lundi 31 août 2015

Depraved Murder​-Remnants of Depravity (WAAR Productions)

From Kediri in East Java, Depraved Murder leave their slaughterhouse to make squirt blood everywhere with their debut album delivering a complete fucking musical butchery! "Remnants of Depravity" is the name given to this first massacre that could be described as an act of Brutal Death Fucking Metal mixing the blast, heavy and slam fucking elements that still demonstrates diversity and where everyone can find their shitty taste and preference! 8 fucking songs of cruel dismemberment including an intro and outro, and all songs of that shit are fucking excellent with perhaps some better songs than others and a few riffs somewhat less successful but in general this fucking shit is a total bloody fucking debauchery! Luky (Vocals), Ogy (Guitars), Azam (Bass), Yogy (Drums) are the bloodthirsty fucking quartet of this depraved murder and they are delivering an excellent fucking piece of brutality! Luky on vocals is doing an awesome job giving a powerful guttural fucking enjoyable, Ogy on guitars is performing for the most fucking good riffs with maybe some less successful but still fucking well done, same for Azam on bass giving a good fucking performance and finally Yogy delivering a fucking insane drumming with his blast but also diverse had to the band's style! "Remnants of Depravity" is lasting 25 fucking minutes of great fucking brutality not perfect, perhaps lacking a little bit of catchy and addictive parts but this fucking shit is still a fucking success by being damn excellent and having a butchering atmosphere! The production of this debut album is fucking excellent, a mixing well done and this fucking shit sounds really like a fucking ton of corpses from a bloody murderous orgy being fucking crushed! Depraved Murder offer a piece of brutality with some less glorious parts but still leaving their mark in the genre by performing an enjoyable Brutal Death with all the shitty fucking elements to please all fucking fans! Excellent Fucking Piece of Brutal Fucking Butchery! 8/10

lundi 24 août 2015

Severed Purity​-Promo 2015 (Necrology Records​)

Total killer fucking brutality is what are offering Severed Purity and since 2014 in West Java are working to infest this shitty planet with a first slaughtering fucking act of butchery only called "Promo 2015"! Severed Purity are performing a Sick Primitive Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a fucking killer and heavy as fuck composition coming to include a deadly fucking ambiance! This pure fucking piece of brutality is containing 3 songs of the most successful with only great fucking parts enjoyable from start to fucking end that makes this promo an addictive fucking shit! Dede (Vocals), Abest (Guitars), Dindin (Bass), Rizal (Drums) are the Indonesian sickos ravaging everything with their sick, fast and heavy fucking songwriting added by a brutal cold atmosphere making of this promo a real fucking eargasm! Severed Purity can be comparable to Indonesian brutality in general but we can say they add a USA touch influenced with bands like Condemned, Disgorge (USA) and several others that make them still fucking unique! Dede is performing a brutal fucking guttural, the riffs of Abest are all fucking catchy and awesome with a flawless composition, also a good fucking job of Dindin on bass and same with Rizal being brutal and fucking fast but knowing to be still creative in his drumming! The production of this fucking shit is for sure not perfect, but I think for a demo is what we must hope and it even adds something more to this fucking disk rather changing its imperfections with perfections! 9 minutes of true fucking sickness sounding like a ton of fucking corpses being raped and mutilated by several necrophiliac could to define very well this annihilating fucking shit mixing the fast and heavy parts with a complete intense composition making this "Promo 2015" a real fucking gem in the shitty genre! Severed Purity managed their fucking start in the style with this amazing fucking shit which have absolutely nothing new but keeping it fucking true to the brutal roots and "Promo 2015" is without doubt mandatory to all crazy fucking sickos respecting themselves! Perfect Brutal Fucking Piece of Shit! 10/10

samedi 22 août 2015

Putridity​-Ignominious Atonement (Willowtip Records​)

In 2005, the gods of degenerative brutality were created and unified as Putridity to destroy this shitty world in several fucking acts and after two releases are back to deliver their third fucking assault called "Ignominious Atonement" and Putridity comeback with a brilliant new album similar to the previous shit but different in many fucking ways! This deific horde with dark fates are offering a crazy Brutal Death fucking Metal added by a breathtaking composition that makes this fucking shit a little different of the previous releases because of its maturity, concept and the brutal atmosphere that fucking shit is creating! Putridity are back with 8 songs of amazing fucking precision and probably less brutal than their previous album but in this case, it doesnt decrease the complexity or insanity of the fucking songs but rather giving them consistency and an impression of completely achieved piece of fucking shit! Paolo C. (Vocals), Andrea and Paolo P. (Guitars), Alessandro (Bass), Davide (Drums) are the five insane fuckers directing that fucking bomb of sickness and all doing a flawless fucking job by delivering an opus of very high quality in all musical fucking levels and also at the technical sides of the album! Paolo C. on vocals is really fucking excellent with a powerful shitty guttural perhaps may seem a little linear but still totally successful, Andrea and Paolo P. on guitars are fucking amazing by only giving gigantic, epic and totally addictive fucking riffs including these harmonic riffs making the identity of Putridity with a fantastic songwriting from A to Z, Alessandro on Bass is doing a great fucking job with several awesome fucking parts and finally Davide is offering as usual a fucking perfect, creative and insanely brutal fucking drumming! Putridity are offering a mature material having a high-level composition and a concept giving to "Ignominious Atonement" a very present and enjoyable atmosphere including a slow and atmospheric song completing this brutal fucking gem! This shit have a perfect quality production, maybe less at the drums but still fucking great, with a very good mixing and this fucking piece of sickness sounds like thousands baby skulls fucking crushed for several fucking minutes by this abominable blasting machine of brutality! 26 fucking minutes of pure masterpiece with all the shitty ingredients needed to make this album a genius work in the genre with only awesome fucking riffs, a present and well done bass, a drums crazy as fuck with a fucking cold and brutal atmosphere added by a songwriting just fucking perfect! Putridity totally managed this third release by delivering a fucking piece of shitty quality that will remains marked in all fucking souls living the experience of "Ignominious Atonement"! Brilliant Insane Fucking Masterpiece of Total Brutality! 10/10

mercredi 19 août 2015

Dissevered​-Neuronal Obliteration-Demo 2015 (New Standard Elite​)

From Laos, Dissevered are born from the ashes of Sapanakith with the intention of destroying all in their fucking path and they start their total fucking slaughter with a Single Demo entitled "Neuronal Obliteration"! Tock (Vocals), Ben (Guitars), Peter (Drums) are the sick fucking trio making part of this disgusting fucking shit and they are performing a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking devastating that could be compared with bands like Orchidectomy, Excoriation, Brodequin, etc.! Tock on vocals is delivering a brutal and fucking nasty guttural completely fucking enjoyable, Ben is offering a song-composition fucking amazing with no boring fucking riffs and Peter on Drums is fucking insane as fuck delivering a fucking fast and brutal drumming! This 3-minutes promo song are of a brutal and disgusting fucking savagery with its heaviest parts added by a crazy and dark fucking atmosphere doing this fucking shit a true fucking piece of sickness! The production of this Demo is fucking good, same with mixing added by an oppressive heavy fucking sound and this single CD really sounds like a putrid fucking ton of rotten fucking corpses being grinded by this brutal shitty fucking machine called Dissevered!  "Neuronal Obliteration" is undoubtedly a perfect fucking song at all levels of the extreme brutality with only fucking catchy, insane and totally disgusting riffs/guttural/blasts! Dissevered just created one of the most brutal fucking shit that will make all addicted sickos listening to this sick putrid fucking shit totally fucking amazing and flawless that makes this disk a cult fucking shit in the genre! True Disgusting Brutal Fucking Piece of Extreme Fucking Brutality! 10/10

mardi 18 août 2015

Vulnus-Vessels of Throe (New Standard Elite​)

The great Vulnus from Greece are finally ready after so many years of perfection to inject us in the fucking blood their poisonous brutality of exceptional fucking quality offering a total eargasmic debut release called "Vessels of Throe"! This brilliant fucking album has the ingenuity to not contain any fucking riffs that have already been heard but performing an unique fucking brutality and a very present identity, they managed to invade us by giving still a brutal primitive material but creative, catchy as fuck and fucking addictive including a production and atmosphere completely damn successful! Vulnus could be described as playing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal with strong roots of Greek brutality but having an American side with a little touch NY style which gives them their original genre! This album contains 7 songs which are all fucking great and addictive as "Thermal Activity Of An Arson Rated As Disqualified", "Neurons Subjected To Entropia" etc. added by an amazing final song "Establish The Unstable" ending the album in a genius fucking way, and "Vessels of Throe" offers a very different song, "Idle In A Liquid Grave", which is much slower and long and can be a negative side for some but a strong point for the others had to its awesome fucking atmosphere matching completely with the identity and ambiance of this fucking shit! Vulnus is  Panos (Vocals), Bill (Guitars), John (Bass), Nick (Drums) and the sickos are doing a flawless fucking job at all shitty levels by delivering a compostion of the most fucking successful having the purity of Brutal Death and Old School Death Metal but keeping their identity by being fucking creative and added by a subtle modern side very well done! Panos is doing an amazing fucking job on vocals with a powerful guttural Death Metal totally fucking enjoyable, Bill is fucking flawless performing only incredible and addictive fucking riffs with a perfect songwriting, John on bass is awesome and helped by the great production that makes us salivate hearing the tone of the bass and the job of this fucker, finally, Nick is also fucking perfect with a drumming of great brutality and being totally fucking creative! The production of this fucking shit is fucking genius and giving multiple orgasms at every fucking minute, flawless fucking mixing, same at the sound which is true and raw as fuck but great fucking quality! "Vessels of Throe" sounds like a fucking ton of bricks giving it a fantastic fucking level of enjoyment added by 27 shitty minutes totally fucking brilliant at every fucking sides making this shit fucking amazing from A to Z! Vulnus totally managed their return with this brutal Greek masterpiece having all elements to create a splendid fucking release and this fucking piece of shit is very fucking addictive and for sure a fucking must have for every Death Metallers! Sick Fucking Masterpiece of Pure Fucking Brutality! 10/10

lundi 17 août 2015

Viscral​-Egocentric Underneath of Horror (Rottrevore Records​)

From Bekasi, West Java, Viscral have seen the impure light at the end of darkness in 2007 and after a promo in 2012, they are finally ready to commit their full killing with a debut album of astonishing fucking violence and brutality named "Egocentric Underneath of Horror"! Viscral are delivering a release of about 32 fucking minutes with a superior quality and straight fucking brutality composed of an imaginative fucking manner with all the shitty ingredients to make this first opus an important fucking piece in the shitty world of Death Metal! This band consists of Eggi Pradia (Vocals), Liga Radensha (Guitar), Adrel Jatnika (Guitar), Dwiky Dzarendrastyo (Bass), Yogi Praja (Drums) and the sick fucking quartet are performing a mix of Brutal Death Fucking Metal and Death Metal with a creative composition and complete fucking brutality added with some insanity! Eggi on vocals is fucking splendid delivering a diverse and amazing job with a guttural that could be a mix between BDM and DM and fucking enjoyable, Liga and Adrel on guitars are giving an awesome songwriting with almost only great fucking riffs and catchy parts, Dwiky on bass is also doing a very good fucking job with amazing parts and finally Yogi on drums is giving a brutal fucking job being fucking fast but also showing a diversity of drumming very well done!  "Egocentric Underneath of Horror" is all about the fucking purity of the genre Death Metal and Brutal Death with their sick way to create this violent atmosphere impregnated with very interesting elements and a brutality still remaining fucking primitive but creative and fucking well done! The production of this fucking shit is totally fucking flawless sounding like a real ton of shitty fucking bricks with a perfect mixing coming to include a high quality to this powerful fucking album! 9 amazing fucking songs that are all fucking excellent with perhaps containing some riffs somewhat less successful but generally this fucking shit destroys your fucking mind in all possible fucking ways and makes you addicted with this great fucking release from start to end! Viscral are doing an highly successful fucking start in their brutality with an album of great fucking enjoyment and "Egocentric Underneath of Horror" is highly recommended to all fans of Death Metal and Brutal Death because this fucking shit is among the fucking best from Indonesia! Amazing Sick Fucking Piece of True Fucking Brutality! 9/10

samedi 15 août 2015

River Blood-Killing Machine (Kujang Keris Musickness Distro​)

After an EP in 2011 and several line-up changes, River Blood are back with a Demo called "Killing Machine" containing 4 fucking songs, 2 new songs that will be the subject of this fucking review! From Jakarta, River Blood were diverted from their original style Brutal Death Fucking Metal to offer something more traditional Death Metal with a small side Brutal Death and several fucking influences from the old Heavy Metal in general! This Indonesian trio consists of Zano (Vocals), Yengky (Guitars), Tile (Drums) and they are doing for most a great fucking job really not perfect at some levels but still making this demo something unique and fucking enjoyable! Zano is performing a death metal vocal a bit linear but still fucking great by his power, Yengky is offering a diverse fucking songwriting going from the Heavy Metal through the Death Metal and Brutal Death, Tile gives a very fucking good drumming maybe a little slow and sometimes lacking a little shitty energy but following the fucking path of his fellows!  "Killing Machine" marks us for 14 fucking minutes of an old metallic atmosphere very present giving us a piece of shit in general really fucking good with a few negative by containing some riffs a little boring but keeping their ambiance and fucking effective in their style! The production of this fucking Demo is very good, a mixing perhaps with a guitar a little too in front but still fucking good and really not a disaster, the sound is very successful despite to have some downside and that Death Metal piece sounds like a ton of fucking shit! River Blood came back a little different that they were, but in the style offered, they give a successful fucking release despite some negative fucking sides and managing to make us impatient for their next fucking piece of shit! "Kiiling Machine" is a recommended fucking disk to all Metal fans but especially to those who experienced the old shitty fucking days! Very Good Metal Fucking Piece of Shit! 7/10

mercredi 12 août 2015

Detested​-Revelation of Suffering (Sickness Production)

From Kediri in East Java, after a total change of line up, Detested are fucking back five years after their debut album to offer a new Promo baptized with the fucking blood of some virgin, "Revelation of Suffering"! This band can be described as a violent hellish Death Metal with a touch of Brutal Death Fucking Metal creating an evil damn atmosphere that give it an unique and very valuable fucking side!  "Azazel" and "Worm from the Flame" are the two songs which make part of this excellent fucking promo and Detested are delivering an enjoyable composition with perhaps some flaws but still managing undoubtedly to destroy our fucking ears with their diabolical barbaric fucking musick! Herlambang (Vocals), Fahmi (Guitars), Gesang (Bass) and Onky (Drums) are the four demonic fucking beings condemning everything in their fucking path with a very addictive shit including several memorable fucking parts! Herlambang is doing an awesome job with a powerful and brutal vocals which can be a little redundant after a while but still managing to offer a great and sick performance, amazing fucking guitars riffs of Fahmi with maybe a few a little less successful but delivering a quality Death Metal composition, Gesang is also doing a fucking good job despite a little lack of presence had to the production and Onky is fucking brutal, fast and knowing to diverse his job with a great fucking drumming! "Revelation of Suffering" has a good fucking production really not perfect but still ok for a demo, mixing is good but could be better and sound a bit muffled but still creating an infernal fucking atmosphere and destroying all weak fucking souls! Detested managed very well their return with 10 fucking minutes of intense suffering and despite some negatives, "Revelation of Suffering" is an enjoyable fucking piece of shit and is highly recommended to all Death Metal fans! Brutal, Great and Blasphemous Death Fucking Metal! 8/10

lundi 10 août 2015

Apoptosis Gutrectomy​-The Infinite of Eternal Torture (Brutal Mind​)

Formed in 2010 in West Java, Apoptosis Gutrectomy are finally ready to shit their first demo completely fucking insane with a brutal ferocity of a very sustained aggressiveness that will make boil the blood in your fucking veins! This first effort of the band is called "The Infinite of Eternal Torture" and contains two songs completely fucking successful with a composition so fucking sick that it sticks to your fucking cells! Apoptosis Gutrectomy are performing a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal very fucking fast but also having its groovy, slam and slow parts giving it a more developed depth with a very present brutal fucking atmosphere! A true fucking piece of brutality including all elements found in the shitty brutal genre with for sure an ingeniosity to make us addicted with amazing and catchy riffs, insane vocals and totally degenerated drums totally fucking sick as fuck! Julianus Fadhil (Vocals), Deni Daneswara (Guitars), Erik Maulana (Bass) and Aditya Ramadhan (Drums) are the sickos making part of this devastating fucking project and delivering a total perfect material of the most fucking brutal! Julianus on vocals is fucking insane with a sick guttural, only fucking great riffs from Deni on guitars and same for Erik on bass doing an awesome fucking job and finally Aditya who is fucking flawless with a sick, fast and diverse drumming including outstanding fucking blastbeats! "The Infinite of Eternal Torture" is a fucking piece of sickness of the most enjoyable including a perfect songwriting added with a sick torturous shitty atmosphere making this shit totally fucking insane and an unforgettable true fucking piece of brutality! The production, for a demo, is fucking great with an excellent mixing and a powerful disgusting fucking sound destroying everything in your ears canal! 10 fucking minutes of disgusting sickness added by only addictive and catchy fucking parts, having no negative at all with a demo fucking perfect in its brutality and composition! Apoptosis Gutrectomy completely managed their start into insanity giving a very high level brutal fucking shit and "The Infinite of Eternal Torture" is a fucking must for every people having some dysfunction in the fucking brain! Perfect Intense Fucking Piece of Sick Fucking Shit! 10/10

dimanche 2 août 2015

Rottenomicon​-Renunciation the Anatomic Perverse to Beheading the Nation (Brutal Infection Records​)

Born in 2011 in Malang/East Java, Rottenomicon are finally ready to destroy our fucking mind with this debut album totally brutal named "Renunciation the Anatomic Perverse to Beheading the Nation"! Rottenomicon are delivering a majestic fucking release that contains 11 songs including a cover of Rotten Corpse, an outro and that fucking bomb of sickness is added to a solid fucking composition making "R.A.P.B.N." a work leading! This band plays a mighty Brutal Death Fucking Metal with many influences more Death Metal and a political concept that can be very fucking annoying for a "metal" band but they still managed to deliver a quality album with all the necessary shitty elements to make us fucking addicted! Gobbs (Vocals), Harry/Jeff (Guitars), Kashmir (Bass) et Adi (Drums) are the sickos making part of this awesome sick project and delivering an amazing fucking job at all fucking levels! Powerful guttural vox, crazy and catchy guitar fucking riffs, stunning bass and perfect brutal fucking drumming could describe very well this pure fucking piece of brutal fucking shit! Rottenomicon gives a release of the most fucking brutal and enjoyable with amazing fucking composition including a violent atmosphere that give to this first shitty effort a higher quality and totally fucking brutal that will make bleed your fucking ears after only a few seconds! The production of this fucking shit is almost perfect with a great fucking mixing and a pure sound totally fucking sick and a drums sound that could have been a little better  but this fucking shit still sounds like a fucking ton of politicians being crushed and killed by the oppressive fucking musick of Rottenomicon! 40 anarchic minutes of pure fucking brutality that will not leave anyone indifferent with a successful songwriting and a manner to make us fucking addicted very easily with only great fucking songs that can each one containing a few riffs a little less good but still matching with the songs and their insane fucking style! "Renunciation the Anatomic Perverse to Beheading the Nation" is without any fucking doubt a fucking must have in the shitty genre and Rottenomicon managed to give an amazing fucking start to a promising career! Fucking Amazing Piece of Pure Fucking Sickness! 9/10

samedi 1 août 2015

Tenggorokan​-Execution of Death (Disembowel Records​)

From Kediri/East Java, Tenggorokan are back after a few years of silence to offer their debut fucking album entitled "Execution of Death" and spreading the terror in the world of extreme fucking musick! This Indonesian band performs a Brutal Death Fucking Metal that could also be called Barbaric Death Metal fucking sick and enjoyable being able to mix very well the Death Metal and Brutal Death elements! "Execution of Death" contains 10 fucking songs including an intro and are for the most of high fucking quality, maybe a couple of songs a little less good and some less enjoyable riffs but in general this fucking shit is a pure bomb of brutality of a great fucking success! Tenggorokan is Viky (Vocals), Yahnes (Guitars), Martin (Bass), Yuna (Drums) and the sickos are delivering a mighty fucking composition and despite some imperfections, they do their fucking job very well with this excellent fucking release that just marked the beginning of a brutal shitty journey for this great fucking band! Viky is doing an excellent fucking job on vox by giving a powerful guttural that could be perhaps a mix between Mark "Barney" Greenway (Napalm Death) and Fabio Marin (Internal Suffering), Yahnes on guitars is fucking great and offering some great and brilliant riffs with an excellent songwriting, Martin on Bass is also doing a very good job and finally Yuna on drums is fucking brutal and fast still mixing very well tempos but missing maybe a little energy at some fucking parts! The production of this fucking shit is still very good, well done mixing despite some flaws and a good sound maybe lacking a little of rawness but still sounding like a fucking ton of fucking shit! 36 brutal fucking minutes of pure savagery that are mostly fucking excellent with an oppressive atmosphere added with a brutal music destroying everything in his fucking path! Tenggorokan has managed their debut in the Brutal Death Metal with an ingenious fucking composition and "Execution of Death", despite some negative, is of an obvious fucking enjoyment and is definitely recommended to all Death Metal and Brutal Death fucking fans around! Great & Brutal Fucking Stuff! 8/10