samedi 31 décembre 2016

Abnormal Inhumane​-Consuming the Infinity (New Standard Elite​) 

After five years of waiting, Abnormal Inhumane are finally ready to deliver their second full length album entitled "Consuming the Infinity" and we can say that during all these shitty years, they worked very hard because of the big fucking step since their first album In 2011 "Disgusting Cruelty of Homicide" and thus, giving a total fucking wonder of true fucking brutality! Abnormal Inhumane are performing a pure Brutal Death Fucking Metal that could be compared with bands like Inveracity, Despondency etc, and the band manages to keep all roots from the golden era by giving us a lot of old skull brutal fucking feelings with a complete addictive second opus that will remains forever marked into all fucking souls! "Consuming the infinity" is 10 flawless fucking tracks with no boring parts and only catchy and brutal fucking riffs from start to end with a couple of lighter parts only coming to increase the atmosphere of this amazing fucking shit and not removing the addictive side very present! This new album is really a travel in the past giving us an awesome fucking experience with a songwriting like it needs to be done because the composition is very fucking huge and brilliant to all fucking levels making us addicted for a while and putting this fucking shit among the best! The band consist of Mitsos (Vocals), Stelios (Guitars), Kostas (Bass), Mitch (Drums) and the insane fucking quartet are doing an ingenious fucking job! Awesome and powerful fucking vocals that could have been more guttural but not removing at all our enjoyment and the perfection of this fucking shit, guitars is only fucking flawless giving a lot catchy riffs with a brilliant songwriting, same for the bass helped a lot by the great production and finally the drums is another reason making this release one of the best by giving a stunning performance with an insane and genius fucking drumming! "Consuming the Infinity" have a perfect fucking production heavy as fuck with a great mixing and this fucking shit sounds like a ton of fucking bricks! 33 fucking minutes of pure fucking brutality that seemed to me like 5 because of the high fucking level of addiction and enjoyment to all aspects making this fucking shit a pure fucking blasterpiece! I think Abnormal Inhumane really surprised with something we think as gone but making us live again some great old time and "Consuming the Infinity" is now making part of the elite and without any fucking doubt a must have for all sickos enjoying some brutal fucking tunes! True Fucking Perfection of Pure Fucking Brutality! 10/10 

jeudi 29 décembre 2016

Corporal Carnage-Suffering by Diabolical (Dismembered Records)

A new abomination was born in Indonesia under the name of Corporal Carnage with the intention of destroying all physical fucking forms of this shitty world and this first murder stage is called "Suffering by Diabolical"! Corporal Carnage performs a sick disgusting Brutal Death Fucking Metal with influences of bands like old Ingurgitate, Mangled Atrocity, Menstrual Disconsumed and a little bit of Perverted Dexterity sharing the same fucking disease as these bands of pure fucked up insanity! "Suffering by Diabolical" is  4 original fucking tracks which are all fucking amazing and addictive as fuck with a twisted side very present coming to increase the insanity and nastiness of this sick fucking EP! 14 fucking minutes including for the most catchy fucking riffs with a non stop brutality doing this release fucking extreme despite a few slow parts which are of total awesomeness and not decreasing at all the insane fucking level of this fucking shit! Corporal Carnage is a duo consisting of Ayicx (Vocals) and Harrick (Guitars) who are doing a brilliant fucking job and especially fucking sick by giving us an addictive songwriting and totally fucking twisted including a great composed drums machine done by Ipung (Reduced) but having unfortunately a shit fucking sound! Vocals on this release are fucking disgusting and great as fuck with no boring parts and same goes for the guitar including only catchy and brilliant fucking riffing marking your fucking mind with their twisted fucking insanity! The production of this fucking shit is really great, obviously not flawless especially with the drums machine but having a disgusting fucking atmosphere going perfectly with the musick shared by the band, the mixing is very well done and this fucking EP really sounds like some barbarian sicko among a crowd waving his fucking axe and chopping everything! Corporal Carnage just delivered a total sick fucking piece of total fucking insanity having everything to please to the sickest souls of this shitty scene and making addicted everybody giving it a listen! "Suffering by Diabolical" is a total successful EP having as only flaw to include a crap drums machine sound but fastly forgotten by the amazing composition and this fucking shit is a fucking must! Disgusting Fucking Piece of Twisted Fucking Insanity! 9.5/10

mardi 27 décembre 2016

Imperforata-Immortal Untreated (Dismembered Records)

The Death came to take the fucking souls of all the unfortunate from Indonesia who baptized this fucking scourge the Imperforata which is now raging in the region of East Java killing everything in its fucking path for a short time period with a carnage called by the wise men the "Immortal Untreated"! This murderous appearance shares an astonishing Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a big Death Metal influence reminding us mainly Suffocation and offers an EP of great fucking brutality knowing very well to mix the both shitty genres! This entity launches an EP of 5 epidemic fucking scenes and we can find an instrumental intro, 2 new songs and 2 songs from their previous year's promo, and of course, this review will be for their new songs that mark a change of style going from disgusting fucking Brutal Death to something more classy and quality! Impeforata is Fajar (Vocals), Yogi (Guitars), Sofyan (Bass), Danar (Drums) and the quartet are doing an amazing fucking job with the songwriting with many great fucking parts but unfortunately missing a lot of catchy riffs that could have given an addictive side but despite this flaw, "Immortal Untreated" is still fucking brilliant in its brutality! Fajar is giving a huge fucking performance on the vocals by being very fucking great but could have been a little more guttural, Yogi on guitar is fucking awesome by giving for the most great fucking riffs but having some repetitive, same for Sofyan on bass doing a good fucking job and finally Danar on drums is just fucking perfect! The sickos are offering 15 minutes of true fucking brutality especially the both new songs that are fucking excellent despite the flaws mentioned above and Imperforata really managed their new style by giving much quality to their fucking sickness! The production for me is just fucking perfect with a great mixing and this shit sounds fucking heavy as fuck with a drums giving us some eargasms increasing the quality of this fucking shit! "Immortal Untreated" is not reinventing the genre but have much to offer and highly recommended to all sickos enjoying some true fucking shit! Old Skull Fucking Insanity! 9/10

dimanche 25 décembre 2016

Decapitate Hatred​-Birth of Abomination (Force Fed​/Stillborn Sounds​)

Since 2010 at Tangerang in Indonesia,  a horde of bloodthirsty fucking beasts has been let loose in nature to ravage the villages, and baptized as "Decapitate Hatred", this monstrosity is perpetrating a merciless fucking carnage with nameless fucking brutality by sharing an insane fucking work that will mark the "Birth of Abomination"! Decapitate Hatred is sharing a sick Groovy Brutal Death Fucking Metal including a few slam parts through this brutal fucking killing and can be compared with old skull brutality by giving us much feelings from the damn past! This "Birth of Abomination" is divided in 12  butchering fucking parts including an excellent instrumental intro putting us in the shitty mood of this unbelievable fucking piece of insanity because the 12 scenes of slaughtering are just fucking catchy maybe having some rare a little less good but in general the songwriting is a total fucking success from start to fucking end making us easily addicted as fuck! The production of this debut massacre is fucking great, of course not perfect but the mixing is well done and this fucking shit sounds really like a true bloody fucking bomb destroying everything in its fucking path with its contagious sickness! Decapitate Hatred is Ferlando Sutanto (Vocals), Pidekso Gentur Satriaji (Guitars), Angga Endar (Drums) and the killer fucking trio is doing a brilliant fucking job at all shitty levels, without being perfect but delivering a successful composition knowing to make a true addictive brutal death fucking release! Ferlando on vocals is fucking insane by delivering a brutal fucking guttural perhaps a little bit redundant after a while but still fucking well performed, Pidekso on guitars is just fucking genius with a songwriting almost fucking perfect having as only flaws to include some repetitive and less succesful parts but in general delivering a majestic brutal fucking job and finally Angga on drums doing also an amazing job and knowing very well how to deal with groovy and blasting fucking parts! "Birth of Abomination" is 31 minutes of pure fucking awesomeness perhaps being not totally perfect but creating some brutal death metal being not weak by sharing a few groovy parts showing to a lot of bands how to do their job by their big influence to true old skull brutal death and also, of course, their addictive composition completely fucking brilliant! Decapitate Hatred just offered a near perfect debut fucking album having everything to please by its catchiness and brutality which are the main fucking aspects of its fucking success and "Birth of Abomination" is without any fucking doubt a mandatory fucking shit for all sickheads worldwide! Brilliant Insane Fucking Groovy Shitty Piece of Pure Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

Intricated​-The Vortex of Fatal Depravity (Permeated Records​)

After an EP in 2011 and many promos, the Thai Intricated are finally ready to launch their debut fucking release entitled "The Vortex of Fatal Depravity" and continuing in the same fucking path by invading your mind with their twisted fucking brutality! Intricated are performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a little technical and fucked up touch and this time are offering an opus of around 36 fucking minutes including some catchy parts, unfortunately not doing this fucking disk an addictive one added with some parts a little weak missing a lot insanity but in general this debut album is still fucking successful without being amazing! This band consist of Panyawat Sridee (Vocals), Jeeraset Paemongkol (Guitars), Wasumit Wongwai (Bass), Pratchaya Phadungthin (Drums) and the quartet are doing a very good job at the composition despite the flaws mentioned above by offering disgusting gutturals, crazy guitar riffs even if many can be really boring, a very good bass performance added by a drums maybe a little linear and missing energy but still offering an excellent moment! "The Vortex of Fatal Depravity" is 9 songs fucking successful but still giving no surprises by having the old songs as best ones and some songs less good than others removing the addictive fucking side but, having also many great fucking parts with an excellent vocals and making a stable release at the atmosphere level! The production is very fucking good and heavy as fuck but could have been much better with a good fucking mixing but for me having the drums at the second plan and wasting a little the experience but, this fucking shit still sounds like a killer fucking bomb destroying completely Bangcock! Despite many flaws, Intricated managed to give an excellent debut album being a fucking must for this year but not marking the history of sickness! "The Vortex of Fatal Depravity" is recommended to all Death Metallers wishing to live some twisted fucking experience! Awesome Fucking Piece of Brutality! 8/10

lundi 5 décembre 2016

Menstrual Disconsumed​-Consuming the Infinite Rancidity (Brutal Infection Records​)

39 minutes of pure twisted fucking insanity is what offering the Indonesian entity Menstrual Disconsumed as debut album baptized in sickness "Consuming the Infinite Rancidity" coming to destroy the mind of everybody experiencing this total piece of brutality! This crazy one man band is performing an insane Brutal Death Fucking Metal that could be compared to bands like Perverted Dexterity or the new Screwrot but knowing to keep it very original making Menstrual Disconsumed fucking unique with the particular twisted side increasing the fucking level of sickness and enjoyment! The composition of this marvel is fucking flawless and the atmosphere felt is just fucking crazy by the fucked up side making the listening totally enjoying and addictive added by the very high level of sickness found in this majestic fucking release! "Consuming the Infinite Rancidity" contains 8 intense fucking tracks all fucking brilliant having all their catchy parts to make this fucking shit one of the best and sickest one man band albums to have emerged into Brutal Death Metal! Nugek is the sicko doing everything in this real fucking beast of insanity sharing an amazing songwriting with the capacity to create a complete addictive work and making his release a fucking must in the genre! The guttural is fucking sick perhaps a little linear but never fucking boring and enjoyable as fuck, riffing is just fucking sick with many brilliant ones and the drums machine is very well composed and brutal as fuck! The production is fucking heavy, powerful but being of course not perfect especially with the drums machine a little wasting the perfection of this release by its shit quality, mixing is well done but bassdrums way too high and despite some negative, it sounds like a real fucking brutal fucking monster shredding everything in its fucking path! "Consuming the Infinite Rancidity" is mandatory by the addictive twisted fucking brutality and the intelligence of composition ranking this debut album among the best of the shitty genre! I think Menstrual Disconsumed is spreading a perfect musickal experience but with some flaws at the drums machine production that could be ameliorated in future and despite this, really not decreasing much our enjoyment for this addictive fucking piece of shit! A must have for every sick in the head fuckers who want to live an unique and sick fucking experience with this successful debut album!  Addictive Fucking Piece of Insane Twisted Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

mardi 29 novembre 2016

Critical Disaster​-Brutality of Human Cannibalism (Eastbreath Records​)

From East Java in Indonesia, Critical Disaster was born with the aim of spreading a cruel fucking disease with the first mandate to create a brutal fucking epidemic of insanity called "Brutality of Human Cannibalism" that devastates everything on its fucking way with its cold and sadistic fucking tone! Critical Disaster makes bleed the shitty world with a powerful Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking insane and we can find many influences to Death Metal especially on the vocals and structure of the songs! "Brutality of Human Cannibalism" is an act of 8 fucking scenes of atrocious suffering and all very fucking good but a little longer making the songs a little bit repetitive added by the Death Metal side not helping the cause! The production is fucking great and powerful as fuck, of course could have been better but the mixing is fucking good and this shit really sounds like some chemical weapons exterminating this fucking earth! Critical Disaster is Casper (Vocals), Faizin (Guitars), Fandi (Bass), Harispa (Drums) and the four carriers of death are doing an amazing fucking job on all fucking side and this, despite the repetitive side because of a great fucking composition and performance! Casper on vocals is fucking powerful, diverse as fuck and perhaps getting a little bit redundant after some listening but nothing unbearable, Faizin and Fandi are fucking amazing by offering a solid songwriting despite some flaws and being capable to create a true fucking piece of brutality and finally Harispa on drums is fucking brutal and offering a varied drumming adding some quality to this release! "Brutality of Human Cannibalism" is 40 enjoyable fucking minutes despite a vocals sometimes a little weak and many repetitive parts that decrease the quality of this debut album but without to waste it by the high level of addiction of the composition still making this disk an unique and insane fucking experience! "Critical Disaster" are offering an excellent debut without to be perfect with some place for improvement but in general the band is offering a great fucking release and recommended to each brutal heads wishing to be infected by some crazy unknown fatal fucking disease! Great Fucking Piece of Insane Death Fucking Metal! 8/10

mercredi 23 novembre 2016

Critical Defacement​-Starting Slaughter (Brutal Infection Records​)

After their excellent debut album 2 years ago, the fucking insane Indonesian Critical Defacement are back with an EP entitled "Starting Slaughter" and the band is more brutal than ever with new songs completely fucking crazy! This new EP is including 7 tracks with 1 intrumental, 1 sample, 2 songs taken from the Demo 2013 and 3 new fucking songs which are the subject of this shitty chronicle and which I think are their best fucking material to date! Critical Defacement are performing a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking crazy and for this time, they left their little tiny slam touch to make a release of the most fucking insane having everything to please to the sickers! Despite not really having an atmosphere, this new EP chop everything around with its feeling of straight cold brutality and high level of addiction making this damn shit a total fucking success in the shitty genre even if we can find some riffs less good or some song less successful than others! Idol Blasphemy (Vocals), Farid Angarra (Guitars), Reza (Guitars), Hendrik (Bass) and Bahri Adi (Drums) are the sick fucking quartet making part of this venomous entity offering a bloody fucking theater of violence and destruction all well orchestrated! Idol on vocals is fucking sick as fuck with a diverse and enjoying guttural fucking brutal, Farid, Reza and Hendrik are doing for the most a perfect fucking job by including only some boring parts but in general delivering an awesome fucking piece of sickness and finally Bahri on drums is also fucking sick and varied giving a brutal fucking drumming with unfortunately a production that could have been only a little bit better! "Starting Slaughter" has a very good production but of course could be way better with a mix well done and a sound not perfect but managing to make us feel being cut in slices by some barbaric shitty fucking vibration! Critical Defacement just offered an excellent fucking EP being perhaps not perfect but having everything to displease the weak by their high fucking level of insanity and "Starting Slaughter" is without any fucking doubt recommended to all true sickos around! Great Fucking Carnage of Excessive Fucking Violence! 9/10

mardi 8 novembre 2016

Fadihat​-Family Mortuary Cannibalism (Legacy Storehouse)

In Indonesia some bands are legendary and respected at the highest level and one of them is Fadihat formed in 1998 with the intention to fire and sword their brutal country with their unspeakable insanity and are now ready for their fourth full slaughter baptized in blood "Family Mortuary Cannibalism"! The bloodthirsty fucking Beast of Jakarta is back to offer 13 pieces of great fucking brutality including their live demo of 2000 and also an excellent cover of  "Suffer the Children" from Napalm Death which is a fucking success and same for all the songs of this brutal fucking release which are awesome as fuck with no real boring shitty fucking parts! Fadihat are still performing their insane Brutal Death Fucking Metal with big Old School Death Metal feelings that only create their own identity and giving some material of the most enjoyable! "Family Mortuary Cannibalism" has a shitty smell of putrefaction with a sickening slaughter fucking atmosphere going to give on diarrhea to all the fucking weak in the genre with its blastality but also by the old skull feelings this fucking shit is giving us! Fadihat consists now of Novian Rinzano (Vocals), Hery Paslah (Guitars), Angga Morris (Bass), Dimas Nepto (Drums) and the four sickos are performing some true fucking brutality with a near perfect songwriting and offering to the fans an addictive musickal fucking piece of sickness! The bloody fucking quartet is delivering around 32 minutes of pure fucking devastation with many catchy parts increasing the quality of the release and not doing it only another on the shitty fucking pile! Novian on vocals is performing a powerful guttural, can be a little redundant after several plays but really not unbearable, Hery on guitars is fucking amazing with a sick addictive fucking job at each songs and same for Angga on bass doing a great job with some highlighting parts, and finally, Dimas is offering a brutal fucking drumming knowing to be different by their Death Metal side but being mostly on the blasting fucking mode! The production is fucking great and of course could be better but having still a great mixing and sounding brutally fucking creepy like four insane fucking butchers chopping everything around them in a shitty shopping center! Fadihat is giving a fourth act of carnage totally fucking successful with only a few rare flaws and "Family Mortuary Cannibalism" is recommended to the extreme sickos of the genre but also those enjoying the old skull massacre era! Awesome Fucking Piece of Total Fucking Butchery! 9/10

lundi 31 octobre 2016

Bloody Anatomies​-Parasick (Endless Torture Records​)

The horror was born in 2008 in Malaysia under the name Bloody Anatomies with intent to defeat anyone in its fucking path with a first complete damn carnage called "Parasick" killing everything with a supreme auditory fucking violence! This abomination is spreading the death and chaos around the fucking world with the skill to dissect you by its extreme brutal fucking coldness but also making you addicted to its massacre and this morbid fucking thing do it brilliantly! Bloody Anatomies are practicing a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal that could be compared with the sickest fucking bands of the shitty genre but adding a little unique twisted fucking side giving them some identity! "Parasick" contains 11 acts of pure insane fucking terror including an outro and 2 rerecorded demo tracks and we can say musically that this complete fucking shit is a true fucking marvel from A to Z with no boring fucking parts! The only flaw we could find in this brutal macabre fucking scene is the fact to have too much intros (every song) and it may break the momentum and atmosphere of this crazy fucking carnage but that sound disaster is so fucking effective making us forget quickly the shitty intros! The sickos who have makes live this horrible monstrosity are Syafeg (Vocals), Dhomfarysa (Guitars), Syharma (Bass), Faixal (Drums) and the quartet are delivering a mighty and brilliant fucking composition making addicted anyone hearing these gory disgusting fucking scenes putting this release among the bests! Syafeg is fucking sick giving an enjoying guttural and never get boring, Dhomfarysa is just fucking crazy with a bunch of insane and catchy riffs, same with Syharma on bass giving a good performance and Faixal delivering an insane fucking drumming for the most in the highest fucking level of sickness and we can also hear the good job of Paan Savagely doing the drums on the tracks 6 and 8! The production of this fucking shit is for me perfect but of course it could be always better, same for mixing and the sound really make us feel to be part of this horrific brutal fucking show! Bloody Anatomies managed its debut into the bloodthirsty fucking insanity with a solid songwriting and "Parasick" is a mandatory fucking piece of sickness for all extreme sick heads and will make you for sure addicted! Insane Brutal Fucking Piece of Pure Extreme Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

mercredi 19 octobre 2016

Precognitive Holocaust Annotations​-Procreation of the Artificial Divinity (Permeated Records​)

Formed in 2012, the Italians Precognitive Holocaust Annotations are finally ready to offer their long awaited debut fucking album remaining in the same original fucking path as known and this time offering a futuristic act of brutality called "Procreation of the Artificial Divinity"! The band are performing a modern Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a technical side very present and composition of the most fucking original creating their own identity maybe not perfect of course but able to do something different from the fucking mass! This debut release is 8 brutal fucking tracks including an instrumental intro and I think each song of this fucking shit are very fucking good with maybe some part in each one a little less enjoyable or weak but in general, the songwriting is fucking well done with a high tech atmosphere coming to increase the authenticity of this fucking disk! Precognitive Holocaust Annotations consists of Max Santarelli (Vocals), Hannes Gamper (Guitars), Simone Bianchi (Bass), Ycio Orsanigo (Drums) and the 4 sickos are delivering an excellent performance giving us a great fucking experience except perhaps on the bass which is too much present added by a weak fucking sound that can waste a little the album for some and increasing the original fucking side for the others! Max on vocals is doing a great fucking job maybe a little redundant after a while but still delivering a well done fucking guttural, Hannes on guitars is giving for the most great fucking riffs with many catchy ones but having also some boring, Simone on bass is fucking amazing by showing a brilliant fucking performance despite the technical flaws mentioned above and finally Ycio on drums is also fucking good by offering a diverse and brutal fucking drumming adding to the identity of the band! The production of this shit is fucking heavy, powerful and great as fuck but could be a little more natural, mixing is very good and also the sound being fucking profound but the drums could be a little better! "Procreation of the Artificial Divinity" is 20 minutes of modern fucking brutality having everything to please despite some flaws on the musickal and technical sides and Precognitive Holocaust Annotations is still delivering a successful debut fucking release! Excellent Fucking Piece of Original Brutality! 8.5/10

dimanche 16 octobre 2016

Mental Apraxia​-Against Human Manipulation (Coyote Records​)

A second Colombian comeback this year once again fucking successful seeming to be the only one country succeeding their comeback and again this time, after 10 fucking years of silence, Mental Apraxia is back with a second album entitled "Against Human Manipulation" and continuing in their fucked up brutal fucking way! After a very good debut fucking album "Cinical - Hypocritical Existence", the band returns better than ever with a new release of better fucking quality from far superior to the previous one with a twisted fucking touch even more present! Mental Apraxia are performing a cacophonic twisted Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a technical fucking touch and can't be compared with any brutal band by the original and very unique fucking side! "Against Human Manipulation" is divided in 9 insane chaotic fucking acts of pure fucking brutality which are all fucking excellent with no boring shitty fucking parts and this release is probably the one sounding the most to the old Colombian disgusting fucking era in the last years, being insanely fucking fast and musically damn faithful to the South American fucking roots! This shit contains a cacophonous atmosphere coming to destroy all corrupted weak fucking minds with a non stop brutality fucking addictive from start to end and having musically as only flaw to have some weak riffings but in this case increasing the fucked up fucking part of the Mental Apraxia's ambiance! The band consists of Ivan Arenas (Vocals), Alex Apraxia (Guitars/Bass), Juan Masgren (Drums) and the crazy fucking trio are offering an excellent songwriting by including all brutal death shitty elements to make this release fucking well done! Ivan is performing a good and powerful guttural, Alex is giving almost only great fucking riffs with maybe some very basic but not decreasing the composition and rather increasing the atmosphere and making us feel the old Colombian fucking vibe, and finally Juan is fucking crazy with a non stop blasting fucking drumming being diverse and an important element to the band! The production is fucking great with a very good mixing that could be a little better especially with the bass and a little on the drums but this shit is sounding like a slave revolt destroying everything in their fucking path with a determination to obtain rights by burning and making explode all symbols of this shitty corrupted fucking world! "Against Human Manipulation" is 24 cacophonous fucking minutes of pure fucked up Colombian fucking brutality having maybe some rare weak moments but in general being near fucking perfect and having everything to satisfy all the sickest fucking souls! Mental Apraxia completely managed their comeback by offering a mandatory second fucking shit and showing Its still possible to create some old Colombian fucking feeling and coming back even better than ever! Excellent Chaotic Fucking Piece of Twisted Colombian Fucking Brutality! 9/10

mercredi 12 octobre 2016

Fecundation​-Congenital Deformity (Pathologically Explicit Recordings​)

Formed in 2013 n South Korea Fecundation are offering their third brutal fucking EP entitled "Congenital Deformity" shredding our fucking flesh by their disgusting fucking brutality that comes to torture your shitty soul with an experience of unimaginable damn suffering! Fecundation are performing a true Brutal Death Fucking Metal with perhaps a little technical fucking touch and you can feel a real brutal old skull shitty feeling including some solos making it fucking weird but unique as fuck! "Congenital Deformity" contains 4 tracks of pure disgusting fucking brutality and all of them are addictive and fucking well composed mixing the blast, heavy, twisted and brutal fucking elements with a lot of catchy parts making this EP fucking enjoyable! The band consists of Chuck Jenga (Vocals/Guitars/Bass), Nathan Jae Kim (Drums) and the duo are just giving a sick fucking songwriting with everything to make you addicted and staying marked in your fucking mind! Vocals of this fucking shit are guttural, disgusting and fucking diverse, guitars is fucking catchy and greatly written, bass is well done and the drums is pretty good with a varied and sick fucking performance! The production is awesome with a very good mixing having maybe as flaw to have the solos a little too much in front but not a disaster and this shit really sounds fucking heavy as fuck wth a drums that could to be a little bit better but still fucking enjoying and in general this fucking release is sounding like a pure fucking slaughtering! Fecundation are delivering an excellent third EP having as only flaw to have some riffs a little less good but still very rare and some solos a little weird but coming only to increase the twisted atmopshere of this fucking shit! 12 fucking minutes of addictive brutality making us feel the fucking roots of the shitty genre by its catchy and disgusting side and making this EP fucking successful! "Congenital Deformity" is without doubt a fucking must for every sickos and Fecundation really managed this third fucking effort! Excellent Twisted Fucking Piece of Disgusting Fucking Old Skull Brutality! 9/10

lundi 10 octobre 2016

Implied​-Life to Die (WAAR Productions​)

From Bandung in Indonesia, Implied just formed to provide their first act of butchery in an EP form and their savagery fucking scene of gore is called "Life to Die" which will terrorize many with its bloodthirsty brutality of pure fucking insanity! This bomb of horrific fucking torment comes in five steps of pure fucking disgusting brutality including an instrumental intro before a total body fucking destruction perpetrated by the ingenious sick knowledge of sickness giving a composition of the most fucking enjoyable! Implied are performing a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal with influences of many bands in the shitty genre but keeping their unique side and delivering a brilliant fucking EP which is of an unnamed insanity! "Life to Die" is 16 fucking minutes of pure awesomeness musically fucking perfect with only the many intros that come break a little bit the momentum but being short and still not too much damaging the ambiance of this piece of true fucking shit! Ryen Irfan (Vocals), Ardian Pratama (Guitars), Alle Sundality (Bass), Dendy Ramdhani (Drums) are the three butchers orchestrating this pure savagery fucking scene with a gorewriting completely fucking successful including a lot of catchy and addcitive fucking parts but also having many twisted ones coming to increase the enjoyment of this fucking shit and reminding us the golden era of Brutal Death! Ryen on vocals is fucking sick with a great fucking guttural, Ardian is giving only great fucking riffs with no boring fucking parts, same for Alle on Bass giving a good fucking performance and Dendy on drums is totally fucking crazy with a non stop blast fucking insane and really kicking our fucking ass! The production is fucking killer and near perfect having as only flaw to have a snare sounding a little bit weak but still enjoying, a great fucking mix and this fucking shit really sounds like a fucking bunch of corpses being chopped in pieces! "Life to Die" contains an intense fucking gory atmosphere increasing the musickal level and making this EP one of the best in the shitty genre by its quality Brutal Death and its brilliant fucking composition! Implied completely managed their start into insanity by delivering a mandatory fucking piece of brutality essential to all sickos wishing to get some sick fucking time! Near Perfect Fucking Bomb of Pure Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

dimanche 9 octobre 2016

Inverted​-Origins of the Unseen (Dismembered Records​)

Formed in 2011 at Blitar in East Java, Inverted returns with a second EP to burn everything in its fucking path with some new material as brutal and fucking excellent than the previous effort and entitled "Origins of the Unseen"! This new fucking shit contains 5 fucking tracks including an instrumental and two re-recorded songs from the first EP and we can categorize them into the Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a big Death Metal touch felt in the vocals of course, but also in some riffs reminding me my old skull shitty fucking time! Inverted is offering an excellent EP with its blast, crazy fucking vocals and some catchy riffs but missing a few to make us really addicted to this fucking disk and we can't really find memorable riffs but "Origins of the Unseen" is still an awesome fucking release despite these flaws! The band consists of Rafika Meilia Sari (Vocals), Risky Bayu Irwanto (Guitars), Raden Hamdan Arrosyid (Bass), Heri Tri Cahyono (Drums) and the sickos are doing an awesome fucking job with a very great and brutal fucking composition despite the flaws mentioned above and come to condemn our shitty souls through the insanity of their sadistic fucking world! Rafika on vocals is great and very powerful but having as default to be redundant after a while but still showing very brutal fucking performance, Risky is giving almost only good fucking riffs with an effective brutal composition, Raden on bass is also fucking good with some crazy fucking parts and finally Heri on drums is fucking insane with his blast and showing a creative fucking drumming! The production is near fucking perfect, a mixing well done except perhaps for the bassdrums a little too much in front but this fucking shit sounds like a ton of fucking bricks putting your fucking bones to pieces! "Origins of the Unseen" is without doubt a successful EP and despite the fucking flaws, Inverted managed to mark their place in Indonesia by delivering a powerful and insane fucking shit! Excellent Fucking Piece of Perverted Sadism! 8.5/10

mercredi 5 octobre 2016

Blasphemer​-Ritual Theophagy (Comatose Music​)

6 years after their EP, Blasphemer are finally ready to infiltrate their Italian blasphemous damn fucking cult to demonstrate their highly anticipated second fucking ritual baptized in blood and fire "Ritual Theophagy" and despite very high expectations, the band still managed a demonic feat with admirable fucking return but having some flaws that will be explained below!  Blasphemer continues to perform a dark and evil Brutal Death Fucking Metal but this time decreasing a little in the complexity and brutality of their debut album making this fucking shit a more blackened basic work which can be a negative point but will add something fucking positive that I will explain later! "Ritual Theophagy" is 11 black fucking acts of supreme fucking brutality with maybe a few a little less successful in term of ritualistic carnage and some others with some weak riffings but in general this black fucking mass is totally fucking sick and sadistically addictive! As mentioned above, Blasphemer is keeping a technical side very present but being much more basic giving to the new release a high level of evil fucking atmosphere that could not be possible by being complex as fuck and this time, we can truly feel being tortured in the large cauldron of Belial and this fucking shit have really a dark and cold fucking essence! This horror and evil fucking ceremony is directed by Paolo Maniezzo (Vocals), Simone Brigo (Guitars/Vocals), Clod the Ripper (Bass), Darren Cesca (Drums) and the dark sickos are showing a great and brutal fucking composition being maybe less insane and sick than previous effort but knowing how to create many addictive fucking parts with awesome catchy fucking riffs! Paolo is still fucking amazing but giving a more influenced death metal guttural by being powerful as fuck, Simone on guitars is, as usual, fucking crazy with a lot of insane fucking riffs but having also several a little weak, amazing job of Clod the Ripper on bass and same for Darren showing a brutal, diverse and crazy fucking drumming! "Ritual Theophagy" is 28 hateful fucking minutes having a good part very successful and another part a little less but in a general view, Blasphemer offered a second excellent opus with blasphemous fucking ambiance! The production is fucking great with a drums that could sound a little better but still very good, a mixing very well done and this fucking shit really sounds like we are making part of some macabre suicidal orgiastic fucking ritual! Despite to have decreased their sickness, included some weaknesses and having some fucking flaws, this new Blasphemer release is fucking amazing by its dark atmosphere and catchy demonic side that will make addicted anyone living this nocturnal brutal fucking ceremony! "Ritual Theophagy" is highly recommended to all Death Metal fans wishing to live some good fucking experience and despite delivering no surprises, Blasphemer offered a mandatory fucking release to all sickos! Blasphemous Brutal Fucking Piece of Diabolical Insanity! 9/10

mardi 4 octobre 2016

Syphilic​-The Indicted States of America (Luxor Records​)

From USA, Brian Forgue and the legendary Syphilic are already back with a sixth full length album entitled "The indicted States of America" and staying true to their fucking roots with a release keeping its drunken identity and continues to offer quality fucking material! The one man band still playing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal unique in its style and continue to never disappoint us by offering always good fucking release and this sixth shit is not different! "The indicted States of America" is 11 songs, including an instrumental and Anal Cunt cover, and we can say all songs are very fucking good with many twisted and catchy fucking riffs but we find a few boring ones in each song and the CD also contains too much shitty samples! Despite the negative points just mentioned, Syphilic is offering again an awesome fucking composition wth all shitty elements to give us an enjoyable fucking experience! The vocals are, as always, fucking excellent, the guitars and bass despite to have some boring parts have many twisted and addictive fucking riffs and the drums machine is very well composed except to have a sound a little shit! This putrid fucking shit is lasting 45 rotten fucking minutes for the most fucking great but I think to have did the album shorter by eliminating samplers and boring parts would have increased the level of enjoyment but despite this little flaw, the disk still flows very well with an awesome fucking songwriting! The production is fucking excellent with a great fucking mixing but a drums sounding a little shit decreasing a little bit the experience but this fucking shit still sound like a ton of shitty fucking bricks! "The Indicted States of America" have all Brutal Death shitty elements making this release fucking successful and feeling very well the violent and societary atmosphere with its powerful auditory fucking destruction! Despite some flaws, this sixth Syphilic's effort is a total fucking success and as usual Brian is giving us some great fucking time with a mandatory fucking shit for the fans but also the sickos in general! Excellent Drunken Brutal Fucking Time! 8.5/10

Infectology​-Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment (Gore House Productions​)

In 2013, Infectology contaminated the shitty world with a powerful debut epidemic fucking release called "Origin of Pathological Extermination" and had a lot of weight on their shoulders to offer a second album as excellent and I must say that "Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment"  is surpassing all expectations and at all fucking levels the first effort! Infectology is controlled by Jhenry (Vocals), Luis (Guitars), Jose (Bass), Ivan (Drums) and the quartet are playing an insane sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally faithful to the fucking roots by offering a majestic fucking work that make think to the golden South American era! The guys have really written a flawless composition by giving no boring fucking parts but only addictive moments with a catchy musick completely fucking brilliant and brutally fucking insane! "Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment" contains 8 acts of extreme contagions getting in your fucking blood by their high level of sickness and addiction having no fucking flaws and including one of the best instrumental song ever written in Brutal Death Metal making this fucking shit a pure fucking blasterpiece of the shitty genre! This second opus is 26 minutes straight in your fucking face with non stop brutality and some heavy catchy parts only coming to increase the level of enjoyment of this fucking shit including a perfect songwriting and brilliant fucking performance! The production is just fucking perfect and addictive, flawless mixing with a great and raw fucking sound infecting our fucking bones and blood with a contagious insanity adding to the extreme brutality of this amazing fucking release! The atmosphere felt in this album is of an extreme deadly coldness that breaks our fucking spine with its rawness and sickness that emerges from this fucking shit! Jhenry on vocals is fucking excellent, maybe sometimes redundant for some but the powerful level of the performance is making it fucking awesome, Luis on guitars is just fucking perfect knowing how to create some true and brutal fucking riffs, same for Jose on bass with a great fucking job helped by the flawless production and Ivan on drums is fucking crazy with an insane fucking drumming being non stop fucking sick and addictive as fuck! Infectology is now without doubt making part of the best brutal bands by giving a flawless fucking release and making us feel the old shitty roots but also having their modernity and identity! "Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment" is a mandatory disk to all brutal passionate around the shitty world and every sicko who want to live an amazing and insane fucking experience! Extreme Perfect Fucking Piece of Addictive Fucking Insanity! 10/10

mercredi 28 septembre 2016

Laryngectomized​-Chaotic Autopsy (Eyes Of The Dead Productions​)

Formed in 2014 in Spain/Mexico and after a few demo/split, the fucking crazy Laryngectomized are now ready to defecate their debut fucking album "Chaotic Autopsy" that continues in the way that the band has started but in a way even more fucking brutal and successful! Laryngectomized performs a raw brutal fucking Goregrind and we can find some Brutal Death shitty influences that increase in my opinion the fucking level of insanity and offering a Goregrind act of the most fucking enjoyable! "Chaotic Autopsy" is 33 songs of the most fucking disgusting and sick including an instrumental one and no shitty fucking intros, almost all of them are fucking excellent with a lot of great riffs and a drums totally fucking insane, we can only find a couple of tracks a little less successful but in general this fucking shit is a fucking bomb of pure fucking rawness! The band really spread a deathly and surgical fucking  atmosphere giving us the feeling to assist to some gore autopsy and the practitioners are just giving an amazing job by delivering some true fucking Goregrind! Laryngectomized is Shitter on guitars who is doing an amazing job with many catchy and crazy fucking riffs but having also some boring ones, Adrian on drums is as mentioned above totally fucking crazy with insane fucking blastbeat, showing a great and powerful drumming and finally, the vocals of this fucking shit are just fucking awesome and diverse which are for sure also a fucking must in this release! The duo are offering a great gory fucking composition being very faithful to the grinding fucking roots of their shitty genre and giving a first work in general very fucking great and sick! The production of this putrid fucking shit is very fucking good with a raw side very present but still could have been better, an excellent mixing but not perfect with maybe a guitar sometimes too far but in this surgical room, we can really feel the bloody fucking sound of bones being sliced and organs being removed and launched in a fucking boiler! This demonstration of insanity is around 30 fucking minutes for the most fucking enjoyable having only a few moments in the whole fucking shit being a little less great and we can say without any fucking doubt that Laryngectomized totally managed their debut album and come to make their shitty mark into the Goregrind fucking world! "Chaotic Autopsy" is highly recommended for all fans of Goregrind but also all the sickest fans of Brutal Death Fucking Metal by their little influences and also their aggressiveness! Raw Disgusting Fucking Piece of Pure Grinding Fucking  Brutality! 9/10

dimanche 25 septembre 2016

Dissevered​-Agonized Wails of Disseverment (New Standard Elite​)

24 minutes of pure total fucking destruction annihilating everything from one fucking end to the other with no fucking bullshit is what is offering Dissevered with their debut album "Agonized Wails of Disseverment" that is definitely fucking devastating and a pure fucking marvel of insanity! Formed last year in Laos and after a cd single, Dissevered are just ready in a majestic fucking way to show us a killer fucking material and so fucking disgusting you can feel the rotting fucking corpses around being crushed by this unspeakable fucking brutality that delivers a brilliant gorific fucking composition! "Agonized Wails of Disseverment" is all about Sick Disgusting Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a very extreme side really present and of course some rare slower parts and pit fucking riffs that only come to lighten a little bit this fucking sick experience! This brutal fucking shit contains 9 songs of pure Brutal Death, all of them are fucking excellent and addictive putting this release to a high fucking level in the shitty genre and mainly because of its unquestionably perfection making this fucking shit one of the bests ever made! Dissevered is Anouvong Phengkhay (Vocals), Benoit Faroud (Guitars), Soukthavone Meksavanh (Bass), Vilikone Sengvixay (Drums) and the four insane sickos are giving a flawless fucking performance by delivering a songwriting of the most fucking successful with all necessary elements to make this piece of disgusting brutality a total masterpiece! Anouvong on vocals is just fucking brutal and weird, in a positive way, creating an unique fucking guttural, Benoit on guitars is fucking perfect by giving only catchy riffs in all parts of composition, fast and slower riffs as well,  Soukthavone on bass is also fucking great with several sick fucking parts and finally Vilikone on drums is fucking insane with a non stop blasting totally fucking crazy and addictive drumming being a shitty fucking drug! The production of this pure shit is just fucking brilliant, a perfect mixing fucking enjoyable and this shit sound so fucking heavy and amazing that it makes us feel being part of a pile of cadavers being grinded by a blastdozer without fucking mercy! "Agonized Wails of Disseverment" is a very brutal fucking release by its oppressive gory atmosphere, musickal side and high level of addiction making this fucking shit unique as fuck and giving us an enjoyable and sick fucking experience! Dissevered just delievered a total blasterpiece as debut album and is without fucking doubt one of best releases to have emerged from the brutal entrails of insanity! Mandatory to all sick in the head fuckers looking for some extreme fucking shit! Perfect Disgusting Fucking Piece of Bestiality! 10/10

vendredi 23 septembre 2016

Ecchymosis​-Aberrant Amusement in Cadaveric Vomitplay (New Standard Elite​)

Formed 2 years ago in Thailand, Ecchymosis are just ready to make bleed the shitty world with a total macabre and bloody fucking work and starting into the insanity to deliver a wicked and disgusting debut fucking album entitled "Aberrant Amusement in Cadaveric Vomitplay"! This fucking piece of slaughtering make us feel being part of a grotesque fucking scene of butchery and the atmosphere coming from the dismembered bodies is bloodthirsty and pierce our fucking flesh! Ecchymosis are practicing a disgusting Brutal Death Fucking Metal having much slam influences but keeping it fucking faithful to the shitty brutal roots by performing heavy, brutal and addictive fucking musick! "Aberrant Amusement in Cadaveric Vomitplay" contains 8 fucking scenes of total gore insanity being all fucking great, sick and well written having a lot of wicked and fucked up riffs with a crazy fucking drums increasing a lot the level of enjoyment of this fucking shit but of course we can also find some redundant parts! This shit is almost fucking perfect by offering a sick and flawless fucking guttural, crazy guitars fucking riffs for the most fucking amazing but having maybe some a little less good and a drums fucking brutal mixing obviously the slow and fast parts but the blasts are totally fucking insane mixed with wicked and fucked up riffs making it unique and fucking sick! Ecchymosis is Weerasak (Vocals), Twish (Guitars/Bass), Polwach (Drums) and as mentioned above, the trio is doing a near perfect fucking job by giving a pretty solid songwriting with this disgusting twisted fucking side making special this fucking act of gore giving them an identity and a place among the elite bands! The production of "Aberrant Amusement in Cadaveric Vomitplay" is fucking excellent with a mixing not totally perfect but still fucking successful and this fucking shit really sounds like some hatchets shredding the fucking flesh of corpses in a small bloody dirty fucking room of butchery! A gory damn experience of 25 fucking minutes being for the most fucking enjoying from start to end with a very high addictive side offered by the multiple catchy riffs making this fucking shit a gem in the shitty genre despite some little flaws! "Aberrant Amusement in Cadaveric Vomitplay" is a mandatory fucking release for all brutal death metallers and Ecchymosis managed their debut by offering a brilliant fucking piece of brutality! Disgusting Fucking Insanity of Twisted Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

dimanche 11 septembre 2016

Damnation-The Prophet Revenge (Internal Brutality Records​)

The Damnation falls on us ready to occur after more than 15 fucking years of preparation and for the first time invading the shitty world from the fucking land of Indonesia for the coming of "The Prophet Revenge"! Damnation offers 13 songs of a nameless fucking savagery including a Rotor and Suffocation covers, also containing an instrumental song and we can say in general that this debut album is a total fucking carnage! The band is playing a twisted Brutal Death Fucking Metal with some technical and old skull elements and "The Prophet Revenge" cannot be really compared with other bands by their unique fucking shit but influenced from the styles mentioned above with a fucked up insane brutal fucking touch! The production is unfortunately not really good being unequal, a mixing a little wasted with a guitar way too far, drums sounding not really good and all this shit seems a little "boosted" but in fact, its still going very well with them being a twisted fucking band and having a production one as well! Unfortunately the production is also wasting a little bit the experience, as mentioned above, with a guitar that could be much more present because the riffs are fucking awesome and some of them really brilliant as fuck but you need to give much listens to dig this fucking shit and really appreciating the fucked up riffing! The Damnation is caused by Gruntwind Gurgletation (Vocals), Bonnie (Guitars), Camel Damnation (Bass), Kris J. Philips (Drums) and delivering a complete butchery with a great fucking composition of the deadly damn macabre fucking scenes! Gruntwind on vocals is fucking killer with a good guttural, Bonnie is delivering for the most great fucking riffs but we can also find some a little boring, Camel on bass is also fucking good despite the production and Kris on drums is fucking awesome mixing non stop blast with a more technical drumming! "The Prophet Revenge" is around 34 minutes of pure fucking killing with maybe some songs a little less enjoyable but in general being a successful fucking release and original in its sickness making unique this fucking shit! Damnation just delivered an excellent debut fucking album having some flaws but still mandatory to all sickos by its high fucking level of insanity! Insane Fucking Shit of Pure Fucking Twisted Brutality! 8.5/10

samedi 10 septembre 2016

Beheading Criminal​-Self Crushed Defeat Soul (Dismembered Records​)

Two years ago, a destructive fucking abomination was born in Indonesia to set up a reign of terror and brutality under the name of "Beheading Criminal" by creating one of the most powerful fucking bombs that earth ever heard and this bloodthirsty damn explosion was baptized "Self Crushed Defeat Soul"! This bloody fucking regime spread an insane Brutal Death Fucking Metal that could be a mix between Disgorge US and Enmity but Beheading Criminal is not at all a copy and more going in the same direction of devastation with a way nonetheless original to destroy this shitty fucking world! "Self Crushed Defeat Soul" contains 4 songs including an instrumental intro and we can say that this fucking band really knows how to be fucking brutal by giving total sick fucking songs from beginning to fucking end with no fucking bullshit or other fucking weaknesses and showing to a lot of big bands that the succession is even more damn insane and brutally competent! Beheading Criminal is Dadan (Guitars/Vocals), Zain (Bass/Vocals), Kconk (Drums) and the trio is fucking brilliant by delivering a great composition that could be easily among the sickest fucking EP ever made! Vocals are fucking excellent including a powerful gutturals with a disgusting side, guitar and bass riffs are fucking crazy with some addictive parts but the only one flaw to this release in my opinion is maybe a lack of catchy riffs that could be more present and finally the drums is just fucking insane with a non stop blast drumming fucking brutal and without weakness! The production of this shit is not perfect but fucking amazing especially for an EP, mix is again fucking well done by Insidious Soundlab and this fucking piece of shit really sounds like a fucking ton of bombs exploding simultaneously and annihilating everything in this shitty world! 12 minutes of pure fucking sickness and Beheading Criminal really managed their start into the world of brutality, maybe not offering a blasterpiece, but being very close by giving a brilliant fucking songwriting from start to end! Highly recommended release to the sickest people around who are only looking for true brutality without weak parts! Destructive Fucking Bomb of Brilliant Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

mercredi 7 septembre 2016

Neurogenic​-Ouroboric Stagnation (Comatose Music​)

After their excellent demo in 2012 and 4 years of waiting, Neurogenic finally ready to deliver their highly anticipated debut album called "Ouroboric Stagnation" and doing their true introduction into the fucking brutality by giving an explosive fucking performance! Neurogenic are playing a Technical Brutal Death Fucking Metal which, for me, can be a mix between She Lay Gutted and Degenerating Anthropophagical Euphoria but being able to keep an identity from their unique fucking insanity! "Ouroboric Stagnation" contains 11 crazy fucking songs for the most fucking excellent but some of them can be a little boring but in general the songs are well done having some insane and catchy fucking riffs but unfortunately also including some weak ones in a few songs that may waste a little bit the experience at some moment! The production of this shit is fucking great, a perfect mixing and a great fucking sound with only a drums that could be way better but still fucking enjoying and this damn shit really fucking sounds like the planet earth being devastated, destroyed and pulverized by some shitty sound waves! Neurogenic is Matteo Bazzanella (Vocals), Vlad Melnik (Guitars/Vocals), Anton Zhikharev (Bass), Marco Pitruzzella (Drums) and the quartet are faithful to themselves by giving a flawless performance with a huge fucking composition that despite some flaws is very successful! Matteo is offering an amazing guttural with some appearances like Brian (Gutrot/Syphilic), Mallika (Abnormality) and Danny (Malignancy), Vlad is giving for the most crazy fucking riffings, Anton as usual is fucking awesome by having a big place as bassist and helping to create this Neurogenic identity and atmosphere, and finally Marco on drums giving a fast, technical and great fucking drumming! "Ouroboric Stagnation" is around 25 minutes of pure fucking destruction having unfortunately some weak parts making this shit not 100% sick but still delivering a mighty debut release and we can only hope for something a little sicker in future! Neurogenic managed their first step into insanity by giving an enjoyable shit with some addictive parts that can stuck in our fucking head and highly recommended stuff for fans of Disgorge, Putridity and Defeated Sanity, etc.! Excellent Brutal Fucking Piece of Insanity! 8.5/10

mercredi 17 août 2016

Gorged Bile​-Origin of Contempt (Ungodly Ruins Productions)

The Russians Gorged Bile are already back to poison our fucking lives with their second ritualistic macabre fucking mass entitled "Origin of Contempt" and continue in the same vein as their previous slaughter by offering a diabolical fucking scene of the most damn brutal and enjoyable! The band had a lot of pressure after their stunning debut fucking album and I must say they have completely succeeded their act of insanity even after only one year to give us what we expected! "Origin of Contempt" contains 10 songs of pure fucking brutality being addictive with their catchy parts and also having one or two songs a little less good but not really decreasing the sick quality of this brutal fucking shit! Gorged Bile performs a Brutal Death Fucking Metal being totally faithful to the shitty genre and this new album made me think a little to a mix of Effigy of the Forgotten, Sermon of Mockery and Deriding his Creation by the composition, production and especially the heavy bloodthirsty fucking atmosphere! The songwriting is fucking brutal despite some parts a little less enjoying but in general the songs are pretty well structured making us easily fucking addicted after a few listenings with some memorable moments! The production of this second opus is fucking excellent, a great mixing with a heavy as fuck sound that only make us feel like we were stabbing some fucking virgin on a sacrifice altar before eating her fucking guts! "Origin of Contempt" have a brutal, evil and gory fucking atmosphere greatly helped by the heavy production and the final result is very great and for sure a total fucking success by including everything to can build a respectable brutal fucking release! Gorged Bile is Ivan Shirokov (Vocals), Nickolay Mel (Guitars), Yuriy Oborin (Bass), Sergey Galchuk (Drums) and the four sickos are fucking perfect in many aspects, not on all levels but touching very close the perfection with a brutal addictive fucking release that will stab your fucking soul with its blasphemous fucking insanity! Ivan giving a very good guttural, Nickolay is faithful to himself by launching mostly awesome and brutal fucking riffs, Yuriy is amazing on bass with his personal touch very enjoying and finally Sergey is as sick as before by demonstrating a well done and brutal fucking drumming! 31 minutes of true fucking brutality giving us some old school brutal fucking feelings and this piece of sickness is a total fucking success even despite some parts a little less great! "Origin of Contempt" is a mandatory release to all sickos and Gorged Bile managed in 2 years to give us 2 brilliant fucking gems! Pure Fucking Piece of Amazing Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

mardi 9 août 2016

Harsh-Underlying (Pathologically Explicit Recordings​)

From one of the most brutal places in the fucking world, Basque Country, Harsh was born from 3 Spanish entities to deliver some quality brutality specific to this fucking place and to offer an enjoyable shitty project that makes us remember much the sound of this sick fucking country! Harsh lead us into their macabre fucking world of butchery to deliver a high level fucking piece of insanity called "Underlying" and including 3 fucking songs which are ingeniously and brutally composed but also containing several riffs a little less enjoyable! Harsh performs a Brutal Death Fucking Metal true to the shitty roots of the fucking genre mixing blasts with slower and heavy parts with some pit riffs!  "Underlying" gives off a bloody fucking atmosphere and we really feel to live the art of being fucking skinned and dismembered by 3 ruthless butchers having great fucking expertise in their bloodthirsty damn work! Harsh is Seyerot (Carnivorous Voracity) on Vocals, Alphon (Ex Suffering Down) on Guitars/Bass, Abur (Ex Cerebral Effusion) on Drums and the trio are offering a songwriting of the most enjoyable despite some fucking flaws and know how to make us addicted to their slaughtering fucking shit! Seyerot is again offering a sick fucking guttural, faithful to himself with his addictive and insane style, Alphon is giving for the most amazing and catchy riffs but we can also find a few less good and can get boring after some listens and finally Abur wth a brutal fucking drums by being fucking perfect, sharing much energy and including a diverse drumming! "Underlying" is around 14 fucking minutes of total savagery with endless catchy fucking riffs that will get addicted anyone wanting to experience being gutted in some fucking scene of butchery! The production of this EP is fucking great, mixing well done with a heavy fucking sound making shake your fucking spine and giving you the feeling to assist to these nameless and ruthless horror gory fucking scenes! "Underlying" is a fantastic EP containing much catchy and addictive fucking parts but unfortunately also containing some very boring moments that come a little bit to waste the perfection of this CD but the flaws are not necessary a barrier for the enjoyment felt in this shit! Harsh completely managed their introduction into the brutal world of sickness by offering a great piece of brutality which is highly recommended to all sickos around! Amazing Gory Fucking Piece of Brutal and Insane Fucking Butchery! 9/10

mardi 2 août 2016

Infected Flesh​-Glorify Bestial Quartering (Sevared Records​)

Formed in 1997, the Spanish Infected Flesh are finally fucking back after four years to deliver their highly anticipated fourth full length album entitled "Glorify Bestial Quartering" and they continue to chop our fucking ears with their horrific and brutal fucking musick! Since 2006, the band performs as a one man band but still got a session drummer for the previous release and again another for this one, thus offers a fucking excellent "Glorify Bestial Quartering" including 10 bloodthirsty songs of pure fucking brutality! Infected Flesh continues to perform a Brutal Death Fucking Metal still very basic with a lot of influences in the Old Skull Death Metal and marries the both very fucking well despite some repetitive and stagnant fucking parts! All the songs of this fucking shit are still very good including perhaps a couple less enjoyable songs and some a little repetitive but still delivered in a very well-written fucking composition that contains a huge lot of great fucking riffs but also many less successful! "Glorify Bestial Quartering" contains a gory fucking atmosphere of total fucking butchery making us feel like to assist to some shows of mutilation and dismemberment to prepare the daily menu for the guests crossing the fucking path of this putrid abomination! The production of this fucking shit is very good, a good mixing and a sound really not perfect and missing a little bit of sickness but still very well done and despite the flaws, giving us a great fucking time by feeling the massacre perpetrated in this fucking carnage without fucking mercy! This gory fucking scene of murders is made by Roger B. (Vocals/Guitars/Bass), Erik Raya (Drums) and they are doing a great fucking job at all levels, maybe not perfect, but knowing to make us addicted with this enjoying fucking scene of butchery! Vocals are very fucking good but a little linear and may be boring after a while,  guitars and bass riffs are fucking great but including also some very boring and the drums in general is fucking fast and well done but the sound could have been a little better to enjoy this even more! "Glorify Bestial Quartering" by its flaws is maybe not making part of the elite fucking releases but not disappointing and still highly recommended because Infected Flesh managed to give a great fourth album probably not enjoyable from start to end but knowing how to deliever some quality fucking material and making addicted all fucking sickos giving it a try! Excellent Gory Fucking Piece of Brutality! 8/10

dimanche 31 juillet 2016

Infecting the Swarm​-Abyss (Lacerated Enemy records​)

After a sensational debut album, Infecting the Swarm is back after 2 fucking years to deliver its highly anticipated chapter 2 entitled only "Abyss" and highly meets expectations with a new album of extreme fucking brilliance! Continuing the concept of the ancient gods, this new fucking opus of a trilogy offers a very interesting concept following the previous fucking album with an ancient god awakening after millennia on earth and learning to compound with shitty humans! Infecting the Swarm continues to give a sick Atmospheric Brutal Death Fucking Metal and this time even taking more freedom to include many more atmospheric fucking parts that increase even more the Sci-Fi atmosphere making this release a total unique fucking experience!  "Abyss" contains 9 songs of pure fucking brutality with a very personal touch which are brilliantly composed including all catchy and addictive fucking riffs which makes this an absolute fucking bomb of enjoyment despite some riffs somewhat less successful! The atmosphere of this release is just fucking genius making us really feel the sci-fi concept and managing to keep it serious and fucking brutal! The brain behind Infecting the Swarm is Johannes Schmailz doing everything (Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Drums Programming) and really offering a quality composition of the most fucking enjoyable with all elements needed to make an unforgettable fucking album in the brutal shitty genre! The vocals are gutturals and fucking awesome, the guitar riffs are completely fucking crazy and very well done, the bass is really addictive with several outstanding fucking parts and finally the drums machine is fucking amazing with a very good sound even more true than the most of shitty bands with a real one! This brilliant bomb of brutality lasts about 36 fucking minutes which are mostly fucking amazing and make seem this album much shorter by its fucking quality and expertise in the composition that will make all sickos addicted as fuck! The production of this shit is fucking awesome, a flawless mixing despite having a snare a little bit buried but this shit really sounds like a wall of true fucking bricks exploding under the heavy riffs of this fucking shit! "Abyss" despite some technical flaws is a very close masterpiece having everything to destroy your fucking ears and making your dick fucking hard by its grandiose songwriting and non stop fucking blasts! Infecting the Swarm is offering a brilliant second chapter mandatory to all brutal sickos respecting themselves and we can only hope to not wait too long for the final chapter coming to close this wonderful trilogy of brutality! Brilliant Atmospheric Fucking Piece of True Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

dimanche 24 juillet 2016

Omnipotent Hysteria​-Abattoir of Slain Deities (New Standard Elite​)

From UK, Omnipotent Hysteria is now ready to present their debut fucking album entitled "Abattoir of Slain Deities" and highly meets expectations with a brilliant fucking release with all brutal elements to create something fucking great and unique! This debut album is even surprising us with its musical fucking quality that provides very enjoyable material by its almost perfect fucking composition that knows how to keep us addicted with many catchy riffs, a perfect execution and production totally fucking successful! Omnipotent Hysteria performs a Brutal Death Fucking Metal highly effective by mixing everything and we can find much blasts but also some technical and heavier fucking parts knowing how to create an experience fucking unique and brutal as fuck! "Abattoir of Slain Deities" contains 8 amazing fucking tracks including an awesome instrumental and all songs are built almost perfectly by including catchy riffs, addictive blasts and crazy fucking vocals making us addicted very easily to this brilliant fucking piece of brutality! The band with this material is really sharing an atmosphere of cold fucking brutality and we feel like assisting to some dismemberment of divine fucking characters being tortured and mentally killed by the mental retardation of humanity! Omnipotent Hysteria is Jon Burr (Vocals), James Murphy (Guitars), Matthew Jones (Bass), Jon Rushforth (Drums) and the sick fucking quartet are doing an amazing fucking job to all shitty levels by offering a near perfect songwriting that will stuck in your fucking head for a long fucking time by its quality and improvement! Jon Burr on vocals is giving an awesome fucking guttural maybe a little bit linear but still making it totally fucking addictive, James performing for the most fucking great riffs with a lot of catchy and addictive ones, Matthew is offering a fantastic bass part with some good fucking moments and Jon Rushforth on drums is just fucking perfect helped by an amazing fucking production with his blasts totally fucking awesome and a technical fucking side still present making his work fucking addictive! "Abattoir of Slain Deities" is 32 minutes of pure fucking brutality showing an addictive insanity and expertise at the brutal fucking level by creating an almost perfect fucking shit having only as flaws to have some rare parts a bit less enjoying! The production of this fucking shit is a highlight on this release with a perfect mix and sound completely fucking enjoying and make it seems like some divine work done by a few Deities making us really feel their tortures and suffering! Omnipotent Hysteria is delivering a fucking brilliant debut album having everything to please and "Abattoir of Slain Deities" despite not being fully perfect is making part of the best Brutal Death releases and without any fucking doubt mandatory to all sickos loving some pure fucking brutality! Brilliant Fucking Piece of True Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

dimanche 17 juillet 2016

Internal Suffering​-Cyclonic Void of Power (Unique Leader Records​)

From the Hispanic abysses formed 20 fucking years ago, the vortex of Kadath has been discovered and unintentionally engaged for the fifth fucking time making free an entity with titanic fucking strength and immense magical powers with the ability to create chaos and destruction by releasing a "Cyclonic Void of Power" which will put the shitty fucking world in darkness and Internal Suffering! This bloodthirsty fucking beast make part of the ancient gods from a forgotten world that could be similar to a giant Kraken consisting of a huge fucking head and three tentacles with whom doing his powerful magic and will lead the shitty world into chaos which could be comparable to the one he created in the second opening of the vortex! The mission after his coming is to annihilate the fucking world in ten natural disasters of the most violent fucking scale in three separate step to make this planetary genocide artistically chaotic and filled with an unheard fucking violence! With his guttural and powerful voice, that has not much changed after all these years, making deploy extreme winds creating killer tornadoes and cyclones, his first tentacle making brutal catchy fucking rhythms composed of an ingenious fucking way creating a global volcanic eruption, the second with his fucking heavy and addictive movements is creating the most powerful thunderstorm followed by a deluge transforming almost all the shitty planet to an endless fucking lake, the last one hits the fucking ground with incredible skills and insane fucking speed giving rise to earthquakes and tsunami of unprecedented severity! The ten cataclysms are completely fucking brutal with a force out of our consciousness creating a total fucking destruction of breathtaking creativity and brutality reminding us how this entity is fucking mighty and important in his elite group! The natural disasters are orchestrated in a masterly manner and without fucking mistakes knowing how to create a perfect and destructive fucking event that will remain marked in the cosmos for eternity! This Apocalypse is lasting 41 minutes of pure fucking brutality with constant insanity fucking well done that will mark the deific fucking minds and an universal brutal death ambiance that will shake your shitty body and kill your fucking soul! This evil  fucking beast with magical attributes that people baptized as the Internal Suffering delivered a perfect fucking work of mass fucking destruction by killing and erasing all earthly lives and marking remarkably and violently the balance of the cosmos with the powerful sound of violence getting undoubtedly the same fucking fate in a near future! This "Cyclonic Void of Power" was made with extreme fucking sadism in an ingeniously, brilliant and perfect fucking manner making this an unforgettable chaos of divine insanity! Chaotic Fucking Destruction of Insane Fucking Magnitude! 10/10

dimanche 10 juillet 2016

Eximperituserqethhzebibšiptugakkathšulweliarzaxułum​-Prajecyrujučy Sinhuliarnaje Wypramieńwańnie Daktryny Absaliutnaha J Usiopahłynaĺnaha Zła Skroź Šaścihrannuju Pryzmu Sîn-Ahhī-Erība Na Hipierpawierchniu Zadyjakaĺnaha Kaŭčęha Zasnawaĺnikaŭ Kosmatęchničnaha Ordęna Palieakantakta, Najstaražytnyja Ipastasi Dawosiewych Cywilizacyj Prywodziać U Ruch Ręzanansny Transfarmatar Časowapadobnaj Biaskoncaści Budučyni U Ćwiardyniach Absierwatoryi Nwn-Hu-Kek-Amon, Uwasabliajučy Ŭ Ęfirnuju Matęryju Prach Ałulima Na Zachad Ad Ękzapłaniety PSRB 1620-26b (Amputated Vein Records​)

A few thousands years ago, the knowledge was given to men by an alien force but today this knowledge has been misused and the time has come to make reign the cosmotechnical fucking order! Now in Belarus, a damn scroll was unearthed by archaeologists with the inscription "Eximperituserqethhzebibšiptugakkathšulweliarzaxułum" and after reading these fucking words, the ground started to shake and an expected fucking event will be finally realized with the coming of the Lords of the prior darkness! The sky darkens violently and four knights called before as Egyptian Gods coming from the planet baptized Genesis in the shitty constellation of the Scorpius are creating an infinite army of death which will deliver an apocalyptic fucking battle separated in 7 parts followed by an hymn to the death! Every fucking part of this Deific battle are fucking insane and ingenious with strategic expertise making this fucking shit an unique fucking butchery of the dark history! The atmosphere from this fucking war is divine reminding us a little the Nile's battle 18 years ago, but of course being completely unique with its perfection and brutality side on a planetary scale giving it a grandiose fucking scene of carnage by causing brutal death everywhere! The final and total fucking destruction of the human race is led by four judges, Nun, Hu, Kek and Amon sent to make reign the cosmotechnicality and ordering the troops to a total fucking success by developing a flawless strategy of a destructive fucking beauty! Nun make rains the sky of fire with guttural and powerful fucking voice, Hu with his violin creates ingenious and brutal rhythms causing the overflow of each ocean of the shitty world, Kek make shake and split the fucking earth with his trumpet and Amon hits the skulls from victims of the massacre in an insane and fast fucking way to motivate the troops of death! This apocalyptic damn battle is made very quickly for about 30 fucking minutes of pure fucking bestiality with many memorable moments that give to this chaos an unforgettable fucking experience and will remain impregnated forever in the essence of the universe! The Lords of the prior darkness did a fucking perfect and majestic work in the annihilation of a shitty race that could only harm to the balance of the universe and its attributes and, in this way, perfectly managing to make reign the cosmotechnical fucking order! This epic divine fucking battle was written in the eternal memory of the universe to be never forgotten and we can read these words as follows: "Prajecyrujučy Sinhuliarnaje Wypramieńwańnie Daktryny Absaliutnaha J Usiopahłynaĺnaha Zła Skroź Šaścihrannuju Pryzmu Sîn-Ahhī-Erība Na Hipierpawierchniu Zadyjakaĺnaha Kaŭčęha Zasnawaĺnikaŭ Kosmatęchničnaha Ordęna Palieakantakta, Najstaražytnyja Ipastasi Dawosiewych Cywilizacyj Prywodziać U Ruch Ręzanansny Transfarmatar Časowapadobnaj Biaskoncaści Budučyni U Ćwiardyniach Absierwatoryi Nwn-Hu-Kek-Amon, Uwasabliajučy Ŭ Ęfirnuju Matęryju Prach Ałulima Na Zachad Ad Ękzapłaniety PSRB 1620-26b"! Atmospheric Chaos of Epic Fucking Brutality! 10/10

dimanche 3 juillet 2016

Anorgasm-Mass Murder for Intercourse (Lord Of The Sick Recordings​)

A serial killer was born in Bandung, Indonesia causing casualties since 2009 and the media called him the Anorgasm which is of a nameless fucking cruelty  and since a few weeks, he writes on his victims "Mass Murder for Intercourse"! Anorgasm includes 8 victims for his "Mass Murder for Intercourse" fucking ritual and all the innocent people were killed in a way completely fucking brutal, sadistic and without mercy with a global expertise at the torture fucking level fully mastered! The gory atmosphere of the murder scenes is fucking heavy because of the degree of insanity of the murders making us live again those bloodthirsty fucking scenes of  butchery! Anorgasm always leaves on each crime scene the same fucking tape with an insane Brutal Death Fucking Metal that could be compared to bands like Gorgasm or old Disgorge but keeping their identity and doing something brutally fucking creative without to be really original but effective and offered to a high fucking level of enjoyment! After investigation by the fucking authorities, the members making the musick on the fucking tape have been identified as Agus Donald (Vocals), Dicky Backot (Guitars), Redi Ferdiana (Bass), Arie Beko (Drums) and the sickos are doing an exceptional  fucking job at all shitty fucking levels by including addictive songs that contain many catchy parts giving to this exhibit a fucking solid songwriting! Agus is offering fucking sick and diverse gutturals that could be a little compared to old Matti Way vocals, Dicky is really fucking great by giving for the most only brutal and addictive fucking riffs but also having some a little less enjoying, Redi is fucking awesome on bass with many great fucking parts and helped greatly by the amazing fucking production and finally Arie is showing a fucking insane drumming with crazy fucking blasts and knowing to be varied! The production of this shit is just fucking perfect, a great mixing and a sound fucking profound and heavy as fuck putting in evidence the bass and increasing even more level of enjoyment making us really feel like those who attended to the carnage scenes of total fucking butchery! After fucking hard investigations, the authorities have finally discovered that the band and the murderer are actually the same and figured out through interrogations that each crime lasted about 30 fucking minutes and each second were total fucking brutality and important to the outcome of the almost perfect fucking crime! "Mass Murder for Intercourse" gives us cold sweats by its high fucking insanity very well done and the monstruous fucking scene of murders of brutal efficiency! Despite not having fully managed the perfect crime, Anorgasm have excelled in their massacre by offering a gore fucking show damn addictive that will appeal to all the most brutal fucking people in the shitty world! Fantastic Disgusting Fucking Scenes of Pure Total Fucking Butchery! 9.5/10

vendredi 1 juillet 2016

Baalsebub-The Sickness of the Holy Inquisition (Ungodly Ruins Productions)

The Grand Inquisitor Baalsebub been called from Estonia to deliver his fucking reign of terror all over the shitty world and now ready to practice his power with his first work of exponential fucking cruelty entitled "The Sickness of the Holy Inquisition"! Baalsebub present his work divided into 8 condemnation fucking acts of torture which contains 2 ways already done in his previous works and six new fucking acts that will shake the shitty foundations of brutality with their insanity and blatant lack of compassion! "The Sickness of the Holy Inquisition" is all about pushing the fucking limits of endurance by inflicting a large fucking dose of torture and unimaginable damn suffering of an infinitely ingenious fucking way! The Baalsebub work could be described as a scene of sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal with torturous insane fucking blasts mixed with some heavy riffs totally out of the most deranged human consciousness and making us live an experience of exceptional fucking impurity! The cruel fucking atmosphere of this massacre fucking Bible make us really feel like attending to some shitty sentences given by seeing their executions and feeling the gravity of suffering inflicted! The Grand Baalsebub have in his service 4 sickos named Aivar Keermann (Vocals), Tarvi Neemelaik (Guitars), Taavi Veidner (Bass), Markus Saar (Drums) and they are doing a perfect fucking job by giving us a brutal fucking blasterpiece having no fucking flaws in the songwriting and making us fucking addicted from start to fucking end! Aivar is giving an awesome guttural fucking enjoying, Tarvi on guitars is amazing by giving non stop original and ingenious fucking riffs, Taavi on bass is also doing a great job with some parts very fucking great and finally Markus is faithful to himself with his sickness by offering a drumming completely fucking insane being fucking diverse and well done! A torture from "The Sickness of the Holy Inquisition" lasts about 34 fucking minutes of pure agonizing fucking insanity having no riffs or part less enjoyable but giving an experience of the most incredible and brutal in the field of pains by making us addicted to the gigantic scenes of torture making that deadly bomb a pure fucking gem of the shitty genre! The production of this instrument of martyrdom is just fucking perfect, a flawless mixing and enjoying sound giving the impression to really live the concept of the acts and attend as a spectator to the incredibly brutal, disgusting and ruthless fucking scenes! Baalsebub really managed his goal by inflicting unimaginable physical sufferings but also remaining marked deep into our fucking soul and being eternally stuck by invading our fucking brains of his morbid scenes and a work extremely well done! "The Sickness of the Holy Inquisition" is a pure fucking masterpiece of the shitty genre and mandatory to each brutal death fucking sickos because this is one of best fucking releases of this shitty decade! Torturous Blasterpiece of Pure Fucking Insanity! 10/10