dimanche 30 mars 2014

Derogation-Revival of a Nest Ignorant (Permeated Records)

From Ukraine, Derogation released their first EP entitled "Revival of a Nest Ignorant" containing five fucking songs including an outro, a cover of Defeated Sanity and lasts about 15 fucking disgusting insane minutes! Jens "Cannibaloki" Staschel (Vocals), Vlad Melnik (Guitars), Alexander Chub (Bass) and Lev Kurgansky (Drums) are the fucking sick quartet forming Derogation and are performing a Technical Brutal Death Fucking Metal at its fucking best! Jens (Ex-Defeated Sanity) did a fucking awesome job at vocals, a bit more Death Metal and some moments may seem a bit linear, but we never get bored! Vlad (Neurogenic) performs technical riffs without being too technical and succeed to create an atmosphere for this fucking great EP! Alexander (Hedonistic Exility) give us totally fucking great bass riffs and taking an important place in the band and Lev (Ezophagothomia) also did a work of genius on drums with varied tempos and damn well executed! The production in general is fucking excellent, mixing is fucking good and the sound of guitars and the bass is very enjoyable, maybe a little less at the drums, sounding a little bit fucking weak! "Revival of a Nest Ignorant" is a fucking excellent EP at any point of views and the 3 songs are of an exceptional fucking quality with some weak parts for sure, but in general this fucking shit is very well done with a Technical Brutal Death Metal fucking interesting! It's an album in recommending to all fans of extreme fucking metal and especially the fans of Defeated Sanity because Derogation share the same style and musical quality! Great Fucking Shit! 9/10

Medecophobic-Escalation (Permeated Records)

After offering their fucking great debut album "Pandemic of Existence" in 2011, Medecophobic had a lot of pressure for their next release and they fully succeeded in giving us their "Escalation" EP! Fucking true to themselves by delivering another Brutal Death Metal shit totally fucking powerful and destructive, Medecophobic back with 3 songs in a MCD lasting about 12 minutes! The band consists of Erinc (Guitars/Bass/Vocals), Domi (Drums) and the duo perform again an exceptional fucking piece of brutality with a personal touch making this damn shit fucking addictive! Erinc riffs are fucking crazy and almost all enjoyable, same thing at the Bass that is fucking greatly made and adding the unique and very good vocals! Domi on drums is outstanding with his blast totally fucking insane and a very successful technical side which adds to the quality of this Brutal Death Metal disk! "Escalation" is provided with an excellent production, fucking good mixing and sounding like a real fucking ton of shit with still a good quality for all instruments! The only downside is to have a few riffs in the songs a bit long and boring but never removing the addiction that each person can have for this fucking shit totally fucking great! This album is a fucking must for every Brutal Death Metal fan who respect themselves, because it will remain marked as its predecessor! Awesome Fucking Shit! 9/10

Xenomorphic Contamination-Chasm of No Return (Self-Released)

When a band comes from Italy, we can expect a fucking quality shit and Xenomorphic Contamination continues in the same way with their fucking excellent EP "Chasm of No Return"! This two men project consist of Max (Clitoridus invaginatus ,Ex Vomit the Soul, Ex Septycal Gorge...) on Bass/Guitars/Vocals and Davide (Antropofagus , Putridity, Septycal Gorge...) on Drums/Vocals! The both do a fucking great job with this alien concept band that, musically, remind us of many Italians bands and, I also personally found some Nile influences! The riffs of Max are almost all fucking excellent, some maybe a bit boring but still enjoyable and another flaw to this level is having heard several similar riffs in other bands before but still fucking well composed and developed! Davide did a splendid job on drums as usual and both perform a fucking excellent vocals which adds shitty brutality in XC! Unfortunately, the production of this CD is fucking awful, the sound seems fucking fake and especially at the drums that simply seem a well programmed drums machine with a sound totally fucking fake and superficial! Despite this, "Chasm of No Return" is steeped in a fucking amazing atmosphere totally succeeded mainly in the guitar work which plunge us in the fucking heart of dead space! Xenomorphic Contamination, although its weaknesses, gives us a very fucking good debut EP that deserve the attention of brutal death metallers around the fucking world! Excellent Shit! 8/10

samedi 29 mars 2014

Asphyxiate-Self Transform from Decayed Flesh (New Standard Elite)

The Indonesian gods Asphyxiate are back to reveal their third and fucking long awaited full length album entitled "Self Transform from Decayed Flesh"! Fucking true to their roots of pure brutality, Asphyxiate performs another Brutal Death Fucking Metal of high level of sickness with totally fucking crazy riffs, blastbeats, with a superior production that gives this album to be ranked among the fucking best! The band consists of Josh (Guitars/Vocals), Adi (Bass), Yogi (Drums) and the trio deliver an excellent fucking job fucking intelligently composed in a genius fucking way! The riffs of that third bomb are all fucking excellent and greatly played, we can say the same for the bass that brings its personal touch and the production which gives it an essential side, the vocals is also fucking awesome, it could be a bit more guttural but still fucking great and fit perfectly with the style of "Self Transform from Decayed Flesh"! The production of this album is perfect, the mixing is ingeniously made, the sound is also fucking great maybe lacking a bit of heavy tones but this CD sounds like a real fucking ton of bricks filled with fucking shit! Its an addiction to all those appropriating this fucking shit because its a fucking piece of sickness of high quality that can easily be compared with the fucking best albums of the brutal scene! Get it or kill you! Perfect Fucking Piece of Sick Shit! 10/10

Filial Cannibalism-Mass Slaughter Machine (Infinite Regress Records)

Filial Cannibalism, from UK, are back with an EP entitled ''Mass Slaughter Machine'' containing four songs and lasts about 18 fucking minutes! The band were formed in 2009 with the goal of making Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal and we can say that with this new CD, they stayed fucking true to their roots! Filial Cannibalism consists of 4 sickos, Gavin Ashworth (Vocals), Phil Hunter (Guitar), Dave Robb (Guitar), Mike Wilson (Drums) and the quartet have did in general, a fucking good job by giving us a good Slamming Death Metal! The production is very good, fucking excellent mixing and sound, drums, guitars and vox sounds like a fucking ton of fucking shit and really well done! Gavin did a fucking good job in vocals but I think it lacks a little bit of guttural but diversifying very fucking well his vocals, Phil and Dave perform generally fucking good riffs, some may seem a bit boring but keeping it still damn interesting and finally Mike at drums makes a fucking excellent job, with a good variation of tempo! ''Mass Slaughter Machine'' is a fucking good slamming release including some faster parts, but it may lack a little of brutality and some moments, while listening to this disk, may seem a bit more fucking boring and tedious! Despite its negative points, this EP is still fucking successful with several enjoying parts and I recommend this to all fucking slammers fans around! Good Slamming Shit! 8/10

Epicardiectomy-Deranged Self-Mutilating Emasculation (Self-Released)

After offering a full length last year, Epicardiectomy are already back with a new fucking promo called "Deranged Self-Mutilating Emasculation"! Epicardiectomy never changed of line-up from the beginning, Serge on Guitars, Tomas on Vocals, Milan/Don on Drums and the trio remains in their fucking roots and still perform a Slamming Brutal Death Metal fucking sick as fuck! Serge always giving us his damn hyper heavy riffs, Tomas is faithful to his fucking great vocals and as much guttural as usual, Don performing very fucking well his gravity blasts, blast beat and slow tempo, and the Czech trio fucking know how to create Slam, making it fairly and always mixing brutality and more smooth parts in a fucking good way! The production is ok but not more, the mixing and the sound is fucking good for vocals and guitar, but to me, are not very successful at the drums, where you almost only hear the fucking bassdrums in all the fucking production and sound really fucking weak but except the drums that sound fucking shitty, "Deranged Self-Mutilating Emasculation" still sound fucking sick on many levels! This CD doesnt make the history of BDM on the side of originality and its fucking repetitive riffs but is still an excellent fucking slamming CD which I think is worth listening to each BDM sickos! Fucking Good Shitty Slam! 8.5/10

Gape-Gape (Self-Released)

From Tasmania, Australia, Gape was born in 2011 and offer their first self-titled fucking album which lasts about 26 fucking minutes, 6 songs + 2 cover songs (Kiss-AC/DC)! I must say this album is unclassifiable, we could put in Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal but incorporating several other styles like some influences Old School Death Metal, Grindcore and Goregrind/Porngrind ! Gape is Rick Ring on Vocals, Tim Ikin and Sam Bryant on Guitars, Rod Mcallister on Bass and Patrick Neumayer on Drums! The fives fucking sickos really give us a damn unique piece of fucking shit with a variety of fucking good riffs and a fucking excellent atmosphere giving to this release its own identity! The production of the disk is excellent, fucking good mixing and the sound is fucking heavy as fuck and very well done! This fucking shit really sounds like a ton of fucking pus out of the fucking ass of some Australian fucking sluts with some fucking excellent riffs sticking in our fucking heads but, some may seem less enjoyable and adding some brutality would have been beneficial! Despite its negative sides, Gape is a very fucking good CD musically well composed with a fucking excellent vocals that never get bored! This is obviously a fucking shit that I recommend to all Brutal Death Metal fuckers and Gape is inevitably a fucking band to watch in the future! Fucking Good Shit! 8/10

Abrasive -Promo 2013 (Self-Released)

Abrasive, a highly fucking respected band from Germany formed in 1999 with five albums and many promo, is back with their "Promo 2013" and staying fucking true to their roots for almost 15 fucking years! Abrasive is still playing their fucking raw Death Metal with their touch of brutality making them a unique fucking piece of sickness! What is damn exceptional with this band is the fact that its composed of the same fucking line-up for 15 years, Ralf Köhler (Guitars/Vocals), Alex Ringwald (Bass/Vocals) and Alexander Mackle (Drums)! The trio still doing a fucking excellent job, vocals of Ralf and Alex are very good, Alex on drums is fucking flawless, the bass and guitars riffs are mostly fucking excellent, some may seem a little less enjoyable, but the fucking good riffs of this pure fucking shit still make us quickly forget that! The production is fucking excellent to all levels, mixing, sound and especially the sound of drums that I found particularly fucking great, sounding like a fucking ton of bricks with a snare which probably give a boner to everyone, and, the bass/guitar sound add to the 11 minutes (3 songs) the final touch to this fucking shit of quality! A fucking good promo that plunges us into the true fucking essence of Death Metal and Brutal Death Metal, making us impatient for their next album! Recommended to all fucking pure Death Metal fans! Very Good Fucking Dirty Shit! 8.5/10

Stalino-Seven Voices (Coyote Records)

The Ukrainians Stalino are back with their first full length album called ''Seven Voices" lasting about 33 minutes and includes 9 fucking songs! Stalino is Ruslan "Motona" (Vocals ), Ivan Lozovsky (Guitars), Yulick (Bass), Alexey Tsypchenko (Drums) and the quartet performs a fucking excellent Technical Death Fucking Metal with a brutal touch making the composition an element pretty well made for a Tech band not fucking overplayed! The Motona vocals are fucking brutal as fuck, the guitar riffs of Ivan are fucking excellent, original, creative and greatly played, Yulick shows his talents on bass with some totally fucking crazy parts and Alex on drums did a fucking perfect and diversified job at all levels! The production of this fucking shit is flawless, the mixing is fully successful and this CD really sounds like a fucking ton of bricks, the only downside for me is with the drums, bassdrums and snare sound are still fucking good but missing a dirty nasty side! "Seven Voices" is a release of fucking quality, riffs fucking greatly composed, originality in his way to play... despite its moments a bit less successful, we never get bored because, its fucking well done with a damn unique atmosphere! A fucking must for all fans of Death Metal and you'll spend a fucking great time! Fucking Awesome Shit! 9/10

Traumatomy-Transcendental Evisceration of Necrogenetic Beasts (Morbid Generation Records)

The highly productive Traumatomy are back after offering a very fucking good EP this year (Transformation into a Putrid Mass) and, this one is their first full length album entitled "Transcendental Evisceration of Necrogenetic Beasts", includes 11 fucking songs, with three songs from their EP, which I believe are far below than their new songs on this CD! Haruka (Vocals), Constantine (Guitars), Boris (Bass) are the trio making part of this International Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal act, remaining fucking faithful to the slam of their origins and generally, doing it very fucking well! The production of this fucking piece of shit is very well executed, mixing is fucking perfect and the sound is powerful as fuck and really gives the impression to have a fucking bunch of fucking shit slamming your fucking face and the drums programming sounds pretty fucking sick and greatly done by Eugeniy! Most of the songs on this release are fucking good, with a 31 minutes filled with catchy riffs but also some moments a bit fucking boring and laborious, fucking brutal as fuck on some parts and some seem to miss a bit of brutality, some others are already heard many times but still keeping it fucking sick! For me, a few slamming albums have no "soul", but it definitely something to that many dont have! "Transcendental Evisceration of Necrogenetic Beasts" is a fucking amazing debut album and is obviously a fucking must for all fans of Slam but also worth a listen for all BDM fans! Fucking Excellent Slamming Shit! 9/10

Malignant Germ Infestation-Promo 2013 (Self-Released)

Formed in 2007, the Porngrinders Malignant Germ Infestation are back with their "Promo 2013", 8 fucking rotten songs including, I think, two new songs! MGI is a Porngrind band and in their new songs, we can find some Grindcore and Brutal Death Fucking Metal elements but still remaining in their fucking pure filthy essence! This promo was created by Rob Jeremy (Guitars/Vocals/Drums Programming), Wolfman (Vocals), Dave (Bass) and forming a trio totally fucking crazy throwing their fucking semen all around! The riffs of Rob are mostly very fucking good and drums programming is varied and fucking well done, Wolfman continue to spit his fucking excellent guttural vocals and Dave with his bass gives us a fucking amazing job! The production is generally fucking good, also the sound and mixing, of course, there is nothing of special but is damn perfect for this fucking style and even despite the sound of the drums a bit weak ! This CD is really fucking enjoyable, we can obviously find moments or songs a bit less good than others but in general, this shit is very fucking successful and we just want to hear more and wishing a fucking album soon! For fans of Porngrind/Grindcore and those who dont know Malignant Germ Infestation, its a band to discover undoubtedly because they perform a fucking pure Grinding shit! Very Good Fucking Shit Full of Semen! 8.5/10

Gutslit-Skewered in the Sewer (Coyote Records)

Formed in India in 2007, Gutslit offered us in 2009 a split "Contorted Mutilation" and is now back with their fucking killer first full length album entitled "Skewered in the Sewer"! The band consists of Aditya Barve on Vocals, Dynell Bangera on Guitars, Gurdip Singh Narang on Bass, Aaron Pinto on Drums and the quartet perform a fucking pure and raw Brutal Death Fucking Metal with all the elements and potential to make this damn shit a fucking brilliant quality! The production is totally fucking good, mixing is flawless, with a fucking perfect dirty sound giving it a fucking raw and true side to Brutal Death Metal! "Skewered in the Sewer" lasts about 26 fucking minutes, contains 9 songs, including an intro, and this fucking shit is only filled with fucking amazing riffs that make us completely fucking addicted, fucking excellent bass parts in all songs, a guttural vox really fucking enjoyable which not bother us, and finally the drums is fucking perfect, mixing very well all tempos! In short, this release is a fucking great piece of fucking rotted shit of brutality and will certainly be ranked among the fucking classicks in the future years, the only little negative point for me is to have some riffs a bit long and less enjoyable than others but still fucking great! A fucking catchy shit really necessary for all lovers of brutality in this fucking shitty world! Real Fucking Beast! 9.5/10

Total Despair-While the Flesh Decays (Rebirth the Metal Productions)

"While the Flesh Decays " is the first album offered by these fucking sickers from Russia called "Total Despair" and consists of Igor Kochetkov (Vocals), Alexander Schupletsov (Bass) and Alexander Pavlovich (Guitars/Drums Programming)! This trio of sickos are performing Brutal Death Fucking Metal like in the good old days, which personally makes me think of bands like Goratory, Lust of Decay, Dyscrasia... but obviously with a personal touch that keep them fucking interesting! A fucking killer production, a mixing fucking well done, damn excellent sound at all levels and especially the drums programming is just fucking great, "While the Flesh Decays" really sounds like a ton of fucking shit dumped in your fucking face! Igor is guttural as fuck and makes an amazing job, Alexander S. on bass is just fucking perfect and Alexander A. performs fucking excellent riffs and did a fucking great job with the drums machine that is just fucking killer! 8 songs, 25 minutes, this fucking shit is filled with fucking good and catchy riffs but you can also find some riffs a little bit less enjoyable but in general this release is fucking well done and balancing fucking greatly the blastbeat with slow parts! This is a really fucking interesting album for fans of Brutal Death Metal and despite its weaknesses, its a fucking must have! Fucking Good Shit! 8.5/10

Suicidal Causticity-The Spiritual Decline (Ghastly Music) 

From Italy, Suicidal Causticity comes shit their first bomb called "The Spiritual Decline" of a fucking high quality common to all Italians bands, fucking sick! This band was born in 2007 under "Orodreth" with two demos and eventually changed its name to Suicidal Causticity, that could be classified as Brutal Death Fucking Metal with many elements and soundings Death Metal made in a raw and fucking great way! Suicidal Causiticity is musically complete, consisting of Nikolas "Gorgo " Bruni (Vocals), Fabrizio Maddaluni (Guitar), Riccardo Tortoli (Guitar), Dario Lastrucci (Bass), Thomas Passanisi (Drums) and the fives sick Italians did a fucking excellent job and no member is there just to fill a fucking shitty hole, they all did a fucking amazing job and all has offered a high level performance! SC mix very well the slower and faster parts, a musical originality, with solos, great parts of bass and riffs, for my part, never heard and remaining in the raw and true Death Metal including a perfect production, not overproduced and having a fucking dirty and brutal side that sounds like a real fucking ton of fucking shit! The only negative point to me for this fucking shit is maybe to have a few riffs a bit long and slow but always fucking well balancing the both sides to finally give us a piece of fucking shit of high level! "The Spiritual Decline" with its 40 minutes of pure sickness is a fucking must for all sickers and Suicidal Causticity is a name to remember! Fucking Great Shit! 9.5/10 

Goremonger-Pointless Species Extermination (Fuck the Ass Records)

"Pointless Species Extermination" is the fourth full length album full of shit from Goremonger and still remaining faithful to his atmosphere for almost ten fucking years! This one man band consists of Joey Daterape and is making everythings in Goremonger and regurgitating us his cybergrind, that we might call CyberMongerGrind had to its authenticity, identity and making it fucking unique! Joey performs very fucking well on this release, with totally fucking sick and catchy riffs, damn good drums programming, and the fucking great guttural vox he has always given us adding some guest vocalists! The production of the disk is generally fucking good, mixing and sound are good, perhaps lacking quality for some, but making it fucking true to the genre for others and the same goes for the sound of drums programming which incidentally is cybergrind and fucking underground, and nobody research other shit! For my part, "Pointless Species Extermination" is the best fucking CD that Goremonger shitted us since this band is pulled out of an asshole of a shemale prostitute with fucking AIDS! 22 songs, 40 fucking minutes of pure fucking shit with a majority of fucking good and catchy riffs that stick in our fucking heads and dont really contain any boring parts, some may be a bit less enjoyable but quickly forgotten by the fucking brilliant composition of Joey on this fucking piece of puke totally fucking crazy! For fans of Goremonger and cybergrind, this is a fucking shit in recommending and I could say the same for all the other fucking sickos! Excellent Fucking Shit! 9/10

Fuck your Depression-Total Conception of Human Madness (Coyote Records)

Fuck your Depression comes with their second EP entitled "Total Conception of Human Madness" and performs a Grinding Brutal Death Fucking Metal with some fucking great Groovy, Slam and Grindcore parts! Eugeniy (Guitars), Arseniy (Bass) and Sergey (Drums/Vocals) are the Russian trio composing this fucking awesome band giving to it an identity and a fucking unique side! The production of this fucking shit is great, mixing, sound, everything is fucking good in a dirty way, making it raw and fucking enjoyable! The vocals of Sergey are very well done, diverse, interesting and also doing a fucking great job on drums, and, the guitar riffs of Eugeniy and those of Arseniy on bass are fucking excellent and fucking catchy as fuck with no boring moments and made in a basic way and fucking effective! "Total Conception of Human Madness" lasts about 23 minutes and contains 10 songs including an intro, an outro, and a electro grinding brutal death song really fucking good, original and greatly made! I have not really bad comments to this fucking piece of shit, the EP is fucking excellent and diverse with its grind, brutal death, grindcore and fucking enjoyable to listen to, I just wish a real full length of Fuck your Depression to make fucking last the fun! An album to all sickos, because despite its length, its fucking great and shitty damn good to listen! Fucking Excellent Grinding Fucking Shit! 9.5/10

Cadaver Mutilator-Murder Death Kill (Inherited Suffering Records)

After offering their first full length album "Carnasyum" in 2007 and Nechronicles EP in 2008, Cadaver Mutilator are back with a new full length entitled "Murder Death Kill"! This band consist of Paride (Vocals), Tony (Guitars), Giovanni (Guitars), Marcello (bass), Lorenzo (Drums) and these fucking sick Italians gives us a damn excellent Brutal Death Fucking Metal mixing very fucking well all the components of Death Metal with, one side more Old School Death Metal, a fucking raw Brutal Death Metal side and some moments can be a bit more technical! Paride done a very fucking good mix between BDM and Death Metal with a powerful voice, Tony and Giovanni perform only fucking enjoying riffs with no real boring parts, Marcello did a fucking awesome job with some really fucking great memorable parts and Lorenzo on drums is fucking perfect, diversifying faster and slower parts! The production of "Murder Death Kill" is fucking awesome, fucking perfect mixing and sound showcasing all musicians and really fucking well made, maybe missing a bit of heavy but still sounding like a fucking ton of fucking shit falling on some chest during a fucking Italian scat gangbang! 9 songs and 32 minutes, this release offers us a fucking excellent musical quality with nothing really special, but fucking good as a whole, no fucking boring parts and some songs a little less good than others but keeping the deadly atmosphere of Cadaver Mutilator! I think this fucking shit is vital for all fans of Death Metal and deserve much more visibility! Excellent Fucking Shit! 9/10

Extermination Dismemberment-Serial Urbicide (Amputated Vein Records)

"Serial Urbicide" is the long awaited second album of the belarusian band Extermination Dismemberment after a fucking excellent first opus offered in 2010 under the name "Butcher Basement"! Valeriy (Vocals), Arseniy (Guitars/Back Vocals), Vihtar (Bass) , Vladislav (Drums) are back to perform their explosive Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal musically delivered in a fucking sick way! Valeriy once again offers an excellent guttural vocals, Arseniy and Vihtar continue to play their fucking insane slam riffs crushing the skulls all around and Vladislav on drums is fucking excellent and very well mixing slow and fast parts! All riffs of "Serial Urbicide " are very fucking good but I have not really found catchy riffs that stick in our fucking heads, the vocals is very linear but never boring except backing vocals that removes any fucking sickness when he is present and the album contains a lot of bass drops that eventually only fucking annoy us with the impressive amount played, some may be significant, but when there are too many, it's boring! The highlight of this disk is the production which is totally fucking killer, mixing is good despite the bass drums a bit in the foreground and the sound is really fucking powerful at all levels except the sound of drums that sound, according me, a bit fucking fake, but in general, this fucking piece of shit sounds like a landslide of shit for 38 minutes and 10 acts! Some songs are less good than others, but despite that, its a very good CD required for all fucking lovers of Slamming Brutal Death Metal! Very Fucking Good Slam! 8.5/10

Swine Overlord-Anthology of Abomination (Gore House Productions)

Swine Overlord come with their first EP "Anthology of Abomination" including four new fucking songs plus 1 song from their Demo 2012 (never released) and the eternal fucking Babykiller cover! Swine Overlord performs a Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal well played and still mixing slam and fast riffs very well! The band consist of Will Peplinski (Guitars/Bass), Devin Alford (Vocals/Drums Programming) and these two sickers offers a fucking good EP remaining fucking faithful to the Slamming Brutal Death Metal! The production is still fucking good , mixing is ok and also the sound, but I think it lacks a lot of fucking brutality, energy and sounds a bit fucking bland, but still interesting for a first EP from a very young band! Will did a fucking good job on guitar and bass, giving us fucking good riffs and adding, unfortunately, some redundant and fucking boring parts, the guttural vox of Devin is really fucking good and the drums programming is fucking well done despite the sound not very good but still fucking enjoyable! "Anthology of Abomination" is a damn good CD but contains some parts more laborious, some riffs are really fucking annoying and have already been heard many times, and some back vocals remove a lot of sickness in this CD but despite all that, its still fucking good and deserves to be heard by all fans of fucking slam! Good Shit! 8/10

Puke-Perversions of the Elderly (Gore House Productions) 

From Tennessee USA, PUKE comes with 9 tracks lasting about 23 minutes of fucking pure defecating shit and give us their first EP titled "Perversions of the Elderly"! The band Consist of Chris Waters (Vocals), Billy Lynn (Guitars), James Ponder (Bass), Nick Johnson (Drums) and the quartet perform Brutal Death Fucking Metal in a damn primitive way that makes us remember some old BDM atmosphere from the past! Chris on vocals doing a fucking good job, maybe a bit linear, but without boring us, Billy on guitars play simple riffs but for the most effective including James on Bass, and Nick on Drums gives us a fucking excellent performance! This fucking shit have a very good production in all fucking aspects, mixing and also the sound, made in a fucking raw and brutal way with perhaps some weaknesses, but still fucking enjoyable and sounding like a fucking ton of vomit exploding in your fucking face! The big downside to the album in my opinion is to have too much of moments a bit laborious, boring and missing a lot of riffs that made an album fucking sick at all levels, that being said, despite the negative side, this fucking shit is really interesting with still very fucking insane and good riffs! "Perversions of the Elderly" is not perfect, dont reinvent the genre, but is a fucking enjoyable piece of regurgitated shits and deserves to be heard by all fucking sickos! Good Shit! 7.5/10 

Cerebral Engorgement-Gastrointestinal Bleeding (Gore House Productions)

Slamming Brutal Death Metal at its fucking best, this is what is offered by Cerebral Engorgement with a fourth full length album entitled "Gastrointestinal Bleeding", very well balanced between fast and slam parts, delivering all the necessary fucking sickness and brutality to make this CD a fucking epic shit! This fucking sick Californian band is Mike Simon on Drums/Vocals, Adam Gambel on Vocals, Jesse Terres on Guitars and the trio perform an extraordinary fucking piece of quality with its slam totally fucking sick and his many epic times creating an unforgettable ambiance! The production is fucking perfect to all levels, mixing is very well done and despite its lack of bass, its really fucking heavy, grinding, fucking successful with all the instruments sounding fucking insane! ''Gastrointestinal Bleeding" really sounds like a real fucking ton of shit straight in our fucking face making us vomit fucking beautiful pus without fucking stop! All riffs of Jesse are fucking great, the Guttural vox of Mike and Adam are just damn sublime and Mike really gives an excellent job in Drums mixing very well blastbeats and slow parts! With 10 songs and 35 minutes, this fucking bomb of shit ,for me, is a fucking perfection in Brutal Death Fucking Metal and easily ranks among the best Slamming albums ever made, 35 minutes of pure sickness and all fucking epic including a long last fucking unforgettable song! No need to tell you that its an obligation for all sickos of this fucking world, BDM fucking gem! Sick Fucking Epic Slam Shit! 10/10

Cuff-Forced Human Sacrifice to the New Gods of Earth (Gore House Productions) 

The Canadian fucking sickos Cuff abduct you a moment with an anal probe to inject you their sixth full length album "Forced Human Sacrifice to the New Gods of Earth" lasting 31 minutes with 9 shitty fucking great songs! This fucking piece of alien shit consist of Bob Shaw (Vocals), Zach Smith (Guitars/Bass/Drums Programming) and the duo performs a Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal with some influences from their roots a bit more Grind! Bob still give us his unique style of ultra fucking guttural gurgle vocals that may seem a little boring for some and really fucking great for others, Zach also doing a damn good job with his slam riffs and others really fucking insane, and, the drums programming is fucking well done except in the sound! In general, the band performs a fucking great musick with sick parts and no fucking riffs is really boring except maybe a few too long and others too short! The production is a weak point in this fucking shit, the guitars sound lacks a bit of power with drums programming not very good but for me, it enhance the grinding fucking side that Cuff has always played! Despite its flaws, this invasion of intergalactic fucking shits is completely fucking perfect at the sickness level, defecating only fucking catchy moments and the atmosphere of ''Forced Human Sacrifice to the New Gods of Earth'' is really fucking great! A fucking must have for all fans of sickness! Shitty Fucking Sick Shit! 10\10 

5 Stabbed 4 Corpses-Dance or Die (Morbid Generation) 

After we get smashed 2 fucking years ago, 5 Stabbed 4 Corpses are back with a second full length entitled "Dance or Die"! These Germans makes Groovy Brutal Death Fucking Metal by mixing styles of Goregrind and Grindcore extremely fucking well made and succeeds! "Dance or Die'' contains 15 fucking songs and lasts about 40 minutes performed by Slava (Guitars), Rico (Vocals), Mella (Bass) and Alex (Drums)! The 4 grinders really succeed by doing a fucking great release with an identity who makes them apart from the fucking mass adding a humoristic side and fucking good shitty title tracks! Rico on vocals give us a fucking great performance by mixing the Guttural, Pig squeals and Grindcore style! Slava give us a phenomenal amount of groovy riffs played very fucking greatly by mixing the BDM and Grindcore riffs, Mella makes a damn amazing job on bass and also Alex with a fucking fast and groovy drums! The production of this fucking shit is very fucking great, the mixing is fucking flawless, and the sound is very well done but maybe lacking a bit of heavy shit but still sounding like a fucking pile of shit falling on the dance floor! Some moments may seem a little less enjoying, but its still very fucking hard to get bored listening to this fucking shit because the 40 minutes are delivered in a fucking greatly way and none of its 15 songs are really boring! "Dance or Die" is a fucking must have for all lovers of groovy and all those who simply love the good fucking albums! Great Fucking Shit! 9.5/10 

Splattered Entrails-Depths of Obscurity (Nice to Eat You Records) 

Already the sixth album of the American ''Splattered Entrails'' and the one-man band is back with ''Depths of Obscurity''! Mike O'Hara (Cordectomy/Malodorous) is the brain of this band and performing Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums Programming and give us again a very fucking different record with riffs that make us really fucking feel the fucking depths of obscurity! The release lasts more than 45 minutes and bring a fucking great atmosphere and a fucking successful concept but with obviously some lameness! The production of ''Depths of Obscurity'' is generally fucking good, the mixing and sounds is ok but maybe lacking a bit of shitty sickness and I should mention that the drums programming is really fucking well done and sounds fucking killer as fuck at all fucking levels! From its 14 songs, some of them that I personally found fucking boring and not really enjoyable and I think if the riffs were a bit more brutal, surely the album would have been much better, but the atmosphere of this CD is fucking unique and the interesting parts are fucking excellent including the vocals which is fucking great! Despite its negative points, ''Depths of Obscurity'' is a fucking good disk with an originality very present and make you live a fucking unique experience! Good Shit! 7.5/10 

Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement-Resuscitating the Vile (Sevared Records) 

The Americans samurai Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement are back to present their new and second fucking album ''Resuscitating the Vile''! Faithful to their debut album ''As the Shroud of Suffering Suffocates the Land'', they offer us again a Death Fucking Metal inspired by the history of samurai and Japanese myths! Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement consist of the damn talented duo Jay Barnes on Vocals (Lust of Decay/Cesspool of Vermin) and Jordan Varela on Drums/Guitars/Bass (Lust of Decay/Cesspool of Vermin/Domination Through Impurity)! Jay still performs a very good vocals, maybe a bit linear, but still fucking excellent and Jordan gives us a fucking good performance on drums/guitars/bass but lacking much originality and diversity in his compositions! The production of ''Resuscitating the Vile'' is fucking excellent, the sound is still very good although its a bit too fucking boosted with drums that sound totally fucking execrable! This CD contains 8 songs and lasts about 42 minutes which can seem very fucking long because, as I said earlier, it greatly lacks diversity in the riffs and all end up sounding the fucking same, we can find still very fucking good riffs but in general, ''Resuscitating the Vile'' is pretty fucking boring in its conception and bored us very quickly! This is obviously not a bad album, but missing a lot of atmosphere and brutality even if its not what is priorized in this record! Its a release that I recommend only to the fucking purists of Death Metal but for others, forget it! 5/10 

Unbirth-Deracinated Celestial Oligarchy (Amputated Vein Records) 

Probably the planets were aligned the March 4, 2013 to make live the first surprising opus of Unbirth called ''Deracinated Celestial Oligarchy''! These Italian perform a Technical Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking destructive, but still very basic with many elements more Death Metal! Michele Sassano on Vocals, Emanuele Ottani and Alberto Baroni on Guitars, Marcello Taverner on Bass and Mirko Vidris on Drums give us a fucking great album with a musical quality at all levels! Michele performs a fucking good and powerful Death metal vocals, the duo Emanuel/Alberto on guitars bury our fucking heads into their damn fantastic riffs, Marcello that give us the feeling of being one with his bass and his fucking incredible performance and finally, Mirko on drums demonstrating a flawless job and fucking diverse! The production is completely fucking perfect, great mixing, fucking amazing sound that sounds clear and heavy at the same time, highlighting all the instruments and giving a privileged place to the Bass that sounds fucking killer! ''Deracinated Celestial Oligarchy'' contains 10 songs, lasting about 35 minutes and is extremely efficient with a fucking great atmosphere, but you can count some moments a bit more laborious, a couple of songs less enjoying and the vocals may end up getting bored with the times! Despite its negative side, this is a CD that I recommend to all fucking fans of Death Metal and even those who are less fan of technical coz Unbirth served us a release fucking greatly made! Fucking Good Shit! 8.5/10 

Bradi Cerebri Ectomia-Supreme Heterozis (Bizarre Leprous Production) 

From Belarus, Bradi Cerebri Ectomia comes with a debut album entitled ''Supreme Heterozis'' and playing to Goregrind, groovy as fuck, with maybe some elements inspired by the Brutal Death Fucking Metal! The album is very well done with a production, in my opinion, fucking perfect, excellent sound with fucking flawless mixing and all that fucking shit sounds quality and really damn powerfully done! Aleksey (Vocals), Ar2r (Guitar), Vasily (Bass), and Aleksandr (Drums) are composing this quartet band and giving us a fucking great Goregrind in all fucking aspects! A pitchshifted vocals totally fucking sick, diversified and makes us fucking addicted, the guitar riffs are faithful to the roots of Goregrind with a lot of groovy and memorable moments, the bass is fucking well executed and finally, the drums is pretty good, adding the sound that I particularly appreciated! I think ''Supreme Heterozis'' is fucking amazing but also with some parts a little bit boring and may lack a bit of brutality, but in general, this fucking shit is fucking excellent including the cover ''Kill Your Mother, Rape your Dog'' as ''Kill your Enemy'' of Dying Fetus which is a complete fucking success! 16 songs, 35 minutes, this fucking release is essential to all fans of Goregrind, they dont reinvent the genre, but giving it a fucking bomb of pus! Great Shit! 9/10 

Necrovile-Engorging the Devourmental Void (Lacerated Enemy records) 

''Engorging the Devourmental Void'' is the second album of this fucking exceptional band from Romania named Necrovile created in 2001! For me, this band is making Death Metal in a fucking very brutal way with a style that remind us of the origins, and magnificently performed by these fucking sick Romanians! Calin (Vocals/Bass/Guitar), Radu (Vocals/Guitar), Kevin (Drums) are a trio totally fucking insane offering us 11 songs very well composed, with 31 minutes of quality making us feel a dark side fucking directly out of a slaughterhouse! The production is very good, fucking excellent mixing and the sound may seem a little bit deaf but keeping the unique fucking atmosphere of ''Engorging the Devourmental Void''! A fucking shit with catchy riffs and well structured songs, some ala ''Old School'', which makes us enjoy these 11 fucking great songs with no damn boring moments, this is an example of a release extremely fucking well managed and worked in a instinctively fucking sick way! Well balanced between blastbeat, mid tempo and slow tempo, a vocals between Old School Death Metal and Brutal Death Metal, totally fucking horrific and butchering riffs, this fucking piece of meat make us want to live on repeat this decadent butchery! This disk is almost perfect and the only negative side I could write is that some riffs are less enjoying than others, but keeping the identity of Necrovile and is a fucking requirement for all fans of this genre, it's a total fucking must! Excellent Fucking Shit! 9.5/10 

Wormed-Exodromos (Willowtip Records) 

After a very fucking long awaited second album of more than ten years (Planisphaerium 2003), Wormed finally returns with ''Exodromos'' that can be considered still fucking true to their roots! This band is playing Technical Brutal Death Fucking Metal really played in a fucking flawless manner and we really feel their sci-fi side and probably one of the best bands in the genre! Wormed consists of Phlegeton (Vocals), J. Oliver and Migueloud (Guitars), Guillemoth (Bass), and Riky (Drums)! ''Exodromos'' is perfectly mixed with a sound that is probably also fucking perfect for many, but I think its too much fucking shiny, polished and sound a bit too clear! Adding some fucking brutality in the production would have been better but I must say, that the sound is still very fucking good despite it! The Phlegeton vocals are still as great as before and never get bored, the guitars riffs are fucking genius and fucking greatly played with the only downside for me, to lack a bit of brutality and simplicity, but delivering a fucking great material including the fucking amazing job of Guillemoth on Bass and Riky who gives us a totally fucking perfect performance at the drums with the only weak point in the production sounding too ''polish'' and lacking of shitty dirty sound! ''Exodromos'' is really ingeniously built with fucking creative musical parts including several catchy that stick in our fucking heads, many are a little bit boring causing it to lose a little quality but still totally fucking amazing! Despite its negative points, this is a fucking must for all fans of Extreme Metal who will live all a damn enjoyable time! Very Good Fucking Shit! 8.5/10 

Waco Jesus-Mayhem Doctrine (Sevared Records) 

''Mayhem Doctrine'' is already the fifth album of Waco Jesus and the band is back in force by giving us a fucking piece of shit totally fucking insane! Waco Jesus are faithful to their style of Brutal Death Fucking Grind or Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore and ''Mayhem Doctrine'' is filled with groovy parts and very fucking fast moments, that make this release their most fucking brutal! This pile of fucking shit is composed of Shane Bottens (Vocals), Kevin Menssen (Guitars), Bruce Duncan (Bass) and Justin Dipinto (Drums)! The line-up of this album offers a damn brilliant job executed very efficiently and giving us probably the best and most fucking accomplished Waco Jesus album! Almost all riffs are fucking  catchy as fuck, groovy at its fucking best and very fucking brutal at the right time, which gives us a really complete and fucking enjoyable piece of scum! The production is fucking perfect at all levels, excellent mixing and a flawless sound, the grinding guitars and the drums sound just so fucking great! Most of the riffs are fucking awesome on that shit and make songs fucking great, but a few riffs and a couple of songs are a bit fucking annoying, overall, I think this fucking shit is really enjoyable and fucking good in all aspects! For all the fans of Extreme Metal and not only fans of Waco Jesus, this fucking shit really need to be part of you coz its a total fucking brilliant piece of shit! Great Fucking Filthy Shit! 9/10 

Splattered Orgasm-Death of Several Punishments (Coyote Records/Sevared Records) 

''Death of Several Punishments'' is the new fucking EP of the Thai band Splattered Orgasm as we know mainly had to the split ''Unleashing the Seed of Parricide''! This band could be called Brutal Death Fucking Metal by adding a few parts more Slam and mixed with several Blastbeats making a totally fucking sick shit! Splattered Orgasm is formed by Ligore on Vocals, August on Guitars/Bass, Pratchaya on Drums and this trio gives us a very fucking good and well executed killer fucking sickness! The guttural vocals are fucking brutal as fuck, the bass is very present and doing a damn awesome job, the guitar riffs are all fucking good and the drums is completely fucking insane and well performed! The production is fucking good, maybe a little bit too boosted and saturated, but it make this fucking shit really fucking brutal, the mixing is also ok, but leaving a little bit the guitars in the background, despite that, it sounds really like a splattered orgasm on the fucking face of a milf midget creating the fucking words ''Death of Several Punishments''! The album is very fucking good without being perfect in its composition, but the positive is to have no fucking boring riffs making it a fucking excellent shit! With five songs (one instrumental), this 13-minute opus deserves to be discovered by all fucking fans of Brutal Death Metal and you will spend a fucking insane moment! Good Fucking Sick Shit! 8/10 

Jasad-Rebirth of Jatisunda (Extreme Souls Productions) 

Jasad had accustomed us to the long waits between each album and this one is not different, after 8 fucking years of waiting for their third album, they are back with a full length entitled ''Rebirth of Jatisunda''! Jasad back with a pure Brutal Death Fucking Metal and adding several elements more Death Metal but keeping their side fucking fast and extreme! The line-up of the band has not changed much in 15 years, Yuli (Bass/Vocals) doing a fucking awesome job on Bass and Vocals, Man (Vocals) is good and has, I think this time, a Vocals more Death Metal, Ferly (Guitars) with his really fucking enjoyable and catchy riffs and has excelled in all fucking aspects and their new drummer since 2011, Abaz (Kaluman/Undergod/Embalmed) who is totally fucking insane with killer blastbeats and his slower parts very well performed! The production of the disk is fucking flawless, probably far surpassing their previous works, damn excellent mixing and the sound is fucking enjoyable but a bit clear and surely related to their side more Death Metal! ''Rebirth of Jatisunda'' is a fucking excellent shit filled with riffs that sticks in our head but that unfortunately have also a few annoying parts making some songs better than others, and for my part, I found the vocals a little bit boring after some time, missing too much fucking guttural! Despite its weaknesses, Jasad gave us a fucking piece of shit of a fucking high quality and is mandatory for all fucking fans of Death Metal of all kinds! Fucking Enjoying Shit! 8.5/10 

Mangled Atrocity-Grotesque Rituals of Mutilation (Sevared Records) 

After a very long wait of nine fucking years, Mangled Atrocity is back to drop this fucking bomb of shit called ''Grotesque Rituals of Mutilation'' with 10 songs including 3 remastered from their split (with Artery Eruption) and lasts about 30 fucking killer minutes! Mangled Atrocity is a one man band led by Keith Robinson (Vocals/Guitars/Drums Programming) and is impressive to see how Keith has remained true after all these fucking years in his style of Brutal Death Fucking Metal that date back to the very origins of this extreme kind! The vocals is fucking sick as fuck and really about what is the Brutal Death Metal in its real form, the riffs of this shit are completely fucking awesome and almost all of them are catchy, fucking extreme and only pure BDM with a Drums Programming very well done, greatly mixing the different speed and adding slower parts! The production is fucking sick, the sound is really insane and all that fucking shit sound like a fucking ton of bloody corpses in a snuff hard gangbang and the mixing of this gangbang is, for me, fucking flawless! The only thing wrong with this ingenious CD is the fucking sound of the Drums Programming which is not a great one, but the musick of Mangled Atrocity is so fucking great and effective that we forget very quickly that gap and succeeded without further words to give us multiple real fucking eargasms! ''Grotesque Rituals of Mutilation'' is a true fucking masterpiece with all the elements sought in the BDM and offering 10 perfect songs of fucking raw brutality with all the riffs 100% fucking killer and enjoyable at all levels of this damn sickness! A real fucking gem for fans of Brutal Death Metal with this album that is already a fucking classick in the style and a essential piece of fucking shit to all sickers, being probably one of the best one man band releases ever made! Killer Fucking Eargasm! 10/10 

The Anal Treatment XXX-perience-Vulgar Emesma (Self-Released)

Back with a Demo, The Anal Treatment XXXperience shit us ''Vulgar Emesma'' with seven fucking songs (including a cover of Impetigo) and a duration of about 12 minutes! These sick greek performs a Grindcore/Death Metal with some fucking groovy and brutal parts, comes with a quirky humor and fucking faithful to their habits! The production of this demo is really raw and fucking great being a real shit, a fucking flawless mixing and the sound is especially successful, fucking grinding as fuck with its crushing and fuzzy guitar sound fucking out from the anal depths of the underground! Toum-Ra and Vagore are on Vocals, Kreas on Guitar/Bass/Vocals, Tho on Drums are the trio composing The Anal Treatment XXXperience with their damn insanity and Grindcore expertise of fucking high level! Lots of catchy riffs, some of them better than others, in general, this fucking shit is fucking enjoyable with its diversified vocals, screaming, guttural, death... but for some, the sound may be fucking crappy but what for me is the beauty of this puddle of vomit and give fucking loyalty to the shitty Grindcore! For all those who love the fucking pure and raw things, its really a demo or a band to discover, the CD served us with fucking good intensity without boring times and is a real fucking must for the style! Great Fucking Grindcore! 8.5/10

Disentomb-Promo 2012 (New Standard Elite) 

From the Catacombs of Brisbane, Australia, Disentomb are back, after a first awesome album, with his Promo 2012 (released in 2013 by New Standard Elite) which stay damn faithful to their sickness! With their killer Brutal Death Fucking Metal, Disentomb up their level of brutality in giving us this fucking piece of shit of a high quality and very fucking well executed! The production of this disk is excellent, the mixing is fucking flawless and a perfect sound except perhaps it might be a little heavier, but despite this, still really gives us the impression of a ton of fucking bricks in our fucking face! Jake with his totally insane riffs give us a fucking great time followed by Tom on Bass also doing a sick job, the vocals of Jordan is excellent, which can seem a bit linear for some, but for me is fucking awesome and finally, Henri on Drums giving us a fucking perfect execution and completely fucking insane as fuck at all levels, with blastbeats and his fucking flawless technic! This promo is fucking genius, perhaps the weakness is to have some parts a little bit less enjoyable and missing some ''memorable'' moments, but with all its qualities, Disentomb gives a piece of sickness worthy of true Brutal Death Fucking Metal! Despite its 8 minutes and three songs (one instrumental intro, two songs), this  release is a fucking gem for all fans of Brutal Death Metal, made in his sickest way and is a fucking must! Fucking Awesome Killer Shit! 9.5/10 

Parasitic Ejaculation-Rationing the Sacred Human Remains (Ghastly Music)

''Rationing the Sacred Human Remains'' is the first full fucking album of Parasitic Ejaculation after offering us a self-released EP in 2012 (re-issued by Gore House Productions in 2013)! The Californians Jonathan Neel (Vocals), Mike Mostachetti (Guitars), Josh Schwartz (Bass) and Donovan Dettle (Drums) are performing a more focused Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal than their previous shit! The production of this record is, I think, fucking excellent, the sound and mixing are fucking great except the sound of drums that I didn't really like and bassdrum are too present but, in return, the sound of the bass is fucking awesome! Jon has done a fucking good job with his diverse vocals, Mike brings us some damn pretty good riffs and some may seem to us ''deja vu'' but keeping a personal side, Josh is fucking great on Bass with some parts really fucking enjoying and Donovan on Drums also doing an excellent job! Some negative points can be added as, for me, a little lack of brutality compared to their first EP and several riffs on the album are fucking great but some of them are a little bit boring but spent by those fucking enjoying! I think ''Rationing the Sacred Human Remains'' with his 10 fucking songs and 26 minutes of pure slam is a fucking must for all fans of Slamming Brutal Death Metal despite his weak points and will give you some fucking eargasms for sure! Great Slam! 8.5/10 

Apoplexy-Dissection Till Perfection (Self-Released) 

Another fucking sick band from California who dump their second full-length album (Dissection Till Perfection) after a very fucking long wait of 7 years and responding fucking well to our expectations! Apoplexy are performing a Gore Fucking Metal influenced by bands like Exhumed, Impaled ... having a side maybe a bit more melodic and delivering a couple of groovy parts while staying fucking brutal as fuck! The Californians taking part of this fucking shit are Justin (Guitars/Vocals), Chris (Guitars/Vocals), Dennis (Bass/Vocals) and Seezer (Drums)! The quartet gives us 11 songs (one cover of Haemorrhage), 30 minutes of very damn good Gore Metal and fucking true to the roots of this shitty style but, with its own identity that differentiate them from the other fucking bands of the genre! The sound of this record is fucking excellent including mixing, all instruments sound fucking sick, not at the highest level, but keeping the production of a fucking excellent quality! The CD goes very well but still has a few songs less enjoyable than others and some fucking riffs without really interest! ''Dissection Till Perfection'' is a pretty damn good album of extreme fucking metal and I think everyone (the insane peoples) can cum by listening to this fucking shit and is recommended, for sure, to the lovers of Gore Metal! Very Good Gore Shit! 8/10 

Clit Commander-Tex-Mex Blast Promo '13 (Self-Released) 

Clit Commander are back with a promo entitled ''Tex-Mex Blast Promo '13'' after offering us their fucking excellent Demo 2011! These Swiss perform us a Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal with all the necessary ingredients to make this shit a very fucking good piece of slam shit! Rene Barthoulot (Vocals), Dave Apel (Vocals), Reto Schelbert (Guitars), Thomas Uttinger (Bass), Cornel Betschart (Drums) are the henchmen sickers of the fucking clit and the quartet rolls that fucking brilliantly! This promo CD contains three songs and an useless blank fourth track with some talkings and lasts (without the fourth) about 11 fucking minutes! The produciton of the album is damn excellent without any weaknesses, the sound is very fucking good and the mixing fucking flawless! All the riffs on this album are all fucking good without to be genius, the two vocalists are fucking excellent, giving us a guttural performance of a fucking high quality and the drums is fucking good in every way! ''Tex-Mex Blast Promo '13'' is a very fucking good release, without to be a marvel, but giving us a fucking nice slam that makes us want to be a clit commander! I recommended this fucking shit for any slammers worthy of the name and fucking well worth the few fucking dollars to support this fucking great band! Very Fucking Good Shitty Slam! 8/10 

Bacteremia-Cerebral Wrong Settings (Permeated Records) 

''Cerebral Wrong Settings'' is the first full length album of the sickos from Colombia called Bacteremia! Sebastian Guarin on Vocals, Andres Soto on Guitars, Esteban Cardona on Bass and Andres Penagos on Drums make live Bacteremia and performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal in a fucking blasting way! The quartet offer us a completely fucking killer record from A to Z with the riffs of Andres and Esteban who are totally amazing, fucking insane and are wonders to the ears, Sebastian with his guttural vocals very fucking sick but maybe a little bit redundant but dont bore us and finally Andres giving us a fucking amazing drums performance with his non-stop fucking blastbeats that make us addicted to ''Cerebral Wrong Settings''! The sound of this fucking shit is just so fucking sick and killer, all the instruments sound really fucking great especially the drums that I enjoyed at the highest point, the mixing is fucking excellent except maybe the vocals missing a bit of  presence, but in general, the production sounds like a fucking ton of cells exploding in your fucking brain and is well done at all levels! The album contains nine songs, including one instrumental and obviously the two songs of their Promo 2012, and, I must say that the 29 minutes are really fucking enjoying and completely fucking sick in the head with catchy and fucking killer riffs all over this shit that gives us, in my opinion, a flawless release that will rank among the best! Essential to all fucking sickers of this damn planet and expect to live a moment more extreme in your life! Fucking Blasterpiece of Shit! 10/10 

Created To Kill-Death's Construction (Pagan Pride Records) 

After five years of silence, Created to Kill are back with a second full length opus entitled ''Death's Construction''! Continuing in the Brutal Death Metal fucking raw and pure, Created to Kill gives us a totally different release than their previous stuff, being better musically and in production making ''Death's Construction'' their most complete work! This murderous quartet is composed of Abe Simmerman on Vocals, Steve Forbes on Guitars/Backing Vocals, Phil Good on Bass, and Paul Good on Drums and the 4 sickers perform a Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a high quality executed in a fucking great way and balancing the fast and mid-tempo damn perfectly! Abe on vocals is very fucking good but maybe a little bit redundant after a while but still remaining very fucking enjoying, all riffs of Steve are totally fucking killer without exceptions, some of them may seem to us ''deja-vu'' but remaining completely fucking insane and the Good brothers are doing a flawless job with the devastating drums of Paul! The production of the disk is perfect to all levels, the mixing is fucking great, the sound is very fucking sick and sounding like a bulldozer piling a fucking ton of corpses! There is really no significant negative point in this fucking shit and ''Death's Construction'' is built very well musically and only gives us a good time from beginning to end with his side Old School Brutal Death Metal highly developed! A fucking great shit that any fan of brutality need to get coz its an essential piece of the puzzle! Fucking Amazing Shit! 9.5/10 

Coprophagency-Parasitic Hunger (Deviant Recordings) 

The one man band Coprophagency reborn from his shit after several years and fucking shit us his first EP ''Parasitic Hunger'' of 15 minutes including four songs with a cover of Decapitated (Spheres of Madness)! Jeff is doing everythings and gives us a Brutal Death Fucking Metal fucking raw and sick, mixing some melodic parts but in a fucking insane way with a strong influence to the old school brutality! The riffs are almost all fucking great, the vocals are fucking brutal showing the essence of BDM and drums programming, I must say, that for many it just bad had to be a fake sound, but for me, I personally found one of the best programming drums that sounds really fucking sick with a more old school sounding! The production is damn good, the mixing is flawless and the sound is very fucking good without being perfect, making it a better disc! The album is really fucking enjoying with riffs, being basic, but stuck in our heads and Jeff did an amazing job on all fucking levels! Obviously a negative point in this shit is some parts or riffs are a little bit more annoying especially on'' Misanthropic Cannibalism'' but remaining still fucking excellent and, this fucking shit remind us of old bands of BDM and make us live again in these fucking glorious times ! An EP to recommend to all fucking sick bastard all fucking around! Great Shit! 8.5/10 

Putrified J-Devouring Rotten Viscera (Ghastly Music) 

From Belgium/USA, Putrified J are back with their third full album (the first is only on download) entitled ''Devouring Rotten Viscera'' and give us a fucking shit of Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal of high quality served with a fucking perfect blend of sickness! ''Devouring Rotten Viscera'' is made of 10 songs and lasts about 30 minutes and give us a brutality worthy of the best albums in the slam genre and all tracks of this fucking shit are catchy as fuck, well balanced with slow and fast parts and fucking greatly done! Jason is on Vocals/Drums and really faithful to his vocals which has always been completely fucking sick, and even more on this shit, while being fucking excellent in Drums programming and is accompanied by Steven on Guitars/Drums, delivering us fucking awesome riffs from start to end compound in a fucking sick mind with also, an excellent Drums programming! I'm not sure, but I think Jason has completely made the production of this record and I think,  he have done a damn good job, this is obviously not perfect especially at the Drums, but the sound of the Drums is totally insane despite its shortcomings and the mixing is well done! ''Devouring Rotten Viscera'' has no negative points, its an amazing demonstration that some bands of slamming can be completely fucking sick in the head, with the music that make us addicted with his eargasmic parts! All Brutal Death Metal fans need to have this pure fucking piece of shit! Slamtastic Fucking Shit! 10/10 

Oppressive Force-Visions of Chaos (Self-Released) 

From the Texan land, Oppressive Force drop us this hearing bomb which is served as EP containing 5 fucking explosive discharges lasting about 13 minutes of extreme fucking chaotic destruction! ''Visions of Chaos'' is in the genre Brutal Death Grind with many parts of Groovy mixing fucking greatly the Brutal Death Fucking Metal with the Grind side and, this band reminded me a lot of Suffocate Bastard but in a way a bit less extreme! Oppressive Force is composed of Shane Elwell (Vocals), Walter Howard IV (Bass), Chris Lopez (Guitars) and Shawn Harrison (Drums) and the four sickers give us a fucking great diversified disk, inspired by many styles but keeping very well the side of brutality! Shane has a fucking excellent vocals at all levels and his style is a real fucking eargasm, Walter gives us some very fucking good moments of bass, Chris with his guitar riffs that are, in my opinion, all fucking good and Shawn performs in a flawlessly way and is really fucking great! The sound of the album is very fucking awesome and it sounds like a fucking ton of C4 filled in your mother's ass but I found the mixing a bit less successful especially at vocals, missing some volume! The release is fucking amazing from start to finish, we can meet some moments less enjoying, but still remaining a true fucking gem! Without any fucking doubt a band to check for all lovers of Brutal Death Metal by its refreshing and original side fucking greatly done! Fucking Great Shit! 9/10 

Deranged-Morgue Orgy (Sevared Records) 

Fucking faithful to its Brutal Death Fucking Metal for over twenty fucking years, Deranged are back to give us an EP called "Morgue Orgy!" For me, the sound and style of Brutal Death Metal that Deranged performs is still very fucking different compared to their first half life, the EP has 5 songs (4 new songs and one cover of SOD) and confirms their evolution over the years without departing from the fucking brutality! The band now consists of Anders Johansson on Vocals, Thomas Ahlgren on Guitars, Andreas Johansson on Bass and Rikard Wermen on Drums! The vocal is fucking excellent but can seems a bit linear, all the bass and guitar riffs are very good but without to be genius and the drums is really fucking awesome! The production of this disk is fucking flawless, the sound is heavy as fuck but keeping it clear, highlighting all aspects and the mixing is very fucking successful! Obviously, "Morgue Orgy" doesn't reinvent the style, but is a success despite the fucking weak points including riffs that lacks a little something and also the fact that, for me, it lacks a lot of aggressivity that can make us feel some more boring moments! This CD is not essential for all fans of Brutal Death Metal, but all fucking purists of Deranged must get this fucking shit coz you will find this EP fucking enjoying! Good Shit! 7.5/10 

Human Mastication-Driven to Kill (Pathologically Explicit Recordings) 

"Driven to Kill" is the fucking long awaited second full album of the Filipinos Human Mastication and is for fans of Brutal Death Fucking Metal in general, but especially for those who enjoy the Sick Brutal Death with fucking fast riffs and intense drum parts, nothing of technical, all about the brutality in its rawest form! Human Mastication is composed of Gee with his faithful guttural vocals, Jay with his completely sick riffs of Guitars, Dexter on Bass also doing a really fucking insane job and Kano on Drums who, as usual, gives us a performance totally fucking killer! Compared to their first record, it has no or very rarely Slamming or Groovy riffs and is really a CD with a higher level of fucking extreme brutality, to my ears, than all that they have done before! Almost all riffs are fucking killer and catchy as fuck but some of them seem a little bit redundant with the Drums and Vocals but nothing of major and that fucking shit never bored us! ''Driven to Kill'' contains 10 songs, one intro, one instrumental, two songs from their previous EP and Split and six fucking great new songs that were worth waiting for this amazing bomb of shit! The entire production is fucking perfect, sound and mixing are greatly well done with no shiny or polished sound and making it a pure fucking piece of Brutal Death Metal! You need to get this fucking disk just for the high level of sickness found in this absolutely fucking awesome shit! Killer Fucking Release! 9.5/10 

Dragging Entrails-Landfill of the Butchered (Morbid Generation Records) 

Martin Funderud (Vocals), Jaymes Grundmann (Vocals), Mats Funderud (Guitars), Larry Overstreet (Bass) and Joseph Carrillo (Drums), a fucking awesome line-up, which for some, was forced to create a perfect slammistic symbiosis and have not disappointed their fans with their fucking project called Dragging Entrails! After being forgotten for almost two years, the fucking long awaited full album "Landfill of the Butchered" finally emerged with 10 songs (1 intro/1 sample) and about 21 fucking minutes! Obviously with a line-up like this, we can easily guess that Dragging Entrails are in the style Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal and they really make it in a fucking great way! The perfect performance on both vocals (Martin/Jaymes) is really damn enjoying and guttural as fuck, Larry is fucking great on bass, the drums parts of Joseph are mostly slow but fucking groovy and upping the level of slam in this fucking shit, and, the guitar riffs are really fucking awesome and catchy, some may seem a bit less enjoying, but the fucking quality in all slamming riffs of Mats are very fucking successful! The production of this release is fucking great, sound and mixing is very good but a bit less in putting too much the bassdrums in the foreground with a sound a bit poor and removing the full potential of the drums! "Landfill of the Butchered" is fucking enjoying from start to end and is definitely a fucking must for all slammers and would be a fucking shame not to have a copy! Slamdozer of Massive Shit! 9.5/10 

Flesh Throne-Upon the Throne of Flesh (Pathologically Explicit Recordings) 

"Upon the Throne of Flesh" is the second EP of Flesh Throne, lasting about 8 minutes with two songs, including a new song (Infinite Malice Upon the Holy Baptized) and an old song (A King of this World ) fucking heavier and bit faster than their first EP! This International (USA/Sweden) band offers us a style, for me, Darkened Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a marked influence into the Old School NY Style with a Slam modern touch, making it a fucking totally unique band! This band is a trio formed of Lou Martinez on Vocals, Hannes Nysten (Extirpated) on Guitars, Fredrik Widigs (Repulsive Dissection/Soils of Fate) on Drums and these sickers doing a fucking exceptional job creating a unique identity in this fucking entity called Flesh Throne! The production of this fucking shit is flawless and superior to their previous release, the sound and mixing are generally very fucking successful in putting values everything the CD needs to provide a fucking high quality! Lou performs an excellent guttural vox and makes us addicted to his style, Fredrik, on Drums, doing a fucking great job with its slow tempo, but knowing how to be a bit faster at appropriate times and the guitar riffs of Hannes are all fucking excellent, maybe a bit long and repetitive, but made Flesh Throne a single band of its kind! The only thing that could be negative for the band, as Ive just mentioned, the long and repetitive musical side, but I must say that this is a fucking positive aspect for them, enhancing the fucking quality of the atmosphere and musical moods felt! For those who dont know Flesh Throne, its a band to discover and is fucking essential to get the two EPs and see its uniqueness in the extreme kind! Great Fucking Shit! 8.5/10 

Incineration-Disciples of the Garrotte (Sel-Released) 

Raising from the infernal orgies, "Incineration" resurrected from the ashes and sends us to torture after a fucking highly anticipated second album "Disciples of the Garrotte" demonizing a style "Old School Death Metal" with a touch of brutality fucking well made and presented! This damned Greek band is composed of Christ Dimopoulos (Aceptic Goitre/Mallediction) on Guitars and Vocals, Stefanos Kokkalis on bass and Nick Gotsis (Malledicton) on Drums! This trio, born from the fucking ass of a hermaphrodite from the entrails of hell, offers us a piece of musick of a very fucking enjoyable quality that personally made me relive my younger days of Old School and is completely into the fucking roots of Death Metal to the pure way, tinted of brutality, that I think make us think at the beginning of Brutal Death Fucking Metal. Chris with his damn evil riffs always know how to catch us in every moment of this flaming fucking shit accompanied by Stefanos with its very present bass fucking enjoyable and Nick on drums, well balancing brutality and slower parts! I think this fucking shit sounds like some corpses frying in a pan and culpably gives eargasmic pleasure to each fucking brutallers! This disk is about 38 minutes and contains 10 songs including a cover of Babykiller (Devourment), and the only fucking negative sides I could mention are the many intros for me that could be reduced a bit or simply removed and also despite its fucking major quality as release, we find some riffs a bit more boring and maybe long but making parts of a whole, creating a really fucking great atmosphere and making it a very low bad point! All sickers need to get this fucking shit before to be burned by these demons into the abyss of hell listening to this fucking amazing "Disciples of the Garrotte!" 9.5/10 

Traumatomy-Transformation into a Putrid Mass (Rebirth the Metal Productions) 

Founded in 2012, the Japanese/Russian fucking band Traumatomy come to us with an EP called "Transformation into a Putrid Mass" with three fucking songs lasting about 11 minutes! The band is performing Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal and you can tell they are faithful in this style and in a fucking brutal way! The production of this fucking shit is I think flawless, the mixing and the sound are fucking killer and it sounds like a ton of sperm falling on the fucking ass of a prostitute while she sniff fucking comet, but the drums sound is not very enjoyable! ''Transformation into a Putrid Mass'' is composed of Constantine (Disfigurement of Flesh) on guitars/bass/Drums programming who I think is still doing a good job and Haruka (Gorevent/Medic Vomiting Pus) with a completely fucking sick guttural vocals who is used to offer us! The damn good thing with this fucking shit is that all the riffs are very fucking good, but the problem is that we have already heard all the fucking riffs many times in other bands of this genre and the CD seems a bit fucking annoying coz of this point still important! Obviously to fully appreciate this fucking disk, you need to dont know a lot of things in the Brutal Death Fucking Metal coz there is nothing of new, but in general it's still a very fucking good EP that deserve attention by all fucking slammers addicted! Fucking Good Slamming Shit! 8/10 

Ejaculation Beyond Diarrhea Boundaries-A Bullet Up your Nostril (Self-Released)

''A Bullet Up your Nostril'' is the first full shit by the Belgian sickers E.B.D.B. (Ejaculation Beyond Diarrhea Boundaries)! With eight songs lasting about 28 minutes, this fucking shit gives us a Brutal Death Fucking Metal, Im probably wrong, with some influences from the old Skinless with a very fucking raw side which make us live again the old BDM and also, I think we find a small fucking part influenced by Goregrind with some groovy shitty riffs, atmosphere and also with a touch of the others extreme Metal style! Nils (Vocals), Peter (Guitars), Jens (Bass) and Kristof (Drums) really gives us a material of pure fucking brutality with an excellent production without to be fucking polish and shiny, the mixing and sound are perfect and the musick of E.B.D.B., adding the sound and their humour, gives them a real personal touch and a fucking unique identity! Much riffs on the album are really fucking well made and catchy but you can find some less enjoyable and can make some songs a bit less good than others but still staying fucking pretty good and made a release, as I said earlier, fucking unique and necessary! This damn shit is not a masterpiece with its own flaws but still remains a puzzle piece needed to all fucking true fans of Brutal Death Metal and can be easily recommended to all those who have lived the beginning of BDM! Very Good Fucking Shit! 8/10