mardi 15 août 2017

Schizogen​-Parasitic Origin (Pathologically Explicit Recordings​)

A malicious fucking act was created in Ukraine with the name Schizogen to show the world that the country is still active among the real brutality and this insane fucking entity serves us a debut album entitled "Parasitic Origin" with the aim of bewitching you with the high musickal fucking quality of this brilliant fucking work! "Parasitic Origin" is all about true Brutal Death Fucking Metal including a few slam elements in some tracks but being mostly about brutality, purity and not weak bullshit, of course the few rare slam riffing are really excellent but not really matching with the style the band is offering all over this first album! Schizogen is giving 8 songs of pure fucking ingenuity plus 1 intro and 1 boring Dying Fetus cover track (not the performance but the song itself) and the band is really offering an amazing debut release having its flaws but spreading a very addictive disease that will make you listen to this shit without fucking stop! "Parasitic Origin" is very genius with a few rare riffing less interesting and some slam parts that could have been removed but in general this CD includes only fucking excellent, catchy and brutal fucking musick making you quickly addicted and having everything to be among the best fucking releases of its kind! The production is fucking great and nothing really negative to say since it sounds fucking pure and true with an awesome mixing making this fucking shit sounds like some embryos being fucking crushed! This band consists of Pablo (Vocals), IBehemoth (Guitars), Pavel (Bass), Mark (Drums) and the sickos are just fucking great by sharing a brilliant composition and delivering a pure fucking piece completely faithful to the fucking roots of sickness! Vocals are very fucking good, diverse and powerful as fuck but could have been only a little bit more guttural, guitars/bass are fucking splendid by sharing an awesome and addictive songwriting and same for the drums being varied and fucking brutal! Despite a few rare flaws, "Parasitic Origin" is really an important fucking disease for the shitty genre with its 28 minutes of true fucking sickness being mostly fucking perfect and making addicted every fucking sicko experiencing this contagious purulency and Schizogen have totally managed their start into brutality with this pure brutal fucking gem! A mandatory fucking CD to each brutal head wishing to try some addictive fucking drug! Awesome Fucking Debut of True Fucking Sickness! 9/10

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