dimanche 27 septembre 2015

Sperma Reject​-Married by Accident (Grind Life Records​)

Blast, Blast & Fucking Blast is the definition of this bomb dropped from Jakarta in Indonesia to destroy everything, spreading hatred and prostration with a disgusting fucking piece of brutality of total fucking insanity!  Sperma Reject are back to create a new fucking terror with their second EP quite different from their first EP by being much more brutal, extreme and fucking addictive! "Married by Accident" could be described as Sick Goregrind/Brutal Death Fucking Metal delivering a disgusting fucking atmosphere with insane composition that makes this fucking shit an EP of high level of extreme fucking sickness! This sick fucking shit contains 9 shitty songs divided into 7 damn tracks, including an intro and a song from their first EP, lasting more of 11 minutes containing short songs but very catchy and fucking addictive that makes us listen to this fucking shit again and again! Sperma Reject is Suck Neo (Vocals), Bebew Dedi Ismail (Guitars), Yudi Cymax (Bass), Boyoy Qishash (Drums) and the sickos are doing an awesome and crazy fucking job in all fucking ways by showing some hyper brutality very well done with a fucked up songwriting! Suck Neo on vocals is fucking disgusting having brutal fucking guttural very enjoying, Bebew on guitars is giving a sick fucking performance with chaotic riffings adding much sickness to this pure fucking shit of brutality, Yudi on bass is also giving a great fucking job and Boyoy is fucking insane with an insanely fast fucking drumming totally fucking brutal! "Married by Accident" is an unique fucking experience of Goregrind mixed to Brutal Death with an obvious disgusting fucking perfection making this shit a fucking gem in extreme musick by being totally addictive and fucking destructive including a cadaverous brutal atmosphere! The production of this EP is a little chaotic but in this case adding nastiness and dirtiness to this fucking bomb, a mixing with guitars maybe lacking a little of presence but giving a disgusting fucking piece sounding like a fucking ton of rotten fucking bones been grind by some blasting grinding fucking machine! "Married by Accident" is highly recommended to the sickest fucking minds but not for those being not really into true shitty fucking brutality! Perfect Disgusting Fucking Shit of Insane Blasting Fucking Sickness! 10/10

mardi 22 septembre 2015

Necrotized​-Promo 2015 (Self-Released)

From Blitar in East Java, this machine of brutality born under the fucking name Necrotized are spreading a general massive fucking death with their debut in the shitty genre with a first material entitled "Promo 2015"! This band are performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally insane with some small Death Metal influences that makes their work still interesting and delivering an extreme ruthless fucking brutality! Necrotized are offering 2 songs entitled "Suffering Distribution" and "Stillbleed" which are of a total fucking debauchery almost damn perfect with an excellent fucking composition and a brutality that makes us fucking addicted! "Promo 2015" have still a good production, mixing is ok maybe having a problem at the kickdrums level that are way too fucking present and not perfect drums machine but this fucking shit, despite several other flaws, is still sounding like a fucking wall of sickness!  Addy (Vocals), Anjar (Guitars) and Arindra (Bass) are this sick fucking trio making part of this macabre fucking project and all doing a great fucking job, Addy is fucking insane on vox, Anjar is giving for the most only catchy fucking riffs and same with Arindra delivering a very good fucking job! Necrotized gives 6 fucking minutes of pure fucking brutality fucking amazing with perhaps some less enjoyable parts but in general this demo contains a lot of addictive riffs with a fairly high fucking level of sickness! This fucking piece of shit is surely not perfect due to several negative points but the band still managed to make us live a great and brutal time knowing how to create an addictive and crazy fucking piece of insanity! "Promo 2015" is recommended to all insane sickos and get ready to have your ears crushed by the brutal Necrotized! Amazing Fucking Piece of Pure Fucking Brutality! 9/10

lundi 21 septembre 2015

Reduced-Gradually Executed (Dismembered Records​)

From East Java in Indonesia, Reduced come to make explode our fucking bones from the inside with finally their first bomb of phenomenal fucking brutality called "Gradually Executed" who blows everything in its path with some of the craziest musick! This brutal fucking band from the city of Jember offer a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally devastating and fucking brilliant that could be infuenced by bands like Disgorge (USA) but being unique and showing a bloodthirsty identity own to themselves by giving a fucking piece of sickness of a pure and great fucking insanity! This shitty scene of butchery baptized "Gradually Executed" is divided into 10 bloody fucking parts including an instrumental intro and a Brodequin cover which are all of a sick fucking ingenuity delivering a very fast composition but incorporating several slower parts and a musical composition spreading a cold and brutal fucking atmosphere! Bagoez (Vocals), Ipung (Guitars), Jabrik (Bass) and Pipit (drums) are the insane fucking quartet directing this act of total fucking debauchery and doing all an excellent and flawless fucking job! Bagoez is performing an awesome guttural fucking diverse and brutal as fuck, Ipung is only offering brutal and amazing fucking riffs with a great songwriting, Jabrik is also fucking good by giving a sick performance and having his personal and well done brutal fucking parts and finally Pipit on drums is fucking insane with a perfect, diverse and brutal fucking drumming! With this debut album, Reduced are showing a high fucking level of excellence and an excessive brutality with this blasterpiece and proves without a fucking doubt their place among the greatest in the history of the shitty genre! The production of this fucking bomb of brutality is fucking great with a mixing very well done, maybe a bass that could have been a little more present but without taking anything away from this perfect piece of fucking shit, and the sound is fucking raw and completely brutal making this release sounds like a fucking wall of mutilated and stacked fucking corpses being pulverized! 37 fucking minutes of pure fucking brutality totally amazing from start to end having an atmosphere breaking your fucking spine in half by its coldness and sickness! "Gradually Executed" is a mandatory piece of fucking shit to all sickos and Reduced are ready to rape your fucking ears! Pure Brutal Fucking Shit of Perfect Fucking Insanity! 10/10

mardi 15 septembre 2015

Radical Artery​-Promo 2015 (Darkside Records)

A machine of brutal fucking butchery emerged from Tangerang in Indonesia baptized with the name of Radical Artery and creating a bloody fucking massacre by delivering a first killings called "Promo 2015" and devastating every weak fucking souls in its fucking path! This piece of sickness is spreading a disgusting Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a gory heavy fucking atmosphere that gets into your fucking bones while the extreme music of Radical Artery make you addicted by annihilating your fucking ears! "Promo 2015" contains two songs in an efficient brutality straight in your fucking face with the titles "Infectious Parasitic" and "Piled and Rotten Flesh" that contain a very fucking strong shitty level of brutality with a very disgusting fucking side adding some sickness to this fucking shit! Dhana (Vocals), Qmank (Guitars), Be Joe (Bass) and Panjul (Drums) are the four butchers controlling this moving slaughterhouse by offering a brilliant fucking composition having probably some flaws but containing all the necessary shitty ingredients for a brutal release to make it a fucking success! Dhana on vocals is delivering a growling guttural really fucking enjoyable, Be Joe on bass is also giving an awesome and heavy fucking job and the same goes for Qmank offering a bunch of catchy fucking riffs and for the most fucking insane, and finally, Panjul on drums is fucking brutal and great, maybe not perfect but still giving an extreme and crazy fucking performance! I think for a demo, the production of this fucking shit is still very good despite several negatives, a good mixing but really not perfect and a sound of drums completely disastrous but still not coming to destroy this fucking gem that still sounds really fucking dark, disgusting, brutal and fucking insane! Almost 8 fucking minutes of total fucking debauchery with catchy and addictive fucking riffs having some less excellent but this fucking shit is great and fucking brutal from start to end! Radical Artery are offering a near perfect demo of great musical fucking quality by giving an awesome and brutal songwriting that make this "Promo 2015" a puzzle piece needed to all fucking sickos! Amazing Disgusting Fucking Piece of Slaughtering Fucking Sickness! 9/10

lundi 14 septembre 2015

Osmed​-Ultimate of Realms Ruination (Endless Torture Records)

From South Jakarta in Indonesia, Osmed come to destroy our fucking ears with their debut EP "Ultimate of Realms Ruination" containing 5 crushing songs including an intro and a demo version! Osmed performs a Brutal Death Fucking Metal with perhaps some Death Metal influences especially in the vocals but I would say that this fucking shit is of a constant brutality while having his slower heavy fucking parts! Ucok (Vocals), Wiji (Guitars), Aiip (Bass) and Nippo (Drums) are the insane fucking sickos making part of this brutal fucking project and they are composing a bomb of brutality having some flaws but still fucking awesome with all elements to make explodes your fucking skull! Ucok is giving a powerful vocals being maybe a little linear but still able to make it fucking enjoyable, Wiji is delivering a great songwriting with excellent fucking riffs and you can find some of them a little redundant or annoying but in general the composition is very well done, Aiip on bass is fucking excellent and the same for Nippo on drums being fucking fast but also diverse and matching perfectly with Osmed! 11 fucking minutes with a very present brutality which contains some heavy fucking parts and managing to make us feel an atmosphere with some addictive riffs that are still missing in "Ultimate of Realms Ruination" and also having some parts a little less good but in general this fucking shit is beating your fucking soul in all fucking ways! The production is fucking good but not perfect having some flaws in the mixing with maybe the drums kick a little too present and a bass not enough but this fucking shit is sounding like a brick wall being smashed by a truckload of fucking shit! "Ultimate of Realms Ruination" is not perfect and having some negative but Osmed still managed to offer an excellent fucking EP and being on the right way to continue sharing their awesome insanity! Great Brutal Fucking Shit! 8/10

mardi 8 septembre 2015

Dirty Infamous-Promo CD 2015 (Brutal Infection Records​)

After 12 fucking years of silence, Dirty Infamous are ready to continue their brutal fucking war by preparing a bomb only called "CD Promo 2015" and returns to impose their fucking brutality fortunately not lost! Dirty Infamous continues in the same fucking vein as before with a devastating Brutal Death Fucking Metal damn fast and heavy as fuck with 3 new songs (including an intro) that have a fairly high level of insanity by interpreting a chaotic fucking brutality! "Crucifixion Behind the Door" and "Raped... Butchered... Consumed..." are the both songs containing this fucking piece of shit that are very enjoyable, especially the first song with several total amazing and catchy fucking riffs but having more difficulty with the second song that can seems a little boring after a few listens! Looth Adler (Vocals), Firman (Guitar/Bass), Muchan (Guitar) and Ivan (Drums) are the 4 sickos from East Java consisting of that disgusting fucking band and are composing, despite some flaws, a great fucking piece of sickness having all Brutal Death elements to make you fucking insane! Looth Adler is delivering a diverse and guttural fucking vocals that can be sometimes a little redundant by his screams a bit annoying, Firman and Muchan are mostly really fucking good offering a range of brutal and amazing fucking riffs but still having some parts much less interesting and Ivan on drums is fucking brutal despite a drums production totally missed! "CD Promo 2015" still has a good fucking production but of demo quality with many flaws, a good mixing but a little fucked up and the sound is fucking heavy and brutal missing of course a lot of clearness and the drums takes away a lot of enjoyment to that fucking disk but still sounding, despite all this, like a fucking ton of real fucking shit! 9 minutes of intense fucking brutality obviously not perfect and having a song much better than the other but still remains a very interesting fucking piece of brutality and definitely recommended to all fans of this extreme fucking genre! Great Disgusting Fucking Brutality! 8/10

dimanche 6 septembre 2015

Omnivorous​-Age of Maelstorm (Brutal Mind​)

From Tangerang, Omnivorous are finally ready after their excellent fucking promo last year to destroy our fucking ears with their EP called "Age of Maelstorm" remaining in the same fucking pattern in which the band always offered us! This war machine delivers a very fucking fast and insane Brutal Death Fucking Metal but still having several Death Metal elements with the vocals and some guitar riffs giving to that fukcing shit a quality side very successful! Omnivorous offers 5 songs including 3 new and 2 already released on their "Promo 2014", performed with great fucking energy and having a very present brutalistic fucking atmosphere! This bomb is made by Rizkia Al Ghifari (Vocals), Denny Yurio Andimas (Guitars/Bass), Addo (Drums) and the sick Indonesian trio are delivering a fucking piece of shit of great musical brutality with perhaps some points to improve but still offering a brilliant EP with only great fucking songs and many catchy fucking parts! Rizkia is performing a powerful fucking vocals a little more Death Metal and being maybe a bit redundant after many listens but still delivering a fucking well done guttural, Denny is doing an amazing fuking job on guitar and bass by delivering monstrous and addictive fucking riffs with maybe a few less successful by their lack of insanity and finally Addo who is fucking great with a diverse and fast fucking drumming! 18 minutes of straight fucking brutality that despite some little flaws has everything to be a fucking emblem of Death Metal with a well-composed and addictive fucking material! The production, I think, is fucking great, a well done mixing and a sound totally fucking devastating perhaps lacking some heaviness but this fucking shit still sounds like a fucking ton of shitty fucking bricks! "Age of Maelstorm" is an album missing a little of sickness but containing a cold and brutal fucking musick with all the necessary shits to make this fucking release mandatory for all Death Metallers! Astonishing Destruction of Cold Fucking Brutality! 9/10

mardi 1 septembre 2015

Chalera​-Promo 2015 (Brute! Productions​)

Total disgusting fucking bomb of sickness could describe this deadly fucking plague of pure brutality coming from Bekasi, Indonesia and baptized Chalera delivering a putrid fucking disease only called "Promo 2015"! This demo of excessive fucking brutality offers a sick Brutal Death fucking Metal with a touch of sickness very present and this fucking shit can be compared to the Californian brutality but also incorporating almost all the sickest fucking elements of the shitty genre! Chalera performs 6 fucking minutes of true fucking brutality with a very disgusting and dirty fucking side always in the extreme way while diversifying his insane fucking musick and also including only a few short slower parts only to give us a little breath for the total amazing and brutal moments always coming! Yogi (Vocals), Van & Joko (Guitars), Rory (Bass) and Jagil (Drums) are the five sickos from this total extreme fucking insanity by delivering a demo of the most fucking brutal and addictive making this fucking shit for sure one of the best demo ever! Yogi on vocals is fucking amazing giving a disgusting and enjoyable shitty guttural, Van and Joko are fucking impressive with their crazy fucking riffs all fucking catchy and insane as fuck, Rory on bass also giving an excellent job and Jagil on drums is totally fucking insane mixing the blast tempos by being creative and fucking sick! This 2 songs-promo contains a dark and brutal fucking atmosphere having a complete flawless songwriting doing this fucking shit a piece of the most successful in the shitty genre! The production of this shit is fucking great, brutal and disgusting as fuck, a well done mixing and sounding like a huge bloodthirsty fucking carnage crushing everything in its fucking path with a very heavy and nasty side adding quality to this putrid fucking shit! Chalera have managed their debut with this first fucking CD of an unquestionable perfection by performing an addictive fucking brutality and having only fucking catchy and sick as fuck riffs being still totally fucking original and unique! "Promo 2015" is a masterpiece in its kind and is without doubt a mandatory release for all pure and raw brutal fucking fans! Disgusting Fucking Shit of True Perfect Brutality! 10/10