mercredi 31 décembre 2014

Delusional Parasitosis-Ingurgitating Intestinal Rot (New Standard Elite)

After nearly 5 years of putrid fucking decomposition, Delusional Parasitosis is finally ready to present their first cadaveric menu on a silver fucking platter labeled "Ingurgitating Intestinal Rot!" This band from Germany/USA offers a Sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally insane, fucking twisted with a little slamming touch that can be compared to the old Devourment but this is a band I would compare much more to Gutrot at the musical and guttural side! This brutal fucking parasitic entity is composed of James Shuster on Vocals, Christopher Oess & Lee Mullis on Guitars, Trevon Hilton on Bass, Alex on Drums and they are the 5 fucking bastards who are spreading the death of your brain fucking cells by performing a fucking sick and disgusting fucking piece of shit with a great brutal fucking composition perfect to make explode some weak fucking brains! James is really fucking brilliant with a guttural totally deranged, twisted and fucking sick that only makes us damn addicted, Christopher & Lee are offering for the most perfect fucking riffs with catchy as fuck, insane and dirty fucking songwriting, Trevon is doing an awesome fucking job being a big part of this big fucking shit and finally Alex on drums who is fucking perfect with a drumming only giving mass eargasm! "Ingurgitating Intestinal Rot" contains 7 fucking songs including 2 bonus tracks previously unreleased and this putrid fucking shit  have a successful fucking production, well done mixing with a nasty and brutal fucking sound maybe lacking a bit of crunchy but still well arranged making explodes your fucking skull! This fucking piece of rotted parasitic flesh is spreading a sick fucking plague with only great and brutal shitty symptoms, maybe some side effects a little bit long and repetitive but this shitty fucking disease have an ingenious fucking way to kill you from inside your fucking ears during 22 agonizing fucking minutes! Delusional Parasitosis just almost created a fucking perfect disk added by an amazing fucking twisted composition with all elements necessary to release an extreme cult fucking disease! Near Perfect Brutal Fucking Plague! 9/10

dimanche 28 décembre 2014

Archagathus-Dehumanizer (EveryDayHate)

From the frozen fucking lands of Canada, Archagathus shits after 3 fucking years their fourth full length "Dehumanizer" and are delivering a very damn chaotic, raw and sick new fucking release! The Prince of Mince (Guitars/Vocals), Drinkin 'Joe (Guitars/Vocals), Cam (Bass) and Joey (Drums) are the quartet of Archagathus and are performing a Mincecore/Grindcore completely fucking devastating, brutal as fuck and having all ingredients needed to create a real musical fucking bomb of shit! "Dehumanizer" has a production totally fucking successful for the genre, excellent fucking mixing with a grinding fucking sound very enjoyable, fucking sick and that shit really sounds like a fucking ton of bones fucking crushed and chewed by the great drums, guitars and bass recording! The four insane in the fucking head sickos are doing a great fucking job on all shitty fucking levels, a vocals very well done, diversified and fucking brutal as fuck, amazing guitars fucking riffs from A to Z with a perfect mincecore shitty composition, bass very present by its grinding production and fucking well played, finally an excellent fucking drums on all sides with crazy fucking blasts and various tempos! "Dehumanizer" contains 20 songs that are all amazing and fucking catchy with a perfect fucking songwriting delivering an awesome mincecore that is a total fucking eargasm lasting about 21 crushing noisy fucking minutes! For me Archagathus just delivered the best Mincecore/Grindcore album ever created surpassing fucking easily the gods in the genre with this fucking masterpiece which is so fucking great that can be fucking enjoyed by people hating the style! "Dehumanizer" is without fucking doubt the best release of Archagathus and necessary for all fucking sick in the head motherfuckers who like good and brutal fucking shit! Grinding Fucking Masterpiece Crushing Your Fucking Bones! 10/10

samedi 27 décembre 2014

Vaginal Juice-Extensive Purulent Necrotic Process (Coyote Records)

The crazy fucking Russians Vaginal Juice offer their debut full length album entitled "Extensive Purulent Necrotic Process" after an excellent fucking split in 2010 with Ebanath/Unlimited Madness! Vaginal Juice is a mix of members from Inopexia/Purulent Jacuzzi and Egregious/Bowel Leakage and with this shitty project, they are delivering a totally sick Goregrind fucking fast but also contains its big fucking part of groovy and we can also find a Grindcore influence! The band consists of Alex (Egregious/Bowel Leakage) on Vocals, Pasha on Guitars, Sasha (Inopexia/Ex-Purulent Jacuzzi) on Drums and the trio are showing their knowledge into the Goregrind with this fantastic damn release completely fucking sick and catchy as fuck! Alex on vocals is really fucking amazing and very diverse with a fucking sick guttural mixed with screaming vocals! Pasha is giving a fucking perfect composition with only excellent riffs and for the most fucking catchy and well done! Finally Sasha is fucking true to himself, being the fastest and most extreme drummer nowadays, he is showing his high Goregrinding level with a flawless fucking performance as he knows so well with the crazy fucking groovy tempos and fucking blasts that seem out from your mom's fucking ass! The production of this fucking shit is a total fucking success, great sound and mixing with a high quality recording but still keeping a little dirty fucking side that makes it sound like some whores squirting without stop straight in your fucking face! "Extensive Purulent Necrotic Process" contains 19 fucking songs (including a cover of Regurgitate & Nirvana) and lasting about 22 minutes of pure Goregrind fucking perfect from start to end with an amazing songwriting that makes their 17 songs all enjoyable, fucking great and unique added by 2 great fucking cover! Vaginal Juice just given one of the best Goregrind fucking releases and will stay without fucking doubt marked in the shitty fucking soul of each brutal mind who will get this fucking shit! Fucking Sick & Perfect Shitty Goregrind! 10/10

dimanche 21 décembre 2014

Kataplexia-Genetic Intervention (Fatality Distro)

Kataplexia are back after a long wait of 6 fucking years with an EP of 2 acts called "Genetic Intervention" and always faithful to their own fucking musick by delivering pure fucking Kataplexia! "Genetic Intervention" is Rodrigo "Fatality" Artiga (Vocals/Drums), Davi Moreira (Guitars/Bass) and the duo are performing a high quality Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a little technical touch staying true to themselves and keeping their fucking identity! Rodrigo is offering excellent fucking vocals as usual, powerful and fucking brutal, also a great fucking job with the drums, well done with a great fucking diversity and performance! Davi Moreira on Guitars/Bass is fucking great with fucking brutal riffs totally enjoying, especially on the title track, and he really succeeds to put us in the shitty damn atmosphere of this amazing fucking band that is Kataplexia!  The production of this fucking shit is totally fucking killer, a perfect mixing at all shitty levels, a destructive sound perhaps with production a little too refined and missing a little dirty side but this brutal fucking shit still sounds like a ton of fucking bricks! The sick Finnish duo offer a fucking bomb about 9 minutes including 2 songs "Genetic Intervention" and "The Rise of Hybrids" that are excellent but the second may seem a little bit redundant after some listen while the first is completely successful from A to Z with a perfect fucking songwriting mixing very well Brutal Death Metal beatdown and blastbeat!  Despite a little less enjoying song, Kataplexia has succeeded after 6 fucking years to reintroduce us into their brutal shitty fucking world offering an excellent EP and is definitely recommended to all sickos! Excellent Fucking Shit! 8/10

dimanche 14 décembre 2014

Darkall Slaves-Transcendental State of Absolute Suffering (Permeated Records)

The French Darkall Slaves finally come with their highly anticipated debut fucking album "Transcendental State of Absolute Suffering" and are meeting the expectations with this killer fucking shit! This band consist of Markus on Vocals, Gautier Trannoy and Mattis on Guitars, Alex on Bass, Mupp's on Drums and the five fuckers are performing a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal fucking excellent, catchy with some technical elements and they are delivering a great and pure fucking brutality added by an amazing songwriting! The production of this shit is fucking great, good mixing with a sound totally fucking devastating with a fucking enjoying bass sound giving a great instrumental atmosphere making sounds that shit like a fucking ton of corpses launched on a fucking field! The sickos are doing a brilliant fucking job at all levels, Markus is fucking powerful and diverse with an enjoyable fucking guttural, Gautier and Mattis are delivering for the most, fucking great riffs added by an excellent, brutal and fucking nasty composition making each fucking song of this shit unique as fuck and fucking successful! Alex on bass is fucking excellent with many excellent fucking parts greatly helped by the great production and finally Mupp's is just fucking perfect offering a dynamic drumming with well made and diversified tempos! "Transcendental State of Absolute Suffering" contains 10 songs (1 intro/1 interlude) and lasts 31 fucking minutes of pure brutalistic fucking butchery having no fucking downside except to have maybe some parts of a few songs a bit less good but Darkall Slaves really succeed to give a fucking piece of quality fucking well done from start to end and almost offered a perfect fucking piece of shit! Markus, Gautier, Mattis, Alex and Mupp's just put out a fantastic fucking release which is a fucking must for all Brutal Death fuckers! A Near Perfect Fucking Shit! 9/10

dimanche 7 décembre 2014

Cadavoracity-Promo 2014 (Permeated Records)

From the sick fucking Indonesian lands, Cadavoracity are back after 2 fucking years for a second promo called "Promo 2014" to make us wait and destroy our fucking ears until to drop their first album very soon! Cadavoracity is Deddy (Vocals), Nano (Guitars), Januaryo (Bass/Drums Programming) and the trio are performing a fucking insane and sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking destructive that can be compared to Disgorge (USA) by their non stop brutality fucking dirty, twisted and crushing all on their fucking path! The production is fucking good, mixing is well done but maybe missing a bit of presence at the drums but nothing unbearable and the sound is fucking heavy and powerful making sound this damn shit like a fucking pile of guts defecated by some weak fucking ass! Deddy on Vocals is fucking perfect, diverse with an enjoyable guttural at all levels, compositions of Nano on guitars are fucking genius with only fucking great and catchy riffs with no boring or weak fucking parts, same for Januaryo on bass doing an awesome job and also on the drums programming always done in a fucking great way! Cadavoracity are offering in this new promo 2 songs (Neclecting The Iniquitous Delution/Neuroanatomical Abnormality), lasts about 7 fucking amazing minutes from start to end being not repetitive or annoying and completely knowing how to create some great fucking Brutal Death Metal! A disk totally damn successful from these sickos and impossible to find some negative shits in their compositions because the three insane fuckers are just fucking perfect in all fucking points and Cadavoracity just managed to create a pure fucking piece of shit fucking brutal as fuck and an highly recommended promo to all sickos while waiting their debut album coming soon! Fucking  Perfect Devastation! 10/10

samedi 6 décembre 2014

Embryo Genesis-Demo 2014 (Impaled Productions)

Embryo Genesis comes from the most brutal country in the fucking world Indonesia to offer their first demo entitled only "Demo 2014" which can be defined as Brutal Death Fucking Metal of high quality including several Slamming elements but made in a brutal fucking way without weak fucking compositions! This band consists of Syifaul Fuada on Vocals, Dedi Purnawan on Guitars, Alif Zulfikar Adi Rizky on Drums and the insane fucking trio are performing a fucking raw brutality with this debut of 2 songs greatly fucking made! Syifaul is doing an awesome job with the vox a bit linear but still fucking enjoyable and powerfully guttural, Dedi on Guitars is delivring an excellent composition maybe lacking a bit of "memorable" parts but still fucking sick from start to end and finally Alif who is almost fucking perfect with a crazy drumming and diverse with his slam and insane fucking blast! The production of this fucking shit is for me fucking flawless, a mixing fucking well done and a sound fucking raw as fuck with a heavy side making sound this fucking demo like a pure fucking ton of shit! Embryo Genesis are doing a great fucking start with this release lasting about 6 minutes delivering a fucking pure and great Brutal Death Metal having as only flaw to lack a bit of catchy parts but still performing 2 excellent fucking songs! Despite its negative side, this fucking disk is recommended to all fucking sick fuckers around and Embryo Genesis are preparing their full length for 2015, be prepared to be totally fucking crushed! Excellent Brutal Fucking Shit! 8/10

dimanche 30 novembre 2014

Fatal Castration-Perishan Grinder (Black Plague Records/Metallic Media)

Fatal Castration come from the brutal Philippines and doing in the same fucking vein as brutality of his countrymates with their first EP entitled "Perishan Grinder"! The band consist of Red (Guillotined) on Vocals, Jaypee on Guitars, Renz (Guillotined) on Drums and the trio are performing a fucking sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal and are adding in their songs some slamming fucking parts which could remind us an album like "Agony Through Rituals of Self Purification"! The production of this fucking shit is still fucking great with a good mixing and a sound still very fucking successful in a pure underground way, fucking heavy with a drums sounding totally damn eargasmic that makes sound this release like a real true fucking piece of shit! The three sickos who make part of this destructive fucking band are doing a splendid fucking job, a vocals totally fucking sick, guttural and fucking enjoyable, guitar riffs totally fucking insane with a good composition in general and the drums is fucking perfect with a great powerful fucking drumming! "Perishan Grinder" lasts about 27 fucking minutes containing 10 songs (3 demo songs) that are all fucking awesome with some of them maybe less enjoyable and including some weak parts but this release is almost a complete success and a great fucking start in the world of sickness! Fatal Castration have just deliver a brilliant fucking EP with a pure barbaric brutality and just taken a major fucking place in the Philippines sickness! Its an essential fucking release for all fans of bands like Guillotined, Down from the Wound, Human Masticaton! Amazing Fucking Start in the Musickal World of Fucking Shit! 9/10

samedi 29 novembre 2014

Disastrous-Aftermath of the Apocalypse (Sevared Records)

The mighty Filipino fucking gods "Disastrous" are back for a third album called "Aftermath of the Apocalypse" and fucking true to themselves with their totally sick and excellent Brutal Death Fucking Metal kicking the fucking ass of a large part of the bands of this shitty genre! Disastrous consist of Red Tejero Sumanting (Vocals), Kristopher Ragas (Guitars), Kim Warren Pescadero (Bass), Eugene Verallo (Drums) and the four sickos are delivering as usual a completely barbaric musick with high quality omni present sickness including perhaps their best fucking compositions and offering a complete fucking release! Red on vocals is faithful to his fucking roots with his sick guttural vox maybe a little bit linear but not boring, Kristopher on guitars is still fucking excellent with his fucking brutal and enjoyable compositions, Kim on bass is doing an amazing fucking job helped by production highlighting his excellent fucking performance and finally Eugene on drums also continuing his sick fucking job with an awesome brutal fucking drumming! The production of this fucking shit is great, a good fucking mixing a bit lacking in terms of vocals, a sound totally fucking devastating with a very present bass making sounds that fucking shit like some natural disasters destroying everything in their fucking path! "Aftermath of the Apocalypse" is a hearing fucking destruction lasting 36 fucking minutes, contains 10 songs including an accoustic guitar instrumental song and a fucking good cover of Incantation and all songs from this shit are fucking excellent with maybe some rare less good riffs but a complete fucking eargasm in general delivering a fucking brutal release damn successful! Disastrous just touched the perfection with this third album fully enjoyable from A to Z with a great fucking composition added by a great apocalyptic fucking atmosphere! Highly recommended to all fucking brutal in the head sickos! Amazing Third Fucking Bomb! 9/10

mercredi 26 novembre 2014

Corpse Cook-Hell is Empty, and All the Devils are Here (BrutalReign Productions) 

After a great fucking EP in 2009, Corpse Cook breaks the silence with a highly fucking anticipated first album called "Hell is Empty, and All the Devils are Here" and meeting the expectations! This Chinese band is performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal rather hard to define because they are a little mixing all BDM fucking styles doing it in a great way remaining grounded in the fucking roots of the genre! Corpse Cook is Liu Jiaze on Vocals, Cook-Hor on Guitars, Li Nan on Bass and the trio are creating a unique fucking piece of brutality filled with a great sick ambiance and an incredible number of enjoyable fucking parts! The production of this fucking shit is almost a complete fucking success, great mixing and a sound fucking heavy, orgasmic, imbued with a depth and whose only fault to have a drums sound a bit less successful but not unbearable and still sounding like a fucking ton of bodies boiled in a fucking cauldron! Liu on vocals is exceptional with a diverse repertoire of gutturals and fucking excellent, Cook-Hor is almost just doing perfect fucking riffs incorporating a brutal fucking putrid atmosphere and unique musick, same thing for Li on bass fucking excellent with several totally great stunning fucking parts! "Hell is Empty, and All the Devils are Here" contains 9 songs lasting 32 fucking minutes which are for the most absolutely fucking brilliant but we can perhaps find a song a little bit less good and some less interesting riffs but in general this fucking shit is almost fucking perfect delivering everything needed to create this unique and sick fucking disk! Corpse Cook managed to mark their shitty time with their release sharing their own sick fucking identity in the world of brutality and is a fucking shit necessary for all sickos in the Brutal Death Metal! Unique Amazing Fucking Shit! 9/10 

lundi 24 novembre 2014

Goremonger-Horror Flicks (Fuck the Ass Records)

Goremonger is back already with a fifth full length album and is launching us into the fucking world of horror with that Cybhorrific piece of fucking shit entitled "Horror Flicks"! This one man band consists of Joey Daterape doing everything and keeping the fucking roots of Goremonger while delivering a Cybergrind fucking faithful to himself but this time into the concept of horror movies adding a great fucking atmosphere for this fucking release! The production of this shit is still fucking good for the genre, a sound fucking true to Goremonger with a good fucking mixing and maybe having a programming a bit less successful but Joey in general is doing a great fucking job! A plenty of catchy fucking riffs, some less good, a programming well executed with enjoying vocals helped by many guest appearances including Bob (Cuff) and Braxton Keyser (Rupture Christ) which are adding some more sickness to that fucking shit! "Horror Flicks" contains 25 fucking songs and all of them are inspired by horror movies having one song and some sampler dedicated to each horror classicks adding to this fucking shit a great concept and a shitty cyber gory damn atmosphere! Goremonger succeeds to give a very good release by adding many great songs with some addictive riffs, we can also find many songs or riffs much less enjoyable with some flaws at the production but in general this cybergrind fucking shit is very well done! "Horror Flicks" is 47 minutes of pure dirty fucking grind with perhaps some weak elements but still fucking sick and well composed and Goremonger managed to deliver a fucking good release and is for sure a must for any Goremonger fans! Very Good Unique Shitty Cybergrind! 7/10

Morbid Crucifixion-Decaying Human Flesh (Morbid Generation Records)

"Decaying Human Flesh" is the third fucking album by the one man band Morbid Crucifixion that continues in the same musical damn path of Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal but this time incorporating several extreme metal elements to make this fucking release something much more diverse with a better working! Rot Screwrot is the fucking beast behind Morbid Crucifixion by doing everything, Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums Programming and even the entire production of this fucking piece of shit!  10 tracks and 50 fucking minutes of disgusting fucking shit with insane vocals of Rot as he is used to offer, many enjoyable and diverse guitars riffs, a bass still well done and also a good fucking job at the drums programming! The production is very fucking good, not perfect but I think this is the best fucking production of the band to date, good fucking mixing also on the sound level with drums perhaps a bit less enjoyable but still making sounds this record like a fucking ton of bricks made of fucking shit! "Decaying Human Flesh" contains lots of good fucking songs, some maybe a bit less good also including diverse fucking riffs that are in general well composed but often missing some brutality, it also contains some very long fucking tracks but Rot had the creativity to make them without too much repetitive or unnecessary fucking riffs!  An album including a very good shitty fucking atmosphere, not musically perfect but despite several fucking riffs a bit less successful, that shit has a bunch of great and catchy fucking parts and adding to the atmosphere, Rot managed to create a total unique fucking piece of shit! Maybe not the best shit of Morbid Crucifixion, but despite its flaws, "Decaying Human Flesh" is an enjoyable fucking album and recommended to all Slam addicts! Very Good Creative Fucking Slam! 7/10

Infinite Defilement-Disemboweling the Divine (Sevared Records)

Infinite Defilement is back more brutal than ever after 5 year of silence with a new fucking EP entitled "Disemboweling the Divine"! Infinite Defilement continues to deliver a dirty Brutal Death Fucking Metal but this time by removing many groovy or slam parts which are replaced by blasts or sicker fucking parts making this EP a fucking brutal piece of fucking shit! This one man Aussie band consist of Jacob Smith doing everythings (Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums Programming) and doing a powerful come back with his fucking brutal devilish "Disemboweling the Divine"! Jacob is surpassing himself with this fucking EP by offering a total diabolical fucking atmosphere including riffs for the most fucking catchy, addictive and sick as fuck with a drums programming very well done! Production of this blasphemous fucking shit in general is very good, excellent fucking mixing with perhaps a sound lacking some fucking punch at the heavy shitty level and drums programming, but still fucking enjoyable and well made! Six fucking songs (1 intro/ 1 outro) and 16 minutes of pure fucking evilness with almost only great fucking songs completely addictive and containing maybe a little less good song but still succeeds in its form of brutality and Infinite Defilement really make an insane fucking come back by shitting probably the best fucking shit to date! Omni present brutality, evil fucking atmosphere with catchy songs almost from A to Z, "Disemboweling the Divine" has everything to satisfy the fans of Brutal Death Metal by offering a blasphemous fucking piece of musickal quality fucking successful with a damn great composition! Excellent Blasphemous Fucking Shit! 8/10

mercredi 19 novembre 2014

Septycal Gorge-Scourge of the Formless Breed (Self-Released/Comatose Music)

The insane Italians from Septycal Gorge are fucking back with a third full length album entitled ''Scourge of the Formless Breed'' and are continuing the awesome fucking job from their second release! Septycal Gorge are playing a fucking sick Technical Brutal Death Fucking Metal and with this album are delivering some Death Metal fucking elements but still keeping the brutality at the highest fucking level! "Scourge of the Formless Breed'' consists of Mariano Somá (Vocals), Los (Guitar), Diego Riccobene (Guitar), Jacopo Rossi (Bass), Davide "BrutalDave" Billia (Drums) and the sickos are performing a majestic brutal fucking musick and are from far surpassing their previous fucking album "Erase the Insignificant"! Vocals are fucking brutal, diverse and never boring, guitar riffs are for the most fucking great but we can find many of them totally fucking annoying, the bass session made by Jacopo is fucking awesome with several great fucking parts and the drums is fucking perfect, being diverse, powerful and fucking tight as fuck! The production is excellent, perfect mixing and a sound totally fucking devastating maybe lacking a little bit of rawness but this shit still sounds like a ton of fucking bricks made of frozen fucking shit! 9 songs and 32 fucking minutes of greatness is what offering Septycal Gorge with this new fucking shit including a lot of great fucking songs but having some less enjoyable especially "Deeds of Eternity" having the right name because this shit is eternally repetitive and totally annoying but except that song and some riffs less successful, the guys managed to give us a fucking amazing album and not disappointing by the quality and efficiency of this shit! Septycal Gorge has yet proven that they have a place among the fucking bests and despite some moments a little boring, "Scourge of the Formless Breed 'is a fucking success and is a must have for all shitty fans of the fucking genre! Amazing Fucking Shit! 9/10

mardi 18 novembre 2014

Bloodtruth-Obedience (Unique Leader Records) 

The unholy fucking horde Bloodtruth comes out from the infernal damned land of Italy with their first blasphemous fucking act baptized by fire with the name "Obedience"! Bloodtruth are performing an anti-religious Brutal Death Fucking Metal with many venomous Death Metal fucking influences and incorporating to their brutality an unholy fucking atmosphere very present and fucking enjoying! The evil fucking shit "Obedience" has been created by Luigi Valenti (Vocals), Stefano Rossi Ciucci (Guitars), Riccardo Rogari (Bass), Giacomo Torti (Drums) and the quartet out from the fucking pits of hell are offering a great fucking composition and a performance almost fucking perfect! Luigi on Vocals is fucking awesome, diverse and fucking brutal but staying in the Death Metal roots, Stefano is totally fucking great with almost only insane riffs and most of them fucking catchy and brutal, Riccardo on Bass is also fucking good with many great and memorable parts, finally Giacomo with a perfect drumming at all fucking levels! The production of this shit is fucking excellent, great mixing and a sound fucking brutal without to have some dirty side but staying in the ambiance of Bloodtruth and the sound of drums could be a bit better but this fucking shit still sounds like a fucking bunch of angel fucking whores been raped by these four demonic fucking bastards! 10 songs (1 intro) and 33 minutes of pure fucking greatness with maybe some songs a bit less good than others but still fucking great and "Obedience" is a successful fucking release with an amazing fucking composition tinged with a blasphemous atmosphere! Bloodtruth just served a fucking awesome debut release touching the perfection and is a fucking must for every sickos in the Death Metal! Awesome Unholy Fucking Shit 9/10 

lundi 17 novembre 2014

Cerebral Extinction-Inhuman Theory of Chaos (Ghastly Music)

From Italy, Cerebral Extinction offer their highly anticipated debut fucking album called "Inhuman Theory of Chaos" and still greatly managed to feed our damned soul with a 9 pieces of Brutal Death Fucking Metal delivered in a technical fucking way! This album consists of Malshum on Vocals, Shon on Guitars, Dave on Bass, Ciulaz on Drums and the four insane sickos are performing an amazing brutal musick by providing a fucking great composition and Cerebral Extinction are successfully entering the world of brutality! The production is fucking good, mixing well done and a sound generally very good but perhaps lacking a little bit of heaviness with a sound of drums not really enjoyable but this fucking piece of sickness still sounds like a real ton of fucking shit! 34 fucking minutes of twisted fucking musick is what offering Cerebral Extinction with several technical and brutal fucking elements, we also find many fucking weak parts and very doubtful in the goodness of brutality but the composition in general make us forget it quickly! Malshum on vocals is fucking great for the most part but very annoying on some songs, Shon is fucking awesome with a lot of catchy and amazing fucking riffs but including some a little less successful in the brutality, same with Dave on bass with a great fucking performance and finally Ciulaz with an excellent, diverse and fucking brutal drumming! "Inhuman Theory of Chaos" contains 9 songs for the most part fucking excellent, perhaps a couple less good especially at the beginning of the release but Cerebral Extinction is surprising with this fucking great debut album very interesting and despite the weak parts and others flaws. its without fucking doubt a band to check now and future! Recommended to all Brutal Death addicted fuckers! Excellent Fucking Shit! 8/10

mercredi 12 novembre 2014

Death Vomit-Forging a Legacy (Armstretch Records)

The Indonesian fucking gods of Death Metal Death Vomit are back after 8 fucking years to dump their second full length album "Forging a Legacy"! The line-up of this fucking bomb is Sofyan Hadi (Guitar/Vocals), Oki Haribowo (Bass/Guitar/Vocals), Roy Agus (Drums) and the brutal fucking trio are performing a Death Fucking Metal adding a big Brutal Death Metal touch with a total outstanding Death Metal composition that makes you fucking addicted! Vocals of this shit are fucking great, diverse and fucking powerful, riffs are for the most totally fucking great and enjoyable as fuck with a present and great job at the bass and finally the drums of this fucking shit is just damn perfect to all fucking levels, fucking tight as shit, varied and fucking sick with a great performance for the complete trio! "Forging a Legacy" consists of 9 fucking songs and lasts about 33 minutes of pure fucking excellence with a composition almost fucking perfect sharing a great atmosphere with a knowledge of the true Death Metal without any fucking doubts! A production fucking flawless, perfect mixing and sound, fucking heavy with much depth making this fucking shit really sounds like a fucking bomb right in your shitty fucking ears! Death Vomit have managed to make a triumphant return with this powerful addictive fucking release with mostly catchy fucking parts and eargasmic to listen with perhaps as the only negative part of having two songs a little less dynamic and enjoyable but without removing the brutal momentum of this majestic fucking shit! "Forging a Legacy" is a fucking must for all Death Metal/Brutal Death sickos and Death Vomit is touching the perfection and certainly made the history of the extreme musick! Fucking Outstanding Shit! 9/10

mardi 11 novembre 2014

Maltreat Deafen-Perpetual Ruination (Fresh Blood Management)

Performing a Death Fucking Metal with much of brutal and technical fucking influences, Maltreat Deafen comes from Indonesia to offer their full length debut fucking album entitled "Perpetual Ruination"! Maltreat deafen consists of four insane fucking sickos, Donny (Vocals), Niko (Guitars), Royhan (Bass), Goree (Drums) and the quartet delivers a great fucking release of 9 songs including one intro and outro, two songs from their demo and 5 fucking tracks constituting "Perpetual Ruination"! The production of this fucking shit is still very good but missing a lot of shitty power, mixing well done but with some fucking flaws, a sound lacking a lot of heaviness but the instruments are still fucking enjoyable and sounding totally fucking great, drums, bass and guitars very fucking successful! The vocals of Donny is fucking good but I think it lacks a lot of power, guttural and may seem fucking boring after a while, Niko performs excellent fucking riffs, we can also find some less enjoyable but overall, the composition is very well made, same for Royhan on bass who is also doing an awesome fucking job with some memorable parts and finally Goree offering an excellent drumming diversifying very well the blast, slow and technical fucking parts! Maltreat Deafen are delivering almost 33 fucking minutes of greatness and despite the flaws of their debut fucking album, they succeed to offer an inspiring material very well arranged with many crazy and catchy fucking parts! For the Death Metal fans and Technical addicts, "Perpetual Ruination" is an interesting fucking shit I would to suggest you without any fucking doubt! Fucking Great & Creative Death Fucking Metal! 8/10

Excoriation-Excoriation (New Standard Elite)

Excoriation comes from the bloody fucking lands of Russia with a first self-titled act of torture totally brutal and fucking disgusting hurtful your holy fucking soul for 27 damned minutes of insane fucking torment inflicting a hard damage to the weak fucking ears! This band of executioners are performing a Blasting Raw Brutal Death Fucking Metal sick and fucking crazy in the same vein as Orchidectomy, Brodequin with some sound a little bit Goregrind and are offering an addictive fucking piece of musical torture! This dying machine is led by Cyril on Vocals, Paolo (Putridity, Devangelic) on Vocals, Ivan on Guitars, Mark (Ex Orchidectomy) on Bass, Dobro on Drums and the torturers are showing that its still possible to create an insane fucking brutal death metal in these dark shitty days of true fucking brutality! 100% perfect produciton with a mix totally successful, a disgusting fucking sound and heavy as fuck without harming the rest and a drums sound completely fucking sick and enjoyable with all other functions of this terrifying killing fucking machine! The vocals performed by Cyril and Paolo during these torture fucking scenes are great, fucking dirty, addictive and never fucking boring with a total insanity, fucking great job from Ivan on guitars only delivering awesome and crazy fucking riffs that are all catchy with a perfect fucking brutal composition! Great fucking job from Mark with a very present bass and fucking well done and also an outstanding fucking drumming by Dobro who is flawless, fucking fast and diverse in his blast! Excoriation is a release consisting of six fucking acts of martyrdom with an unquestionably perfection having all elements to create one of the sickest releases ever made and certainly the sickest of this decade! The band offers a total fucking piece of sickness with a high level of brutality including a torturous disgusting atmosphere that only adds more to the perfection of this fucking shit which is successful from A to Z creating a real fucking blasterpiece! Every true sick in the head fuckers have no choice to get this fucking insane cult shit totally fucking sick, another pure fucking marvel from NSE in the world of sickness! Total Perfect Fucking Shit of Pure Fucking Brutality! 10/10

Infeksi-Infected Carcass (Self-Released)

Infeksi were created to kill and chop everything in their fucking path by sharing their macabre shitty anthem called "Infected Carcass" divided into 8 fucking parts including 2 dated from their demo! The protagonists of this fucking massacre are Hendri (Vocals), Rizka (Guitars), Rony (Bass), Beni (Drums) and the sick fucking quartet are creating a complete fucking insane and memorable musick by the fucking brutality emerged from that fucking shit! Infeksi are performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking disgusting that can be compared to bands like Brodequin, Enmity, Disgorge (USA)... and the guys have just created one of the most brutal fucking EP which ever born! Hendri on vocals is fucking amazing with a crazy fucking guttural, fucking sick and enjoyable at the highest point, Rizka and Rony are also doing a fantastic fucking job by creating only good fucking songs with awesome fucking riffs and finally Beni on drums who is totally fucking insane with a drumming that may seems 90% of the scene totally weak! The production is worthy of a real underground piece and fucking brutal without overproduction on this record as we find everywhere nowadays and making it fucking "cult", mixing still well done with a totally fucking disgusting and heavy as fuck sound which make shit in their fucking pants all my shitty weak neighbors! Infeksi just created one of the most brutal release from Indonesia including 18 fucking sick minutes with brutal riffs and enjoyable fucking parts from start to end, a fucking great release that is already known to be a cult piece of fucking shit in the brutal genre and is certainly not for all weak pussies of this fucking scene! A fantastic killer fucking EP served in the brutality by Infeksi and a must fucking have for all real fucking sickos around! Blasterpiece of Shit! 10/10

Dramatic Violent-Shrines of Hypocrisy (Stillborn Sounds)

From Indonesia, Dramatic Violent offer their second EP after eight fucking years and continuing in the same fucking way where they had stopped and reveals the mighty fucking "Shrines of Hypocrisy"! Dramatic Violent are performing an excellent Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a lot of American brutality influences and doing it in a very successful shitty way! Sandy (Vocals), Uwm Burner (Guitar/Bass), Diyan (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Ipoy (Drums) are the four sickos making part of this brutal fucking entity and offers a great fucking composition with generally only great fucking songs! About 13 fucking minutes of sickness and including 7 songs with an intro and 3 songs from their previous EP, obviously I will consider only their three new fucking tracks that are as I said earlier, in the same line that "Enemy of the Sun" but a bit more technical and contains some twisted fucking riffs! Production is almost entirely fucking successful, mixing is great and also the sound, but it maybe lack a bit of shitty heaviness but this shit still sounds very fucking great! "Shrines of Hypocrisy" is offering excellent fucking songs with some riffs a bit less enjoying and vocals perhaps lacking a little bit of guttural but totally fucking powerful, fucking sick drumming including an amazing fucking composition! Dramatic Violent resurfaced with an EP of high fucking quality with an addictive brutality composed of many catchy fucking parts and delivered in a successful way of providing a nearly perfect fucking shit! "Shrines of Hypocrisy" is recommended to all fucking fans of Death Metal who are ready to get some eargasms! Amazing Fucking Shit! 9/10

dimanche 9 novembre 2014

Devormity-Revolusi dan Agresi (Extreme Souls Productions)

Devormity come from the fucking capital of Metal Indonesia with a debut album "Revolusi dan Agresi" still quite fucking different from their first EP in 2011! Devormity are performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal with many Death Metal elements and consists of Raziv (RIP) on vocals, Lavey on Guitars, Ekky on Bass, and Redda on Drums! The fives sickos are doing an awesome fucking job at all shitty levels, Raziv has excellent fucking vocals maybe a little linear and becoming a bit fucking boring but still very well done, the guitar riffs of Lavey are mostly very fucking good,  Ekky on bass is doing an excellent fucking performance and also Redda with a totally fucking insane drumming! "Revolusi dan Agresi" contains 10 songs (1 intro and outro) of pure fucking brutality and are fucking excellent, maybe 2 of them are a bit boring but still very fucking good with a majority of amazing fucking riffs, we also find some flaws in production which is generally fucking excellent with a good fucking mixing and sound but the drums snare and bassdrums in particular are a bit fucking crap but nothing catastrophic because that fucking shit still sounds like a fucking ton of TNT! Devormity offers a great fucking release lasting 37 minutes for the most fucking successful and completely fucking sick as fuck which I think is one of the best albums made in Indonesia!  For lovers of true Brutal Death Metal or Death Metal, this is a true fucking must have and the others just to wait for the next fake shit! Awesome Fucking Destructive Release! 9/10

mardi 4 novembre 2014

Seven H. Target-0.00 Apocalypse (Sevared Records)

The innovative Russian machine Seven H. Target is back with their faithful cybernetic fucking brutality for a third full length album entitled "0.00 Apocalypse"! This release consist of Mirus (Vocals), Konstantin Korolev (Bass), Aleksey Menshov (Guitars), Mikhail Panphilov (Drums) and the four sickos are performing a Technical Brutal Death Fucking Metal with some Slam influences and ingenious composition of high fucking quality with a robotic atmosphere totally fucking memorable! The production of this fucking shit is damn perfect to all fucking levels delivering a futuristic atmosphere but knowing to keep a raw and true fucking sound, a mixing greatly made and that fucking shit really sounds like a fucking tons of cybernetics fucking shit in an total chaotic cyberspace fucking explosion! The four cyborgs controlling this shitty fucking machine of sickness are doing an incredible fucking job, Mirus on vocals is fucking excellent, enjoyable and a diverse guttural never boring and Konstantin is really present with a fucking stunning bass performance, fucking catchy with many unforgettable fucking parts, Aleksey on guitars is just fucking genius with crazy fucking riffs, technical, catchy,fucking brutal and rare are those being less enjoyable, same with Mikhail on drums doing a fantastic fucking job, technical, brutal and able to follow the musical technicality of his bandmates by his diversity and creativity! "0.00 Apocalypse" contains 7 fucking songs and lasting about 27 cyber shitty minutes which are for the most fucking perfect, I think some rare and short parts of this fucking shit are a little bit redundant but Seven H. Target have just delivered a beautiful fucking release touching the perfection as the rest of their discography! Mechanical atmosphere, robotic brutality with a cyber fucking twisted Brutal Death Metal which is definitely a must fucking have for every extreme sickos! Awesome Killing Fucking Machine! 9/10

lundi 3 novembre 2014

Burtul-Bottom Astral (Satanath Records)

Burtul came out from the fucking pits of hell to destroy Russia in the fucking blood and fire with a first full length assault entitled "Bottom Astral"! Formed in 2010, Burtul are performing a Death Metal with some elements of Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a concept about the evil in general (War, Satanism...)! Bottom Astral is served by Cherepan on Vocals, Dima and Krom on Guitars, Ilya on Bass, S.D.I. on Drums and the fives antichrists are delivering a good fucking dose of hellish damn brutality, with a very present fucking atmosphere that gives it an identity and unique side! The vocals of this fucking shit are diverse mostly Death Metal but still including some low guttural, screams and fucking interesting, the guitar riffs are fucking great but unfortunately many of them are boring and repetitive but still on the good fucking path delivering an excellent fucking composition, the bass is also fucking great with its memorable parts and well made, it also contains a very good fucking drumming and diversified with faster or slower parts made to a simple way but fucking effective! The production is very well done, mixing is I think perfect, a heavy fucking sound and also matching with the style of Burtul with a great instrumental fucking sound that make this fucking shit sounding like a couple of shitty Panzer blowing up your fucking house! Bottom Astral contains 13 diabolical songs and lasts about 48 evil fucking minutes, it includes many good fucking songs but also several much less enjoyable that may, by its length and lack of rigor, end up being a little boring after a while but still remaining a very interesting release at each fucking level! Burtul offers a good fucking start in the chaotic fucking world of darkness with "Astral Bottom" which despite its negative points is recommended to all Death Metal fucking fanatics! Good Blasphemous Fucking Shit! 6/10

dimanche 2 novembre 2014

Fleshbomb-Reincarnated in Abomination (Amputated Vein Records)

After a debut album in 2004, Fleshbomb reborn from their shitty ashes a fucking decade later with a second fucking brutal full length release called "Reincarnated in Abomination"! During these 10 fucking years there has been some line-up changes with newcomers including Vyacheslav Chepelev on Guitars, Anton Zhikharev on Bass and we also find the old fucking Fleshbomb sickos Sergey Gordeev on Vocals and Vasiliy Golovin on Drums! "Reincarnated in Abomination" is very different from their previous fucking shit but continues to perform a Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking disgusting adding greater musical fucking quality in their work making the album an excellent fucking return of the insane Russians! The production of this shitty disk is really fucking excellent, well done mixing despite a lack of presence of the vocals but nothing unbearable, a very heavy fucking sound with a present bass making sounds this bomb like a fucking ton of shit straight in your fucking face! The Fleshbomb guys are doing an incredible fucking job, Sergey offers great fucking vocals that can be a bit linear but still fucking enjoyable, Vyacheslav is only playing awesome fucking riffs and is never boring during the 28 fucking minutes of this brutal fucking shit, Anton is fucking impressive with the bass helped with the production doing his fucking job more appreciable and Vasiliy on drums performs a fucking flawless drumming very diverse and fucking brutal! Fleshbomb are delivering 9 fucking songs including a very successful cover of Disgorge (USA) and no seconds of this fucking shit is annoying, maybe having some repetitive riffs but in general this fucking shit is almost fucking perfect and amazing from A to Z offering a Brutal Death Metal of high fucking level, catchy and fucking sick as fuck! "Reincarnated in Abomination" is filled with great fucking compositions, solid production and is for sure a must fucking have for all Brutal Death Metallers! Amazing Fucking Bomb of Shitty Flesh! 9/10

Cephalic Impurity-Eulogium for Incessancy (Rising Nemesis Records)

Third album for the sickos of Cephalic Impurity continuing on the same fucking path as their previous release and delivering "Eulogium for Incessancy"! Ivan on Vocals, Nikita on Guitars, Nicolas on Bass and Andrey on Drums are the four crazy fuckers making part of Cephalic Impurity and perform a Brutal Death Fucking Metal influenced on the modern side of the thing with some technical influences that make their identity since some fucking years! The production of the disk is generally fucking excellent with a good fucking mixing and a sound still well managed at all shitty levels, sounding like a fucking ton of bricks but it could sound much more disgusting but I think it match with the musical style introduced by the band! Ivan on vocals is doing a good fucking job but ended up being very fucking annoying with vocals lacking a lot of gutturals and shitty diversity, Nikita on guitars is very good with many excellent fucking riffs but also several a bit more boring and weak, same thing on the side of Nicolas on bass and finally Andrey on drums is fucking excellent sharing a flawless, fucking diverse and brutal drumming! "Eulogium for Incessancy" contains 10 fucking songs and lasts about 29 minutes that are mostly fucking excellent but containing several annoying parts and some songs less good than others with a modern sound not really recommendable but despite its weak points, I really enjoyed this album and I think they still managed to deliver a very good shit for the genre!  A release that I would still to suggest to all brutal fucking sickos and death metallers around! Very Good Fucking Shit! 7/10

mercredi 29 octobre 2014

Prostitute Disfigurement-From Crotch to Crown (Willowtip Records)

Niels Adams (Vocals), Martijn Moes (Guitar), Frank Schiphorst (Guitar), Patrick Oosterveen (Bass) and Michiel Van Der Plicht (Drums) make the fucking beast Prostitute Disfigurement back to life after six fucking years of absence and cleverly breaks the silence with their fifth album "From Crotch to Crown"! Obviously this new album is very fucking different from the first three and also the last one but continues on the path of the latter delivering a Brutal Death Fucking Metal influenced Death Metal with a great fucking mastery of the shitty genre! Niels is continuing as the last album with a guttural death metal style doing an amazing fucking job with a very powerful vocals! Martijn and Frank on guitars make you fucking shit in your fucking pants with just incredible fucking riffs, some brutal death metal, some death metal and adding some awesome solos including a perfect compostion at all shitty fucking levels! Patrick on bass continues to show us his skills since all this time with Prostitute, and Michiel on drums is fucking great and diverse with a solid damn performance! "From Crotch to Crown" is a length of about 41 fucking minutes of pure fucking enjoyment with superior quality and being able to create a sick atmosphere that makes us feel the fucking death of the gorific morgue and delivering a perfect 10 songs and each one from A to Z is fucking unique and contains its part of catchy and great fucking riffs with good vocals and drumming! The production of the disk is fucking excellent but could have been better at the mixing and also at the sound of the drums but it remove absolutely nothing to the ingenuity of this fucking release that sounds like a fucking ton of corpses thrown into the fucking morgue and stacked before being emptied! Prostitute Disfigurement shows that after five albums and a few line-up changes, its still possible to produce a pure fucking masterpiece of Death Metal and being able to make us forget the past of the fucking band by its awesomeness! "From Crotch to Crown" is a total fucking success in all the way, every fucking second of this shit are enjoying and is a fucking must for all fans of Death Metal! Perfect and Grandiose Fucking Shit! 10/10

Unfathomable Ruination-Idiosyncratic Chaos (Sevared Records)

After their excellent debut fucking album two years ago "Misshapen Congenital Entropy", Unfathomable Ruination come this time present us their new Promo CD entitled "Idiosyncratic Chaos" with two highly anticipated new songs, "Idiosyncratic Chaos" and "Parthenogenocide"! For those unfamiliar with the band, it can be described as Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a big technical fucking side and expertise of this shitty musickal style and instrumentally! Ben Wright (Vocals), Daniel Herrera & Rosario Piazza (Guitar), Federico Benini (Bass), Doug Anderson (Drums) are the five crazy fucking sickos consisting of Unfathomable Ruination and they were able to offer an outstanding CD lasting 8 powerful fucking minutes and totally fucking mind-blowing! The vocals are varied and never fucking boring, fucking amazing guitar riffs and capable of being catchy while being technical, several bass parts completely awesome with some memorable moments and a drumming of perfection fucking diverse as fuck! The production of the disk is fucking excellent, an almost perfect mixing with a very present bass, a sound in your fucking face, could be heavier but this fucking shit really sounds like a fucking ton of shitty bricks! "Idiosyncratic Chaos" is a musical fucking bomb of sickness touching nearly the perfection with almost only incredible fucking riffs, we find only a few seconds a little less enjoying and a few riffs already heard, but it doesnt remove the musical quality of this fucking brutal shit! Unfathomable Ruination managed to create two great fucking songs with all elements necessary to make you addicted and just show you that you'll be forced to buy that fucking shit in the short time since its in the more appetizing fucking pieces of shit! Outstanding Fucking Bomb! 9/10

Disentomb-Misery (New Standard Elite)

After several fucking years of waiting with a lot of pressure after an extraordinary debut album, Disentomb are back with their long awaited second release "Misery"! Disentomb is Jordan James (Vocals), Jake Wilkes (Guitars), Jim Parker (Bass), Henri Sison (Drums) and the quartet are performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal of high standard and offers a CD of 10 fucking songs including an intro and a Doom Death Metal song!  The sound of "Misery" is still very fucking good maybe much less at the drums in my opinion but still damn interesting, also very good mixing with a production of high fucking quality but I think is a downside because this fucking shit sounds too shiny with no brutality "feelings", dirty side and sick shitty fucking soul! Jordan on vocals is fucking good with a powerful guttural but it sounds a bit fade and getting very boring after a while, Jake Wilkes is fucking amazing on guitars with a bunch of catchy, great and sick fucking riffs but we can also find many weak, also a wonderful fucking job of Jim with the bass delivering a very great performance, and finally Henri on drums which is fucking outstanding with a brutal, diverse and perfect fucking drumming! "Misery" is a 32-minutes hearing fucking destruction with several great fucking songs despite some riffs a bit less, some songs are boring and containing some weak fucking parts but in general this album is a real piece of musical brutality! Great songs like "The Promethean Altar" and " Pyres Built from their Severed Wings", but we also find some annoying like "Vultures Descend" and "Megaliths of Despair" and also adding the fact that the great song "Forced Adornment of the Funerary Crown " from the Promo 2012 has been totally wasted on the album with backing vocals completely fucking weak!  Despite all downsides, Disentomb still managed to offer us a magnificent fucking disk that is probably  much inferior to "Sunken Chamber of Nephilim" in terms of brutality and enjoyment but still remaining interesting and fucking excellent! "Misery" is recommended to all extreme metal fans! Excellent Fucking Shit! 8/10

samedi 25 octobre 2014

Iconic Vivisect-Monument of Depravity (Self-Released)

Created in 2010, the Australians Iconic Vivisect after four fucking years of shitty existence are finally offering their debut fucking album titled "Monument of depravity"! Iconic Vivisect are playing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking destructive, dark and very sick being fucking true to the shitty roots of the fucking genre by delivering a brutal material without weak fucking elements! "Monument of Depravity" is made by Jay Cargill on Vocals, Chris Switell on Guitar, Adam Donnellan on Guitar, Justin Steinweiss on Bass,  Dean Hulett on Drums and are the five sickos of this brutal fucking macabre piece by doing an amazing damn job with 9 songs (1 intro) of pure fucking quality and about 21 fucking minutes of hearing annihilation! Jay have a fucking great guttural maybe a bit linear but still fucking enjoyable, Chris and Adam with guitars are fucking awesome with in majority only fucking great riffs, nothing spectacular but fucking well composed, same thing for Justin at the bass doing a splendid and heavy fucking job, and finally Dean with his drums is fucking excellent, well mixing the slow shitty parts and blastbeats with a fucking flawless drumming and very enjoying! The production of the disk is I think almost fucking perfect, great mixing, a destructive, heavy, fucking dark and very brutal fucking sound perhaps a little less successful at the drums level but this fucking shit is still sounding like a real fucking ton of pure fucking shit! "Monument of Depravity" is a great musical fucking piece of brutality containing only awesome fucking songs, some may seem a bit less good than others but in general its twenty minutes of pure fucking sickness with a knowledge of Brutal Death Metal and a success to destroy our shitty fucking ears! Iconic Vivisect offers a nearly perfect first fucking act and probably have now their name engraved forever on the brutal fucking stele of sickness! "Monument of Depravity" is already fucking cult and is a must for all brutal death fuckers! Awesome Brutal Fucking Shit! 9/10

mardi 21 octobre 2014

Incinerating Prophecies-Depravity Incarnate (Sevared Records)

After 3 fucking years, the Colombians incinerating Prophecies are back with a second full length album containing 9 shitty songs of supreme fucking brutality grouped with the name of "Depravity Incarnate"! The line-up consists of Billy Betancur on Vocals/Guitars, Jim Angulo on Bass, John Carvajal on Drums and the three crazy sickos are delivering 28 fucking minutes of great Brutal Death Fucking Metal with some Death Metal influences and even one groovy song funny as fuck and they successfully surpass fucking easily their previous effort "Slay the Damned Impostor"! Billy performs a great powerful and understandable guttural with guitars riffs mostly very fucking good, fucking excellent composition with several catchy elements that adds to the success of this shitty fucking record, Jim on bass is also fucking excellent with an enjoying and fucking flawless job and finally the insane John on drums who continues to perform a fucking sick Brutal Death Metal with a killer, diverse and highly addictive fucking drumming! The production of this release is fucking great, excellent fucking mixing with perhaps the vocals a little too in front but nothing awful, a sound totally enjoyable and well done to all instrumental levels and this CD sounds like a fucking ton of bricks made of fucking shit! "Depravity Incarnate" is a great fucking album with only good fucking songs but may contain some flaws in having some repetitive and less enjoyable riffs in the fucking songs but in general, it's almost 30 shitty fucking minutes of quality delivered in an extreme fucking way! Incinerating Prophecies just gives us a fucking piece of shit of high fucking level and is essential for all shitty fans of Brutal Death Metal! Great Brutal Fucking Shit! 9/10

lundi 20 octobre 2014

Rotten on Gore-The Pleasure of Devouring Dying Bodies (Brutal Mind)

Rotten on Gore comes from the powerful sick Ecuador offering their debut fucking EP signed in the slaughter and depravity under the fucking name "The Pleasure of Devouring Dying Bodies" instigator of 4 massacre fucking acts of a total duration of about 12 gore fucking minutes of dying suffering! Rotten on Gore are performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally fucking sick, killer, raw and fucking brutal with a marked influence of the Colombian brutality wave of middle 2000 while playing their own fucking style and killing everything in their fucking path!  "The Pleasure of Devouring Dying Bodies" provides an excellent fucking production, very good mixing, a sound totally devastating, chaotic and fucking disgusting with a snare giving fucking eargasm with bassdrums perhaps a little bit too present but that fucking shit still sounds like a slaughterhouse with hundreds of dying human bodies chopped at the fucking bloody tables! Rotten on Gore is Carlos Puetate (Vocals), Orlando Calderon (Guitars), Javier Calderon (Drums) and the insane trio are delivering a great fucking piece of musical sickness giving brutality as we dont see many of these days, a fucking dirty, nasty and brutal fucking composition! Carlos on vocals is fucking sick with a brutal and powerful guttural never boring and instead only fucking enjoyable, Orlando is offering 4 songs of pure fucking brutality with only amazing and sick fucking riffs with several catchy in every song, and finally Javier on drums is fucking insane, crazy blastbeats, diversifying his tempos making this fucking shit way sicker and giving us an addicting fucking drumming! This fucking piece of pure fucking shit is a perfect success to all shitty fucking ways, every damn second of this puddle of fucking vomit are addictive, fucking amazing in its brutality and Rotten on Gore probably delivering one of the best and sickest EP ever recorded! "The Pleasure of Devouring Dying Bodies" is a masterpiece and already fucking cult in the genre, a real fucking brutal shit straight in your fucking face with no boring shitty fucking parts and this release is a must for every real fucking sick in the head fuckers! Brutal Blasterpiece of Sickening Butchery! 10/10

Verminous-Depraved Institution (Sevared Records)

Verminous was formed in 2000 from the shitty depths of septic tanks in Venezuala and finally gives their first fucking release called "Depraved Institution"! Verminous are playing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal with a big Death Metal influence including a fucking great musical quality with raw compositions! The line-up of "Depraved Institution" is Juan Carlos Orellana on Vocals, Milkcoov Marcano on Guitar, Pablo Marchan on Guitar, Luis Pozo on Bass, Edgar Pinto on Drums and the five sickos are performing 34 fucking minutes of brutality and offer a fucking good piece of fucking shit enjoyable from start to end despite some flaws! Juan on vocals is very damn good with a guttural style between Death Metal and BDM but can end up being a little boring by his side a bit linear but still fucking interesting, Pablo and Milkcoov are defecating a ton of good riffs, some catchy and we can also find several a bit less successful, fucking good job from Luis at the bass with a fucking crazy performance and finally Edgar on drums is fucking excellent by being diverse and fucking brutal! The production of the disk is fucking good without being perfect, a good mixing maybe a little less on the drums side with a pretty clean sound but in general this fucking shit is sounding like a fucking chaotic metal hearing shitty explosion! "Depraved Institution" contains 10 shitty songs of great fucking quality but may contain some less good with some fucking parts a little bland with a few soulless riffs but each fucking song still have its bunch of memorable and enjoying moments! Verminous deliver a debut album still very fucking successful and despite its few downside, its really recommended to all fucking fans of the shitty genre! Very Good Fucking Shit! 7/10

samedi 18 octobre 2014

Iatrogenia-Negligence... (Coyote Records)

From Mexico, Iatrogenia destroy our fucking ears with a completely fucking insane and dirty shit called "Negligence ...", an EP of about 18 minutes which could be described as pure Brutal Death Fucking Metal made in a simple way but totally fucking successful at all levels giving a perfect shitty fucking result! Iatrogenia consists of Juan Basurto on Vocals, Hugo Rivera on Guitars, Aldo Alcaraz on Bass, Gera Perez on Drums and the four crazy sickos are doing a fucking brutal splendid damn job to offer a great fucking start in the world of insanity! Production of this release is brutal and fucking disgusting, a good fucking mixing especially at the bass, a very dirty fucking sound with drums sounding maybe a bit awful but still matching with the raw shitty fucking atmosphere! Juan on vocals is offering a fucking sick as fuck performance with a fucking crazy and enjoyable guttural, Hugo on Guitars is fucking perfect playing only catchy riffs and able to create a shitty fucking atmosphere to that  fucking shit, same with Aldo on Bass who is extraordinary with many parts totally fucking insane helped by the production and with reason, finally Gera on drums is very good and totally fucking devastating! "Negligence..." contains 8 fucking nasty songs including an intro and outro and is successful from A to Z offering only fucking great riffs and even every second of this fucking shit gets stuck in your fucking head forever with a simplicity in the compositions but a sick expertise at all shitty fucking levels of brutality! Iatrogenia just gives us a fucking amazing EP which I think is one of the best ever created with all the necessary shitty ingredients to make an undisputed fucking masterpiece of the genre! This release is a fucking must for all insane in the head sickos! Fucking Perfect Brutal Nasty Primitive Fucking Shit! 10/10

lundi 13 octobre 2014

Bleeding Corpse-Condemned to Suffer (Groupies Merch)

The human slaughterhouse named Bleeding Corpse is fucking back to spread their butchery with their highly anticipated second shitty act of dismemberment entitled "Condemned to Suffer" after 6 years without perpetrating any global fucking massacre! It was really fucking hard to imagine a more destructive killing as 2008, but these insane killers have managed to create a complete fucking crazy danse macabre with this fucking puddle of bloody fucking puke surpassing their first presence in the gore shitty brutality! The workers at this gory slaughterhouse are Yadi Behom on Vocals, Uus Death on Guitars, Adrian on Bass, Ari Bejo on Drums and the butchers are performing a fucking Sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal totally genius, fucking raw, dirty and fucking true to the genre! All murderers of this fucking shit are perfect, Behom has a fucking awesome and enjoyable guttural, Uus is only doing great and catchy fucking riffs in each fucking songs, big fucking job of Adrian on Bass with many great shitty parts and finally Ari on drums who is totally fucking brutal and fucking sick as fuck with a flawless drumming! The production of "Condemned to Suffer" is brutally fucking outstanding, damn successful mixing, and sound of a surprising quality, fucking heavy, disgusting, fucking nasty and generally good making this fucking shit sounds like some sickos chopping meat from some sluts while beating their bloody shitty ass with their own fucking guts! 29 fucking minutes of non-stop brutality, 8 perfect shitty tracks that contain all the elements necessary to create a brutal fucking disk with only good fucking songs and making their blasterpiece a fucking addictive shit! Bleeding Corpse are offering a release completely fucking successful with no boring times, only true shitty brutality in its purest fucking form and just prepared one of the best brutal pieces of extreme meatal! "Condemned to Suffer" is a fucking must for every Brutal Death Metaller in the soul and youre better to kill yourself to not buy this fucking shit! Fucking Cult Shitty Brutal Gory Blasterpiece! 10/10

Fetal Bleeding-Basa Basi Busuk (Morbid Productions)

From the fucking kingdom of death Indonesia, Fetal Bleeding are emerging to offer their first EP "Basa Basi Basuk" and are baptizing the shitty world with their brutal musical butchery creating a real gore fucking disaster! Fetal Bleeding is Lemenk on Vocals,  Gilank on Guitars, Lucky on Bass, Bobby (Injury Deepen) on Drums (2 first tracks), Rida (Forgotten) on Drums (2 last tracks) and the crazy fuckers are performing a fucking Fast Brutal Death Fucking Metal damn killer and adding some Death Metal touch including some solos and fucking great composition! The production of "Basa Basi Busuk" is fucking good, a very devastating sound but perhaps lacking a little at the heavy side, a mixing also fucking good with a snare sounding fucking raw but too present and burying the vocals but this fucking shit has still an enjoyable production! Lemenk on vocals is fucking good with a strong guttural more DM style but may end up being a little redundant, Gilank on Guitars is fucking amazing with great fucking riffs for the most, including solos really interesting with a fucking excellent shitty composition, same goes for Lucky on Bass doing an amazing fucking job and also the two session drummers Bobby and Rida who are totally fucking insane with a very fast and great fucking drumming! Lasting 13 fucking minutes of shitty brutality, this EP contains 4 songs which are fucking great but having a few riffs and some little less enjoyable parts in each of them but the composition of this shit is so fucking amazing that we forget those parts! "Basa Basi Busuk" is an excellent fucking release and Fetal Bleeding with this first CD just to prove that they have their place among the Brutal Death Metal elite and despite the downsides, this fucking shit is recommended to all sickos! Excellent Brutal Fucking Shit! 8/10

dimanche 12 octobre 2014

Critical Defacement-Crime of the Century (Brutal Infection Records)

Critical Defacement just dropped their first bomb to commit the "Crime of the Century" creating a total fucking destruction in their paths with a damn devastating Brutal Death Fucking Metal and launched right in your fucking balls! This musical holocaust of about 23 fucking minutes was generated by Idol Blasphemy on Vocals, Farid on Guitars, Hendrik on Bass, Bahriady on Drums and the four insane protagonists of this supreme fucking killer auditory invasion with 9 extreme brutal attacks are doing a splendid fucking job and delivering the fucking best of the shitty Brutal Death Metal! Idol Blasphemy is doing a fucking great work on vocals with an awesome guttural never fucking boring, Farid on Guitars is ingenious offering almost only incredible riffs helped a bit by Lhio on the additional guitars, Hendrik on Bass is fucking outstanding with some memorable shitty parts and the same for Bahriady with a fucking perfect and brutal as fuck drumming filled with fucking destructive blast beats! The production is almost fucking perfect at all levels, fucking annihilating sound, mixing very well done except for my opinion on drums which is a bit ruined by the lack of presence of the snare and bassdrums too in front of production but this fucking shit really sounds like a nuclear surprise explosion for about twenty fucking dirty minutes! "Crime of the Century" is a fully successful fucking sick release with a killer raw Brutal Death Metal that only contains amazing fucking songs and is an enjoyable piece of fucking shit from start to end adding the short time that give us only want to replay it and replay... With a slightly more critical shitty eye, I think this fucking disk has the only flaws in the production and also contains some riffs a little less interesting, but this damn shit is almost fucking perfect and touching closely perfection! Critical Defacement just offered a blastastik fucking insane full length and no one sickos has any reason to not buy this fucking sick record greatly composed! Fucking Awesome Bomb of Pure Fucking Annihilating Brutality! 9/10

samedi 11 octobre 2014

Reduced-Promo Series (Dismembered Extreme Metal Stuff)

Reduced is coming out from the shitty fucking bowels of the capital of Death Metal Indonesia to provide their first promo fucking CD simply titled "Promo Series"! This band consist of Bagoez on Vocals, Ipung on Guitars, Jabrik on Bass, Pipit on Drums and the fucking insane sickos are performing a fucking sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal much influenced by Cinerary/ old Disgorge (USA) and are delivering a fucking crazy demo of 2 songs lasting about 8 shitty minutes of pure fucking brutality straight in your fucking face! The production is still fucking good with also a good mixing except at the bassdrums level too present and the sound is fucking heavy as fuck, maybe with a deaf side but still sounding like a real fucking piece of dirty fucking shit! Bagoez on Vocals is doing an awesome fucking job, the best tribute from a vocalist to Matti Way with a fucking diverse gutturals ala "Rituals of Desecration" and "She Lay Gutted", same goes to Ipung with only total insane fucking riffs  and Jabrik also fucking good at the bass and they are kicking your fucking ass to every fucking second and finally Pipit with a fucking sick drumming, crazy blasting including some slower parts and doing a flawless fucking job! "Promo Series" is a very enjoyable disk, fucking brutal, never boring with obvious skill at the Brutal Death Metal and offer us two outstanding fucking songs very raw and fucking true to this genre! That being said, the only shitty downside I would give to this release is the fact to miss a little bit of identity and true memorable fucking parts but the musick is so fucking awesome that we are still shitting our fucking guts! A shitty wonderful first demo for those insane fucking Indonesians and Reduced will be a band to watch closely fucking soon, highly fucking recommended! Awesome Brutal Disgorging Fucking Shit! 9/10

mercredi 8 octobre 2014

Corpsefucking Art-Quel Cimitero Accanto alla Villa (Sevared Records)

The crazy fucking Italians Corpsefucking Art are back after six-year of absence to dump their fourth damn album entitled "Quel Cimitero Accanto alla Villa"! Corpsefucking Art is Claudio Carmenini on Vocals, Andrea Cipolla and Marco Aromatario on Guitars, Marco De Ritis on Bass, Eddie Vagenius on Drums and the insane fuckers are continuing to perform a fucking humorous and quirky Brutal Death Fucking Metal and lyrically funny but this time much more serious musically! The band is used to change vocalist to each fucking album and now its Claudio who is doing the vocals and very well fulfilling his position by being fucking excellent but missing gutturals and becoming a bit redundant after a while! Andrea and Marco are fucking great on guitars and are offering a bunch of good, sick and catchy riffs creating an atmosphere to that fucking shit, but they are also performing a few boring riffs that sometimes come to spoils the horrific ambiance of this fucking release! Fucking excellent job of Marco on bass with a great fucking performance and helped by the production and finally Eddie on drums is fucking awesome following very well the musical shitty horizons of the fucking band! "Quel Cimitero Accanto alla Villa" contains 10 songs, lasts about 28 fucking minutes and is still very different from their previous materials but Corpsefucking Art is remaining fucking faithful to their shitty roots and give a fucking disk with a variety of good fucking songs but a couple can be boring! An horror concept album and largely succeeds at this level by creating a brutal gloomy atmosphere which make us believe to be in a B movie! The production of the CD is excellent, fucking good mixing with an enjoyable fucking sound maybe not heavy enough but in this case increasing the cadaveric feeling of this album! "Quel Cimitero Accanto alla Villa" is an excellent horrifying fucking piece of brutal fucking shit and despite the less interesting and redundant fucking parts, the majority of songs are totally successful and damn addictive! Its recommended to all Brutal Death Metallers and fucking essential to the true Corpsefucking Art fans! Excellent Morbid Fucking Shit! 8/10 

mardi 7 octobre 2014

Veiyadra-Gehenna (Bloodcurdling Enterprise)

Brutal Death Fucking Metal at its highest fucking level mixing technical, slam and adding a progressive touch by including all  brutal genre is how we can describe this ingenious fucking band baptized in the unholy shit Veiyadra! The band consists of Akihiro Muto on Vocals, Go Shimada on Guitars, Reichi Tanaka on Bass, Koju Okayasu on Drums and the fucking sick Japanese quartet give us an impressive and totally fucking amazing debut album "Gehenna" which will take you down to the damned depths of hell enduring the suffering of this shitty abomination and you will never forget this moment for a period of 50 fucking minutes that will remains engraved in the torturing fucking history of Brutal Death Metal! The production of this golden fucking shit is just fucking perfection, flawless mixing, a totally fucking disgusting sound with instruments sounding in a brutal fucking way, fucking enjoyable sound of drums, a very present bass, a fucking great guitar tone are adding a fucking quality to this demonic fucking achievement!  "Gehenna" is a pure fucking piece of brutality defecated by the devil himself and divided into 12 fucking acts of perverse suffering (one instrumental intro) giving us an unforgettable fucking time of sickness with the brilliant compositions, diversity and exploring the musical styles of the brutality but staying fucking true and pure to the fucking roots of Brutal Death Metal! Akihiro with his guttural is completely fucking awesome, diverse and very fucking brutal making us damn addicted, the riffs of Go are just fucking great, catchy, sick as fuck with a flawless composition, Reichi on bass is fucking amazing with many great fucking parts helped by the production making his work fucking huge and finally Koju with a perfect drumming, fucking creative but remaining in the brutal line of insanity! Veiyadra prove their ingenuity in the shitty genre and that its still possible to make fucking pure Brutal Death Metal while being original and sounding like a fucking bomb of disgusting fucking shit without having a weak shiny fucking production! Every moment of "Gehenna" are fucking vital, important and are a symbiosis between them delivering a diabolical horrifying fucking atmosphere! A perfect fucking release at all shitty levels and so fucking good that it seems to last 20 fucking minutes instead 50, a real fucking must and necessary shit to all brutal fans! One of the Best Brutal Fucking Shit Out from Japan! 10/10

lundi 6 octobre 2014

Posthumous Blasphemer-Exhumation of Sacred Impunity (Coyote Records)

"Exhumation of Sacred Impunity" is the fifth full length album by the band from Belarus Posthumous Blasphemer after six fucking years of silence since their fucking good fourth release! Always fucking true to their Technical Brutal Death Fucking Metal, the band doesnt change anything here as usual except for the fact to increase their musical level of several fucking degrees by performing and writing a fucking piece of shit of high fucking quality! Posthumous Blasphemer consists of Zubov on Vocals, Fiendharon on Guitars, Alex on Bass, Dan on Drums and the four demonic fucking sickos are delivering a masterful damn composition not without flaws but still interpreted in an ingenious fucking way!  Zubov on vocals is doing a great fucking job with gutturals maybe a bit linear but still totally fucking enjoyable, Fiendharon is really excellent by performing a bunch of good fucking riffs and same goes for Alex completely fucking destructive with his bass and giving some amazing fucking parts and finally Dan is doing a perfect fucking job, diverse and adding to the technicality provided by his bandmates! "Exhumation of Sacred Impunity" is offering an excellent fucking production with a mixing very well done and a devastating fucking sound with a present bass and drums still fucking well recorded, this fucking shit sounds really chaotic positively of course with a sound power totally apocalyptic but maybe lacking some dirty aspects! About 37 evil fucking minutes and containing 8 infernal songs (one instrumental), that fucking bomb of shit only have good fucking songs but the downside is to have some annoying or weak riffs in each of them except "Bloody Hatchet of Forgiveness" which is fucking flawless and I could add that no riffs of this release is very amazing, new or getting your addiction! Posthumous Blasphemer gives a fucking excellent "Exhumation of Sacred Impunity" and despite its negatives, its a fucking must for every Brutal Death Metal or Death Metal fan! Excellent Technical Brutal Fucking Shit! 8/10

dimanche 5 octobre 2014

Ezophagothomia-Oratory from the Burning Coffins (Cadaverized Productions)

The Ukrainian band Ezophagothomia are fucking back to deliver their new EP entitled "Oratory from the Burning Coffins" with 4 new songs (including an Infected cover) and lasts 22 fucking minutes! Ezophagothomia have left the Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal for something a bit more brutal, dynamic and less generic and fucking monotonous even if "Oratory from the Burning Coffins" could have been much more brutal! This piece of fucking shit consists of Vitaly Drozdov on Vocals, Vladislav Shekmar on Guitars, Yury Kanivets on Bass, Lev Kurgansky on Drums and the quartet is doing a fucking good job in general by performing a Brutal Death Metal fucking well done! Vitaly is good and fucking diverse with vocals but can still end up being a little bit boring and also with a style a bit fucking weak, the riffs of Vladislav and Yury are mostly of good fucking quality but including several slightly less enjoyable and finally Lev on Drums is doing a great fucking job and well mixing the blastbeats and slow shitty fucking parts! The production of this shit is fucking excellent, a very well done mixing, sound also very fucking good making sounds this EP like a fucking bomb of shit! "Oratory from the Burning Coffins" is not an album that will remain fucking engraved in the memory of Brutal Death Metal but is still very fucking interesting at few damn levels especially the title track of the release that is fucking excellent and the CD generally a fucking good piece of fucking shit! Ezophagothomia gives nothing really amazing but is still recommended to the Brutal Death fucking maniacs! Good Fucking Shit! 6/10