of total suffering is given to us in 9 fucking parts of destructive contagion completely enjoyable including an intro and excellent Kataplexia cover concluding this amazing fucking bomb of pure fucking brutality! Infectology is spreading a pure Brutal Death Fucking Metal fuckin faithful to the roots by giving some raw and brutal fucking material fast as fuck but also being varied and fucking unique! "Origin of Pathological Extermination" contains an excellent fucking composition with a lot of catchy riffs making every song fucking great and resulting an addictive fucking shit but perhaps needs some listening to appreciate for some people not used with extreme brutality! Jhenry (Vocals), Luis (Guitars), Jose (Bass) and Ivan (Drums) are really spreading a fucking plague with this infectious fucking sickness giving it a brutal, raw and cold fucking atmosphere only increasing the level of addiction of this true fucking decadence! Production of this shit is fucking raw and for me fucking perfect, perhaps lacking a little bit of heaviness, but the mixing is excellent and this debut effort really sounds like a pile of fucking bones being fucking crushed! Vocals is fucking powerful perhaps a little redundant by the lack of variation but being fucking brutal, guitars/bass are brilliant by sharing no fucking boring part and giving a flawless fucking job and same goes for the drums totally fucking sick and increasing the enjoyment of this fucking infection! "Origin of Pathological Extermination" is 34 minutes of addictive and pure fucking brutality being amazing from start to fucking end and despite perhaps some very little flaws, Infectology totally managed their debut and offering a mandatory fucking piece of sickness to each fucking sicko! Brilliant Fucking Debut of Pure and Raw Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

lundi 22 mai 2017

Christ Denied​-Cancer Eradication (Xtreem Music)

The Spanish gods Christ Denied are returning after almost 10 fucking years of inactivity to offer their second fucking release entitled "Cancer Eradication" which is undoubtedly a direct sequel to the first opus! Despite a line up change, Christ Denied managed to create an Old Skull Brutal Death Fucking Metal completely faithful to their musical fucking history with the signature of the band and the feeling of listening to a shit of the late 90s with all the elements necessary to make you fucking addicted! This new fucking effort offers 9 sadistic fucking songs including an Imprecation cover that are all impeccably made and totally fucking enjoyable by all including some catchy parts and a complete addictive fucking composition! "Cancer Eradication" is Dave Rotten (Avulsed) on vocals, Roger Infected (Infected Flesh) on Guitars/Bass/Drums Programming/Backing Vocals and the duo make a sensational fucking job by getting us into the Christ Denied atmosphere and sharing an ingenious old skull fucking songwriting that will not make anyone indifferent! Dave on vocals is, as usually, great as fuck performing an addictive fucking guttural being fucking varied and original making us back into the old fucking days of the band even If being a little bit different on some aspects! Roger is doing a splendid fucking job by including only awesome fucking riffing, a drums programming well done despite a sound not perfect and this guy deserves some respect by successfully keeping the fucking roots of the band and making us really feel listening to the sequel of "...Got what he Deserved"! Christ Denied are delivering 40 amazing fucking minutes of pure fucking brutality being brilliant from start to end and having everything to please by sharing an addictive fucking work and bringing us back into the golden fucking era of Brutal Death! The production is greatly fucking done but not perfect of course, especially on the drums machine, same for mixing having some flaws but fucking well done and this fucking shit still manages to sound like a real ton of fucking corpses who got what they deserved by having suffered of cancer eradication! Christ Denied really offered musically a flawless fucking release being not perfect on the technical side but making us forget very fucking fast this point by sharing a new release of the most fucking enjoyable having all elements from the old skull resulting of a total addictive fucking piece of shit! "Cancer Eradication" is mandatory to all death metal heads wishing to enjoy some true fucking brutality and getting addicted by some sadistic fucking work of total fucking butchery! Brilliant Old Skull Fucking Piece of True Addictive Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

mercredi 17 mai 2017

Lack Of Truth​-Under the Torn Flesh (Death Metal Industry)

Another sick fucking project of majestic fucking brutality coming out from Russia and this time a ruthless fucking machine called Lack of Truth is launched in the shitty world to create a first carnage of unimaginable fucking magnitude spreading death and making their mark "Under the Torn Flesh"! This band of unnamed fucking brilliance shares a pure and insane Brutal Death Fucking Metal much comparable to the Dutch style by their perfection of execution and musically giving a splendid brutal death in all fucking aspects! "Under the Torn Flesh" is 10 killer fucking tracks including an intro/outro and all of them are fucking amazing by having not a single boring fucking moment and making us addicted by their efficiency in the brutal fucking composition putting it without doubt among the best fucking release ever made in the shitty genre! Lack of Truth is spreading a total pure fucking piece of brutality, brilliant from start to end with its non stop catchy fucking parts and songwriting 100% faithful to true brutal death with a cold and cadaverous atmosphere increasing the perfection of this fucking shit! The production is just fucking flawless and a real fucking pleasure being one of reasons why this album is so addictive, mixing is also a total fucking success and this fucking shit really sounds like a bomb of fucking flesh! Alexey Remizov (Vocals), Sergey Minaev (Guitars), Valentin Khramtsov (Bass) and Alexey Grigoriev (Drums) are offering 29 addictive fucking minutes of pure awesomeness with a perfect songwriting making "Under the Torn Flesh" a blasterpiece in the genre and placing Lack of Truth among the best bands to have emerged from Russia! Alexey R. is sharing a brutal fucking vocals with a varied and powerful guttural, Sergey on guitars is fucking flawless by performing only great riffing and knowing how to write some excellent brutality, Valentin on bass is fucking exceptional greatly helped by the amazing production highlighting his work and making us all addicted, and finally, Alexey G. on drums is crazy a fuck being fucking brutal with a non stop blasting fucking drumming, keeping it varied and fucking addictive! With this amazing start, Lack of Truth for sure managed their debut release by doing a quality fucking piece of pure brutality without any fucking flaws and being forever engraved on the fucking wall of sickness! "Under the Torn Flesh" is a mandatory fucking piece of brutality to all brutal heads and a fucking crime to not own this! Perfect Pure Fucking Piece of Brilliant Fucking Brutality! 10/10

mardi 16 mai 2017

Infested Blood​-Demonweb Pits (Rapture Records)

Formed in 1999 in blasphemy and insanity, Infested Blood is back from the infernal fucking entrails of Brazil to spit out a fourth venomous fucking album baptized by fire as "Demonweb Pits" and performing an addictive incantation came out of the fucking depths of hell! This cursed beast performs a Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a Death Metal touch and technical side knowing to create some catchy fucking brutality by mixing very well the complex and primitive fucking parts! This fourth diabolical fucking release is divided in 11 sadistic fucking acts of torture enjoyable as fuck including an instrumental one perhaps a little weird but only increasing the hellish fucking atmosphere of this fucking shit that really piercing our damn soul with its ingenious fucking efficiency! This demonic creature is spreading an excellent fucking brutality by giving only awesome fucking tracks having perhaps some parts a little more weak and repetitive caused by the long duration of some songs but this fucking album is including catchy parts at each song making them all unique and fucking great! Infested Blood is controlled by Diego Do'Urden (Vocals/Guitars), Eduardo Baerne (Bass), Beto Santos (Drums) and the trio is just fucking brilliant by sharing an original, twisted and catchy fucking songwriting making their fourth album a total fucking gem in the shitty genre! Vocals on this shit are fucking great sometimes could be a little bit more disgusting but still fucking well done, guitar riffing are just fucking genius by knowing how to create a release with a lot of catchy riffs making it addictive despite some parts a little less successful and same for the bass sharing some amazing fucking job and finally the drums that is superb being fucking creative and brutal as fuck! The production is very good and could have been maybe better on some parts especially the drums but still fucking enjoyable, mixing is great and despite some shit, it sounds really like some fucking demons invading our shitty world destroying everything and dismembering everyone in their fucking path! With its 45 sacrificial fucking minutes, "Demonweb Pits" have some flaws assigned to long albums but Infested Blood managed to create an evil addictive fucking carnage from A to Z and this fourth release is without any fucking doubt mandatory to each death metal fucking heads! Amazing Fucking Piece of Creative Fucking Brutality! 9/10

lundi 15 mai 2017

Exhumer​-Degraded by Sepsis (Comatose Music​)

The very brutal and disgusting fucking hordes are rather rare these days in Italy but there are always some fucking bands stand out from the overproduced shits and Exhumer are a great fucking example of this fact and this time offer a second release with all the ingredients needed to make an unforgettable insane fucking work! "Degraded by Sepsis" is the name given to this powerful fucking bomb lasting around 25 minutes of pure fucking brutality being addictive from start to end with its twisted and brutal fucking parts having not a single boring one and delivering some brilliant fucking material! Exhumer are performing a sick and twisted Brutal Death Fucking Metal being totally fucking unique in their kind and making part of the elite of the shitty genre by always sharing some amazing, catchy and insane fucking composition! "Degraded by Sepsis" is divided in 11 putrid fucking sections being musically fucking perfect having as only one flaw to have too much instrumental sample songs coming to break the energy and momentum of this fucking shit but of course the couple songs are short and quickly back into insanity and the rotten fucking atmosphere making this disk completely fucking addictive and spinning non stop for a while! The production could have been more raw but still fucking explosive and awesome, mixing is well done and this shit sounds really like a fucking pile of decomposed putrid fucking bodies exploding in the middle of an old rotten fucking hut full of shitty mold! Exhumer is Diego Fanelli (Vocals), Marco Aromatario (Guitars), Alyosha Danisi (Bass), Paolo Damato (Drums) and the sickos are just fucking exceptional by giving a flawless musical fucking product having only very little technical flaws not taking off all the qualities in the songwriting! Diego as usual is fucking excellent giving some addictive fucking job, Marco and Alyosha are just fucking insane by sharing some twisted and catchy fucking composition making this release a fucking must in the genre and finally Paolo on drums is sick as fuck with an excellent fucking drumming being original and fucking insane! "Degraded by Sepsis" is a successful second fucking release having perhaps a few rare flaws on the technical side but being musically fucking perfect and spreading a cold, cadaverous and rotten fucking ambiance only increasing the high quality of this fucking shit! Exhumer managed their second carnage into the shitty world of brutality by sharing an addictive fucking massacre being mandatory to all brutal people wishing to live some twisted and brutal fucking experience! Brilliant Fucking Gem of True Fucking Insanity! 9.5/10

mercredi 10 mai 2017

Imitation-Rectificate (Coyote Records)

Ukraine in true fucking brutality is an important element in the scene even by being a small number and this time comes out a quality fucking band doing its mark among the best by spreading a raw fucking brutality and completely faithful to the fucking roots with a debut album of the most enjoyable and fucking brilliant in all fucking aspects! This machine of insanity was born in 2011 and baptized under the name of Imitation to give a fucking lesson to the shitty world with a pure fucking brutality and spreading a Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking amazing and twisted as fuck that could be a mix between "Effigy of the Forgotten" , "Sermon of Mockery", "Inbreeding the Anthropophagi" and having much similarities of course with Datura from the same country! This opening fucking opus of carnage is called "Rectificate" and divided into 10 fucking acts of real butchery including a brilliant cover of Suffocation and this shit only offers excellent fucking songs all having their catchy fucking parts increasing the level of addiction added by probably the best cover of Suffocation ever made! Production is another fucking highlight to this album being for me totally fucking perfect and addictive as fuck with all the instruments sounding to the best, a mixing also a fucking success and this fucking shit really sounds like a ton of fucking bricks! Imitation consists of Antos (Datura) on Vocals, Bob (Ex Datura) on Guitars, Hellfuck on bass, Dimas (Datura) on Drums and the four sickos are really performing some true fucking Brutal Death with a twisted fucking element only coming to increase the ingenuity of this debut fucking release! Antos as usual is fucking amazing with an addictive guttural, the riffing of Bob are just fucking great with no boring fucking parts, Hellfuck is also fucking brilliant and greatly helped by the awesome production. and finally, Dimas on drums is always as fucking great with a brutal and addictive fucking drumming giving us some feelings of old Deeds of Flesh! The insane fucking quartet really managed to spread a total gem into the shitty genre with 29 minutes fucking brutal from A to Z with a lot of old skull fucking vibe and a straight cold brutal fucking atmosphere putting this release among the best! "Rectificate" is without fucking doubt a blasterpiece in the genre and Imitation perfectly managed their debut with an addictive and true fucking brutality making it a mandatory fucking piece of sickness! Brilliant Fucking Gem of Pure Fucking Brutality! 10/10

mardi 9 mai 2017

Skull Collector​-Disfigured Insanity (Self-Released)

When I think about the underground bands, one of the first names coming in my mind is Skull Collector, a brutal fucking abomination from Belgium which, after near 20 fucking years of existence, offers a third full length album remaining in their chaotic fucking style with their completely raw and savage fucking insanity! Skull Collector continues to spread its disease with a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal being totally fucking unique by its relentless brutality but also having an old skull fucking touch giving it this own identity! "Disfigured Insanity" is the name of this insane third fucking gem including 8 new insane fucking tracks added by 3 from their first album and this fucking shit only have awesome fucking songs sharing a non stop brutality with many catchy parts but perhaps missing a few to do really a 100% addictive fucking release! The mixing is very good and the production in general is fucking heavy, raw and brutal as fuck being not perfect by its "underground" side but making sounds that fucking shit like a ton of fucking pricks being cut into small fucking pieces and slices! The recording is giving a lot to this album on the ambiance level making you feel to assists to some chaotic, bloody and butchering fucking scenes of gory fucking sickness giving it a cold and disturbing fucking atmosphere! This fucking plague is spread by Kurt Straetemans (Vocals), Wouter Vloebergh (Guitars), David Ooms (Bass), Mark Van de Velde (Drums/Backing Vocals) and the four apocalyptic practitioners are giving an insane fucking songwriting having rarely annoying moments and performing insanity from start to fucking end! Vocals are fucking sick with an old skull style and being perhaps very redundant and linear for some but I think its still matching very well with the musickal style and increasing their shitty fucking identity! Guitars/Bass are fucking great by sharing only insane fucking riffing with some catchy ones and having a few rare a little less successful but in general the composition is fucking sick and enjoyable as fuck!  Drums is also a highlight in this band by being insanely fucking sick with a non stop brutality and able to be also original and especially fucking twisted! "Disfigured Insanity" is 36 fucking minutes of pure fucking insanity being near perfect giving only brutal fucking moments and Skull Collector did an awesome third fucking opus and for sure recommended to all extreme sickos wishing to always live some raw fucking sickness! Amazing Chaotic Fucking Plague of Cold Crushing Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

lundi 8 mai 2017

Infected Flesh​-Concatenation of Severe Infections (Comatose Music​)

The Spanish beast "Infected Flesh" is back to offer a third damn carnage entitled "Concatenation of Severe Infections" which is undoubtedly one of its most fucking destructive and enjoyable from its macabre fucking existence! Infected Flesh is back with a basic Brutal Death Fucking Metal having Death Metal songs structures making this third fucking opus a little bit repetitive but the quality of composition makes forget this fucking point because we dont find much bad riffing or others! "Concatenation of Severe Infections" is divided into 11 gory fucking parts including a sample intro and all the sadistic fucking scenes of butchery are a total fucking success having perhaps a boring track but in general this shit is fucking excellent from beginning to end incorporating catchy fucking parts in all the songs but the end result is maybe missing a little at the addictive fucking level! This bloodthirsty fucking piece of brutality is really spreading a brutal and gory fucking atmosphere impregnating deeply your fucking bones not really helped by the production but rather the horrific fucking songwriting! This merciless and bloodthirsty fucking beast is released into the world by Roger B. (Vocals/Guitars/Bass), Seth Van de Loo (Drums/Backing Vocals) and the duo managed in creating a fucking piece of insanity that is among the best of the shitty kind and despite its flaws, being a very enjoyable third fucking album! The vocals are very fucking good and varied but maybe a little bit redundant probably because of their Death Metal style into a more Brutal Death Metal musickal approach but still not being unbearable! The guitars/bass riffing are for the most fucking successful including several catchy ones but also having some less enjoyable and repetitive but in general the composition is fucking well done! The drums is fucking sick with a production a little wasted on this part but its still very good by being fucking fast and still creative despite the basic primitive brutal fucking style shared by the band! The production and mixing are very fucking good but as mentioned above, it has some flaws especially for the drums that sounds really fucking shit but it doesnt take away our pleasure and this fucking shit still sounds fucking brutal and gory! "Concatenation of Severe Infections" is 43 destructive fucking minutes being not perfect but I dont think it's easy to make a long album totally enjoyable and Infected Flesh nevertheless succeeds this feat by delivering some less good moments but generally offering us a quality fucking product with a lot of catchy fucking riffs but still missing a little on the addictive side! This third effort is without fucking doubt recommended to each brutal fucking heads enjoying some extreme fucking musick but also for the death metal lovers! Excellent Horrific Piece of Gory Fucking Brutality! 9/10

mardi 2 mai 2017

Cremated Lives​-Demolition Overdose (Soulflesh Collector Records)

The Russians Cremated Lives are back stronger than ever to bewitch you with their second fucking album entitled "Demolition Overdose" that will satisfy your bestial fucking appetite with this piece of incredible ingenuity that will make you addicted with this monstrous fucking drug that, after 4 fucking years, I still have not suffered from an overdose! This second act is more than 28 fucking minutes of pure fucking enjoyment spreading an astonishing Brutal Death Fucking Metal that can be compared to albums like "Lost Torso Found" and "Pre-Natal Cannibalism" but being quite original while creating a primitive fucking piece of an unimaginable addiction! Cremated Lives really managed to give a high quality album with an outstanding fucking production really creating an atmosphere of Yeti destroying everything in its fucking path with its masterful and magical force that will freeze your fucking blood and petrify you by its perfect and brutal fucking execution! Dmitry Zolontsov (Vocals/Guitars), Vyacheslav Kulikov (Bass) and Ilya Volkov (Drums) are the trio composing this ruthless fucking beast doing an amazing fucking job by offering a perfect songwriting with all the necessary elements to create one of the best fucking releases of the shitty genre by its pure, ingenious and addictive fucking sides! "Demolition Overdose" is divided in 8 exceptional fucking parts being all fucking great without a single boring moment and being fucking flawless from A to Z with its non stop catchy fucking parts showing that some bands are still able to make something completely fucking addictive and knowing how to create an eternal fucking piece of insanity! Vocals are fucking addictive, brutal and creative, riffing are all fucking exceptional with only catchy fucking parts, bass on this fucking shit are amazing as fuck helped by the production highlighting many parts and finally the drums is also a strong point in this release being fucking brilliant, sick and varied giving more quality to this insane fucking masterpiece! The production is fucking perfect, mixing as well putting in front everything and helping to the addictive side of this fucking shit that make sounds it like some blastdozer rolling on people in the fucking streets! Cremated Lives created a total fucking masterpiece that will mark eternally the brutal death scene and putting it among the best fucking releases ever made by its brilliance, perfection and quality of execution! "Demolition Overdose" is making part of the wall of corpses with the bests of its shitty genre and this piece of true fucking brutality is mandatory to each sickos wishing to live some brutal, amazing and unforgettable fucking experience! True Brutal Fucking Piece of Total Fucking Brilliance! 10/10

lundi 1 mai 2017

Execrated​-Condemnation to Eternal Punishment (Anopsys Records)

Philippines always lays some excellent fucking brutality and this time under the name of Execrated, this bloodthirsty and ruthless fucking beast is dropped into the community to accomplish an unnamed fucking disaster named as "Condemnation to Eternal Punishment" and offers an unimaginable fucking destruction of 13 minutes creating total fucking chaos! Execrated performs a powerful Brutal Death Fucking Metal that can be compared to other bands of the region but retains its identity and offering some insane fucking brutality with vocals perhaps lacking guttural and being redundant after a few times but still very fucking good, riffing for the most fucking crazy despite the production burying the guitar and the drums is fucking sick as fuck by its speed but also its originality! This war of total fucking cruelty is divided into 4 devastating fucking parts possibly having some parts a little less successful missing a little to the addictive side but in general this fucking shit is very enjoyable and insanely fucking brutal! Execrated is controlled by Norman (Vocals), Aldrin (Guitars), Lhoi (Bass), Tadz (Drums) and the quartet are giving some great songwriting being not perfect and missing a little of catchy parts but able to disturb your fucking mind with their sickness and the quality of this fucking EP! The production is fucking good, also the mixing, surely not giving enough place to the guitar, but this fucking shit still sounds like a ton fucking bricks creating some cold and barbaric fucking atmosphere! Despite some flaws, Execrated managed their start into the true fucking brutality by spreading some insane fucking material making this EP one of sickest of the shitty genre and giving you some extreme fucking experience! "Condemnation to Eternal Punishment" is highly recommended to each brutal head being not afraid to be totally fucking crushed by some powerful fucking annihilation! Excellent Fucking Piece of Extreme Fucking Brutality! 8.5/10

jeudi 27 avril 2017

Dissociative Healing-Dissociative Healing (Lord Of The Sick Recordings​)

Russia strikes again with a bomb of a gigantic fucking brutality annihilating everything in its fucking path and this time the destroying fucking machine was baptized Dissociative Healing to perpetrate a first carnage of an unnamed fucking insanity and powerful intensity! This explosion of pure fucking insanity is spreading a twisted and sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal being totally fucking disgusting and unique by the fucked up ambiance with an extreme fucking ingenuity that make this first work a total fucking gem in the shitty genre! Dissociative Healing is divided in 13 fucking parts of blasting sickness including an Artery Eruption cover with a bonus track added by a brillant extreme jazzy hidden track totally fucking crazy and closing very well this chapter of pure fucking insanity! All segments of this shit are fucking crazy and brutal a fuck being all catchy and greatly done by having no boring fucking parts and remaining faithful to the fucking roots of brutality! Anton (Coprobaptized Cunthunter/Sickcunt) is the guy behind this insane fucking violence doing everything and creating some pure addicitve fucking sickness with a perfect brutal fucking songwriting added by some twisted fucking touch!  The vocals of this shit are fucking excellent and disgusting as fuck, riffing are crazy, catchy and fucking brutal with an insane fucking drumming being mainly blast but creating some original fucking work! The production is for me totally fucking perfect being raw but having also a disgusting side making it fucking awesome with a mixing as successful and the result sounds like a bunch of putrid fucking corpses exploding by the brutal fucking power of this insane fucking bomb! Dissociative Healing is around 27 fucking minutes being completely brilliant from A to Z including all shitty elements to create some addictive and nasty fucking brutality making for sure this release among the best of the genre! This one man band is genius to each fucking side and Dissociative Healing is really showing that some true disgusting fucking brutality is still possible to be done and giving a mandatory debut release to all sickos wishing to live some extreme and disturbing fucking experience! Total Disgusting Fucking Gem of Pure Fucking Brutality! 10/10

mercredi 26 avril 2017

Dekrepitation​-Fragmented Perception (Permeated Records​)

Finally something fucking sick coming out from Germany and this fucking plague named Dekrepitation comes to infect our fucking soul with its contagious brutality spreading the death under the fucking name of "Fragmented Perception"! Dekrepitation invades the shitty world with a powerful Technical Brutal Death Fucking Metal having its own identity and knowing how to mix brutality with the technical genre and creating some fucking insane fucked up shit! "Fragmented Perception" is 4 brutal songs all fucking amazing and addictive as fuck but having some parts a little less successful especially on the last track with some long and useless parts for the brutal death but in general this fucking shit destroy everything around with an unique and brutal fucking material! Dekrepitation is Matthias (Vocals), Morris (Guitars), Clemens (Bass), Stefan (Drums) and the sickos are doing in general and amazing fucking job with a great songwriting and despite some flaws knowing to plunge us into their twisted fucking shit and make us addicted to their brutal fucking work with some contagious atmosphere infecting our fucking ears! Matthias is delivering an excellent vocals perhaps a little redundant sometimes but nothing unbearable and rather sharing some powerful fucking guttural, Morris on guitars is offering for the most insane, catchy and fucked up riffing increasing their originality, Clemens on bass is just amazing with a lot of crazy fucking parts and Stefan is also being fucking awesome with a diverse and brutal fucking drumming! This debut EP of 20 minutes is just fucking insane on much aspects having of course a few musical flaws but never taking off our pleasure during this brutal fucking experience and for sure starting the band in a great fucking way! The production is great but not completely natural with a drums that could have sounded better but still very enjoying and matching greatly with the genre and this shit really sounds like some fucking infection creating a chaotic fucking genocide! Despite the flaws mentioned above, Dekrepitation are delivering some mandatory brutal technical fucking shit with their unique and twisted side and "Fragmented Perception" is recommended to all sickos enjoying brutality and great death fucking metal! Awesome Twisted Fucking Piece of Technical Brutality! 8.5/10

Bleeding​-Depulsing Epidermal Perforations (Self-Released)

A few bands sometimes come from nowhere to make their fucking way among the greatest bands of their shitty genre and Bleeding is definitely part of this disgusting category with a first EP entitled "Depulsing Epidermal Perforations" which is a great quality fucking piece of nasty fucking brutality! Bleeding is offering more of 6 minutes of pure disgusting Brutal Death Fucking Metal that could remind us a few bands like Orchidectomy, Gutrot, Pustulated and I even found some Goreopsy feelings in a few heavy fucking parts but keeping an unique fucking side and marking this new generation of brutality by bringing back the old nasty fucking side to the genre! "Depulsing Epidermal Perforations" is divided in 3 brilliant and perfect fucking parts making the fucking shit even more memorable impregnated of nasty, morbid and sadistic fucking atmosphere! The drums is perfect with a gurgling vocals totally fucking disgusting  and riffing ingeniously done that make us fucking addicted easily and quickly! The production for some may have a few imperfections but for me Its rather increasing the putrid ambiance of this fucking shit and inevitable to create some disgusting material with a flawless mixing for the conditions and this EP really sounds like a fucking ton of crushing fucking bones! Bleeding is really composing a primitive fucking shit but knowing to make a true fucking piece of insanity with the non stop catchy parts and a twisted side maybe not musically but brought up by the disgusting fucking atmosphere! "Depulsing Epidermal Perforations" is already a cult fucking piece and highly recommended even for those having high brutality standard by keeping the musickal fucking roots but also the quality of a genre a little saturated and forgotten! Perfect Disgusting Fucking Piece of True Brutal Morbid Fucking Insanity! 10/10

mardi 25 avril 2017

Putrescent Seepage​-Demo 2016 (Self-Released)

Not a lot of extreme fucking terror since always coming from Australia but when some real brutality comes out there, its always a powerful fucking bomb and this time is not an exception with this abomination called Putrescent Seepage that comes to bombard us with their debut demo which for sure will create them a place among the best fucking bands of the country! "Putrescent Seepage" comes to lay an insane Brutal Death Fucking Metal keeping the roots of the genre while innovating on the quality of their material creating a brilliant fucking demo being not perfect but having all the shitty elements necessary to satisfy our fucking thirsts of brutality! This 2-pieces demo is a fucking wonder especially with the first song that is just totally fucking perfect to all levels and the second track has some flaws and among them being a little repetitive and lacking energy but still fucking ingenious and this demo Is a demonstration of knowledge in fucking brutality! Brett (Guitars/Vocals) and Cam (Drums/Vocals) are really doing an amazing fucking job despite not being totally perfect, they deliver some true and brutal fucking shit including some crazy and memorable riffing, insane fucking vocals and a drums only increasing the enjoyment of this fucking demo! 7 minutes for the most very fucking excellent including for me a perfect production, mixing as well and that shit sounds really fucking raw creating some cold and primitive fucking atmosphere! Putrescent Seepage managed their debut with this "Demo 2016" being fucking amazing on many levels sharing a true fucking piece of sickness and highly recommended to anyone wishing to live some fucking coldness and awesomeness! Brutality in the Pure Fucking Way! 9/10

lundi 24 avril 2017

Insalubrity​-Insalubrity (Dismembered Records​)

From the brutal Ecuador, Insalubrity comes out with a debut self titled demo spreading some nasty Brutal Death Fucking Metal with the signature of South America very present and bringing some true fucking shit! The band is composed of some Visceral Decay members and offering a demo of 4 songs including a sample intro and a good instrumental track that could have more energy but still not annoying and 2 awesome fucking songs having some catchy parts but maybe lacking only a little bit on the addictive side but this fucking shit is sharing its own primitive fucking style! Insalubrity offers some nasty fucking material perhaps lacking a little on the production, very good for a demo but not more, same for mixing with a guitar a little bit too much in front  but the whole shit sounds fucking sick with a nasty and underground side very enjoyable! The band consists of Ronnie Cabascango (Vocals), Mauricio Ramirez (Guitar), Francisco Villegas (Guitar), Nico Mejía (Bass), Cristian Valencia (Drums) and the sickos are sharing a great fucking composition maybe not perfect, having some parts a little less successful but in general this fucking shit is very well done and the guys really managed to create a great and brutal fucking demo! More of 8 minutes of total fucking insanity having everything to please but as mentioned above perhaps lacking a little addictive side that could have given a special fucking touch to this shit but the cd is still fucking amazing and very pleasurable in its whole! Insalubrity created some mandatory fucking shit having its flaws but necessary to all brutal fucking heads around because this is a great debut demo and expecting some great fucking brutality in a near future! Awesome Nasty Brutal Fucking Shit! 9/10

mercredi 19 avril 2017

Horror Paradise-Portal of Cannibalistic Dimensions (Rotten Cemetery Records​)

Born in 2011 from the decay of corpses blocking the fucking streets of Mexico, Horror Paradise emerged from this insalubrious decomposition to offer a debut fucking album and thus open a "Portal of Cannibalistic Dimensions" that will engulf any human being having the bad fucking idea to experience it by Its supernatural brutalistic quality which will paralyze you and thus devoured by this majestic fucking power! Horror Paradise succeeds where many have failed by spreading a sick Technical Brutal Death Fucking Metal of high brilliance by being able to share a true brutality while being fucking technical and thus very hard to classify but could be compared to bands like Septycal Gorge but having its complete fucking Identity and originality! "Portal of Cannibalistic Dimensions" is composed of 8 stages of spiritual fucking destruction including an excellent introduction preparing your  shitty mind to live an unprecedented fucking experimentation with an obvious and intoxicating sound quality with no unnecessary fucking elements! Horror Paradise creates 37 fucking minutes which are mostly fucking awesome but we can find in this songwriting as only flaw to have a few weak riffing that could have been avoided but in general this chaotic fucking work is grandiose with a masterful fucking composition leaving no one indifferent! The four people who caused the opening of this evil fucking portal are Erik Orgaz (Vocals), Ivan Ruiz (Guitars), Felipe Hernandez (Bass), Charly SauDel (Drums) and the quartet are delivering some amazing fucking job by creating a passage where everyone will lost their fucking mind by the brutal musickal fucking quality this shitty abomination is exploiting! Erik on vocals is fucking powerful perhaps a little bit linear but matching perfectly with the genre, the composition of Ivan on guitars is monstrous by being able to do some technical fucking work but without forgetting the primitive brutal fucking element necessary to make a sick fucking release, Felipe on bass is exceptional by sharing some crazy fucking parts and helped by the production highlighting his fucking work and finally Charly is delivering a sick, diverse and great fucking drumming only increasing the goodness of this fucking shit! The production of this shit is fucking excellent especially for the genre by giving a little nasty fucking side to this technicality and the mixing is very fucking good making really sounds that fucking shit like a bunch of fucking pricks being spiritually devoured and physically dismembered by this powerful cannibalistic fucking portal from another shitty dimension! Horror Paradise managed to give an enjoyable debut fucking album by being able to give some addictive fucking brutality from the first second to the last doing it a near perfect release having as only one fucking flaw some weakness that could be ameliorated in the future! "Portal of Cannibalistic Dimensions" is a total fucking success and highly recommended to all brutal death fans wishing to get some great and brutal fucking moment with this original shit of pure fucking insanity! Sick Disgusting Fucking Piece of True Technical Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

mardi 18 avril 2017

Decrepit Cadaver​-Vórtice a lo Macabro (Rotten Cemetery Records​)

After a long fucking wait of 6 shitty years, "Decrepit Cadaver" are finally ready to give some brutality and satisfy totally our expectation with a brilliant third fucking album which is undoubtedly their best fucking work so far by delivering a brutal, addictive and disgusting fucking composition! The band offers a quality fucking album called "Vórtice a lo Macabro" spreading a crushing Brutal Death Fucking Metal being fucking nasty, powerful and having all the elements to build a bomb of merciless fucking cruelty ravaging everything in its fucking path with its catchy parts and intensity felt during all the experience of this unbounded fucking atrocity! This new putrid fucking shit is divided in 7 sadistic fucking pieces and all of them are fucking amazing having not a single boring damn part sharing some disgusting and true fucking brutality increasing the quality of this fucking release! The production is very brutal but not perfect especially on the drums but still being fucking good and on the other side, the mixing is excellent with a bass very well done giving to the sound a deep and nasty fucking side creating a disgusting and brutal fucking atmosphere! Decrepit Cadaver consists of Elias Carmona (Vocals), Jorge Reynaud (Gutars), Christian Ly (Bass), Christian Villalobos (Drums), and the Chilean sickos are just fucking amazing by sharing a perfect songwriting making this third album a fucking milestone in their career! Vocals are fucking guttural giving some brutal and disgusting side to this shit, guitars/bass are just fucking perfect with a lot of catchy and addictive fucking parts added by some twisted and nasty fucking riffing and same for the drums being fucking excellent and sick as fuck! "Vórtice a lo Macabro" is 25 fucking minutes of pure fucking insanity including all brutal death styles giving it still an accessible side but not being for the weak souls by sharing some crazy and butchering fucking brutality! Decrepit Cadaver totally managed their comeback after all these shitty years by giving us some very enjoying fucking sickness having musically no real flaws and being fucking addictive from start to end with the quality of the composition that make this album a mandatory fucking piece of brutality for all sickos! Crushing and Disgusting Fucking Piece of True Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

mercredi 12 avril 2017

Critical Disaster​-Brahmavidya Shuddha Dhahanapura (Pathologically Explicit Recordings​)

A cacophonic brutal fucking apocalypse baptized Critical Disaster was born in Kediri, East Java for the second time to spread a destructive fucking hymn of pure fucking violence entitled "Brahmavidya Shuddha Dhahanapura" and this time sparing no fucking soul with this infernal musickal machine of true fucking devastation! This savage fucking storm of relentless fucking brutality is divided in 10 parts of murdering Brutal Death Fucking Metal including excellent guitar intro and outro from Innu Killharmonic and this fucking demonstration of insanity is for the most totally fucking successful by having a lot of crazy fucking riffing, but we can also find much repetitive riffs in all songs and also much parts sounding very similar that can be also a positive aspect by making a stylized release with the same musickal feelings for the 34 killler fucking minutes! "Brahmavidya Shuddha Dhahanapura" contains an oppressive and explosive fucking atmosphere increasing the enjoyment of this second act of pure fucking savagery coming to burn our fucking spirit with its insane fucking blasphemy! Critical Disaster is Arga (Vocals), Ilham (Guitars), Tanjung (Bass), Harispa (Drums) and the quartet commanding this uncontrollable fucking beast is sharing a killer fucking composition perhaps repetitive as mentioned above but in my opinion not taking off any pleasure from this shit by giving them a fucking style and some shitty identity! The vocals of Arga is fucking brutal but very redundant after a while by being very repetitive but still keeping an insane fucking side, Ilham on guitars is performing mainly great fucking riffs and sharing very rarely bad ones and knows how to create a catchy fucking songwriting despite its chaotic hearing, also a great fucking job from Tanjung on bass and Harispa on drums is completely fucking insane by sharing some extreme fast and non stop drumming increasing the brutal fucking quality of this fucking release! "Brahmavidya Shuddha Dhahanapura" is not a perfect album but having everything to break your fucking bones by its relentless insanity having its own fucking style but also including its part of catchy fucking moments! The production is good but could have been way heavier with a better drums sound, mixing is also fucking good but not perfect and it sounds a little bit chaotic but for this part increasing the ambiance and brutality shared by this fucking shit! Despite a couple of obvious flaws, Critical Disaster is still offering a gigantic brutal blasting fucking release recommended to each sick heads wishing to explore some fucking blastality! Insane Fucking Piece of Relentless Brutality! 9/10

mardi 11 avril 2017

Digesting​-Digesting (Dismembered Records​)

From Jember, East Java, a new abomination was born to unleash its fucking anger baptized under the damned fucking name Digesting and spreading chaos by launching a first self titled fucking assault lasting around 6 fucking minutes of total fucking brutality! This insane bloodthirsty fucking monster is performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal having a big influence to the old skull brutality and we can also hear some old skull death metal vibes coming to give to this putrid fucking shit some identity! The production of this demo is fucking great and heavy as fuck but of course not perfect, a mixing well done and despite to have some flaws, the disk sounds like a massive fucking ton of shit invading your fucking ears during this sick fucking experience and increasing the enjoyment of this fucking shit! Digesting is offering a 2-songs demo being excellent to all fucking levels but of course including some fucking parts a little bland and not reinventing the shitty genre by sharing a songwriting that perhaps lack a little of catchy fucking parts making a release fucking addictive and memorable! Bagus Rohmad (Vocals), Guruh Maulana (Guitars), Faizin Dian (Drums) are the trio consisting of this violent fucking beast and surely not delivering a perfect composition but creating some great fucking brutality with some excellent and crazy fucking moments! Bagus is giving a great fucking vocals and perhaps a little bit redundant after a while but not taking off the enjoyment of this fucking shit, Guruh is performing only good fucking riffing and missing maybe some catchy and outstanding parts but still knowing how to write some good fucking brutal death metal and finally, Faizin on drums is fucking great being varied and fucking fast as fuck! Digesting is giving a work missing some highlighting fucking parts and originality but on the other side, they are still performing some great fucking brutality with a chaotic fucking atmosphere increasing the shitty quality of this fucking shit and worth to be placed among the best of the shitty genre! A demo containing nothing new but recommended to all sick fucking heads and impatiently waiting what Digested are preparing as second assault! Great Brutal Fucking Piece of Chaotic Fucking Brutality! 8/10

lundi 10 avril 2017

Moord-Buried in Treason (Dismembered Records​)

From Lampung in Indonesia, Moord was born to create and spread an Old Skull Fucking Brutality as cold as your fucking bones with the purpose to petrify you with their shitty demo entitled "Buried in Treason" that despite a little lacks of originality knows how to transport you into a fucking world of coldness and musical cruelty! "Buried in Treason" consist of 2 tracks of pure Old Skull Brutal Death Fucking Metal having everything to please by being fucking excellent and well written but bringing nothing new or exceptional to the shitty genre and despite this, still giving us some enjoyable and great fucking moment and we can also find an outro coming to close this cold fucking chapter of brutality! Moord is delivering an excellent songwriting and spreading an atmosphere of straight damn cold brutality helped by the production which is fucking excellent, perhaps a little dull but the great fucking mixing is making us forget quickly this side and also the sound giving us a cold murdering feeling increasing the shitty enjoyment to the production being a little bland! Moord is Tedi Setiadi (Vocals), Andi Stradlin (Guitars), Rama Ari Indrayaka (Drums) and the trio are delivering some great fucking brutality having nothing new or even having no really riffs standing out from this fucking shit but despite these negative, the sickos are still delivering a brutal and excellent fucking composition piercing our flesh with their execution! Tedi on vocals is very fucking good and being perhaps linear but not taking off our enjoyment, Andi on guitars is fucking excellent by delivering only good fucking riffing having nothing original but knowing how to create some brutal fucking shit and Rama on drums is just fucking crazy and not being highly extreme but doing his job very well and increasing the brutal side of this fucking shit! "Buried in Treason" is 9 fucking minutes of brutal fucking purity spreading nothing original but being effective on each fucking level and Moord are delivering a successful debut demo recommended to all brutal fucking heads and we can only wish for some more fucking coldness in a near future! Excellent Cold Fucking Piece of Old Skull Fucking Brutality! 8/10

mercredi 5 avril 2017

Cerebral Extinction​-Necro Parasite Anomaly (Amputated Vein Records​)

The Italians Cerebral Extinction are back after their very good debut fucking album in 2014 and now offer a total killing of another fucking level with this second opus entitled "Necro Parasite Anomaly" which stands out by its brutal fucking force that immerse us completely in the chaotic fucking universe of their insanity! The band on this release is playing a sick and twisted Brutal Death Fucking Metal perhaps having some Death Metal touches on some parts and especially vocals but this fucking shit is destroying everything in its fucking path by its non stop brutality and its violence beyond all expectations! "Necro Parasite Anomaly" is 9 insane fucking acts all fucking excellent maybe having some weak or weird parts but on many levels only increasing the chaotic fucking atmosphere of this twisted fucking shit being their best and sickest fucking material! Vocals performed by Malshum are fucking powerful and perhaps getting a little boring after a while by its lack of guttural but still not unbearable, Shon on guitars is very fucking great by delivering a lot of catchy riffs making us addicted but having of course a few little less successful, Riccardo R. on Bass is also doing an insane fucking job and same for Riccardo F. on drums who is completely fucking insane with some hyperblast totally fucking crazy and a technical touch giving it some diversity! The 4 protagonists are delivering some brutal fucking composition totaling 29 fucking minutes with the particularity to have a big addictive side very present added by a twisted confusing fucking ambiance making this second release an original and enjoying fucking piece of sickness! The production is fucking great but perhaps could be a little more raw at some levels but still a fucking success,  mixing is well done and in general making really sounds that fucking shit like some apocalypse devastation creating an unimaginable fucking chaos! Despite having some little flaws. "Necro Parasite Anomaly is highly recommended because you will get all addicted by this destructive fucking twisted revelation and Cerebral Extinction managed to increase their brutal fucking level with this second effort and also their efficiency! Amazing Twisted Fucking Piece of Non Stop Brutality! 9/10

mardi 4 avril 2017

Vermis Antecessor​-Prelude to Perversion (Icon Of Brutality Productions​)

Victor (Bass/Vocals), Diego (Guitars/Vocals) and Ivan (Drums) are the 3 remaining Spanish fucking sickos of Vermis Antecessor being back after 5 fucking years of shitty silence to offer their new killer EP "Prelude to Perversion" and as always delivering some gigantic fucking work marking the world of brutality! The band is totally faithful to the fucking roots by performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a lot of old skull vibes knowing how to compose a high fucking quality product respecting in all fucking points the shitty genre and creating an addictive piece of true fucking brutality! "Prelude to Perversion" is including 3 new songs + 2 live tracks  being all fucking excellent and totaling more of 21 minutes of pure fucking insanity having all elements to make a brilliant fucking EP by the near perfection of this fucking shit making us completely addicted with the high level of cold enjoyment this gem is injecting to our fucking bones! Vermis Antecessor is really meeting the expectations by offering some excellent fucking dose of brutality and spreading a brutal and cold fucking atmosphere only increasing the quality of this fucking shit making us feel to assist to some massive fucking destruction! The production of this EP is just fucking great, excellent mixing and fucking heavy as fuck making sounds that fucking shit like a real ton of dynamites exploding in the fucking ass of some world elite idiots by the loud satisfaction this fucking shit is giving us! This EP contains an amazing and diverse fucking vocals going from the guttural to more a DM style but never boring, guitars riffing are near perfect knowing to put many catchy and twisted fucking parts making this shit still fucking unique, bass is just fucking great and helped by the production increasing the level of addiction and same for the drums being well fucking done, diverse and fucking brutal! I think the only one fucking flaw of "Prelude to Perversion" is to have some shitty parts that could be a little more brutal but the songwriting is so fucking amazing that we forget quickly this fault by being overwhelmed by the effectiveness of their musick! Vermis Antecessor really managed their long awaited return by offering a near perfect EP mandatory to each brutal fucking sickos and we can only hope this prelude being only the new beginning of a sick and blasphemous fucking journey into the brutal fucking world of sickness! Brilliant Fucking Piece of Old Skull Brutality! 9.5/10

lundi 3 avril 2017

Catastrophic Evolution​-Road to Dismemberment (Rotten Roll Rex​)

This international beast project saw the fucking light in 2013 in Spain/Italy with the goal of making some great fucking brutality and Catastrophic Evolution for a second time completed its mandate with "Road to Dismemberment" which is far superior to their debut effort and will mark some fucking minds in the shitty universe of insanity! The band is back with their Brutal Death Fucking Metal to offer 11 fucking acts of pure fucking debauchery that are all executed in a brutal and great fucking way being all excellent and also of curse including some fucking parts a little less good but in general this total fucking butchery is a complete fucking success! "Road to Dismemberment" contains a very good production that could be way more raw but still acceptable including a good fucking mixing and this fucking shit sounds really like an explosion of flesh and fucking guts creating a chaotic fucking atmosphere increasing the enjoyment of the production having some flaws! Catastrophic Evolution is Carlos Mejias (Thirst of Revenge/Cerebral Torture) on Vocals, Oscar Company (With All my Hate) on Guitars/Bass, Marco Coghe (Devangelic/Posthuman Abomination) on Drums and the trio are giving some brilliant fucking composition not being perfect but having the quality to include a lot of catchy fucking parts increasing the level of addiction and quality of this fucking shit! Carlos is delivering some enjoying vocals with a diverse guttural having perhaps some fucking parts a little less successful but still giving an excellent fucking performance, Oscar is also giving a great fucking job by knowing to make us addicted with several riffs and having also a few less good ones or weak on some side but still offering an immense job and same for Marco performing an excellent drumming being fucking diverse and brutal as fuck! Catastrophic Evolution are giving 37 brutal fucking minutes and despite the flaws are knowing to create an unique fucking piece of insanity having all the elements to make a worthy release and "Road to Dismemberment" is recommended to all brutal fucking heads from every shitty genre by its diversity and addiction! Excellent Brutal Fucking Piece of Debauchery! 8.5/10

mercredi 29 mars 2017

Displaced Suffering​-Promo 2016 (Dystrophy Records​)

Back to Bekasi in Indonesia to introduce you in this new fucking band just emerged to present their first effort and this brutal formation is called Displaced Suffering and delivers "Promo 2016" comparable to a total insane fucking old skull butchery! Presented in the form of 2 violent gory fucking scenes, this promo makes us travel into the past with an atmosphere of old skull brutality very present including catchy and great fucking parts for the most, knowing how to create a musickal fucking piece of an extreme sadistic fucking pleasure! Displaced Suffering is performing an Old Skull Brutal Death Fucking Metal having a brilliant fucking composition with maybe some few parts a little bit repetitive but in this case only increasing the old skull fucking side and giving them some identity by still sounding different from the shitty mass! Culun (Vocals), Rendi (Guitar), Anggi (Guitar), Bogel (Bass), Majid (Drums) are the sickos making part of this crazy fucking project delivering some insane fucking songwriting and despite to not be totally perfect, knowing how to make us addicted to their brutal fucking work! The vocals on this shit are fucking sick but perhaps a little bit linear and redundant but nothing unbearable, guitars and bass are sharing some great fucking parts having some little less brilliantly done but still offering a final result fucking successful and finally the drums is complete insanity increasing the level of sickness of this fucking release! The band gives 7 fucking minutes of pure fucking brutality including some little flaws but having all shitty elements to make it an unforgettable fucking shit making you spend a brutal fucking moment! The production is fucking great for a promo but of course not perfect especially on the mixing with a vocals and bass perhaps not enough present but in general it sounds like some putrid fucking pieces of meat being grinded by this blastastic machine of pure fucking destruction! Despite some very little flaws, Displaced Suffering is offering a very successful "Promo 2016" with many memorable parts that makes this fucking shit some highly recommended stuff for all sickheads who want travelling into the old skull fucking brutality! Excellent Fucking Piece of Old Skull Butchery! 9/10

mardi 28 mars 2017

Sadistic Torture​-Promo 2016 (Endless Torture Records​)

Total Twisted Fucking Piece of Insanity! This is what offering Sadistic Torture emerged from Padang in Indonesia to show people again that this country excels in the most extreme fucking side of the shitty genre and this new bomb of pure fucking shit is just called "Promo 2016"! This 2-songs promo is fucking crazy and could be described as insane Brutal Death Fucking Metal that could be compared with other bands from this place but being very original by creating some disgusting and twisted fucking musick forging their identity and giving to this fucking shit all necessary elements to mark their genre! Lintang (Vocals), Ulil Amri (Guitars), Ronald (Bass), Ragil (Drums) are the sickos giving life to this unmerciful bloodthirsty fucking beast by giving a perfect composition having a lot catchy fucking parts and as mentioned above, having a few twisted riffing that only increase the level of enjoyment and addiction of this brilliant fucking promo! They really make us feel we are witnessing some butcher fucking scenes with a bloody atmosphere that penetrates our fucking bones to the marrow by its coldness and extreme fucking brutality! Vocals of this shit is fucking sick, the riffing is only fucking insane knowing how to make us addicted and the drums is crazy as fuck by being totally fucking brutal and great! I think Sadistic Torture managed to create some perfect fucking piece of brutality and maybe having as only flaw the production that is not 100% perfect especially some twisted guitar riffs a little buried in the mix but this is still successful and sounding fucking heavy! "Promo 2016" is 6 fucking minutes of total fucking sickness without any weak fucking second and spreading only an insane and pure brutal death having everything to mark its era and Sadistic Torture really managed their start into the world of blastality by giving musically a perfect CD that make it a mandatory piece of brutality to the most extreme sickheads on the planet! 9.5/10

lundi 27 mars 2017

Asphyxiate-Promo 2017 (Groupies Merch​)

Another ruthless fucking bomb was born in the most brutal city of the shitty world, Bekasi, from the capital of Extreme fucking Metal Indonesia and this time it's the legendary Asphyxiate that are back to offer a new Promotion CD to make us wait until their fourth album and making us totally impatient for this long awaited fucking release! It was very hard to imagine that Asphyxiate could come back even stronger than their previous work but "Promo 2017" managed to surpass all what the band has done so far by delivering a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally pure and fucking addictive like the old classicks of the shitty genre! This shit contains 2 songs of the most fucking successful including only crushing fucking parts and still being original and faithful to true fucking brutality after almost 20 years existence by delivering without any fucking doubt one of the best promo ever released including a cold and brutal fucking atmosphere coming to break your fucking bones and inflicting a drug of the most fucking addictive! Asphyxiate consists of Josh (Guitars/Vocals), Adi (Bass), Reno (Drums) and the trio are doing an exceptional fucking job on all fucking levels, writing some brilliant fucking composition and having this pure brutal fucking soul coming to increase our feeling of chaos in this complete fucking butchery! I think Josh is unbelievable by ameliorating his vocals from the last album and giving something a little more guttural and making this shit more insane and enjoyable! His work on guitars is also just fucking insane by performing only excellent fucking riffings and including a lot catchy ones composed in a sick fucking way! Adi on bass is doing an excellent job and Reno is totally fucking brutal with a diverse and insane fucking drumming increasing the level of enjoyment of this perfect blastastic fucking bomb! The production in my ears is fucking perfect with a flawless mixing making sounds this fucking shit like a real ton of fucking bricks by being heavy as fuck but also of very high quality, especially for a promo! Asphyxiate is delivering 7 fucking minutes of true fucking insanity coming to destroy all weak fucking minds with their brutal execution and "Promo 2017" is a pure brilliant fucking piece of perfection that every true sickos is forced to get! Flawless Fucking Piece of Total Fucking Sickness! 10/10

mercredi 22 mars 2017

Barbaric Penetration​-Graveyard Hunt for Carnal Pleasure (Sulfuric Diarrhea Records​/Experiments in Torture​ Records)

Its quite fucking rare nowadays to find real brutal bands in Quebec but when there is one emerging, its always some fucking quality and we cant say the opposite with Barbaric Penetration already coming to shit and puke their debut release engraved in piss "Graveyard Hunt for Carnal Pleasure" which is distinguished by its grinding varied genres and twisted fucking parts giving them an unique fucking side increasing the shitty enjoyment of their debut into the putrid Goregrinding fucking world of disgusting brutality! As mentioned, Barbaric Penetration are playing some disgusting fucking Goregrind mixing almost every grinding shitty genre by including of course a Goregrind vibe and we can feel some  "Hymns of Indigestible Suppuration" influences, also having a few groovy parts with even some Mincecore essence added by a few riffing with a Brutal Death Metal execution and all this melting pot being brutally fucking effective, original and giving them a brutal distinctive fucking identity! "Graveyard Hunt for Carnal Pleasure" carries its name very well with an unbridled fucking atmosphere transporting us into a cadaveric, disgusting and bloodthirsty fucking universe with 25 musickal pieces of the most fucking vicious including of course some less interesting but in general this fucking shit is scathing and bewitching us with its twisted fucking riffing but also its insanity! This crazy fucking band consists of Arnaud Cloutier (Exsanguinate/Vaginal Addiction) on Vocals, Pietro Calandrino (Exsanguinate) on Guitars/Bass, Mike Morbo (Holy Cost) on Drums and the trio are offering several sick fucking moments and a fucked up composition being not perfect but knowing how to give us a memorable fucking experience by their brilliant performance! Arnaud is as usual fucking great helped with some effect for the goregrind ambiance and not overused but doing it fucking well, Pietro on guitars/bass is just fucking crazy with several catchy riffs and a twisted touch increasing the goregrind feeling and Mike on Drums is fucking brutal maybe sometimes could be faster or fast on more parts but still giving us a diverse, sick and enjoyable fucking drumming! Barbaric Penetration gives us 23 minutes of pure fucking debauchery with its memorable riffs, crushing fucking drums and the vocals came straight out from the ass of a whore from some street of Côte-des-Neiges! The production is of course not perfect and mixing as well especially at the drums having the kick way to much in front and burying the snare but this fucking shit is not there to share a perfect production but rather spreading a disgusting fucking ambiance that I think is successful and make sounds this fucking puke like some perverted deranged sickos exhuming, dismembering and raping a bunch of fucking corpses! "Graveyard Hunt for Carnal Pleasure" is not perfect but having the peculiarity of marking the genre by its originality and astonishing way of bringing us into the 25 gory fucking pieces of this twisted fucking act and being mandatory to every sick fucking heads! Twisted Gory Fucking Piece of Disgusting Grinding Brutality! 9/10

mardi 21 mars 2017

Paediatrician​-Intrauterine Infection (Nice to Eat You Records)

The gore Hungarians surgeons who are called "Paediatrician" are already back for a fourth surgical fucking file dealing with the "Intrauterine Infection" and ready to deliver another series of autopsies of the sickest and most damn successful! This time the 4 crazy fucking doctors of sickness deliver 18 autopsied corpses made of a meticulous fucking work having perhaps a little lowered their brutal execution but still offering a grandiose fucking work with all the necessary elements to create an original, brutal and addictive fucking surgery! Norbert Nemes (Vocals), Ferenc "Pokesz" Pokornyik (Guitars), Ferenc "Vöry" Vörös (Bass), Balázs Pöcz (Drums) are the four gory practitioners of this insane fucking work of Goregrind mixed with Brutal Death Fucking Metal made in a great and brilliant fucking way by continuing to give some of the most brutal performance as they are used to deliver since 10 fucking years! Norbert is giving some amazing vocals with a varied gutturals mixing pig squeals maybe a little bit too present but still enjoyable as fuck, Pokesz is performing for the most amazing fucking riffing with a lot of catchy ones but could sometimes be faster on a few riffs, also great job from Vory on bass and finally Balazs on drums is just fucking crazy by mixing groovy, hyper and gravity blast very well! The band really managed to make us feel a surgical and gory fucking atmosphere increasing the level of enjoyment of this bloodthirsty fucking piece of shit having, as mentioned above, perhaps decreased a little bit in brutality by adding a little more groovy elements but still fucking effective and killing every weak fucking souls in their fucking path! The production of this killer fucking disk is very great but of course not perfect especially with the drums not sounding 100% true but still enjoying as fuck, a mix very well done and this shit really sounds like 18 torsos being torn at the same time with an insane fucking force coming from those 4 paediatrician sickos! "Intrauterine Infection" is 33 fucking minutes of pure addiction with every fucking song being fucking awesome but we can find some riffs less enjoyable in much of them but still not decreasing our level of enjoyment to this brutal fucking piece of surgery! Paediatrician despite a few rare tiny negative points is delivering a total successful fourth release and very great to hear that they are still able to give some fucking nasty, addictive and original work after 10 years and we can be sure for some brutal fucking shit in future! A mandatory release as their complete discography and a band deserving the support of every sick mind around! Pure Nasty Brutal Fucking Piece of Gory Fucking Shit! 9.5/10

dimanche 19 mars 2017

Gorepoflesh​-Promo 2016 (Brute! Productions​)

After a shitty silence of 7 fucking years, the abomination Gorepoflesh are back with a new promo called only "Promo 2016" to show that they are not dead and still able to compete among the fucking best! From Nicaragua, the beast unveils a scathing and virulent Brutal Death Fucking Metal that have as characteristic to be easily addictive because of its several catchy and excellent fucking parts and the band really managing their return by not losing their brutality and identity! This new work contains 2 slashing fucking songs near perfect having almost everything to make it an undying blasterpiece by, as mentioned above, being totally addictive and crushing everything in its fucking path! Gorepoflesh is Wilfredo Gonzalez (Vocals), Hector Cerrato (Guitars), Carlos "Polo" Zavala (Bass), Ryder "SickGriinder" (Drums) and the four sickos are doing an amazing fucking job by delivering a brilliant composition marking the shitty mind of people by its large number of great fucking parts but of course including a few rare moments a little less interesting but musically this fucking shit is still a fucking gem! Vocals are fucking sick sharing some excellent guttural, guitars/bass is for the most giving only awesome fucking riffing knowing how to make us addicted to their insane fucking work and the drumming is just fucking crazy by being varied but also fucking insane! Production in general is fucking great but having a drums sound totally fucking crap that unfortunately decreasing a lot our experience into this putrid fucking shit by sounding totally fucking fake and worst than a lot of drums machine but this shit still sounds like a ton of fucking corpses being crushed by some blastdozer creating a pure gory and putrefying fucking atmosphere! "Promo 2016" is around 9 minutes of pure fucking brutality and despite having a wasted drums production, we can consider it like one of the best 2-songs promo ever done by sharing a near perfect songwriting having everything to please to all sickos! Gorepoflesh show us they are back into the true fucking shit and we can only wish a second release before another 7 shitty years and also maybe a repress of the very rare first one, why not! Excellent Crushing Fucking Piece of True Fucking Insanity! 9/10

mardi 14 mars 2017

Interficere​-Human Revolution Absurd (Necrology Records​)

Bekasi water is for sure contaminated by some chemicals making the population completely fucking insane by wishing to annihilate everything in their fucking way and this time another group of people are marking Indonesia by their cruelty and extreme fucking violence by creating a serie of cannibalistic fucking orgies under the gory name of "Human Revolution Absurd"! This gang of bloodthirsty fucking monsters is called "Interficere" and run into the streets to perpetrate 5 bloody fucking crimes including an introduction to the macabre journey of these brutal fucking souls by sharing four scenes of an unnamed turmoil being extremely fucking brutal and successful but maybe having a few rare parts a little less interesting! This insane Brutal Fucking Death is created by Ahmad Supandi (Vocals), Arip Sopiyan (Guitars/Bass), Hunter Panjaitan (Drums) and the trio is giving an amazing fucking composition for the creepy gore scenes by adding some catchy fucking parts, maybe not enough to do a total addictive work but still delivering some insane and brilliant fucking material! Interficere really managed to give an oppressive and butchering fucking atmosphere to their first EP increasing of course the quality but also the level of enjoyment of this putrid fucking shit! Ahmad is giving a powerful and sick fucking guttural perhaps a little redundant after a while but doing such a great fucking job, Arip is performing almost only awesome fucking riffing having some rare a little les enjoyable but able to write some chaotic brutal fucking shit and finally, Hunter is insane as fuck with a non stop blasting fucking drumming and having of course some diversity by the musical direction! The production is very good and fucking heavy with an excellent mixing, not perfect but helping this murderous act of total fucking debauchery to sound like a ton of shitty guts launched on the fucking floor! "Human Revolution Absurd" is not perfect but able to give us some brutal twisted fucking moment by the quality of brutality emerging from these 16 fucking minutes of pure fucking insanity! Interficere managed their debut into this shitty fucking world of sickness by giving a great fucking work being still not totally perfect but mandatory to all insane sickos around! Excellent Perverted Fucking Scenes of Pure Gore Fucking Debauchery! 9/10

dimanche 12 mars 2017

Crawl Sick Epidemic​-Killed, Stabbed, and Mutilated into Pieces (Brutal Mind​)

From the extreme fucking land of Bekasi in Indonesia, the plague named Crawl Sick Epidemic has come to devastate the shitty world by its virulent fucking virus of great efficiency making people mentally fucking disturbed with many acts on species reported as "Killed, Stabbed, and Mutilated into Pieces''! This murderer shitty effect is very short by lasting 7 brutal fucking minutes and giving an insane Brutal Fucking Death to all those being infected by this auditory disease of the most fucking violent! This extreme fucking butchery divided in two parts have an atmosphere of death and cold fucking brutality piercing us to the fucking bones by its violence of execution and its high fucking level of addiction coming to increase the enjoyment of the acts of cruelties of this gory fucking experience totally fucking grandiose! This infectious fucking disease has been spread by Eicko (Vocals), Ibor (Guitars), Rakes (Bass), Balok (Drums) and the insane fucking quartet is doing a complete splendid work by giving a brilliant fucking performance with a flawless composition by their know-how in the matter and the high fucking degree of addiction making us live! The production of this killer fucking shit is for me fucking perfect having a great mixing and this bomb sounds like some real battlefields of weak infected fucking minds killing each other and creating an unimaginable fucking bloodbath! "Killed, Stabbed, and Mutilated into Pieces" have everything to be perfect by having some sick, addictive and disgusting fucking gutturals, including only great fucking riffing and a plenty of them being catchy and completely successful with a brutal fucking drumming adding to the awesomeness of this gory fucking piece of total insanity! Indonesia again show us they are the best since a few years with this beast of true and pure fucking sickness having everything to please to all brutal heads around by its addictive, brutal and amazing fucking songwriting! Crawl Sick Epidemic did a perfect promo demonstration of its high fucking quality by infecting all souls with its brilliant fucking brutality and "Killed, Stabbed, and Mutliated into Pieces" is without any fucking doubt among the best material coming out from this insane fucking country! Blasterpiece of Pure and Cold Fucking Brutality! 10/10