mercredi 19 avril 2017

Horror Paradise-Portal of Cannibalistic Dimensions (Rotten Cemetery Records​)

Born in 2011 from the decay of corpses blocking the fucking streets of Mexico, Horror Paradise emerged from this insalubrious decomposition to offer a debut fucking album and thus open a "Portal of Cannibalistic Dimensions" that will engulf any human being having the bad fucking idea to experience it by Its supernatural brutalistic quality which will paralyze you and thus devoured by this majestic fucking power! Horror Paradise succeeds where many have failed by spreading a sick Technical Brutal Death Fucking Metal of high brilliance by being able to share a true brutality while being fucking technical and thus very hard to classify but could be compared to bands like Septycal Gorge but having its complete fucking Identity and originality! "Portal of Cannibalistic Dimensions" is composed of 8 stages of spiritual fucking destruction including an excellent introduction preparing your  shitty mind to live an unprecedented fucking experimentation with an obvious and intoxicating sound quality with no unnecessary fucking elements! Horror Paradise creates 37 fucking minutes which are mostly fucking awesome but we can find in this songwriting as only flaw to have a few weak riffing that could have been avoided but in general this chaotic fucking work is grandiose with a masterful fucking composition leaving no one indifferent! The four people who caused the opening of this evil fucking portal are Erik Orgaz (Vocals), Ivan Ruiz (Guitars), Felipe Hernandez (Bass), Charly SauDel (Drums) and the quartet are delivering some amazing fucking job by creating a passage where everyone will lost their fucking mind by the brutal musickal fucking quality this shitty abomination is exploiting! Erik on vocals is fucking powerful perhaps a little bit linear but matching perfectly with the genre, the composition of Ivan on guitars is monstrous by being able to do some technical fucking work but without forgetting the primitive brutal fucking element necessary to make a sick fucking release, Felipe on bass is exceptional by sharing some crazy fucking parts and helped by the production highlighting his fucking work and finally Charly is delivering a sick, diverse and great fucking drumming only increasing the goodness of this fucking shit! The production of this shit is fucking excellent especially for the genre by giving a little nasty fucking side to this technicality and the mixing is very fucking good making really sounds that fucking shit like a bunch of fucking pricks being spiritually devoured and physically dismembered by this powerful cannibalistic fucking portal from another shitty dimension! Horror Paradise managed to give an enjoyable debut fucking album by being able to give some addictive fucking brutality from the first second to the last doing it a near perfect release having as only one fucking flaw some weakness that could be ameliorated in the future! "Portal of Cannibalistic Dimensions" is a total fucking success and highly recommended to all brutal death fans wishing to get some great and brutal fucking moment with this original shit of pure fucking insanity! Sick Disgusting Fucking Piece of True Technical Fucking Brutality! 9.5/10

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