mardi 16 mai 2017

Infested Blood​-Demonweb Pits (Rapture Records)

Formed in 1999 in blasphemy and insanity, Infested Blood is back from the infernal fucking entrails of Brazil to spit out a fourth venomous fucking album baptized by fire as "Demonweb Pits" and performing an addictive incantation came out of the fucking depths of hell! This cursed beast performs a Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a Death Metal touch and technical side knowing to create some catchy fucking brutality by mixing very well the complex and primitive fucking parts! This fourth diabolical fucking release is divided in 11 sadistic fucking acts of torture enjoyable as fuck including an instrumental one perhaps a little weird but only increasing the hellish fucking atmosphere of this fucking shit that really piercing our damn soul with its ingenious fucking efficiency! This demonic creature is spreading an excellent fucking brutality by giving only awesome fucking tracks having perhaps some parts a little more weak and repetitive caused by the long duration of some songs but this fucking album is including catchy parts at each song making them all unique and fucking great! Infested Blood is controlled by Diego Do'Urden (Vocals/Guitars), Eduardo Baerne (Bass), Beto Santos (Drums) and the trio is just fucking brilliant by sharing an original, twisted and catchy fucking songwriting making their fourth album a total fucking gem in the shitty genre! Vocals on this shit are fucking great sometimes could be a little bit more disgusting but still fucking well done, guitar riffing are just fucking genius by knowing how to create a release with a lot of catchy riffs making it addictive despite some parts a little less successful and same for the bass sharing some amazing fucking job and finally the drums that is superb being fucking creative and brutal as fuck! The production is very good and could have been maybe better on some parts especially the drums but still fucking enjoyable, mixing is great and despite some shit, it sounds really like some fucking demons invading our shitty world destroying everything and dismembering everyone in their fucking path! With its 45 sacrificial fucking minutes, "Demonweb Pits" have some flaws assigned to long albums but Infested Blood managed to create an evil addictive fucking carnage from A to Z and this fourth release is without any fucking doubt mandatory to each death metal fucking heads! Amazing Fucking Piece of Creative Fucking Brutality! 9/10

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