mardi 29 avril 2014

Intense Hammer Rage-DeathChunkGoreGrind (Fresh Blood Management) 

After 17 fucking years of disappearance, the first Intense Hammer Rage album of 1997 has finally emerged under the name of "DeathChunkGoreGrind", showing us the beginnings of this legendary fucking cult band! The line-up on this album is Spills on vocals, Ricey on Guitars, Chris on Bass/Vocals, AB on Drums and the four sickers perform on this fucking piece of shit a Brutal Death Fucking Metal mixed up with some Goregrind, groovy, melodic and jazzy parts that show us the origins of their unique style, identity and always been ahead of their damn time! This fucking puddle of fucking vomit called "DeathChunkGoreGrind" contains 8 songs and lasts about 40 fucking minutes, the production is fucking killer and this shit sounds like a fucking ton of shitty bricks, fucking raw and brutal with the best elements to make a fucking sick disk! As I wrote earlier, this band is damn unique and original as fuck had to the great work of each sick head of Intense Hammer Rage, Ricey with his fucking diversified riffs from any musical style and making it a fucking brutal sick shit, Spills on vocals doing an awesome job mixing all kinds of vocals in his own way with Chris on Vocals/Bass being fucking excellent and creative, and finally AB on drums with a fucking great performance also mixing very well all style of drumming! This release is fucking killer with a fucking excellent sound, a variety of enjoyable riffs but also including some songs and parts a bit less good but in general this fucking infectious shit is essential for any true fans of Brutal Death Fucking Metal! Very Fucking Good Original Brutal Fucking Shit! 7/10 

dimanche 27 avril 2014

Decaying Purity-Malignant Resurrection of the Fallen Souls (Sevared Records)

After offering us their fucking masterpiece "The Existence of Infinite Agony" in 2011, Decaying Purity are back for a third full length opus entitled "Malignant Resurrection of The Fallen Souls"! Having lost a member in the band, Decaying Purity is now Serkan (Vocals), Mustafa (Guitars/Bass), Onur (Drums) and the Turkish trio make a better fucking job than ever performing a legendary Brutal Death Fucking Metal remaining with their technical side and this album contains a sound much more Death Metal going with the atmosphere created for this majestic malignant piece of fucking shit! The production is damn perfect, fucking great mixing and a sound maybe more "clear" and less heavy but adding to the total fucking demonic ambiance of this damned fucking disk! Mustafa on Guitars/Bass did an incredible job with this album making us fucking addicted to all guitars riffs and the bass has an important role and also fucking greatly played! The vocals of Serkan are really fucking good, less guttural and more approaching Death Metal with a powerful performance and finally, Onur on Drums continues to perform with fucking excellence, blast beats, technical and diversified parts fucking ingeniously played and fucking flawless! Each songs (10 songs), riffs and every fucking second (2250 seconds) of "Malignant Resurrection of The Fallen Souls" are evilly epic, a fucking perfect album from beginning to end causing us multiple eargasms! The atmosphere of this shit is totally pure fucking evil and the awesome cover art of this release is quite what you feel listening to this blasphemous killer fucking masterpiece! Probably one of the best Death Metal albums ever written and is a fucking unique piece that each metalheads need to have because this shit is more than perfect and deserves more than a 10 out of 10! Pure Total Piece of Creative Blasphemous Evilness Brutal Death Fucking Metal! 10/10

samedi 26 avril 2014

Infecting the Swarm-Pathogenesis (Lacerated Enemy Records)

Brutal Death Fucking Metal at its fucking best, this is what is offered by the talented Infecting the Swarm with the fucking exceptional debut album "Pathogenesis"! This one man German Sci -Fi Brutal Death Metal band has been created by Johannes Schmailz (Ex-Chordotomy) who did everything (Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums Programming) on this perfect fucking piece of brutality with its endless fucking blastbeats and rare serenity moments that makes "Pathogenesis" an incredibly brutal and fucking powerful disk in its entirety! 9 songs and 35 minutes of intense fucking violence containing 100% relevant riffs and each song has a lot of catchy parts, guttural as fuck vocals and including a drums programming ingeniously done and one of the fucking best! The production of this shit is totally fucking perfect, mixing is flawless, the sound is damn successful, it really sounds like a fucking bomb and the sound of drums programming is the best I've ever heard, actually fucking better than 80% of production of real drums nowadays, adding an incredible quality at this fucking killer debut release! "Pathogenesis" is a fucking insane disk but not redundant and diverse in his music including a fucking sick sci fi atmosphere and makes us addicted to every fucking minute of this fucking intense and total fucking piece of pure alien destruction insanity! This fabulous fucking shit has no defects or boring times and is fucking essential for every sickos, a fucking must have! Fucking Killer Perfect Insane Sci Fi Shit! 10/10

mardi 22 avril 2014

Korpse-Korpse (Morbid Generation Records)

From the brutal fucking lands of Holland blessed in sickness, we can only hope some of the sickest fucking shits and Korpse are no exception to the rule, offering us their brutally amazing self-titled debut release! Korpse is Sven van Dijk on Vocals, Andy Wit on Guitars, Mart Wijnholds on Bass, Marten van Kruijssen on Drums and the quartet perform a Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal, that could nowadays be easily compared to Cerebral Incubation, Gutfed... by their fucking quality of slam, and their faithfulness to the fucking roots of Brutal Death Metal! When I say true to the roots, of course I am referring to the compositions of these 8 fucking pieces of shit that mix very well slam and blast parts giving us a high-caliber fucking production of 23 minutes with a mixing and sound totally fucking raw and killer! All instruments on this fucking shit sound like a fucking ton of bleeding bowels thrown on the fucking floor, a fucking pure sound of Brutal Death Metal which can also be found in the drums which is completely enjoyable and real, which is rare in the slam now! This album is totally catchy and its composition is successful, brutal, sick and an amalgam of riffs that you have stuck in your head and  this CD is excellent from A to Z, except perhaps some parts that may seem slow and long, but surrounded by the excellent Brutal Death Metal and great murdering atmosphere created by Korpse! This disc is a must for all fans of Brutal Death Metal, great guttural vocals, great riffs, crushing bass, raw drums and a fucking killer heavy production which makes it an essential shit for all of us! Awesome Brutal Slamming Shit! 9/10

dimanche 20 avril 2014

Gutted Alive-Culmination of Mutilation (CDN Records) 

From the rotten fucking entrails of New York, USA, Gutted Alive are back after recording a demo in 2013 under "The Gutted" and changed of name to dump their debut full length called "Culmination of Mutilation"! Gutted Alive consists of Ryan Michael (Vocals), Jason Acquilano (Guitars), Michael Sloma (Bass), Brandon Graves (Drums) and these four butchers directly fucking out of a slaughterhouse of fucking whores perform a Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a lot of elements of Death Metal and faithful to the fucking roots of the both genres and are tremendously fucking creative and offer a fucking piece of bloody fucking meat totally fucking unique in its damn kind! Brandon Graves on Drums is very fucking good, mixing ingeniously all styles of Death Metal, Ryan on vocals did a fucking great job, never boring in performing diverse vocals, same thing on the side of Michael on Bass and Jason on Guitars with their riffs endlessly original with a fucking great writing! The production of this fucking bomb of putrid flesh is fucking excellent, the mixing is well made and the sound in general is really enjoyable and the only downside is the sound of drums that I personally hated but dont spoil the fucking good job done by the other parts! "Culmination of Mutilation" is a release that reminds us a lot of the origins of Brutal Death Metal and Death Metal, but his creative side make them fucking unique and gives them an own identity and despite many parts which may seem less enjoyable, their innovation makes this fucking shit a very good act of 8 limbs and about 31 bones! Some negative parts but this fucking disk sliced from a fucking brain is necessary for any passionate of Brutal Death Metal and Death Metal, "Culmination of Mutilation'' is a fucking must have and essential for all of us! Excellent Fucking Shit! 8/10 

dimanche 13 avril 2014

Goretrade-Doomsday device (Sevared Records) 

The blasphemous anti-christian "Doomsday Device" is the fourth Colombian Brutal Death Fucking Metal act of Goretrade and consists of 8 new fucking songs plus 1 re-recorded song from "Ritual of Flesh" (Piercing her Throat), a Dehumanized cover (Terminal Punishment) and lasts 38 fucking minutes! This band suffered of several line-up changes and this release is interpreted by Julian Gil (Lead Guitar), Mauro Mazuera (Drums), Felipe Medrano (Bass) and Cesar Vera (Guitar) who is the only original member and the main composer of this fucking piece of shit! The quartet give us a damn high quality performance, Julian with his fucking excellent guitar riffs and solos really fucking enjoyable, Felipe doing an amazing job with the fucking great bass parts really interesting helped by the production giving him a real place, Mauro on drums is fucking great, mixing very well blastbeats with slower parts and finally, Cesar is also doing an excellent shit, having composed 70% of the album and giving us a "Doomsday Device" filled with an incredible fucking atmosphere and the own fucking style of Goretrade! The production is fucking good, mixing is great especially at the guitars and bass side, the sound is fucking killer and a success despite the drums, sounding a little bit fucking weak! All songs from this disk are fucking great, you can find many riffs much less enjoyable and interesting but the composition and atmosphere of this cd still make us enjoy these moments! Despite this, "Doomsday Device" is still a fucking piece of quality necessary for any true Brutal Death Metal fans! Fucking Good Shit Greatly Composed! 7/10 

lundi 7 avril 2014

Interfectorment-Diorama Teatrikal Pembantaian (Deathfans Records) 

From the brutal fucking land of Indonesia, Interfectorment launch their first bomb entitled "Diorama Teatrikal Pembantaian" imposing a total fucking hearing destruction with their Brutal Death Fucking Metal completely devastating and brutally fucking explosive! This 5 song EP has an incredible production, mixing is fucking perfect and it really sounds like a fucking ton of dynamites for 17 minutes with a fucking success at the bass, guitars and still a good sound at drums! Interfectorment consists of Rivaldy (Vocals), Agung (Guitars), Teguh (Bass), Dendy (Drums) and the Indonesian sickos show that they are capable of delivering a ravaging fucking piece of Brutal Death Metal with varied blastbeats, some rare slam parts, a little more technical side and a concept that makes "Diorama Teatrikal Pembantaian" a fucking excellent EP! The guitar riffs of this detonative shit are almost all fucking excellent and highly interpreted, same thing at the bass with its memorable parts greatly helped by the production, fucking excellent job at the drums that still has managed to diversify its work, vocalist doing also a fucking great job may perhaps miss a few guttural parts but his style remains fucking faithful to the musical sound of Interfectorment! A negative point we can also found on this EP is the half of the first song which is a copy of a Putridity song "Sodomize Epileptic Chunks" where you can see a form of tribute but is finally maybe not been a good idea! Despite its weaknesses, the first effort of these sickos is a fucking success and we can only hope for the future, because ''Diorama Teatrikal Pembantaian" is a fucking great theatrical piece of fucking gore recommended to all the sickest of the genre! Pretty Great Bomb of Fucking Shit! 8/10 

samedi 5 avril 2014

Maggot Colony-Perpetuating the Viral Infestation (Inherited Suffering Records)

Maggot Colony infests the scene with their debut album regurgitated under the fucking name of "Perpetuating the Viral Infestation"! The maggot colony consists of Jacob Ning (Gorepot) on guitars, bass & drums programming, Aiden Zhang on vocals and the both sickos are fucking straight out of a fucking dead pussy somewhere in Taiwan and they shit a Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal in its greatest fucking splendor and stench! This fucking shit of 22 minutes (8 songs+1 intro) is a great example of the path to take to perform a damn perfect symbiosis of slam by not always extending the same fucking riffs in a song or album and show a diversity and expertise in the fucking genre! The production of this bunch of fuking puke is not perfect but is really fucking killer, a mixing really well executed, fucking heavy and disgusting sound out from beyond the grave sounding like a fucking ton of maggots came from the ass of a fucking whore infected by the fucking AIDS with a drums programming still very fucking good! Aiden on vocals is inhuman and really great and we are never bored, Jacob Ning is simply doing a fucking wonderful job on this release, multiplying slam riffs and making a perfect 22 minutes with only fucking good riffs, being perhaps not all original, but are catchy as fuck, fucking greatly played and diversified, adding some great bass parts and blastbeats making it a totally complete and flawless work in the style! Each fucking brutal fucker need to appropriate "Perpetuating the Viral Infestation" because its among the best fucking shits in the Slamming Brutal Death Metal! Fucking Perfect Puke of Shitty Slam! 10/10