mardi 3 avril 2018

Abolishing the Ignominious​-Vociferous Obsolescence (Coyote Records​)

An abomination was born by Abolishing the Ignominious all around the fucking world and spreading a bloody carnage of the most fucking brutal with a "Vociferous Obsolescence" putting the fucking Earth to rot! This hungry fucking beast performs a twisted Brutal Death Fucking Metal destroying everything in its fucking path in a fucked up fucking way and with this first massacre, Its managing very well to mark the fucking minds of scared people! This "Vociferous Obsolescence" is divided in 6 killer fucking acts being all fucking excellent and having all of them a few boring parts but surrounded by great moments making flows this fucking shit still very well! Because of the very high twisted touch, its not really the kind of release being very addictive maybe by lacking on the catchy riffing side but mostly because this fucking shit is completely fucked up on all fucking parts! The Abolishing the Ignominious warbeast is controlled by Eston Browne (Humanity Falls) on Vocals, Joseph Luciano (Andromorphus Rexalia/Disgruntled Anthropophagi/Injurious/ Manipulated Calamity/Emblugeoned/Psychophagia) on Guitars/Bass/Drums/Backing Vocals and the sick duo is doing an amazing fucking job with this weird fucking songwriting not being perfect of course but sharing some original and creative fucking material! Eston is giving a fucking brutal guttural but the vocals on this record is perhaps a little redundant after a while! We can also feel the style of Joseph in this release by continuing to spread his twisted fucking mind with riffing out from the sick fucking head of some crazy fucker escaped from the asylum and same goes for the drums being fucking great, brutal and weird as fuck! The production is not perfect but fucking good and mixing as well making sounds that fucking shit like a beast losing control of itself and shredding everyone in its fucking way! In general this debut album is fucking excellent and despite to have some flaws, its managing to keep our attention on this monstrous devastation and Abolishing the Ignominious really managed their fucking start into sickness by doing some recommended fucking shit into the shitty fucking genre! Twisted Fucking Act of Mindless Fucking Brutality! 8.5/10

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