mercredi 29 mars 2017

Displaced Suffering​-Promo 2016 (Dystrophy Records​)

Back to Bekasi in Indonesia to introduce you in this new fucking band just emerged to present their first effort and this brutal formation is called Displaced Suffering and delivers "Promo 2016" comparable to a total insane fucking old skull butchery! Presented in the form of 2 violent gory fucking scenes, this promo makes us travel into the past with an atmosphere of old skull brutality very present including catchy and great fucking parts for the most, knowing how to create a musickal fucking piece of an extreme sadistic fucking pleasure! Displaced Suffering is performing an Old Skull Brutal Death Fucking Metal having a brilliant fucking composition with maybe some few parts a little bit repetitive but in this case only increasing the old skull fucking side and giving them some identity by still sounding different from the shitty mass! Culun (Vocals), Rendi (Guitar), Anggi (Guitar), Bogel (Bass), Majid (Drums) are the sickos making part of this crazy fucking project delivering some insane fucking songwriting and despite to not be totally perfect, knowing how to make us addicted to their brutal fucking work! The vocals on this shit are fucking sick but perhaps a little bit linear and redundant but nothing unbearable, guitars and bass are sharing some great fucking parts having some little less brilliantly done but still offering a final result fucking successful and finally the drums is complete insanity increasing the level of sickness of this fucking release! The band gives 7 fucking minutes of pure fucking brutality including some little flaws but having all shitty elements to make it an unforgettable fucking shit making you spend a brutal fucking moment! The production is fucking great for a promo but of course not perfect especially on the mixing with a vocals and bass perhaps not enough present but in general it sounds like some putrid fucking pieces of meat being grinded by this blastastic machine of pure fucking destruction! Despite some very little flaws, Displaced Suffering is offering a very successful "Promo 2016" with many memorable parts that makes this fucking shit some highly recommended stuff for all sickheads who want travelling into the old skull fucking brutality! Excellent Fucking Piece of Old Skull Butchery! 9/10

mardi 28 mars 2017

Sadistic Torture​-Promo 2016 (Endless Torture Records​)

Total Twisted Fucking Piece of Insanity! This is what offering Sadistic Torture emerged from Padang in Indonesia to show people again that this country excels in the most extreme fucking side of the shitty genre and this new bomb of pure fucking shit is just called "Promo 2016"! This 2-songs promo is fucking crazy and could be described as insane Brutal Death Fucking Metal that could be compared with other bands from this place but being very original by creating some disgusting and twisted fucking musick forging their identity and giving to this fucking shit all necessary elements to mark their genre! Lintang (Vocals), Ulil Amri (Guitars), Ronald (Bass), Ragil (Drums) are the sickos giving life to this unmerciful bloodthirsty fucking beast by giving a perfect composition having a lot catchy fucking parts and as mentioned above, having a few twisted riffing that only increase the level of enjoyment and addiction of this brilliant fucking promo! They really make us feel we are witnessing some butcher fucking scenes with a bloody atmosphere that penetrates our fucking bones to the marrow by its coldness and extreme fucking brutality! Vocals of this shit is fucking sick, the riffing is only fucking insane knowing how to make us addicted and the drums is crazy as fuck by being totally fucking brutal and great! I think Sadistic Torture managed to create some perfect fucking piece of brutality and maybe having as only flaw the production that is not 100% perfect especially some twisted guitar riffs a little buried in the mix but this is still successful and sounding fucking heavy! "Promo 2016" is 6 fucking minutes of total fucking sickness without any weak fucking second and spreading only an insane and pure brutal death having everything to mark its era and Sadistic Torture really managed their start into the world of blastality by giving musically a perfect CD that make it a mandatory piece of brutality to the most extreme sickheads on the planet! 9.5/10

lundi 27 mars 2017

Asphyxiate-Promo 2017 (Groupies Merch​)

Another ruthless fucking bomb was born in the most brutal city of the shitty world, Bekasi, from the capital of Extreme fucking Metal Indonesia and this time it's the legendary Asphyxiate that are back to offer a new Promotion CD to make us wait until their fourth album and making us totally impatient for this long awaited fucking release! It was very hard to imagine that Asphyxiate could come back even stronger than their previous work but "Promo 2017" managed to surpass all what the band has done so far by delivering a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally pure and fucking addictive like the old classicks of the shitty genre! This shit contains 2 songs of the most fucking successful including only crushing fucking parts and still being original and faithful to true fucking brutality after almost 20 years existence by delivering without any fucking doubt one of the best promo ever released including a cold and brutal fucking atmosphere coming to break your fucking bones and inflicting a drug of the most fucking addictive! Asphyxiate consists of Josh (Guitars/Vocals), Adi (Bass), Reno (Drums) and the trio are doing an exceptional fucking job on all fucking levels, writing some brilliant fucking composition and having this pure brutal fucking soul coming to increase our feeling of chaos in this complete fucking butchery! I think Josh is unbelievable by ameliorating his vocals from the last album and giving something a little more guttural and making this shit more insane and enjoyable! His work on guitars is also just fucking insane by performing only excellent fucking riffings and including a lot catchy ones composed in a sick fucking way! Adi on bass is doing an excellent job and Reno is totally fucking brutal with a diverse and insane fucking drumming increasing the level of enjoyment of this perfect blastastic fucking bomb! The production in my ears is fucking perfect with a flawless mixing making sounds this fucking shit like a real ton of fucking bricks by being heavy as fuck but also of very high quality, especially for a promo! Asphyxiate is delivering 7 fucking minutes of true fucking insanity coming to destroy all weak fucking minds with their brutal execution and "Promo 2017" is a pure brilliant fucking piece of perfection that every true sickos is forced to get! Flawless Fucking Piece of Total Fucking Sickness! 10/10

mercredi 22 mars 2017

Barbaric Penetration​-Graveyard Hunt for Carnal Pleasure (Sulfuric Diarrhea Records​/Experiments in Torture​ Records)

Its quite fucking rare nowadays to find real brutal bands in Quebec but when there is one emerging, its always some fucking quality and we cant say the opposite with Barbaric Penetration already coming to shit and puke their debut release engraved in piss "Graveyard Hunt for Carnal Pleasure" which is distinguished by its grinding varied genres and twisted fucking parts giving them an unique fucking side increasing the shitty enjoyment of their debut into the putrid Goregrinding fucking world of disgusting brutality! As mentioned, Barbaric Penetration are playing some disgusting fucking Goregrind mixing almost every grinding shitty genre by including of course a Goregrind vibe and we can feel some  "Hymns of Indigestible Suppuration" influences, also having a few groovy parts with even some Mincecore essence added by a few riffing with a Brutal Death Metal execution and all this melting pot being brutally fucking effective, original and giving them a brutal distinctive fucking identity! "Graveyard Hunt for Carnal Pleasure" carries its name very well with an unbridled fucking atmosphere transporting us into a cadaveric, disgusting and bloodthirsty fucking universe with 25 musickal pieces of the most fucking vicious including of course some less interesting but in general this fucking shit is scathing and bewitching us with its twisted fucking riffing but also its insanity! This crazy fucking band consists of Arnaud Cloutier (Exsanguinate/Vaginal Addiction) on Vocals, Pietro Calandrino (Exsanguinate) on Guitars/Bass, Mike Morbo (Holy Cost) on Drums and the trio are offering several sick fucking moments and a fucked up composition being not perfect but knowing how to give us a memorable fucking experience by their brilliant performance! Arnaud is as usual fucking great helped with some effect for the goregrind ambiance and not overused but doing it fucking well, Pietro on guitars/bass is just fucking crazy with several catchy riffs and a twisted touch increasing the goregrind feeling and Mike on Drums is fucking brutal maybe sometimes could be faster or fast on more parts but still giving us a diverse, sick and enjoyable fucking drumming! Barbaric Penetration gives us 23 minutes of pure fucking debauchery with its memorable riffs, crushing fucking drums and the vocals came straight out from the ass of a whore from some street of Côte-des-Neiges! The production is of course not perfect and mixing as well especially at the drums having the kick way to much in front and burying the snare but this fucking shit is not there to share a perfect production but rather spreading a disgusting fucking ambiance that I think is successful and make sounds this fucking puke like some perverted deranged sickos exhuming, dismembering and raping a bunch of fucking corpses! "Graveyard Hunt for Carnal Pleasure" is not perfect but having the peculiarity of marking the genre by its originality and astonishing way of bringing us into the 25 gory fucking pieces of this twisted fucking act and being mandatory to every sick fucking heads! Twisted Gory Fucking Piece of Disgusting Grinding Brutality! 9/10

mardi 21 mars 2017

Paediatrician​-Intrauterine Infection (Nice to Eat You Records)

The gore Hungarians surgeons who are called "Paediatrician" are already back for a fourth surgical fucking file dealing with the "Intrauterine Infection" and ready to deliver another series of autopsies of the sickest and most damn successful! This time the 4 crazy fucking doctors of sickness deliver 18 autopsied corpses made of a meticulous fucking work having perhaps a little lowered their brutal execution but still offering a grandiose fucking work with all the necessary elements to create an original, brutal and addictive fucking surgery! Norbert Nemes (Vocals), Ferenc "Pokesz" Pokornyik (Guitars), Ferenc "Vöry" Vörös (Bass), Balázs Pöcz (Drums) are the four gory practitioners of this insane fucking work of Goregrind mixed with Brutal Death Fucking Metal made in a great and brilliant fucking way by continuing to give some of the most brutal performance as they are used to deliver since 10 fucking years! Norbert is giving some amazing vocals with a varied gutturals mixing pig squeals maybe a little bit too present but still enjoyable as fuck, Pokesz is performing for the most amazing fucking riffing with a lot of catchy ones but could sometimes be faster on a few riffs, also great job from Vory on bass and finally Balazs on drums is just fucking crazy by mixing groovy, hyper and gravity blast very well! The band really managed to make us feel a surgical and gory fucking atmosphere increasing the level of enjoyment of this bloodthirsty fucking piece of shit having, as mentioned above, perhaps decreased a little bit in brutality by adding a little more groovy elements but still fucking effective and killing every weak fucking souls in their fucking path! The production of this killer fucking disk is very great but of course not perfect especially with the drums not sounding 100% true but still enjoying as fuck, a mix very well done and this shit really sounds like 18 torsos being torn at the same time with an insane fucking force coming from those 4 paediatrician sickos! "Intrauterine Infection" is 33 fucking minutes of pure addiction with every fucking song being fucking awesome but we can find some riffs less enjoyable in much of them but still not decreasing our level of enjoyment to this brutal fucking piece of surgery! Paediatrician despite a few rare tiny negative points is delivering a total successful fourth release and very great to hear that they are still able to give some fucking nasty, addictive and original work after 10 years and we can be sure for some brutal fucking shit in future! A mandatory release as their complete discography and a band deserving the support of every sick mind around! Pure Nasty Brutal Fucking Piece of Gory Fucking Shit! 9.5/10

dimanche 19 mars 2017

Gorepoflesh​-Promo 2016 (Brute! Productions​)

After a shitty silence of 7 fucking years, the abomination Gorepoflesh are back with a new promo called only "Promo 2016" to show that they are not dead and still able to compete among the fucking best! From Nicaragua, the beast unveils a scathing and virulent Brutal Death Fucking Metal that have as characteristic to be easily addictive because of its several catchy and excellent fucking parts and the band really managing their return by not losing their brutality and identity! This new work contains 2 slashing fucking songs near perfect having almost everything to make it an undying blasterpiece by, as mentioned above, being totally addictive and crushing everything in its fucking path! Gorepoflesh is Wilfredo Gonzalez (Vocals), Hector Cerrato (Guitars), Carlos "Polo" Zavala (Bass), Ryder "SickGriinder" (Drums) and the four sickos are doing an amazing fucking job by delivering a brilliant composition marking the shitty mind of people by its large number of great fucking parts but of course including a few rare moments a little less interesting but musically this fucking shit is still a fucking gem! Vocals are fucking sick sharing some excellent guttural, guitars/bass is for the most giving only awesome fucking riffing knowing how to make us addicted to their insane fucking work and the drumming is just fucking crazy by being varied but also fucking insane! Production in general is fucking great but having a drums sound totally fucking crap that unfortunately decreasing a lot our experience into this putrid fucking shit by sounding totally fucking fake and worst than a lot of drums machine but this shit still sounds like a ton of fucking corpses being crushed by some blastdozer creating a pure gory and putrefying fucking atmosphere! "Promo 2016" is around 9 minutes of pure fucking brutality and despite having a wasted drums production, we can consider it like one of the best 2-songs promo ever done by sharing a near perfect songwriting having everything to please to all sickos! Gorepoflesh show us they are back into the true fucking shit and we can only wish a second release before another 7 shitty years and also maybe a repress of the very rare first one, why not! Excellent Crushing Fucking Piece of True Fucking Insanity! 9/10

mardi 14 mars 2017

Interficere​-Human Revolution Absurd (Necrology Records​)

Bekasi water is for sure contaminated by some chemicals making the population completely fucking insane by wishing to annihilate everything in their fucking way and this time another group of people are marking Indonesia by their cruelty and extreme fucking violence by creating a serie of cannibalistic fucking orgies under the gory name of "Human Revolution Absurd"! This gang of bloodthirsty fucking monsters is called "Interficere" and run into the streets to perpetrate 5 bloody fucking crimes including an introduction to the macabre journey of these brutal fucking souls by sharing four scenes of an unnamed turmoil being extremely fucking brutal and successful but maybe having a few rare parts a little less interesting! This insane Brutal Fucking Death is created by Ahmad Supandi (Vocals), Arip Sopiyan (Guitars/Bass), Hunter Panjaitan (Drums) and the trio is giving an amazing fucking composition for the creepy gore scenes by adding some catchy fucking parts, maybe not enough to do a total addictive work but still delivering some insane and brilliant fucking material! Interficere really managed to give an oppressive and butchering fucking atmosphere to their first EP increasing of course the quality but also the level of enjoyment of this putrid fucking shit! Ahmad is giving a powerful and sick fucking guttural perhaps a little redundant after a while but doing such a great fucking job, Arip is performing almost only awesome fucking riffing having some rare a little les enjoyable but able to write some chaotic brutal fucking shit and finally, Hunter is insane as fuck with a non stop blasting fucking drumming and having of course some diversity by the musical direction! The production is very good and fucking heavy with an excellent mixing, not perfect but helping this murderous act of total fucking debauchery to sound like a ton of shitty guts launched on the fucking floor! "Human Revolution Absurd" is not perfect but able to give us some brutal twisted fucking moment by the quality of brutality emerging from these 16 fucking minutes of pure fucking insanity! Interficere managed their debut into this shitty fucking world of sickness by giving a great fucking work being still not totally perfect but mandatory to all insane sickos around! Excellent Perverted Fucking Scenes of Pure Gore Fucking Debauchery! 9/10

dimanche 12 mars 2017

Crawl Sick Epidemic​-Killed, Stabbed, and Mutilated into Pieces (Brutal Mind​)

From the extreme fucking land of Bekasi in Indonesia, the plague named Crawl Sick Epidemic has come to devastate the shitty world by its virulent fucking virus of great efficiency making people mentally fucking disturbed with many acts on species reported as "Killed, Stabbed, and Mutilated into Pieces''! This murderer shitty effect is very short by lasting 7 brutal fucking minutes and giving an insane Brutal Fucking Death to all those being infected by this auditory disease of the most fucking violent! This extreme fucking butchery divided in two parts have an atmosphere of death and cold fucking brutality piercing us to the fucking bones by its violence of execution and its high fucking level of addiction coming to increase the enjoyment of the acts of cruelties of this gory fucking experience totally fucking grandiose! This infectious fucking disease has been spread by Eicko (Vocals), Ibor (Guitars), Rakes (Bass), Balok (Drums) and the insane fucking quartet is doing a complete splendid work by giving a brilliant fucking performance with a flawless composition by their know-how in the matter and the high fucking degree of addiction making us live! The production of this killer fucking shit is for me fucking perfect having a great mixing and this bomb sounds like some real battlefields of weak infected fucking minds killing each other and creating an unimaginable fucking bloodbath! "Killed, Stabbed, and Mutilated into Pieces" have everything to be perfect by having some sick, addictive and disgusting fucking gutturals, including only great fucking riffing and a plenty of them being catchy and completely successful with a brutal fucking drumming adding to the awesomeness of this gory fucking piece of total insanity! Indonesia again show us they are the best since a few years with this beast of true and pure fucking sickness having everything to please to all brutal heads around by its addictive, brutal and amazing fucking songwriting! Crawl Sick Epidemic did a perfect promo demonstration of its high fucking quality by infecting all souls with its brilliant fucking brutality and "Killed, Stabbed, and Mutliated into Pieces" is without any fucking doubt among the best material coming out from this insane fucking country! Blasterpiece of Pure and Cold Fucking Brutality! 10/10

mardi 7 mars 2017

Moredead​-Dinasti Orde Barbar (Horrible Creation Extreme Musick Media​)

Andryz (Vocals), Dudi (Guitars), Acil (Bass), Ibey (Drums) comes from Bandung to destroy everything on their fucking path by unleashing a brutal and bloodthirsty fucking beast baptized in the virgin's blood as Moredead! "Dinasti Orde Barbar" is the name given to this global mutilation including 6 fucking acts of extreme cruelties and excessive fucking brutality having the ingenuity to deliver an addictive, hypnotic and exciting gory fucking experience! Moredead is performing a powerful and insane Brutal Death Fucking Metal that could be compared with other Indonesian bands but having their own identity by the high fucking quality of the compositions and the catchy fucking parts very present! "Dinasti Order Barbar" is all about to keep the roots of true brutality by trying to surpass the boundaries of sickness and doing it in a brilliant fucking way by offering 17 skullcrushing fucking minutes of the most addictive having no boring fucking riffing and including a brutal and destructive fucking atmosphere increasing the level of insanity of this blasphemous act of total fucking butchery! The production is fucking heavy and great as fuck including an excellent mixing maybe having a vocals a little in front but this fucking shit still sounds like a pure fucking bomb of putrid human fucking flesh! Vocals are guttural and fucking sick, guitar parts are all fucking great including several catchy ones, same with the bass and the drums is just fucking crazy with a non stop blast completely fucking insane but also knowing how to mix the slower and heavier fucking parts! Moredead just proved with this EP of great fucking quality to be among the best bands in Indonesia by giving a memorable insane fucking work and marking the scene by delivering one of the greatest fucking EP! "Dinasti Orde Barbar" is near perfect by having only flaws at the technical sides but musically this fucking shit is a pure fucking blasterpiece having everything to please to the sickest fuckers around! A mandatory EP to all sick in the head fuckers who want to live some brutal, extreme and crazy fucking experience delivered in a brilliant fucking way! Extreme Fucking Piece of Cold Fucking Brutality! 9,5/10

dimanche 5 mars 2017

Psychophagia​-Histotoxic Regurgitation Anoxia (Dismembered Records​)

From the entrails of West Jasa in Indonesia, Psychophagia comes to infect our fucking mind with their astonishing insanity preparing their entry into the sickness with the introduction called "Histotoxic Regurgitation Anoxia"! This demo of pure sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal includes 3 songs (1 sample intro + 2 songs) completely fucking crazy as fuck with a non stop and twisted fucking blastality coming to destroy your fucking brain with some addictive brutal fucking drug! "Histotoxic Regurgitation Anoxia" contains an oppressive, destructive and dark fucking atmosphere increasing the level of insanity of this fucking shit and Psychophagia is offering a superb fucking demo not perfect but for sure being a future cult fucking work by the very high level of sickness and the twisted fucking riffs doing this cd a marvel of the shitty fucking genre! This band consists of Julianus Fadhil (Vocals) and Deni Daneswara (Guitars/Bass/Drums Programming) from Apoptosis Gutrectomy doing this band a side project very successful by the composition totally fucking insane and a few catchy parts included in this brutal fucking release! Julianus is performing a sick fucking guttural perhaps a little bit linear but still fucking insane as fuck and Deni is giving only insane fucking riffs with some catchy ones coming to increase the level of enjoyment of this fucking shit including a drums machine well executed with a good sound not perfect but better than much real drums! The production is really not perfect but this fucking shit sounds like a ton of fucking bricks with a mixing not perfect as well, maybe a vocals and drums a little in background with the kickdrums too much on front but still fucking well done giving to this shit a disgusting fucking side and a real feeling of pure fucking insanity! This demo of 8 minutes despite the negative points is a fucking success with all elements needed to make a sick fucking release and perhaps could be a little more addictive but still including some catchy parts and making for sure this shit a must for every fucking sickos because Psyhophagia completely managed their debut by offering us one of the most brutal fucking demo ever! Brutal Disgusting Fucking Piece of Twisted Fucking Brutality! 9/10