lundi 28 juillet 2014

Extremely Rotten-Zombification of the Masses (Gore House Productions)

The Floridians Extremely Rotten are back and this time with a 2 songs EP entitled "Zombification of the Masses"! Extremely Rotten continues to play their dirty Brutal Death Fucking Metal incorporating elements of slam, maybe a little less on this shitty disk, and offers 5 fucking minutes of pure fucking brutality and enjoyment! The line up consist of James Shuster (Delusional Parasitosis/Scatorgy...) on Vocals, Jim Ross (Cystic Dysentery) on Guitars, Mike Shaw (Impurity/Nakhiel) on Bass and Juan Pablo (Nakhiel) on the fucking Drums! James is still true to himself with his vocals completely fucking disgusting,damn great and guttural as fuck, Jim/Mike perform an amount of fucking sick riffs and the most of them fucking well composed and really enjoyable, and finally Juan Campo is also true to form with a masterful fucking drumming performance! The production of this shit is fucking excellent, perfect mixing for me and a sound fucking great and insanely fucking sick, totally enjoying guitars,bass and drums that sound like a real fucking ton of Grey aliens crushed in a huge fucking grinder! "Zombification of the Masses" from its 2 songs is really a big puddle of fucking brutal puke offering a fucking perfect self titled song from one end to the other and really well written, a little less successful at the second song "Feeding on Human Flesh" which can seem a bit repetetive but still a fucking excellent track and this EP succeeded its goal very fucking well in delivering a fucking piece of Brutal Death Metal completely fucking sick and brutal! An album almost fucking perfect and its biggest flaw is its 5 minutes duration but still a total fucking must for every fucking sickos! Fucking Great Puke Full of Shit! 9/10

samedi 26 juillet 2014

Syphilectomy-Circumcised Abominable Deformity (Death Metal Industry)

From India, Syphilectomy are emerging with their first EP entitled "Circumcised Abominable Deformity"! This band consists of Toshi (Vocals), Asetuo (Guitars), Akhrielie (Drums) and the trio are performing a Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking sick and disgusting, mixing fucking well the slam and the blast with a very present influence to Cephalotripsy! Toshi on Vocals is really fucking sick, guttural as fuck and totally fucking great, Asetuo on Guitars is doing an awesome fucking job, a bunch of catchy, memorable and fucking insane riffs and finally, Akhrielie on drums is fucking good with a strong performance filled with fucking powerful blasts and groovy fucking parts! The production of "Circumcised Abominable Deformity" is really fucking good, maybe not perfect but sounding very dirty, fucking brutal and enjoyable, an excellent fucking mixing and the sound still very well done with drums sounding fucking better and not totally fake like most of slamming bands, but still missing a small something and making the whole thing sounding a bit fucking bland! This EP is really fucking great scoring his goal by delivering a slam totally fucking brutal but we dont really find new riffs and many of them remind us a lot Cephalotripsy but this fucking shit has the intelligence to gather all the fucking best of the genre for making a fucking slam totally fucking sick with a lot of catchy moments making us fucking addicted to this fucking piece of shitty puke!  With 5 songs and 14 fucking minutes, "Circumcised Abominable Deformity" despite its flaws, is a pure fucking success in the genre and is recommended to all brutal fuckers out there because this fucking shit is among the best of the genre and is a fucking must fucking every fucking sickos! Very Fucking Good Brutal Fucking Sick Slam! 8/10

mercredi 23 juillet 2014

Digging Up-Disseminated Inapparent Infection (Disembowel Records)

From the kingdom of Metal Indonesia, Digging Up are finally ready to fucking drop their highly anticipated fucking bomb "Disseminated Inapparent Infection"! 36 minutes, 9 fucking songs (1 instrumental and 1 Jasad cover), this puddle of fucking puke is all about the real Brutal Death Fucking Metal played in a sick and extreme fucking way that I think can be a mixture of the old Indonesian Brutal Death with influences of american bands like Gorgasm, Disgorge, Condemned...! Digging Up is Andry Gila (Vocals), Sebastian Dedra (Guitars), Wedra Ramsey (Bass), Arief Rahadian (Drums) and the four sickos are doing an awesome fucking job with this fucking piece of sickness of a constant and excellent brutality! The production of this pure fucking sick shit is fucking good, also the mixing despite some lack at the drums, a very heavy and powerful fucking sound that stabs our fucking ears with a bunch of fucking shit! "Disseminated Inapparent Infection" is filled with almost only fucking great riffs, some perhaps a little less enjoyable but I think this fucking shit is still a total success, fucking sick vocals completely brutal as fuck that can seem sometimes redundant but never bother us and drums fucking successful, fast and fucking sick as fuck! Digging Up just show us that the fucking wait has been worth it fully with an outstanding fucking album which I think is already fucking cult for Indonesia and the rest of the shitty world and despite its flaws, this fucking insane release is almost fucking perfect at all brutal levels! "Disseminated Inapparent Infection" is without fucking doubt a fucking must for all fucking brutal sickos worldwide! Amazing Brutal Fucking Shit! 9/10

dimanche 20 juillet 2014

Repugnance-Seeds of Oppression (Anopsys Records)

Repugnance was born in 2012 and is one of the few Death Metal fucking bands to emerge from Malta and true to form, delivering a fucking band of quality with their first Death Metal fucking act baptized by fire under the damned name of "Seeds of Oppression"! Repugnance is Roderick Mifsud (Vocals), George Gauci (Guitars), Ayrton Muscat (Bass), Konrad Saliba (Drums) and the four sickos are performing a fierce and fucking violent Death Metal in a brutal uncompromising fucking quality! Roderick is delivering a great fucking performance with his fucking powerful Death Metal vocals including his guttural moments, George on guitars is fucking awesome, with almost only fucking great, aggressive and totally fucking killer riffs creating an evil shitty fucking atmosphere, same fucking shit with Ayrton on bass with a lot of outstanding and high level fucking parts and finally, Konrad on drums is just fucking perfect with his fast and slower tempos adding to the high fucking quality of Death Metal Repugnance is delivering! The production of this EP is fucking excellent, the sound is very good and also the mixing although the bass could have been more forward, it not removing the fact that this fucking CD sounds like a fucking ton of christians boiled in a fucking pot somewhere in Malta!  "Seeds of Oppression" with its 5 songs is insanely fucking enjoyable and shows that its still possible to perform a total powerful Death Fucking Metal with its roots in the Old School and Brutal Death Metal and making an exceptional fucking release, the only downside to this fucking shit is having a few rare riffs a bit repetitive and making a couple minutes out of 22 a little bit more boring but still fucking positive on the devilish atmosphere created! This fucking shit is recommended to all fans of Death Metal or Brutal Death Metal because of the musical quality that Repugnance is showing to the underground fucking scene of sickness! Fucking Awesome Blasphemous Fucking Shit! 9/10

jeudi 17 juillet 2014

Euphegenia-Telexistent Depravity (New Standard Elite)

Euphegenia have emerged from two other bands in Las Vegas to offer us this outstanding fucking virulent hearing virus called "Telexistent Depravity"! Euphegenia is Jeremiah Blue Jensen (Guttural Secrete) on Vocals, Randall James Thompson (Guttural Secrete) on Guitars/Bass, Richard Anthony Nunez (Cerebral Incubation) on Drums and the trio are performing an Experimental Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a progressive aspect and a small technical side making "Telexistent Depravity" a fucking piece totally unique with an inspired fucking songwriting! This band can still be compared with fucking bands like Wormed, Dripping including a fucking raw side as Guttural Secrete with even a small influence from old Origin at some points and all this fucking mix gives us Euphegenia and the beauty of this shitty fucking disk is to not doing the mistake like most of bands trying to explore a more experimental side and totally losing the shitty brutality at the same time, Euphegenia is all about a Brutal Death Metal in a very damn innovative, effective and fucking sick way! The production of this total fucking shit is generally very fucking good, mixing well done but maybe is missing at the bass level that is not really there maybe had to the large presence of vocals in the mixing, but despite it, the sound of this release is totally fucking killer and it sounds really like a tons fucking virtual fucking bricks! 4 songs and 18 fucking minutes of pure fucking brutality, this EP is fucking enjoyable from A to Z with its catchy riffs in large numbers completely fucking awesome and original, some of the best vocals ever recorded and a perfect performance on drums! The only downside of this album is to have a few rare riffs a little less enjoyable and a little bit weak but in general, the diversity and quality of this fucking shit make us quickly forget the negative! "Telexistent Depravity" is an unique crazy fucking piece of Brutal Death Metal that managed to be fucking innovative and experimental without losing their fucking balls, this is a fucking must for all shitty fucking sickos! Creative Fucking Piece of Wonderful Shitty Brutality! 9/10

dimanche 13 juillet 2014

Intricated-Swallowed the Undead Parasites (Self-Released)

From Bangkok (Thailand), Intricated are back with a new promo fucking faithful to their great fucking brutality entitled "Swallowed the Undead Parasites"! This 2 songs promo of about 9 minutes is all about Brutal Death Fucking Metal well mixing the faster and slower parts with a personal technical fucking touch created in a complete sick fucking way! Panyawat on vocals is just fucking awesome making us addicted to his fucking great shitty guttural vox, Jeeraset on guitars with his sick fucking riffs is doing an amazing fucking job by multiplying the catchy riffs and making the 2 songs fucking enjoyable, Wasumit also having his moments of glory at the bass with many fucking excellent parts and the production helping him to show his brutal fucking skills and finally, Pratchya on drums is very diverse and totally fucking brutal and exceptional in all conceivable fucking aspects! The production of this promo is not perfect but still fucking good with an excellent mixing and a fucking killer sound perhaps lacking a bit of power and punch, but is still a fucking success! Intricated has launched a piece of fucking shit of an amazing fucking quality with a variety of musical highlights and you can also find in the nine fucking brutal minutes some parts a little bit more boring but fucking quickly forgotten! "Swallowed the Undead Parasites" is a fucking great CD greatly recommended for all real fucking sick in the dick fuckers and with this fucking piece of sickness, Intricated show us again their important place into the Brutal Death Metal fucking scene! Excellent Fucking Shit! 8/10

lundi 7 juillet 2014

Devangelic-Resurrection Denied (Comatose Music)

The four horsemen of the apocalypse foretold by the damn biblical writings named Devangelic are came to spread all imaginable fucking plagues and they opened their first diabolical battle against the christianity under the name of "Resurrection Denied"! This fucking scourge has been made in a Brutal Death Fucking Metal way like in the good old damned days, very fucking fast and right in your fucking face and this apocalyptic revelation is influenced by entities like Disgorge (USA), Cinerary, Liturgy...! The four soldiers of hell are Paolo Chiti with the voice of war, Mario Di Giambattista announcing the fucking plagues with his strident sounds, Damiano Bracci sharing the hate with heavy fucking noise and Alessandro Santilli with his war skulls drum motivating the evil fucking troops for the destruction of Christianity! The infernal quartet are doing an incredible fucking job at all shitty damn levels! Paolo with his devilish guttural vocals is fucking awesome, maybe a little bit linear but dont bother us and doing his annihilation role very fucking well! Mario and Damiano with their evil purpose are also doing an extraordinary fucking job, mixing very well fastest and slower riffs incorporating in each fucking anti christian song some more catchy and inspired parts fucking performed and executed fabulously by the both henchmen of Satan and finally, Alessandro has been fucking perfect and fucking awesome in all possible damn parts with his drums blessed by the fucking semen of Satan himself, he managed to diversify his drumming with mid-tempo, slow and fast parts and doing it in a great fucking way! "Resurrection Denied" have a perfect shitty fucking production, excellent mixing, a fucking great sound, maybe missing a little in the heavy side but in the circumstances, enhancing the fucking hatred and evil emanating from this fucking piece of total fucking shit sounding like the destruction of the Vatican in a few seconds and the annihilation of the shitty damned Christianity in 31 fucking minutes and 9 faithlessness battles! The four blasphemous fucking sickos Devangelic did a remarkable first fucking full appearance with their first scourge made in a raw and brutal way completely loyal to 100% to their predecessors making this infernal fucking work an undisputed fucking evil blasterpiece of Brutal Death Metal! "Resurrection Denied" is a fucking must have for all fucking sickos, this is already a fucking classick in the shitty genre! Fucking Blasphemous Evil Shitty Infernal Blasterpiece of Unholy Fucking Shit! 10/10

mardi 1 juillet 2014

Cerebral Effusion-Idolatry of the Unethical (New Standard Elite)

The Ancient Gods of Spain united under the name of Cerebral Effusion are back to give us their fourth full fucking devastation of the world with this fucking macabre march entitled "Idolatry of the Unethical"! The Cerebral Effusion entity still perform their pure Brutal Death Fucking Metal with their personal touch that make them so fucking unique and, they continue on this path with the same will to remain completely fucking faithful to their fucking roots and deserves a fucking great respect after all these shitty brutal years! The four sick fucking corpses consisting of this horrifying diabolic fucking piece of shit are Cosme (Bass/Vocals), Penas (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Jabo (Guitar), Eihar (Drums) and they are doing a perfect fucking work sharing the shitty fucking plague with their pestilential seal of 7 acts making the end of the fucking world lasting exactly 33 gory fucking minutes! The production of this fucking shit is totally fucking killer in all shitty aspects of the brutality adding that its very fucking faithful to their own atmosphere and maybe a little more than their previous destructive fucking blasterpiece! A mixing fucking successful, a fucking epic heavy sound which has always made them so damn unqiue, "Idolatry of the Unethical" really sound like a fucking ton of fucking bricks straight in your fucking face with a perfect fucking sound for all instruments and especially the drums which sounds totally fucking insane! Cosme still have a fucking great guttural shitty vocals, always with his own fucking style which never make us bored adding the great backing vocals of Pe and, without forgetting an amazing fucking job on bass with some great fucking parts! Penas & Jabo are doing a great fucking job on guitars with a fucking flawless composition totally fucking outstanding with a lot of catchy parts and a diversified fucking job at the brutal creation level! Eihar with his drums is fucking wonderful, a total fucking demonstration of talent and tightness at every fucking seconds also fucking diversified as fuck in his blasts and slow parts which make it a fucking awesome and addicting drumming! "Idolatry of the Unethical" is perfect at all fucking levels and show us that Cerebral Effusion have their name engraved eternally on the fucking wall of sickness since already a long fucking time! This is a fucking must for every fucking brutal fans worldwide! Blasterpiece of Shit! 10/10