lundi 23 mai 2016

Cercenatory​-Swallowed by the Apocalypse (Coyote Records​)

Cercenatory comes from the Colombian brutal fucking land and after an excellent demo in 2013 they are finally ready to offer their debut fucking album entitled "Swallowed by the Apocalypse" and remain in the same fucking pattern of brutality! The band plays a disgusting Brutal Death Fucking Metal mixing very well slam and blast with a very high fucking level of brutality that seems difficult to compare with other Slamming band missing a lot of insanity but Cercenatory managed to create a Brutal Death feeling from the old school making it fucking nasty! "Swallowed by the Apocalypse" contains 8 fucking songs including an intro, a song from their new demo and 6 great new fucking tracks keeping the spirit of the band with their exceptional brutality making this band one of the best in their fucking country nowadays! All songs of that fucking shit are mostly fucking amazing with a very high addictive level including a bloodthristy fucking atmosphere reflecting the disk name where you can really feel to be completely swallowed by some shitty fucking Apocalypse! Cercenatory consists of Ricardo Medina (Guttgrinder) on Vocals, David Marquez (Snag Ultor) on Guitars/Vocals, Raúl Barreto (Cannibal Butcher) on Guitars/Vocals, Gerson Puello (Gersgrind) on Drums and the colombian sickos are doing an amazing job at all fucking levels with a stunning songwriting with some parts a little less enjoyable but still fucking successful! The vocals are disgusting, devastating and fucking powerful, guitar riffs are mostly fucking catchy and well done with an insane fucking drumming which adds even more to the  shitty quality of this brilliant fucking release! "Swallowed by the Apocalypse" is 27 minutes of pure hearing fucking destruction with only maybe one or two songs a little less interesting but still fucking excellent and this album really has the disgusting, addictive and brutal fucking side to make it a special fucking piece in the shitty genre! The production is for me fucking perfect, flawless mixing with a heavy fucking sound that not makes us think at all to the lack of bass guitar and this fucking shit really sounds like several bodies from a few tornadoes exploding on the fucking ground in a thousand pieces! Cercenatory just delievered a huge fucking piece of sickness not necessary perfect but having all shitty elements to make everybody addicted to their amazing fucking composition and "Swallowed by the Apocalypse" is a brilliant debut album that is mandatory to each sickos worldwide! Disgusting Brutal Fucking Piece of Total Fucking Destruction! 9/10

lundi 16 mai 2016

Embalmer​-Emanations from the Crypt (Hells Headbangers Records​)

After another change of line-up, Embalmer are back after 10 fucking years to deliver their second album entitled "Emanations from the Crypt" which is undoubtedly a superior release to its predecessor with all the shitty qualities necessary to make an exceptional fucking album! Embalmer is performing a Grinding Death Fucking Metal totally fucking successful with all elements to create an addictive and sick fucking release that will stuck in your fucking head for eternity! "Emanations from the Crypt" contains 12 songs including an outro and also a song from their first full-length (13 Faces of Death) and we can say despite two or three songs a little less interesting that Embalmer have successfully created, for the most, brilliant fucking songs by injecting the addictive venom of their grinding fucking composition with its cold and cadaverous fucking aspect giving the damn impression of walking in a misty shitty graveyard! Embalmer managed to create a grinding fucking atmosphere with the characteristics mentioned above, cold brutality with a deadly impression of being surrounded by corpses making rattling their rotten fucking bones! The produciton of this shit is a total fucking success, excellent mixing with a grinding sound that just give you the fucking goosebumps and the feeling of being part of an expedition of bodies exhumation in some fucking cemeteries! Embalmer is Paul Gorefiend (Vocals), Brian Baxter (Guitar), Steve Pedley (Guitar), Joe Wunderle (Bass), Roy Stewart (Drums) and the five sickos are surpassing themselves with a release of amazing fucking quality being without any fucking doubt the best work of Embalmer's history! Paul on vocals is giving an awesome job by delivering a guttural totally fucking enjoying, Brian and Steve on guitars are almost fucking perfect by giving an infinite variety of addictive and catchy cadaverous fucking riffing shaking your fucking spine, also good performance of Joe on bass and finally Roy on drums is faithful to himself by performing a brutal and tight fucking drumming that could have been a little faster but matching very well with the style shared! "Emanations from the Crypt" is 31 minutes of excessive fucking enjoyment containing perhaps 2 or 3 songs that are unnecessary on the album but still managing to mix very well the thing and giving a fantastic and total fucking addictive release that could be placed among the most successful albums in the Death Metal! After 10 years of silence, Embalmer have managed their return of a grandiose fucking way by offering a memorable work in the shitty genre that will remains engraved forever in every fucking mind experimenting this explosion of bones completely fucking enjoyable! "Emanations of the Crypt" is a mandatory release for each sicko enjoying Death Metal and is for sure among the best albums of the year! Amazing Cadaveric Fucking Atmosphere with Cold Blooded Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

lundi 9 mai 2016

Pulverized-Realm of Sufferance (Lyakot Productions​)

In 2015, a savage act was born in the Philippines with the aim to devastate your fucking ears and starting well with a first EP entitled "Realm of Sufferance" remaining in the brutal fucking tradition of this country! Pulverized is the fucking name given to this abomination that begins their journey by offering a true Brutal Death Fucking Metal that could be compared to other bands of that country with its heavy and fucking fast brutality by popping your fucking eardrums with a sick and well composed musick! "Realm of Sufferance" contains 4 songs including a well done cover of true Defeated Sanity and 3 songs of superior fucking quality with riffs mostly catchy and fucking brutal but also containing some a little less interesting! This fucking act of butchery was perpetrated by Kenn Ludovice (Vocals), Gino Pura (Guitars), Philip Navarez (Drums) and this bloodthirsty trio of butchers offer a truly excellent fucking performance for a first work into the fucking world of sickness and provide a well tied composition despite to be very primitive in their songwriting! Ken is giving a powerful vocals that could be perhaps a little better in a few parts but still fucking excellent and guttural as fuck, Gino on guitars is fucking amazing by giving almost only great and catchy fucking riffings and finally Philip is performing a sick fucking drumming and maybe sometimes not totally tight but could be the impression of the production that is fucking awful! As mentionned, the production is really not good but still acceptable, a mixing still well done despite a sound completely flooded by a multitude of imperfections but that fucking shit still manages to sound fucking pure with a sense of chaos and total fucking destruction! Pulverized manage to emerge us in the catchy fucking riffs and because of poor production, its very difficult to be addicted but after a few listens we succeed to understand the entirety of this fucking bomb which unfortunately lacks an atmosphere because of the reason just given! "Realm of Sufferance" is around 15 shitty minutes of pure fucking brutality and despite a bad production and some parts a little less enjoying, this debut EP is a fucking success and we can only wish for some new material in a near future with hopefully a better quality on the production level! Pulverized is giving a mandatory EP for all fans of pure fucking brutality and especially for those enjoying the brutal Filippino fucking style! Excellent Heavy Fucking Bomb of Pure Chaotic Fucking Brutality! 8/10

lundi 2 mai 2016

Pulmonary Fibrosis​-Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (Rotten Roll Rex​)

The French gods of Goregrind playing since 1998 are fucking back with only a third full-length release called "Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis" that respond very well to the expectations with a total brilliant fucking piece of brutality that confirm their significant fucking place in this saturated genre! Pulmonary Fibrosis are offering a new top-level material with a disk still long for the shitty genre with 41 fucking minutes of pure fucking enjoyment giving no boring moments with a composition superbly realized giving a genius fucking result! "Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis" is all about pure fucking Goregrind mixing groovy and blast parts very well and delivering infinite addictive fucking riffs from beginning to end with crazy guttural and drums totally fucking insane! This album offers an atmosphere of disease completely contagious by devouring little by little our shitty brain and soul by his impure fucking quality marking our lives forever! Pulmonary Fibrosis is Adrien (Vocals), Yanosh (Guitar), Renaud (Bass), Guyome (Drums/Vocals/Guitar) and the four insane fuckers are delivering some brilliant fucking material with a near perfect songwriting including many catchy and intense fucking parts! Adrien is giving a sick, varied and amazing fucking job on vocals, Yanosh perform for the most fucking awesome riffs and doing with Renaud a great fucking job and Guyome on drums/vocals/guitar is just fucking insane giving us some catchy groovy parts mixed with crazy fucking blastbeats offering an addictive fucking drumming! These guys definitely know the style they are playing with an awesome fucking quality in the songwriting and know how to create a great album that will undoubtedly become a classick in the shitty fucking genre! The production  is just fucking perfect, hard to find something negative, mixing is fucking well done, this shit sounds fucking heavy, powerful and deep like a fucking ton of people suffocating by infection of some lung diseases! "Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis" contains 22 songs including an excellent cover of Dead Infection and we can say that all the songs Pulmonary Fibrosis are offering us are fucking excellent with all great riffs and we can also find some slightly less interesting but in general this putrid fucking shit is enjoyable from start to end giving us an amazing fucking experience that puts this release among the best! Pulmonary Fibrosis totally managed their third album by giving, in my opinion, their best material ever delivered and is a fucking must for all fans of Goregrind but also Death Metal by its great musical fucking quality and also the songs still long for the style! An album highly recommended to all sickos and a band to check for the uncultivated! Amazing Addictive Fucking Piece of Disgusting Putrefactive Fucking Sickness! 9,5/10