lundi 1 mai 2017

Execrated​-Condemnation to Eternal Punishment (Anopsys Records)

Philippines always lays some excellent fucking brutality and this time under the name of Execrated, this bloodthirsty and ruthless fucking beast is dropped into the community to accomplish an unnamed fucking disaster named as "Condemnation to Eternal Punishment" and offers an unimaginable fucking destruction of 13 minutes creating total fucking chaos! Execrated performs a powerful Brutal Death Fucking Metal that can be compared to other bands of the region but retains its identity and offering some insane fucking brutality with vocals perhaps lacking guttural and being redundant after a few times but still very fucking good, riffing for the most fucking crazy despite the production burying the guitar and the drums is fucking sick as fuck by its speed but also its originality! This war of total fucking cruelty is divided into 4 devastating fucking parts possibly having some parts a little less successful missing a little to the addictive side but in general this fucking shit is very enjoyable and insanely fucking brutal! Execrated is controlled by Norman (Vocals), Aldrin (Guitars), Lhoi (Bass), Tadz (Drums) and the quartet are giving some great songwriting being not perfect and missing a little of catchy parts but able to disturb your fucking mind with their sickness and the quality of this fucking EP! The production is fucking good, also the mixing, surely not giving enough place to the guitar, but this fucking shit still sounds like a ton fucking bricks creating some cold and barbaric fucking atmosphere! Despite some flaws, Execrated managed their start into the true fucking brutality by spreading some insane fucking material making this EP one of sickest of the shitty genre and giving you some extreme fucking experience! "Condemnation to Eternal Punishment" is highly recommended to each brutal head being not afraid to be totally fucking crushed by some powerful fucking annihilation! Excellent Fucking Piece of Extreme Fucking Brutality! 8.5/10

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