mardi 19 septembre 2017

Apoptosis Gutrectomy​-Eugenics of Terrestrial Existence (Groupies Merch​)

The brutal Indonesian abomination Apoptosis Gutrectomy is finally ready to distribute suffering and death with this debut fucking work of an unlimited insanity called "Eugenics of Terrestrial Existence" that will glaze your fucking blood to the fucking bones!  This relentless fucking beast is spreading a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal of quality that could be compared to all the other fucking monsters in their area but maybe adding something that many of them do not have! Apoptosis Gutrectomy is offering 10 nasty fucking songs including an intro and "Eugenics of Terrestrial Existence" is without doubt a fucking must in the shitty genre by giving a lot of great moment creating an addictive brutal fucking piece of total fucking savagery! Every fucking tracks of this debut full-length are fucking great by all including catchy parts making the songs fucking addictive and unique with a reason to be! The production is also a fucking success but could have been better on the drums, the mixing is also well done to make sounds that fucking shit like a real fucking bomb of violence marking your fucking mind until death! Apoptosis Gutrectomy is offering 29 fucking minutes of pure and complete fucking brutality with all ingredients to make you fucking addicted and all elements to make a memorable fucking album! Julian Fadhiel (Vocals), Deni Daneswara (Guitars), Erick Maulana (Bass) and Endep Dini Kurniadin (Drums) are the protagonists behind this bloodthirsty and merciless fucking beast imposing a brilliant composition and giving a debut effort near fucking perfect! Vocals of this shit are very powerful but missing perhaps a little bit guttural and being linear making it a little redundant after a while but nothing very unbearable! Guitars/Bass are really fucking amazing by giving mostly awesome fucking riffing and including a lot catchy ones making an unforgettable brutal fucking work and the drums is sick as fuck being fucking fast but also varied with a very enjoyable performance! "Eugenics of Terrestrial Existence" is perhaps not perfect in all points but is for sure a mandatory piece of fucking shit to all sickos wishing to live some insane fucking experience and Apoptosis Gutrectomy just proved to be among the sickest Indonesian fucking bands! Brilliant Fucking Piece of Pure Fucking Savagery! 9.5/10

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