mercredi 10 mai 2017

Imitation-Rectificate (Coyote Records)

Ukraine in true fucking brutality is an important element in the scene even by being a small number and this time comes out a quality fucking band doing its mark among the best by spreading a raw fucking brutality and completely faithful to the fucking roots with a debut album of the most enjoyable and fucking brilliant in all fucking aspects! This machine of insanity was born in 2011 and baptized under the name of Imitation to give a fucking lesson to the shitty world with a pure fucking brutality and spreading a Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking amazing and twisted as fuck that could be a mix between "Effigy of the Forgotten" , "Sermon of Mockery", "Inbreeding the Anthropophagi" and having much similarities of course with Datura from the same country! This opening fucking opus of carnage is called "Rectificate" and divided into 10 fucking acts of real butchery including a brilliant cover of Suffocation and this shit only offers excellent fucking songs all having their catchy fucking parts increasing the level of addiction added by probably the best cover of Suffocation ever made! Production is another fucking highlight to this album being for me totally fucking perfect and addictive as fuck with all the instruments sounding to the best, a mixing also a fucking success and this fucking shit really sounds like a ton of fucking bricks! Imitation consists of Antos (Datura) on Vocals, Bob (Ex Datura) on Guitars, Hellfuck on bass, Dimas (Datura) on Drums and the four sickos are really performing some true fucking Brutal Death with a twisted fucking element only coming to increase the ingenuity of this debut fucking release! Antos as usual is fucking amazing with an addictive guttural, the riffing of Bob are just fucking great with no boring fucking parts, Hellfuck is also fucking brilliant and greatly helped by the awesome production. and finally, Dimas on drums is always as fucking great with a brutal and addictive fucking drumming giving us some feelings of old Deeds of Flesh! The insane fucking quartet really managed to spread a total gem into the shitty genre with 29 minutes fucking brutal from A to Z with a lot of old skull fucking vibe and a straight cold brutal fucking atmosphere putting this release among the best! "Rectificate" is without fucking doubt a blasterpiece in the genre and Imitation perfectly managed their debut with an addictive and true fucking brutality making it a mandatory fucking piece of sickness! Brilliant Fucking Gem of Pure Fucking Brutality! 10/10

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